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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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gym right. >> nancy garrido was enabling phil to fulfill some type of perverted sexual fantasy. >> reporter: dugard was abducted by the garridos in 1991. garrido should have never been released from prison from an earlier kidnapped case, say experts. >> after being convicted he was able to manipulate the psychologists and psychiatrists to basically do his bidding and recommend early releases on his behalf. >> reporter: a public hearing on improving the criminal system is scheduled for tomorrow here at the capital. in sacramento, rob roth ktvu knew. here are more details now on this turn in the garrido case. the report says phillip garrido never became the suspect in the
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unsolved 1988 kidnapping of 9- year-old macayla garrett. garrett was snatched up just about 20 miles from garrido's half way house. there's a strong resemblance in what garrido looked like in 1976 and the description of the man who kidnapped garrett. by 1988, garrido's looks had changed. people are gathering now as a part of national night out. an event designed to help people and communities fight crime. police are describing what needs to happen where there's been an up tick in violence. >> reporter: we're in the historian king neighborhood. because of that organizers expect one of the biggest turn outs for national night out. as you can see people are starting to assemble, about
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2,500 residents signed up for tonight's gathering. it's an encouraging sign for the depleted police department. we road with one veteran police officer today who says he hopes national night out motivates more people to get involved. >> they left a big old mess. yeah it's not a police issue though. >> sergeant bryan joe likes it when people stop to ask for advice and give him information on the night of national night out. san jose has been hit by budget cuts. >> the proactive police kept the violence down because we're always keeping these people in check. we're doing probation searches, we're pursuing violent gang members. >> reporter: community organizers say they are well aware of the situation and it has helped get a bigger response to national night out than they've seen in other years. they say underneath all the fun and family activities is a serious message.
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>> they can't do it alone. and unless we as a community take responsibility and take ownership of our neighborhoods, it's never going to clear up to you know to where we feel safe enough that our kids walk at night. and that's the goal. our kids need to feel safe here. >> back live to the target parking lot where people are still arriving. 3,500 people signed up for this national night out. we will see how things are going with an update at 6:00. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland expects to set a city record with its national night out parties tonight. we'll give you a look at what's happening. everything is set up for tonight's event. in less than half an hour here we expect a lot of people to come to city hall. the mayor and police chief are expected to speak. then officers, firefighters, city workers are all going to be spanning out across oakland. their plan is to attend 559 separate block parties. that's more than 100 more than they visited during last year's record effort.
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we're going to check back in here in just about half an hour to show you what's happening at 5:30. keep in mind that our coverage continues on our website just go to to find a list of where national night out block parties are happening in the area. just look in our home page. the latest on the case of bryan stow. prosecutors reveal that stow tried to run away but his attackers chased him. in court filings, prosecutors say that louie sanchez shoved stow and punched one of stow's friends after the dodger's and giants game. stow then tried to get away. but sanchez and no rway chased them to the edge of the parking lot where they attacked stow again. we first told you about this last night in an amber alert. tonight police say an antioch
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teenager is back at home after being kidnapped. antioch police say 16-year-old hasan ford showed up at his home last night hours after a robber abducted him at gunpoint from a barber shop. this afternoon ford and his mother met with police to discuss his ordeal and help produce a sketch of the kidnapper. congress and president obama ended the debt show down. reporter craig boswell is live to tell us why the wrangling may not be over. >> reporter: it may not. nothing like waiting to the last minute. president obama signed the legislation into law privately in the oval office a little after an hour after the senate opened up. he will continue to fight for what -- obama says he will
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continue to fight for what he calls tax increases. >> so that the wealthier americans and biggest corporations pay their fare share. that means of getting rid of tax oil subsidies and tax loop hopes that help billionaires pay a lower tax rate than teachers and nurses. >> reporter: shortly after his remark, the senate overwhelmingly passed the bill. it raising the nation's borrowing limit and cuts more than 2 trillion in spending. the senate vote comes less than 24 hours after the senate passed it. >> each side laments what we had to give up but that's the way it is. >> never again will any president from either party be allowed to raise the debt ceiling without being held accountable for it by the american people. >> reporter: there are battles
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though ahead. the measure calls for a bipartisan economy to find the remaining $1.8 trillion in deficit reductions and as the president indicated that will likely include new rounds of battle over taxes. so now there is the debt deal that many are asking where's the jobs. what the white house announced today and what it means for creating jobs and keeping talent in silican valley. we talk with white house leaders and a local company that is hiring. san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi says now that the debt crisis has been resolved it's time for congress to focus on an equally urgent matter. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, you cannot say it enough. really what willie nelson said or he was quoted as saying, american people are more concerned about a ceiling over their heads than raising the debt ceiling. >> reporter: when congress returns from its summer recess,
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they plan to raise -- the dow jones industrial average lost 265 points dropping more than 2%. the nasdaq was off 75 points a loss of 2-3/4%. deputies are investigating a shooting inen an unincorporated area near san leandro early this morning that left a man wounded. it surrounded in an attempt to steal these marijuana plants that were growing on the side of a home. ktvu's allie rasmus tell us why a man accused of stealing those marijuana plants is being let off the hook. >> reporter: this is what the man was after. he was trying to steal several marijuana plants from the back of the home. but the owner of those plants
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had a security system in place. >> well the alarm that he had set up near his marijuana plants was a great aid in letting him know someone was there. >> reporter: a sign on the back of the home also tells people there are security cameras here. police say he shot him in the rear end. neighbors heard the gunfire. >> four or five gunshot, yeah. >> then what happened? >> the police is here. >> reporter: before police arrived the gunshot victim hopped into the car with three other men and took off. sheriff's deputies stopped their car. the gunshot victim went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. sheriff deputies went back to the home to arrest the suspected shooter. police say he admitted these are his marijuana plants. >> just because someone is trespassing on your property or someone is trying to steal your property, that does not give you the right to go out and shoot at someone. there are laws in the state of
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california that allow you to defend yourself. this is not the case. this is not a case of someone defending themselves from a threat. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy says there was a child in the home at the time of the shooting so the gunman may face child endangerment chargeless. the gunshot wound and the men in the car were not arrested. that's because shooting someone is a more serious crime than stealing marijuana plants. california health department says the person in sacramento county has died from a salmonella poisoning outbreak. tainted ground turkey is suspected. it may be responsible for over 70 illnesses around the nation. two illnesses were reported in san francisco. four others in southern california. the government is not giving details such as the brand or suspected source of the meat and there's no recall but people are being told to cook
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any turkey thoroughly. this new taxi technology helps a cab driver and cop catch an alleged criminal. it's a little bit warmer out there today. some temperatures near 90 in inland bay valleys. i'll let you know how warm it'll get in your neighborhood. okay, kids, we can record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great.
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the cost of taking a taxi in san francisco is going up. the municipal transportation agency today approved a 40-cent increase in the flag drop rate. that dumps the price to $3.50. mta directors also approved issuing more than 80 new taxing medallions. some oppose adding cab drivers
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drivers. >> reporter: take a look at this, these cameras are supposed to make cab drivers a little safer. it's a shocking sudden attack, surveillance video taken from inside a cab shows a woman being robbed. >> the suspect then takes off on foot. the victim is an at intersection and you see her distraught. >> reporter: but the story ends with a high tech twist. >> our driver went up and called for assistance. with the gps technology we were able to track him where he was going, he notified our dispatch. >> reporter: the cab driver and the victim followed the suspect to the intersection of bay street and columbus avenue. that's where police arrested brandon web of san francisco on robbery charges. it was all documented on these
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$500 cameras. the camera records both the front seat and a rear view. >> it captures images and it would assist officers with investigations when crimes like these occur. >> reporter: for now san francisco police call the new cab cameras a valuable tool. >> we have video of the actual crime as it happens. and that helps us with the investigation, not only that but also helps with the prosecution. >> reporter: the luxor cab driver who aided that victim has not been identified for his own safety. san francisco police plan to honor him at tomorrow police commission hearing. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. an agreement is supposed to be finalized over a dispute over 600 acres.
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the city of san jose and campbell have been battling who will annex an unincorporated area known as cambrion 36. the two have now agreed the lands will go to campbell. the cities are expected to approve the major terms of the agreement tonight. about 1,000 people live in the area. a federal judge handed down a 15 year old sentence today to a man who set a california mall on fire last year. the fire caused more than $55 million in damage to the westfield galleria in roseville. 24-year-old alexander pigge pled guilty. fire crews in the east bay are investigating what started a brush fire near a golf
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course. firefighters helped contain the fire to 50 acres. the fire department tells ktvu they were fortunate to get this fire under control before the winds really picked up. speaking of the winds let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin and see what's going on with the weather out there. >> not above the average, warmer than it has been. we have some fog bufferins burning off the coast. there's some breaking out there. fog is going to come back again tonight. and it will definitely make it to the inland bay valleys. right now in concord it's 87 degrees out in concord. that's just short of where it was earlier today by about 2 degrees. so got about 89 degrees. we're looking for forecast highs tomorrow to be slightly cooler than what we experienced today. and as that occurs as we look at the cooling temperatures we're looking for numbers to begin to stay on the cool side right through the bay area
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weekend. so it's not going to be a real warm run of temperatures around here. what you can do is go outside and take a look at a live camera see what we have out there. you can see out in the avenues near san francisco. you see the clear sky, those clear skies are going to give way to fog here very soon. it'll be just like last night basically. that's basically what we're looking at is one of those situation where is the fog comes back tonight. the overnight low temperatures tonight are going to be mainly in the 50s, the low 50s. you see them here 56 in concord, 55 in livermore. 57 in antioch. with those temperatures you will notice the fog making it into santa rosa into vallejo and into concord. so definitely more of the same, it was warmer today. it's going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow. as we head toward the bay area weekend, a little bit cooler still. so when i come back we're going to see you back here in about 20 minutes. i'm going to have the forecast for your neighborhood. i'll show you where it's going to cool down and where it's going to for the bay area
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weekend and the five day forecast, i'll see you back here. on thursday president obama hits one of life's big milestones when he turns 50. the president plans to celebrate the big 5-0 a day early in his hometown of chicago. he will hold a birthday gala and fundraiser wednesday. >> he said what he wants for his birthday is a deal on the national debt. that's what he wants, yeah. in a related story, michelle obama is at the apple store trying to buy a $4 trillion i tunes gift card. >> reporter: mr. obama reelection campaign also plans hundreds of birthday house parties across the country. a new push to legalize marijuana. why it's not happening here in california this time. plus it's supposed to be a place where women can go to get counseling for an unplanned
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pregnancy. tonight what san francisco leaders say the center is really doing for the women who go there. she's in hiding. why casey anthony will have to show her face by the end of the week. new at 6:00, we'll show you the extreme measure one toy store owner is taking against shoplifting. >> i've decided i have to do something to close the doors. >> and you will not believe the new security measure you will have to take to go indoors. >> time is ticking for pg & e. >> we have to get this done before it gets too cold so we can serve people reliably.
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anthony's attorneys are fighting -- two officials took aim at a crisis pregnancy center. they say the facility deceived young woman who turned to them for help. >> i want to prevent any kind of fraud and frankly an opportunity for young women to become a victim. >> supervisor malia cohen and herr era accused the center of using false advertising and fear mongering to push legislation. the city attorney said first
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resort has a constitutional right to offer counseling. >> if you take a look at their ads, they lure women in by pretending that they are providing abortion related services and abortion counseling when that is not in fact, what they are doing. >> reporter: herr era sent a cease and resist order. dolly payton has issued an apology to a lesbian couple who visited her theme parks. one of the women was wearing a shirt that said marriage is so
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gay. parton said she was sorry for any quote hurt and embarrassing the women suffered. she did offer them a ticket refund. supporters of legalizing marijuana say that colorado may be a better bet of california. they say that i had learned lessons from the failure of prop eight here in california. they say it costs half as much to pass a statewide measure in colorado than it does in california. in antioch a man is robbed, a teenager is kidnapped and some close to the case say the story just doesn't add up. keeping foreign entrepreneurs in silican valley, the white house leader on the peninsula today and the just announced program that some worry could hurt not help americans find work.
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there are new twists tonight in an amber alert story we first reported to you on last night's 5:00 news. now police wonder if the alleged teenage victim might be part of the crime. police say a 16-year-old boy told them he was forced to drive an armed robber away from an antioch barber shop. sal castaneda has been talking to the robbery victim who has serious doubts. >> reporter: we do know for sure is the man who was robbed, al, told us that the man who was involved in this, or was
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kid thatted came in today to speak with him. al holmes says he was closing yesterday when he was robbed at gunpoint. his friend 16-year-old hasan ford was kidnapped by the robber triggering an amber alert. the suspect fled in holmes suv. later police cancelled the alert when they learned ford had been let go. holmes says ford and his mother came into the barber shop, spoke to holmes and explained to him what happened. holmes says the conversation was very brief and the two left shortly thereafter. holmes says he asked hasan ford directly if he had anything to do with the robbery. >> are you involved in this and he said no. he said that guy robbed me like he robbed you. and i said so where did he take you. he said he took me on lone tree, he said to get out of the car and if i turned around or looked around he would shoot me in the back.
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>> reporter: he worries ford was put up to no good and he might not be telling him the truth. >> i want to believe he's not a victim but i'm really unsure right now. >> reporter: police say they are not sure what relationship if any ford had with the kidnapper. >> the relationship may have been victim and criminal or more than that, we're not sure at this time. >> reporter: security has been increased here at al's barber shop. the car being used in the robbery is being searched by police. still being processed so it was actually the man's car inside. he still does not have his car back, police won't say when he will get it back. live in antioch, sal castaneda. let's take you back to oakland city hall. this is a live picture of what's happening at the national night out event right in the heart of the city of oakland. we're told by our crews on the
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scene. there were about 60 oakland police officers there. there's also city workers, we expect to hear the mayor and police chief speak in about 30 minutes to the people who are attending. then the officers will span out and attend other parties that are being held across the city. they say communities have less crimes when neighbors are looking out for one another. our coverage continues on our website. you can go to to see where the list of the national night out rallies are happening all across the bay area, look in the right now section of our home page. the white house has come to silican valley. maureen naylor is in palo alto where the president's economic leaders are looking at ways of stimulating the economy with bay area companies leading the way, maureen. >> ken, this company recently announced it's expanding it's
5:32 pm
palo alto facilities. a new giant thumbs up like it sign located outside facebook. executive directors say keeping top talent from other countries is an ongoing challenge. >> google moving offices around engineers that couldn't get visas or getting visas for family members. >> reporter: at the same time the ceiling debt ceil was being passed, executives were holding meetings. >> there's nothing as powerful as getting our economy to grow. >> reporter: the white house today announced an initiative to make it easier for immigrant entrepreneurs to get green cards and stay in the country without a company sponsor. >> we're just clarifying the rules of folks who want to stay here can be here and grow our
5:33 pm
economy and that's what we did today. >> reporter: some think the company will help grow it's 10,000 employee base. >> just today we have over 1,000 opening on our job board and we simply need the best engineers from all around the be able to help us keep inventing the new things. >> reporter: still the problem remains how to help lesser skilled workers find jobs. the president fears that the budget deal will keep americans from finding jobs, the house thinks it will create more. consumer spending fell 2.3% in june. at the same time incomes grew by the smallest amounts in nine months rising only .1%. analysts say unemployment and
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soaring gas prices has squeezed household budgets. taxes stopped when the faa partially shut down last month. travelers who bought tickets prior to the shut down but flew during it are due a refund. taxes can add up to $60 on a $300 round trip ticket. yesterday delta announced it will offer direct refund. a wine keeper that pled guilty to starting a fire that ruined $2 million worth of vines changed his plea today. prosecutors allege anderson set a vallejo wear warehouse on fire in 2009 to cover up an
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embezzlement scheme. a texas judge heard warren jeffs speaking about sex with a teenage girl. he married a 14-year-old in 2004. they then played a tape when he instructs her and another young girl on how to be close to him physically. if convicted jeff's could go to prison for life. issuing an apology was the first step. what else is being done by an online site after a woman's home is trashed. what the internet companies are doing to bring you a bargain. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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a website that helps people rent private homes for vacations will now provide $50,000 insurance coverage to the homeowners. air b & added the insurance after a san francisco woman came home in june to find a vacation renter had ransacked her house. police have a suspect in custody. the executive of air b & b
5:39 pm
apologized. the iconic fanton's creamery wants to expand to lafayette and take over the theater site. but that site has only 12 of the 66 parking spaces required by new city rules. >> the issue is whether or not it's possible to have a different kind of designation for that area maybe a historic district that will give us a chance to allow less parking for businesses in the entire area including proposals that came in. >> right now a special appointed economy is holding meetings. any possible resolution will still have to go before lafayette's full city council. today google announced it's purchase of menlo park based the website compiles discounts from business all over the
5:40 pm
country. the acquisition will help google's own coupon website. we haven't heard back from amazon on when it plans to make the service available here in the bay area. the current amazon local deals are also offered through the living social website which amazon has invested in. regular work outs are good for your brain as well as your body. now certainly your doctor may have told you this before but new research that reviewed more than 100 previous studies on exercise supports the conclusion. exercise and strength training may boost brain chemicals that are key to cognitive thinking. researchers in paris were among the top authors on the study. it's called art, a first of its kind clinic in the area,
5:41 pm
can electrical stimulation replace therapy. we'll tell you which cities will be the warmest tomorrow and we'll tell you how much warmer they will be. we'll show you the extreme measure one toy store owner is taking against shoplifting. >> i decided we have to do something or close the store. >> you will never it has to be done before it gets too cold. >> we're learning about the hefty task ahead of pg & e. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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>> a new clinic in the east bay could provide pain relief even prevent surgery in some cases. c a ses. health and science editor tom vacar with what one man calls a miracle. >> reporter: it's called soft wave. this walnut creek clinic opened
5:44 pm
today. jim dudam hurt his achillum. >> the problem is neurological and the muscles above that joint liner did not work. >> reporter: it's based on what are calling trigger points. on the theory that the point of injury or pain is some where different than the actual source. and the electrical stimulation is placed at the source. >> what i do is change the signal to the spot. >> reporter: exercise floods the spot with blood. >> it's a much more efficient way of breaking down a pattern. >> reporter: future patients will connect with therapists via clinic cams. profootball, baseball and hockey players use the electrical stimulation. >> i couldn't go upstairs without having pain in my knees. comes back from the surge -- coming back from the surgery
5:45 pm
still having the same pain: we found that the main -- pain was not coming from here, it was coming from here and here. we found this while i was playing hockey. that has an athlete is powerful. >> it's very simple. >> reporter: kenneth lenehan rents the machine with his wife paula. 17 years with pain, for years unable to laugh or strengthen her right arm until arp wave. >> two months and we're seeing a dramatic improvement in her health. >> see a health care professional first. arp way is not covered by insurance. cost is about $2,000 for 30 treatments. for more information go to, click on web links. health and science editor john fowler ktvu news. next month will mark ten years since the 9/11 attacks and today we got the first look
5:46 pm
of how president obama will mark the anniversary. obama will visit both site where is planes went down. in new york and pennsylvania. >> throughout the day he will pay tribute to those we lost. honor the americans who responded on that day and who served in arms way over the last decade. >> first lady michelle obama and vice president joe biden will also participate. two santa clara firefighters headed out on a 911-mile ride to commemorate
5:47 pm
those who were lost during 9/11. our julie haener is live in our newsroom with the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> gasia, pg & e is facing a deadline to test and repair pipelines. why the company is concerned the work will not be done before the peak winter months. and we'll tell you the extreme measures one store owner is taking to prevent theft. nasa says the piece is one of 18 tanks that provided electricity and water for the shuttle. you remember in 2003, columbia
5:48 pm
broke apart and burned. the drought has caused water levels there to drop exposing a larger than normal area of the bottom. tourists aboard a whale watching boat were treated to a rare and beautiful sight this week in southern california. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: you don't see this very often. more than a dozen endangered blue whales including a mother and her calf showed up off the coast of long beach. there are only about 2,000 blue whales left in the pacific ocean and they usually don't appear in that area until much later in the year. >> it's fantastic. it's like a once in a lifetime. >> they are a lot bigger than i expected. they came closer to the boat than i thought too. >> we're going to take home this memory and we're going to come back and do it all again. >> blue whales of course are the biggest creatures on earth often reaching more than 100 feet in length and they can weigh 100-tons.
5:49 pm
>> it's like you're watching a hollywood movie or something. that's a gorgeous picture. let's go to bill martin, those are amazing pictures aren't they. >> we do see a lot of gray whales up this way. the grays are much much smaller than those giant blue whales. as we go outside right now, we do have cool air right at the coast. this is the current temperature map. i want to show how that marine air has infiltrated the bay and the immediate coastline. out in the valley, there's your heat out toward stockton, modesto and sacramento, it's the classic weather pattern and it's going to hold as we go into the bay area weekend. it's not going to get hot it's just going to be mild to very warm. some places in the very far inland valley. out toward brentwood it'll be easily into the 90s. the fog forecast for tomorrow morning, here you go about 5:00 a.m. you just see a big punch of it. that's going to give us mostly cloudy skies when you start
5:50 pm
your day as you go into your wednesday and then it burns right back to the coast. but then the temperature forecast. the fog has already done its thing. it cools off the bay. very similar to today, maybe just a little bit cooler. as you head out into the ocean beaches, you're going to find temperatures in the 60s. out toward lafayette and concord and martinez into the 80s. you see it ratcheting up as you get further inland. not into the 100s, not into the mid-90s, but into the mid-80s. tomorrow's forecast slightly cooler than it was today. the low pressure center is the mechanism, it's what i've been tracking. as it moves north like tomorrow it's going to keep us about the same or slightly warmer. a little cooler at the coast. as it moves south as it will on thursday, it's going to be notably cooler.
5:51 pm
so when that thing tracks south it just pushes more cool marine air our way. tomorrow is more like today. some places will warm up. some places will cool down. thursday is a day where everybody drops a few degrees. your forecast high is 88 in fairfield, 90 in brentwood tomorrow. your forecast high 82. 90 in gilroy that will be one of the hot spots. your five day forecast with the weekend always in view is more of the same. this weather pattern this summer has been very similar from day-to-day from week to week. we haven't had big heat waves, we haven't had big cool downs, we've had very few brush fires and wild land fires and cool averages. that's what you get with these milder temperatures. >> thank, bill. a memorabilia collector says original photos of adolph hitler's parents have surfaced in california and will soon be put for auction. a french family living in orange county has been in possession of portrait of
5:52 pm
hitler's mother and father since the 1980. gotley's are now helping the family auction the photos. >> these pictures are not rare. they are one of a kind, they are the only two that exist. >> reporter: it's unclear how the photos ended up with that family. the photos could go for $100,000 or more. coming up a fleet of new trucks will soon hit the road in san francisco. why the arrival is being called a trial run. yeah, she's great.
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yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time.
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there are more signs today that the auto company is bouncing back after being hit hard. ford says sales increased almost 9%, that's after a more than a 3% jump a year ago. ford is the only member of detroit's big auto makers that did not file for bankruptcy protection in 2009. the mayor of san francisco accepted the keys to 14 new hybrid trucks. city workers will subject that fleet to a reality road test on the streets of san francisco. >> if i understand that that's a game that everybody is playing with these cars is trying to make sure if they can go about a full day of activity and not use a drop of oil. >> mayor ed lee who himself drives an electric car was
5:56 pm
clearly excited about the city's new fleet of hybrid trucks. the fleet of ram trucks will be used during a year project. lee says the trucks will be put to the test on san francisco's hilly and congested streets. >> we're going to have department of public works picking up trash in these vehicles. we have a multitude of different departments under our active city administrator including interesting enough our animal care and control that will be carry stray pets. >> reporter: researchers from uc davis will take mileage data from the trucks and will monitor their charging ability, fuel economy and real performance. lee says that by december 2012 there will be 15 charges stations. we'll tell you about the
5:57 pm
extreme steps the owner of this toy store is going through to stop shoplifters.
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5:59 pm
good evening i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener, thousands of people are gathering tonight for national night out an event to unite neighborhoods against crime. ktvu's robert handa is live now at one of the biggest gathering in the south bay to tell us why organizers say they are at a critical turning point when it comes to keeping families safe, robert. >> reporter: well julie we're in one of the highest crime areas in the south bay in story and king road and we're also at one of the largest national night out events going to be held at san jose. the event is a gathering to help neighbors fight crime both informally or with the help of groups. help that san jose police say they n


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