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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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person who took off with rter: showed up their recovered drawing they said was taken out of its program from the suspect and put into a shipping envelope that hasn't yet been addressed. they also showed us the mug shop of alleged thief mark lugo along with the clothes and classes they say wore during the theft. police arrested him after they went to the hotel she was staying at them followed him to napa. >> he was staying with friends, he was enjoying an evening with his friends. >> reporter: the drawing was found during the search of his hotel room. police say the investigation was helped by surveillance video. >> obviously where we have video, we're going to have a lot of success. so i would encourage any business in the city really anything you can do in the way
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of installing video cameras only help us make our investigations more expeditious. >> reporter: today we walked all around and spotted several union square business with surveillance cameras, and some shop owners told us off camera they are a valuable and expensive security pool. at the winestein gallery, the owner says they are going to upgrade their security. >> we're going to consult with police to make sure we get the best security available. >> reporter: and the suspect is being held on $5 million bail. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight we know the identity of the man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police officers on sunday. the san francisco medical examiner says the man is 45-
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year-old charles hill. his city of residence is unknown. b.a.r.t. police say hill threatened officers with a broken bottle before being killed. but they have interviewed a witness who says the suspect was not running or threatening police when he was killed. a woman was held for 20 minutes on tuesday morning as three men robbed her spruce street home. she was not hurt. detectives are also investigating a check cashing business. hackers have targeted a symbol of silican valley invasion and technological advancement. robert handa is live now at the tech museum in san jose with how the hackers got in. robert-- >> reporter: julie, it was alarmingly simple. here's how the museum and public were victimized. first people went to the museum website and created accounts in
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order to attend special events. but the website and the accounts were still on file long after the event was over. >> reporter: a hacker broke into old files and stole names, e-mails and phone numbers of 1,800 people who attended events. >> there was nothing in there that was particularly worrisome. then i had to chuckle after that to say the they can got hacked, but welcome to the world of technology in silican valley. >> reporter: the prank included posting the hack on twitter. >> as a tech museum we thought we would be a secure system. one that certainly wouldn't be susceptible to being hacked. >> reporter: but hacking is a global concern. lockheed martin, sony and the
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pentagon were recent victims. >> you have this increasing gap between the skills out people. mostly kids out of college and their ability to break into these systems. >> reporter: ironically the tech museum just held a hacking conference for youngsters. >> we now know that we're vulnerable and we're taking every precaution so that never happens again. >> reporter: the museum and analysts say precautions such as destroyingold files and getting a credit monitoring service are ones the public should consider. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a sonoma county man who
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survived that -- >> it was just one of my dad's very best friends. so i know this is really, really hard on him. >> reporter: ma h, di lee recalls her dad donald was at a fishing shop when he and bruce mar met -- mandi lee recalls her dad. and bruce is among 19 passengers who survived the ship wreck. many headed to the bay area. >> he has to come here to his best friend's car and pick up his car and drop off his best friend's car. >> reporter: albert mar was also swept away after winds capsized the 115-foot boat. >> the swim was really hard. >> reporter: survivor dave levine told his wife how he let go of an ice chest he and four others clung to to swim to land a few miles away. it took eight hours against strong current, determination and some luck. >> when he was swimming ashore,
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he took a stroke and when one hand came out there was a bottle of water in. then he took another stroke and he came up with another bottle of water. >> reporter: survivors are driving home today, two in their group missing but not given up on. >> my dad would not want it any other way. you know these are his best friend, and he has always thought us that we don't leave our friends side or our family's side. so it's not just him, we want all six. >> reporter: again that was ktvu's debra villalon reporting. ktvu obtained video of the men being rescued. you can view that video on just look under the lost fishermen tab. we're getting new video of crews from northern california searching for any survivors in the gulf of california.
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the coast guard took off this morning. they're joined by searchers from the mexican navy. the coast guard says it expects to keep up the hunt until nightfall. then it will decide whether to return tomorrow. we'll have more on this developing story coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> two nummi operators tell ktvu news that many of their coworkers are using disabled plaquers for parking. our cameras found many drivers parking and leaving with vehicles with handicapped plaquers today. nummi operators told us off camera that the workers are either buying or obtaining those plaquers from relatives. disability activists say they want some answers. >> it's irritating, it's an abuse, if it's not legitimate. >> reporter: three months ago nummi implemented new rules making drivers pay $85 a month to park at its lots. a nummi spokesperson says the agency will investigate if the
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plaquered are valid. the proposed subway would run from the caltrain station to china town. the grand jury's report issued 26 recommendations including redesigning the rout to serve the financial district. it also raised concerns that even with federal funding the $1.6 billion project will be a drain on nummi's budget. medical marijuana activists rallied outside the federal courthouse in oakland today to support a lake county man. >> free scott. >> reporter: fail ran the united medical. we are still waiting to back from attorneys in a plea deal was reach. >> no one needs to be put in jail for trying to provide medicine for patients that are sic and dying. >> reporter: protesters say they want the obama
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administration to back off of prosecution more medical marijuana. dozensover people dozens -- dozens of people line up to get t medical care for their pets. >> folks who have pets that are not microchipped and if they get lost only 13% are returned. >> the bill would require chipping of stray animals before they are given back to their owners. as well as for pets that are adopted from animal shelters. along with hiring five more inspectors, the commission is forming a new risk assessment team. it is carrying out reforms suggested by an independent panel which says the commission
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is understaffed. san francisco firefighters are helping seniors come ply with a new law. homeowners must install the alarm or face a $200 fine. the law will apply to apartments and condos in 2013. ebay today says it will pay $250 million for a company that allows customers to shop on their website. zong supporting mobile purchases by putting the charges directly on a user's cell phone bill. gap today reported a surprising rise in sales. the san francisco based clothing retailer posted a 1% gain in june compared with june 2010. analysts expected a drop of nearly 2.5%. gap also says sales rose 5.5% last month from its previous week. that good news from
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retailers such as the gap helped push stocks higher on wall street. the dow jones ended the day up 93.5 points. the nasdaq almost gained 39. calfire loses one of its biggest weapons. why this machine now becomes more vital as this fire season starts to heat up. and a push to permanently end the death penalty in california took a step forward today. the steep price supporters say you pay every day to keep the death chamber up and running. fog has been cooling off most of the bay area over the past few days. coming up we will show you where that fog will be in the morning and the upcoming temperatures for the bay area weekend.
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standard coors upgraded the state's rating today. a state senate economy approved a bill that could end the death penalty in the state of california for good. the legal process has cost taxpayers billions of the dollars. >> in the 33 years that california has had the death penalty, we have executed exactly 13 people. while 714 people sit on death row and cost the people of california $184 million a year. >> reporter: that $184 million figure is the cost above and beyond what the state would spend if those inmates were serving life terms. if the measure is approved, voters would decide next year whether to repeal the death penalty and replace it with
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life in prison without parol. executions have been on hold in california since february of 2006. that's when district judge hogul placed a hold on the executions. attorneys for inmates michael morales claimed that method of execution has the potential of causing the agonizing pain. accused serial killer joseph naso could get some help in his legal defense. the 77-year-old is defending himself against charges he killed four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. a marin county superior court judge rules that a public
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defender can assist nasso. the florida mother got credit for three years. anthony will be released next wednesday. the 25-year-old was acquitted of murder on tuesday of her daughter's death. jaycee dugard tells diane sawyer that she still remembers what she was wearing when she was kidnapped. she says i can walk in the next room and see my mom. wow i can decide to jump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. wow, it is unbelievable, truly. calfire's largest fire fighting tool being grounded just as fire season heats up. mike mibach is live at the calfire's sonoma county air
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attack field. with why the dc10 will no longer be taking flight. >> reporter: we're talking about the balance between cost and effectiveness. five years that is how long the dc10 has been flying for calfire. but not this season, as a lot of eyes start to focus in on the department's smaller fleet. the dc10 10 tanker, the big boy in the sky called to fight california fires. >> we use them in more strategic situations. >> reporter: it drops thousandsover fire retardant in five seconds. the new budget forced the state agency to cut back so it has decided to ax its three year $21 million dc10 contract. >> this was a reduction and a cut that nobody wanted to make. >> reporter: well we always say it could be the worse fire season ever right. >> reporter: chief scott upton
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flies in calfire's initial attack. the s2t holds up to 1,200- gallons. while the dc10 holds 10,000- gallons of retardant. >> any time you lose any capability you're going to lose a certain amount of effectiveness. >> reporter: but upton and others in calfire says the dc10 was never as vital as a smaller fleet. a fleet that will continue to fly this wildfire season. >> the most important thing for us is maintaining our initial attack capabilities. >> there's some limitations with the dc10 on types of terrain and mov era bility in canyons. >> reporter: if the air tanker is out of state battling another fire and calfire calls for it, calfire will have to
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wait. mike mibach, ktvu news. a san francisco superior court judge temporarily halted a freeway project today. caltrans wants to widen 101 through richardson state park. environmentalists say that will damage the roots of near by redwood trees. we talked with a caltrans spokesperson who says we are disappointed but we continue to stand by the redwood drove improvement project. well looks like summer here in the bay area, with some patchy dense fog in the morning pulling back to near the immediate coastline. still a factor out there right now as you can see in the satellite, the banks still fogged up to pacifica and hoof half-moon bay. warmest locations today still on the warm. livermore topped out at 60 degrees.
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here's a look at the forecast headlines for tonight. at least we have this, tomorrow some morning fog and still some warm numbers inland. the weekend forecast temperatures will definitely be cooling off in the long rage outlook. here we go for tomorrow. as we head into friday we're going to have a little bit more of a northernly breeze. as a result we're going the warm up coast side and right along the bay. these are all minor changes. but still right around 90 degrees well inland. as we take this into the weekend, this weather system moves in for the north. that will work with the marine layer, weaken it and that result will continue to warm up. in the upper 50s to low 60s for the beaches. warmest locations only in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. here's our updated forecast. some of the fog first thing tomorrow morning. like i said, targeting the coast. also pushing locally into the bay. look what happens with that northerly breeze as the model scales back on the fog.
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here is a look at the numbers and still quite a few 80s to show you. even a few 90s, fairfield around 90. oakland tops out 74. san jose just one degree warmer than today. 83degrees tomorrow afternoon and san francisco a few degrees warmer than today's reading, readings in the upper 60s we'll go with 68 degrees. here is a look ahead to your five day forecast and the cooling trend still scheduled. we've been talking about that. still expected to move in for this weekend. the cooling trend really kicks in. just some 60s and 70s and no heat waves in sight. >> it is really cooling down. all right, thanks mark. the junior giants get a big league hand. the big league pitcher that treated them today.
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hundreds of children got a new baseball glove today straight from the hands of a san francisco giant's star pitcher. >> this guy has a mohawk. i do too. >> reporter: this afternoon at at that time park bryan wilson handed out more than a thousand to members of jr. giants. the camp gives children an opportunity to play baseball.
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>> your glove is the one piece of equipment you hold dear to you. as a kid you might sleep with it under your pillow. you might chew on it like i do, turn it into a piece of cardboard. >> reporter: each youngster scored a ticket to tonight's game. i'm glad he didn't scare anybody with that beard. >> a thousand, wow. >> he does look like he's in the witness protection program. >> well let's talk about the a's. because some sad news, one of their former managers. probably one of their best managers ever. >> right the entire baseball world tonight mourning the death of one of the great managers of all time hall of famer dick williams has passed away. of course best known for managing the a's in the 70s to two of their three world championships that they had consecutively. he's also the only manager every to win a pennant with three different teams. williams died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm at a hospital
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near his home in henderson nevada. dick williams hall of famer was 82 years old. luckily we're getting ready in another month or so to have one of the big time boxers of our area. in probably the biggest fight of his career. robert the ghost guerrero on the right hand side. it'll be at hp pavilion down in san jose against marcos maidana. super lightweight championship fight. he's never turned down a fight. this figures to be a classic match up. >> marcos maidana is one of those tough guys that keep oncoming. it's one of our style match up to get a great fight. you get a classic fighter like me and you get the puncher like maida in, a and we both clash. >> august 27th at the hp pavilion, san jose be there.
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that's the sporting life for right now. giant and a's highlights tonight. and looks like a dispute has been averted. coming up on tv 36 news at 7:00, union police have come to an agreement on a new contract. we'll see you in 30 minutes everyone. it's really delicious, mom.
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