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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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an east bay regional parks ranger comes under fire after going on routine patrol. what he may have found and what authorities are still looking for today. >> it wasn't fun. terrifying. the richmond man who survived a grizzly attack is back home. we hear how he fought back in the mountains of alaska. thousands of postoffices across the country are going to be under the microscope. we'll tell you why the u.s. postal is taking a closer look at one of every 10 of its branches.
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good morning thank you for joining us. tuesday july 26, i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> mostly clear now, there are some areas that do have some fog. but yesterday was fog city all the way out to sacramento. that's not the case today, sunshine earlier, 60s, 70s, a little warmer than yesterday. >> and this morning we are looking at the golden gate bridge and traffic on 101 in southern marin does look good. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. today the search for suspects that fired at
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officers. jade hernandez is live with what the suspects may have been trying to hide. >> reporter: the gates opened about an hour ago. it's finally starting to get light out here. authorities are expected to be out here looking for suspects in a shooting and for possible marijuana operation in the rugged terrain in the park. a police ranger found himself under fire last night. he returned fire on two shooters, the officer could not tell if he hit anyone but took cover and waited until the regional police could get their armoured vehicle to him. the ranger was not hurt, but the search for suspects continue about 10:00 last night and covered hundreds of acres. a helicopter in the sky and 10 officers from five different agencies including the contra costa sheriff's office could not find anyone. authorities say it appear it is officer may have came across an illegal drug grow in the area. >> we have a history of this area in years past where we
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have had marijuana grows in the upper san leandro areas. we actually have pictures a couple of years ago when we had armed guards on a grow operation. >> reporter: the search for evidence and suspects was called off late last night because of visibility issues. we checked in with the renallal park district this -- regional park district. the area out here it looks like it's going to be a few more hours before we see authorities back out here searching. reporting live in moraga, jade hernandez ktvu news. anti drug agents are now conducting raids across six northern california counties, the goal is to rid the mendecino national forest of the illegal marijuana farms that are doing a booming business there. the operation reportedly involves hundreds of local,
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state and federal law enforcements. 18-year-old victor martin back at his home in richmond after a grizzly bear attack in the mountains of alaska. his family and friends very happy. on saturday night martin was on the survivals skills hike, six other people were with him when they came face to face with a  mother bear and her cub. martin was right in front. he was bitten on his ankle while trying to fight off the bear. his older sister says she was just glad to have him home. >> it was very nervewracking, we never expected something like this to happen, not to our brother no. this was part of a 30 day wilderness trip with a leadership school. two people were who also on that hike, they were seriously injured during that bear attack. they're still in the hospital in alaska. meantime a bear in north
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lake tahoe was shot and killed, it wandered into a releiy. it was a 250-pound bear walked right up to people sitting outdoors in a cafe. a wildlife crew captured then killed the bear. they say this is the third time this bear had to be captured by wildlife workers. the cause of an early morning fire in san francisco is under investigation. it started at about 1:15 on montgomery street near green. the fire started on the roof and quickly spread to the penthouse. people were evacuated but everybody has been let back into their homes. some of the apartments sustained minor water damage but no injuries were reported. a woman was shot walking home. this happened last night on francisco street. the woman heard a rapid succession of shots being fired
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then she realized she had been shot in the back. she's in her 40th, she went to san francisco general hospital, listed with nonlife threatening injuries. san francisco police don't believe she was the intended target. police are also calling the death of a man last night suspicious. now police went to a home on prospect avenue in the vernal heights neighborhood. investigators examined the area, then they removed the body a few hours later. today accused serial killer joseph naso finds out if he will be allowed legal help. naso had planned on representing himself on murder charges. he is accused of killing seven women. now he's asking for advisory council to be paid for by the public. the judge is expected to make his decision at 9:00 this morning. san francisco prosecutors plan to challenge the latest
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legal development tied to a deadly shooting at fisherman's wharf in january. last week a court appointed doctor concluded that the store owner accused of killing two business rivals is not competent to stand trial. now the san francisco das office is asking for a competency hearing for hun wu. a judge will hold a hearing on that request next month. time now 6:06, nobody wants to see their postoffice on a list that's about to come out in an hour. allie rasmus is live and says the postoffices on that list will likely be shut down. >> reporter: there's a list expected to come out that lists branches across the country. the postal service is going to be studying all of them to see which one it will close.
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right now we're standing at a postoffice in berkeley. there's a sign on the door that says this place is shut down. it shut down in april and inside it's completely empty and dark. this is all happening because the u.s. postal service is facing some big financial problems. the agency says it lost $8 billion last year. part of it is because of the recession, there has been a steep decline in advertising mail but there's also a lot of first class mail that is now being sent electronically and packages are being carried bid private carriers. the postal service says it will consider opening village offices. postoffice desks and counters that would be placed inside businesses, town halls and community centers. postal service is expected to -- across the country for possible closure. we don't know yet which bay area postoffices may be on that list or how many of them. but about 10 minutes ago i did
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get a response from a u.s. postal service spokesperson in washington, d.c. she said at 10:30 eastern time they're going to be sending out that list of the 3,600 postoffices. so 10:30 eastern time so about an hour and a half from now for our pacific time. we should get that list and take a look at it to see how this is going to affect postal service here in the bay area. allie rasmus. time now 6:08. the stand off in washington is still going on. coming up for you at 6:15, we'll have a live record from our washington newsroom. all about the president's televised last ditch effort pleading for a compromise, you will also hear the republican response. it's 6:09 and we want to check back in with sal for the commute. a lot of people heading back in the door. what should they know. >> a lot of people hear the traffic; , they say now is my
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chance. i have to get out there. here's a look at the toll plaza on the bay bridge. traffic is moving along relatively well there with no mayor issues. the traffic continues to move along nicely. also on interstate 880 that traffic continues to look very nice as you pass the coliseum. and this morning's commute on 280 northbound in san jose is off to a nice start. i have a feeling things will start to change soon but enjoy it while it lasts. let's go to steve. sal, thank you sir. take a look at normal high temperatures for july 26th. fairfield should be 89 degrees. today 85. they were 83 yesterday but they had a rip snorting sea breeze. today it's about 15. so it's cut in half. temperatures coming down a little bit. and half-moon bay, it's a quiz, 65 today, 65. so the coast has been near average. san francisco is also near average inland. locations that are struggling to get near average.
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they've been running below for the last time. the last time we had way above normal temps, july 4th. it's been a long time. you can see some of those thunderstorms popping up toward nevada. as some of that might quick the sierra nevada over the next couple of days but nothing for now. west-southwest six in vacaville. still a west wind or a northwest wind. so the sea breeze isn't going any place. the high pressure is trying to build in. back to back 52s now, napa and santa rosa so a little bite to the morning air. temperatures though will continue to struggle because low pressure just hangs out in the pacific northwest. we get the southern edge of it. once it kicks off then we warm up slightly. the trend is to replace it with another one. not that they are that strong but it doesn't take much. a little less fog today. earlier sunshine. sunshine, breezy at times and a little warmer, just a little bit. creeping up those temps, sunny,
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mild to warm. the wind does pick up but nothing too outrageous. around the bay, i always double clutch on that temp. 87 brentwood, we'll go 78 san jose. 86 gilroy, cupertino77. 60s on the coast, also in the city. fog though continues to hang out by the coast so it's tough to warm up there. night and morning fog will probably decrease a little bit and gets smashed. temps continue to go up a little bit. upper 80s, low 90s. a new report accusing the prison system of inefficiency. it shows that certain times last year 73% of inmates sat in crowded jails while waiting for hearings. sheriff greg monks tells the
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daily news that the report is a superficial look while driven by some people in the country who are opposed to building a new jail. time now 6:12, what mcdonalds is adding to happy meals. why experts say this change is good for families who like fast food. and a public hearing to try to solve a problem that other cities wish they had. ♪
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welcome back to the morning
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news. it is now 6:15, and the drama is intensifying this morning in washington, d.c. with one week to go before the debt limit deadline. allyson burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. fears are rising that congress may not be able to reach a deal after all. >> reporter: the stakes are so high the obama administration preparing for the possibility of default. who would get paid, who would not get paid if congress does not raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd. now president obama said in an evening news conference, social security checks and benefits for veterans are on the line. and the u.s. risks a deep economic crisis if it defaults for the first time and loses it's triple a credit rating. >> the american people may have voted for divided government but they did not vote for a dysfunctional government. >> reporter: but both sides are still bitterly divided about how to raise the debt limit.
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how speaker john boehner is trying to rally democrats around any deal. he is also accused president obama about wanting a blank check. >> i tell you i gave it my all. the president's demands changed. >> reporter: at this point unless there's a breakthrough we're going to continue more finger pointing than progress toward a deal today. reporting live from washington, d.c., allyson burns. the wealth gap between whites and minorities has jumped to the widest level in a quarter century. on average whites have 20 times the network of african americans and 18 times that of latinos. analysts blame high unemployment which is especially bad in blue collar
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areas. the city of palo alto has to figure out how to spend millions of dollars it didn't have. it's what the school promised to pay in exchange for expanding the medical center. the money comes in three payments of almost $16 million due this dare. >> change for that land use commitment the city made, we get community benefits in exchange. >> i would like to see more parks, more libraries, things like that but also some things like infrastructure. >> the palo alto faces a $7 million budget deficit next year. but the deal requires the city spend the money on green initiatives, health programs as well as infrastructure. the council will consider a -- the union representing menlo park's 36 police officers also agreed to other concessions to help its city with its budget deficit.
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the officers work schedule will be reduced by $100 per year. that's equivalent to the pay cut, officers will contribute 3% more to their pension funds. >> time now 6:18, a conservative group connected to republican strategy poll. now the group is called cross roads gps. they're running adds focusing on senator bill nelson of florida, senator claire mccaskill of missouri, senator jon tester of montana, senator ben nelson of nebraska, and senator sherrod brown of ohio. governor jerry brown has been called to jury duty in alameda county. the governor got the normal instructions call tonight, call tomorrow night and call to find
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out if he has to serve in the jury. the governor served on a jury 30 years ago. that's when governor brown served as foreman that foreman. so far we're doing good. doesn't mean we're exactly right, just means we haven't had a lot of crashes. this morning on highway 4 we have slow traffic coming up through antioch and also some slow traffic on 680 through pleasant hill. nothing major, 80 still looks pretty good from vallejo to richmond all the way out. there's a back up at the richmond bridge toll plaza heading west. this morning if you're driving in hayward already some bunching up near highway 82. still looks pretty good
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crossing 880 heading over to the bay shore freeway. this morning's commute looks good on northbound 280. northbound 280 they were clearing an accident, that was on the right hand side. there's a new crash before highway 13. a pe dis pedestrian is walking in the divide. police are out there looking for that person because very dangerous. 6:30, let's go to steve. >> thank you sir. some fog out there but yesterday was a lot stronger so we'll see sunshine earlier today. but still plenty of gray over that bay. and temperatures held in check. maybe slightly warmer inland. a lot of mid-upper 50s though. high pressure says i think i'll hang out in the middle of the country. any warm up here is very gradual or slight. mild to warm, breezy at times, afternoon highs very close to yesterday's numbers. so 60s, 70s by the coast. upper 70s and low to mid-80s
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inland. still, running about three to 5 degrees below average for many. night and morning fog not really going any where. slightly warmer inland temps, i think we just hang out there. the latest report on home prices in the top 20 real estate prices. prices are rising, but not everywhere. boston saw the biggest increase but detroit, las vegas and tampa three of the areas hardest hit by the housing crisis saw home prices hit the lowest point since the recession began. well no borders bookstores will be saved from liquidation. the book retailer books-a- 000,000 says it could not reach an agreement. sales are on the way at all border stores.
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it's expected all the stores will be closed by early next month. ceo already sent out e-mails to everybody letting them know. time now 6:22, a salmonella outbreak in 23 states. the experts now know where it came from. the orange and black invade the white house. how president obama celebrated the world champion giants. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide.
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take a step forward and chase what matters.
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good morning, traffic is doing pretty well on the upper deck of the bay bridge heading into san francisco after a small delay. traffic and weather straight ahead. all right, sal. time now 6:25, papayas are blamed for a salmonella outbreak in 23 states. papayas imported from mexico is the probably source of the salmonella cases reported so far. 10 people have been sent to the hospital. agramas produce they've recalled all papayas sold before july 23rd. well mcdonalds getting some praise this morning for the latest change it's making to happy meals. beginning in september, fruit or vegetables will be added to happy meals. and the size of the french
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fries servings, they'll be cut in half. the changes are going to be phased in on a store by store basis. mcdonalds is adding it won't rise the price of the meals because it's making these changes. after an unforgettable day at the white house the giants returned to the bay area. >> congratulations to the giants for winning its first title in 56 years. >> president obama hosted and toasted the giants at the white house. the president also praised the entire giants organization for its commitment to the community and many local charity organizations. has more pictures from that white house ceremony. you can find that on our slide shows tab. time now 6:27. the two new suspects in the bryan stow case. they're still in jail waiting for their next court
6:28 am
appearance. we're also hearing from the mother of one of those two men. the nfl lockout is over but which players can actually show up at team facilities today and which players still have to stay away. plus we're watching wall street, a lot happening including a focus on a local company. pam will have all the numbers. c
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there it is, right on time the opening bell in new york this morning. and a lot of things in focus, we're talking about ford, we'll talk about that in just a little bit and netflix keep an eye on that stock. reported very good earnings. i'm watching the stocks and it looks like it's going to head lower often times by rumors. so on news is what they say on wall street, so you can see headed lower so far, the
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broader market index, the dow jones, we'll keep watching. we'll smile, we'll say good morning to you. welcome to ktvu morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. a man hunt will soon pick up, law enforcement is tracking two men who shot at a regional park police officer. police are waiting to resume their search. jade hernandez is live in moraga. >> reporter: daylight is going to play a huge role in this search later today. it's one of the reasons why this search was called off yesterday. visibility issues, you can see behind me, the park. there's rugged wooded terrain here in moraga. authorities are expected to be back out here looking for suspects of a shooting and for evidence of a possible marijuana grow operation. last night around 6:30 an east bay regional parks police officer on routine patrol and
6:32 am
on foot found himself under fire. he returned fire on two shooters. the officer couldn't tell if he hit anyone but took cover until parks police could get their armoured rescue vehicle out to where he was. the vehicle pulled the ranger to safety. the search for suspects which covered hundreds of acres continued until 10:00 last night. a helicopter in the sky and officers from five different law enforcement agencies searched. the contra costa sheriff's office, the highway patrol and several police officers took part until air and ground support was called off. authorities say they believe the officer may have stumbled upon an illegal grow operation. not unusual and one of the things the officer is trained to look for while on patrol. we checked in with district patrol, it looks like it'll be another hour and a half before we see authorities out this here. i want to bring you back out here. the ranch opened around 5:00 this morning.
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we're going to keep you updated on this investigation. jade hernandez. time now 6:32. for the first time we are hearing from the mother of one of the defendants in the bryan stow beating case. 30-year-old marvin norwood and louie sanchez are still in jail. they are set to be arranged august 10th on assault and battery charges. now they are accused of knocking bryan stow to the ground outside of dodger stadium then beating and kicking h him before fleeing the scene. bryan stow suffered a traumatic brain injury on that march 31st attack. norwood's mother says she went to see her son the in jail over the weekend. she would not say what they talked about but says that norwood is innocent. >> he was not the one to provoke anything. if there was a problem, you know he took care of it but not with his fists all the time. he used his brain, in my heart i know that he did not do it. >> reporter: now ktvu news
6:34 am
obtained court documents you see here accusing louie sanchez throwing an object at a woman wearing a giant shirt. a source is telling us that fans in the same section as norwood and sanchez reported them to security calling them quote, belligerent jerks. a camera was not held into the courtroom, but the judge did allow audio recordings. we posted those recordings for you at our channel 2 website just look for the bryan stow tab. we now know the names of two men arrested in a shooting that left an 11-year-old girl
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fighting for her life. the suspects are 19-year-old lazarus thomas of daly city and shadon caprice. a stray bullet went through a window and hit a little girl in the chest. she remains in critical but stable condition. police are investigating whether a weekend deadly shooting is connected to two other homicides. the victim of sunday night's shooting is identified at ken guzman. police are now investigating if that shooting is connected to a shooting on june 18th and another one on the may 19th. police also think the three may have recently committed several other violent crimes in colorado. a new poll of voters in san jose seems to indicate that they are not inclined to support tax increases to keep city services.
6:36 am
the city conducted the poll to decide whether to put a tax increase measure on the november ballot. now of the five potential tax increases only one seems viable. that's a quarter cent sales tax that got 57% support. but mayor chuck reed says that's still not enough to put it on the ballot. a half cent general purpose tax got 51% support. well the u.s. postal service is looking to close thousands of postoffices. the tough economy has been especially hard on the government's mail delivery service. the government's alternative idea to keep some of those postoffices in operation. time now 6:36. bay area football fans are ready to see some football. the raiders and the 49ers some of them will return as soon as today. ktvu's kraig debro now with the
6:37 am
very latest. >> fans are ready to see some football. we're at the 49ers headquarters and training facility here in santa clara. the doors are going to be opening in 30 minutes. it's a voluntary place that 49er player can come today. it's voluntary, not all players can come, we'll tell you a little bit more about that in a second. preseason game, first one is two weeks away. both san francisco and oakland, the city's of have revenue issues with games. san francisco gets about $5 million a year from 49er games, the money goes to the city's parks and rec department. so having the team play in the city helps the satisfy. the team gives the city $500,000 in represent. take a look at this. this morning at the raider's training facility in alameda all seems quiet there.
6:38 am
the the 49ers hold their training camp in napa. the 49ers don't go any where they hold it here in santa clara. in other years the team could plan for a trip to napa. but this year the plans are now just taking shape. team president told us yesterday finding hotel rooms for players in napa is going to be more difficult than usual this year. 49er players have been holding informal work outs at santa clara state. none of those veterans can practice until they sign. >> first order of business is start seeing our players. you know getting knee to knee and eyeball to eyeball with them. that's the thing i'm most excited about. >> this is not the year either team would have chosen for a 136 day owner lock out. harbaugh and hugh jackson were
6:39 am
both hired in the offseason. have not even coached a down. harbaugh led stanford's football team for the past six years. we will expect those that can be here will begin arriving at 7:00. >> time now 6:38. the new nfl contract is also making gamblers happy. betting on profootball brings in hundreds of thousands to casinos. a longer nfl lock out would have had some major reprocautions. with restaurants, bars, they're breathing a sigh of relief. one bar estimates their business triples every sunday. >> wow, you forget about all the trickle down effects. 6:39 is the time back to
6:40 am
sal to check in on traffic. >> once again will be yelling, dave and pam will be yelling at my house during football season. >> does it help when you yell? >> no i don't think they hear me. >> it helps you. >> it helps me. the commute is getting busier now. you see more people getting on the road. here on the bridge it looks pretty good. the toll plaza on the bay bridge, there is a little bit of a back up here with the traffic getting a little busy from about the 880 over crossing and those metering lights are on. east bay traffic, hayward, union city, the 880 just a little bit slow at eighth street. we have slow traffic through antioch on highway 4. 6:40 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. and a very good morning, we
6:41 am
have fog around. keeping us cool, temperatures remain below average. interesting to note, a couple of peoples that i talked to just been in seattle. coolest summer, and friends to have mine told me they've had 74 hours of 80 degrees or higher. and just incredible cool up there. usually you get a little bit of heat but hardly any. for us we're on the southern edge of this system that has come in. that's been very good to give us an increase. earlier sunshine today, even though we have the fog over us right now. sunshine, breezy and a little warm. just these temps coming up slightly. there's really seven to 10 day outlooks keep things status quo as the high buildings back on the back edge of it. i don't think the fog is going any where. we need a northwest wind and
6:42 am
that's not happening. low clouds and fog give way to sunshine. the sea breeze yesterday was just roaring right along. that's decreased to about half fairfield. still west wind, or southwest wind. mid-50s, san rafael out there. a little cooler for napa and santa rosa. 56 redwood city, livermore also at 55 degrees. not much change, one system moves into the pacific northwest. once that bounces out that allows our temperatures to come out just a little bit. but the fog again still there. nights and mornings, night clouds give way to sunshine. but gradual warming. we get a lot of lee time on this, but inland temps are coming down a little bit. but then probably stay there. a little breeze but lots of sunshine after that fog bank heads back to the coast. so 80s for some. 70s for overs. low 80s. san rafael 78, 76 vallejo, 80
6:43 am
antioch. livermore pleasanton, walnut creek 83 degrees. 70 oakland, alameda 67, berkeley at 68 degrees. 70s, upper 70s and 80s as you get to santa clara. mid-70s for many or 60s and 70s. fog will be with us with slightly warmer inland temps. >> 6:42, new information this morning about the man who confessed to those terror attacks in norway. the surprising and not so surprising thing that anders breivik is saying about his client. and the postoffice service will be looking at closures, we're going to look at which
6:44 am
postoffices might be closing.
6:45 am
6:46 am
well good morning to you welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the stories we're following for you. a policeman hunt resumes in the hills this morning after at least two gunman fired shots at a regional officer in moraga. that officer was not hit. authorities believe the gunman were trying to protect an illegal marijuana operation. just a week left now to the deadline to raise the national
6:47 am
debt ceiling and the political stand off continues this morning in washington. president obama is calling on the american people to call up their congressman, ask them to compromise and get a deal done. the two defendants accused of beating bryan stow are still in jail in los angeles this morning held on a half million dollars bail. the 30-year-old marvin norwood and louie sanchez are scheduled to be arraigned on august 10th. new this morning the defense attorney for the man who hassen confessed to the terror attacks in norway say his client is likely insane. anders breivik took drugs during his massacre to stay awake. people are still listed as missing. in the next hour, the government will announce which
6:48 am
postoffices it could close. ktvu's allie rasmus is in berkeley and says the postal service will consider shutting down dozens of postal officers. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service is going to study each of them to see which is going to close. we don't know which bay area postal offices are on the list, we will find out about 7:30 so. but the idea of postoffices closing is not a new idea. take this postoffice in berkeley, it shut down back in april and since 2009, hundreds of postoffice branches across the country have closed their doors. now all of this is happening because the postal service is facing some big financial problems. the agency says it lost $8 billion last year. and there are a number of reasons why. first because of the recession.
6:49 am
there's been a steep decline in mail. much of the mail is now being sent electronically and private postal service. if they do shut down a significant number of postal branches, they will look into opening up village postoffices. but again, the postal service is expected to announce today about an hour from now they'll be studying 3,600 postoffice for possible closure. that's one out of approximately every 10 postoffice outlets nationwide. about an hour from now we should be getting a better idea. we'll get a hold of that list and we'll get a better idea of how this could affect postoffices in the area. live in berkeley, allie rasmus. >> good story. time now 6:49. anything big on our roads or commute so far? >> we don't have a lot of big things out there, a lot of slow downs will be out there on the
6:50 am
roads are becoming apparent for us. lets go out and look at 237 for example here you will see slow traffic as usually the case crossing 680. after that it does get better. this is a look at interstate 880. so far so good. northbound and southbound including to the oakland airport. and this morning westbound 580 at vasca road an accident on the left shoulder. three cars but traffic is slowing as you pass the accident and head out to the middle part of livermore. at 6:50 let's go to steve. >> sunrise over the big city. and some fog but yesterday at this time, i mean it was way out there so it's kind of retreated a little bit. it maxed itself out yesterday. sunshine for everybody. normal high temperatures for this time of year, fairfield should be 89, today we're going 85. they were 83 yesterday. that's very cool for them. san rafael should be 81, we're
6:51 am
going 78. half-moon bay 65, that's where we forecasted it today, 65. inland temps might come up here in the next couple of days. nothing much going on. tropical clouds continue to rotate. it sits in the middle of country and hot. might drift back here which will allow the valley temps to start warming up. but pretty tough to do when you have a sea breeze in place. west southwest or westerly wind all the way through the delta. 50s on the temps temps. some of these are lower 50s. some of that might work its way up into the southern sierra over the next couple of days, you can see it. it's not a surprise or anything. today it will not happen. morning fog then sunshine a little earlier burn off today. mild to warm, breezy at times but nothing really outrageous. afternoon highs if you're inland will come up a couple of degrees. 60s and also 70s, there are some sign that is the inland temps will start to come up to
6:52 am
the upper 80s and 90s. the over all trend is it's just going to stay there and temperatures below average. this morning, ups reports a 26% jump in profits during the last three months. the second largest global delivery company says strong growth in europe and china helped to boost its earnings. deliveries in the u.s. remain stable but ups warns that could change as it prepares to increase prices. now the company says the price hike is necessary to cover of course the high cost of fuel. all right, let's check in on the numbers as expected, actually not as expected because we were looking for a higher opening this morning of the early future indicated a better opening, but taking a live look at the big board, dow jones off 73 points to 12,519. and taking a peak at the dow, excuse me the nasdaq and the s & p500 they are actually down
6:53 am
just a little bit. the nasdaq is actually starting to shoot up a little bit on the positive side. netflix of course a rising star there on nasdaq, it reported very good earnings. several federal practice on airline fares was cancelled this weekend. the government estimates that the expired taxes totaled $200 million a week. u.s. airways and americans were the first to raise their prizes but they were quickly joined by continental, air tran and jet blue. pretty much everybody. >> everybody. time now 6:53, new help for american soldier, it will help them deal with what are called if invisible wounds of war. the hunt for big foot is on. the california couple that is convinced they are hot on its
6:54 am
tail. san jose, slow traffic as you get up to the valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and we'll have another look at the forecast. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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welcome back time now 6:56, military service members dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and other brain injuries they can now turn to smart phones to get some help.
6:57 am
a handful of apps such as ptsd coach and t2 mood tracker, they've been developed by the pentagon and the veteran affairs department. they offer information about what the military calls the invisible wounds of war. they also offer tipping on how to manage symptoms. a northern california couple claims to be making progress in the search for big foot. >> kathy and bob strain say that sound is a recording of big foot itself. they are lasting the recording into stanislaus hoping to find the creature. bob strain claims he saw big foot at age 19 when he was hunting with his dad. >> it stood up on its legs, and walked off to the mountainside. i got a good look at him. >> reporter: they have dedicated a website to the search for big foot.
6:58 am
we have posted a link under web links. >> got it. just tell him to stay away from the toll plaza because sal will be watching if it goes by. >> yes, i will dave. let's go and take a look at what we have now with the westbound bay bridge. we have followed this on mornings on 2. it has backed up on a short delay about five minutes. we will cover that next coming on mornings on 2. >> we do have low clouds, fog but not as much as yesterday. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s. coming up on mornings on 2 people are already mad about parking tickets. but one case that's going to certainlien rage many drivers. schoolboys accused of a very serious crime. we'll look at the san francisco
6:59 am
courtroom, coming up next. stay with us.


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