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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and police update us on a late night deadly shooting in the city. time is running out in the deadline in washington. it's all ahead on ktvu morning news. good morning, welcome to monday it's july 25th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paul and look at the weather. hi steve. we're looking at fog, once that burns off we're looking at 70s and 80s, here's sal. things are moving nicely if you're headed to the toll
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plaza. the two new suspects in the bryan stow beating case will make their first court appearance in los angeles this morning. we now know the attack on stow was more brutal than we thought. allie rasmus live in san francisco now. allie. >> reporter: bryan stow is still recovering in san francisco. the police believe the two suspects are believed to have cut stow's tongue and disfiguring his face. both men are set to appear in los angeles superior court this morning. in a press conference on thursday, los angeles police announced the arrest of the two
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suspects. and he also asked the media not to release the mug shots. now the man you see in this video we're going to show you is giovanni ramirez, los angeles police originally arrested him for the beating of bryan stow, but now police say they have the wrong guy and ramirez has been exonerated. all of this happens after stow attended a giant's game. we will bring you the latest information, allie rasmus. all lanes of 401 have reopened that's after a fiery crash overnight. a car flipped over and burst into flames at about 11:40 last
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night. the person inside the car was taken to the hospital but their condition is not known. the freeway was shutdown for several hours. the highway has reopened a few hours ago. jade hernandez joins us now with how a shooting last night could be tied to a situation last week. >> reporter: police tell us that the shooting happened around the corner from that building right there you see near that stop sign. and that the victim died along the sidewalk underneath the building's outside light. east palo alto police are still out here investigating this overnight shooting. right now this is what we can tell you, calls came into dispatch around 10:30 about
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shots heard in this area. when officers arrived they discovered two hispanic teens bleeding from gunshot wounds. one of the hispanic teens, a young man did not survive the shooting. the over was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police aren't sure how many shooters are involved at this point but they don't have any suspect descriptions. >> there was some talk about some verbal altercations. the investigation is still kind of fresh. so we're still trying to determine what the motive for this shooting was. >> reporter: east palo alto police will hold a short press conference at 11:00 to discover the other shootings last week. all police can say right now about this shooting is that there is a strong possibility there is ties to the others last week. we'll have more for you coming up in a half an hour. reporting live, janine de la
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vega, ktvu news. a young man is recovering after being attacked by a bear. he was among seven hikers when the bear walking with her cub attacked them. >> we got on scene, we really for the first time saw what we were dealing with. and they were mauled very severely. >> reporter: now alaska state troopers say the group was able to set up their camp, activate their emergency beacon and then started administering first aid. at least two of the people suffered grave injuries but all are expected to recover. the debt stalemate continues. we're going to have a live report with from the
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washington, d.c. newsroom. and it's been another deadly evening in richmond. police are still looking for the suspect in the death of a 17-year-old man. now he was the city's 21st homicide victim of the year. the same number for all of last year. it's really disturbing the lack of regard for human life that we've seen. the youth in richmond have to make a decision for themselves to live not to take a life, but to live. now just last week, richmond police announced the creation of a new gang task force. the main goal will be to stop this outbreak of violence. police in oakland have arrested a suspect in a shooting saturday night that killed one man and injured a teenager. 21-year-old davis vargas is now in jail suspected of murder. police found 22-year-old omar martinez shot to death in a car about 7:00 saturday night near
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ohara avenue and laura road. a 16-year-old boy was also shot and air lifted to a hospital. police are searching now for two other people who they believe were in the car with martinez when he was shot. this morning, nummi passengers are getting some help with their bus fares. pastors will be on the t third train platform for anyone who doesn't have money. this is in response to a gun battle between harding and police officers. it began when harding ran from cops after not paying for his ticket. the money will be coming out of the pastor's pocket. pg & e tells us there were two outageless. a ge.
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one was in berkeley, in the other power outage 600 customers are out of power. in that case we have no idea when the power will be back on. and let's go back to sal for the traffic. >> that's not a good way to start your monday. someone in berkeley, give t hem -- if you know someone in berkeley, give them a call so they wake up. and in berkeley, all lights are four way stops. don't assume they're going to give you the right of way. outside of the coliseum it looks good heading south and north. this morning if you're driving into south bay, 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 18. at 5:08 let's go to steve.
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>> another big fog bank out there and it's giving us also some drizzle so we have to deal with that. today will be very similar to what we had over the weekend. breezy to windy at times, already gusts to 30. about the same tomorrow, by the end of the week looks like that fog will be getting a little shallower, it does look warmer 80s and 90s coming back for us in the sacramento san joaquin valley. we keep dealing with a low coming in from the pacific west, that ramps up the fog. then high pressure in the middle of country tries to head back west but it's been trying to do that for the last two months. we have some fog in the coast, but it has no problem getting back out. everybody coast and inland 80 degrees. west south wind or a west wind when it's 27 at travis and southwest at vacaville. any time they get a south wind
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in this kind of a pattern that's a cool breeze. once the low kicks out, temperatures will gradually start to come up. it's a gradual the warm warm up. breezy to windy and that will be out of the west. drizzle will give way to sunshine. for some inland it'll be sunny and breezy. 50, 60, 70s and a few 80s. livermore, fairfield, antioch and points inland but everybody else 60s and 70s. you might notice it but thursday, friday, we get up into some 80s. fog stays at the coast. 5:10 is the time this morning. this morning the suspect in the attack in norway appears in court. what the suspect asked for this morning that the judge denies. plus relief from the heat. when the folks in the east
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coast can expect things to cool off. highway 4 traffic looks pretty good so far here in bay point but it's getting slow in parts of antioch and brentwood, we'll tell you more coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news, it's now 5:14 and investors around the world are getting nervous about stalled debt limit talks in washington, d.c. ktvu's allison burns is following the negotiations from
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our washington, d.c. newsroom and this is a critical week, allison. >> reporter: pam that's right, eight days until the debt limit deadline and instead of moving closer together, democrats and republicans here on capitol hill seem to be moving in their own directions. after a weekend of roller coaster talks continued, at one point house speaker boehner said he wanted a deal before asian markets opened today but that did not happen. now worries of defaults, hillary clinton spoke today. >> i'm confident that congress will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the u.s. stock market of course opens in a little more than an hour, and pressure is certainly building on democrats and republicans here on capitol hill to raise
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the u.s. borrowing limit. more on the potential path to compromise in my next update in about an hour. for now we're live, allison burns. a court hearing started in norway just a couple of minutes ago for a man who confessed to those attacks that killed 93 people. the lawyer for anders breivik asked for an open hearing to explain what happened, but the judge said, no, it would be a closed hearing. he's accused of a bomb attack and a shooting massacre at a youth camp. today search and rescue crews in boats, they are still looking for possibly even more victims in the waters off the island where that youth camp was located. at least four people have not been accounted for yet.
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there are fears some of them may have drowned trying to get away from that shooter. norwegians here in the bay area are reacting with shock and grief here in the bay area. they left messages in a condolence book, many saying they can't believe such an act of violence happened in their peaceful country. your time now, 7:15, an egyptian court will try the interior minister and mumbarack. take a look at the uprising in egypt. both of men are accused of ordering the killing of over 900 protesters during the demonstrations. those protests led to president mumbarack from being ousted from office. people in the east coast will start to feel some relief. cooler air is sending
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temperatures into the low to mid-80s. and that's a big difference from the triple digit temperatures in much of the country the past couple of days 138,000 people were under a heat alert. the heat was blamed for over 34 deaths. our time is 5:15, let's go sal and see if the commute is starting to wake up. it is are a little bit dave, the traffic is moving a little bit well if you're driving in many areas. the godden gate bridge traffic looking pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. if you are driving to oakland: north and southbound i80s, that's where most of the traffic is right now but . the northbound drive coming up through bay point still looks good. it's probably going to get busy later on. then west of contra costa county, still on the good side.
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5:17 let's go to steve. >> walnut creek, where is that. out there. okay. low cloud deck, we get a strong surge from our west wind and help by another low in the pacific northwest after just incredible heat in the east. boston by the way hit 103 last night. what was it thursday or friday. one degree shy of an all time record high. there's been records shattered. while we're sitting here very cool. i know see seattle is talking about the coolest summer. you get a lot of lee time leeway. south wind up in santa rosa, this time it's a cool breeze with all that fog in place.
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weak system, but that's all it takes to send that fog up and over. we might have to keep an eye on the tropical moisture that would be in the sierra nevada before we see any of it. for the morning here, monday morning, fog, clouds, some drizzle. it might be a slow process for some in the coast, but breezy and windy. windy out to the delta, san pablo bay, nothing new there. when you get to travis everything is in place. temperatures again below average here. as we talked about gradual warming expected later in the week but probably not until wednesday then things should start to kick in and we just go a little warmer. inland temps will get into the 80s and 90s. european markets are down. but coming down from opening numbers, investors around the world are focusing on the lack
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of progress raising the debt limit. all the asian marks closed down due to those concerns. the shanghai market dropped the most. the nikkei was down 1% each. crude oil prices dropped, some credit rating agencies are warning that they would decrease the u.s. rating down to a double a. gold at a record high, it does look like a lower opening. our futures point the to a lower opening, but not as bad when i checked the numbers an hour ago. we'll see what happens once we get to the opening bell. lots of wedding bells ringing in new york suggest
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today for hundreds of same-sex couples. and look right there, he's the mayor, michael bloomberg was at one ceremony but not everyone is celebrating. and several fires setting off in the bay, the one thing they all have in common. and looking at the commute, it still looks good. we'll tell you more about the commute straight ahead.
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good morning, low clouds, drizzle, a little bit of a wind adds well -- wind as well. that's out of the west. time now 5:23. look at this almost two dozen suspicious fires now triggering a man hunt for an arsonist. at least 18 fires have burned apartment buildings, a motor home and several cars just since thursday. all of them were set at 3:00 in the morning. several more are usually set shortly after. arson investigators are working with police detectives, so far no one has been hurt in these fires. police in the south bay this week are expected to give us new details about a 10-year- old cold case. janine harms disappeared july 2009. she is presumed to be dead even though her body has never been found. the suspect in the case maurice
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nesmay was killed last year by the victim's brother who then killed himself. it was a historic day in new york yesterday with more than 700 same-sex couples tieing the knot. including one special ceremony officiated by mayor bloomberg. >> there by, by the powers invested me i pronounce you married. the mayor married two of his staff members. and citizens for a decent community protested outside. the group believes that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman because having children is the basis for marriage. now they are trying to have the
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law allowing same-sex marriages declared unconstitutional. now for people here in the bay area the same-sex marriages in new york were a bittersweet moment. >> this is supposed to be a liberal state and you know some place like new york can fasten everything. so it makes me really angry. in 2008 of course, california state supreme court declared same-sex marriages legal. but just a few months later, voters approved proposition eight ending those marriages, some same-sex couples we spoke to say they are planning trips to new york in order to get married and they say they are hopeful that california isn't far behind in allowing the same rights to people here. time now 5:26, the very latest on an 11-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet in san francisco. how she's doing this morning and the new details that may come out today. for the second time in the last month, a northern california teenager hospitalized after getting trapped in a sand tunnel. how that teenager is doing
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right now. good morning northbound 280 looks pretty good here in downtown san jose as you head to the valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and have the monday forecast.
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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. well good morning to you. welcome back with. it is monday, it's july 25th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30 just about. let's check in with steve for the weather. >> we do have low clouds, fog,
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everybody is cloudy including concord now. you know if it makes it there and to travis that's a pretty strong fog bank. it's going to give to sunshine, windy conditions. temperatures below average 67 and a few low mid-80s. now here's sal. and the traffic heading up to the high rise. we're getting a bit more traffic but the traffic is not that bad. the morning commute is moving well westbound to berkeley up to the mcarthur maze. police in south palo alto are investigating a deadly shooting. let's go to jade hernandez. >> reporter: the building in the corner houses several
5:31 am
different business, a mexican restaurant, a pizza store and liquor store. >> it doesn't look like it's a gang against another, it looks like it's a personal matter escalating at this point. >> reporter: east palo alto police are still out here this morning investigating this late night shooting. right now this is what we can tell you, calls came into dispatch around 10:30 about shots heard in this area. when officers arrived they discovered two hispanic teens bleeding from gunshot wounds. one of the hispanic teens, a young man did not survive the shooting. the other was taken to the hospital, he is expected to survive. now police are not sure how many shooters are involved at this point. but police will be holding a press conference to discuss the shooting death of castro fisher and hugo chavez last week. the department will discuss persons of interest in the case and time lines. police say there is a strong
5:32 am
possibility that last night's shooting has ties to the other shootings last week. we have heard from police, they have witnesses and they have received tips at their hot line. that number is going to be at the bottom of your screen, 650- 409-6792. of course you can text message or leave a message at that number. the wounded 11-year-old san francisco girl is improving after being hit by a stray bullet. she was at her uncle's western edition apartment friday when the bullet hit her just above the heart. she has had surgery, she is listed in critical condition. authorities will release the names of the suspects today. caldwell was shot and
5:33 am
killed while sitting in a car at a hayward gas station 10 days ago. police are still looking for his killer. caldwell was with grand at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station when grant was kill bid a former police officer. he will be buried next to oscar grant. time now 5:43, survivals training course in alaska took a tragic turn. kraig debro has more now. what happened when children came face to face with a bear, kraig. >> reporter: very scary moments. one of the people injured is victor l. martin. he lives in richmond. according to a press release i just read this happened saturday evening when these students were crossing an alaskan river. take a look at the map we have from the area. the group of students were
5:34 am
crossing the river near the western tolkeetna mountains. the group was on a trip organized by the leadership group based in wyoming. according to alaska state troopers, when four of the seven students made it to the other side of the river they were attacked by a bear. the students were using accepted bear safety practices like calling out to ward bears of their presence and carrying bear spray. two of the injuries were severe, so severe rescue teams decided not to air lift the injured. >> we were able to get out there, the two teens that were most severely injured after analyzing their injuries, it was decided that it was too dangerous for us to transport them out on halo1. that it would be better if they stay put and medical attention came to them. alaska state trooper we talked to last night said the kids did a great job out there by themselves for a few hours.
5:35 am
they tended to the injuries that their fellow students had and they waited for hours until they were picked up out there. the school believes the bear attacked these kids to protect one of her kids, one of her cubs or cubs. the young man is due back sometime today. in the meantime we're going to contact his family members to see if they've spoken to him. kraig debro, ktvu news. police say a suspect, an african american male fired shots from the sidewalk outside the bus. one person was hit in the hand, another in the neck. both were taken to a local hospital and are recovering. it was a tragic end to a birthday party in stockton after one person opened fire at this house. police say the backyard was full of people when the person
5:36 am
began shooting. a 15-year-old boy was shot and died later at the hospital. eight other people were treated for injuries. so far police have not named any suspects or a motive. police at the party say this is raising more questions of public safety since stockton has faced big cuts to law enforcement. time now 5:35, a teenager from sacramento expected to fully recover after being trapped when a sand tunnel suddenly collapsed. 17-year-old angelica maroquin was at the beach saturday when this was all happening. it took her two minutes to dig her out of that tunnel. an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. she was recently released. >> they pulled her out, she was blue. she was not breathing. her heartbeat was really light. >> reporter: this is the second time a california teak teenager has been rushed to the -- california teenager has been rushed to the hospital after a
5:37 am
sand tunnel collapsed. last week this young man from orinda was pulled out after 17 minutes after a sand tunnel collapsed. he is still in the hospital. and on tuesday, police is expected to accept a grand from kaiser. the grant would pay for one officer for a year. time now 5:37, well nfl players may vote today on a collective bargaining agreement that would end the nfl lock out. players have had the weekend to consider the terms of a deal that was approved by the owners last week. coming up at 5:45, we'll get a live report from washington on what this all means for starting the nfl season. also the san francisco giants will pay a visit to 1600 pennsylvania avenue today, that's the white house in case you didn't know. president obama will be honoring the giants at a white
5:38 am
house event celebrating their world series victory. however not everyone in the giant's team is excited about the chance to meet the president and see the white house. apparently some players have been grumbling about making the trip on their day off. the metering lights on i- 680 will alternate between red and green between 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning monday through friday. the idea is to ease congestion during the morning rush hour. >> let's hope it works. >> yeah. >> time now 5:38, sal is working and knows all about our commute. >> whenever metering lights go on like that, people don't like
5:39 am
them at first. >> they catch you off guard. >> you are going to see some slow traffic already on highway 4 in antioch but not here in bay point. looks pretty good getting up to the willow pass grade. this morning we're looking at a live picture of the san mateo bridge and west 92 traffic is looking pretty good getting out to the high rise. no problems on the dunbarton bridge. we've been looking at the east bay, livermore castro valley coming up to the san mateo bridge, looks pretty good so far. if you are driving to the south bay, going to put it on the maps here. we don't see a lot of red. our map system changes color. getting some yellow and that means traffic is beginning to slow down. highway912 coming down to 280 on south bay, already have a crowd coming to 280. >> a very good morning, low overcast, fog and there's
5:40 am
plenty to go around. everyone some drizzle coming down there. kind of misty more than everything else. a west wind is in place and it's up to about 30 miles per hour in parts of the delta. gusts to 36 in travis. that's roaring, roaring. another system in the pacific northwest helping usher in that sea breeze along with that, keep that fog bank at about 2,000 feet. that keeps the beat going. we've been on the cool side and we're going to continue for the next couple of days. temps in the the 50s. west southwest sfo san jose, everybody has a little bit of a breeze, even though it's cloudy. it'll burn back, we'll have sunshine much like it did on friday. the four corners, keep an eye aopb that. that low will kick off eventually, that gives us a big fog influence. once that burns off to the
5:41 am
coast, may take longer for some. careful some of that drizzle coming around the bend as you start heading closer to the bay. concord 82, i might be a little bit on the high side with gusts at 56 degrees. but this time of year by default they will probably hit 80. gradual warming, and we will get to the 90s by the time we get to the weekend. this year's first confirmed west nile virus has been found. a man was in the hospital but has since been released. the state didn't tell us his name or age or how he caught the virus. west nile is commonly carried by mosquitoes. 5:41 is the time. there's one big winning ticket
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in the latest super lotto plus we're going to tell you what it's worth. the progress being made on that big fire. and coming up we'll tell you about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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we'll, we're staying cool, that's the main news. but later in the week we will start to warm up, we'll see less fog and temperatures will start to get back into the mid- and upper 80s. today 60s and 70s. the main suspects in the stow beating case they are expected to make their first court appearance this morning.
5:45 am
louis sanchez and marvin norwood are said to be formally charged in new york. police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and another one injured. it happened in a parking lot just before 10:30 last night. a richmond man is also recovering after being mauled in a bear in alaska. 18-year-old victor martin was taking part in a survival skills course. looks like the nfl lockout is finally coming to end today. two people familiar with the negotiations tell us some new information this morning, emily, what have you been able to learn. >> reporter: we learned that over the past few weeks in washington there's been so much focus on the debt deal that can't be done. but today houston fans are hoping that washington, d.c. does broker a deal that ends the lock out. what we know is about 15 minutes from where i am right
5:46 am
now in washington a 14 member player committee is supposed to meet today. if they give the okay, most indications are that they will, there's also a larger committee of representatives that's on stand by to give a final approval. if so, it would end this lock out. what we know is one of the biggest things in the debate has been denying the million dollars that the league takes in. also medical plans and injury protection package and rookie compensation. that's really been an interesting element in the last few months as players have not been allowed to work. you have rookies that do things like delivering restaurant mealing if for their families trying to make a little cash while they're locked out of work. >> it's been seven months since i played football, that's a really long time. i'm itching to hit somebody. >> reporter: if this agreement is approved within the next couple of hours or so, we would see the 2011 nfl regular season be able to go on as scheduled, pam. emily, we're just getting
5:47 am
information here in the newsroom that the nfl and the players have reached a deal, this is just some word getting into the associated press, do you know how quickly the players will get back to work if this is indeed settled? >> yeah, this has been going on since march, but the turn around would be very quick. we could see free agency signings beginning this week almost exactly at the same time that spring training would be. one game had to be cancelled already with the preseason, the hall of fame game. the rest of the preseason would go on as planned. it would look pretty normal to the fans if everything is approved within the next few hours, pam. >> emily schmidt in washington, d.c. with the lock out. we are getting word that the players and owners have reached an agreement, we will stay on top of this story.
5:48 am
blake kepley with a passenger on a holland america ship on a seven day cruise in alaska. on friday, a crew member reported that kepley was missing and had possibly gone overboard. all weekend the u.s. coast guard used helicopters and boats to try to locate the 17- year-old from san diego county but there was never any sign of him. more than 1,000 firefighters have been fighting a grass fire in san diego county. this fire started thursday on the los coyotes indian reservation. it is now reached the neighboring ansa borego state park. this fire is about 40% contained this morning. so far no one has been hurt, no buildings have burned, we still have no idea on how this fire began. the happiest place in anaheim may not be disneyland today but a 7/11 just two miles away. that's where someone bought a super lotto ticket with all the
5:49 am
winning numbers for last saturday's $61 million power ball. the numbers are one, six, 13, 45, 47, the mega number 16. the winner can claim the prize as early as 8:00 in morning. the lucky ticketholder can be paid over 26 years or receive an immediate pay out of $38 million. i was in disneyland last week. why didn't i go to that 7/11? >> it could have been you. time now 5:48, let's check in with sal. you have the numbers as well. >> come back from vacation sharp as a tack. let's go out and take a look for the commute. he's right i have been looking, i do have all the information you need. let's go out and take a look at 280 westbound. it has not become crowded just yet but you have people getting on the road and this morning's commute is getting busy in some
5:50 am
of the outlying areas. this morning's commute, westbound 82 still looking pretty good. getting on to the high rise without any problems. we haven't had a week this summer where people have just been gone as in past years. all the weeks have been pretty busy. which i think is good news, right. let's go out and take a look at the peninsula, traffic continues to move well. if you're driving in the east bay so far so good. livermore, castro valley and san ramon. 5:49 5:49 let's go to steve. >> overcast conditions on this monday morning. drizzle by the coast and bay. temperatures have not much changed compared to sunday. so we start out with the big fog bank. it's cool in the morning, a lot of 50s here. sunny breezy or some locations the usual suspects get the wind. tomorrow about the same. i don't see a change. high pressure will start to work its way back. and it does look warmer toward the end of the week. we continue to deal with a number of systems. it's a teeter totter effect.
5:51 am
we are staying on the cooler side. in the middle of week high pressure will build back to the west. it's a gradual pressure. temperatures inland will move in. so low clouds and sunny and breezy. but again the highs showing every signs of kind of slowly building back in. as it does, we will see inland temps get back into the 90s. we also have to keep an eye on tropical clouds coming in the four corners. you will start to see those in the sierra before they hit us. 55, 56, livermore hayward and mountain view. west 26 in fairfield with gusts at 26. that's an extra hold on the hair spray today. that's, unless you don't have haeufrplt hair, but you know what i mean. a low up in portland and seattle keeping them very cool too. for us though once that kicks out which would be wednesday
5:52 am
then high pressure buildings back in. after some of that drizzle coast and bay, the wind really cranks up out over san pablo bay along the coast and the delta highs. 60s, 70s and a few low to mid- 80s. we're below on the temps. little bit warmer toward the end of the week as the 80s and 90s start to come back. thank you, steve. well japan's car makers have mixed reports for june production as they continue to recover from the earthquake and tsunami. nissan made more than 50,000 vehicles in june. that's up 18% from the time last year. that sets a company record for monthly production. toyota and honda report lower production from last year. los gatos based netflix is in negotiation for the exclusive rights to stream animated movies by dream works.
5:53 am
dream works is known for madagascar and shrek. dream works will announce their earnings today. first avenger had the strongest opening selling $66 million worth of tickets. that's $18 million more than harry potter and the deathly hollows part two. friends with benefits, transformers, dark of the moon and horrible bosses made a combined, made less than harry potter. we're finding out what killed singer amy winehouse. what the investigation into the controversial singer's death is focusing on today. why michael jackson's family has called a news conference in just a few hours to make a big announcement. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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welcome back to the morning news. time now is 5:56. an autopsy on amy winehouse will be held earlier today. the singer was found dead by her security guard. her death is being treated as unexplained and there have been no arrests. in recent years winehouse was repeatedly mentioned in the press for numerous arrests and
5:57 am
drug problems. as news about her sudden death spread, fans gathered outside her london home laying flowers and pictures. time now 5:56 today. members of michael jackson's family will hold news conference and announce a tribute concert to honor michael. his mother, brothers and sisters they will give the details about this tribute concert which will focus on the thriller album. the producers say it'll feature the world's most amazing performers, and also benefit several charities. it's been news for bike racing fans. cadel evans became the first australian to win the tour de france. the 34-year-old racer is also the oldest winner of the big race since world war ii. he closed the winning line at the end of the largely ceremonial half stage. he secured the title with his
5:58 am
ride in that time trail a day earlier. >> very exciting,. coming up at 6:00, let's check back in with sal. all right, pam and dave good morning traffic is doing very nicely around the south bay. starting there northbound 280 traffic looks good. approaching the 880 interchange. also this morning we're looking at the sonol grade where traffic is off to a good start -- sunol grade. and what's going to happen today in the credit debt crisis. plus the congressman on the hot seat this morning. why nancy pelosi is pushing for punishment. good morning, that's a gray over the bay, that means cooler for a while or a little warmer, we'll have the answer coming up in about two minutes.
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