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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he was first thought to be a kidnapped victim in an alleged armed robbery. he's now considered a suspect in that same crime. now painted over but why? >> some new safety measures for the sidewalk of the golden gate bridge. congress finally gets a debt deal done. the impact it will have on local projects. the morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day partly sunny wednesday, august 3rd i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. let's begin with a check on the weather. >> we do have a low cloud deck again. it has filled in nicely today compared to yesterday. they cooled down in the lows 40s and 50s. today we are starting off with 50s. a little bit stronger delta breeze. instead of 90 we will go 80. a lot of 80s to near 90s. now here's my good friend sal. steve, good morning. that is a look at the south bay. northbound 280 traffic is looking pretty good. westbound 287 they are clearing an accident where a car avoided debris and ran into a wall. and also 680 traffic getting down to that part of the bay looks good. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. this week an armed robbery and apparent kidnapping at an antioch barbershop triggered an amber alert. paul chambers tells us this morning the entire case has
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been turned upside down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it's being reported that 16- year-old has admitted in taking part in the kidnapping that took place during the robbery. he was arrested tuesday afternoon at the barber. it's said the owner of the barbershop was alone when the gunman pointed a weapon at his head and threatened to shoot him. while this was happening ford returned from running an errand. that is when the shop owner said the gunman stole his key and wallet and appeared to force them into the suv at gun point. >> are you involved in this? he says no that guy robbed me like he robbed you. i said okay where did he take you? he said he took me rob lone tree. he said i better out of the
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car. >> reporter: now published reports said investigators found a sawed off shotgun at that address on lone tree. we of course are staying on top of this. i have put in several calls into the police department and we are waiting for a response. live in antioch i'm paul chambers. time now 6:02. a well known must recall in san jose -- a well known mural in san jose has been painted over but who did it? kraig debro is live. >> reporter: good morning, to you dave. we're on east taylor street. not too far from the airport. behind me is a mural that has been painted over. it has been here for 25 years. you can still make it out. people don't know why it was turned over. when you think about the why you think about somebody doing
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something distrucktive. the why in this case means somebody seemed to want to paint it over. here's what the mural used to look like before it was painted over. but this has been here for 25 years. it has ban landmark in this neighborhood as one of those icons in the neighborhoods. it's one of the identifiable things that people can say meet me at the el tarasco mural. they quoted the artist. he wanted to be the one to paint over his own art work. someone beat him to it. we don't know who or why. reporting live kraig debro. time now 6:04. palo alto police investigating several recent school burglars. the latest target jordan middle school. somebody smashed the windows of the computer lab and stole fiver apple computers worth
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thousands of dollars. this is the fourth school burglary in palo alto in the past six weeks. computer equipment was stolen in each of the cases. the police think maybe the same thieves did them all. the golden gate bridge has new measures in place to try to cut down on congestion on the eastern sidewalk. the bridge district painted these new lanes separating bicyclists and tourists and pedestrians. normally the western sidewalk is set aside for bicyclists. right now it's under going a seismic retro fit project. pedestrians and bicyclists will have to share the eastern walkway until the western side reopens in september. problem averted the debt crisis by signing last minute legislation to increase the u.s. debt ceiling. now analysts are looking at what the $2 trillion in federal cuts will mean to states. coming up we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the
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federally funded state projects now considered at risk. google faces new legal problems in europe. the search giant is being investigated in nine separate antitrust cases according to newspapers there. european union officials had said they were looking into four cases against the mountain view company. the companies all charge their website comes up lower on google searches than they should because they are rivals. google faces similar antitrust charges in the u.s.. time now 6:06. bay area residence got a chance to know their neighbors a little better last night during the national night out. in fact, the city of oakland had a report setting night. they held 550 block parties in oakland. that is the most ever in the city. the whole idea is to wipe out violence by building stronger community ties and neighbors say it makes the streets safer. >> it's been great to have all
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the neighbors come out. knowing your neighbors is a great way to have safety. especially since i have three small children. it's great to know i can feel safe with them on the streets. >> in san jose there was another big turnout for national night out at the story and king road neighborhood. it's it has been one of the heaviest crime neighborhoods. residence in east pal low alto celebrated with music, dancing, and a lot of food. a propane extension program. one man. you can see the flames and the smoke coming from a mobile too truck. they suffered second and third degree moneys burns because of all of this. 6:07 a house fire in santa clara is under investigation this morning. firefighters were leaving a national night out event when they saw smoke around 7:00 last
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night when crews got there, there were flames and heavy smoke coming out of the house. at one point the neighbors fence started burning raising concerns the fire could spread to other homes. crews managed to put the fire out before that happens. >> i was getting back from the gym and it was getting smoky. isotoped outside and in 20 seconds the smoke blocked out the sun. >> there was a dog inside the house at the time but firefighters were able to rescue it. no one was hurt. divorce settlement sal, can you help the -- sal, can you help the folks at the toll plaza? >> i think i can. but i don't know if it will last. let's take a look at westbound at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is going to be okay. it's not a bad commute here. you will see traffic continues to move along nicely. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. if we move to interstate 880 the traffic does look pretty
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good at the coliseum. on northbound 280. a car was driving and drying to avoid debris and ended up hitting a wall. that is terrible when it happens. that car is now up against the wall and waiting for a tow truck there. 6:08 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning, good morning. we have a similar pattern yesterday. it will still be warm inland. i think we are going to shave off a couple degrees on the afternoon highs. even though it will still can in the 80s for many. noneny and warm away from the coast. more fog and drizzle to be on the increase tomorrow. weekend looks quiet. there are signs that next week next week we might warm up. we have an area of low pressure
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that is dig into the north. that will be a continuation as we have yesterday. as we move far it does look cooler. but for us it's the fogback that enhanced itself. it was still there yesterday but it did burn off sooner. a lot cooler lows yesterday. napa at this time was 49. today they are 56. 50s for many. i was just looking san jose with mostly clear partly clouds fog is starting to fill in. big difference is the fairfield west, southwest gust to 28. yesterday was only 17. san jose southeast at 6. calm everywhere else. there is not much going on. the delta breeze still in place. the low spinning right there out of the gulf of alaska. that is what is going to increase our fog. so the high builds in for a
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day. puts on the air brakes and starts to move out. inland temps 80s and 90s. eventually the sun does show up for some. a little bit of a change today. maybe cooler inland. morning clouds still warm inland. if you run war clear lake it will be hot. 94-95. nevada 81. petaluma 179. 79 for kentfield. 90 pisbur. 68 al media. san jose 88. 80 wood side. 67 in downtown san francisco. a little cooler thursday and we take that into your weekend. 6:11. a new legal fight for casey anthony is brewing. plus the new photos that may have blown her cover. and the former president of
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egypt on a gurney and in that cage. the charges facing hosni mubarak.
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welcome back. time now 6:14. new this morning dramatic moments in cairo egypt. former egyptian president hosni mubarak goes on trial for corruption. the 83-year-old mubarak is accused of ordering the killing of protestors that forced him
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outover power this year. that is a courtroom. he's down on gurney. now mubarak denied the charges as that trial began. if he's convicted he could get the death penalty. the judge ordered mubarak to come back to court on august 15th. we have new video to show you. this video was shot by chilean miners. it showed some of what the men did to pass time. that six-inch wide shaft that served as their umbilical cords. one brought down supplies. the other for communication. there was a third one that helped with their air supply. the the minors were trapped by an explosion august 5th of last year. they were finally rescued. brought to the surface 70 dee days later. governors across the country are embracing for big
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cuts in federal aid. president obama has signed a deal to raise the nation's debt limit. as alison burns reports the spending cuts could be especially painful for estates. right? >> reporter: that is right. federal aid accounts for more than 40% of the revenue in california and as congress weighs trillions in spending cuts, some of that money is on the line. now in the immediate round of cuts, some of the most likely targets experts say are transportation, education, and environmental programs. states are already making historic cuts on their own as the debt limit deal means the pain will get worse. president obama is promising to protect what he can as the fight heats up over the details in the next few months. >> we can't make it tougher for young people to go to college. or ask seniors to pay for health care because we couldn't close a tax shelter for the
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most fortunate among us. >> california governor jerry brown was quoted as saying after the votes yesterday that it is difficult to gauge how much pain will be felt. but he says billions in vital funds are at stake. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. 6:16. despite an appeal for president obama, the senate went on its summer vacation without funding the federal aviation administration. that leaves nearly 4,000 nonessential workers on unpaid furlough. other essential employees are working without pay at least through labor day. they have issued stop work orders on 200 construction projects all over the country. that includes work on a new control tower at oakland international airport. it was funded by federal stimulus money and one-third complete. there may be an emergency court hearing today in florida over probation for casey
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anthony. the casey anthony lawyers have filed an emergency motion to have a judges revised probation order thrown out. they say it will be unsafe for casey anthony to return to orlando, florida and she already served her probation while being detained during her murder trial. however, the judge says he intended for casey anthony to serve a year-long probation term for a check fraud conviction after she was released from jail. look at this. tmz says they have the first photos of casey anthony since she got out of jail. they posted these pictures taken in ohio on sunday. they say this is casey anthony shopping around town wearing an ohio state university baseball cap. sources are telling tmz casey anthony has made several stops around the nation since being acquitted of murder. san rafael city council wants to start work on a plan that would keep grocery stores
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giving plastic bags to customers. it would also require customer to pay a nickel for every paper bag they take out of the businesses. the city council is asking that the ban be expanded to include retail stores one year after the original law goes into effect. 6:18. sal is going to help you get to where you need to go. how is 880? >> it's doing okay right now dave and tori. we are looking at the traffic here. past the coliseum if you are driving south to hayward. should be a pretty decent drive for you getting down to the san mateo bridge or to the dumbarton bridge. we don't have a lot going on. northbound 680 in fremont there is a crash with the right lane blocked. a motorcycle and a big rig is involved. the fire department has been called. it sounds like a pretty accident. we'll tell you more about this. let's move along and take a look at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is
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moving along pretty well. there is no major delay at the toll plaza. and if you watch every day i don't -- ewe notice our toll plaza camera is back and a lot of people have been asking about that. i want to put this accident on the map. i want to alert you this is now a fatal accident northbound 680 at mission boulevard. the coroner has been called. northbound 680 traffic is going to be effected by this. southbound traffic is going to be slow. so once again a fatal accident northbound 680 at mission boulevard. the traffic is beginning to slow down heading south. let's go to steve. sal, we have fog out there. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine today. a little haze now that is starting to fill in. temperatures yesterday did warm up. we will keep them where they were yesterday. san jose was clear.
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it whether burn off pretty fast. i think you were 79-78 yesterday. about the same. thunderstorm activity is kind of just about done. there still could be a few popping up if you are traveling east or south. for us 50s. for many of us the temperatures are about the same today due to an increase in that fog delay. there is a little slow coming in into the south of alaska. it will still be warm to hot inland. temperatures there could be a good 30-35-degree spread between some. 60s, 70s, and 80s. did go to a few low 80s. a lot of low 80s northbound. 70s on the peninsula. very close to average for this time of year. if anything i think it will be cooler inland. no great change as we go into the weekend. >> thank you. it's 6:21. a few minutes ago clorox reported strong earnings but it's that income dip. profits were down 1% as raw
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material costs increase. clorox earned $169 million which is down slightly from the same time last year. it still tops wall street earnings. today aol launches a free ipad software that gives users a customized daily e-magazine that draws its content from all over the web. the software which is called editions is updated once a day. users can edit what content they want to see. time now 6:22. a lawsuit filed against the major hotel over something that costs less than a dollar. what an angry customer is ready to fight over no matter what the cost. an accident that earn a british police officer the title row bow cop. new crash involving a motorcycle. this will be there for awhile.
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sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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get your annual ikea catalog today. we have a crash that will be there for awhile on 680 southbound as you come down to the bottom of the hill. actually that crash is northbound but the traffic delay will be southbound 680.
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this crash northbound 680 involving a motorcyclist and the coroner is on the way. let's go back to the desk. an english police officer is being called a real life robo cop after a frightening accident incident. the officer was setting up a roadblock to try to stop a suspect in the stolen car. you can see the officer pulling over and the suspect slam into the police car. hurling the officer in the air. amazingly he got up and chased after the suspect on foot. he eventually helped capture him. the suspect was sentenced to 23 months in jail. a heartbreaking momento. one of the missing fishermen lost in that boating tragedy. it was found and returned to his family last night. the ktvu was there the family of donald lee met mike and sharon fuller of pleasanton. donald lee's tackle box wound up at their vacation home after
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a group of missing fishermen fished it out of the water. donald lee's wife described the reaction when she heard about the tackle box. >> i was driving in. i just couldn't help it. i burst into tears. thinking that oh my god you know i -- it was so important to have something of his. >> donald lee and six friends went missing after their boat capsized on july 3rd off mexico's baja coast. family members are holding family members to help pave the cost of a diving exhibition. that man filed a class action lawsuit against the hotel chain for charging him 75 cents for a newspaper he never requested. the man said he noticed a copy of usa today in front of his door but did not pick it up. later he learned he had been charged 75 cents for the paper. the hotel told him he would
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have to specifically decline the paper not be charged for it. the man says that is another example of a company taking advantage of people. 6:27. they are demanding an apolicy in -- demanding an apology. the new protest today. a 16-year-old was the kidnapping victim that lead to an amber alert after an armed robbery is now a suspect in that crime. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. it is 6:30. opening bell has just rung on wall street. it looks like johnson & johnson
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doing the honors outside. it looks like it will be a positive day on
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they plan to stage a 3-day hunger strike. he said he was unfairly fired
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in june for trying to start a labor union. he plans to protest at the headquarters in san jose. it will be the second hunger strike against the chain. >> the company says the layoffs are, because of the tough economy. time is 6:35. it has been relatively quiet so far. >> it has been but now we have something that is shattering that quiet unfortunately. that would be on 680. we told you about this last time. northbound 680 at south mission boulevard. what we found out is that this crash involving a big rig and a motorcycle and the coroner has been called. it was a motorcycle accident. now we know there is a big rig also. the location is northbound 680 at mission boulevard south in free month.
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we have a crew on the way to the crash. >> this traffic looks good in both directions. if you're going to the bay bridge, there is all ready a backup hereof about 5 minutes. 6:36. back to steve. >> did you forget me? >> no. >> some low clouds. yesterday i had a warmup. doesn't take long. if you can get that north wind, then the temperatures jump up. today we'll hold things steady with a cooldown, not a big one, but a system going into the north. >> warm for some. takes awhile by the coast but most of the coast did get the sun yesterday. probably close today, but there is a big fog. more fog and drizzle coming back tomorrow night into friday. cooler inland. quiet on the weekend.
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light morning sun. fog. then inland 80s or 90s but you have to be pretty far in hand. >> today the coast will be all right. warm category. warm to hot yesterday. low 90s. we're going to see the rest of the week go back into the cooler pattern which we have had what, 90% of the time in the last couple of months. thunderstorm activities winding down. back to the east. it comes around and takes that moisture with it. as the system moves in north that will lift the fog. you get around 2,000 feet it flies over the hill. >> did month have low clouds for awhile. temperatures dipped in the 40s for some. today a lot of 50s and 60s. yesterday at this time it was 17 but they have had gusts to 28. assure sign it will not be warmer than 90.
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high pressure will slide off toward the east. here comes another ripple in the jet stream right there. that will enhance our fog banks. a little change today. warm conditions if you're away from the coast. little cool for awhile. layers in the morning. then in the afternoon sunny. from 60s to 90s. kent field, 79. fairfield 87. they were 90 yesterday. 86 concord down 2 from yesterday. lafayette, all around 86, 87 there. san jose at 80. sunny vail, 78, 79. 67 san francisco. los altos, 77, 78. a little cooler thursday. then it hangs on right there and keeps us at 60, 70 and 80.
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>> now beer getting a better look at all the damage after a high pressure waterline burst. she is back now and you say dirt, gravel and all kinds of things flew through the air. >> yes. the woman who pulled out of this garage about 20 minutes ago had no idea a pipe burst. in fact when her car rolled over, these tires, all this dirt, she stopped. she wanted to know what exactly happened. police say a high pressure waterline burst and september it shooting into the air like a rocket. they should be out any time to inspect the damage. i want to show you the ten to fifteen vehicles that were damaged overnight when this happened. lots of dings and scratches. a rock broke one of the car's back window. here is trisha. thank you chief for coming out here this morning.
6:41 am
talk a little about how you found out what happened? >> the officer that was working last night called me this morning to inform me of the water break. it was before 5:00 this morning. it happened around 3:00 this morning. the fire department was out here also. >> they were able to turn off that hydrant and still allow residents to have water within their homes so no one was affected this morning, but has the district had trouble in this neighborhood before? >> not to my knowledge. there has been no work done in this area recently so this was just a failure of the hydrant as far as we know. >> thank you chief. she is filling us in on what happened overnight. one resident said she came out and it was hailing rocks and dirt and when she jumped into her car she was still in her night gown, she had no idea what exactly was going on and
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once the water district came out here, they were able to block this area off, put up the blockades and make sure no other residents would get near this area. of course we're expecting crews to be out here very soon and we will bring more information and pictures. thank you. >> time is 6:41. somebody tried to break into the white house. what this man is accused of doing and how the secret service reacted. >> good morning. 680 traffic looks pretty good heading south, but northbound we have a serious crash nearby. we'll tell you more at mission boulevard coming up.
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good morning, traffic is moving along slowly on northbound 680 approaching a fatal crash up at south mission boulevard. you won't get some slowing at the scene. so far only the right lane is closed northbound. we'll tell you more about the crash coming up. >> all right sal. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now. police in ann touch arrested the teenager that had been the focus of a state-wide amber alert. investigators say 16-year-old hasaan ford was directly involved in monday's armed robbery of a barbershop. during that hold up the gunman
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ran off with the teenager. san jose police are investigating vandalism at a popular mural. the mural of a mexican warrior has been on the corner of fourth and taylor streets for the past 25 year. recently it was painted over. president obama signed legislation to boost the u.s. debt ceiling just hours before the deadline. the next phase in the debt debate is a super committee of lawmakers they have to come up with recommendations to further cut the deficit. it's 6:47. the golden gate bridge has new measures in place to cut down on congestion on the eastern sidewalk. the bridge district painted these new lines to separate bicyclists and tourists walking on foot. normal layout western sidewalk is reserved for bicyclists. pedestrians and bicyclists will have to share the eastern walkway until the western side
6:47 am
reopens next month. a homeless man is in custody this morning after causing a security scare in washington, d.c.. investigators say he climbed over the fence of the white house lawn yesterday evening. he only made it about two feet before secret service agents captured him. a backpack the man was carrying is being looked at for explosives. the area was locked down for 90 minutes. time now 6:46. someone from san francisco is among those sickened by a nation-wide salmonella outbreak and linked to taintedground turkey. so far six cases have been recorded in california including someone who died in sacramento county. that is one of two fatalities around the country. california department of health says this strain has the potential for even more trouble. . >> there are many strains of salmonella. this one is dangerous because it's resistant to antibiotics. >> nation-wide 77 people have been sickened in 26 states.
6:48 am
no meat has been recalled yet. the froms for disease control isn't saying where the tainted meat was purchased. it only says that at least three retail locations are involved. beer brewers are toasting a new law signed by governor brown. the beer tasting legislation will allow breweries to have beer tastings without having to serve food or fulfill other requirements. the california small breweries association says the new law will help businesses attract new customers. 6:48. the city of san jose will honor its young swimming pool hero today. on monday eight-year-old sing came to the rescue of a little girl that nearly drowned in the swimming pool at the apartments. the alert boy spotted the unconscious three-year-old at the bottom of the pool. he immediately jumped in and pulled her out of the water. the city will salute him for his heroic actions at a san jose fire station today.
6:49 am
>> and he's eight years old. >> right. young man but did the right thing. let's check in with sal. let's see what is happening as you get going. >> that is right. 680 we have that crash that has been a problem at mission boulevard. right lane closed. big rig and a motorcycle accident. the coroner is on the way. we'll tell you more about that as the morning wears on. also let's move the mats here. we have traffic that is moving along pretty well on 580 coming up into the dublin area. if you are in contra cost that county for example -- contra cost that county for example. live picture of highway 47 it looks good. if you are driving on the bay bridge approach it's backed up for an eight minute delay. let's go to steve. all right sal thank you. we have low clouds and fog. the city has been in a tough
6:50 am
pattern. so really only 60s slightly below average for this time of year. the coast did get in on the sun yesterday. it's inland where 80s and 90s popped up. sunny and warm. the tropical clouds push off toward the east. they are losing support as the high moves east. but if you have travel plans southern california or maybe up to the sierra or nevada you have them right there. for us it was close on sunday but now they are pushing off. low clouds and fog. yesterday it was late toward the north bay. but not before they had 40s and 50s. that is not the case today. almost everybody is 54 to 55, 56. a little warmer toward the peninsula. san jose 57. west, southwest 21. we had upper 80s to low 90s but keep it right there. a little southeast san jose. they were partly cloudy but
6:51 am
they are filling in with fog. that little system dropping down out of the gulf of alaska. that almost enhance the fog. very little change. takes a lot to burn off near the coast. it will be warm to hot inland. richmond 68. fairfield 87. that is down three from yesterday. ann touch is still 92. 68 alameda. 87 danville and pleasanton. 80 san jose. 70s for mil pietas. a little cooler tomorrow. >> thank you, steve. it's nine minutes before 7:00.
6:52 am
a new report on jobs could encourage some investigators today. adp reports the number of private sector jobs increased by 114,000 last month. that is 29,000 more than analysts had expected. state and local government layoffs have hurt the overall job picture the past few weeks. the new unemployment claim numbers come out tomorrow. taking a live look at the big board of the job numbers did help the markets initially. the markets roll up slightly after a big loss yesterday but they have turned into the negative due to increasing concerns about the economy. right now the dow currently down 22. nasdaq down three. starting today electronic arts is offering an annual prescription service that gives fans a head start on the competition. the redwood company will let subscribers down load games three days before the official launch date. the first game to be released under ea season ticket is
6:53 am
madden nfl 12 which day lieus at -- which debuts at the end of this month. time now 6:52. getting up close with dinosaurs. >> we are ready. where you can take a journey back in time. the new high-tech feature being installed in some san francisco cabs that already helped one criminal. good morning, right now we have traffic that is going to be slow in key parts of concord, antioch, and walnut creek.
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a new high-tech taxi camera is being targeted with catching a thief in san francisco. the camera being installed in 250 cabs caught this incident on tape. the cab driver notified police who captured the suspect not far away. san francisco police plan to honor that driver at a police commission hearing later today. time now 6:56. let's go right back to sal and see what is happening on the roads. >> traffic is moving along slowly this morning. approaching a crash northbound 680 at south mission boulevard that is now a fatal crash. moving along to live picture.
6:57 am
i want to show you the traffic on interstate 880 looks good passing the coliseum. no problems by the way at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. low clouds and fog. 60s, 70s, and 80s don't scare me like that. don't do it. and 90s if you are way, away from the coast. our time now 6:57. we are getting ready for mornings on 2. coming up a shocking case. this one is about animal cruelty in the south bay. we'll tell you the details when we come back. also a new development in the missing nursing student case. a person of interest appears in court. stay with us. ñy
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good morning a fatal crash is -- good morning. a fatal crash is causing big problems on one freeway. he went from being victim to a suspect. the


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