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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we are learning more from neighbors about a san jose homicide where police are still investigating the cause and motive. the guy comes flying through a red light after dodging around a car that was waiting there. >> a family member describing a tragic crash. the little boy fighting for his life after a hit and run tragedy in san francisco. a day after a disconcerning day on wall street there is positive economic news this morning. we'll tell you how many jobs the u.s. economy added. san francisco's mayor prepares for an election announcement. the timeline on his decision to run for reelection. morning news continues. well good morning, to you. welcome to friday it's august 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's start with rosemary who
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is in for steve with the weather forecast. >> happy friday. a near repeat expected for friday. that is how we are starting the morning the low clouds and drizzle. even temperatures very similar to how we woke up yesterday. we will see the mid-morning burnoff. could be a little later for some areas of the bay as well as the coast. our forecasted highs along the coast and bay area very similar. afternoon spots will warm up just a tab. especially for our east bay locations. we will take a look at the numbers and take you through the weekend coming up. good morning, sal. good morning, to you. no major problems here. it's ha nice looking -- it's a nice looking drive although it's getting crowded on parts of the freeway. moving along to 880 in alameda county. traffic looks good here in both directions. we have developing news to tell you about. san francisco police investigating a hit and run accident that critically
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injured a nine-year-old baseball fan from philadelphia. it happened at mission and new montgomery street shortly after the little boy left last nights giants, phillies game. the driver of a -- the child was walking in front of a family member when he crossed the very busy intersection. investigators say the driver then sped away smashing into several other cars were racing on to the freeway. police later arrested the suspected driver across the bay in hayward. he's now facing felony hit and run charges. the ktvu kraig debro has talked to a family member of that child that was with the child when this hit and run happened. kraig will be back and have an update for us in 30 minutes. the report that u.s. unemployment rate dropped to 9.1% in july is already creating reaction on the global market. major market in france has
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gained more than 1% just since that report was released at 5:30. u.s. stock futures went from being down about 90 to up about 90. that is in sharp contrast to what happened overnight in asia as investigators see a much smaller gain in u.s. jobs. they are also reacting to our big drop yesterday. taiwan skidded 5.5%. honk cop -- hong kong, australia losing more than 4% each. let's check in on our numbers. the dow jones dropping more than 500 points. i want to get the latest readings on the futures right now which indicate where we will start today. dow futures up about 60 points right now. indicating a higher opening and we'll keep watching that. meantime here at home in the bay area the markets open. obviously they open at 6:30. allie rasmus is in san francisco with whether the new
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jobs report is making some investigators optimistic or pest mystic. >> reporter: you talked about it a lot. the big news the job report for july released. the numbers were better than what a lot of economists expected. the report shows employers u.s. employers ated 117,000 jobs in the month of july. that is about 30,000 more than what analysts had been predicting before the release. the unemployment rate nudged down a tenth of a percent. the jobs report is welcome news after a disappointing day on wall street yesterday. that was the frustration on the floor of the trading floor on the san francisco's office of the new york stock exchange. 9 dow dropped more than 500 points yesterday. losing more than 4% of its value in a single day. it's the worst drop in more than two years.
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analysts attribute that drop to fears of european debt and possibility of a double dip recession in the u.s.. >> grim. but it's a little better this morning. i'm an optimistic person. i hope it turns out better. we are in a weak period and it reflects the recovery from a very bad recession. >> reporter: and the market opens a half hour from now. as pam mentioned futures trading is up. the credit analyst we spoke to says he swepts that as a sign the stock market may have a bit of a rebound today. the expectation is the good news the 117,000 jobs added last month will have a positive impact untrieding this morning. >> we will continue to watch the markets this morning here
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and globally. european markets still open. you can track the marks and get the very latest news on our economy. time now 6:05. we will hear what president obama says about the new better than expected jobs report this morning. when he helps unemployed military veterans. the deadline to file papers to run for san francisco mayor is one week from today. speculation continues to surround current mayor ed lee. the head of the city's police union says based on what he has heard an announcement from lee will come before the close of business on monday. >> ed lee we've got your back. >> yeah. volunteers consultants and other staff with run ed run
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have been making posters and con vassing neighborhoods. those taking part should not join lee's official campaign if he decides to run. that would violate rules separating candidates and third party campaigns. new this morning a woman stabbed to death in a san jose apartment. ktvu jade hernandez is at the scene this morning and learning more about the victim and the suspect. jade. >> reporter: we've learned from a neighbor that the woman killed and the man taken into custody may have lived together. the girlfriend heard noises in the middle of the night and she got worried. >> there was screaming of no edward. just a bunch of arguing back and forth. she said it sounded like somebody was pounding against something. >> reporter: san jose police officers arrived to the park around 2:30 this morning only to find a woman inside an apartment here stabbed multiple
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times. outside they found a man they took into custody. they took the 48-year-old suspect away without any problems. police do not have a motive in this homicide and they are not releasing any information about the victim. a young woman according to the neighbor we spoke to. the neighbor also told us this morning that he had only noticed the couple around the apartment complex a few months ago. we called the san jose spokesperson for more details. we have not heard back. we are told more information is expect the to come later this morning. as we can show you that is the san jose police department mobile command center that is parked just inside the gates of the kiley apartments here in san jose. police are still out here investigating this. of course as soon as we get more information from the department we will pass that along to you. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 6:0 -- time now 6:08. let's go to sal.
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>> we do have traffic getting busier out here. we will start near the south bay where we see a little bit of south traffic. if you are a 17 driver, well right through los gatos we have bunching up going on which is not that unusual but it's kind of starting a little early. southbound 101 mountain view to sunnyvale we have a little stop and go traffic there. some industrious people trying to get to work. eastbound 580 at north anyone away from livermore. there is a noninjury accident. westbound 580 may be effected because the crash is up against the center divide. if you are driving in antioch westbound highway 4 already slow. and then eastbound four it's a little slow as they try to pick up road work there. coming in to pittsburgh near the construction zone. construction zone goes on for miles as you know. just be careful. live pictures of interstate 880
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oakland. you can see for yourself the traffic looks good in both directions. and at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light. 6:09 let's go to rosemary. the sun is up. plenty of gray out there. we continue with this pattern. high pressure off to the east and trough to the coast. the clouds and the drizzle with us this morning. and for the afternoon. temperatures in some areas actually going to warm. especially our inland spot. notably warmer. but for the bay area very similar to what we saw yesterday. your forecast here weaker on shore breeze will help to clear us out a little better over the bay area today. the inland areas are beginning to clear. plenty of sunshine if you are craving the sunshine it will come. by 1:00 it looks like finally seeing the east bay clear. for the coastline it will be tough to clear. here we are at 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon it could be hanging along the coast. the low clouds will be with us. current temperatures right now 56-degrees in santa rosa.
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stepping out your door san rafael. 56 san francisco. upper 60s san francisco. low 60s so not a bad start. similar to how we woke up yesterday. afternoon highs look like this. take a look. sunny skies and 77 in santa rosa. if you like 80 degrees head inland. 83 in concord. 83 for livermore. down into the south bay mid 70s to low 80s. 75 expected san jose. and then as we head a little cloister the coast it's going to be cooler. upper 50s to low 60s. and your weekend in view for you here more of the same. saturday and sunday a low 60s for the coast. low 80s inland and monday into tuesday we do start to see a gradual warmup that should carry us through most of the week. back to you. >> pretty cool for august. >> i know. 6:11 is the time right now.
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china isn't the only place there are counterfeit apple stores. the lawsuit filed by the computer giant by several companies right here in the u.s.. plus he's one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. a test is being formed today that will link ted bundy to murder cases from 40 years ago. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe...
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welcome back to the morning
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news. ted bundy has been dead for 22 years. now the fbi wants to find out if he is responsible for cold cases dating back to the early 1960s. the agency built the profile from a vile of his blood found at a florida evidence lab. bundy confessed to more than 30 murders before his 1989 execution. investigators have long believed he is responsible for other deaths. time now 6:15. in less than two hours president obama will announce new initiatives to try to help military veterans get new jobs. as ktvu alison burns just found out this morning the jobless rate for veterans remains dramatically higher than the national unemployment rate. allison. >> reporter: that is right, dave. the labor department report that came out yesterday shows veterans at 13.3%. that is more than four-points higher than the national
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unemployment rate. president obama will announce new tax breaks this morning to try to turn the numbers around. it is called the higher the returning heros tax credit. $2400 for employers who hire vets who have been unemployed for just a few months. $9600 to hire a long-term or disabled veteran. he's echoing the calls of many in congress who say veterans have key skills that are needed in the private sector. >> we have investigated billions of dollars in training our young men and women with new skills to protect our nation only to ignore that investment and them when they leave the military. >> reporter: the president will also be announcing a new task force this morning to help veterans transfer the skills they learn in the military into the private sector. we will be covering president
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obama's announcement live here on the morning news. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:16. imagine her surprise two f-16 fighter jets intercepted a plane piloted by a 75-year-old woman when her plane entered restricted air space while president obama was visiting chicago wednesday. then when the jets intercepted the plane it turned around. police say the woman was flying the plane by herself and wasn't aware she was in restricted air space. today the u.s. senate will approve legislation to end a two-week partial shut down of the federal aviation administration. the shutdown has cost the government $30 million a day in uncollected airline ticket taxes. it also furloughed 4,000 faa employees. that bill is only a temporary funding extension. it's good through the middle of september. we're learning new details about the father and son killed
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in an aapartment murder suicide. 22-year-old andrew dow were found dead in their home. ed dow shot his son before taking his own life. the motive is not clear. investigators say andrew dow was fighting cancer and his father may have been trying to spare him from suffering. san francisco's fire department is growing. a graduation ceremony will be held this morning for 35 new firefighters. san francisco fire chief joann hayes white will present them with their badges an the fire department says some of the new grads will begin their assignments tomorrow. apple is involved in a new trademark infringement lawsuit but this time it involves its retail stores. we told you about this. counterfeit apple stores in china. we talked about this last month. apple says guess what? it's happening in this country
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too. now it's suing those businesses. the lawsuit is still under court seal so we can't tell you much. there are reports one of the stores being sued is in new york. it goes by the name of apple story. 6:18 is the time. let's check in on the traffic story this morning. [ laughter ] >> it's actually a pretty good story pam and dave. we are looking good out there so far if you are driving out to the concord area this morning let's say you go to concord and walnut creek the traffic looks good. a lot of slow traffic eastbound on has 4. but westbound as well. eastbound approaching the construction zone. they are picking up road work. westbound is a normal morning commute. if you are driving to the south bay, i want to move the maps there, we already have bunching up on interstate 280. 17 looks good to los gatos. it's a nice drive so far.
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don't worry about it just yet. let's move along and take a look at live pictures bay bridge. still looking nice here. small delay at the toll plaza. on the golden gate bridge southbound traffic is very nice but there is a little bit of fog there. 6:19 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. our temperatures will be unseasonably bleed and we will be dry. we will see that trough off the coast that will continue through the weekend. temperatures this hour very similar to what we woke up to yesterday. 55-degrees in santa rosa. low 60s to hayward down into san jose. the winds are generally light and we'll see the afternoon breeze pick up once again although that on shore breeze not as strong and we're looking at better clearing for the afternoon. 77 in santa rosa this
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afternoon. 80 degrees expected around vallejo. 80 in concord. 84 antioch. 84 brentwood. that will be one of the warmer spots. upper 60s for the east bay. 67 alameda. we are looking at mid 70s for areas right around san jose for today. 80 degrees morgan hill. 77 saratoga. around the coastline another chilly day. 59 half-moon bay. mid 60s san francisco. if you are craving a summer like weather, you will have to go elsewhere. take a welcome at the temperatures for the weekend. don't change very much. we keep the pattern all the way through sunday. a slight warmup monday and tuesday. 6:21 is the time right now. linked in was one of the few companies to make money on the stock market yesterday. they announced it earned $4.5 million during the last fiscal quarter. analysts expected linked in to
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report a loss. the first time the company reported since going public in may. stock shot up nearly 4% topping $99 a share. the latest decision in the bratz doll case goes against the toy maker. they ordered matel to pay mgm. claiming the designer of the dolls came up with the idea of the dolls when he worked at mattel. the america's cup yacht races still two years away. but it's something the organizers need to get busy doing right now. they are calling him the remorseful robber. how a man tried to make amends after stealing from a woman spurring. good morning, traffic moving along okay on westbound 24 driving up to oakland. we'll tell you more about the
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morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well on interstate 280 getting up to the highway 17 interchange and on the way into cupertino and mountain view. 280 traffic looks pretty good.
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police in new hampshire are looking for a thief who showed up at the victims home to apologize. the man was caught on surveillance video going through a woman's purse after she stepped away from her grocery cart. police say he took a gps and wallet. a week later the woman say as man knocked on her door, gave her the gps, $100 and a handwritten apology letter. he says the theft is out of character for him. but police don't believe him and they are still looking for him. time now 6:26. the old navy clothing store in vallejo may close soon. two store employees are telling the times hearld newspaper the store will close by the end of this month. two years ago a cost plus store went next to it went out of business. there is no comment on this yet from old navy. also later today the founders of burning man the big event they are launching a nonprofit organization in san francisco. it's called the burning man
6:27 am
project. the events founders plan to bill what they call an urban cultural center that will provide gathering and gallery spaces as well as classrooms and sites for rituals and ceremonies. ed lee will help launch the nonprofit at the united nations plaza this evening. burning man is an annual gathering in the desert in nevada. last week tickets sold out for the first time in the events 25- year history. there is jobs concerns ahead of the 2013 america's cup race. san francisco's supervisor and mayoral candidate has called for a meeting in the work force plan. advocates are concerned that america's cup organizers don't yet have a plan to hire local residence for jobs. but the head of the organizing effort says a work force development strategy will be implemented as the overall picture comes into focus. what they may have to do is
6:28 am
they can't raise more capital. a nine-year-old baseball fan from philadelphia is critically injured in a hit and run crash in san francisco. and the opening bell is up next. all eyes on wall street as news went from bad to good. i'll have the opening bell next.
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there was a lot of concern that we could see more selling this morning. that is after a pretty good sellout yesterday. that continued in asia overnight. some of the markets down 3 or 4%. this morning european markets down 2-3%. they are all coming back. some of them gaining ground.
6:31 am
a lot of that is because of the monthly jobs report that is coming in exact an hour ago. more jobs created last month. and the national unemployment rate down. but a lot of investigators are saying a little bit of good news. overall economic picture still not great. and there are still concerns that we are heading back into recession. they call it a double dip. that would be going back into recession. we will see what happens. at least for today we can see the dow jones up by 100 points. thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news it is friday august 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we are going to get local reaction in just a little bit to the market. meantime san francisco police are investigating a hit and run accident that critically injured a nine-year- old baseball fan from philadelphia. it happened last night at mission and new montgomery shortly after the little boy left last nights giants phillies game. ktvu kraig debro has been
6:32 am
talking with family members with the boy what he was doing at the time of the accident. kraig. >> reporter: according to the cousin of the nine-year-old boy who's name was ryan white. they were walking back from attending the giants-phillies game last night. it happened at the intersection at new montgomery and mission street. this is where it all happened. the hit and run suspect is now in custody. police stopped and arrested him in hayward. the cousin of the nine-year-old boy says the boy was walking northbound on new montgomery. the driver was going eastbound on mission. >> the nine-year-old was a little out ahead and i see to my right the guy come flying through a red light after dodging around the car that was waiting there and by the time i jumped back, he's hitting my cousin and knocking me into the car. >> reporter: he says the nine-
6:33 am
year-old cousin was pinned briefly between the suspects vehicle and a parked car. he didn't stop he kept going hitting parked and moving vehicles along the way. the suspect turned around and started back up in the westbound direction. sfpd put a lookout for the suv. hayward police spotted and stopped the vehicle some time overnight. several witnesses drove out to hayward to id the driver including woody the young man's cousin. he's not saying if he's been arrested or held on suspicion of any crime. multiple witnesses say this suspect appeared to be intoxicated. 6:33. bay area investigators are closely watching the markets this morning. ktvu allie rasmus is live now in san francisco to tell us whether they are seeing bulls or bears into today's trading. >> reporter: we are inside the
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san francisco office of the new york stock exchange. if i step out of the way you can take a look out here. on any given day they have 100 traders on the floor out here. most of them are in front of their monitors right now. we heard the opening bell ring just about two minutes ago. the mood here this morning is a bit uncertain. as you know it was a tough day on wall street. yesterday the dow dropped more than 500 points. losing 4% of its value. and that disconcerting drop is the hope today is that the jobs report released an hour ago will have a positive impact on trading. the economy added 117,000 jobs. the market opened less than five minutes ago. we had a chance to talk to people that worked in the financial sector and what they expect. >> i think it's certainly something where we are entering a concerning period for the economy right now. i think it partially reflects
6:35 am
just the political poral sis -- paralysis in washington. >> reporter: now again we don't know what will happen today obviously but there is one relatively positive piece of news and information that is julys job report highlighting the u.s. economy added a net gain of about 117,000 jobs. that about 30,000 more than what economists had predicted. but again the markets just opened five minutes ago. we will continue to stay here monitor what goes on here on the trading floor. we're in the san francisco office of the new york stock exchange. live in san francisco allie rasmus. >> we will continue to track the markets for you this morning. you can track the latest news on the economy on our channel 2 website the better than expected jobs report that came out a little while ago is effecting the price of crude oil as well. price for a barrel of crude oil
6:36 am
bounced up more than $150. that is still -- a bay area based mortgage insurer has shut down. their main subsidiary doesn't have enough money to meet regulations in arizona where it is based. pmi has set up another subsidiary to sell mortgage insurance in other states. they say they are look for ways to raise capital. the group may consider filing for bankruptcy production. a search is under way for two men that tried to lure young children into their cars at gilroy's elementary school. it does not appear the two incidents are related at this point. they say on wednesday a man in his 20s tries to lure a young boy and two girls away from their home. a similar incident happened on
6:37 am
miller avenue last week. a man tried to get a ten-year- old girl into his car. here's a sketch of that suspect. he is about 30 years old with a goatee, short balding hair, his car is said to be a dirty 1990s honda with a black roof and modified exhaust. east pal low a -- palo alto chief held a community meeting last night. we will have that story coming up at 6:45. your time now 6:37. three people were hurt after an 84-year-old driver crashed her car right into the lobby of a bank. this happened yesterday at the u.s. bank on tennessee in vallejo. witnesses describe it like it was an explosion. they say 15-20 people were inside the bank when that car came crashing through. one woman was rushed to the hospital. it's believed the 84-year-old driver accidentally stepped on
6:38 am
the gas instead of the brake. police in brisbane will try again today to upright a boat that was involved in a deadly accident. the family of the victim mihnh truong believe his spirit will not be released until that boat is turned over. they werationed into the bay after their boat collided with a yacht. the father survived. he didn't talk to investigators yesterday. brisbane police say they don't think -- they didn't find any signs of drug or alcohol ons yacht or on the yacht's owner. this investigation will continue probably for several weeks. right now it's 6:38. we want to check in with sal on traffic. any problems, sal? >> this morning we do have traffic that is getting busier around the bay area. we want to start off with a look at the highway 4 area. we are going to go to the south bay. just start it in reverse. we are starting off with highway 4. that is okay. it's actually looking pretty good. we have slow traffic in antioch
6:39 am
and pittsburgh. if you are driving to pleasant hill and walnut creek so far so good. driving to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see a little bunching up and getting on to the bridge. it looks pretty good and there are no major issues on the way into san francisco. now this mornings drive is going to be a little bit slow in some areas. in fact, i just got word of a new crash on highway 4 eastbound after love ridge pittsburgh. a car is blocking the right lane. we hear there are no injuries. let's go to the maps. northbound 17 looks good coming down to the bottom of the hill. 280 is getting a little slow. part of downtown san jose. not too bad. you are seeing slow traffic there. 85 still looks good from saratoga into cupertino. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you . the sun is up. i saw that picture of bay
6:40 am
point. you can see the sunshining but most of the bay area this morning dealing with the low clouds once again even drizzle in areas of oakland. 56-degrees in santa rosa. 57 in napa. we have been holding steady in the morning hours. 57 san francisco as well as oakland. upper 50s concord and livermore. low 60s in san jose. our winds generally light as we move through throughout the afternoon. our sea breeze will pick back up. the on shore breeze not as strong as yesterday. we are looking at better clearing for the afternoon. let's take a look at your forecast shall we? are you waiting on the sunshine? probably about 9:30 our inland spots will see that. it takes until about noontime or 1:00 before the east bay breaks through. at 2:00 here we are at the coastline still socked in with low clouds and fog by about 5:00 it begins to move back into the bay area. so we can expect that for your friday evening as well. we will continue with this pattern all the way through the
6:41 am
weekend. the temperatures will remain below average. we are expected to warm up especially inland areas. notably warmer in some areas 4- 8 degrees warmer. take a look at the afternoon highs. 77 santa rosa. looking at 78 for napa. upper 60s berkeley and the east bay. most of us will be dealing with upper 60s and low 70s. inland 84 for livermore. 80 degrees morgan hill as well as gilroy. on the coastline i probably don't need to say it but i guess i will, it will be a cool one with mostly cloudy skies. upper 50s to low 60s all the way through the weekend. are you seeing this? if you are looking for the warmth maybe head inland. that is the only place you will find it. and then we begin a warming trend as we head into early next week. back to you. 6:41 is the time right now. gunman opened fire on a bus full of people. it's all caught on camera. the unbelievable incident that
6:42 am
may have sparked the attack. and a neighbor said the woman killed and the man taken into custody knew each other. the homicide investigation police are still looking into coming up. if you are driving to the south bay we are looking at some of the key freeways. we will tell you what is getting slow and what is still looking good. p.pñççe".
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6:44 am
sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we following for you right now at 6:44. san francisco police investigating a bizarre hit and run accident that critically injured anion-year-old baseball fan from philadelphia. it happened last night at mission and new montgomery street. shortly after the little boy left last nights giants phillies game. police later arrested the suspected drunk driver across the bay in hayward. wall street reacting to the july jobs report. the one that came out a little while ago this morning. it was better than expected. the markets right now are up about 100 points. the dow is up. we will keep an eye on that after the labor department reported the jobless rate fell to 9.1%. most of the economists expected it to remain unchanged. president obama will announce a new initiative helping a million unemployed
6:46 am
military veterans find a job. the president is proposing tax credits start agent $24800 $-- starting at $2400 for those that hire unemployed veterans. jade hernandez is at the scene she has been talking to navy base about-- she has been talking to neighbors about this. >> reporter: we are at the apartments. squad cars are out here still this morning. the san jose mobile command center is out here. they have pulled crime scene tape up here to block off the gate. now the san jose police mobile command unit and all of the squad cars are out here hours after police arrived this morning at 2:30. we are piecing together details right now. neighbors say they heard noises yelling in a loud commotion. before police found a young woman stabbed to death inside of an apartment at this
6:47 am
complex. outside they found a man a suspect they took into custody. police have not released much information about this homicide investigation. they still don't have a motive. the city is experiencing 28 plus homicides already this year. if san jose hits the 50 mark by the end of the year, it would be a rate not seen in 20 years. we asked neighbors to describe the woman killed and the man taken into custody. they say the two moved in three or so months ago. all we knew was noises and arguments have escalated in the middle of the night. >> it was a half hour worth of commotion. there were people hollering. my girlfriend woke me up because she heard it first. >> reporter: police are still out here this morning. we tried contacting the san jose police department. we are still waiting for more information this morning. as soon as we get that, we will pass it along to you. reporting live from san jose jade hernandez. happening now a hearing to
6:48 am
consider casey anthony's probation status. we want to take you live to inside the courtroom again this morning. the hearing started just about 20 minutes minutes ago. the judge is deciding if casey anthony has to return to orlando. this is after another judge -- casey anthony's tore said she served time while awaiting her murder trial. she was acquitted of murder charges and is in hiding at this point. 6:48. a trial is starting for six people involved in a bizarre shooting. it happened on a bus in philadelphia. surveillance videos were shown in the courtroom as evidence yesterday. one of the witnesses says it all started when he criticized a woman on the bus for spanking her child. she says she then made a phone call and got off the bus where gunmen were waiting. and opened fire. look at these pictures. the bus driver stepped on the gas as people on the bus ducked
6:49 am
and huddled trying to take shelter. 13 shots were fired. luckily no one was hit. police in east palo alto have released photos of two suspected gang members. cardenas and silva are suspects in two killings. those killings in east palo alto came during a violent year in that city. there have already been six homicides in east palo alto this year. that compares to four of all of last year. last night the police chief held a town hall meeting to discuss this growing problem of deadly gang violence. community member are concerned the police response nay be causing more problems. our time is 6:49. let's see if we have traffic problems in the commute, sal. how are we looking? >> we are looking okay. things are waking up a little bit on the commute. we are getting more crowding. as we look right here at downtown san jose.
6:50 am
if you are driving there. 87 is looking good. a loot of people use that. so far it has been a nice drive. and if you are driving to 237 for your trip into the valley you will see traffic light there. it looks good driving over to 101. this is a little lighter than it usually is. maybe it's friday light. i don't want to get too happy yet but it looks like it. the peninsula traffic looks good both on 280 and on 101. not a lot of slow traffic expect 92. and then across the bay hayward union city and fremont on interstate 880 heading south it's still light. let's go to rosemary. tgif to you. hopefully that puts a smile on your face. what is happening outside of our doors the gray sky is tough to beat. we will see better clearing in the afternoon and a slight warmup in some cases. a better warmup for our inland areas. so the sun will be with us by
6:51 am
late in the morning early afternoon. we are looking at fog near the coast for most of the day. our forecasted highs below normal. upper 50s for the coast and wide-spread low 80s for the warmer spots. most of us will be sitting in the 70s. this morning chances for our temperatures right now 50s to low 60s out there. mostly sunny skies for your lunchtime. it will be a slow day for the coastline. our inland spots if you are going to be lunch outdoors we've got mid 70s for you there. upper 70s to low 80s for the afternoon. 77 expected in santa rosa this afternoon. 72 for petaluma. low 80s areas right around martinez. 82 walnut creek. in the east bay better clearing. 68 expected for oakland today. 72 san leandro. 75 expected san jose this afternoon. looking at 74 for santa clara and the peninsula there wide-
6:52 am
spread low 70s. palo alto mid 60s. gray skies by the coast. upper 60s to -- upper 50s to low 60s. more of the same to come. we will get a bit of a warmup monday and tuesday with better warming looking like wednesday and thursday. proctor and gamble expect better rising reports. they report profits of $2.5 billion. the number of individual items sold is up 3%. they credit the higher earnings to cost cutting measures and unfortunately for consumers price increases. let's check in on wall street. the numbers much higher this morning. the dow jones i'm just going to double check this. we are looking at a live look at the big board. it was up more than 100 points. dow coming back and i'm just looking on my screen this is a
6:53 am
live look at the big board. so they are right. dow jones up 36 points right now. i will tell you there is a little bit of a bright spot this morning that i just was looking around to see if what the strategist the analysts are saying and the survey of banks the benchmark measure s & p 500 they expect it to rally for the rest of year. we will see if they are right. time now 6:53. a year ago today 33 chilean miners were trapped under ground. has life been better or worse since they have been rescued? and -- there it is. a deafening blast of lightning. where it hit and how that situation could have been worse.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
you've got to see and hear this. lightning almost hits a tv news camera and camera man in colorado. >> all right i'm done. >> did you hear that? he says i'm done. now that lightning almost hit him and his camera. all this happening when the camera man was out filming bad weather and heavy rain. boy did he do that. that lightning came dangerously close to him but luckily he was
6:57 am
not hurt. a special mass is being held in chile today to mark the first anniversary the day 33 miners became trapped under ground. they spent two months below the earths surface before being rescued one by one. although they received free trips and gifts, some are still without work. they can't make a living. a book and movie deal for their story may improve their financial situation soon. time now 6:57. let's check in with sal. how is the toll plaza doing? >> right now it's doing very well. we are looking at it and it's light if you are trying to get into san francisco. also this morning we are looking at the commute and that traffic is going to be okay here in oakland on northbound 880 on the right and southbound on the left. of course we look at the nimitz freeway to see how it's going. let's go to rosemary. all right good morning, to you. same stuff different day.
6:58 am
we will see actually a little bit of a warmup. especially our inland spots. you will notice for the afternoon. mid 70s to low 80s around the bay. for the coastline another cool one upper 50s to low 60s. it's a trend we will carry into the weekend. back to you. thank you. also coming up here on mornings on two. a bay area boy scares off some armed robbers. how he did it is raising eyebrows. also a terrifying day-time gun battle that happened at a very busy shopping mall just outside the bay area. stay right here with us.
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