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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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there will be sun moving in. there's a west wind and temperatures 60s to 90s now with a lot of 70s and 80s in between and temperatures will continue to cool off. your five day coming up shortly. steve, right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we're off to a good start. i think most people will be back for work after the 4th of july holiday although you may see still some people taking some time off. we'll see what happens and what develops. this is a look at highway 4 as you drive up to the willow pass grade. now we're looking at interstate 880. the traffic is looking good in both directions and there is northbound 280. that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. at 4:30 let's go back to the desk. overnight firefighters were busy in bay point. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from the scene of one of several grass fires that caused some tense moments. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. the wind is still whipping pretty badly out here. that's one thing firefighters had to contend with along with
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this dry brush you can see right here. it's pretty crackly. we're out here on a country road. it's very dark outside but perhaps you can make out across the street there there is some orange embers still glowing from a grass fire firefighters put out earlier. if we take a look at some video from earlier this morning the fire here off port chicago highway started around 9:30 last night. crews from contra costa county fire battled the flames until after midnight. firefighters from several different agencies were chasing quite a few wild fires here last night spread out over about a mile in different directions. one fire even threatened some apartments off port chicago highway. no word on what sparked the fires but witnesses tell us there was a lot of illegal firework activity in the area last night. >> we don't have safe and sane fireworks here in the county. they are illegal. and that's one of the reasons is to try and make sure we're not going to have these types of fires. >> reporter: crews put out
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another fire along solan no avenue near willow pass road. drivers could see the flames and thick smoke. many bystanders also gathered to watch. firefighters said they had to shut down some roads in the area while they got the flames under control but everything appears to be okay now. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco firefighters are blaming illegal fireworks for a brush fire that burned about four acres started about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. firefighters contained it within minutes before the flames could reach a nearby elementary school. now firefighters say they were on alert all night for the possibility of more fireworks related incidence. san jose no longer has a big fireworks show on the 4th of july, but some people put on their own illegal display. pretty big fireworks for illegal fireworks. this is what it looked like in a community last night. it's been a tradition every 4th
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of july to set off fireworks, but the law says anything that flies into the sky or explodes is illegal. now we talked to a retired fire captain who lived there. he fears it's a matter of time before something bad happens. >> you know it can happen in four or five or seven or ten minutes when you have a good wind and old structures. could take a block out. >> out there doing dumb stuff doing it with their families and parties they got going on. >> firefighters were out last night trying to educate people about the dangers of setting off fireworks themselves. the police chief was also out. he says they don't have the resources to crack down on the activity. the east bay also saw its fair share of fireworks. our ktvu camera spotted this display from skyline road in oakland around 9:00 last night. oakland is another bay area city that did not hold an official fireworks show for the 4th of july and where fireworks
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are illegal. thousands of people showed up to one of the bay area's legal fireworks celebrations. take a look coming up in about 15 minutes what was rare about this year's display in san francisco. the mexican navy will continue search and rescue efforts today for the seven american tourists still missing after their fishing boat plunged into the gulf of california. 27 tourists were on board that boat when it went down during a sunday morning storm. one person is confirmed dead. all but one of the tourists is from northern california. now 62-year-old richard of novato is among the survivors. his wife tells us that he spent 12 hours in the water. >> they were off the boat in two seconds. the whole thing went under just like that. just like the titanic he said. didn't capsize. it sunk. >> charles gibson also survived
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the trip. 43-year-old michael ing of belmont made it out alive as well. a sonoma county dive team recovered the body of a man who drowned in the russian river. 30-year-old juan martinez lee i don't know swimming in the river with his girlfriend when they were swept away by a strong current. heon was able to help his girlfriend into a kayak that came to rescue them, but he sank below the surface. bart and san francisco police have launched separate investigations into sunday night's fatal shooting at san francisco civic center bart station. investigators say it began when two officers respond today a call about a drunk man carrying an open container of alcohol on the platform. bart police chief says the two officers immediately found themselves in a very dangerous situation. >> the guy's armed with a knife. a guy used a bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured.
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our officers use the force they felt was necessary in defense of their life. >> one officer was armed with a taser but chose not to use it. investigators have still not released the name of the man who was killed. richmond police have increased their patrols after a deadly holiday weekend. three men were killed in four separate shootings sunday night. it happened within three hours and four miles of each other. 19-year-old bailey and 26-year- old duncan were killed in richmond. and 28-year-old ray hudson jr. was killed in north richmond. no arrests have been made. two homes damaged after a fire in pleasant hill. that started just before 1:30 yesterday morning in a home on julian way. the fire also spread to the home next door but no one was hurt. the woman who lives in the home where the fire started says her home was burglarized just about a month ago and she had just finished replacing her stolen
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property. dozens of people in rohnert park are homeless this morning after a fire destroyed their apartment building. that fire began just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon at a complex on commerce boulevard near arlen drive. the roof collapsed and it took firefighters two hours to bring that fire under control. no one was hurt. but a firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. well, over the weekend seven bay area rafters learned the hard way about this year's unusually high and fast moving rivers. this video is actually -- look at that from the helmet cameras of one of the rafters. all seven were flipped into the cold water of the american river and swept downstream. >> got a little sketchy though because trees -- i was on the right side i didn't really want to get caught up on anything. so i was like okay i'm out of here. i got to get back to the middle
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of the water. >> some of the rafters managed to hold on to the raft hoping to avoid getting sucked under the water. the group finally made it to a calm spot in the river where they were able to get out. a 58-year-old woman was hospitalized for shock and still doesn't remember that accident. no one else was injured. 4:37 is the time. as we go to sal we understand a new crash blocking several lanes. where is that, sal? it's southbound 101, pam, at highway 92. this crash is reported blocking at least two lanes. it's an injury accident. this is again southbound 101 at highway 92. so watch for some slow traffic in this area. the best way to get around this is to use interstate 280 instead. we're just hearing that police are arriving on the scene along with the fire department. southbound 101 right near highway 92. we'll let you know more about this going on as it develops. let's go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge.
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that traffic is doing very nicely. but you can already tell more people are on the road today than they were yesterday. and this morning's commute is going to be okay in san jose at 280 northbound starts moving along very nicely or it is moving along very nicely right through downtown. at 43:00 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. we do have a little more fog starting to move in today. that means continued cooling for inland areas even though it will still be in the 90s for some. but fog, low clouds, otherwise clear. the breeze picked up for some. 58 to 84 by noon. if you're near the coast 50s, 60s. inland 80s showing up again. make sure i get everybody in there. 60 to 96. cool to warm. fog came by yesterday. disappeared. then came right back. it's starting to move locally inland. it will get lifted over the next couple days. so inland areas will start to cool down. 50s, 60s, napa 55. low 50s upper 60s for some. temperatures starting to cool down courtesy of more of a sea
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breeze. west-northwest oakland. fairfield southwest i think there will be a good sea breeze kicking up its heels later through the delta. system move into the pacific northwest that will continue a cooling trend. topped out on sunday cooling trend will get started yesterday coast and bay and start to move in for areas away from the coast. for some like lake county or eastern solano contra costa county might take another day. fog, sun, cooler warmer west breeze. 60s 70s coast and bay. 80s and then 90s inland but temperature trend again is down and continue that way as we settle in around wednesday and thursday and hang out there for a while. all right. thank you, steve. well, today the san francisco parks trust will receive a gift from the coca-cola company. coke plans to donate a quarter million dollars to the organization. the money is expected to be used to build a new trail in golden gate park and spruce up the northeast corner of the
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park. the ceremony will take place at 10:00 this morning. well, another lawsuit has been filed over last month's deadly amtrak crash. find out who the suit blames for that accident. last 4th of july i ended up in a hospital bed. >> the lesson one man says he learned after a dangerous accident involving illegal fireworks. right now northbound 101 traffic looks good, but southbound 101 we have a problem on the peninsula that's becoming worse by the minute. we'll let you know.
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good morning. if your coast side or around the bay low clouds, 60s 70s. inland still in the 90s but temperatures are creeping down a little by. but still hot away from the coast. overnight nato announced four of its service members were killed in two separate attacks in afghanistan. three were killed by a roadside bomb. a fourth died in a separate insurgent attack. their nationalities have not been released, but nine international troops have been killed so far this month. 280 this year. today is the first full day of jury deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. yesterday the seven women and five men on the jury failed to reach a verdict after six hours of deliberation. they are working to decide if casey is guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-
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year-old daughter caylee. they could also find her guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter or third degree felony murder which carry lighter sentences. if found guilty of first-degree murder, the prosecution plans to ask for the death penalty. an autopsy will be performed today on the woman's body found over the weekend in indiana. it could be a missing college student. a family found the body in a creek outside indianapolis. now police in the nearby town of bloomington are waiting for word on identification. 20-year-old lauren spear disappeared from that town on june 3rd and she has not been seen since. >> we want to confirm the identity first. once we're able to do that then we'll be able to hopefully put the missing pieces together from some of these other missing cases or establish a brand new case. >> now police in the nearby town of noblesville have also been looking for 74-year-old
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dorothy herd. execs son mobile will do whatever they need to to clean up the oil spill. damage was limited to a ten mile stretch of the river. now federal and state officials say oil damage is spread over dozens of miles and they are still taking air and water samples. there's a new lawsuit over the amtrak train crash that killed six people in the nevada desert. amtrak attendants filed a suit against the trucking company involved in the crash as well as amtrak. now dickerson accuses the trucking company of negligence because one of its drivers failed to stop at a crossing and slammed into the train. she also says a locked door on one of the train cars blocked her initial escape route as she tried to lead passengers out of the burning train. last week amtrak filed a lawsuit against the nevada
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trucking company involved in the crash. a skier's in critical condition this morning after surviving an 800-foot fall from a mountain in wyoming. officials at the grand tee ton national park say 33-year-old ryan was skiing when he lost control and fell. he was wearing a climbing helmet and had an ice ax attached to his ski pole but he was unable to stop his fall. well, the family of giants fan bryan stow has issued a new public statement. it says that he continues to show slow but steady signs of improvement three months after the brutal beating outside dodgers stadium. they say his fever is down and there are no signs of infections. the family members say they still make regular visits to stow's san francisco hospital room. they talked to him, play music and read to him. some of the get well cards from his many supporters. it was a tragic 4th of july for one ohio man after a
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backyard fireworks display left him badly burned. he says the last thing he remembers is lighting a sparkler saturday night in his father's backyard. that's when an explosion threw him into the fence badly burning his face, hands and leg. >> i have no skin from about here to here. all the skin just melted off like butter. gone right there. down here my elbow this is all fried. >> he says the spark from his sparkler flew into a nearby box of fireworks. that caused the explosion. local police cited him for an illegal discharge of fireworks. says he will never touch any type of firework again. today a san mateo restaurant will help raise money for a reward fund in the unsolved killing of their manager more than three years ago. today would have been doug's 40th birthday. he was discovered beaten to death at the tgi friday's
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restaurant in january of 2008. investigators say it's still unclear if robbery was the motive or if he knew his attacker. today tgi friday's will donate 25% of profits to the reward fund for tips leading to an arrest. new this morning the senate gets back to worked to oncoming up with a debt reduction plan that republicans and democrats can agree on. congress has four weeks to raise the debt ceiling to avoid the government default. republicans say they won't vote for an increase without deep spending cuts. democrats say they want to end the loopholes and tax breaks for wealthy americans while preventing cuts of some social services. 4:49 is the time right now. the final space shuttle launch is just days away. why the astronauts on atlantis will have more responsibilities than usual. and san jose's joey chestnuts celebrating another win at the annual hot dog eating contest on coney island, but his rival is also claiming
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fireworks lit up the sky in new york city last night. this is video from the annual macy's 4th of july fireworks celebration along the hudson river. it's the nation's largest with about 40,000 fireworks launched. the event also paid special tribute to the statue of liberty which celebrates its  125th anniversary. a huge crowd enjoyed a spectacular 4th of july fireworks show on san francisco's waterfront. [ cheering and applause ] >> this year it was a rare fog free show. tens of thousands of people enjoyed an awesome fireworks display under clear summer skies. san francisco's waterfront is one of the few places left in the bay area where you can
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still enjoy a big fireworks show for free. several bay area cities have recently canceled their shows due to budget cut backs. a san jose man is celebrating another 4th of july victory. >> with 62 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes, it's joey chestnut. >> 62 hot dogs. joey chestnut won nathan's hot dog eating contest yesterday in coney island, new york. this is the fifth year in a row that he has won the contest. however, the 62 hot dogs he stomached is six shy of his world record. now chestnut's rival held his own contest in manhattan. he downed 69 hot dogs in ten minutes. his win isn't official though because the 33-year-old refuses to sign a contract with major league eating. he says he just wanted to show people he's still good at what he does. he took home six consecutive
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nathan's contest titles from 2001 to 2006. sal, check in with traffic. i didn't know there was a national eating league. >> oh, yeah. >> new to me. >> major league eating. playoffs. whole thing. it's a big deal. good morning everyone. take a look at what we have now. we have a problem on southbound 101 at highway 92. this crash is weird because the four people who were involved ran away and they were caught in the nearby whole foods parking lot. one of them has reportedly some pretty significant injuries. but as i listen to the police interviewing these people it looks like they may have been driving a stolen car. surprise, surprise. southbound 101 at highway 92 this crash has a couple of lanes blocked at least. good area to stay away from. what i would do is i would use 280. it's early. the back up isn't that huge. if you want to drive through there expect delays. let's go out and take a look at
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westbound 92 heading out to the high-rise and over to 101. you can see traffic is moving well. you can also see that the sign is up warning of that accident. i just talked about. if you look at the far right hand side of your screen they have -- this is effecting traffic on 92 getting to 101. this morning if you're driving on 80 westbound that moves pretty well heading out to the macarthur maze. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, for some it will still be hot. for others it cooled down yesterday. especially the peninsula and along the coast the sea breeze is there. fog is still shallow. away from the coast it will still be another warm maybe one more hot day but then looks like by tomorrow that sea breeze will really kick in. it's kind of a fine line if you're by the coast it will not be that warm. deal with low clouds and fog. around the bay you'll get that breeze and also cloud cover popping up over southern san joaquin valley, tropical clouds southern sierra. going to add cirrus clouds might work its way in.
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50s and 60s on the temps. breeze picks up for a while and backs off. calm at concord. northwest 5 at oakland. west at 8 at sfo. it is a cooler direction and some of the north bay temperatures did come down yesterday. probably this is the transition day. so cooling trend extends inland but not by much. i mean we're still waiting. today will still be hot for some. and then starting tomorrow i think we'll see temperatures really drop off as we head towards the weekend. fog, sun, cool to warm. there is a little component of a west breeze expect that to pick up later. afternoon highs anywhere from the mid-90s to maybe some upper 90s but over by the beaches 60s and 70s and same around the bay. 70s or low 80s. if you're well inland then you'll have to deal with the 90s again. increase and ramp up of the fog and low clouds as we head into the end of the week and carry into the weekend. the group of astronauts calling themselves the final four are in florida as they prepare for the last space shuttle launch. they arrived at kennedy space
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center yesterday in jets from houston. atlantis will carry 100,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station and that heavier than usual cargo means atlantis will carry a smaller crew. so each will be responsible for more duties on this mission. atlantis is scheduled to takeoff on friday morning 8:26 our time. well, the search continues for several missing fishermen in the gulf of california. why the rescue mission could change this morning. and grass fires in bay point kept firefighters busy through the night. the tense moments for people living in that area.
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we're live in contra costa county where firefighters battled a string of wild fires last night. could it be related to 4th of july celebrations in find out next. illegal fireworks light up the skies of the bay area. the reason money problems may have led to more exhibitions this year. plus seven california fishermen still missing off the coast of mexico. the emotional reaction from their families here in the bay area. it's all ahead on ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to tuesday.


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