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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> an achievement. >> it is a terrific day for almost two dozen bay area firefighters who had lost their jobs. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. the san jose firefighters were reinstated thanks to a grant from the federal government. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us live to explain what this means for public safety. >> reporter: well the move to
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rehire 22 san jose firefighters may eliminate brownouts in the city. live at the academy for a ceremony which wrapped up an hour and a half ago. >> this is great. [ applause ] >> reporter: joseph can call himself a san jose firefighter again. san jose fire chief willy mcdonald presented badges back to 22 of the 49 firefighters laid off last year including him. the layoffs lead to the department scrambleing to put out fires. this reinstatement ceremony could not have taken place without a 15 million dollar grant by fema. at the department's peak last year it had 655 firefighters but the rehires numbers back near 650. not enough to provide a level of service the city as large as san jose deserves according to the chief but it is a start. >> i felt like last year we should have been able to find a way to avoid this and we
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weren't able to do it. it is a great feeling to be able to invite them back and they were able to come back. >> it is amazing to put back on my uniform, a smile from ear to ear. >> reporter: he dabbled in other jobs while keeping an eye on this job. >> i have an opportunity to provide the city with a service and i feel great for the citizens of san jose, i feel like they have their fire department you know definitely back. >> reporter: almost back, the green line hasn't been given just yet to hire the 27 other firefighter positions which make up the 49 lost last year, some firefighters had to turn down the call back because of prior commitments, for those able to return today getting
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their job back respected and accomplishment and many said they are glad to be back serve in san jose. >> however it is a different situation in oakland, 56 city workers set to lose their jobs there. in addition the police department will be budgeted for 636 officers this year and just 588 next year. and starting in one year, july 2012, oakland's fire department will close two firehouses per day on a rotating basis. oakland city leaders are announcing today a tool they hope will cut down on crime in the city's fruitvale neighborhood. cameras, 30 of them. kraig debro explains where those cameras will be placed and how merchants are reacting. >> reporter: the bakery owner says he will never forget the
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day his friend and fellow business owner lost his life and not just because of his relationship. >> i was supposed to be here with him and stuff, because we opened the businesses at the same time and for some reason i wasn't here. >> reporter: jesus campos was shot and killed april 8th. open in the shop at 5:00 a.m. when two men tried to rob him. later today city leaders will announce a plan to deploy 30 cameras in the fruitvale neighborhood. they will have the power to record everything they see on international boulevard including pena's bakery. >> once they see themselves on the camera and stuff, i think they will think about it twice. >> reporter: using $35,000 in redevelopment funds the city will buy 30 cameras and make them available to businesss that could not otherwise afford the cost. in exchange the police will have access to the video whenever they need it. >> i am very happy for the cameras. >> his family is still
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recovering from the tragedy but supports the camera coverage. one reason they say they expect the quality of the video to make it easier to identify suspects. people around here know that cameras can only be a deterrent. they are not going to prevent anybody from trying to rob or somebody from anybody else. after all there were cameras outside the restaurant the day jesus campos was shot and killed. >> this morning a swat team from san francisco took part in a man h unt in oakland. however they could not find the man. after searching a home and the surrounding home. police are not releasing the name of the minor man or his alleged crime. several groups got together to protest the city's decision to bring two immigration agents into the police force. they are part of a homeland
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security program called operation community shield. the chief said the agents are helping fight gangs but critics say they will harass the immigrant community. robert will have a full report on this controversy tonight at 6:00. michelle le's family resumed their search today. the last time anyone reports seeing her was seven weeks ago at kizer hospital in hayward. investigators are treating this case as a homicide. her family has organized several search parties and they plan to continue this latest search tomorrow. a man accused of stealing a picasso drawing worth hundreds of thousands of dollars pled not guilty this morning in a san francisco courtroom. but the charges against him continue to pile up here and against the country.
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ktvu's claudine wong joins us live with what happened in court and what happens next. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, yes, he appeared here in court but there is a growing line of people who want to talk to him. he is also wanted to crimes in new york and new jersey. we were not allowed to take pictures of 30-year-old mark lugo in court this courtroom. a little surprising when his picture is at the heart of several cases against him. photos from three states all allegedly show lugo committing crimes. we first learned about lugo earlier this month. police say this photo shows him just walking away after stealing a $200,000 picasso drawing. then in jail lugo made a call to a friend. >> and he said to her that she is going to be receiving a fed ex package with keys to his
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apartment in it, and there is going to be instructions in there. he needs her to remove certain items from his apartment. >> reporter: that call, which was monitored turned out to be critical to a new york case where a picasso painting had been stoling from a hotel. pictures from that match san francisco photos, all that enough for a search warrant for his apartment. >> and sure enough, the stolen picasso from the hotel was actually hanging on the wall, while they were executing it they also found various other stolen paintings that they confiscated. >> all the things taken were taken in the last 45 days and that speaks more to a burst of compulsive energy than someone who has the ability and sophistication to go out and fence these paintings. >> but it doesn't end there. these are photos of a new jersey wine store in april, where lugo is accused of
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stealing at least two bottles valued at $2000 apiece. today in court lugo's lawyer did ask for a bail reduction. his lawyer says he just wanted to make a point, because he admits with all these other cases pending against him posting bail is pointless. any one will be back in court in august. >> and president obama again held a news conference this morning about the debt ceiling debate after 5 straight days of negotiations with no agreement in sight. he says if republicans show him a serious plan he is ready to move on it but says spending cuts need to be balanced with an increase in revenue. >> if you are trying to get to $2.4 trillion without any revenue, then you are effectively gutting a whole bunch of domestic spending that is going to be too burdensome and is not going to be
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something that i would support. >> our stand on the debt limit has been clear. there will be no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs. >> both parties agree on the need to come to an agreement by the august 2nd deadline but republicans want a corresponding package to slash the deficit without raising taxes. the president wants congress to get back to him with a deal by the end of tomorrow. ahead los angeles commuters brace for what may be the worst traffic they have seen in years, even bay area people are being warned to stay away. and we are all hoping the bay area will warm up for the weekend. rosemary will be up soon to tell us if that will happen. >> it is one of the hottest tickets in town. we or we are live in oakland for the new and final harry potter film. it is already marking box office records.
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los angeles officials are warning people about complete gridlock or karma get and. starting at midnight a stretch of the freeway will be shut down from 43 hours, so crews
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can demolish the bridge. the contractors say the highway may re-open sooner if the job goes smoothly and they can clean up ahead of schedule. there are even freeway signs here in the bay area like this one along 680 in fremont warning people to stay off the 405 this weekend. the clogged freeway handles 280,000 vehicles every day. a family that just moved into their oakland home may have to find a new place to live. a fire caused major damage to their victim attorney home. the fire started shortly after 10:00 p.m. firefighters managed to get the flames under control within a few minutes but not before the damage was done. one person was straighted for smoke inhalation. they are still searching for
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the cause. it is a bittersweet day for thousands of devoted harry potter fans in the bay area. the new and final harry potter film opens today with some screenings that actually started at midnight. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland's jack london square where a screening is underway. >> reporter: less than 20 minutes ago harry potter started pouring into the theater here. they are very anxious to see the film. it already smashed the box office record for advance ticket sales. it is a scene from sold out screenings across the country, harry potter and the deathly hallows part two has already reached the $45 million dollar mark in sales. in the last hour movie-goers young and old scrambled to by a seat. the first published was published in 1997 and, of course spawned a worldwide phenomenon.
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>> i going to see it right now. >> it is just that it is the last last movie and i have grown up with it literally like i am the same age as the actors, i am turning 21 and it started when i am 11. >> i love it, when before i had kids i was coming without them. it is magical, it is fun, it is a chance to be a kid again. >> reporter: fans in full wizard gear flocked in. hollywood is wondering if the weekend box office will top that of another blockbuster dark knight, which pulled $160 million. we will just have to wait and see come monday. now of course you can see the movie regular alreadily or see it in 3-d in which of course you will need these glasses. >> okay special harry potter glasses.
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all right. thank you, tara. police are looking for whoever vandalized 29 vehicles in the neighborhood yesterday on evergreen, oakwood and those streets. the police hope anyone with information will give them a call. astronauts have repaired a computer after it failed while it was sleeping. an alarm woke them up an hour after they went to bed. they switched to a back up. a similar problem happened sunday. new software loads took care of the problems but engineers are still trying to figure out why they failed. reporters across the country, including our own jade hernandez, got the chance this morning to talk live with astronauts on board the space station. jade talked with bay area natives and mission specialist rex about the role the area
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will area as nasa moves beyond the shuttle program. >> i think silicon valley is the genesis of a lot of the technology we use here and i really do think it plays an important roll from inspiring grade school kids to actually providing the science we need to do our research here that -- >> -- final shuttle mission as it retires the program. the shuttle atlantis is scheduled to return to earth a week from today. >> happy friday to you, giving you a live look here at san francisco and the bay. we are still dealing with plenty of gray along the peninsula and our east bay, subtle changes in store for the weekend, which means we are going to remain below average into saturday as well as sunday. storm tracker here showing you the north bay, south bay mostly clear, santa cruz looking good this afternoon. but the east bay as far inland
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inland as pleasanton still dealing with that, so could be breezy and again cool. at this hours temperatures two to four degrees warmer than yesterday. but any warmth is good. right? we are looking at concord at 65 as well as livermore but take a look at all that gray, all the way to fremont we have got the mostly gray skies and again well inland still at this hour. san jose mostly sunny, 69, right around mountain view, palo alto, redwood city mid- 60s, 69 santa rosa, we will see it tomorrow morning. a quick look at your satellite view shows you the trough here
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that will be hanging off the coast for the entire weekend and that is going to continue this pattern, we wake up with the cloud, the fog and the breezy conditions, and then we see the clearing, that is what is in store for the day, that is what is in store for the week. we may see a nudge in the temperatures that coming up in a bit. your highs 74 in santa rosa, 73 concord, upper 60 also east bay, oakland mid-60s, 68 fremont, 70 sunnyvale, 58 pacifica, 56 daily city. notice how we do warm temperatures a little bit around the coast, 1 to two degrees inland areas, more of the same, you know if you live in the inland areas 70s not bad at all. along the coast chilly, we will be rebounding tuesday and wednesday but between now and then we will be below average. >> i was joking with steve it
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has been like goldilocks, too hold, too cold -- >> -- middle -- >> -- thank you rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> officials are investigating a plane collision in boston. one jet clipped the tail of another yesterday. both planes were on the tarmac get eke ready getting ready to take off. 1 person complained of neck pain but no one else was injured, they are focusing on audiotape and interviewing the crew to find out what went wrong. they will provide sizzling entertainment this weekend for its show in oakland. these are images from a final rehearsal of inferno a fire circus. this year it is collaboration between the cruisible and a
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lose angeles based performance company. ahead we will tell you which well-known billionaire is interested in buying a oakland company and the final chapter may be written for a book store chain. ñw?
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, numbers are still in positive
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territory as there is still the ongoing negotiations over the debt ceiling debate right now in washington, d.c. right now the dow is currently up 15, nasdaq is up 19, s&p is up 3.5. the oakland based clorox company is considering a $10.2 billion buy out offer from carl iconn who owns a percentage of the company already. this weekend could be the last chapter for border stores in the area. they are the only local stores that remain open. 15 other bay area locations closed after the company filed for bankruptcy in february. after a deal for a private
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equity firm to buy the book chain failed, it could shut down all the remaining stores. a bankruptcy judge has given borders until 5:00 p.m. on sunday to find a new company to buy it, otherwise a bid from a liquidation company will be accepted. major progress is being reported in the nfl lockout. sources familiar with the negotiations say a tentative agreement could come within 24 hours. just yesterday a tentative deal was reached on a new rookie pay system, which was one of the major sticking points. team owners are scheduled to meet next thursday and could take a vote if an agreement is reached. a new study shows the internet is changing the way our brains work. researchers call it the google effect because their work shows we are less likely to remember things that we know we can find on line. they say instead of remembering random facts we just remember where we are likely to be able to find that information easily. that doesn't make humans less
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smart. in fact it could give our brains more time to be creative. coming up at 5:00, filled to the brim. there is so much water in lake tahoe it is putting a dent in the fun. ken pritchett is collecting information. he well tell you what you need to know before you head out. that is coming up in our next newscast at 5:00. thanks for watching and have a great week he wanted. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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