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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. many people want relief from the sweltering temperatures today and we'll show you how some people kept cool and how others had a difficult time doing that today. while some bay area cities are set to lose millions in funding with the new budget. the suspicious items found inside a room that had emergency crews responding to this hotel. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is kutv channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes.
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>> sweltering temperatures hit the bay area today and one of the hottest areas, the south bay. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from from san josi. >> reporter: heather, it's really hot. we're at one of the most popular spots in downtown san josi, the playa at cesar chavez. everyone is looking for relief and some are more desperate than others to get that. bob broumas spent last night blasting two fans and even had the windows opened. his air conditioner hasn't worked for two days and the 75- year-old was getting worried. >> it's not good. a lot of older people, you know, they die in this heat like this. >> i'm going to keep it throw flowing. >> reporter: technicians are work through the holiday weekend, helping those in need during the hot streak. >> it's been extremely busy. we ever been experiencing a
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high volume of calls per day. so we had to hire some additional staff. >> reporter: technicians say they prioritize calls to the elderly or those with young children because of health concerns. and those who don't have air conditioning found relief playing in the water. it was crowded most of the day at the fountains of plaza cesar chavez and if not in the water, they were near this man, who had quite a postable day selling popsicles. these moms made sure they had plenty of drinking water on- hand for their little ones. >> it's hard because they get cranky. >> reporter: for nicole keith, who is nine-months pregnant, the heat can be unbearable. >> we got out earlier and we're going to go to the mall because they have the rides inside and it's air-conditioned and they can get a lemonade. >> reporter: back at the plaza
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de cesar chavez, there are tons of people on the lawn in the shade. a popular spot where serve keeping cool is expected to stay busy out here until the water fountains turn off. reporting live from downtown san josi, janine de la vega k. . air quality officials are urge people to skip the charcoal this holiday weekend and use gas grills. today is a spare the air today. officials say today's high temperatures and winds combined to provide poor air quality. that can cause health problems for the elderly, children and people with heart or lung diseases. people are encouraged to drive less and reduce your merge use. we check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> halpern, the fog cleared and as a result, temperatures warmed up pretty significantly across a good portion of bay area. we're looking for the fog and it's way to our west and also down to our south.
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downtown to the south of monterey bay. a look at hot temperatures reek now we have upper 90s in report to in fairfield. san josi, 91 and oakland lower 80s and san francisco around 76 degrees. we were talking about the head advisory yesterday. that is still in place until 9:00 this evening basically for areas away from the coast and the bay. really targeting the inland spots. temperatures over the next few hours raking from 80-92 degrees. coming up tomorrow, we're expecting a change in the wind direction. that will have an impact on our temperatures. coming uply let you know how many temperatures will be cooling off and i will also have the fireworks forecast. speaking of which, final preparations are being made for san francisco's big 4th of july celebration. tens of thousands are expected to gather on the embarcadero to watch the fireworks. today at municipal pier at the foothill of van ness avenue, crews weries logged the shells
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for the pyrospectacular. organizers say about 2,000 fireworks will be shot into the sky during the 20-minute show. >> we have always got new products every year. so wait and see. there is a lot of nice stuff and clear skies. so it will be fun and exciting. >> clear skies is what we're hoping for. if you are planning to head to the city to see the fireworks, police suggest you take public transition. if you take bart, the closest station is the embarcadero bart station. we have an interactive man and you can find them on "the weekend extra tab," on a hazmat crew was sent to a hotel after i housekeeper's unusual discovery. the maid found what was first believed to be a mental lab n- at la quinta inn in berkeley. police say there were various powders in mixtures and containers. nearby rooms and corridors were evacuated as a precaution. the chemicals though turned out
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to be household cleaning materials. >> it looks like they were probably just household items, powders and i think some mixes and that kind of stuff. >> investigators say the person renting the room most likely had some mental health issues. an amtrak train struck and killed a woman today in richmond. the capitol corridor train from sacramento to san josi struck the unidentified 27-year-old woman. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the passengers were taken off the train and put on amtrak buses. tracks were shut down for more than two hours while police investigated. there are increased patrols on california roads this holiday weekend all in an effort to keep drivers safe. as uk's allie rasmus tells us tonight there has already been one fatality on the highways. >> reporter: gassed up and ready to go, these drivers say traveling is a 4th of july
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hydrocarbon tradition. >> we have an extra day off with the family to relax a little bit. >> drink a bunch of beer and watch some fireworks. >> reporter: driving getting a late start to their destinations feared facing crowded highways. >> i took it to be bad, definitely later on in the evening. drivers on eastbound 80 in richmond got off to a slow start. chp closed lanes to investigation a three-car crash. one person kind two others were seriously injured. witnesses say the driver of a white nissan run away from the scene. investigators wanted to talk to him to find out how this crash happened. >> we have the passenger from his vehicle and that is our key witness at tight. >> reporter: chp doesn't know if alcohol was a factor in the crash, but warned all drivers to use caution this weekend. >> there there is a lot of traffic on the freeway and a lot of people trying to get out for the first time this year with good weather. people need to be careful and make sure they are wearing their seat belts. >> reporter: even if the highways seem crowded, triple-a
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is expecting fewer drivers on the road this holiday and anticipate travel is down 2% from a year-ago. in berkeley, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 newss. federal highway safety officials are trying to create a scientific test that can be used in a field to determine if a driver is high. a recent study about the bithe national traffic administration found about 8% of all drivers who passed through nighttime checkpoints are impaired by marijuana. currently for marijuana there is no equivalent to a breath aalyzer. california is one of 35 states that doesn't have any requirements on how to judge in a driver is high. instead, officers use their own judgment. supporters of city redevelopment ass are vowing to fight a key component of the recently passed state budget. the budget package dissolves those agencies. however, they can survive if they send tax money generated from their projects to local governments. instead of paying for the
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redevelopment. many cities though plan to sue the state, claiming that the bill violates prop 22, which banned the state from taking funds from local governmental actions. according tot contra costa times some east bay redevelopment agencies will have to pay a hefty pricetag to stay in operation. oakland would owe the state $40 million and emeryville and richmond would owe more than $10 million each as well as fremont at $9 million. a crop duster helicopter crashes into a bay area field and we'll tell you about the rescue to save the pilot. also, what is next in the case against dominque strauss- kahn? and the results of a new poll in some people in herr his home country feel about him. the nation's most high- profile criminal trial is nearing its end and what was said in the closing arguments of the casey anthony murder?
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a routine kay at work for a
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veteran crop dusting pilot quickly changed when his chopper went crash to the ground in brentwood early this morning. ktvu's claudine wong with more oned what and the rescue by emergency workers. >> reporter: emergency crews got the call about 6:30 this morning. they raced to this field near sellers and highway 4 on the outskirts of brentwood and found the crop-dusting chopper down. >> when we arrived atscene one helicopter down with one victim still inside. >> reporter: sheriff's department says the pilot had some scary moments when his chopper fell 20 feet to the ground. emergency crews say he was in the process of spraying local fields and say a mechanical failure is to blame for his sudden crash into this corn field. >> we have a lot of corn that is produced out in this area and that is what he was doing. he was spraying the crops -- spraying the corn and turning around and lost control of his vehicle. >> reporter: the pilot was the only person on board and was
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conscious when he was pulled from the whopper. firefighters say he is well- known in the area and knows this terrain well. >> he is very familiar with the area. what i have been told he sprays a majority of the fields in this local region. >> reporter: so from crop dusting choppers to medevac helicopter, not the day this pilot planned for, but authorities say he will be just fine. as we not seriously injured and will likely be ready to get back in the air again soon. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. san josi police are investigating a shooting that left a man in critical condition. police say the man was shot multiple times last night on lomo verde drive. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police v-haven't released a motive and are investigating if it was gang-related. and san francisco an elderly bystander is recovering after being shot in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. a second man was also shot during the same accident at 7:45 at corner of ellis and jones streets.
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investigators say that man was the intended target. he was taken to the hospital. police say they arrested shooter at the scene and also recovered the gun used. the 78-year-old bystander was hit in the foot and was also taken to the hospital. also in the city, police are investigating a shooting outside of the mcdonalds on fillmore street near golden gate avenue. police say the victim took a kab cab to the hospital after being hot in the hip. had he is expected to be okay. it's the case that has captivated much of the nas and today after more than a month of testimony, closing arguments were made in the trial of casey anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. jessica stone brings you the investments in the courtroom. >> reporter: defense attorney josi b-ese used his closing arguments to launch an attack on what he calls the prosecution. >> this prosecution would
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raise the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> reporter: baez accusing law enforcement of altering evidence and raising get number of people who smelled human decomposition in casey's car. the medical examiner never determined how caylee died. >> they want you to fill in the gaps with your anger and your emotion. that is what they want. >> reporter: earlier a stoic casey broke down as prosecutor jeff ashton blasted the defense claim that caylee drowned in the swimming pool. >> when casey wants to do what casey wants to do, casey finds a way. ashton describing how he says casey wrapped multiple layers of duct-tape around caylee's nose and mouth to suffocate her. >> that tape was placed there with one singular purpose. now we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the
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tape was applied. so that caylee went peacefully. >> hope? >> they are hoping to get a conviction now? they are hoping that you will buy the chloroform? they are hoping -- you are not supposed to hope. >> reporter: in all casey anthony faces seven charges ranging from lying to police all the way to first-degree murder. if convicted of that, she could face the death penalty. in orlando, jessica stone, fox news. prosecutors are weighing limited os tonight in the sexual assault case against former imf head dominque strauss-kahn. this comes after the woman who made the accusations has a history of lying of the legal experts say prosecutors can go ahead with the current charges, reduce them or negotiate a plea deal. strauss-kahn's lawyers are calling on prosecutors to request the case be dismissed of the former leader of the international monetary fund is
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due back in court on the 18th. >>a new poll shows a divide over the french while strauss- kahn should return to politics, the french newspaper le parisien shows these results. they may be thousands of miles away and how troops are celebrating the 4th of july. and an important accessory on the president's car goes miss and where it was found, up next. and shoplift song, but listen to this. there are actually some experts that is a shoplifting increases may actually be good for the economy.
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at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. . american troops in kyrgyzstan are getting a head start on the 4th of july and held a, but in the country. the 1200 american service members were also treated today to live music and dancing. the base serve as a hub for material going to and from afghanistan. despite president obama's decision to speed up american troop withdrawal from afghanistan, there are no plans to close the base. >> president obama say some will drawdown, but there will be troops in afghanistan and
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for the foreseeable future we're here supporting efforts in afghanistan. well, the secret service has a pilot -- says a pilot accidentally steered his small plane into the restricted airspace near camp david. president obama was at a heavally-guarded retreat yesterday afternoon when an f- 15 fighter jet intercepted that plane. authorities tried to contact the pilot via radio, but he didn't respond. the pilot was met by law enforcement when he landed at a maryland airport. the secret service has a philadelphia police officer to thank for finding a missing presidential seal. the seal, like this one seen here, fall off the presidential limousine during a visit to philadelphia last week turns out the seals are not painted on, but rather magnetic stickers. the secret service retraced the motorcade's route, but couldn't find it. the next day an officer spotted it after pulling over to help a
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stranded motorist. president obama will be online this week holding his first "tweet out." on wednesday people are asked to tweet questions about the economy and jobs and the president will answer those questions on twitter from the white house. the co-founder of san francisco- based twitter, jack dorsey, wasf will select the questions and also moderate the conversations. vice president joe biden asked the national education association's members to support the president's re- election bid today. biden hug and kissed association members when he took the stage at their chicago convention. attorney general the nea is scheduled to vote on whether or not to endorse president obama's re-election campaign. the nea has more than 3 million members and bills itself as the nation's largest union. biden's energetic speech praised teachers. [ laughter ]
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>> these children are the kite strings that lift our national ambition as loft and in the end, in the end, we will be judged by whether or not we have honored our obligation to our children. >> you are they acknowledged their unhappiness with some of the obama administration education policies. republican presidential hopeful michele bachmann is stumping for support in iowa. she met with families at an evangelical church in waukee. she spoke about 20 minutes. the des moines register says she didn't mention the word "republican" once. fellow republican presidential candidate hermain cain was also on the train trail in winterset, iowa. 65-year-old met voters and detailed his plan to revive the nation's economy, including a plan to replace the tax code with the fair tax or a national
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sales tax. cain also told voters he is gaining ground in the polls because voters are no longer lynning to the media. the meds estimate that $17 billion in unemployment benefits were doled out last year to people drawing those checks illegally. official are the us department of labor says about 30% of the incorrect payments went to people who had returned to work, but still kept receiving unemployment checks. the feds are now asking states to submit plans by the end of september to show steps that they are planning to take to cutdown on illegal and fraudulent claims. a new survey shows employee shoplifting is on the rise. the national remodel federation reports retailers lost $37 billion last year from theft that. sup more than $3 billion from 2009. however, some experts say this is actually good news for the economy, because employees are more likely to steal when they feel they have a better chance at finding another job. new developments with some of those bay area absent visits
5:25 pm
trying to deliver supplies to the gaza strip. the new protests that they are staging today after a recent showdown at sea. also, it is the perfect place to celebrate the 4th of july, but the reason parks in one state are no longer open for business. . we're at the martinez police department where law enforcement continues despite a heavy heart all because of the death of an officer. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. martinez police are mourning the loss of one of their own. the second officer to die in just three years. ktvu's john sasaki is in martinez with the story of how
5:28 pm
someone has been trying to take advantage of his death. john. >> reporter: ken, we are at the martinez police department, which is still in mourning after the death of sergeant brian carter, but as this flier show his legacy lives on, because his police family and his family at home are giving back. 6-year-old peyton and almost 2- year-old preston carter are their father's sons. >> he is our little crazy one, and you know, i just see brian in both of the kids everyday. peyton wants to be a police officer now, and so it's nice. >> reporter: late last month sergeant carter died after a two-year long battle with non- hodgkin's lymphoma. i met him last summer and he was more concerned about helping oregons with bone and blood donations. he was helped by a bone marrow donor. >> i saw him in pain for so
5:29 pm
long that i know that he is in a better spot now. carter's death came just three years after the department lost another officer, paul starzyk who was killed in the line of duty. >> it's devastating for our organization. as you can imagine, trying to put the pieces together. >> reporter: just like in starzyk's case, someone has tried to takef take advantage of carter's death by fraudulently appealing for donations in his name. >> just to think someone would stoop to that level is amazing. >> reporter: this was one of the last photos taken of carter and his family of the for more information about the trust fund set up for the family, go to our website, in greece, some americans, including some from the bay area were detained for the detainment of a captain.
5:30 pm
the ship was turned back by the greek coast guard and the captain was arrested. is he scheduled to appear in court on tuesday to face felony charges. today the greek government offered to bring the supplies to gaza. "the audacity of hope "is one of several boats hoping to go to glaza. in sierraa, the government may be preparing for a major offensivive to retalliality against protesters. activists say security forces are sending tank to the city of hama, where days ago, communications have been cut to the city. this amateur video shows the packed streets of hama with demonstrators chaptering and demanding that president bashar al-assad step down. rescuers have trying to save 19 trapped workers in a cool mean that caved in a southeast china province. three miners died in the collapse and 49 others managed
5:31 pm
to escape. officials say the trapped miners are in a difficult to reach section of the shaft and heavy rains may trigger more collapses or flooding. and in canda, despite anti- monarch demonstrateiacs in quebec city, the duke and duchess of cambridge continued their royal tour. a group gathered two blocks from prince william and kate's passenger at quebec city hall. protesters are angry that canada still has ties to the british monarchy. next up on the royal tour say stop at prison edward island and will head to southern california on friday. the rescued chilean miners are now demanding pensions. they were trapped more than two months underground and say they suffer from either physical or psychological ailments and can no longer work. president of chile is expected to excite in about a month to
5:32 pm
grant the pensions which amount to over $425 a month. crews in minnesota are cleaning up after a large oil spill in the yellowstone river. 44,000 gallons of crude leaked into the watersway. a ruptured pipeline was the source of the spill. the environmental protection agency says only a small fraction of the oil will likely be recovered because of the river's fast-moving waters. evacuees in the flood-damaged town of minot, north dakota are going back home. some were allowed back home to see the damage caused bit souris river flooding more than a week ago. the red cross has been on-hand helping victims and that is a comfort, residents say, that they appreciate in their time of need. >> we came in and hauling sandbags and pumping water out of our basement and while we're standing here, along comes cold water and snacks with these folks that got crosses on their chests. you can only say thank you to
5:33 pm
the red cross. the red cross has promised to stay as long as needed. residents in los alamos, new mexico are aloud back tohir home just in time for the 4th of july. fire officials lifted the city's evacuation orders this morning a massive wildfire forced about 12,000 people out of their homes earlier this week. the fire is moving away from the town, but still threatens sacred sites of native-american tribes. the fire has now burned more than 120,000 acres and only 11% contained. >> we're safe enough to bring our residents back, but we're not back to the point to call it "safe." the county probably won't be up and running until at least tuesday. >> health officials are warning residents who suffer from respiratory problems to stay away for a few more days because of heavy smoke. there is no word on when los alamos nuclear lab will re- open. a stalemate in minnesota over the budget has closed down all nonessential government offices and services. so today, well that meant the
5:34 pm
state parks, campgrounds, public recreation sites are all shuttered, but even as the signs read "closed." some park goers found ways around the gate. >> we decided to make a longer walk and enjoy ourselves. this should be open to the public. our tax dollars go to these things and they should be here for people to enjoy. it's estimated that the shutdown means that that state won't be collecting an estimated $200,000 a day in estimated state park days. the shutdown in minnesota began friday. this is the last 4th of july for californians to enjoy dozens of parks in our state. the budget did not save any of the parks slated for closure. the closures will begin after the busy summer season. those affected include china camp and park officials hope to save more than $30 million next two years by closing those
5:35 pm
parks. tomorrow's holiday means closures for several buildings and businesses. that includes federal and state courts and off thes, kansas offices, post offices and banks and savings institutions. the independence day holiday will affect public transportation, bart, muni, golden gate trans, samtrans, cal train and ac transit will operate on their sunday schedule tomorrow, but bart, muni, golden gate transit and cal trains say they will provide extra service during those operating hours for the fireworks show in san francisco. boeing's long delayed 878 has fleet completed its maidin transpacific flight. the dreamliner landed today in japan after taking off this morning in seattle. the plane will undergo additional testing ahead of its first commercial flight. the jet is mostly made from carbon fiber and compost materials. it's lighter and more fuel- efficient. developpal problems delayed the
5:36 pm
plane's production by three years. a michigan man is resting his muscles after a huge show of strength. mark kirsch pulled a 150,000- pound airplane 120 feet at an airshow in kalamazoo on friday. this isn't his first time or even the largest plane he has pulled. he owns the record for the largest plane pulled a 205,000- plane and pulled it back in 2008. kirsch says he hopes to be an inspiration to others. just inspire everybody to acomplish their goals. kirsch is already prepping for hesitate next plane pull at the 911 remembrance ceremony in new york. i have some dirt in my backyard. maybe he can help me out. when ktvu channel 2 news at
5:37 pm
5 returns a deer is found dead and now police are telling people to be on alert. it was hot today, but how hot will it get tomorrow? our meteorologist mark tamayo with your 4th of july forecast coming up.
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5:39 pm
. controversy billboard is still the talk of the town in the sierra foothills tonight. protesters gathered in front of the ad for the california suntanning salon saying the image of bikini-clad woman was pornographic. the billboard caused trouble for a sacramento tv station the other of an a.m./p.m. across the street from the controversial sign confronted news caos and demanded that they leave the area. >> he is on the sidewalk. >> i don't care.
5:40 pm
you can be be the sidewalk. >> you don't own the sidewalk, all right? >> it's assault, try it. >> go ahead. >> is this our employee? >> there are reports that the billboard has been covered up by a back tarp that reads, "no porn in our town." >>. police in chico are investigating a shooting inside a crowded bar that sent two people to the hospital. it happened last eat night at the bar called lasalles. police say a man and woman were shot. a gun was recovered at the scene and officers are now searching for a person of interest. richmond police are looking for aman who stabbed another man during a fight. it happened this morning at an apartment on pullman avenue. officers say the victim was stabbed in the thigh when he tried to intervene between a scuffle -- in a scuffle between his friend and another man. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening and police are looking for a 45-year-old black man, with this description. if you have any information you are asked to contact richmond
5:41 pm
police. el cerrito police are warning residents about a mountain lion roaming the area. it attacked a deer near the area of charles street and edwards avenue. after examining the deer and evidence at the scene, officers determined it had been attacked by a young cougar. mountain lions rarely attack people, but police advise residents to be aware. they say keep a close watch on small children and slowly walk away while facing a mountain lion and avoid running. well, dozens of bay area families spent the day together, traveling back in time. it was pioneer day at san josi's history park. visitors experienced what life was like back in in the 19th century. kids were instead go gold- panning and make adobe bricks and turn butter. parents say the event isn't just fun, but also educational. >> i think it's important that they know what it was like and how hard it probably was to live in those days, versus all of those b, like you said, with the technology. they don't have to do anything.
5:42 pm
they just come home and watch tv or play videogames. >> today's event was hosted by the organization history san josi. >> looks like they are having fun many that hot, scorching walk or weather. mark tamayo in the weather center. >> that is right, triple-digit heat across parts the bay area. things finally beginning to cool off, but we still have hot numbers out there. right now on the maps we have mostly clear skies. fog bank closer to santa barbara and los angeles. what happened today was more of a northerly flow that pushed the fog down to the south and as a result, temperatures warmed up across the region. looking outside towards the oakland estuary. 82 degrees. a bit of haze out there with the spare-the-air day in place for the bay area today. as far as temperatures, you can see the triple-digits towards fairground, antioch and livermore, the napa airport
5:43 pm
topped out 92 degrees. santa rosa in the upper 90s and san francisco in the lower 70s, 80 degrees. for tonight, mostly clear skies, but fog redevelops late tonight and monday. for 4th of july, the extended forecast more fog and as a result, temperatures will be cooling off. big time cooling trend showing up on the long-range weather maps. first thing tomorrow morning, most of the region starting out the day in 509s. we could have a few low 60s towards concord and around mountain view. here is the key change for tomorrow. we're going to have more of an onshore breeze and the fog regroups over the next to 12 hours. as a result we'll cool things off coastside and around the bay. the beaches only -- most of the coastline in the 60s. cooler breeze for the coast and for the bay. temperatures inland come down a few degrees, but still around 95 to 96 for tomorrow afternoon. as far as our forecast model showing you this, we do have
5:44 pm
mostly clear skies. i will put this into motion and notice what happens tomorrow morning. some patchy fog returns coastside and there is that surge back into the bay. that is basically the signal that things will be cooling off for your 4th of july. into the afternoon hours the fog bank pull backs to near the shoreline. but as you can see plenty of sunshine inland. temperatures back up into the 90s. that is all reflected in your 4th of july forecast of the at 6:00, low 50s to low 60s and patchy fog out there tomorrow morning. by 12:00, clearing skies, 60-82 and then by 3:00 and 4:00, some hot numbers inland, but the beaches only in the low to mid- 60s. 63-65. here is a look at the numbers and you can see still 90s to report out towards clear lake, san rafael, 86 degrees. basically 70s around the rim of the bay. the warmest locations, still 90s to report. san josi forecasted high of 88 degrees and san francisco right
5:45 pm
around 81. so no more 70s at least in the forecast forever tomorrow. >> for tomorrow night, once again, all of those red dots do correspond to the fireworks displays. can you find on and pasty fog showing up coastside. as we fly into san francisco, i am expecting this, that maybe partly cloudy skies with fog near the golden gate bridge and san francisco around 60 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. and temperatures cooling off after tuesday. in fact, tuesday we could have a little bit of a spike in the numbers. still hot numbers inland, but the overall trend we cool things off for thursday, friday and for the weekend, but heather and ken, we'll watch that fog bank just looming offshore tomorrow evening. >> it likes to toy with us this time of year. >> it makes it tough for a forecaster, yeah. >> thank you, mark. the latest transformers movie is taking over at the box- office. it's a bunch of flying guys, "
5:46 pm
transformers: dark of moon," made an estimated $98 million, putting it ahead of "pirates of the caribbean:on stranger tides." for the top spot spot. >> well, the new king of the court is crowned as at men's wimbledon final wraps. . >> plus, baseball's all-star selections are made and we'll tell you who will represent the giants and a's in the mid- summer classic. sportswrap is next. ok in every restaurant freshly making the colonel's original recipe, 11 herbs and spices, hand-breaded, hands down the world's best chicken. today is a kfc day. so bring home a real meal -- 10 pieces of that famous chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of four or more, just 20 bucks. today tastes so good.
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. good evening everyone.
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welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. barely pass the halfway mark the oakland a's are hoping to get hot and make some noise in the american league west. they had many good signs against arizona diamondbacks. starting pitcher gio gonzalez found out he will make his first all-star appearance. he set the diamondbacks down in the 29. first bloomqvist and then there johnson. er's answered back in their half of the inning. david de jesus finding the gap off aynan kennedy and coco crisp and hideki matsui come across to score. some punch from de jesus would be a big lift for oakland. conor jackson with a towering drive that hits above the out of town scoreboard. two-run shot makes it 4-1. >> later in the inning with another run, scott sizemore jerks one down the left-field line. two-run shot and second of the
5:50 pm
year for sizemore as well. a's with five in the inning for a 7-1 lead. diamondbacks mounted a minni- threat in the 2nd. just one run in seven innings of work for the a's all-star as he improves his record 8-5. the a's take the series with the win. >> to me it was a pressure- releaser and now i can just go out there and pitch and relax. so in my head the whole time was all right, let's attack the zone and let's not change anything. it doesn't change the fact i'm going go out there and try to overdo my curveball oar try to throw this pitch 108. i was just continuing to pound the strike zone. a lot of thanks to my pitching coach, who gave me my cockiness back basically. [ laughter ] all on the mound. >> the giants with a chance to finish off the great road-trip, but instead had to settle for a
5:51 pm
pretty good one. vogelsong also will be going to the all-star game. tigers tried to give this one away. then ross with a chopper up the middle that lit the spot where the grass meets the derivat on the infield. ball shots pat sandationo and sandoval comes home. the giants then get generous in the field. miguel cabrera singles in the 6th. ross bobbles the ball. pablo sandoval can't come with it and thing stays alive. next up is magglio ordonez with the single up the middle to
5:52 pm
score the tieing run. two unearned runs and the tigers with the 4-3 run. giants rallied in the 8th. two on, two out, a shot to the gap in left-center. left-fielder hangs on to the ball. tigers added two more in the 8th and they have that one wrapped up, 6-3 detroit. bruce boche, the national league manager talks about liz decision to add vogelsong to the all-star line up. >> he is 6-2 and just short of really qualifying for all of the stats coming out. he is a big reason we're in first place and i just think this guy is a great story. he should have made our team out of spring training. because of the numbers we didn't have a spot for him and whether barry zito goes down, he comes up and really was a shot in the arm for us.
5:53 pm
i think he is very deserving and my question would be why not? >> it will be an all-pitching representation for the giants in the all-star game. bochy folk vogelsong, tim lincecum and matt cain. wellon was voted to the team by his fellow players. after a dominating performance at wimbledon novak djokovic established himself as no. 1 tennis player in the world. djokovic had won 43 straight matches before losing to roger federer in the french open. nadal comes to the net with a nice touch, bouncing back to win the third. five-time wimbledon winner bjorn borg on hand to see a
5:54 pm
temporary passion of the baton. nadal committed uncharacteristic unforced errors. then at match point, djokovic was a winner when nadal was long again. djokovic wins the fourth set 6- 3 and now has a career grand slam with his first wimbledon championship. his 8th major gets him into the conversation as one of the greatest ever and certainry at 48-1 this year, no. 1 in the world. still to come on this early sunday night sportswrap, the next great american golfer may be identifying himself. we'll talk about that when we return. be right back.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
. the way things are going for us golfers a guy who wins twice in the same season is considered a star. put 31-year-old nick watney in that category. watney who hails from dixon began the day tied with the lead, with a course record 62 in the at&t national tournament in pennsylvania. watney with a long attempt to save par on the very first hole today. at no. 5 with the birdie stroke going trying to distance himself from
5:57 pm
k.j. choi playing in his group. choi staying in it on the backside. when choi made this long birdie at 14, they were tied for the lead. 12 under par for the tournament. that tie lasted only one hole. in 15, choi is in the thick fringe and takes double bogey and falls two back. that allowed watney to par out the rest of the way and win for the second time this year and fourth time in his career. rickie fowler began the day tied for the lead fall back with a round of 74. had a that is going to do it for this early edition of sportswrap. see you again tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, jo. tonight on the 10:00 news we'll tell but a dozen rental cars that went up in smoke near san francisco airport. the polk motive behind the three-alarm fire and its connection to this holiday weekended. we'll have more on that tonight on the 10:00s you. that is our report now.
5:58 pm
>>for everyone here, we we'll see you tonight at 10:00.
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