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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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tribecca case says why she did it. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, august 3rd. this weeked an armed robbery and kidnapping at a barbershop triggered an amber alert. but the individual who was thought to be a victim is now a suspect. here's more. >> reporter: we were the first to break in at 10:00 that the teenager is in jail behind bars. he's admitted to taking part in that robbery. that teenager is 16-year-old hassan ford. he was arrested at the barbershop. it said the owner of the barbershop was alone when the victim came in and put a gun to
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his head and threatened to shoot him if he didn't do what he was told. holmes told us that he asked -- >> i said, were you involved in this? he said no, that guy robbed me like he robbed you. i said, okay. where did he take you? he said, he took me on lone tree. >> reporter: we have also learned that holmes claims the gunman call him yesterday and threatened to kill him. the gunman is in police custody. investigators found shot gun and stolen property at the address on lone tree, where it said the gunman lived. i have put in several calls here. i've even tried to go inside.
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no one is in right now. i will bring you the latest as soon as i find out. back to you. >> thank you. police in san mateo searching for a man who flashed a woman pushing her niece in a stroller. this happened on south el camino real. the woman said the man got out of an older model four-door blue or green car and exposed himself to her. she said he had a dark complexion, dark care and appeared to be 50, weighing about 200 pounds. the case of missing nursing student michelle le. it concerns a person. interest. yesterday, griz zell won the right for -- gizelle won the right to visit her daughter.
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gizelle says she blames mish shell le for ruining -- michelle le for rue -- lieuening her -- ruining her relationship with her daughter but she has nothing to do with with michelle le's disappearance. the woman who broke into alex try beck's hotel -- alex tribb beck said -- alex tribeck, was asked by alex if she broke into his hotel. she said no. well, president obama averted the debt ceiling
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crisis. analysts are looking at what the $2 trillion in cuts will mean. coming up at 7:15 we'll bring you a live report from washington, d.c. where the federally-funded state program is now at risk. we want to check in with sal about this fatal accident and -- >> sal's still working on it. i know he's getting late details. sal, can you hear us? >> yes. northbound 680 at mission boulevard, this crash that's there in the right lane has been there for going on an hour. it was involving a big rig and motorcycle, the coroner has been called to the scene. this is at 680 and mission boulevard. the crash is blocking that right lane. if you are driving southbound, you will also see some slow traffic from people who are slowing to take a look at the emergency vehicles in the lane. let's go to livermore,
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westbound 580 traffic is moving along pretty well, getting over to castro valley. highway 4, of course you will see the slow traffic right through that construction zone. antioch, pittsburg and bay point. 230 westbound. we had an earlier crash at the lawrence expressway. it's gone there but there is slow traffic there. at the bay bridge traffic, we have our toll plaza camera back. it's backed up for a moderate delay. let's go to steve. >> well, already sunny for some. it looks like napa county fog- fry. only fog in southern sonoma county. solano looks fog-free. santa clara kind of 50/50. i've seen a bigger fog bank than that, maybe by tomorrow morning it will start to enhance. it will burn off fast. fog or sun. 50 or 60. mostly sunny by noon. sunny, nice to warm.
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60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s. so we're getting back into a typical pattern. wily average for this -- really average for this time of year. warm to hot inland. 80s and 90s. cooler tomorrow as the system moves into the north. that will pick up the nothing and enhance it a little bit. there's still plenty offshore. low clouds will give way to sunshine today. the thunderstorm activity seems to be pushing off to the east and south. it was close a couple of days ago. 50s and 60s. a little bit more wind today. yesterday there were some calm conditions. had 40s in the north bay. west-southwest 20. that's a lot stronger than yesterday. san jose, mostly cloudy. but i think the fog will burn off fast. a little spin in the atmosphere. coming off the gulf of alaska. that will increase our fog. not much of a change.
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morning fog gives way to sunshine. it will be harm to hot inland. if you are up at clearlake, yeah, it's hot. 87 travis. they were 90 yesterday. 86 concord, oakley, brentwood, low 90s. 79 milpitas to 89. 70s and very low 80s on the peninsula. 60s on the coast except down by the coast. a little cooler on thursday and then i think we keep it there friday and into the weekend. 7:07. as sal has been telling us, there's breaking news in frommont right now where there's been a deadly crash involving a motorcycle and big rig. kraig debro has just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, one lane of
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680 northbound is close thed because of the accident -- is closed because of the accident. we know a little bit about the path of the motorcycle. this maze, 680 northbound. see these orange markings? they believe the motorcycle came from this way, tried to jump the -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: gonna talk to sergeant -- [ no audio ] >> all right. that was kraig debro. we'll get more on that breaking story on the freeway and britain you all of the details. our time is 7:08. there was drama overnight in the egypttion courtroom. a very -- egyptian courtroom.
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we've been telling you about a fatal accident all morning long. let's go live to kraig debro who is out with chp finding out more about this fatal crash. kraig, what do you have? >> reporter: thanks a lot, sal. as you've been report, 680 was closed, 5:416789 that's when the accident happened -- 5:41. that's when the accident happened. the accident involves a motorcycle it's. the chp said the motorcyclist was getting onto 680 northbound from one of the lanes.
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see this island? for some reason the motorcyclist jumped the island, lost control and end under in the slow lane. gonna be very difficult. we want to show you the accident. but not the motorcycle. the chp has warned us about this because they want to keep the motorcycle out of it in case family members are watching. sig-alert means that -- it means that the traffic is pretty bad around here. listen to the chp yourself and see what he had to say. don't have that sound bite. we'll have it for you later. but this gives you an idea of what this traffic looks like. we'll stay with us. this is a very important freeway for the commute. a fatality here at 5:41 this morning. reporting live from fremont, ktvu channel 2 news, kraig debro. >> thank you. tropical storm emily is
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heading to haiti. they are preparing over there. forecasters predict the storm will hit haiti and the dominican republic by late this afternoon. they say it could drop 10 inches of rain and what they are calling a steady shield of rain. besides flooding that creates a danger of mudslides. now that president obama has signed the deal that raises the national debt limit. the reality of the spending cuts is starting to settle in. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain what will be targeting. alison? >> reporter: tori, that's right. the deal means congress must needly decide on where to cut nearly $900 billion in federal spending. then a special deficit committee will make another trillion in cuts by the end of the year. now, as for this first round of cuts, experts say the most likely targets are transportation, education and
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environment programs. now, states are already making historic cuts on their own and the debt limit deal means billions of federal aid is on the line. democrats in congress are expressing concern. >> this vote begins to address the budget deficit. but it's very family -- but as every family and business knows we also have an infrastructure deficit, an education and skills training deficit, and a jobs deficit. >> medicate is the -- medicaid is the largest program in the state that gets federal aid. it appears to be spayed for now. that could change as the fight plays out over the capital. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 7:14. new figures show the cost of both medicaid and medicare continue to rise at an alarming rate. the could of both programs rose 10% in the second quarter compared to a year earlier.
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the two programs are on track to rise $90 billion this year and -- the two programs rose 10% in the second carer, compared to a year earl earl y -- quarter, compared to a year earl earl yes -- earlier. the two programs are on track to rise to $90 this year. 7:15. new this morning, dramatic moments in cairo, egypt as former egyptian president hosni mubarak went on trial for corruption charges. he's accused of ordering the killing of protesters during demonstrations that forced him from power. today, mubarak was in the
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courtroom lying on a gurney. he was in there with nine codefendants, including two of his sons. he denied the charges. if convicted, he could get the death penalty and the judge ordered mubarak to return to court on august 15th. 7:15 this morning now. an injured hiker is in the hospital after surviving three days in the wilderness of oregon. yesterday, a helicopter rescued the young man from massachusetts. she was stranded there since sunday. she broke her leg. she could barely move. she survived by eating bugs, berries and drinking water out of a creek. coming up at 7:45, we will -- we'll get a reporter talking to her from her hospital in oregon. a jury is deliberating in the case of a los gatos woman accused of having sex with one
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of her son's 16-year-old friends. friends just wrapped up a trial for sara cole. her attorney said the teen lied about having hex with her. pros -- having sex with her. prosecutors say cole was lying about being rained three times. the man accused of strangling a napa -- raped three times. the man accused of strangingling -- for strangling a napa nurse is pleading no guilty. the items were found in the inmate's room, massey. two court doctors say he was sane when he did it. prosecutors -- prosecutors say he will get 25 years to life. a live in south dakota -- a
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police officer in second-degree second-degree is -- in south dakota is dead. the officers approached four people at an intersection after watching suspicious behavior. one of the men opened fire hitting one of the officers. at least one of the officers fired back injure everything the suspect. >> there was a guy shotting -- injuring the suspect. >> there was a guy shooting back at home at the scene. very scary. very upset. >> one of the wounded officers is in critical condition. officer mcandliss was a six- year veteran of the force and recently engaged to be married. there are questions about the disappearance of an ironic -- iconic mural had been out the street for the past 25 years. this week, it was painted over.
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we saw this morning what we answer -- what remains of it. the change came as a shock to the artist because he was -- he wasser -- he was never notified. >> that's strange. >> it is. what's next for the young royal couple? the reason there's speculation they could be starting a family soon. good morning. highway 4 coming up over the hill to concord. a little bit slow here. i will tell you more about the commute, and a -- along with the rest of the drive to work.
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. welcome back. a man who stayed at the sonoma county inn at the airport has
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filed a class-action lawsuit for charging him 75 cents for a newspaper he never asked for. he said he noticed the copy of "the usa today" in front his door but he never picked it you. later, he was charged 75 cents. the hotel told him he specifically had to cancel if he did not want the paper. buckingham palace says the couple of will be scaling back their public engagements. some wonder if the couple will follow traditions. princess diana became pregnant with women five months after she got married. the motion picture academy will present its how man
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tearian award to -- humanitarian award to oprah winnie. dave, she's -- oprah winfrey. dave, you know, she's been nominated before for that movie "the color purple." >> she's actually a very good actress. >> she is. we have major traffic problems. that's why sal is coming back. we're showing you highway 4 coming up to the bay point area. we have some slow point here. most of the slow traffic is in antioch. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup of about 15 minutes. we saw concord to walnut creek,
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though, we have slow traffic. actually like pleasant hill to walnut creek. as we move down to the fatal accident, still have the right lane closed at that location. now, let's go to steve. >> all right. sal, can you -- thank you very much. a couple of good tweets coming in, low clouds and fog. a little on the shallow side t will burn off and be close to -- side. it will burn off and be close to the readings yesterday. a little sea breeze at travis. and that tells me it won't be as warm as yesterday when they were 90. it will be close.
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little change. 60s, 70s, 90s, 80s. if it was going to get hot around here, it would have happened by now. we get two or three days and then it's gone. that's just the way it is this year. >> steve, it was warm enough for me yesterday. >> yes. >> you and i are on the same page. [ laughter ] overnight news from marin county, a water main break creates a soggy mess in one neighborhood. we'll give you a close look at the damage. the deadly cause of a backup at 680 in fremont. that when "mornings on 2" continues. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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good morning. 7:28. we're following the breaking news in fremont, where a crash has been on the freeway now for quite some time. we're getting new details. northbound 680 in fremont. let's get right to kraig kraig debro who is live on the scene now. kraig? >> reporter: thanks, sal. it's been about an hour and 15 minutes since this crash. police say a motorcycle tried to enter the freeway. see where the cars are? this is where the motorcycle was. the driver of the motorcycle
7:29 am
jumped up this island, came over here. this is another part of it. this all started at 5:41 in the morning. we're not showing you the motorcycle because the family has not been -- has not been notified and they could perhaps identify the person on the motorcycle. the accident happened this morning at 5:41. a sig-alert was issued. one lane is closed because of the traffic accident. in speaking to the chp, they say this probably could have all been avoided. >> witnesses have told us that the motorcyclist taking the onramp for unknown reasons went over the median, crossed over it, went down to the number three lane and for unknown reasons expired at the scene. >> reporter: tas you take a look at the traffic -- as you take a look at the traffic
7:30 am
slowing moving through, the backup goes back at least a half-mile. we were in it. it's absolutely a standstill. there's one more thing -- witnesses report seeing a plume of smoke come from the motorcycle just as it was crashing. reporting live from in fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, kraig. 7:30. a building in downtown novato has some serious damage after a car slammed into it. a 25-year-old woman was driving on delong avenue yesterday with her 3-month-old child in the car when they were hit by another car. the impact of the crash caused the woman to lose droll of the car -- control of the car. it jumped over the curb and hit
7:31 am
the vacant building, nobody was hurt. overnight, boy, it was raining gravel and water in belvedere after a high pressure waterline just burst. ktvu's jade hernandez has been out there for hours. she's back now and you can show us where the cars were damaged. >> reporter: one resident she was right about the rocks. these are about the size of the rocks. when the rocks came down, look at the damage. this is the worst of it. this bmw has a broken back windshield. that's part of the damage that happened overnight. 10 to 15 vehicles were left with dents or scratches. the water district was able to leave the water on for resident the in the area.
7:32 am
neighbors say this water shot 15 feet in the air. contrary to what authorities reported earlier, the water district had not been working in the area. the police came out and accompanying her was the city plan works manager. >> they exchanged -- explained it was something like the pipes coming out of the ground. it's undetermined exactly what happened until they get a crew out here to clean it up. >> the public works manager told us that the residents were going to have to report all of the damage to. marin municipal water district. he said that the water is the one who is going to have to handle these claims. i want to bring you out -- back out live. this is part of the -- this is part of what some of the residents woke up to. these two cars were moved around the cul-de-sac from where the hydrant was.
7:33 am
they wanted to make sure that no other damage to kurt their cars, when they got out this morning, the owner had to get in the car and drive away just to make sure that the rocks didn't damage any further. we'll have more on this story coming up in just about an hour during "mornings on 2." jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the latest target at schools, jordan middle soo. it was -- school. it was robbed last week. they stole five apple commuters worth thousands of dollars. this was the fourth school robbery -- this was the fifth robbery. gilroy police are looking for the person who mutilated a barn owl. this is the picture of a -- as
7:34 am
you can see, one of the owl's wings is shorter than the other. wildfire officials say it looked like someone tried to maim the bird to keep it from flying. a morgan hill shelter is carrying for the owl. it's recovering but it will never be able to fly again. 7:34. planned parenthood running into opposition for a proposed redwood city clinic. the planned parenthood still needs to secure nine more parking spaces before it can move into a location on el camino -- el el camino real.
7:35 am
any business providing them with parking will see protests out front. the city of gilroy is being fined by a state safety agency after a maintenance worker died. 40-year-old david vogel died in march after being hit by a car while doing maintenance work in the streets for the city. the california division of occupational safety and health says the city failed to ensure traffic controls were used by employees who were working on a public street. the city is being fined more than $2100. the city plans to appeal the citation. communities around the country celebrated national night out with block parties. the city of oakland set a new
7:36 am
record with 550 neighborhood block party in the city and anthony batts was wrong those enjoying activities in chinatown and he said with 30 others returning -- clerk out that shot. yeah, he made it. he also said the key is community to making the city safe. >> there won't be anyone coming in on a white horse to save us. it has to be us. we have to work together and come together. a propane tank explosion at a national nightout event in brentwood sent one man to the hospital. firefighters say a food truck worker suffered second and third-degree burns on his arms. no one else was hurt.
7:37 am
but a nearby shed and brush caught fire. this morning things back to normal at bayfair mile after a small fire broke out. it started about 7:00 last night in the common area between macy's and kohl's. firemen quickly put out the the fire. they say it appears to be an electrical care -- electric cal -- electrical problem. well, there's some more disturbing videotapes to tell you about. it's all tied to the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. today, california lawmakers will investigate the failures
7:38 am
in the dollar justice -- criminal justice system that led to her 18-year in imprisonment. the bridge district painted these new lines to separate bikists and pedestrians. normally the -- bicyclists and pedestrians. pedestrians and cyclists will have to share the eastern walkway until the western side reopens in september. 7:38. we want to check in with sal who is gonna be showing us some pictures from newschopper 2. where are flying over? >> fremont. northbound 680 as you mumm up -- come up on the mission boulevard exit. there is a motorcycle crash here. newschopper2 showing us the lane
7:39 am
closure. the coroner just arrived a few minutes ago. this is northbound 6le -- 680 that you see from the left. there's quite a big backup and an unexpected delay. the backup seems to be getting a almost bit later -- a little bit better if you are driving in the south bay, let's take a look. showing some slow traffic on 101 coming out of blossom hill and 880. 7:39. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning to you all. well, some fog was waiting, waiting. it just filled in.
7:40 am
if you are going to hawaii, you will hit a lot of gray, a lot of gray. today, low over, gives way to sunshine. some sun weather over there, but not over there. the pattern is stuck. it really is. we're sitting here on the cool side. we had a little warmup yesterday. low clouds will give way to sunshine. 80s, 90s inland. the high-pressure system that moved in. the west wind has kicked up. the tropical clouds, those thunderstorms which have been blowing up. they are moving off to the east unless you are heading off to
7:41 am
southern california. 50s far many today. the winds -- the winds also held some of the lows warmer in parts of the north bay. a lot more 50s today. west-southwest, 20 with gusts, gusts ahead to travis. they won't be as warm as they were yesterday. i went 80. watch that little system? that will en-- watch that little system. that will give way to sunshine. 60s, 70s, 80s, inland. it's hot. novato, 81. san rafael 78. 82 napa. we'll go 87 danville. probably a little breezy. but pleasanton 70s. 89 morgan hill.
7:42 am
80 san jose, santa clara. woodside and portola valley, hovering near 80. a little cooler on thursday for inland areas and i think just night and morning fog, 60s, 70s, 80s. disturbing new videotapes in the idea idea case what they were -- in the idea idea case, what they -- jaycee dugard case what they reveal now. n?
7:43 am
7:44 am
the futures were up after a
7:45 am
big selloff. but things have turned around pretty quick limb the main reason for the triple-digit losses is the service sector growth was less robust than expected in july. they are citing this is the slowest in 17 months. private sector added 114,000 jobs in july according to apd. again, the low for the year down 17. clorox reports strong earnings. the oakland-based company says profits were down 1% since raw material costs increased. clorox earned $169 million which is down slightly from this time last year. the world's largest automaker is telling its suppliers to prepare for
7:46 am
increased production during the 2012 model year. that's a sign that they are confident. japanese officials report toyota is planning to produce 8.29 million vehicles in the 2012 year. starting today, dunkin' donuts will start to serve its coffee inlittle cure rated couples -- cue rated cups. they are available only in dunkin' donuts shops. starbucks plans to start selling their coffee the same way this fall. today's hearing in the idea idea case has disturbing --
7:47 am
jaycee dugard case has disturbing video. that's nancy garrido. she told investigators she videotaped little girls in her husband's van at least ten times in 1993. >> you were supposed to sit down next to them and play nice, sound interested and somehow coax them into moving around -- >> yes. >> so they could be videotaped. >> yes. >> there are several tapes. this intentionally-blurred video, you can hear nancy garrido asking a 5-year-old girl to do the splits. >> like this? >> that's it. >> can you go all the way dune? >> yes. >> let me see. i think you can go down really easy, huh? >> yeah. that tape was kind of hard to hear. that tape -- that tape was made
7:48 am
two years after jaycee dugard was kidnapped. agents will investigate why they did not find jaycee dugard in phillip garrido's home. you can get more information at channel look for the "dugard" tab. aer is in the hospital -- a hike r is in the month. we're live from portland portland -- hiker is in the hospital. we're live from hold. either's -- here's more. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you that pamela's boyfriend is at legacy emanuel recovering from injuries -- to -- recovering from injuries. this is bear plake. a national guard helicopter
7:49 am
lifted her to. -- lifted her to safety. her boyfriend says the couple originally separated on saturday afternoon after they found a campsite. that's when essex says she got lost and hurt. searchers looked for her two days on the ground and in the air without any success. and salvant said she kept worm by corninger herself in moss and -- covering herself in moss. the latest from the hospital is her condition has been upgreated to fair from serious. it could be weeks before we know what killed a missing new hampshire girl whose remains were ground on the connecticut
7:50 am
river. 11-year-old celina's body has been found. they are awaiting together colquitt -- they are awaiting together. >> we always come together. even if we're not family we come together as family. well, the man accused of running down four bicyclists in san francisco last year will stand trial on attempted murder charges. the lawyer for david mark clark says he plans to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. now, police say on june 2nd of last year, he aimed as i suv at the bicyclist before hitting them. all four bicyclists survived. during a tv interview he said he was hallucinating and
7:51 am
hearing voices. a new superhero is replacing spiderman. he's miles morales, half african-american, half hispanic. super powered teenager, replaces -- morales replaces spider plan in the series in which he's killed -- in which he's killed. 7:50. well, city council members are on a shopping spree at -- shopping spree for apples. we'll tell you why. and casey anthony hiding?
7:52 am
7:53 am
there may be an emergency court hearing in florida for probation for casey anthony.
7:54 am
her attorneys are trying to have that tossed out for her safety, and that she already served her probation being detained her -- being detained during her murder trial. the judge intended for her to serve a year-long probation stemming from a check fraud conviction after her release from jail. tmz say they have the first photos of casey anthony. this is sunday, shopping around town while wearing an ohio university baseball cap. one - -- one-third of homeowners say their home's value has declined substantially. most of them do not expect to see it recover before they plan to retire. many retirees plan on selling their home and plan on using
7:55 am
the money to pay health and long-term costs. 7:54. the palo ail so city council encourages its own members to use ipads. . those cost the city $30,000 to print. but by switching to electronic, they expect to -- $11,000 -- by switching the method they will save $11,000 during the first part of the year. the oakland raiders have paid the ultimate price for not signing zach miller. he signed a five-year deal with the seattle -- seattle seahawks for a reported $4 million.
7:56 am
tom cable reportedly played a big role to convince him to come up to seattle. >> deep left field. >> deep! i love it when they say it like that. diamondbacks are charged with the giants. tim limbcy cun pitched. you will see -- tim limbcy come -- limbcy cun pitched -- limicun pitched. and the two teams will go at it again today. let's check in with sal. >> good morning. the traffic is actually moving along slowly in some airsia. we still have the crash. the wreck on mission has been moved butny still have lanes
7:57 am
closed as they do some of the final work here. an unusual slowdown. usually there is no slowdown. it was there for a couple of hours. southbound 6 0 traffic is doing well. let's go to the toll plaza now. i want to show you it's cleared up. it's about a five-minute delay at the pay gates. we're watching the peninsula from the map system. not showing a lot but they are showing slow traffic on 101. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. low clouds, fog, sunshine. not much of a change? how many ways can i spin it? 50s, 60s. we're starting to burn off a little bit tori already let me know yesterday was too warm. i'm working on that.
7:58 am
a little change. it will be cooler. after that, 60s by the coast. maybe some low 70s, santa cruz. 70s, os. it looks like cooler -- 70s, os. it looks like -- 78 os. it looks like cooler -- 80s. it looks like cooler weather is on the way. dave? >> thank you, sal. we're. >> that see sketches of a proposed -- we're gonna see sketches of a proposed plan for the stadium. >> reporter: the teenager considered a victim in a crime is now a suspect. we'll have the latest coming up. in fremont, the deadly motorcycle accident that's baked up 680 for miles.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. welcome to wednesday. it's august 3rd. we're getting more details now about breaking news we've been telling but in fremont. there's been a fatal motorcycle crash causing big traffic problems northbound on 680.
8:01 am
ktvu's kraig debro is right there. i know you have a better indication on when things might clear up. but what's happening, kraig? >> reporter: yeah, dank, the alameda -- dave, the alameda coroner has already the collected the body of the victim. the man is 35. he's address is in palomar. that's in southern california. they've a been waiting for the -- they've been waiting for the coyerryer in's office to come -- coroner's office to come. take a look. the accident started very early this morning, before 6:00. and it's been like this before the traffic started to heat up. the chp was out here because they had a report of a motorcycle accident northbound 680. the chp says the man on the motorcycle was trying to get on
8:02 am
highway 680 going northbound, but before he did that, he didn't stay in his lane. what he did according to the chp may have been illegal. >> the motorcycle was taking the onramp to northbound. went down and for unknown reasons expired at the scene. >> reporter: it's not clear why at 5:41 in the morning, there wouldn't have been a lot of traffic and why that person would try to do that. investigators are looking into that speed -- certainly something that caused the crash. the chp says they do fro files on the bike which means they look at the gps, the odometer and the speedometer to see if they are stuck in any kind of
8:03 am
position. you can see the traffic people out here picking up phones. they are getting ready to open this lane. that's the most immediate thing you need to know about. the tow truck that was out here for the bike -- like. we could get an evening here, about two and a half hours after this deadly accident. reporting live in fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, police. antioch police has arrested the teenaged boy who came the -- became the subject of an am bear alert this week. it followed an armed robbery at a barbershop. >> reporter: good morning. we were the first to break the witness of the arrest of the teenager last night at or you -- on our 10:00 newscast.
8:04 am
police say the -- the boy took responsibility for hit part. said, the hone -- owner of the barbershop was alone when he went in and put a gun to his dead and threatened to shoot little -- to shoot him. he attempted to force holmes in the vehicle. holmes asked him, did you have anything to do with the suspect? >> no. he said that guy robbed -- robbed me like he robbed you. >> i said. okay. where did he take you? >> on lone street and i better get out of the car. we also learned that holmes claimed the gunman called him yesterday and threatened to kill him. investigators found a sawed-off shot gone.
8:05 am
it case the -- it said the gunman lived. you can see it says smile, you're on camera. we believe there is -- we just learned that the district attorney's office, the police is turning this over to the district attorney's office and that will be caused tomorrow. we'll have more of this coming up later in the newscast and definitely at noon. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. :05. an investigation continues into a house fire in santa clara. it happened last night as the firefighters were leaving a national night outevent. that's when they saw smoke. at one point, a neighbor's fence caught fire and there was concern maybe the -- maybe the fire would spread to other homes. i just got back from the home, it was started to get really smoky.
8:06 am
so i stepped outside and in about 20 minutes, the smoke blocked out the sun. there was a dog in the house at the time the fire started but it was rescued and into one was hurt. supporter of a ago student who was kicked off a u.s. airways flight because he had saggy pants, they are planning a new protest and deliver a petition with 40,000 signature is fine. the city council decided not to put a sales tax measure on the november ballot as a way to increase revenue. recent pollings show the majority of voters do not want a one manufacture quarter sales
8:07 am
tax increase. mayor chuck reed says he's interested in revisiting the issue next year. president obama averted the debt crisis by signing last- minute legislation. now analysts want to know what this means to cut tos -- cuts to states. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report. supervisor david campos wanted to change the law so the businesses could not take the money back, which they loudly opposed. he didn't have enough support for supervisors so he withdrew his plan. starting today a pueblo
8:08 am
employee of the meat mat chain fines a three day hunger -- hunger strike. this will be the second mortgage chain this -- this is the second chain. 8:08. a person from san francisco is among those sickened by a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to tainted ground turkey. so car six days -- six days have been reported in california the california department of health says this strain of salmonella has the potential for more trouble.
8:09 am
>> 77 people have been sickened. no meat has been recalled. the cdc is not reviewing where this on nateed. the san francisco 49ers will tell us the latest plans to build a stadium. the 9ers will review new sexes -- new sketches for the coliseum. 49ers and raiders are in negotiations about possibly sharing the stadium. the nfl is already on the record supporting that idea. >> that would be interesting. let's check in with sal. let's see if people are sharing the roads. >> the roads, they are okay. i would give 'em -- i would give them a c-plus or a b
8:10 am
minus. let's talk that -- let's take a look it's a very small delay at the toll plaza. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. my map -- let's go to the peninsula. southbound 101 traffic is busy driving down to palo alto. it's improved. i want to go to antioch, westbound highway 4. we're trying to get a location. it was reported right near somersville road. you can see that traffic is actually at simmer'sfield root.
8:11 am
-- you can actually see the traffic actually backed up. let's go to steve. the sonoma coast, kind of hanging on there. a little bit warm on the lows today than yesterday. especially in the north bay. mostly sunny by noon as the fog starts to retreat. sunny, nice to warm or hot, depending mon the proximity. temperatures kind of held in check. we're just stuck in a pattern. warm inland, it looks like another system is gonna start to plow into the pacific northwest. that will bring in cooler weather. fog is around 1500, 1600 feet. if it gets up around 2,000, the sea -- the sea breeze is a little strong. 50s, to 60s, low 60s. mountain view at 60. san jose was mostly clear for a
8:12 am
while. then they filled off -- then -- thenty cooled -- cleared out. it's just subtle changes. the high kind of builds in. that means we have temperatures that stay about the same. they've been -- the coast has been coast to average. but there's a been a lot of fog there. a little change, fog, gives way to sunshine. ukiah, clearlake 95. >> 3 oakland, 68 alameda -- 76 oakland, 68 alameda. by the way, beverly, tori, out in danville said it's too hot for her. so we have company.
8:13 am
>> these are near averages. it looks like cooler weather comes in on wednesday. the secret service on alert at the white house. what happened that led to a lockdown outside the expectative mansion?" two and a half men "say goodbye to -- mansion. >> and the efforts to help war veterans.
8:14 am
8:15 am
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good morning. 60s by the coast. 70s around the bay. governors and mayors all over the nation are bracing themselves for big cuts in federal aid now that the president has signed that deal to raise the nation's debt limit. as alison burns reports from washington, the spending cuts could be very painful for the states. allison? >> reporter: dave, that's right the a recent study found that more than 40% of the revenue in california comes from federal aid. as congress weighs trillions in spending cuts over the next couple of months. some of that -- couple of month, some of that money is on the line. in the first round of cuts, experts say the most likely targets are transportation, education and environment programs. states are already making historic cuts on their hone.
8:17 am
the debt limit deal means the pain will likely get much worse. >> it puts a lot of people to work. it addresses public needs. it keeps people moving, trains, comfooter -- commuter rail, if those are cut, it will create serious havoc. >> reporter: now, california governor, jerry brown, was quoted yesterday as saying it's difficult to gauge how many pain will come. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and governor brown also says the recent debt crisis in washington reminds him of his struggles here in california to get a balanced budget. the governor says the republicans' refusal to even talk about taxes makes its almost impossible to work out compromises. the government says democrats are to blame for increasingly
8:18 am
voting together which stifles the kind of row but debate that you need in a robust economy. the obama administration is releasing a new plan to fight home groan terrorism. today's report concludes that local communities around the country are bess suited to take on the challenge of -- are best suited to take on the challenge of the kind of violent extremism that inspire people to kill. a new medical study shows that drugs used to treat post- traumatic stress disorder are no more effective than placebos. some were given respiradol. the others got a placebo. after six months of treatment, they drug -- the ones taking the drug were doing no better.
8:19 am
investigators say a man climbed over the fence of the white house lawn yesterday. he only made it about two feet before the secret service was all over the place. a backpack he was carrying is being checked out for possible explosives. now, that area was locked down for about 90 minutes. we also have new video to show you. this was amateur video shot by chilean miners waiting to be rescued. look at this. the six-inch wide shafts served as their umbilical cords to surface, one to get supplies, another to get communication and a third one for the air supply. the miners were trapped by a big explosion. they were finally rescued, brought back to the surface, 70 days later. police in palo alto have
8:20 am
identified a third suspect outside of a bank. police are searching for this man. a woman was on her way to deposit several thousand dollars from her job when someone snatched her purse. police say yepez so toe worked with the woman and knew when she was taking -- soto worked with the woman and knew when she was making deposits. "two and a half men's" show will include a funeral for charlie sheen. they say the home then goes up to sale -- up for sale. sheen was fired in march over a feud with miss bosses over the lifestyle. the creators of the show are not commenting about this. the beverly hills council is considering an ordinance that would protect historic
8:21 am
homes. a firm called soda partners purchased a home for nearly $6 million in january. it was put on the market to -- on the market for a teardown. still ahead -- a wayward peacock turns some heads on one of america's best-known streets. good morning. northbound interstate 880. that traffic is looking pretty good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
. federal inspectors will be at an atlanta airport later today to find out why an employee there died. he became trapped yesterday under a hydraulic -- hydraulic forklift that collapsed on top of him. emergency crews worked for hours -- for hours to free the man. we could actually see the victim, parts of the victim, i should say, and we can actually determine that -- that the victim was semiconscious. but as the operation could -- as the operation continued to go on, the victim did lose
8:25 am
consciousness. >> the man eventual died. many who helped with the rescue were very distraught. counselors were called in to cope with the situation. investigators will try to figure out what went wrong with the forklift. an escaped peacock attracted a lot of attention on new york's fifth avenue, he's back at the zoo. it escaped -- now, this is a beautiful bird. wound up on the fifth-story window ledge. zoo officials ask people don't -- they waited to see if he would fly hoe. they say he did that about three hours ago and is now safely back in the peacock coop. >> that's nice to hear. i think dears that a -- there was a lot of follow on twitter about that. i was thinking about the individual -- can you imagine?
8:26 am
okay. let's check in with sal. nothing quite as dramatic. >> yeah, we kind of started off on a bad side but things are getting better roadwise. let's take a look at what we have in san francisco. it's a little bit crowded along northbound 101 and beyond that, you can see some slow traffic as well heading been -- southbound. but for the most part it's a nice drive. if you are driving to walnut creek, southbound 6 0 traffic is busy -- 680 traffic is busy. and it doesn't get busy until danville. we have traffic on westbound 4 -- westbound 4. let's go to steve. thank you, s temperatures will be close to yesterday's -- thank you, sal. temperatures will be closer to
8:27 am
yesterday's readings. it's too much fog. another low drops in not only to the pacific northwest but eureka. that will cool things down. tropical clouds and thunderstorms are beginning to push off towards the -- toward the east. 50s and 60s. >> you can see the fog snaking its way around napa county. that system right there. you can see it's spinning off portland. that will lift the fog and maybe give us drizzle. do you have any good news? i dent think warmer than yesterday -- i don't think warmer than yesterday. these are really averages. cooler -- cooler weather takes over on thursday and we hold onto if it over thed -- into the weekend.
8:28 am
the information that may lead to an arrest. >> reporter: and work has begun to temperature the -- determine the cause of a high pressure water break in bell very dear. and the suspect in the jeopardy host's case explains why she went to san francisco.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning. trouble on a major freeway in the valley this morning. about three hours ago, we had a fatal collision on interstate 680 northbound at mission boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro has been out there for most of the time and has the latest from the scene. kraig? >> reporter: yeah, good
8:31 am
morning, sal. well, the chp did the last part of its work about a half-hour ago. you are getting at cars getting onto 680 northbound mission and beyond that, northbound traffic beyond 680, this accident first started at this -- started this morning. the sig-alert was called about a half-hour later at 6:14. the chp, they got reports that a motorcyclist had gone down when he was entering 680. at this juncture, mission actually has -- has its own ramp stem rated by an island. according -- separated by an island. the guy in the motorcycle for some reason tried to go directly on the freeway. it was an act that was unnecessary. it may have cost him his life. >> the motorcycle was taking
8:32 am
the offramp, for unknown reasons, went over the median, crossed over it, went over the number three lane, and for unknown reasons expired at the scene. >> reporter: now, witnesses tolled chp that the driver of the motorcycle was -- told the chp that the driver of the motorcycle wassing about go -- was going about 70 miles -- miles an hour. it's not clear if there there was a medical reason, a mechanical reason for the crash. we have also learned he's from paloma, california. that's in san diego county. not much else is known about the man. they are gonna wait to notify his next of kin. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. just within the past half-hour, repair crews in belva dear arrived. they are fixing -- belva dear a -- bell very dear. they -- belevedere are fixing
8:33 am
the pipe -- a pipe burst. >> reporter: the marin municipal water district arrived about 30 minutes ago. they will try to determine the cause. when the line burst, the force of the water shoved rock, dirt and mud in the air. these are just a few of the rocks. we picked one of them. police say ten to 15 vehicles were damaged with some sort of dent, ding or scratch. the worst vehicle had the window, back window, shattered. water and rock shot 50 feet in the area. the police chief came out to n. she also came out with a public works manager.
8:34 am
he tried to explain what the water district could be -- would be working for. >> the age of the pipes are approximately late '50s, approximately and i'm not aware of when the last repair/replacement was done on the street. >> reporter: this happened around 3:00 this morning. residents will have to check with the water district for reimbursement and crews behind me they have to dig up the pipe to determine the exact cause why it burst overnight. reporting live in bell le veer, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. san mateo police are searching now for a man who flashed a woman who was pushing her niece in a stroller. it happened near the hillsdale shopping center. she shade the man got out of a
8:35 am
model -- got out of a four-door model car and exsupposed himself to her. she said he appeared to be 50 years old and 200 pounds and he had dark hair. a person of interest in the disappearance of nursing student michelle le is struggling for visitation rights with her daughter. a judge issued a restraining order forgives zell esteban. it cites manic behavior and outbursts by es toe von. the vug judge granted supervisory rights dab cash the judge granted super vicary rights -- supervisory rights. the woman accused of breaking into the hotel room of alex try beck said -- tribeck arrested the wrong person. she said she went to the 26th
8:36 am
floor of the hotel. she said as she waited for the elevator, alex approached her and asked her if she said she had been in his room. she said no. out of fear from the police, she ran. she's afraid of getting a life sentence under the system. .
8:37 am
a san francisco board of supervisors gave initial approval to an ordinance designed to strengthen enforcement at the city's -- of the city's minimum wage loss. this would increase penalties of those who pay less than minimum wage. final approval of the ordinance will be voted on by the august recess. google has more legal trouble in europe. there are several reports google is being investigated on nine separate anti-trust charges. until now, european union officials would only confirm
8:38 am
four case. the company faces a similar investigation in this country. 8:37. san rafael officials are working at the details of a plan that would ban plastic bags at grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores, now, the proposed law would require customers to pay for at least a nickel for every paper bag they take out of those. the city council was asking the ban be expanded to include retail stores 2001 year after the original law takes effect. well, beer brewers are hosting -- are toasting a new law that the governor signed. this would offer breweries to offer beer tasting without having to serve food or impose on any of the require importants restaurants have to apply bide -- have to a -- have to abide by.
8:39 am
the solano county fair opens. they will hold a short ceremony at 11:00. and seniors, 60 and openedder, will be allowed in for free -- and older will be allowed in free. one of the main attractions is the display called "made in america, the story of the modern fair." >> very interesting. hey, sal, what's happening out there. you've been pretty busy. >> we have been pretty busy all day. highway 24, as we look at highway 24, the traffic is going to be moving along very nicely as you drive up to the caldecott tunnel. most of the way is gonna be pretty good up to oakland. bay bridge toll plaza has lightened up consider which.
8:40 am
you can see the traffic -- considerably. you can see the traffic is going to move along pretty well. you will be waiting for about five minutes before you actually make it onto the bridge. >> the morning drive on highway 4 continues to be somewhat troublesome. the accident we had in pittsburg is gone. but look at all of that slow traffic due to the construction zone. people always say when will that be done. well, you know, it's gonna be another leer are -- it's gonna be another year. i will be on top of that and debt the -- and get the latest for you. slow from pleasant -- southbound 880, slow from pleasantville. let's go to steve. if you are visiting from texas or the midwest, you are probably freezing because we have temperatures in the 60s. inland, we've been running a little below. yesterday we warmed up to 80s and 90s.
8:41 am
it burn off sooner. got a little north wind. more fog, drizzle tonight and tomorrow. it looks quieter. there are signs that -- tropical clouds and thunderstorm activity looks to be heading east maybe some dune in the deserts. 50s and 6 as. livermore 61. hayward, 61. there's not much of a difference here. a lot of low clouds are holding things in check. yesterday, travis west- southwest was about 15, 16 miles an hour. 21. they've had gusts to 20. that's a big difference. and a little southwest at 3. i know that doesn't sound like much. but yesterday was north at 5. that's a huge difference this time of year. and low clouds and fog continue to get influenced -- influenced. as they come in, they spin
8:42 am
right there. and that will settle in, dropping in another low. so the high starts to build in. that opens that door to the cooler air conditioning. there's plenty out there. nice at the coast, foggy, it looks like more of the same. really very little change. we had a warmup yesterday. >> hayward, 75. . morgan hill, 9. we'll go -- morgan hill 89. 80 woodside. 67 in the city and 76 menlo park, along with san carlos.
8:43 am
a little cooler tomorrow and that will go right into the weekend. thank you, steve. developing news in the casey anthony case, weeks after the controversial verdict what. a judge in florida has decided just within the past hour. also, a powerful russian political leader -- look at this -- showing off his ironman skills.
8:44 am
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it's been an interesting ride on wall street. the s&p 500 headed for the longest losing streak since the finance am crisis -- financial crisis. there was a -- an increase of 114,000 jobs in the private sector. right now, the dow is down 75. nasdaq down, 6. s&p is down 8. your time now,:46, let's bring you up to date on some of the -- 8:46. let's brings you up to date on some of the stories we're following route now. the investigators say 16-year- old hassan ford was directly it involved in monday's armed robbery of a bar bear shop -- barbershop.
8:47 am
the gunman ran off with the teenager. crews are out there repairing a waterline that leads to a -- about 15, 20 cars were damaged by rocks. and president obama signs the legislation boosting the debt ceiling just hours before the deadline. happening right now in washington, d.c., senate majority leader harry reid is holing a press -- holding a press conference to discuss the bill to fund the federal aviation administration that's stalled in the senate. this is actually -- >> this is steny hour -- >> steny hoeyier. >> the senate went on their summer vacation without voting
8:48 am
on that bill. that leaves nearly 400 fahn e-- nonessential faa workers. the faa has also issued -- nonreception faa workers with no -- nonessential faa workers with no work. a jury is now deliberating the case of a los gatos mom accused of having sex with one of her son's 16-year-old friends. lawyers just wrapped up a four- day trial for sara cole. her lawyer says the teenager died about having -- lied about having sex with her. while prosecutors say ms. cole was lying about threing rained three times. now, ms. cole rejected a plea deal for a six-month sentence at home. now she faces a possible four-
8:49 am
year prison sentence if found guilty. the man accused of strangling a napa state hot worker is pleading no contest. massey entered the plea yesterday for the murder of 44- year-old donna gross. authorities say she was robbed of her jewelry, less than $2 in dash and a pack of gum. two doctors say he was sane at the time of the attack. prosecutors say he will get 25 years to life in prison. a judge in florida has just recused himself from the casey anthony probation case. we're taking you live right now. this is a news conference this. is obviously one of the officials -- conference. this is obviously one of the officials involved in the case. >> yes. >> there's nothing else -- >> yes. >> now, judge stan strickland,
8:50 am
we can tell you this, didn't give an explanation as to why he's stepping down. now, on monday, he ordered casey anthony to come back to ordinary to begin a year of probation for a check fraud conviction. the judge who provided over anthony's murder trial, he reportedly will take over this probation matter. casey anthony has been in lieding since being acquitted last month. tmz says they have the first photos of casey anthony since they got out of jail. they hosted these pictures taken in ohio. a georgia woman is accused of killing her boyfriend with a spike heel of a stiletto shoe. police say the two lived together in a show and that thelma carter hit the victim in the head during an argument.
8:51 am
it's not clear how many times the man was struck. authorities believe the incident happened sunday night. carter did not call them in the monday. she claims she left the trailer during an argument and when she came back she found him dead. russian prime minister vladimir put isn't displaying his action skills. at a procamp -- putin is displaying his action skills. he's not said whether he will make another run as prime minister but it's believed his appearance at the youth camp was designed to boost his party's popularity. big questions about what happened to a popular mural in san jose. now, the mural of a mexican warrior has been at the corner of fifth and taylor for 25 years. but this week, it was painted
8:52 am
over. we shot this video this morning of what re-- of what remains in it. this was a shock to the artest who drew it because he said no one ever notified him. whoever covered it up and why, well, that's -- that's still a mystery. today you can take a journey back in time. >> citizen of 2949, together, we are at the dawn of a new civilization. ♪ >> this is the scene from the new series "terranova" which will air right here on ktvu in september. it's about an ordinary fee's trip back in time to -- it's about an ordinary family's trip back in time. one. features is a green screen where people can come face to face at dinosaurs. they willthey will -- they will
8:53 am
be there today from noon until 8:00. >> okay. just a short while we asked interim mayor lee if he will run for office. do you sleep with the ceiling fan on? the reason why you may not want to.
8:54 am
it's true. you never forget your first subaru.
8:55 am
8:56 am
we just caught up with interim mayor, mayor ed lee, and we asked him if he will run for mayor. >> i have not made a decision. but i've given myself until the weekend to do so. >> he was at the at&t store in downtown san francisco. now, he has until august 12th to make a decision about filing as a material candidate. people struggling with allergies in the hot weather may want to think twice about thinking -- about turning on the fan at night. it can make things worse. >> it's pulling out dust and particles from behind. if there's already dust on your fan, it will start to blow out all the leftover dust. >> it helps to clean the blades and put new filters in your air conditioning system. gilroy police looking for whoever mutilated a barn owl's
8:57 am
wing. a man from gilroy found this. it looks like someone tried to keep it as a pet. it's getting better but it may never fly again. authorities are investigation the death of at least six golden eagles. at least six were struck and killed by wind turbine blades in kern county. >> the spokesman is worried about the deaths and is cooperating. it says the utility company will monitor the bird activities and work with authorities to develop an eagle conservation plan. let's check in with sal one more time. >> we have breaking traffic news at bay point with bally road. we have a motorcycle road. there we go. westbound highway 4, it looks like at least the left lane is
8:58 am
blocked here and they are sending emergency vehicles to the scene so avoid highway 4 at bay point. let's go to steve. foggy by the coast, 60s there, 70s. 80s inland. still, sunny, warm, breezy. all right. sounds good. thank you. thank you for watching. >> bye now.
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