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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> one of them actually struck the pilot in his face, that's when everybody jumped up. >> that happened on a airliner coming to the bay area. a violent incident delayed passengers for two hours last night before take off from miami to san francisco. it began with two men acting
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strangely and ended with one punching the pilot. >> american airlines flight 1755 arrived two hours late without two passengers. >> they were acting erratic. you know, suspicious. like they were drunk and, um, bothering organize passengers. >> reporter: one of the men says police couldn't be roused to fasten his seatbelt, suspecting the passengers was drunk. the captain turned the plane and the passengers around and headed back to the gate. >> they were escorted out the door and they were arguing with the captain, they didn't want to leave, and then one of the guys punched the captain in his eye. >> these pictures taken by a passenger reveal how several men came to the pilot's rescue. they held the men down,
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jonathan baez and daniel beaz. >> one of them struck the pilot in his face, that's when everybody jumped up. >> there was two of them. tackled them. i guess the pilot ended up with contusions on his face. we just did what we needed to do. >> reporter: one passenger came to learn his pilot wasn't hurt. >> i woke up finding this scenario just unfolded. >> at sfo jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> a sad follow up to a story, a man shot while helping the homeless has died. the victim known by brother john was gunned down while they were handing out food. ktvu's paul chambers joins us with more on this development. >> reporter: good afternoon.
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they knew him as brother john but police identified him as paris powell. he was shot and killed in front of his wife and two children. police now need your help finding his killer. >> reporter: he reflects on the man he called brother john. brother john and his family would if he had him and the homeless. sadly i was the person to bring them the news about brother john's death. >> i was praying that he lived. because he was a good man. >> reporter: he was one of the last people to see brother john alive. just seconds before a man opened fire on the van they were in, he received a meal from them and now the man who did so much is dead, he wished it were him that was dead. >> i would rather see him with his wife and kids. i would take the bullet, without hesitation. >> reporter: now it's reported
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that his wife is pregnant. she and her daughter were also shot with nonlif threatening injuries. police have not released any information about a motive or suspect information. if you know anything call oakland police. live, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >> the sheriff's department is investigating the death of two men discovered last night at a home near los gatos. a sheriff's spokesman said the men both lived in the home where they were found. he said detectives are waiting for the cause of death. investigators may be able to release more information later today. judge this morning put on hold the arraignment of a moncused of murdering a woman. he is charged with kidnapping and murdering and desecrating
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her remains. the judge did not allow cameras in court. her mother was at the hearing. her daughter's hearing was found two weeks ago on a street set on fire. a story of heroism in the south bay as people rushed to help a father and daughter drowning in a pool. ktvu's kraig debro joins us live with this story. >> reporter: just got an update. the father is now out of the hospital, the little girl is still in the hospital. one of the people in the middle of all this saving lives last night teaches down the street at the high school. we asked him about his role in this he said it's what you are supposed to do. >> reporter: jeff doesn't consider himself a hero but you can call him a life safer. >> lute people were involved in this. >> reporter: last night he was watching dvds one minute is
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giving cpr the next. >> only did it on a dummy. to do it on a little girl was nerve-wracking. the girl and her father was in a pool, he giving her a shoulder ride. friends and other family nebs could hear and see them then suddenly both lay motionless at the bottom of the pool. a resident pulled them from the boughter. >> scary to see an adult and child lying there. >> reporter: he heard the screams for help. >> the gentleman was breathing but his eyes were rolling up. >> reporter: he is used to helping people, in this case jumping over an 8-foot tall fence. >> i went up. when you got adrenaline it's easy. >> reporter: father and daughter are recovery and the board will be addressing what happened at a meeting which is
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tonight. >> get cpr training for some of the neighbors around the pool. >> reporter: we know who did what and how courageous it sounds but the big question is what caused father and dotter to end up that bottom of the pool, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. pg&e is scheduled to remove a old gas line connected to the line that exploded introns san in san bruno. the california pu uc -- orders the removal. >> we will remove it over the next couple of days. as the clock ticks closer to august 2 the two sides in
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the debt ceiling debate remain sharply divided. >> speaker of the house john boehner rallies support for his plan, would raise the debt ceiling for six months. the white house and democrats are endorsing a proposal from harry reid. >> we have 5 days remaining till a few republicans try our economy off a cliff. >> towards the future. we will pass this plan to cut spending and avoid greater economic stress on this country because it is the right thing to do. >> some house members are on board with the john boehner plan. a final vote isn't expected till later in the day. out and protesters weigh in on the debate on circumcision in san francisco today. it's hot out there and getting hotter but is a cool down on
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the way? a street party turns into a near riot in southern california, what police did to break it up.
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. in los angeles six people
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are hurt after a tow truck slammed into a restaurant this morning. it hit the building after 10:30. the restaurant is in a mini mall. the maximum daily dose of tilienal is being lowered to prevent overdose. many other prescription -- people don't realize how much they are take. they also cause 200 fatality as year. rules for skateboarding will be reviewed after a death of a elderly women. she died after a teen on a skateboard slammed into her. her dad daughter is asking for
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bert enforcement. city counsel will debate changes to bike regulations as well. a san francisco judge received -- removed a anticircumcision from the city ballot. a small band of opponents were outside the courthouse this morning as he made her ruling. the judge said regulating medical procedures such as circumcision comes under the state's jurisdiction, not the city. >> seems straightforward to us that it shouldn't be allowed but we wanted to let the voters of san francisco to decide how they feel and unbelievably the city has decided to bring a lawsuit to not even allow it to go to the ballot. >> an attorney argued circumcision is not a medical procedure. in los angeles a street party invitation on twitter
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turned into a riot on hollywood boulevard. >> i got stung. >> it didn't hurt that bad. >> the party was held outside the chinese theater and the premier of electric daisy carnival experience. as they tried to clear the theater of overcrowding a riot erupted. no one got hurt but police police cars were damaged and two people arrested for vandalism. the round up of commuter complaints is out. they survey state and local agencies and found many of the most common complaints had a common thread. >> in the examples of complaints many were related to the tough financial situations
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that consumers and businesses case. >> topping the list were auto related complaints and credit and debt for bank fees and bad mortgages. complaints about utilities and billing, and yard work and online sales. qualitity issues were 7th spot. landlord, fraud and home solicitations. state environmental regulator say they took a big step towards protecting the public. they settled an a level for chromium in drinking water. with the new standards for every million people who drink tap water is there is likely to be one case of cancer. the danger in water were
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1licized in aaron brock ovich. police towed cars away from streets by uc san francisco. there are problem trees, this is video we took earlier today. police say heavy wind and rain may cause the trees to become weak and fall on homes or cars. many neighbors oppose tree clearing say it will do more harm than good. dense fog we saw in that video from san francisco this morning. here is a live look. temperatures beginning to recover. mr. thereis fog in san francisco right now, 60 degrees. latest on fog tracker, low clouds from the beach towards san francisco, ocean beach, golden gate park. breaking up closer to pacifica but more low cloud cover down
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to the south. forecast headlines for today, thursday, fog, once again, another round of fog tomorrow morning. the weekend we will stick with that theme, here is a look at the current numbers. you can see santa rosa 73. concord 78. san jose mostly sunny skies and current temperature of 73. here you go, the radar beginning to watch moisture moving in to southern california, that could be a factor in our forecast with higher clouds. today high pressure squashes the marine layer and we have dense fog this morning, repeat performance tomorrow morning but the clouds clearing back towards the shoreline. circulation around the high, draws in moisture, high clouds for friday, saturday and scattered thunderstorms in the
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sierra over the next 48 hours. we had the fog again. we will put this into motion. 4:00 the clouds pulling back. tonight at 10:00, we will show you fog pushing back into the bay and tomorrow morning there is the fog tomorrow morning at 7:00. bay area forecast for today is this, 4:00, hot numbers inland. 60, 70s, 80s, lower 90s. coastal fog on the increase at 7:00, and targeting the coast and the bay at 10:00. numbers this afternoon, warmest locations fairfield, antioch, brentwood. oakland 74. san francisco downtown in the upper 60s and san jose around 86. half moon bay 62. here is a look ahead, your 5 day forecast, temperatures up a few degrees inland.
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tomorrow inland the warmest locations will approach low 90s. high clouds on saturday and cool things off for sunday and into monday. two different words across the bay area. inland 90s and dense fog keeping it cool for the beach this afternoon. that's what you would expect. >> and that's how we like it. >> always nice to have a choice. >> thank you. >> two men are behind bars after leading police on a car chase across the east bay. >> our cameras caught the chase as it happened last night. officers arrested the two men south of stockton after a 100 miles per hour chase. at first authorities thought they were fugitives wanted for homicide, but they learned the car they were in is registered to one of the suspects.
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three stolen artifacts have been returned to a pet store with a confession letter. the two women were seen in this surveillance video putting the animals in the purses. worth about $700. a dragon lizard and a tortoise and a turtle. police say they will continue to investigate the case, however as a crime. gene quan will attend a party tonight at the amtrak station. this is the first in a series of events to boost interest in a restoration project. the station attracted attention earlier this year and $200,000 in improvements when it was a back drop for a movie. today there will be food trucks and a speech by the mayor. >> dancers are looking for work, we will tell you where you can go if you want to be a
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warriors girl.
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. all right. there is a look at your numbers, dow down 20 points. getting ready to vote on a bill to avoid a u.s. debt default. new information about the police involved fatal shooting in the bay view neighborhood. police say they have found the
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gun that killed kenneth harding during a foot chase july 16.  investigators say someone in the neighborhood led them to the pistol which officers say someone picked up in the chaos after the gun battle. tests determined it is the 38 that fired the bullet that killed kenneth harding. police believe he shot himself. little room for optimism. better than expected. the number of people filing first time claims fell by 24,000. first time claims hit 398,000. the lowest level in 16 weeks. the number of continuing claims fell to 3.7 million. the san francisco bay garden is laying off staff to save money. tim says they have been forced
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to lay off three employees. in 2008 they sued trying to ruin the guarden for undercutting its add rates. they settled for an undisclosed amount of money. all dancers, the warriors girls are looking for new moves and this saturday the warriors' dance team will hold auditions and all 18 spots are open. last year's girls aren't guaranteed a call back and will be required to audition. we spoke to two dancers and they say the process is a tough one. >> each year every girl has to try out, our spots aren't guaranteed so we have to fight just as hard as the other girls. it's a tough competition. >> the auditions take place over several days and begin this weekend with the first round and then the semi finals. finalists participate in the rehearseles before the final
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squad is announced on august 5. if you think you have what it takes there is information on your screen. first round is held at the club sport, they begin this saturday at 8:00 a.m. well the international space station asked cd be headed to a water grave. russia's space agency plans to crash the space station into the pacific over as after the mission ends in 2020. international space station has been in operation since 1998. at 5:00, the comet that scientists are tracking that could be on a collision course with the earth and it happens in one school after another, copper left it, why police say it's the work of professionals. >> our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks so much for joining us
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this noon hour, have a great day.
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