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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the ayes are 74 and the nays are 76. >> crisis averted, the congressional battle that brought the nation of the brink of default. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. we begin with the signing of legislation that will raise the country's debt limit. president obama added his signature to the bill about an hour ago after a partisan
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battle that lased for -- lasted for months. alison burns tell us how our state voted. >> reporter: california's senators helped seal the deal, voting yes to raise the debt limit hours before the deadline. >> the motion to concur to senate bill 365 is agreed to. >> reporter: in the end, republicans and democrats rallied together to pass the plan that also cuts federal spending by historic levels. president obama called it an important first step to helping the country live within its means. but after the vote, both the president and california senator barbara boxer expressed their frustration with weeks of tense negotiations that brought the country to the brink of default. >> our economy didn't need washington to come along with a manufacturing crisis to make things worse. >> people in my state panicked that they wouldn't get a social security check, small businesses saying they couldn't get a decent loan. >> reporter: all of--
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>> all of that for nothing. >> we don't have to have this taking the government as hostage. >> reporter: many arked the spending cuts don't go far enough. >> at the end of the day, this agreement, when you look at it, didn't move a needle at all. >> reporter: plan raises the debt limit through the next presidential debt limit but the fight over what these cuts entail is really going to heat up over the next couple of months. reporting from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the final debt ceiling package includes a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling and the same amount in spending cuts. the process would take place in two stages. first, there will be $900 billion in cuts and a $900 billion debt ceiling increase. then, a $1.2 to $1.5 trillion debt ceiling increase would happen depending on a balanced budget amendment and reforms
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for the tax code and entitlement program. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was an incredible moment in the house of representatives. wounded congressman gabrielle giffords surprised everybody when she returned to cast her vote. it was the first time give orders returned to the capitol since she was shot in the head during a rally last january. she voted in favor of the legislation, which passed by a wide margin. you can go to the website for more details as well as how your senators and the house voted. the internet address is faa has not passed an -- congress has not passed an faa extension bill. we got an idea of how this is impacting so many employees across the country, including in oakland. new at noon, jade hernandez is live at the airport to explain the local project that's now on
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hold. jade? >> reporter: well, more than 60 local construction jobs were lost when work stopped at oakland international. today, it was oakland mayor jean quan against congress. >> these are not controversial projects. these are projects that are approved. these -- you know, part of getting out of the recession is the economy. >> reporter: the alameda labor council brought together several workers left without a job when congress refused to authorized faa a week ago. without the funding, airports like oakland had to stop their project, including the $31 million tower at oakland's airport. this project was originally funded by the stimulus act. >> this control tower was not shut down by natural disasters. there wasn't an earthquake.
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there wasn't a major flood. the faa shut down, it's manmade. >> we're just like everybody else. go to work. have a paycheck. have a good job and get our medical benefits back. >> this project is one of the reasons that my class was able to begin. this is the first class that local 515 has been able to take in almost five years. >> reporter: in washington today, president obama addressed the shutdown at the oval office. >> it's another washington inflicted wound on america, and congress needs to break that impasse now. hopefully before the senate adjourns. so these folks can get back to work. >> reporter: strong word from the president. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a 16-year-old antioch boy kidnapped during a day-time robbery is safe and an amber alert has been cancelled. but there are unanswered questions. ford was helping out at al's
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barbershop yesterday afternoon when the robbery occurred. the armed robber snuck in when hassan went to the store. after stealing money, jewelry and the keys to the store, he ran in and grabbed hassan. it's not clear how hassan got away. but friends and family say he was released. now, al, who does not want his last name mentioned, is hoping to talk to hassan about what happened. >> i'm such a big brother to him, i will be talking to him. just being a big brother and letting him know you can stop things like this. >> the amber alert was cancelled shortly after midnight. the kidnapper has not been found. >> two crime scenes early in the east bay but one crime investigation according to alameda county sheriffs. a man was shot on 159th avenue in unincorporated san leandro. then a car was stopped at i-
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580. allie rasmus joins us live to explain how the two crime scenes are related. >> reporter: well, it all started here on east 14th street and 159th avenue in unincorporated san leandro. around 4:45, deputies say a man was shot as he ran out of this driveway here behind us. now, this driveway goes back to a home and a backyard that's set off from the front of the street, a short time ago, we got a closer look of what was in the back yard of that home -- that home. this is what the gunman was after, marijuana plants in the back yards of the home. but the owner of the plants, the man who lives here, had a security system in place. >> well, the alarm that he had set up near his marijuana plants was a great aid in letting him know someone was there. >> reporter: a sign warns there's also security cameras here. the man who rents this house chased the marijuana thief down the driveway and shot him.
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neighbors heard the gunfire. >> four or five gunshots. >> reporter: and then what happened? >> and then the police is here. >> reporter: before police arrived, the gunshot victim hopped in a car with three other men and took off. a short time later, sheriff deputies stopped their car. the men were detained for questioning and the gunshot victim was transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the sheriffs arrested the man who lives here and he admitted these are his plants. >> just because someone is trespassing on your property or trying to steal your property, it does not give you the right to go out and shoot someone. there are laws in the state of california that will allow you to defend yourself. this is not the case. this is not the case of someone defending themselves from a threat. >> reporter: the sheriff's sergeant said there was a child in the home at the time of the shooting so the suspected shooter could face child
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endanerment -- endangerment charges. however, the four guys in the car, including the gunshot victim, were not arrested. the sergeant says they will not be facing sarges -- charges. he says that's because firing a gun is more serious than stealing marijuana plants. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. later today, cities across the country will host national night-out block parties and hundreds will take place in oakland. oakland hosted 457 parties one year ago including barbecues and other events now we've learned oakland will host 550 parties tonight. organizers say national night out lets neighbors get to know each other. one of the key witnesses in the bryan stow case has died. lee was with him the night bryan stow was attacked. he died -- lee died sunday from eating nuts that were in a
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salad and he is allergic to nuts. the two suspects appeared in court. louie sanchez asked for the bail to be reduced. the judge postponed the hearing until next week. yesterday, the prosecution also released new details of the attack. prosecutors say sanchez surprised stow from behind and punched him in the side of the head. stow's friends told friends he -- stow's friends said he immediate lid lost consciousness and fell to the ground. casey the -- immediately lost conscious insurance and fell to the ground. -- lost consciousness and fell to the ground. casey anthony has until thursday to check in with her probation hearing. the judge intended the probation to start after the release, not while she was
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detained during the trial. and her attorneys are fighting 0 that -- fighting that order. the air bb website is announcing up to $50,000 worth of property damage of property insurance starting august 15th. the announcement comes after a san francisco woman who rented out her home in june came back to find it ransacked. the ceo of air b and b has also apologized. you will hear from this man ahead -- he's a convicted sex offender suing a northern california city to live near a playground. the bay area weather may look the same to most of us. rosemary will pinpoint a few changes. i think it will help our people that will provide us to get a job interview. how these men who are barely dressed at all are helping others dress better.
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one person is -- one person is dead after eating ground turkey. the as i -- the cases are spread over 26 states, including california. so far the cdc has traced the
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disease to at least four locations. the government will not name the retailers or processors. there's also no further information about the person killed. as of now, the government has not ordered a recall. two san francisco city officials say they plan to take steps against crisis pregnancy centers that try to steer women away from having abortions. >> unfortunately, these crisis centers that have proliferated have mass ka rated -- have masqueraded and are centers to dissuade women from seeking their constitutionally- protected rights that they have. >> that's dennis hoe remember raw there -- herrera there. cohen will introduce a mesh at the meeting -- measure at the meeting today that would prolib its false advertising by those providing pregnancy counseling.
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a registered sex offender is suing elk grove so he can stay in his parents' home that's near a neighborhood park. 45-year-old michael escobar says an ordinance that bans him from living within 2,000 feet of a park violates his civil rights. he's been living near his parents and taking care of him since his prison release. he served nine years for sexually molesting a child. as part of his parole he wears a tracking device to monitor his where about thes. >> i don't have any problem with the monitors that we wear. that's great stuff. it helps me probably more than them because now i know they know where i am at all of the time. >> his parents said help is needed. he would end up homeless. the city is asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit. escobar is challenging the state's law, jessica's law, which limits where sexual offenders can live. pg&e is testing pipe.
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it will take place in burlingame, san mateo and hillsborough. the testing involves filling a pipeline with water to find los angeles. a community -- to find leaks. a community meeting will take place tonight at the springs golf course in bur pling game. another meeting is set for tomorrow in san mateo. as the testing in these cities approaches "the chronicle" is worried they may not meet the deadline. so far, only one-quarter of the pipeline have been tested or replaced. pg&e is blaming permits and endangered species laws for the delays. the cost of catching a cab in san francisco could be going up. today, the san francisco municipal transportation agency will consider raising the rates by 40 cents that. would bump the flag drop rate to $3.50. the -- they will also considering issuing 80 new taxi
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medallions. some oppose this. they tell "the examiner" they have called off a strike that was planned for today. an agreement is expected to be formalized tonight in a six- year dispute over 100 acres in the south bay. san jose and campbell have been battling over who will annex and get the tax revenue from the area known as cambrian 36. the two cities have now agreed that campbell will get the land and san jose will get $ $1 million. about 1,000 people live in the area. the popular oakland ice cream shop, fenton's creamery, is looking to expand to la fayette. they are looking to day over the plaza -- to take over the plaza site. but right now that site has only 12 of the 66 pashing
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spaces requires -- parking spaces required. they plan to meet this evening to look for a solution. >> the issue is whether or not it's possible to have a different kind of designation for that area, maybe an historic district that will give us a chance to allow less parking for the businesses in the entire area including a fenton's proposal if it came in. >> the meeting is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. at the city offices on mount diablo boulevard and the public is welcome. good afternoon to you. you may find that today is a great day for an ice cream. temperatures will be slightly warmer than yesterday. outside our door we've got mostly sunny skies. clouds hugging route along the coastline. very typical for a summer. the winds are generally light and variable. a southerly breeze in santa rosa. northeasterly breeze in san francisco and the west swellly wind in fairfield -- southwesterly wind in
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fairfield. pretty good clearing at this time. we still have a little bit of cloud and fall cover ride. san francisco down to daly city. pacifica, partly cloudy skies. half moon bay between partly cloudy and mostly sunny. and we are looking at the possiblibility of this clearing just a little better as we move through the afternoon. mid-60s right around san francisco, oakland, muper 60s in the mountain view area, menlo park, 71 in san jose and warming up pretty good for our inland areas. 75 livermore. 71 degrees in concord. very similar to where we were yesterday, perhaps slightly warmer in some spots. 68 santa rosa right now. 65 in napa. that trough off the coast is going to remain. it's slowly moving but it's almost a snail's pace. by thursday we begin to see our temperature slide a little bit. but for today, slightly warmer. anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees in some cases. the afternoon breeze will be back. 10 to 20 miles an hour, a little breeze especially along the coastline. 60s for the coast today.
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widespread 80s inland. even a few low 90s possible for the afternoon today. 77 expected at petaluma this afternoon. 7 for santa rosa. 80 degrees in napa. upper -- 77 for santa rosa. 80 degrees in napa. 77 expected oakland. inland, 83 walnut creek, upper 80s for antioch. and we're looking at santa clara, into san jose, 80s. upper 80s for morgan hill and gilroy. along the pill, 70s -- peninsula, 70s. 66 in pacifica. the extended forecast here -- very similar to what we're seeing today, we'll see it tomorrow and then that bit of a cooldown as we move through thursday/friday. more notable for our inland areas. and then a gradual warmup into the weekend. so overall, not a lot of change. >> okay. >> and for the most part cool for in time of year. >> okay. thank you, rosemary. >> sure. an eye-catching clothing
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dry drive picked -- kicked off in san francisco this morning with people wearing very little clothing at all. partially-clad men on the streets wearing signs saying "give the suit off your back." it's for the homeless who want to get a job and look good. >> right now, there's unemployment -- the rate is 9%. it only takes a second to make a really good first impression. >> all this month men's warehouse stores will be collecting gently-worn business attire. ahead, personal income is up. but we'll tell you why that is still not a sign for the economy. and some kids hoping you can help them get something they need as the school year approaches.
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another tough day on wall street. the dow, dipping below 12,000 and the nasdaq falling more than 2% with stocks on pace for the longest losing streak in two years despite passage of the lodge-awaited debt ceiling deal. the dow is down to 11,937. the nasdaq is down 55. the s&p down 4. the big reason for the drop, new signs that americans are spending less and saving more. this morning, the commerce department reported spending fell 2/10, the biggest drop in two years. it comes tas consumer prices
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are slipping -- it comes as consumer prices are slipping. the commerce department says most americans increased the amount they saved during -- during june. starting today, highway patrol cars will be decorated with purple ribbons. it's part of a campaign to remind people of the danger of leaving children unattended in the car. the campaign was started by the national organization for keep our kids' safe. the founder is the mother of a 6-year-old who died in a car after being left there by a baby-sitter for more than two hours. it's back to school for many in the bay area. many need supplies. in san jose, more than 2,000 signed up with a nonprofit group to receive free backpacks. sacred heart community services have only collected half of what they need to donate to the kids. say yet heart ends on friday. if you would like to -- sacred
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heart ends on friday -- hearts ends on friday. tonight at 5:00, keeping talent in silicon valley. and new information could be coming out today. a report about be -- will be released in just a few minutes about the jaycee dugard kidnapping case at 5:00. the latest on what the report shows. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. have a great day. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ] ng farmhouse.
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right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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