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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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who say they will extend the search and rescue mention for something beyond 96 hours, he also plans to talk to authorities on the phone tomorrow and here is what he said a few moments ago. >> there is evidence from previous ship wrecks that individuals can survive past the 96 hours. >> reporter: a new promise to keep the search alive for 7 missing fisherman lost in the gulf of california. lawmakers heard the calls for help from family members. >> if he is out there and alive, he is fighting. >> reporter: the families held ralate news conference of their own to ask for help and declare they haven't given up hope. >> bought a new life vest last weekend and it was automatic inflatable vest. they are out there. >> reporter: inside this room
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our camera was rolling when they announced good news. >> they will extend it for one day. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard continued its support with another aircraft sent to the area to keep looking for survivors from the air. families say they heard from locals who insist fisherman survived for 7 days. >> we still have hope that they are alive and they can be found and returned home safely. >> reporter: and in the last hour another reason for this family to stay encouraged, they heard secretary of state hillary clinton asked to expedite a special team of divers to search the boat that is still under water. >> our coverage continues on, you will find more videos of the families. police call off the search
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for a bicyclist reported missing after he was spotted in the foot hills. police say a clerk saw antoine mackey in roseville yesterday. his girlfriend reported him missing when he didn't return home from a bike ride. he is no longer considered missing. doctors and nurses join the fight to save st. luke's hospital in san francisco. ktvu's rob roth reports on today's protest and the financial stand off that has patients caught in the middle. >> reporter: he suffers from diabetes and doesn't know what he would do without st. lukes, the only hospital in the area. >> all of my doctors are in st. lukes. i could come right here for everything. >> doctors and nurses rallied today, hoping to save the hospital that saves the lives
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of low-income patients. >> if they close the access to hospital care will be diminished and that's a problem for day to day healthcare. in the event of a crisis it would be devastating. the medical center or cpmc organized today's protest. they say closing st. lukes could happen unless the mayor back offs with unreasonable financial demands. the city is asking them to pay for affordable housing, pedestrian safety and provide charity care. they say those depends will cost $2 billion and offered a counterproposal. >> is this a deal breaker? >> at the moment absolutely. >> remains to be seen what they could afford. >> reporter: all that leaves patients caught in the middle
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of a political battle, wondering how to get to another hospital. >> catch a cab or something. which is a hardship because i have a limited income. >> that was rob roth reporting. police are reviewing surveillance video that might show a art thief after he stole a picasso. this video was taken outside a restaurant a few doors down. the police description made it easy to spot the suspect. >> we found a guy with no socks, picasso thief. >> police say a thief took the picasso sketch yesterday morning, walked out the door and got away in a taxi. the artwork is valued at $200,000. >> a common story for many, do more with less and the police department is no exception.
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ktvu's mike mibach is here now with the massive reorganization plan of a force that lost 160 officers in the past two years. >> reporter: because of that the chief said the structure has to change and it will starting saturday. police officers will have more roles and responsibilities. few people chimed in on the state of the city. >> like a depression. >> i guess they are going in the right direction. the police chief says it is time his department starts to head in the right direction. >> we are collapsing everything and trying to give the patrol officers more expansion. >> reporter: the chief announced a department wide reorganization plan, the city will be split in two operation areas, commanded by deputy chiefs. >> i want them to be scene too, get involved. >> reporter: -- seen too, get
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involved. >> reporter: they will all be consolidated. >> instead of having eight investigators to deal with homicide, and that's what we have today, we will have close to 22 people with the capacity to deal can w hop sides, robberies and assaults. we are building capacity. >> i would love to see more guys on foot. >> residents said they tip their caps to the chief and the new plan, at least for now. >> makes me feel safe. >> who knows till you give it a chance. give it a chance. >> reporter: also new starting saturday, the end of the motor unit, they will be reassigned to regular patrol. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we should learn more about the shooting that bart station in a half hour. police will hold a briefing at
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6:30. we still don't know the name of the man shot and killed on fourth of july. we will bring you the latest from that briefing on and on the 10:00 news. authorities shared information about two gangs whose long-standing feud led to the leth of a -- death of a baby. 70 officials met beginning at 9:00 a.m. they are joining forces to try and stop the gangs. authorities say the pressure is on from law enforcement but there is also help out there. >> they will be offered services, opportunities to get out of the gang and community assistance if they choose. >> the efforts stems from the shooting death of a baby. police said that a 17-year-old
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remains in custody. police say they are still working on possible charges against another teen. investigators believe the baby was shot when the gunman mistook the parents for gang members. the trucking firm whose driver crashed into a train is facing another lawsuit. a man is suing the trucking company for damages. the truck driver and five others were killed in the june 24 crash. amtrak and an employee are also suing. court of appeals the military can no longer force a ban on gays serving openly in the military. the "don't ask, don't tell" policy must be fully lifted. this means the military can no longer discharge gay service
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men and women. pg&e cruise are about to restore natural gas services after a gas leak. a contract crew was working at 10:00 a.m. when they accidentally hit a line. 11 families were told to leave as a precaution. they were allowed to return three hours ago. pg&e says gas service should be restored within the hour. residents are demanding answers from pg&e about the safety of gas pipelines behind their homes. neighborhoods now cover the homes where pg&e installed the pipelines in 1965. residents want proof the pipelines meet safety standards. >> we haven't got a safety study, which is required by federal law. >> a spokeswoman told us crews inspected one pipeline in april and plans to inspect the other one next year. it will take several months to
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assess the results before releasing them. just two hours ago the health committee approved a bill regarding health insurance rates. it gives them the power to reject rate increases. critics say it does nothing to serve medical costs. the bill moves to the committee, the assembly approved the bill in june. tax collectors could have a new tool. a committee approved a bill that would suspend the profession business and drivers license of the 500 most delinquent taxpayers. the top 250 owe the state $172 million. visa expects its revenue to grow despite a new cap.
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they project 11-15% growth for this fiscal year. that is about $9 billion. despite a sluggish report this morning, wall street ended the day in the black. business growth slowed in june. the the dow jones industrial average rose 56 points. the the nasdaq added 8 points. uc santa cruz fallen short of their goals for out of state students. they are trying to attract new students outside california. uc is 100 students short of its out of state target of 440. california makes the world's greatest wines, but what is the warming doing to the wines? i am tom vacar. >> apple is trying to patch a security hole found in its most
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popular products, what you can do to protect your information. the hot weather is move position out of the forecast -- moving out out of the forecast and i will highlight the coolest day of the weekend.
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. there is a warning tonight to iphone and ipad users about a security hold that could allow access to your data. hackers could use a pdf attachment to steel passwords. they urged users not to open pdfs unless they are from a trusted source. apple is aware of the report and is developing a fix.
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we spoke with a hacker today about who could be most volinable. that story on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. facebook and skype announced a new partnership today to bring video calls to facebook 750 million users. it rolls out in the next few weeks. zuke zuke announced a new multi- user chat feature. this comes after google launched google plus. santa clara is trying to land the ground work for a new stadium for the 49ers. they approved the process that allows the hiring of subcontractors. they will perform $500 million worth of work. the city awarded the food
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vendor contract to center plate. jury selection began in washington d.c. in the perjury trial of roger clemens. he is accused of lying to congress during testimony in 2008. roger clemens told a committee he did not use steroids during his career. his former teammates may be called to testify. >> petit is the most difficult witness for roger clemens to deal with. he will say he told me he was using. >> the trainer brian mcnamee testified he provided roger clemens with drugs. you can call it game warming. a studdie says global warming will cut in half the land in california that is suitable for growing grapes. ktvu's tom vacar is live in napa for what that could mean
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for the wine industry. the damage to premium wine country will take place if average temperatures rise only 2 degrees. that's a conservative estimate. >> reporter: lonely france, italy and spain make more wine than california and global warming threatens the grapes. >> which areas are able to adapt to these changing conditions with low cost practices and which undergo warming that pushes the temperatures into a new threshold. >> here in napa, the average growing season temperature has been 68 degrees. by 2040 it will be 70 degrees. the average number of hot days, days over 95 degrees, which has been 30 or fewer will increase to 40. >> current tolerance is -- can be sensitive to the hot days.
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>> and bugs love hot weather. >> and that could enable -- >> reporter: org washington would benefit as their wine region accommodate grapes. but california can do a lot through many techniques, shading, pruning and mechanical means. >> we expect the human dimension will be the key. >> reporter: the key to this is how seriously we work to reduce global warming and technologies yet undiscovered to combat global warming. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the phoenix area is bracing another dust storm tonight. check out pictures from last night of the dust storm that rolled in yesterday. the national weather service estimated the storm was 100
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miles wide. it reduced visibility to less than a quarter mile and grounded flights at sky harbor airport. >> back here in the bay area, cool temperatures coast side and inland different, upper 90s. right now, live storm tracker 2, low clouds regroup and push back into the bay for the overnight hours. as far as the time lapse from today, you see that marine layer, warm air trapping the fog close to the service, that has an impact on visibilities. with that in place, that create as temperature range from 62 in pacifica. antioch 96 degrees and oakland
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mid-70s at 75. forecast deadlines tonight, clear skies inland with fog developing for the coast and pushing into the bay. cooling trend begins tomorrow and reinforced for the weekend. high pressure has been the big weather story over the past few days. fog on the increase overnight and that leads to a cooling trend, temperatures down 4-8 degrees tomorrow. that will be the beginning. here is the trend for the weekend, area of low pressure from the north, with that temperatures by saturday, warmest locations in the lower 8ees. fog -- 80s. by 6:00, 7:00, clouds concentrated coast line around san francisco. partly cloudy conditions inland. as we put this into motion for the afternoon.
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temperatures, everybody coming down tomorrow. we will not find upper 90s. warmest locations upper 8 es. oakland 70. san jose 83 degrees. morgan hill 80s. san francisco, dense fog tomorrow morning, skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon. 5 day forecast, cooler as you head into friday, temperatures cool off by the weekend. by sunday that will be the coolest day with the warmest locations only in the lower 80s. monday the cooling trend continues. overall, looks like a nice weekend, with no extreme heat. >> comfortable. looks good. >> thank you. >> the fare reports bigger crowds and record revenue. they sold nearly 89,000 tickets and took in win pout 3 mill
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$1.3 million. and bought $1 million worth of food and drink. why this crowd was going crazy today in south korea.
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. there were fire works in south korea as the olympic announced pyeongchang will host the olympics. they have already poured billions in to infrastructure for athletes and fans. mangis here with sports, a's a good day and giants play tonight. >> the a's and joints always looking for runs. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. but you can count on great pitching. happens again for the a's. ichiro hitless and the mariners only had two. a's, a solo shot. -- solo shot. size more comes through with insurance, base hit, scores one. 2-0. he goes 7 innings of shut out ball for the a's. given up one earned run in the
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last 24. >> kind of relax and you know, let your abilities take over. the second you start pressing the more complicates it gets. simplify things and play the game. do the same thing tomorrow. >> all right. mean time something that the united states women's soccer team is not used to. defeat. only their fourth since november. there is one team that has their numbers and that's who they ran into today. 1-0 sweden. making it 2-2 and the final score was 2-1, u.s.a. on the short end. they will take the field next against brazil, that match set for sunday. johnny had his baseball coaching contract extended two
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years at stanford. that's the sporting life right now. >> south korea was chosen to host the olympic games. wants to hear from you. because there is a growing push to bring the games back here in 2022. should california make a bid? go to our facebook page and vote now. thank you so much for joining us everyone.
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