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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> i jumped back, i remember knocking him into the car. >> he was visiting san francisco went to a ballgame and now he is in the hospital after a hit-and-run. more on that hit-and-run in a moment but first we have an amber alert, just two hours ago
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authorities issued an amber alert for jeremy guthrie. he was abducted by a first baptist church shelter around 4:30 this morning. 52-year-old annette hail, she is described weighing 200 pounds whering a white tang top. she was staying at the shelter but did not know the boy. they left the shelter on foot and if you see them you are asked to call them. a nine-year-old remains in critical condition and the driver suspected of hitting him is in custody it happened around 10:30 in san francisco on mission street. the victim's cousin talked about what he saw. >> reporter: according to people who saw the driver there is just one explanation for the life-threatening collision. >> i am no expert but that guy
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was really drunk. >> reporter: the scene in mission was chaotic. family members visiting from philadelphia had just watched them play at at&t park. they headed towards market, a white toyota pickup truck stopped at the light ran the light and then hit a vehicle going south on new month -- new montgomery. ryan was walking ahead of his family. >>reporter: i saw him knocking him into the car. >> reporter: he is facing felony hit-and-run and dui charges. in addition to the boy, vargas continued his rampage and continued hitting vehicles with his truck but instead of leaving right away, vargas appeared to have assessed the damage. >> it came back around, hit a taxi and took off again.
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>> reporter: the scene prompted several witnesses to get involved. >> there were tons of people running after the car trying to stop him and eventually somebody got his license plate. >> reporter: if the suspect is charged, the seriousness of those charges may depend on ryan white's health. the boy's injuries are life- threatening. the cat scan showed no damage but it does not mean the injuries will not scar him physically and mentally for years to come. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are closely watching stocks which have been on a rollercoaster ride, there is still real concern about the economy but better news on u.s. jobs and european debt is raising hopes on wall street. taking a look. the dow jones industrial average is currently up 45 at
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11430. nasdaq is down 22 and s&p 500 is up about a third of a point. on the trading floor of the new york stock exchange, joining us live to let us know the focus for this final hour of trading, alley? >> reporter: you can hear the phones ringing, you can hear people screaming, the same stuff you would see on any given day. it has been a mixed bag, much like the economy itself. >> reporter: the july jobs report gave the market a boost after the morning bell. they added 117,000 jobs last months. unemployment nudged down slightly. >> that is good but you see less people are actually looking for work so that is a pause for concern. >> reporter: analysts say investors are not sure if the good news in the economy outweighs the bad.
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>> everybody is hypersensitive because everybody company is doing great the last three years. >> quarter earnings are up and you see 9% unemployment... >> the reality is there are millions of americans still looking for work. >> yes, two years in a finance industry. corporations are making big money and it is the little people down here who are not making the money. also influence the markets are fears about a double dip recession. >> we may not slip into a real recession but we may not have one quarter of real growth and it could happen over the summer. >> the unemployment is over in the next month and european leaders plan to have an emergency meeting so analysts
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here said they have been in positive territory. checking the board it is up 33 points. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, you can also check the markets and get the latest news on our economy and our website president barack obama proposed two new tax credits to help get unemployed veterans back to work. >> if you can save a life in afghanistan you can save a life in wyoming. you can help balance a business' books here at home. >> reporter: there are more than 1 million out of work and they are challenging them, it would give them up to 10 environmentally friendly 4800 and the wounded warriors would give tax credits up to 9600 for
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hiring a vet who was disabled. they are looking to help returning vets jump back into the workforce. back to school is on in less than a month and they usually get 16% of their annual income during this sales period. families will each spend on average, nearly 604 hours which is down $300 from last year. thousands of faa employees and construction workers could be headed back to work soon. the senate signed off on a bill to end a partial shut down of the federal aviation administration and president barack obama could sign off on it today. the shut down has cost the government $30 million a day in uncollected airline ticket taxes and left thousand on unpaid furlough as well as
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70,000 construction workers. they are welcoming live and we can plain why today's grade situation was a long time coming. >> you can see this was the first graduating class of 2005. >> reporter: last year 75 firefighters were retired and because of that it was personal for marlin barton. >> a lot of people wanted to be where i am right now and i feel extremely lucky. >> how proud of your mother are you today? >> this much. >> reporter: she received more than love and kisses from her daughter. she and her daughter are in being comforted. >> just seeing how much they
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love their jobs, they were so earnings cited about what they were -- excited about what they were doing and it prompted the urge to do this a long time ago for me. >> do you solemnly swear... >> fire chief hayes wife is special for graduating for several reasons. they started with 50 and 35 new recruits are added. what she is focusing on today is the positive.$♪$>> it is very diverse backgrounds and people who are were in re-- who were in retail and people who were accountant. many of them are by link wall,
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people are vietnam spanish and french. >> they had to complete 14 rigorous weeks of training. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. police arrested a 48-year- old man on suspicion that he stashed a woman to death. it was likely a domestic violence case. it happened 2:00 a.m. north of interstate 280. neighbors heard the couple fighting and the woman pleading with the man not to hurt her. they found the woman stabbed several times.$♪ she died at the scene and they arrested the man who they believe was her boyfriend. >> we are officially calling it a domestic violence homicide. san jose police have not released the name in the fatal stabbing. they have boosted the
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reward money. a chile native was shot and killed during a robbery attempt on september 12th. it was his 35th birthday. he was walking with his fiance shortly after 3:30 a.m. the suspects drove away in a two tone suv. information stands at 12,000 leading to any information leading to an arrest. guns fire aimed at a crowded public bus. looking at the weekend forecast, we will let you know if there is any bay area sunshine. are starting something new to help people.
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. at least nine people are dead with tanks squaring off with protesters in cities across the nation with the ramadan holiday. protesters are calling for the end of the president's rule. they have condemned the syrians attacks on the protesters and they are calling to an end for the fighting. six people were involved in
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a shooting on a bus in philadelphia. surveillance video was presented in the courtroom as evidence yesterday. it all started when he criticized a woman on the bus for spanking her child. she then made a phone call got off at the next stop and two gunmen got on the bus and started firing shots. 13 shots were fired and nobody was hurt. she is willing to discuss a curfew -- citywide curfew. he has been asking for a curfew since he took the job in 2008. oakland has never had a curfew. with six officer involved shootings and one of the highest crime rates in the nation some feel a curfew in oakland is an idea some feel is
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worth considering. some are asking if casey anthony needs to report to probation for check fraud case. casey anthony's presence was not required. she disappeared from the public eye after she was acquitted of the death of her two-year-old daughter caylee anthony. now a question about her case, the original judge said casey anthony still needs to serve time for hero fence. that will require regular check inns with a probation officer in orlando. civil rights violations are connected with deadly bridge shootings after curb curb. less -- hurricane katrina. less than a week after they killed two on danziger bridge. the officers say they were fired upon first. one of the officers was only charged with a coverup and the
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other four face possible life sentences. police say a car driven by an 84-year-old woman smashed through a bank in vallejo. it happened on tennessee and amador street. there were 20 people in the bank at the time of the accident. one person was seriously hurt two others suffered minor injuries. >> the other drivers mistakenly put her foot on the gas instead of the break. again she is 84 years old so she was confused. she crashed through the doors into a pillar. >> police are deciding whether to file charges against the 84- year-old drivers and it is -- driver and it is possible they will press charges. they are asking them to
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boycott the ring willing brothers circus. they will stop in oakland and the head of peninsular humane society called it an outdated form of entertainment. humane officials will check on the animals while they are in town to make sure they are not being mistreated. there are hiring concerns among the yacht race. may or you' all -- mayoral candidate has called to a workforce plan. labor advocates are concerned that the organizers do not yet have it a plan to hire local residents for jobs but the head of the organizing efforts said a workforce strategy will be implemented as the picture comes into greater focus. a restoration plan for the san delta comes after years of concern after an increase in
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water demand and deterioration of the habitat. they are looking into rules or river flows, fees for utilities and water conservation from farmers. it is will the focus of an environmental impact study which will be completed by -- completed by december. no major changes to the bay area forecast, i was looking at the camera 45 minutes ago, we had complete overcast in san francisco bay with a bit of haze out there. san francisco checking in with 62 degrees. i can show you low cloud cover, but more sunshine across the bay and also more sunshine for the interior. we have coastal fog to mild areas inland and we have minor changes with temperatures an extended forecast for next week, we will gradually bump up the numbers especially monday
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and tuesday. currently low-to-mid 70s fairfield 75 and oakland 63. temperatures are reported in the mid-70s. this weather system has been basically winning out all week long and we will stick with the theme for today. areas pulling back near the coastline, temperatures on either side and inland neighborhoods approach willing 83 to 84 degrees -- approaching 83 to 84 degrees. partly cloudy skies on parts of the shoreline this afternoon and sneaking into the bay with our updated fog forecast computer models are showing that and once again a big area of -- big clouds and drizzles to start out your saturday morning at 7:00. that's all reflected in today's forecast beginning this afternoon. 4:00 breezy and winds pick up,
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up to 20 miles per hour. mid-50s to 60s and fog increases after a fairly nice afternoon especially inland spots out towards fairfield. mid-60s san jose and gilroy right around 81. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast and looking ahead, not changing too much, coo cool off sunday and monday tuesday we gradually bump up numbers but no heatwave in sight. numbers could be bumping with a nice forecast, especially into the afternoon hours once the fog clears. >> thank you mark. they are launching a non- profit organization which is called the burning man project. it is a gathering in the novato dessert. they will provide gathering
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space in galleries and classrooms for rituals and ceremonies. he will promote it at the plaza this evening. in that is a's -- nasa's new solar powered aircraft is on its way to jupiter. >> three, two, one... ignition and liftoff... >> they blasted off at cape canaveral, it was supposed to launch 15 minutes earlier but helium delayed the launch. the craft will spend five years on a journey to jupiter and they will use jupiter gases to determine how the universe was formed. ahead new details on a popular vehicle and the case of trapped minors got the attention of the world. at home what is happening with
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them now.
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. from wall street today they were up by 171 points after a solid report dropped it 225. there was a historic sell off and do you do you in positive -- dow jones industrial average stayed in positive territory, they are requiring the government to balance its budget and s&p 500 is down 3, dow jones industrial average is
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up. chrysler is recalling more than 60,000 of their vehicles. airbags in the chrysler voyager as well as the dodge grand caravan may unemployment unexpectedly. they were recalled because moisture could get on the airbags that deploys them. now they want to inspect them and no injuries or crashes have been reported from the problem. a special day, they spent two months below the surface before finally being rescued one by one. today the men are still struggling with psychological problems. most of them cannot work or make a living and book or movie deal may improve their financial situation soon. a report where the command
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center is set up for an amber alert for a little boy who was kidnapped which we told you about at the top of the newscast. we are also learning about an alarm doctors are sounding, what they are giving out in record numbers and why they think the trends is located to the u.s. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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