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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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hear any new information. >> investigations can take months to conclude. however internally san francisco police department wants to be able to provide their chief with a progress report in 45 days. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say hill appeared intoxicated and threatened two officers with a broken bottle and two knives. >> it's not putting a high enough value on life. >> reporter: ktvu obtained new details about hill's background. the report details a domestic violence incident in which hill threatened a family member with a knife and smashed their car window. hill rambled on, insulted police officers and threatened
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to hurt one in his home. the report came as a surprise today to police chief. >> it's certainly information that i was not aware of. >> reporter: now raney declines to say if the police report is relevant to the current investigation. the man accused of stealing a picasso in san francisco last week had more stolen art in his apartment in new jersey. san francisco police tell us officers found art worth up to $500,000 during a raid on mark lugo's apartment. one piece was another picasso. lugo is being held in san francisco on $100 million bail. a 45 kwraoerl boy is being hospitalize -- a 5-year-old boy is being hospitalized after falling from a window of his
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home. an officer says the child fell when he pushed the screen off a window. the child was conscious and crying when emergency crews arrived. fire trucks roared through the rock ridge neighborhood of oakland early this morning. when they arrived firefighters made a horrifying discovery. mike mibach live in the neighborhood where police are invest good investigating how a woman's burning body showed up there. >> reporter: the body was found at an exit off of highway. >> 5:00 in the morning the police knocked on my door. >> reporter: and they began asking questions because the homicide investigation was under way. >> it's a tragic incident right here. it's an unusual crime. >> reporter: police lieutenant says a resident called police to report a burning body in the
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middle of the street. police say the body identified as a woman appears to have been dumped in the rock ridge neighborhood, burned but not before suffering some type of trauma. >> right now i just cannot get into -- i don't want to talk about those details. i only want a few people intimately involved about some of those details. >> it's weird, kind of freaky because we don't really hear about it. >> reporter: curious neighbors drove through the crime scene throughout the day. some say she heard and saw nothing unusual early this morning. >> very sad, very scary that people would do such an awful thing. yeah, and the police said they picked this neighborhood because it was quiet. >> reporter: as part of the investigation, the police department says it will be reviewing missing person cases as of right now. the victim has not been identified and no arrests have been made. reporting live tonight in
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oakland, mike mibach. california is joining more than a dozen of states in pursuing caylee's law. a measure named after caylee anthony. the bill would make it a crime not to report a child'sdisappearance or death. caylee's mother casey anthony was acquitted in her death. the bill's author says it's not a knee jerk reaction to the verdict. >> we want to make sure we have our act together have all the input, have testimony so that we come up with a law that as i said addressing this problem. assemblyman cook's office told ktvu lawmakers will get the first look at the bill when they return from recess. governor brown made history tonight. the landmark law makes california the first state to require public schools to teach
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the contributions of gay and lesbians. >> i think it's incredibly necessary and important to include everyone's history and everyone's contribution in social studies classes. >> teach history without an agenda. just teach straight history. each individual is credited for what they established. >> reporter: the law also requires schools to teach about the disabled community. it goes into effect in the 2013- 2014 school year. students are getting hit again. just a few hours ago the uc board of regents voted to raise tuition . rob roth is live with how much more students will have to pay. >> reporter: students will have to pay double what students paid just six years ago. tuition comes to more than a thousand dollars a year. and that's on top of the series
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of increases that could come along with the uc education. including room and board. >> my brother right now is going to community college because we cannot afford to send two people to four year universities. >> difficult. that's the best way i can describe it. >> reporter: he says he'll have to find a part time job. >> that means i'm not spending as much time on school work because i have to be at work. >> reporter: by a 14-4 vote the uc regents approved the increase. uc says it faces a $400 million hold. >> we feel that we have to maintain the quality or it will rapidly disappear today. >> nobody is saying it's not painful. nobody is saying this is a piece of cake. >> reporter: students who are eligible for financial aid
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won't have to pay any tuition. those from families that earn $120,000 won't have the pay the latest increase this year. >> here we are putting once again that nail in the coffin of the middle class because that's who gets hurt in this case. >> reporter: students may have to face the distinct possibility of future tuition increases. rob roth,. a low income housing facility in san francisco reopened today after an extensive renovation. san francisco mayor ed lee was on hand for today's grand reopening of the tenderloin neighborhood development corporations civic center resident. the mccallister street underwent $30,000 in renovations including more bathrooms an more restrooms. >> it's great to have a place the way they renovated with the
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bathrooms and sinks and everything. it looks great now. >> reporter: the civic center residents provide 300 living spaces for people. the first phase will extend the car pool lane to atherton avenue. construction is expected to take two years to complete. it would give the states 55 electoral votes to the candidate that wins the popular vote rather than the winner of the state vote. the decision came after al gore won the popular vote but george b. bush won the election. a nonprofit think tank thinks california could boost voter turn out by allowing online voter registration. researchers say nine states
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that currently allow it save money and reduce fraud. the pew center estimates 600 million californians who are eligible to vote don't. and a judge declared a mistrial on the second day of testimony in the clemens trial. prosecutors made a grave mistake in letting jurors see a video tape discussing credibility the of testimony. cofounder larry payge took over as ceo in april. stocks traded lower as ben bernanke testified that the central bank has no immediate plans to stimulate the economy by buying treasury bonds. the dow lost 54 points.
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the nasdaq dropped 34. for harry potter fans they might say it's a bittersweet fan. the final film opens in theaters just hours from now. >> if you're a fan of harry potter you're a die-hard fan. >> yeah, i'm a harry potter fan, it's awesome. >> reporter: harry potter and the deathly hollows two concludes the series based. people who grew up with harry potter say they're very sad but say that the books and films did have a positive influence on their life. the potter mania continues on our website. we have slide shows about the series and its creators. even quizzes to test your knowledge. just click on the harry potter tab. >> a final salute for a bay area hero. the sacrifices this soldier
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the trial date of two fair field mothers charged in a fatal fire that killed their four children has been pushed back. their attorneys had asked for the delays. they said expert witnesses did not get adequate times to review a report presented last week by prosecutors. both are facing abuse and neglect charges. investigators say the children were alone when candles sparked the fire while their mothers stood outside. it was an emotional day for family members as the body of a
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fallen soldier returned home to the bay area. the body of 36-year-old nick amper the iii was flown back to california this morning. the department of defense says enemy forces in afghanistan attacked his unit with a rocket propelled grenade. >> he made a promise to make sure that he sent all his men home. and because of it, he took his life for them. >> reporter: amper's body was taken to millwood city. his funeral is planned for monday. maps of their facilities, társ one of the reck men -- it's one of the recommendations made after the pipeline explosion and fire in san
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bruno. they must also provide inspection records of storage shut off valves. the pg & e is warning residents they may smell gas while they inspect new pipelines there. pg & e says the testing will begin in a couple of weeks and will last until mid-september. a bay area lawmaker says should stop fighting a new state law requiring online retailers to collect sales tax in california. in sacramento today, oakland assemblywoman nancy skinner says amazon's proposed ballot measure to overturn the tax is unconstitutional because it targets a budget law. the issue is likely to end up in court. the backlash is growing tonight to netflix announcement that it is increasing it's
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membership fees. and maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: in the past hour we talked to a netflix spokesperson. he says the los gatos research anticipated the outrage. >> shame on you netflix. i thought we had something together. >> reporter: users are venting their anger online. the cost is jumping from $10 a month to 16. >> they could have eked it up slowly. and it wouldn't have angered so many people. >> is it going to change your habits? >> absolutely. >> i think it was handled very badly. people are seeing it as a 16% price increase. anything over 10% people freak out over. i think this is something they should have rethought. this is like the new coke idea. they presented this in the
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wrong way. they're going to bleed an awful lot of customers. >> reporter: it costs the company 75-cents to mail the dvds instead of 10-cents to stream. >> i think it's appropriate if you want a business to survive they have to do what they have to do. >> reporter: netflix today makes less from a subscriber. the company is banking on subscriber such as this woman. >> the more i use netflix the more i use the streaming. we've been talking about not doing the dvds because the dvds just sit there and just doing the movies. >> reporter: reporting live in los gatos, maureen naylor. some changes may be coming in who delivers your mail and when. these new high tech sorts machines in san jose too the work of more than 20 -- do the work of more than 200 people.
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the so the postal service will be hiring less postal carriers. but the postal service says no lay offs are expected. and your weekend just around the corner. temperatures they are going to warm up. we saw a few degrees warming in the north bay today. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer still. we come in a little closer and you see fog is left along the coast. our friends out at half-moon bay for the first time are seeing some sunshine. right now i'm tracking the fog as it tries to reform tonight. certainly less drizzle in the forecast. there'll be fog again. but it's not going to have that real wet moist real big push it's had the last mornings. tomorrow morning it'll be chilly, the fog will be there but it will burn off more rapidly. that takes us into the bay area weekend. these are your forecast for
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your 7:00 a.m. hour or there abouts when you get moving around. lots of mid- and low 50s. when you wake up or when you are out moving around 9:00 a.m. the kids are running off to swim practice you get something like this. you have fog, you see the north bay you have sunshine. you know santa rosa is going to get into the mid-70s. once the sun comes out you warm rapidly. that he did not happen today or yesterday. so temperatures were cooler. tomorrow rapid clearing, warmer daytime high. it's that simple. i'm putting drizzle in because it's been a player especially in the coastal bay. tomorrow as we head into friday, you're going to see temperatures begin to warm up. so through the microclimates on friday. you're seeing 70s out toward orinda and lafayette. then as you head over the hill
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toward antioch. fire danger is really benefited greatly. firefighters usually have the doors open on the garage and they have the trucks, not this week. it's been very cool that's great news for firefighters. moisture in the air it helps a bit. it also adds fuel moisture in the plant. fuel moistures are up right now for this time of year. good news for firefighters. warmer on sunday. >> looks like a pretty good weekend. thanks bill. >> thank you bill. california schools will get a break from a new law that requires students to get vaccinated from whooping cough. students must prove they've received a booster shot. but today lawmakers passed an emergency bill that conditionally accepts students who don't meet those rekwaoeufrplts. the new law went into effect
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july 1st. the number of smokers in the state is going down. officials say since then californians have saved $86 million in health care costs linked to smoking. the grass is getting special treatment tonight at at&t park. the world soccer event coming to the bay area ballpark.
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soccer is taking over san francisco this weekend starting with a match at at&t park. the stadium is hosting the soccer man between manchester city and club america. this is the sixth soccer game held at at&t park. the game is part of the h erbal life world soccer challenge. well from soccer to the british open. one of the majors. >> if you have someone in the house who loves golf you're not getting them off the couch. because this is one of golf's biggies and one of their biggest tradition. let's take it to blustery
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sandwich england. that wind did not bother justin. the par-3 you cannot do it any better than this. the ace in the day shooting just an even par. thomas bejorn remember his melt down when he blew a two shot lead with three holes to go. looking brightful there. setting himself up with a birdie. a 20 year old amateur named after tom watson. a birdie at 17 and things are well in hand and under way at the british open. meantime, lousy news and what else is new for the oakland a's. they find out today that one of their outstanding pitchers washington will undergo surgery to repair a very messed up elbow. in fact, it's tommy johns surgery that will keep him out for at least a year. mean tile the a's on the hole trying to battle the way out of last place for this second half of the season.
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they did have to make a manegerial change. the a's just can't get over with their sorely lacking offense. >> we're this close, we're playing so many close games, we end up just losing them. so i think if we can breakthrough a few of those games, feel good about those type of games it will start to snowball in the direction that when you lose them. as far as the plan going forward. i think pitching certainly has been the key will remain the key, but we have to find only offense some where. a's don't start the second half of the season against the angels. giants and padres tonight down in san diego. that's the sporting life. >> what else can go wrong for the a's? it's been a rough season. >> you name it, it's happened. students and colleagues are
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mourning the death of a doctor that worked in uc san francisco. he died in a shuttle accident. questions persist about the driver of the van and also the intersection where the accident happened. >> our coverage continues online, following us on twitter for breaking news, updates and developments on the day's breaking stories. sign up to follow us on twitter. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once


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