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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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increased since we last took a look at this shot. the metering lights should be going on in the next ten minutes or so. san francisco here's a look at 101 traffic is flowing really well here. we do have an accident in the east bay to tell you about. that is coming up later in the show. new information on the 19- year-old man shot and killed by san francisco police in the bay view district on saturday. the coroners office now identifying him as kenneth harding. ktvu christian kafton is live on the shooting harding is connected to hundreds of miles away. >> reporter: a memorial out here is growing in the bay view district in the last hour we have seen a woman come by and light the candles. if you take a look over here we will swing around and show you a quick tour of where all of this occurred. this plaza over here is the plaza that san francisco police say harding was running through during a running gun battle. it started on the muni platform
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over there on third street. overnight ktvu learned that harding was wanted in connection and questioning for a washington state homicide of a 19-year-old woman named tania gilbert and she was shot and killed last wednesday in south seattle. three others were injured in that ambush style shooting. it was said that she was pregnant but the coroner says she was not pregnant. police say harding is the man seen on the ground in a you tube video that was forwarded to ktvu this weekend. san francisco police 51 they shot and killed him when -- san francisco police say they shot and killed when he took off. he took off and started firing on them. that is when two officers opened fire shoot egg & killing him. police officers could not find the gun. i spoke with san francisco police chief greg sur who told me officers found that gun saturday night thanks to tips from community members. bay view community members that have the courage to come
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forward and tell us the whole story that there had been shots fired at the officers. that there was a weapon at the scene. that folks picked it up and went southbound on paloo street. that lead to us being able to recover the weapon. >> reporter: coming back to our live shot. police tell us they have doubts on the police accounts on how this went down. now organizers will be helding a rally here in this plaza at noon. they say they are going to be demanding the creation of civilian review board. meanwhile we have reviewed that san francisco police are working with police in seattle trying to see what the connections are between the homicides there and the officer involved shooting that wound up here in the bay view. for now we are live in san francisco. this morning police in richmond are investigating a double homicide. a man and a woman are dead and the third victim is critically wounded. ktvu paul chambers is live with
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more on the two overnight shootings in richmond. >> reporter: a half hour ago lieutenant french wrapped up a press conference giving us additional information. we have two separate shootings with four people shot. two are dead. police say the first shooting happened around 10:15 last night. once on scene officers found three people had been shot. two were pronounced dead at the scene. officers have not released their identities but said they were a man and woman in their 30s. police took a third victim which was a female to the hospital. they aring inning this homicide -- they are investigating this homicide to a shooting that happened three miles away. >> we know a male was standing outside when he was shot 23- year-old male by a suspect that we believe was on foot. we don't have any other information on that shooting.
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>> reporter: now that person was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life threatening. as of right now police do not have any suspects in either of these cases. they are asking for your help. if you know anything about either of the shootings please call richmond police. this morning oakland police are investigating two separate and deadly incidents from over the weekend. first happened around 4:30 saturday afternoon. police say they found the victim who apparently died of injuries suffered during a robbery. there is no word on the victim's identity or how they died. it's being investigated as a possible homicide. later saturday night a man was shot inside of his vehicle. police responded to the area after reports of gunfire. donald robinson was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. a loan gunman was responsible for the shooting. no arrests have been made.
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a weekend search for a missing nursing student. more than 100 volunteers combed the area friday and saturday. some of the searchers came as far away as florida. she was last seen on may 27th at kaiser hospital. protestors will picket outside the u.s. airways ticket counter at sfo. they demand that they meet with naacp to declare racism in the saggy pants case. they dropped charges that following his arrest at sfo earlier. the university of new mexico football player had refused to pull up his pants from boarding an airplane. a dead line is approaching for students caught in the middle of a housing crunch at san jose state university. about 250 returning students found out there is not enough
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dorm state to accommodate them. that is because a jump in the number of freshman and a new rule acquiring them to stay on campus if they live more than three miles away are effecting the number of rooms available. they have until july 25th to commit even though details are still being worked out. we are expected to learn more details about severe cuts at san francisco superior court. at 10:30 this morning the court is expected to officially announce it's laying off 200 people and closing 25 courtrooms. it's all to close a $13.75 million budget deficit. closed layoffs are expected they are expected to take effect in september. other bay area counties are facing -- >> reporter: new buzz ward in the debt ceiling show down. we will is a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the latest proposal from republicans ahead of an august
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2nd deadline. let's go to tara. she has word of possible trouble. >> i sure do. we have an accident in the east bay if we take a look at our maps this is in alamo. it is 680 northbound at livorna road west. we have a vehicle that actually was going at a very high rate of speed according to witnesses it swerved off the road. it rolled over and now on the right han shoulder. it couldn't effect traffic. no word of any injuries just yet. at the bay bridge toll plaza. i would give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes. the metering lights are not on yet. and finally we have 680 near the sunol grade. there are metering lights that have just gone on. this is through the southbound
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onramps. sort of supposed to get you used to the idea this week. they are green for now. here is steve. thank you tara. a very happy monday everybody. yesterday what a fog bank. it went all the way to up the sacramento valley. guess what it has been chewed up. now higher clouds might also make it toward the north. a rather strong system is producing rain. yes rain. northwest california. northern sacramento valley. well make it this way south. not much changed tomorrow, sun, breezy. patchy fog by the end of the week. as long as that system continues to hoover along the west coast or northern california, we are stuck. we can't move much. see the fog there is not much there. it might get ramped up a little later as the system swings
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inlapped. 52 napa. 53 redwood city. same for livermore. a lot of 50s again. west five only at sfo. there is fairfield travis. southwest 17. the delta breeze is still kicking up its heels. everything associated with that big low there. our temperatures are held in check. as it ejects out of here there are signs of high pressure. today we will see about the same pattern just lose some of that low clouds. temperatures in the 70s. gradual warming toward the end of the week. sun fair by that i mean higher clouds to the north. patchy fog. slightly warmer. 79 fairfield. petaluma at 75. 77 only in walnut creek. 80s in antioch and brentwood. livermore 79. morgan hill gilroy low 80s.
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milpitas 75. 60s and 70s south san francisco along the coast. san mateo coast fog free last night. a little chance wednesday. warmer weather does work its way toward the west coast. in a few minutes the crew of the international space station and atlantis wish each other goodbye. this as they prepare to head home. horrifying scene at an outdoor music festival. several fans of a well-known band are hurt.
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volcanic eruption in central indonesia continues to shoot ash and fire to the sky this morning. it spewed ash almost 2,000 feet into the air twice during 30 minutes today. the volcano has been dormant for years but rumbled back to life last week. there was terrifying moments for fans say tending a cheap trick concert. severe thunderstorms produced gail force winds causing the stage to collapse. band members managed to get away safely. but some standing near the
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stage were hurt one seriously hurt. the band and its roddeds are find. the band is hoping for a speedy recovery for the ones hurt. there is no deal on how to raise the nation's debt limit. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a new poll that shows one political party is feeling most of this heat. good morning. >> reporter: that is right. in the last couple hours a new cbs news poll was released. it gives pretty bad news for republicans. it shows 71% of americans disapprove of how congressional republicans are handling the negotiations to raise the debt ceiling. 58% disapprove of democrats and 48% disapprove of the approach president obama is taking. house republicans are moving ahead with the vote tomorrow on their plan called cut, cap, and balance. it would raise the federal debt
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ceiling by $2.4 trillion and require a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. democrats are rid yuling it as idealologyically driven. it would give president obama more authority to raise the debt ceiling more on that during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:15. today the league of california cities and the city of san jose among others will file a lawsuit against the state of california because the way redevelopment agencies we eliminated in the budget. the lawsuit says two redevelopment bells that are part of the state budget are unconstitutional. the bills act as poison pills to prevent them from ever coming back to life. david is calling for parliament to delay its summer break. tomorrow a former deputy a top
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deputy to rupert murdoch, rebecca brooks is scheduled to appear before parliament to answer questions. parliament is scheduled to head off on summer break wednesday but cameron is asking them to delay the break to discuss the phone hacking investigation. former south african president nelson mandela celebrated his 93rd birthday today. and earlier today students in south africa sang a special version of happy birthday before starting his low sons. he's celebrating with his family. you won't need to call the fire department if you see smoke or flames in the hills near wood side later this morning. stanford university are testing some new fire fighting equipment at the jasper ridge biological reserve. they want to test fire retar
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dents and sue -- retardants and see how they work. it will start at 10:00 this morning and will continue through noon. the talks to end the nfl lockout. todayly be meeting with a federal mediator in new york city. they are very close to a deal that would save this falls pro football season. the nfl season any way. they have called a special meeting for thursday. an agreement could be announced then. time now is 6:17. and tara moriarty watching traffic for us this morning. and it's not all good is it? >> it's mostly good. that is the good news. we don't have too much backup on your bay area roadways and the metering lights are still not on. bad news somewhere a ladder in the roadway -- bad news we have a ladder in the roadway. right now let's take a look at 101 in san jose. still a little dark out there.
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sun is poking up there. on the right hand side there northbound traffic as you make your way toward the airport. and we have a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. traffic is flowing nicely. here you go you can see some of the car pool lanes are moving nicely. 6:17 here is steve. thank you very much tara. a happy monday. skies are mostly clear. even the coast we are starting off well clear skies and sunshine. temperatures they will start to rebound but there is always one caveat and that's the low spinning off the eureka. producing some rain. look at that line. almost into mendocino county. a possibility of rain to the north. that will keep us from warming up too much. it's far enough we shouldn't get much higher clouds in the north bay. there has been a little chew up
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on the fog. 50 in santa rosa. the low keeps our high temps in check. sun, fair. few high clouds. patchy fog on the coast. 60s and 70s coast and bay. upper 70s and low 80s inland. it looks like after tuesday probably wednesday after that high pressure looks like it wants to slowly build back in for gradual warming. at least inland. not so much on the coast. there are signs of upper 80s to near 90s might come back by the weekend. time now 6:19. the hertz rental car company is expanding. they will take on $680 million of dalton's debt. it leases its car fleets to businesses and manages 144,000 cars in trucks in the u.s., canada, and mexico. hertz says it will expand its fleet in europe. southwest airlines has
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overcome a major hurdle in combining purchases. it reached a negotiation between the two pilots. the deal which came outside arbitration has to be approved still by both juneon boards. southwest it's still working to combine operations of the two airlines. all right happening now the crews of the international space station. this is out in space. it's the last time the hatch will close. atlantis brought a years worth of food, clothing and other supplies with it for the station residence. and is taking home a cargo bay of garbage. before heading home, atlantis crew will get some sleep. tomorrow the shuttle will head for florida and its final landing is scheduled for thursday. a california woman is
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facing a sexual assault charge. it happened on thursday. police say 61-year-old refused to go through a screening. that started an argument. she grabbed the agents breasts and started twisting. >> she obviously doesn't like sta. maybe it was before this airport it happened. >> tsa says it will not tolerate any assaults against employees. she went one night in jail. if convicted on her sexual abuse charge, she may have to register as a sex offender. frequent fliers may soon be able to bypass regular airport security check points. the tsa says it will test a new program this fall which will allow fliers to go through expedited screening. this is all going to be tested in air ports and miami.
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it's unclear how long it will last. 6:21. there is a baby mix up at an australian hospital. how it was discovered. plus new signs. who is calling tension to motorcycles on the road. here is a look at highway 24. no delays. we do van accident in the east bay to tell you about.
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and we are back with a live look at your traffic. this is a look at the east shore freeway. you can see the headlight there is as you make your -- headlights there as you make your way toward berkeley. an accident near the caldecott tunnel. 6:25 let's head back to the desk. new york state police say a blown tire may have caused a deadly crash. 22 people were killed. 35 others injured. the tour bus is heading from washington, d.c. to niagara falls when it smashed into a wooden median. deadly crash is the late nest a recent string of tour bus accidents on the east coast.
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several intersections of the bay area will have new traffic signs up. it's all part of an effort by all state insurance. companies have identified spots with the most motorcycle equipments and will install yellow signs with the silhouette of a motorcycle on it saying look. signs are also being installed in several other cities across the country. the long-time girlfriend of a marin county man that died in hawaii is back home and facing and another ordeal. a large wave swept david potts away. his girlfriend wanted to stay in hawaii until his body was recovered but she had to return home dealing with another crisis. she has stage four breast cancer. >> it's so hard right now to focus on anything but missing david. he was everything to me.
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>> the preschoolteacher says she's also dealing with the intense pain of having to raise their infant son alone. two australian women have been offered counseling after hospital staffers gave them wrong babies for eight hours. the id bracelet was not checked against the mother's id bracelet. the women breast-fed the wrong babies before it was caught. where is casey anthony? the text message her lawyer sent to her parents and how it prompted a public appeal from them. four people were shot. two which are dead in richmond in which police may be a connection between a feud. also opening bell about to ring on wall street. we'll have the early stock numbers.
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all right we are waiting for the opening bell to ring on wall street this morning. debt worries continue to hang over the markets tea. the stock future pointing to a lower opening. we are expecting a busy week of corporate earnings. we are expecting to hear from -- there is the opening bell. we are expected to hear from ibm after the closing bell today. and then we will hear from apple, johnson & johnson and ge. investigators keeping a close eye on that. good morning, thanks for joining us on the ktvu morning news it's monday, july 18 it i'm kraig debro. >> and claudine wong. police in richmond are investigating a fatal shooting. a man and woman are dead and the third victim is in critical condition. paul. >> reporter: claudine, police say there is a feud going on in
6:31 am
two sections of richmond out here. they believe it may be linked to top sections that happened last night. the first shooting happened around 10:15 in the 400 block of thistle avenue. once on scene they found three people had been shot two had been pronounced dead at the scene. they did say the shooting victims were a man and a woman in their 30s. police took a third victim who is female to the hospital where she is expected to survive. although police have not released any information about a suspect they are investigating this homicide. that shooting happened around 9:45 in the 200 block oviger true avenue. police took a 23-year-old man who was shot to the hospital and he's expected to live. as of right now police do not have any suspects. >> we have some kind of feud going on between north richmond and our central richmond area. we don't know exactly what that is at this time. we are trying to figure that
6:32 am
out so we can prevent any future shooting. >> reporter: once again police have not released any information about the victims and have no suspect in this case. if you know anything about it they ask that you give them a call. live in richmond i'm paul kim -- i'm paul chambers. the investigation into a shooting that left am 19-year- old man -- that left a 19-year- old man dead is expanding to seattle. >> reporter: we will get to more to those links. we have watched as folks contributed to the memorial here to 19-year-old kenneth harding. police say there was a running gun battle through this plaza here around 4:45. it started over there at the muni platform on third street. overnight ktvu learned thatheartedding is want --
6:33 am
harding is wanted for a washington state homicide. it was initially reported gilbert was pregnant but the coroners office now says she was not pregnant. police say harding is the man on the ground in a video that was forwarded to channel 2 over the weekend. san francisco police say they shot and killed harding when he took off after officers tried to stop him on the muni platform for fare evasion. the shooting outraged a lot of people here in the bay view area. when police could not find that weapon many people had serious doubts if he had a gun. >> until they found a gun and proved that was the gun he had he don't have no gun. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon i spoke with police chief greg sur that told me officers found that gun saturday night thanks to tips from community members.
6:34 am
>> god bless the bay view community members that have the courage to come forward and tell us the whole story that there had been shots fired at the officers. there was a weapon at the scene. that folks picked it up and went southbound on palou street. >> reporter: you can still see that san francisco police are still looking for tips in relation to this incident over the weekend. we will give you a tour and a preview of what will happen on later this afternoon. later this afternoon a rally will be held in this plaza right next to the scene where harding died. that rally is going to be held ands the members will demand the creation of a civilian review board. they are still outraged over the shooting. meanwhile we can tell you san francisco police say they are still working with seattle police to see the connection between the homicides there and the officer involved shooting that ended right here in the bay view on saturday afternoon. we are live in san francisco
6:35 am
christian kafton. oakland police have identified a person of interest in the case of a 21-year-old woman who's burning body was found in the rock ridge district. monica was discovered early saturday morning on ivanhoe road. police have not released the name of the person of interest. friends and family of rodas held a car wash charity. organizers said they washed about 150 cars and raised $700. two dozen san jose firefighters laid off due to budget cuts will be back on the job. 22 firefighters accepted their position back last week. it was thanks to a federal grant. today they are going to be given a refresher course at the san jose fire academy before they return to regular duty. this morning san francisco city attorney is going to file a lawsuit over paint damage to muni buses.
6:36 am
dennis claims cbs outdoor damaged the buses when they applied and removed advertising displays. he says that goes against a 2004 contract that requires them to reimburse the city for any damage done. drivers on 680 may notice something different. metering lights. they were acts visited 30 minutes -- they were activated 30 minutes ago. they are hoping the lights will reduce traffic congestion during the morning commute. they will stay green this week. they will go into regular operation though next monday. the 405 freeway in los angeles back open in the morning commute. it closed for a partial
6:37 am
demolition. cal tran will finish demolition of the bridge next year forcing the 405 to shut down again. it's all to make way for a new car pool lane. 636 where is casey anthony? that is the big question everyone is asking even her own parents don't know the answer. katherine joins us live from orlando. what weather is the latest on where casey anthony is right now? >> reporter: lots of sighting of casey anthony. this is her second day of being out of jail and we are hearing several possibilities where she is. here's what we do know. jose baez her attorney did send a text to her family to her mother and father only a text saying she was safe. they have not heard from her themselves but they did hear through the attorney that she was safe. there are reports of course that she has landed all over the place from phoenix to
6:38 am
columbus, ohio. but no confirmation. because the legal team has said they are not ready. jose baez says they will not say where she is right now. they will not confirm what she is doing right now. she still needs to decide her future. is she going to try to blend into society. perhaps change her appearance and even her name or is she going to sell her story and make money. there are several civil cases against her two civil cases at least. one a defamation suit. one from a company who searched for little caylee and they would like to recoop some of those expenses. she does have fines levied against her. now she is facing the civil suit. she will need to have some type of income. >> all right thanks for joining us live from orlando with that update this morning. time now 6:38. let's head right over to tara moriarty who is watching traffic and an accident on the eastbound. >> that is right we have an accident in oakland. a car that smashed into the
6:39 am
fence. this happened on 35th street between market and west streets. right underneath the 580 overpass. police say a man was driving his car hit that fence and you can see all of the damage there. everything strewn all over the front yard. quite a bit of damage actually. he tried to run off. oakland pd they were able to catch him. he did not appear to be injured but he was put into an ambulance as a precautionary measure. this does not appear to be effecting traffic too badly in that area. if you live in section you might want to avoid 35th street. down in the southbound san jose let's take a look at 101 traffic on the northbound side there. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. give yourself an extra 15 minutes if you need to make your way into the city this morning. there is a stalled car right as soon as you get past the toll
6:40 am
plaza there. they are trying to move that over to the side. 6:39 let's check in with steve. they're a thank you very -- tara thank you very much. there is patchy clouds out there. also the wind is tailed off for many. most locations say calm or less than 10 miles an hour. there is still a sea breeze out at travis. mostly sunny today but there are clouds to the south. mild today. not much changed tomorrow. fog, sun breezy. by the end of the week fog looks like it will be less in coverage and warmer inland temps. a very strong system has dipped all the way into northern california. only patchy fog. it's still a cool pattern for us. some sun. i expect that wind to pick up. there it is. look at that system producing a
6:41 am
line of rain. stretching from the oregon border back to redding. this system though chew the up the fog yesterday. it was so cool inland temps were so cool. santa rosa 50 degrees. redwood city pay. fairfield 56. a lot of 50s. there it is. the line of rain stretching from fort bragg. so for hasn't made ukiah. this time of year is really impressive. the low keeps us cool until it ejects out. sun. more sun to the south. to the north possibility of high clouds drifting in. yes st. helena warmer than clear lake. nevada 74. napa 76. 80s low. walnut creek al moe, lafayette, danville. oakland 70.
6:42 am
alameda 68. san jose that's the spirit 76. and 70s mid 70s onth pins -- on the peninsula. 60s on the coast. upper 60s in san francisco. a little change tuesday into wednesday. but then there are signs that the high pressure system will build in and inland temp loss warm up. preparing for the next battle. the new challenge gays are gearing up to fight once don't ask don't tell ends. and police arrested a man that drove into that fence. we'll explain what happened coming up. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. we do have pictures to show you from 680. coming up we'll tell you what is going on this morning.
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good morning, he's a quick look at the top stories. this morning police in richmond are looking for suspects in a homicide. new information on a 19- year-old man shot and killed by san francisco police in the bay view district over the weekend. the coroners office has now identified him as kenneth harding. we learned harding was a suspect that left a 19-year-old
6:46 am
woman dead. this happened before midnight on genie avenue. police tell us the victims are two adults and a teenager. the extent of their injuries isn't known. so far no arrests have been made. new this morning. a car drove through a fence and into a yard in oakland. jade hernandez is on the scene with that big mess. jade, what do we know? >> we are live near 580 near 36th and west. this is a very busy intersection. what we know this morning is that oakland police arrested a man who actually drove into the this fence. you can see right here all of the damage here in front it looks like what is an apartment building. this is that 36th and west. ktvu captured police wheeling that person. in fact, paramedics wheeled the suspect into an ambulance. we don't know the extent of the drivers injuries. we do know he tried to run from police earlier this morning.
6:47 am
we don't know what caused this driver to strike the fence here near 36th and west. we do know when police arrived he did try to run from police and we don't know the extent of his injuries. we do know he was taken to the hospital. right now again it's a fluid situation. we don't know exactly what caused this accident or what caused the driver to lose control. we do know this is the apartment building in which the driver struck that fence you can see behind me and left behind this damage. as soon as we get more information from police we will bring that to you. we are live at 36th and west jade hernandez. general david petraeus handed over demand of american coalition forces in san francisco today to general john allen. this is new video of the hand over ceremony in kabul today. he steps down after a year of being in charge of 140,000 international troop in the country. he's retired from the army to
6:48 am
become director of the cia. he will oversee the draw down of the u.s. forces. just hours before the hand over ceremony close advisor of karzai was assassinated in his home in kabul. two gunmen killed the karzai advisor and the man he was meeting with in his house. taliban is claiming responsibility for the attacks. gay u.s. servicemen m ebb -- gay u.s. service members will not get benefits. those benefits include housing allowances, health care, and access to comment says. the u.s. mail tear is in the final phase of preparing troops for the end of don't ask don't tell. time to go over to tara. she is keeping us updated on the latest. >> we have metering lights on at the bay bridge. obviously they go on at this time every morning. we have metering lights on in a
6:49 am
place we have never seen before. here's a live look over pleasanton. you are looking at pictures from chopper two. you can see the metering light right there. it's green. it will be green all week long. so they will actually go into effect next monday. and these are on the southbound onramps between pleasanton and milpitas obviously to help ease the traffic there on 680. be aware of those if you live in that area. up next we have a look here an at overview. we are zooming in on 580 westbound. we do have a traffic has ward in the roadway there. seems to be impacting traffic not too badly in the westbound direction. up next we have a lack at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a guy that has been working on his car. he's trying to fix it. it's stalled there after he passed through the bay bridge toll plaza. that is really worse woning the
6:50 am
situation that is already a bad one. you can see the gridlock there. the only lanes that are moving are the car pool lanes. 6:49 here is steve. >> tara, thank you very much. very happy monday. mostly clear skies. we have sun here instead of a low overcast which greeted us on sunday. temperatures definitely on the cool side because look at this. a line of rain a line of what? yesterdays a line of rain stretching from the oregon border back into mendocino county associated with an unseasonally strong low. the fog bank was chewed up. there was patchy fog. most of it was the on the sonoma coast. nothing like that surge you had yesterday. so we are starting off better sun wise. 50 in santa rosa. low mid everyone is rather stuck in the same temperature range. look at that coming in from fort bragg to the north. that is associated with the
6:51 am
low. higher clouds clipping southern mendocino county. this low though keeps everything held in check. the highs out here that's why it's hot here. there are signs by the end of the week it will drift back to the west. today and tomorrow not much we can do. cool pattern is in place. temperatures staying in the 70s for many. it does look like by the end of the week gradual warning. plenty of sun to start off with. fair skies. a few high clouds might drift in as the system works its way into northern california. patchy fog at best. a little warmer. fairfield 79. st. helena 78. yes that is warmer than clear lake and nevada. a lot of 70s mid to upper close to 80s. 68 berkeley. 72 hayward. 80 morgan hill. cupertino 76. and 76 woodside. mid 70s peninsula or lower 70s. and 60s on the coast and in san
6:52 am
francisco could eke out a 70 toward the financial district. not much changed tuesday and wednesday. then it does look like high pressure kind of works its way back to the west. inland temperatures will warm up. borders bookstores is moving toward liquidation. in the last few hour there is has been talks that they are in talks of a bookstore chain called books a million. if a deal is reached it's probably not enough to save the remaining 405 stores from being shut down. as it stands if there is no deal by tomorrow, borders would be lick question dated and 11,000 workers would lose their job. dow is down 94 points. youthy is expected. you can blame debt worries. harry potter's magic is more powerful than bat man and
6:53 am
a band of pirates. the deathly hallows part two brought in more than $168 million. that does top weekend sales for the dark knight and the young wizard sold more tickets than the most recent pirates of the caribbean series. it has taken in $175 million. it guarantees it will surpass $1 billion globally. >> i bet. 6:53. dozens of teenagers are heading to japan today. a special program in memory of two victims. that is unbelievable. >> a camera is rolling as a pair of dogs swim with the sharks in australia. what happened under water and the controversy that follows.
6:54 am
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a group of teenagers leave for japan today from san francisco. it's part of a special exchange program. 32 high school students from around the u.s. were invited to study the japanese language and culture for two weeks. it's all in memory of two american teachers that were killed in the march earthquake and tsunami. they were members of the japan exchange and teaching program. students will stay with families in osaka. immersing themselves in the culture. a man in western australia had a video camera ready for a
6:57 am
day at the beach and caught something on tape he never expected. >> the dog is biting the shark. >> as you heard him say one of two dogs swimming near a group of sharks went under water and bit the shark. now it has ignited a bit saying it was inhumane to let the dogs swim near sharks. let's get one last look add the traffic. >> we have a test run for metering lights going on in the east bay if we can take a live look at the chopper two. you can see this is 680 over pleasanton. the cars are sailing through that because the light is green. it will be this way for the entire week. just to get drivers used to the fact come next monday it's going to be working for real so you will have to stop and pay attention to it before you get on to 680. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well. toe truck just removed that car
6:58 am
that had been stuck. guy trying to fix the car in the middle of traffic. hopefully things will be picking up for your commute into san francisco. 6:57 here is steve. thank you. on this monday skies are mostly clear. patchy fog. it will be sunny today unless you are heading north then there is cloud and some rain. the good news for those of you that like warmer weather and i have met some of you out there it looks like by the end of the week inland temps will warm up. 6:58. coming up on mornings on 2 mystery surrounding the disappearance of a bay area woman. the words that are worrying her family members. a tragic incident at her bachelor et party put the marriage on hold. now she is finally getting ready to walk down the aisle.
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