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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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some clouds, fog, sun. warmer away from the coast. even though there's a westerly wind nothing too outagous. back into the low and mid 80s. now back here sal. good morning. traffic is doing well around the bay area but there is road work to talk about. let's go to live pictures now. highway 4 traffic is moving along pretty nicely coming up to the willow pass grade with no major issues as you can see. we're looking at interstate 880 here and traffic is moving well. there is no construction work here near the oakland coliseum. if you're driving to the east shore freeway it looks pretty good. there is road work on the lower deck of the bay bridge in the three right lanes. upper deck of the bay bridge has two lanes closed but it's not doing much to traffic so far. at 4:30 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. new information this morning about a missing wind surfer. we've now learned the identity of the 62-year-old woman.
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she's kathy catten. she disappeared last night after going wind surfing along the foster city coastline. that's where we find ktvu's tara moriarty with the expanding coast guard search. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the coast guard is now searching the waters near hunters point in san francisco. they're also looking along the shoreline near the oakland airport along the san lee an do marina. this is the point we believe kathy canton left in order to go wind surfing last night around 5:00. she left with her husband. they were only supposed to be gone for about half an hour but he says he lost sight of her and she still has not been found. when we first drove across the bridge to get here about an hour ago we noticed two coast guard vessels searching the nearby waters. they have five boats out altogether now. they have night vision goggles and studying the drift patterns of the bay in order to find canton. rescue crews have been scouring the bay for the 62-year-old wind surfer since her husband
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reported her missing around 7:00 last night. initially three local fire departments were conducting the search. last night they told us that canton's odds of being found alive were pretty good. >> very optimistic. it's very survivable conditions out there tonight. it's not real cold. it's fairly decent summer. the wind is down. she had a wet suit on. >> reporter: now of course every minute that ticks by the situation does become more grim. back out here live you can see the flashing light, that red light there, that is actually a helicopter. so it had actually gone back at 3:00 in the morning to refuel and now it is back out searching. canton is an expert wind surfer with 20 years of experience. she's wind surfed all around the world. she was however undergoing chemotherapy. so officials were quite concerned about her strength. she did have a hand held radio, a blue helmet and an orange board with a red sail. coming up later we're going to tell you where they were searching on land for canton.
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live in foster city, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. time 4:32. this morning arson investigators are still on the scene of a suspicious overnight fire in vallejo caused major damage to an abandoned home on star avenue. old clothes and other items left in the home fueled the flames. investigators are calling the fire suspicious due mostly to the fact it's an abandoned home and the time the fire broke out. ktvu's paul chambers will have a live report from vallejo coming up in a half hour. san francisco's police chief will host a town hall meeting in the bay view district tomorrow as tensions mount over a deadly police shooting. officers shot and killed 19- year-old on saturday. investigators say harding fired first at officers during a foot chase. angry baby residents say officers overreacted. about 150 people took part in a midday rally yesterday to voice their frustrations. they say a general mistrust of police exists in the bay view district's black community.
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one woman who didn't want to be identified says some are too quick to criticize. >> they're here to protect and serve. we didn't see the scandals about the tenderloin, the undercovers doing this and doing that, but not all police officers are bad. >> harding was wanted in questioning for the shooting death of a 19-year-old woman in seattle last week. we've now learned he met with his parole officer ten hours before that shooting. memorial services are planned this week for the doctor killed in a crash in san francisco's haze valley. ucsf psychiatrist on a university shuttle bus when it collided with a big rig last thursday morning at oak street and octavia boulevard. a viewing for friends and family will be held tonight at st. ago necessary catholic church. the funeral is tomorrow morning. ucsf will hold a funeral service thursday evening and the crash is still under investigation. time is 4:34. casey anthony's whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret. but a plane that landed in the bay area is causing some
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speculation. our sister station in florida reports anthony is thought to be on board a corporate jet. a jet made four stops across the country before landing at the san carlos airport. one stop was in prescott, arizona, known for treatment facilities. the jet is owned by one of anthony's former lawyers. her case has inspired two measures in california that would punish parents who wait to report a child's death or disappearance. it took anthony more than a month to report her daughter was missing. under one bill parents or guardians with children under 14 could face charges after failing to report after 24 hours. >> possible to get that notification as soon as possible. >> another bill introduced would make it a felony who failed to report a child's
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disappearance after 48 hours. lawmakers plan to take up both bills next month. a northern california man plans to file a lawsuit relating to the casey anthony case. coming up in about 12 minutes why he says anthony and her attorney owe him $200,000. time is 4:35. a private school in a sacramento suburb is closed down after allegations of child molestation. several current and former students of creative frontiers preschool and elementary school have come forward with molestation allegations. the school's owner and principal, robert adams, is the focus of investigation but he has not been arrested. some of the molestation allegations date back to at least 15 years. the school serves about 180 students up to sixth grade. the six men charged in the killing of a german tourist are due back in a san francisco courtroom today. the suspects are expected to enter a plea in the fatal shooting near union square almost one year ago. police say the 50-year-old woman died in her husband's
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arms after getting caught in the cross fire of a gang shoot out. the german couple was in san francisco to celebrate their wedding anniversary. a san rafael man accused of threatening to kill senator barbara boxer is also due in court today. investigators say 47-year-old kevin o connell phoned in several threatening voice mails to the san francisco office last week. they were rambling threats and not tied to any of the democratic senators political positions. he could face three years in prison if convicted. time 4:37. involuntary manslaughter charges have been dropped against james, one of two mothers whose four children died in a fairfield apartment fire last year. the deputy district attorney calls it a "tactical trial decision" but there are plans to refile charges at a later date. she and her sister left their four children alone so they could charge their cell phones because there was no electricity in their apartment.
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james is facing four counts of second-degree murder and four counts of child endangerment. thousands of workers at cisco systems will find out next month who will be looking for new jobs. that's after the san jose based company announced it's cutting 9% of its global work force including 15% of upper management. cisco has been one of the bay area technology giants but increasing competition means it plans to slice $1 billion in expenses. most workers didn't want to talk but the few who would say cisco is a great place to be. >> cisco is a great place to work for. i completely trust upper management in making good decisions. hopefully everything will work out. >> cisco has not revealed how many people in the bay area will be laid off. san rafael city council led a decision on having a minor league team going into extra innings. a minor league team wants to establish a proteam to play at albert park. it calls for a makeover including a new snack bar,
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restrooms and twice as many seats at the aging park. local businesses say it would help boost the economy. other backers say a minor league team would become part of the small town atmosphere but opponents are worried about traffic congestion, the sale of alcohol at the ballpark and losing access to the field. >> amounts to a privatization of this field. >> we had here ten years ago very similar had 40 games had alcohol served and there was never a problem. >> council heard from more than 40 speakers. members say they're inclined to approve the plan but want to look for solutions to potential problems. the idea will come before the council again before the end of next month. if the team is approved, san rafael would be the second bay area with a minor league team. san jose has the giants. the proposed team would be part of the north american league which and in its first season. it has ten teams so far. the chico outlaws the only other team in that league. san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote
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today on a controversial project by at&t. the company wants to bring its u verse phone, internet and tv service to the city. that means installing large utility boxes on streets all over town. opponents say an environmental impact report must be done before the boxes are installed. all right. time is 4:39. get a check of traffic on this early morning, tuesday. for that turn to sal and check of the east bay. >> that's right. we're starting with east shore freeway this time around and looking at interstate 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. looks pretty good coming out to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light there. and there are no major problems at the toll plaza. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. that traffic looks good in both directions here as you drive past the coliseum. and if you're driving in the south bay you're looking at interstate 280 this is right near downtown. you can see traffic is moving well in both directions especially northbound. the commute direction looks very nice. and nice and early commute into
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the valley with no problems. at 4:40 let's go to steve. >> welcome back, sal. >> thank you, steve. >> we did have this low sitting there yesterday but it's ejected out and went towards the pacific northwest out of northern california and that's allowed temperatures to come up a bit yesterday. so warming continues slightly. although and i'm not surprised in the least, yes, inland temperature wills come up but i think we're going to peak out in the low 90s for many and cool it right back down again as we head maybe late into the weekend or early next week. our forecast models are bullish and then they back off which has been the case for like three weeks now. system remarkably that made it that far south in mid-july produced some rain northern california. also yesterday our fog bank was chewed up. that's not the case today. it is making a push inland and you can see there's a no doubt about it sea breeze there from west-northwest to west to west- southwest. i'm hard pressed to warm us up too much when that's all in place. yes, we'll have sunshine.
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yes, coast will have to deal with some fog and burning off later. but temperatures are running warmer here. low 60s for some san jose 63. livermore 61. 55 santa rosa. 59 though towards san francisco. so there are some areas that are a little warmer, but the pattern looks like fog, sun, cool for some, warm for others and it will be a little warmer inland but we do have to deal with a bit of a westerly breeze. 60s 60s 70s coast and bay then mid-80s inland. san jose 81. antioch 86. temperatures are warming up. we've been so cool for so long. i do think we'll get some upper 80s low 90s wednesday, thursday into friday. but then wouldn't be surprised to see a little cooler weather late in the weekend early next week. all right. thank you very much, steve. time is 4:42. legal troubles for the state of alaska this morning and it all centers around one woman's driver's license. and the bay area could lose its only major horse racing track. what may replace golden gate field. good morning. if you're driving on the golden
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gate bridge southbound 101 traffic looks good coming down to the toll plaza. and the fog is not an issue. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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yourur kids will each take caref our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter.
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school takes a lot. target has it all. good morning. low clouds making a march over the bay. once they peel back we'll have sunshine. might be a longer process by the coast. 60s 70 coast and bay mid-80 few upper 80s inland. time is 4:45. a large dust storm covered
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phoenix for the second time in less than two weeks. the national weather service says the dust was 3,000 feet high and winds were gusting up to 40 miles per hour. >> it was crazy. i mean i was watching out my backyard and just a big wall just dust. i couldn't see nothing. >> the storm began to clear within an hour but did delay some flights at the phoenix airport. they only happen in arizona, sahara desert and parts of the middle east because they have dry conditions and large amounts of sand. time is 4:46. friends of the missing fishermen whose boat capsized off the coast of mexico are raising money for a private dive team. the press democrat is reporting that they're raising money while pressuring the u.s. coast guard to conduct a dive. a friend of one of the seven northern california men who went missing earlier this month after a fishing trip. the search for the men was suspended last week.
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media mogul faces a grilling in london today. we're told his car was surrounded as he arrived. you're looking at live at the parliament hearing at the scandal for the scandal plaguing news corp. the former commissioner of london metropolitan police force is testifying right now. we don't believe that's him. he's in a uniform. paul stevenson resigned amid the news of the world phone hacking scandal. he says he began his testimony saying he resigned of stories and allegations are becoming a distraction from his job. son james and former editor rebecca brooks also set to appear at the hearing to answer questions. news of the world shut down last week after accusations of phone hacking and bribery. we'll continue to follow that developing story this morning. the debt show down continues between president obama and republican lawmakers. the president is now promising to veto a republican backed bill that would raise the nation's debt ceiling and make deep spending cuts. the bill would also add an amendment to the constitution
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forcing the government to pass a balanced budget every year. tea party activists are pushing for passage of the bill. a vote is scheduled to take place in the house tomorrow. time is 4:47. a legal battle over an alaska driver's license is getting national attention this morning. the american civil liberties union is suing the state on behalf of a transgender woman. alaska's dmv had refused to list her gender as female unless she provided documented proof she'd undergone a sex change operation. the aclu contends such a requirement to disclose sensitive personal information is unconstitutional. anti-violence group reports a spike in hate crimes against bay area gays. it reports violent acts targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people jumped 65% in 2010 from the previous year. the group community united against violence says the rise in hate crimes could be tied to the downturn in the u.s. economy. >> groups of people get together, they often can figure out who they want to scapegoat and who do we want to sort of
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target and that's the way groups sort of bond with each other. >> prosecutors in san francisco say the disturbing trend continued as recently as last month. there were four separate attacks leading up to san francisco's gay pride parade. time 4:48. a sacramento bounty hunter who spent thousands of dollars looking for casey anthony's daughter wants his money back. he plans to file a lawsuit against anthony and her attorney. a bunter hunter says jose accepted his offer in 2008 to look for anthony's daughter racking up $200,000 in expenses but felt conned after hearing his opening statements at anthony's trial. >> in his opening statement he knew where the body was all along and that she'd never been missing, she never was lost. >> one legal expert says the bounty hunter will have to prove that anthony's attorney made a false statement in order for the lawsuit to be successful. workers underway on a
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hiking trail to bypass the marin county home of meal coo front man. two open space preserves is set to be completed as early as september according to the marin independent journal. stems from a 2008 dispute in which the rocker complained trail users were damaging his property. the new trail costs more than $650,000. bay area's last major horse racing track could be demolished to make way for a new research center. letters recently sent to residents informing them the lawrence berkeley national laboratory is considering construction at golden gate field. if plans move forward the facility would be demolished but horse racing would continue at county fairgrounds. several public meetings are planned to talk about the expansion plan. next meeting is thursday at the auditorium in richmond. tense moments 50 feet in the air in texas. the problem that left a couple stuck on an amusement park ride. [ indiscernible ]
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and offered during an armed robbery.
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welcome back. time is 4:52. a texas couple is safely back on the ground this morning after they were stranded on an amusement park bun joyride for more than two hours. the ride's cables apparently locked up leaving the couple 50 feet in the air. the dallas fire department was called in and used a ladder truck to reach the man and woman. they were fine but taken to the hospital as a precaution. atlantis and its crew headed back to earth. this is the last time a nasa shuttle will undock from the station. the crew left behind a year's worth of supplies and a u.s. flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. atlantis is scheduled to lapped in florida about 3:00 a.m.
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on thursday our time. and that will end the 30 year shuttle program. time is 4:53. let's turn to sal now. he's back on this tuesday morning. how's the east bay and rest of the bay area looking? traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact showing you good things here on the golden gate bridge. it's a nice looking drive if you are driving there watch out for some of the lane workers who will be reconfiguring the lanes pretty soon. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge traffic looks very nice heading off to the high-rise. and looking at the road sensors in the oakland area including the area of the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is light so far. 4:54. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we start off with some low clouds. yesterday that was not the case but it is today. now makes a push inland and runs into a little bit of resistance but it is making mostly cloudy for some, clear for others. 52 to 62 low clouds, clear by 7:00 a.m. by noon that fog will be retreating. i think we know the drill by
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now. 58 to 76 but lots of sun and mostly sunny. fog hanging out by the coast but sunny and warm. 62 to 86. yesterday's system right there produced some rain up in redding area. i think about a quarter inch for some believe it or not. i know it made it down to parts of mendocino county and fort brag. south of that it wasn't a big deal but clouded up areas into mendocino county and lake county. for us today we start off with the west-southwest went again. the sea breeze is in place. high pressure's trying to build in. the mere fact that one low pops out allows highs to kind of come in a little bit but this is not a rip roaring warming trend. it's just a gradual trend back into the 80s slightly below average for some. santa rosa should be 86 this time of year and we're going low 80s today. we're getting closer. about normal conditions along the coast. one low moves out but another one looks like it wants to drop in to keep temperatures from getting too warm too fast.
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warming slightly as the system ejects off towards the northeast. gets absorbed into the jet stream and warmer inland as we head towards wednesday and thursday. i don't think it will be a barnburner or anything. fog, sun, cool for some. slightly warmer temps have to deal with the westerly wind. 60s 70 coast and bay and upper 70s move inland and mid-80s to a few upper 80s well enough away from any fog influence. does look warmer. upper 80s wednesday and thursday. looks like another cooling trend approaches as we head towards the weekend. thank you very much, steve. a washington state woman faces up to five years in prison after police say she try today sell her newborn. heidi's accused of going to a taco bell restaurant and asking a woman to buy her three day old baby for between $500 and $5,000. the woman refused and called 911 when the woman left. police tracked her down to a nearby motel and arrested her. the baby is now in state custody. time is 4:56. a small dog in southern california's credited with
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chasing away two men who tried to rob his owner's smoke shop. >> give me your money. give me your money. give me your money. [ indiscernible ] >> the robbery happened about two weeks ago. in the surveillance video you can see the two men, one of them armed demanded money at the ace smoke shop. the store owner started to put money in the men's backpack but then the chihuahua took over, chased the men out of the store. the thieves got away with $200. at this point have not been caught. all right. three minutes before 5:00. fire crews are on the scene of an overnight fire in vallejo. the reason investigators are calling it suspicious. and the search continues for a missing wind surfer near foster city. the reason crews are shifting the focus of their efforts this morning.
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we're live in foster city where a wind surfer has vanished. we'll tell you why the coast guard is now shifting the focus of its search efforts. fire crews on the scene of an overnight fire in vallejo. the reason investigators are calling it suspicious. casey anthony out of jail and off the radar. the reason some say she could be right here in the bay area. and a special meeting following a deadly officer involved shooting in the bay view. the way the chief of police hopes to calm public outrage today. it's all ahead on the


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