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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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just 30 minutes ago, the stock market opened for the first time since the unprecedented u.s. credit downgrade. what's happen on wall street? will he run or not? just a couple of hours, san francisco's mayor is about to
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make an announcement this morning. plus -- they were caught in a high-stakes political power struggle. hundreds of worker heading back to work at a bay area airport. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. as expected, right after the opening bell, the stocks plunged 240 points. right now, they are hovering about 196 points. this is all after the s & p downgraded the u.s. credit rating for the very first time this morning. today, the s & p is expected to -- expected to announce how
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things will be affected by this. the british and french markets have been down more than 2% through most of the trading day. this was after the european bank said it would buy bonds in support of italy and spain. and in washington, d.c., the blame game is on for who is responsible for the downgrading. we'll have a live report coming up in from our washington, d.c. with where the fingers are being pointed. the big announcement at san francisco city hall is expected in about two hours. allie rasmus says ed lee will finally end the suspense of his political future. >> reporter: that's right, dave. ed lee is expected to announce that he will run for a full term in november. that announcement is expected to happen here at san francisco city hall about two hours from
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now. "the chronicle" is reporting that lee will file paperwork to run for mayor. he was appointed mayor after gavin newsom left to become lieutenant-governor of california. when lee initially took the post, he said he was not running for a full time, he only wanted to serve as interim mayor. but supporters and citizens saturdayed to urge him in november. >> women minorities and the working class. i speak on my -- on behalf of my latino community -- >> reporter: now, a few months ago some. his supporters launched a campaign, "draft ed lee." he said he was still thinking about whether or not he was going to run for mayor. but you can see some of his
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sporters -- some his supporters still encourage him and after eight nounsment today, mayor lee is scheduled to have a rub -- a ribbon-cutting event and then an announcement about technology. so it appears he will get going after that announcement. back to you. >> thank you. overnight, a house fire sent two women to the hospital. it happened on jackson. firefighters say a woman and her caregiver were trapped inside. they were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. they think cigarettes may have started the flame. tara moriarty will have an update in about 30 minutes.
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earlier this morning, oakland police called off a search for a suspect who they say led them to a street down 0. it all started about 8 -- down 880. it all start at 6 ox columbia. when the suspect -- it all started at 6:00. when the suspect crashed, he ran. the police dogs were brought in. but they have not been able to find him. late ther morning, pleasanton -- later this morning, police will announce a homicide that's more than 20 years old. the fbi will be there along with the alameda county district attorney's office. stay with us and check on for the announcement late ther morning. police have morning -- later this morning. jade hernandez is live at the scene and just talked to a
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person who knew the victim who was shot -- not in the car. >> reporter: that victim became the 12th homicide of the year for vallejo. the victim's family lives right here in vallejo, his mother and father. he also says the victim spent seven years in prison and recently got out of jail. we don't know if that has any ties to last night's violence. but we can tell you what police found when any arrived, right here at the median, where you see all of that orange paint on the road, that's where police found a nord explorer -- ford exer procedure -- explorer. inside it, they found 28-year- old man. he was bleeding from a gunshot wound in the chest. he died at the scene. investigators were still talking to witnesses last night.
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as we mentioned, we just spoke to a fairfield man who now the -- who knew the victim and said the victim just got out of you prison about two -- got out of prison about two weeks ago. >> i don't know what happened. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: investigators combed this parking lot which is combine -- a combined lot for the mcdonald's and chevron customers. police believe that a fight broke out here in this parking lot which led to shots being fired and the victim's death. i've already contacted vallejo police and left messages for the watch commander on duty. we have not yet heard back from the d. and there's also some discussion about surveillance video in the area. as soon wees hear back from the police department -- as soon as we hear back from the police department, we'll let you know. -- let you know. back to you. >> thank you, jade.
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state revenues fell $80 million for the and that puts california at falling short for the $4 billion predicted earlier in year. lawmakers were planning on that money to closed deficit. in the -- if the money does not come in, schools and others could face cuts this year. airline employees could be -- airport employees could be back on the job. it was shut down for two weeks week -- two weeks. last week congress passed legislation to extend funding for the faa. this is the last week for some for summer vacation. let's check on traffic with sal. >> oh, gosh i remember how -- gosh, i remember how bummed out i was when that would happen. [ laughter ]
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>> you and me both. we have slow traffic out there in antioch, walnut creek. westbound 580 getting a little bit better but still kind of recovering from an earlier crash. you can see all of the slow traffic. the crash was 580 westbound at 680. we'll move the maps down and if you are driving to the south bay, 237 we've had some stop and go traffic, also on 880 south -- south. let's go to mark. wait. one more. >> one more. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza. that's about a den-minute delay -- ten-minute delay. wouldn't you say that? >> yeah. you are right on that. good morning. we have a look at their. it's a little glimpse of the sunshine looking out toward bay point. current temperature right around 56. in addition to that fog, we also have quite a bit of
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drizzle, especially coast side. here we go with our forecast. no big changes, the fog this morning, and the temperatures are warming up inland for. your tuesday, a touch warmer and the extended forecast will hold on to that theme. here's our latest fog product showing you the coverage over the bay area. santa rosa visibility is down to about a half-mile, the clouds over the bay down toward the south bay, even pushing into parts of solano county at last check. current numbers just updated. most areas cooled off about a degree or two over the past hour. livermore, 56. santa rosa checking in at 54. we've been talking a lot about the fog over the past few days. no major heat because of the marine layer. the coast this move, the drizzle out there on the cool side. partly sunny around the bay and
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then neighborhoods clearing skies. here is our forecast model at 12:00. showing ut clouds hugging our coastline, still a patches right around san francisco's 12:00. not budging too much later on by 3:00 and 4:00. and in fact by the evening hours the fog will be pushing back in the bay. today at 8:00, 55. fog, drizzle. 12:00, a sun/cloud mix. and then there's the eventual temperature range. most neighborhoods on average about two to four degrees warmer. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast -- just some minor warming, primarily inland over the next few days. with your weekend always in view, we're talking mid- to upper 80s inland. another update, minutes away. all right, mark. it's a staggering loss for the u.s. military and some
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important new information today about that helicopter in afghanistan. new cape is to be released about jackie okennedy -- jackie kennedy and the assassination of her husband.
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is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. good monday morning. time, 7:14. as we head into the afternoon hours, it will be a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. i will let you know how long that warming trend will continue. all right, mark. >> walt is expected a pretty -- wall street is expecting a pretty bumpy day and alison burns is in our washington,
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d.c. bureau. she's taking -- trafficking all of the fallout. >> that's right, dave. let's get back back to the big board at the new york stock exchanges. analysts had been expecting a shock to the market. that's what we're seeing with the dow down around 235 points. overnight asian markets plunged more than 2%. european markets are down as well. another thing to watch, the impact of home mortgage rates. analyst thes say fannie -- analysts say fannie mae and freddie mac are also expected to be downgraded as early as today. that could make mortgages more expensive. now, executive the have been making the -- executives have been making the rounds on tv stations saying it do get worse
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if congress doesn't do anything. we've been seeing a lot of finger-pointing. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the pentagon is expected to release the official list of the 30 u.s. troops killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. chinook helicopter went down on saturday. the crash site has finally been secured. the recoy recover -- the recovery effort is underway. no one is allowed in the area. here in the bay area, remembering the dead. kevin houston was described as one-of-a-kind. >> he was in the fifth grade he wanted to be a navy s.e.a.l. i didn't know what a navy s.e.a.l. was back in the fifth grade but he did. >> sources say the helicopter was shut down after helping the
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army rangers under fire. the u.s. military is still investigating. the taliban is claiming responsibility. police sigh the weekend shooting of a police officer was an assassination. jeremy henwood, 36, died on sunday. this happened while he was sitting da -- while he was sitting in his patrol car. police say the suspect opened fire within minutes of another shooting at a fast-food restaurant. >> the officer had no contact with the person who shot him before the incident occurred, that jerly had no -- jeremy had no indication he was in danger. >> police shot and killed that suspect after a confrontation. the suspect did leave behind a suicide note. we're hearing audiotapes recorded by jackie kennedy
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after her assassination show that she believes vice president lyndon johnson was responsible for his death. it's reported in the tapes that she explains how she became convinced that lyndon johnson, along with southern businessman, orchestrated the 1963 assassination of jfk. however, those tapes will be made public soon, they say. it also says that jackie kennedy had affairs, retaliating for her husband's infidelity. in london, more than 160 people have been arrested after rioting and looting. this happened after a protest against a police shooting got out of hand. thirty-police officers were hurt. -- thirty-five police officers were shot. the iran government is not accused by a water balloon
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fight. they gathered to cool off from the heat and publicized it on nasdaq. the government called it -- on the facebook. the government called it immortal. when the government saw it on facebook, several were arrested. 7:18. the new york city triathlon turned deadly. a 64-year-old man went into cardiac arrest. [ horn ] >> the man died during the swimming portion in the hudson river. organizers say he made it halfway through the swim when someone spotted him unconscious in the water. his death is the second in the 11-year history. pediatricians are offering guidelines for you and for teenagers and for other kids who play sports. they say playing sports in hot, humid weather is safe for
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healthy children, with predogses and common sense -- with precaution and common sense. experts say they can play in hot weather if they drink a lot of water, take time out and if emergency help is available on the sidelines. all of this comes after two georgia high school players -- football players died after practicing in extremely hot weather. the danger that looks for babies on the internet. one of nasa's mars rover is about to reach something it's been corrected towards for years. and good morning. this is interstate 280. i will tell you more about the morning commute -- coming up.
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. welcome back. federal safety officials are concerned that illegal baby crib are -- cribs are still for sale on the internet. they were banned after 32 infant deaths in two. ebay agreed to shut down its used crib session a few weeks ago. craigslist has updated its prohibition notice but that site users are responsible for their listings. a north bay brewing company has a plan to keep a marin state park open. samuel park is one of four parks scheduled to close because of budget cuts. >> last year, it cost about $750,000 to operate the park. tony mcgee of the brewing company says the park generates money a year that could be operated to break even. he says if it doesn't, he's
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willing to cover the difference. "opportunity" is on the exploration of a new round -- is on the mission for an exploration. it's been traveling towards "endeavour" for tree years -- three years. want to take a live look out to the big board. take a look at the numbers. just hovering around the 300 mark. all morning we've seen a selloff there. this is the first time the markets have opened up sin the s&p downgraded -- opened up up and the s&p downgraded. let's check in with sal now. >> we have slow traffic everywhere you look, but not here. downtown san jose, that looks pretty good getting up to the downtown area. if you are driving to the east bay so far a almost bit of slow
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traffic on 880, interstate 880 past highway 92. we go to contra costa county where highway 4 -- whoops. i just did that by accident. did i mess up the maps? yes, i did. we'll have to go go -- we'll have to go back to live pictures. it's a monday. traffic is moving along relatively well. there are no major problems as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to mark. hi, there, sal. we are talking about low clouds and fog blanketing the bay area. we are dealing with quite a few overcast conditions being reported on the maps right now. and the cloud bank gradually pull the back here the coast -- pulls back near the coast and temperatures range from the upper 50s to low 60s. no at big change compared to
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yesterday's reading the -- reading. we'll hold the beaches in the 60s. possibly apurchasing the 90 - -- approaching the 90-degree mark on sunday. it has more than 500,000 people heading for higher ground. the devastating storm that's making life miserable for some. and what happened here at napa state hospital over the weekend that has many people here wondering about the security. also, a small midwestern town reeling from a shooting tragedy. what led up to this deadly rampage?
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welt, good morning to -- well, good morning to you. welcome back. the official confirmation came a couple of hours ago. there's been another attack at napa state hospital. kraig debro is there now with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we have moved, as we had earlier, outside of the gate outside the hospital. it's not the main gate where it is hoping where we could -- where we would run in to staff members that we could talk to. we are outside one of the side gates of the hospital this morning waiting for official
7:30 am
word. now, we caught workers as they were arriving this morning around 4:30. none of the workers we talked to had heard about the assault. according to a psychiatric tigs knicks i choke to on the phone -- technician i spoke to on the phone, a patient attacked a worker, it happened in the pc area, the penal code area, that's the area where they house violent patients. unit 3, unit t-3 was put on lockdown following the incident. now, we talked to assemblyman mike and he came here to tour the facility and he even saw an assault when he was here. >> i actually observed an attack where one patient was attacking another and the staff had to intervene and medicate the patient. we are still waiting for more
7:31 am
staffing from the hospital, we're still waiting for an alarm system. >> the man caulked of killing -- accuse of killing donna gross was essentially ent convicted of the crime -- was essentially convicted of the crime. massey will likely receive a life sentence. back to you. >> all right, kraig. thank you. 7:30. a small town in ohio is realing this dash reeling this morning following a deadly rampage. in copley, ohio friends even strangers came together. police say a man shot his girlfriend earlier in the day and then ran to a nearby home and shot five people and then police say he shot two other people. one of the victims survived. police later killed that suspect in a good night.
7:32 am
a -- in a gunfight. an elderly san francisco woman and her caretaker are in the hospital this morning after an overnight fire. tara moriarty just spoke to a neighbor about the victims and joins us live from pacific heights. >> the neighbor we spoke to said she's quite concerned about the two women involved in this fire. she said this is a very quiet neighborhood. the german consulate is actually two doors down from the house that went up in flames and across the street is the home of romance novelist, danielle steele." we're off jackson and octavio streets. when firefighters arrived, crews had to move fast to rescue those two women inside. >> there was smoke coming from the top floor. we had a report of two people that were unaccounted for inside the building. they were both pulled out by
7:33 am
firefighters. >> reporter: both women had to be taken to the hospital. one was an elderly woman, the other, her caretaker. they are believed to be in serious condition. we just got off the phone with fire officials a few minutes ago. investigators have not said what officially sparked this fire but crews found cigarettes upstairs and believe that's the cause. back here live you can see the charred furniture. neighbors say he -- neighbors say the fires couldn't have come at a worse time. they all boast views of the san francisco bay. we're live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu -- ktvu channel 2 news -- ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are look for a man who stabbed a man to death. police say they got a call for help just 3 -- just about 3:00 near south 19th and east santa clara street. officers didn't find anybody there but searched nearby
7:34 am
roosevelt park and found a man with multiple stab wounds. he died at the scene. police are still investigating what led up to the stabbing. they've not released the victim's identity. the city of hercules wants your help. look at these photos. the city showed us bags of trash along the road. the city official in charge of cleaning it all up says there may be a connection between home foreclosures and illegal dumping. a lot of -- >> a -- a lot of times they either leave it in the home they move out of or they pack it up -- pack it up and dump it somewhere. this week pg&e will start to test gas transmission lines in palo alto. the worth is not supposed to affect gas service. however, customers you may
7:35 am
smell gas as those lines are vented. last week, the testing of pipeline of 150 miles will take longer than expected. it may not be finished bite end of the year as hoped. santana is recruiting a colleague. she says on friday, she's hiring jot john -- scott johnson. he's described as a problem solver who will handle the city's internal business along with the problem of a growing budget deficit. he takes the most september 9th. today san francisco police kick off a pedestrian public safety campaign in the south of market area. officers on foot, car and on motorcycles will be enforcing traffic and pedestrian lots. police say the area has the highest amount of traffic injuries and deaths. on saturday, volunteers handed out those fliers for the preparation of the increased police presence. we're expecting to get an
7:36 am
official list from the pentagon of the 30 service mmen who died in that -- servicemen who died in that helicopter crash. coming up in ten minutes we'll take you live to washington, d.c. getting reaction to the 30 deaths and also the details on the investigation that's underway. back here at home, the chp investigating an accident that killed a 19-year-old man. police say about 5:30 yesterday afternoon, look at these pictures, this dodge flipped and ran into a tree. it happened on southbound 101 between petaluma and novato. the 19-year-old driver was the only one in the car. they pronounced him dead at the scene. police say he was handy happened but there's no other details about the cause of the crash. if you are about to head on the roads, you want to check how traffic is. sal, it has not been that bad.
7:37 am
anything worsening? >> well, we had a crash earlier. let's go outside and look at the morning commute on the bridge, from the toll plaza all the way up to the span you can see in the right lane, there is some sort of a lane obstruction, westbound bay bridge over to the right. see the flashing light? westbound. it looks like -- either it's a stalled vehicle or -- it's a stalled vehicle is what they are reporting. that's a mess. let's take a look at the east chauffeur freeway. that traffic is busy. at westbound 80 there is an accident on the right shoulder at the car key knees bridge -- carquinez bridge. livermore valley is recovering after the crash at 580 and 680. and we have slow traffic in hayward and union city across to the -- relatively unscathed
7:38 am
peninsula. let's take a look at one more thing that would be slow traffic getting into the valley from the east bay, 237 stop and go. let's go to mark. >> good morning to you, sal. we're taking a live look outside. it looks like this time in the south bay, showing you mostly sunny skies. san jose currently in the 50s -- currently in the 50s. a big blanket of clouds. locally dense, especially around the coast and right around the bay. you might encounter some drizzle out there as well. as -- as far as current numbers, it's chilly. mainly in the low to mid-50s. san francisco 53. concord, 56. our forecast model is showing you the fog this morning, by 12 and by 1, pulling back. still, some left-over patches. not completely clearing here. in fact, the beaches will be on
7:39 am
the cool side. more sunshine as you work your way inland. that's all reflected in today's forecast. clouds and drizzle this morning. by 3:00 patchy fog. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. right around the bay, partly sunny skies. 67 to 75. for the inland neighborhoods, opinion at 8:00, more sunshine, though, this afternoon and temperatures inland. the warmest locations in the 70s and 89 os. antioch around -- and 80s. antioch around 70. san francisco -- san francisco 63. temperatures are warming slightly in the inland area. no major heat in sight. >> thank you, mark. a typhoon is picking up big surf is -- big surf in china as it moves up the country's east
7:40 am
coast. powerful waves. many beaches were closed -- were closed because of the surge. more than 600,000 people on chine non's coast have been evacuated from their homes. the typhoon is expected to make landfall tonight either in china or western north carolina. ers. 's been a record number of -- north carolina. there's been a record of accidents in parks. there have been 90 accident at parks this year. there were 90 at this point last year. this morning, one investment has reached an all- time high. the new record for gold prices. and teenagers have spoken. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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welcome back. the time is 7:42. here is the latest numbers on wall street -- we've seen a very volatile morning. cunly down 310. s&p frill -- currently down 310. s&p announced they are downgrading at -- downgrading the ratings for freddie mac and fannie mae. we've seen the numbers fluctuating as low as down 376 points, right now hovering around 316. the price of gold blasted past the $1700 this morning. is went as high as $1,710
7:44 am
overnight. while gold is jumping, it could indicate a weakening dollar. recovery effort are the now underway in afghanistan for the chinook helicopter that crashed over the weekend killing 30 troops. we're live in washington, d.c. with more on the rescue mission the troops were on when the crash happened. diana? >> reporter: good morning, maureen. this is the deadliest day for the united states and the ten- year war in afghanistan. 30 american servicemembers died when -- when their helicopter was shot down in a rural part of afghanistan. the servicemembers were on a mission to assist army rangers pinned down by enemy fire and a fierce gun battle. some shot down were from the same unit who killed osama bin laden, though not involved in
7:45 am
that mission. the s.e.a.l.s kill idea targeting a known taliban leader who is directly responsible for for -- the s.e.a.l.s killed were targets a known taliban leader who is directly responsible for attacks. >> i saw the uniforms. there was no preparing for it. he was a warrior for christ and a warrior for our country. he wouldn't want to leave this earth any other way than how he did. >> that was aaron -- aaron von's wife. he left behind a life and two children. nato is now working to protect the crash site while the military goes through the wreckage. one civilian and seven afghan commandos died in the crash. back to you. >> all right. thank you. in other news -- safety investigations have started
7:46 am
into reports of problems with some volkswagen jettas and ford mustangs. the ntsb has received 32 points about the manual transmixes of 2011 and 2012 mustangs. drivers say they can't shift into gear. some drivers say the problem happened when they were trying to merge into high speed traffic. the preliminary investigation involves 26,000 cars. the complaints from jetta cars, there's leaks in the fuel lines, at least reports of them. the leak comes between the fuelline and injector. safety officials are checking those complaints and say 40,000 cars could be affected. the irs says there won't be a refund for airline taxes collected during the partial shutdown of the faa. passengers paid those taxes unnecessarily if they bought a ticket from the 23rd to the shut down. the irs says they may get their
7:47 am
money back from the airlines or the treasury department. the irs won't charge passengers who bought tickets retroactively during the shutdown. comcast will charge families just $10 for its internet essentials program -- program. this includes a voucher to buy a computer for $150. families who have at least one child in the national school lunch program are eligible to participate in the program. 7:47. well, celebrities in tv, movie, sports all came together for a celebration right here on ktvu. celina gomez right there won -- selena gomez there won. she picked up a win with her then-boyfriend, justin bieber. taylor swift was named the ultimate choice, a lifetime
7:48 am
achievement award of sorts. >> i want to thank the fans. you guys have made my life so beautiful. it's all because of you. [ cheers ] >> that award, by the way, was one of six for taylor swift. she had the most victories of the night. it's ruled the weekend box office. >> "rise of the planet of the apes" opened as the number one movie. it raised $54 million. $15million more than expected. a very 61-year-old swimmer is churning the waters between -- is chumping the waters -- is churning the waters. she's trying to do something
7:49 am
she's never done before.
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7:51 am
welcome back. police in gilroy make an arrest in a series of armed robbery is. now, both robberies happened saturday night. the -- robberies. now, both robberies happenedden saturday night. dash happened on saturday night -- saturday night -- happened on saturday night. the investigation continues. the 9-year-old philadelphia phillies fan involved in that hit and run at at&t park is said to be slowly recovering. he was mit bite a pickup truck after the -- hit by a puck truck. he's still in critical condition but is reportedly making small improvements. the driver is expected in court tomorrow on dui and hit and run
7:52 am
charges. a swummer is making her way from a nana to -- from havana to key west, florida. diana nyad took off from there. she's trying to become the first women to swim the route without the help of a shark aid. kayakers are alongside her with sonar detecting shark. >> i want to be there to say we have many, many years of vitality and strength and service left in us. >> nyad tried the swim in 1978 but the team pummed her out when high winds and currents pushed her too far off course. this should take about 60 hours to complete. once an hour, she will tread water near her supply work to get food to keep her energy up.
7:53 am
in 1978, she took in 1,000 calories an hour and she lost 29 pounds after pulling her out after 42 hours. >> wow. the most famous caddy in the world, steve williams, he was fired by tiger woods last year. well, this week he's the caddy for adam scott who won the bridgestone. scott efirst ever major championship title -- scott's first ever major championship title. he took potshots at tiger wood. >> i would be lying if i said i wasn't a little nervous. obviously, adam is winning the tournament. it's an incredible feeling. that's the best week of my life. i caddied for 33 years and that's the best win driverrer had. >> bridgestone -- the west win
7:54 am
i've ever had. 7:53. twitter's popularity is growing rapidly in japan. now stanford researchers think they know why. the 140-character tweets may have hit an emegsal chord because it's similar to japan's poetry. that's allowed the usually stoic japanese to express themselves during events, including the march earthquake and tsunami. let's see how the commute is doing, sal. how are we looking? >> dave and maureen, thin we're looking pretty -- i think we're looking pretty good. let's go out and see if we can go out to the oakland freeway system and that traffic looks pretty good. no major problems driving past the coliseum. at the bay bridge top story we're packed -- backed up
7:55 am
beyond the 880 overcrossing all the way out to the maze. we had an earlier crash and stalled vehicle blocking the right lane and that's why we we have a big backup. this is 237, you can see traffic is gonna be slow getting into the valley. some commutes, a little longer than usual. but for most part, it seems like a typical monday. steve is off today. let's go to mark. once again, widespread overcast over a good portion of the bay area. if you are wanting a major warmup, we don't have that in the forecast just yet. we're taking a live look outside towards bay point. one of the reasons we're so cool, a persistent fog bank in the 50s and the rest of the bay area is starting out in the 50s. except for mountain view, 60. livermore, 56. quick forecast for 8:00, areas of fog by 11 -- by 12:00 clouds and sun and then by 4:00 partly
7:56 am
to mostly sunny. we will hold on to patchy fog. also for san francisco and that will set up a big temperature range all the way to the 80s out in concord, fairfield and antioch. here is a live look ahead. you will notice temperatures treading up. these are all microscopic changes. with your weekend all in view, temperatures inland will continue to warm back up mostly in the upper 80s. the beaches will be back up in the low to mid-60s. another weather update coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. well, the opening bem rang 90 minutes ago -- bell rang 90 minutes ago. >> reporter: in just an hour from now, san francisco's mayor is expected to make a big announcement about his big mit future -- future -- his big future. and we've learned more about the man shot in his suv. a live report for you -- coming up
7:57 am
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get your annual ikea catalog today. good morning. welcome back. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is off.
7:59 am
>> i'm dave clark. it's monday, august 8th. the u.s. stock markets have been opened for 90 minutes now. we want to see what the reaction to the downgraded credit rating is doing so far this morning. live at the big board -- the dow is down 344 points right now. we've been watching it go down steadily throughout the morning and wee will keep an eye -- and we'll keep an eye on it throughout the day. the diamondbacks has fallen 3%. the british and french marks -- the dax has fallen 3%. the british and french market the have been down. the european central bank announced it would buy bonds in support of italy and spain. and the blame game is happening all over the place for who is responsible for s&p's downgrading of the credit rating. coming up we'll brick you a live report -- bring you a live report in our washington, d.c.
8:00 am
room and we just got word that president obama will make a statement about all of this coming up at 10:00 our time. stay with us. we're just coming up on 8:00, the announcement is expected in just about 60 minutes. ed lee is expected to officially declare he's running for a full four-year term. allie rasmus is live at city hall this morning. outside with what we can expect -- this moving outside with what we can expect. >> reporter: ed lee will announce he will run for mayor, and that announcement will take place here in about an hour ago. lee was appointed mayor seven months ago after gavin left to become lieutenant-governor. when lee initially took the mayoral post in january, he pledged not to run for a full term. he said he only wanted to serve
8:01 am
as interim. but then his supporters began to urge him to run. we've tried to contact the founder of the "draft ed lee" exchange to get the group's reaction about this announce announcement. people change, you know, especially if they get a little bit of an opportunity to serve and then they find that maybe they will like it. >> so you won't hold it against them. >> no. >> a lot of people -- it's politics. it's not too much after surprise to me -- too much of a surprise to me. >> reporter: this list is from the san francisco elections office. this is a list of people already who declared their intent to run for san francisco mayor. there are a lot of current and
8:02 am
former supervisors on the list. former supervisor duffy, along with leian lee. there's 35 heap -- with leland yee. back to you. 8:01. an overnight san francisco house fire sent two women to the hospital. it started about 11:30 on jackson street near octavio. firefighters found an elderly woman and her -- elderly woman and her caretaker inside. firefighters say cigarettes might have ignited the flames. oakland police are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting that has one man fighting for his life. it happened around midnight at fifth and franklin street. investigators say a gunman opened fire on a man inside a car. he's now listed in critical
8:03 am
condition. there's no word yet on what led up to the gunfire but the shooting may be tied to a nearby robbery. 8:02. later this morning, at a 10:00 a.m. news conference, police will announce an arrest in a homicide that's more than 20 years old. the fbi will be there along with representatives from the alameda county district attorney's office. make sure you stay with ktvu and to get all of the details about this cold case announcement. we are hearing about the 28- year-old man who was shot and killed while driving his car in vallejo. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at the scene with information about the victim and what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: during "mornings on 2" we've learned more about this man that vallejo police found shot to death right here at this median at minnie and sonoma drive. the information comes from this man. he tells us the man who died here was living in vallejo and has parents who live here.
8:04 am
he also says the victim had just gotten out of prison a few weeks ago. pinocchio couldn't say if what happened last night was tried to his friend's past but he came out here to see what his friend saw before he took his last breath. he's also hoping something will lead police to the individual involved. >> i hope they do catch the person. i hope so. you take a life. you should have to give yours up. >> reporter: now, all police are saying right now, is that officers arrived at this meeting near the intersection of sonoma boulevard and minnie drive. now, officers were called out here before 9:00 last night to find the 28-year-old man dead inside of his ford explorer. police are checking to see if
8:05 am
the chevron mini-mart had anything to do with this. we're made several phone calls to the vallejo police department, the coroner's office. we've asked the chevron station manager as well and clerk whether they saw anything. they said they were not here at the time of the shooting. and they are not athroughed to comment about what goes on. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, jade. thank you. earlier this morning, oakland police called off the search that led them through the streets of oakland and down 880. it all started at 4:00. that's when police say the driver of a pontiac sedan got on 880 going more than 90 miles an hour. then the suspect got off the freeway at 66th avenue, crashed into a fence and then into some bushes. that driver ran away from the scene. the police dogs were out there looking for him but they were not able to find him. 8:05. back to work for many people. how are the roads looking, sal?
8:06 am
>> well, they are crowded, maureen and dave. let's go outside. i want to show you the picture we're seeing -- the pictures we're seeing. the roads are green. but when you see yellow and red, that means we have slower and slow traffic. 80 traffic from pinole to richmond is pretty slow there. there are no major crashes. contra costa county, the slowing seems confined to antioch and walnut creek. westbound 4 and walnut creek 680 heading south on the way to alamo and danville. live pictures. i want to show you the overcrossing. this morning we also have a look at the commute going into oakland there on the right. you can see that traffic is fine. let's go to mark. >> hi there, sal. we're taking our live camera here. it looks like you can see evidence of that fog bank there beginning to lift and san
8:07 am
rafael will be on track to reach the 70s this afternoon with clearing skies. you can see the cloud cover over a portion of the area. still waiting for the most recent observations. but temperatures, these are just upgreated -- up-- upgreated -- updated. san jose in the upper 50s, right around 59. so the microclimate's making a big comeback. the readings are only in the upper 50s to right around 60. san francisco on track to reach 60. as you work your way across the bay, the temperatures are on track to reach the upper 70s to the lower 80s. the warmer locations out towards the bay area out towards the antioch and brentwood, 80, 84. most areas on average 2, 3 degrees warmer than yesterday's highs. here's the fog bank out in the pacific. there's also a courtroom system up to the north that's been
8:08 am
reinforcing -- there's also a system up to the north that's been reinforcing this. for the inland spots, clearing spots, plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up. here's the forecast models showing you the decrease and also right around san francisco, this afternoon even by 4:00, 5:00, the cloud bank is already increasing. >> here's today's forecast, beginning 8:00. , 55 -- beginning at 8:00, 55. by 4:00, the temperatures range from the 50s to the lower 80s. san jose top os ut -- tops out and the wind speeds pick up during the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead. temperatures warm just a touch for tuesday, wednesday, primarily for the interior and with your weekend always in view, temperatures back up into the mid- to upper 80s.
8:09 am
the beaches possibly approaching the mid-60s by sunday. 8:08. california could be in for another bruising round of budget cuts. state revenue fell short by 80 -- $80 million for the month. june. that puts california on track to fall short of revenue gains predicted earlier this year. lawmakers are counting on that money to close this year's deficit. if the moneys don't come in, school programs could take more cuts. construction was stopped on the airport's new $30 million control tower while the faa was partially shut down for two weeks. those workers that were furloughed, last week congress extended funding for the workers to get back to work. new people for those who desperately need help. relief for africa. and the lost tapes from
8:10 am
jackie kennedy onassis.
8:11 am
8:12 am
good monday morning. we have mostly cloudy skies over a good portion. bay area. temperatures in the 50s. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. i'll have the numbers coming up in a little bit. the fallout is growing this morning from america's credit rating downgrade.
8:13 am
alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom that, tracking the trill trill -- trafficking the triple-digit damage. >> reporter: that's right. since my last update, the news hat gotten worse. stocks are falling. and the credit rating has been counsel graded to double-a class for freddie mac and fannie mae. it's their reliance on the government that prompted the downgrade. this could lead to more expensive lenders. meanwhile, stock prices keep dropping this morning. this is a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchanges. the dow is down about 239 points. adding insult to injury, executives with standard & poor's are making the rounds on morning tv says another downgrade is possible in the
8:14 am
next six to 24 months. we also found out that president obama will be weighing in today making a statement about all of this from the white house in just a couple of hours. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:13. the pentagon today is expected to released official list of the 30 american troops killed in that helicopter crash in afghanistan. the chinook helicopter went down saturday, reportedly shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. a top military spokesperson announced the crash site has been secured and recovery is on the way. no one is being allowed from or out of that area -- allowed in or out of that area. the taliban claims they shot down the helicopter. nato has not confirmed that. they say all of this is under investigation. however, a spokesman said this about the taliban -- >> the recent fighting season has not teamized as the --
8:15 am
teamized as the insurgents have predicted. there's still a tough fight ahead. also, another nato helicopter made a hard landing today. this was also in afghanistan no. casualties reported -- in afghanistan. no casualties reported. in syria the government is continuing its crackdown on protesters -- protesters. the latest reports say at least 42 people have been killed. in the video i can hear gunfire. the 22-member arab league has now changed the international syrian actions group. the united states loaded supplies -- supplies up today
8:16 am
for dubai. each package contains shelter material including blankets and water containers. it's estimated that 100,000 desperate somalis have swept to the capital in search of food. more than 160 people arrested after a weekend of rioting and looting. the violence started saturday night in a north london suburb after a protest of a fatal shooting got bay out -- got way out of hand. 35 were inyoured -- injured. vehicles were set on fire, shops were looted. the iranian government is not amused by this -- a water fight organized by young people in iran. last week hundreds of young iranians cooled off the summer heat with a water fight.
8:17 am
they publicized all of this on facebook. however, the iranian government called this immoral. several of the people that you see here were arrested. organizers are vowing to hold another water fight. we are now hearing that audiotape the reported by jackie kennedy months after president kennedy's assassination reportedly show that she believed vice president lyndon johnson was responsible for her husband 'death. the -- husband's death. the paper reports how she became convinced that johnson, along with southern businessmen, orb straighted the -- orchestrated the assassination. the paper also says that she had an affair for retaliation for her husband's infidelities.
8:18 am
maim gamemaker 2-k reports -- sports will release a new game, nba lockout or not. they will feature, michael jackson, larry byrd, magic johnson. today, education secretary arne duncan will announce a new waiver system to allow on the- outs of -- opt-outs of the no child left behind. the law, they say, has created an unhealthy focus on testing. the state would have to show it has the ability prepare students for college.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. the time is 8:21. san diego's police chief is calling the weekend shooting death of a police officer an
8:22 am
assassination. 36-year-old jeremy lenwood died yesterday after a gunman shot him on saturday while the officer sat in his patrol car. the police chief said the 23- year-old suspect opened fire minutes after another shooting at a nearby fast-food restaurant. >> the officer had no contact with the person that shot him before the incident occurred, that jeremy had no indication that he was in danger in any way. that was an assassination by -- this was an asays by somebody -- assassination by somebody. >> police spot and killed that suspect after the confrontation and say he left a suicide note. a controversial rap star stirring up controversy again. kanye west in the middle of his perform pans at the music festival in england ranted about being misunderstood and underappreciated. and then he told the crowd people look at him like he's hitler. they booed him for that. he also compared himself to
8:23 am
michael jordan. a hearing is set to determine the -- to determine guilt about stealing ballots. now, he was arrested the following day for this. those ballots were found in the lagoon apartment the pail ace of the fine at -- palace at the fine arts. at a sentencing hearing, he gave the judge the silent treatment. he wouldn't talk. the oakland military institute has received more than $1.5 million in donations this year. donors have given more than $1 million to the oakland school of the arts. governor brown was the imagine ear supporter of these -- imagine off supporter of these -- major supporter of these. let's check in with sal. how is the toll plaza?
8:24 am
>> well, it's very -- it's slow because of a stalled vehicle. it was in the right lane for a while. that backed up traffic at the toll plaza. you will be waiting for a bit. i would say a 15-minute delay, maybe thinking about some good stuff. let's move along and take a look at just a little bit farther down the freeway. this commute is not bad right here if you are trying to get to the oakland airport. the commute looks pretty good. contra costa county, actually, today is better than it has been. highway 4 is slow to the construction zone. but the rest of it, 680, concord, pleasant hill, walnut creek looks good. livermore valley even that has improved. we had a terrible start for that but now between pleasanton and castro valley, you're in pretty good shape. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. the fog is out -- we have
8:25 am
reports of clearing skies over danville, and the clouds will gradually work their way past the coastline. it's a familiar forecast and we'll stick with it today. mountain view, 60 degrees. dense fog up in the north bay, especially around santa rosa. quick forecast for today, pretty much right now at 8:00 areas of fog concentrating on the coast side and right around the bay. by 12:00. >> clouds and sun, still some coastal clouds. some yore -- some overcast for the bay area shoreline. temperatures ranging from the upper 50s all the way to the lower 80s. san jose in the mid-70s. 75. here is a look ahead to your extended forecast and just a little bit of a warming trend primarily for the inland spots for tuesday into wednesday. no major changes. by the weekend we could be warming up with your weekend in view. temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s, possibly getting closer to the 90-degree mark.
8:26 am
dave? >> thank you, mark. some employees say it's just not safe to work there. reports this morning of yet another attack at napa state hospital. we're live in san francisco where the stock markets continue to take a plunge. we've jut learned that president obama -- just learned that president obama will be talking about this issue. and it's been a bad year for accidents at grow semity. how -- yosemite. how does that compare to other parks? turn left.
8:27 am
8:28 am
you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you considered this by motorola ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. get the latest smartphones like the more powerful than ever droid x2 by motorola. buy one for $199.99, get another one free. welcome back. standard & poor's announced
8:29 am
more downgrades after reduce the u.s. credit rating on friday. tara mori -- tara moriarty is live in san francisco where investors are closely watching the numbers. tear ray? >> reporter: that's right -- tara? >> reporter: that's right. the dow is currently down about 284. we've not seen any arrows pointing up this morning. everyone keeps dipping. the dow jones industrial fell 254 points minutes after the opening bell. the s&p plunged 5%. stock markets in asia have taken a tumble and add to that, the officials they are downgrading the credit ratings of freddie mac and fannie mae. now, they own and service about 31 million loans. you could be looking at higher
8:30 am
mortgage rights. the s&p said friday it was downgrading -- downgrading because it doesn't have confidence in the political leaders to make the choices to avert a look-term fiscal cry size. we've also learned in the past 15 minutes that president obama will be holding a press conference. that's expected for 10:00 this morning our time. he's expect -- 10:00 this morning our time. he's expected to talk about this latest financial crisis. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. the official confirmation came just hours ago. there's been another attack at napa state hospital. kraig debro is live to tell us who was involved in the latest violence. kraig? >> reporter: good morning, maureen. it was, once again, a staff member and patient that was involved. we've been calling the napa state hospital for official word. none has been forth coming. the assault comes less than a week after the patient was accused of killing a staff
8:31 am
member here. we're standing outside one of the side gates still awaiting for that official word. we caught one workers as they were arriving this morning around 4:30. none of the workers we talked to had heard about what happened. that's because many of them said that they were coming back from their weekend. according to a psychiatric technician, the person i spoke ton on the word, a patient choked a staff member on saturday. that staff member happened to be a staff technician. it happened behind the fence, where -- the unit called the penal cold unit. just last week, moo mike -- mike allen took a tour. while allen was here, he saw something that is becoming more
8:32 am
than. rule there -- more than the exception. >> when i went to one i knit, i observed one -- unit, i observed one patient attacking another. the staff will to intervene and restrain them and medicate them. we're still waiting for more staff, we're still waiting for an alarm system. >> reporter: the man accused of killing donna gross was essentially convicted of -- convict of that crime last week. jess massey entered a no contest plea last week in exchange for the kidnapping and other charges were dropped and massey will basically receive, 25 years to life when sentenced this month. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. 8:32. a small ohiotown is reeling -- ohio town is reeling following a deadly rampage. in copley, ohio friends and family came together for a candlelight vigil for the seven people killed by a gunman.
8:33 am
police say the suspect shot his girlfriend earlier in the day before running to a nearby home and shooting five others. then he shot two more people. one of those people survived. the suspect was later killed in a good night with police. warren jeffs is -- jeffs will be sentenced today e was convicted last week of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 12 and 15 who he took on as brides. the 15-year-old became pregnant. he could get up to life in prison. we're still eight -- we're still awaiting the verdict of the espionage trial. the shower of shane bauer and josh fattal ended last week -- the trial of shane bauer and josh fattal ended last week. it's been reported they are still investigating the case. the iranian police arrested the two men a along with -- men
8:34 am
along with sarah shourd. iran released short a year ago -- shourd a year ago due to her health problems. police say they got a call for help right near south 19th and east santa clara streets. no one was found there but police searched nearby roosevelt park. they found a man stabbed several times. he was later pronounced dead. this morning, the chp is investigating an accident that killed a 19-year-old girl man man. police say a dodge magnum flipped over and hit a tree. look at these pictures. this happened southbound 101 between petaluma and novato. the 19-year-old was the only one in the car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say he was handicapped but so far we have no other details about the crash. the city of hercules wants
8:35 am
your help in fighting illegal trash dumping. the city showed us these photos, bags of trash dumped along the road. the city official in charge of cleaning things up says there may be a connection between home foreclosures and the illegal dumping. a lot of times, they either leave it in the home that they move out of or they pack it up and take it somewhere or dump it somewhere. >> city officials say if you -- if you see someone dumping trash, call police. well, this week, pg&e will start to test gas transmission lines in palo alto. the work is not expected to affect gas service but you customers may smell gas as the lines are vented. last week, the testing of 152 miles of pipeline is taking longer than expected. they may not be the finished by the end. year as they were hoping. 8:35.
8:36 am
oakland's new city administrator, santana is recruiting a colleague from san jose. she said here's -- she's hiring jot son son as the new city -- scott johnson as the city administrator. she says she's a -- he's a problem solver. police will try to make the streets safer for pedestrians. officers on foot and on motorcycles will focus their attention on the south of market area. on saturday, volunteer the handed out fliers to raise awareness -- volunteers handed out fliers to raise awareness of the danger. according to reports, a toyota prius, like this one, equipped with sensors and guidance equipment rear ended another car. that car then hit two more
8:37 am
vehicles and there was a four- car pileup right near google headquarters. even though that car is designed to drive itself, the crash happened when someone was manually operating it. luckily, no one was hurt. 8:36. we want to get right to sal to see how it's -- how it is out there. >> it's still pretty busy. bay bridge seems have -- seems to have more movement. you will be waiting maybe a little bit more than ten minutes now. there's been a little improvement. getting there is the issue. we do have a look at the san mateo bridge in case you can do that. it looks good to an uncrowded highway 101. this morning, livermore, we have improving conditions coming to dublin and over to castro valley. the traffic has become much better. we had an earlier problem but now a lot of people are on 680 driving through pleasanton and
8:38 am
into fremont. let's go to pork. good morning, s we're take -- let's go to mark. good morning. we're taking a look outside. still a big blanket of clouds here. we do have some clearing across parts. bay area. we've been watching the fog. at last check, clear skies out towards concord, also right around the danville area. but still plenty of overcast up around sonoma county and mountain view, san jose. we just showed you oakland with the dense fog out there. as far as current numbers, most areas starting out in the 50s. napa right now 55. oakland in the upper 50s and redwood city in the upper 50s at 59. the fog we've been talking a lot about this over the past few day -- few days. this cooler weather is moving in from the north. kind of deepening the marine layer. for today, for the coast, it will remain -- should remain chilly. some moving drizzle. temperatures on the cool side.
8:39 am
skies becoming partly sunny. for the inland spots, temperatures warm back to the upper 70s to the lower 80s. bring a jacket definitely out today. right around the bay, some cloud cover. this morning, skies becoming partly sunny. clearing out for the inland spots and temperatures under sunny skies. 78 to 83 by 3:00 this afternoon. so most areas on average about two to four degrees warmer than yesterday's highs. she are all minor changes. fremont at 73 and morgan hill, 81. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast -- a little bit of warming for tuesday and wednesday. pretty much holding steady for thursday. you will notice by the weekend with your weekend always in view. temperatures back up to the muper 80s. the -- mid- to upper 80s. the beaches mostly in the 60s. dave? >> all right. thank you. a typhoon causing major waves in china as it moves up
8:40 am
that -- as it moves up that country's east coast. look at those pictures. a lot of beaches were closed. the storm caused 18-foot surges. more than 600,000 people on china's coast has evacuated. the typhoon is expected to make landfill on friday eastern in china or korea. fewer people have died in the first seven months of this year compared to the same period last year in parks. there have been 90 accidental deaths at american parks so far. there were 98 this time last year. 20 minutes before 9:00. it's -- it's a morning. market jitters and now many are going for the gold. and tiker woods fired him as -- tiger woods fired him as
8:41 am
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has more full length shreds in every bag. you'll see the difference. ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm welcome back. let's bring i up to date on -- bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you. boy, look at this. this is a live look at the dow.
8:44 am
down 287 points. the market is reacting to the credit rating being downgraded. and the white house announced within the last hour that president obama will talk about the economy at 10:00 this morning our time. also, this morning, we learned there's been another attack at napa state hospital. the confirms a patient almost choked an employee to death saturday. it was the latest act of violent at -- violence at napa state hospital. and a fire sent twowomen to the hospital. the fire started -- sent two women to the hospital. the fire started around 11:350 last night. and firefighters say -- 11:30 last night. and firefighters say cigarette the may have started the fire -- cigarettes may have started the fire. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco at city hall on the ground floor. this is where the microphone
8:45 am
is, where mayor ed lee is expected to announce he will return for a full term as mayor this november. now, once he makes that announcement here -- and that's supposed to happen at 9:00 -- he will walk in this room. this is where we're told the mayor will fill out the necessary paperwork to make his candidacy official. now, mayor ed lee was appointed mayor back in january after former mayor gavin newsom left to become lieutenant-governor. and when mayor lee assumed the post he pledged not to run for another term. he said he was only interested in serving as an interim mayor. but then groups and supporters and citizens urged lee to continue the pledge and formed the "draft ed lee" campaign. "the chronic well is reporting that --" the chronicle "is reporting he will run.
8:46 am
>> it's politics at work. >> we're in tough times right now. if he can turn it around and turn negative into pluses, more power to him. >> reporter: now, if current mayor ed lee does announce he's jumping into the race, he will be joining a very crowd -- a very crowded field. this is the list of all of the candidates who have already declared their intent to run for san francisco mayor. there's 35 people on this list. some of them are current and former supervisors and just to point out, this is a public document so anyone can go online and find this information about the candidates but again, about 15 minutes from now, current mayor, ed lee, is expected to announce he will run for a full term of mayor. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:46. the head of a north bay brewing company has a plan to keep a
8:47 am
marin bay state park. now, lat year it cost about $750,000 to run -- last year it cost about $750,000 to run the park. the owner of the brewing company says the park generates about $500,000 a year with park site rentals and it could operate to break even. he says even if it does not, he's willing to -- to pay the difference. well,"is on a new mission. it's just -- well, "opportunity" is on a new mission. it's been traveling towardsed crater for about three years. it's -- toward crater for about three years. safety investigations are underway with regard to problems with jettas an mustangs. the ntsb has received 32 complaints about shifting into
8:48 am
gear. some say the problem happened when they were trying to earthquake -- tray -- trying to merge into high speed traffic. there is a leak that comes between the fuel line and fuel injector with people complaining it's spraying the engine compartment with diesel. your time now, 8:47. the irs says there won't be any refunds of airline ticket taxes collected during that partial shutdown of the faa. thousands of fliers paid those taxes unnecessarily if they bought a ticket before july 23rd and traveled during the shutdown. the irs had said that those travelers might get their money back from the airlines or possibly from the treasury department. the irs adds it will not charge the tax retroactively to passengers who bought the tickets during the shutdown. comcast is rolling -- rolling out a a program.
8:49 am
they will charge customers and families just $10 for the internet essentials program. there won't be any charge for modem rental or an activation fee. it also includes a voucher to buy a computer for $150. families who have at least one child in the national lunch program are eligible to take part in the program. the price of gold blasted past the $1700 an ounce mark this morning. gold footers went as high as $1700, $1800 during the asian trading session overnight. the recent trading could indicate the dollar will get weaker. 8:49. one of the best-known caddies in the world is one of the stars of this year's bridgestone got golf tournament. last month, tiger woods fired his caddy. this weekend, williams was the caddy for adam scott who won at bridge stone. it was scot's first ever major
8:50 am
golf championship title. he took shots at woods. >> i would be saying -- i would be lying if i said i wasn't nervous. adam is leading the tournament -- turnment. this is the best week of my -- best win of my wife. >> woods closed -- closed a tie for 37 place. well, apes were king at the weekend box moves. ♪ rise of the planet of the apes earned $54 million to open as the number one movie. that's $15 million more than expected. the smurfs head steady at number 2.
8:51 am
celebrities from tv, music and sports all came together for a celebration that aired right here. selina gomez won five tv award, including choice music group. she picked up one more win than her boyfriend, justin bieber. >> i want to thank the fans. you guys have made by life so beautiful. it's all because of you. >> the award was one of six she took home. she had the most wins of the night. :51 -- 8:51. sorry, kids. it's become time to get out the lunchbox and head back to school. and we're gonna show you a live look at the big board, down 268 points at this hour.
8:52 am
we'll continue to follow developing news and we'll be right back with more.
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8:54 am
we want to take you live to the big board to show you the latest number. dow jones currently down 279 points. it has been a global selloff following the first trading days since the s&p downgraded the american debt and investors had already been nervous about the european debt problems in
8:55 am
japan's recovery but this has just given them more reason. the dow is currently down 274. the nasdaq is currently down 82. s&p down 37. also a reminder that president obama will deliver a statement about the economy at 10:00 this morning, our time. you can watch the president's statement live right here on ktvu channel 2. we'll also be streaming his statement live on the website in the "video on demand" section. the new school year is about to start. parents and children, you have to be careful about eating what's in the lunchbox. a new study from the university of texas says most school lunches sent from home are not scored at the right temperature. 700 listen lunches were -- 700 lunches were tested. that means the food was too warm to eat. experts recommend inserting an ice back in the -- ice pack in
8:56 am
the lunchbox. federal safety investigators are concerned about the dangerous cribs still being sold. the consumer products safety commission says the cribs are still being sold on sites like kraig's -- on site the like craigslist and ebay. this week the east bay regional park district takes up a controversial settlement regarding the removal of eucalyptus trees. the district wants to take out thousands of the trees part of a fire safety plan. the group sued saying the district wanted to remove too many trees. this would slow down the pace of removal and that's upset homeowners in the east bay hills. one calls this candles waiting to explode. an american endorse swimming making her way from
8:57 am
havana, cuba to -- endurance swimmer making her way from havana, cuba to florida. there she is. kayakers are paddling a long side her -- paddle alongside her. she's hoping her swim will inspire other men and women her age. now, during her 103-mile swim, once an hour, she will tread water to get food to keep up her energy. in her attempt in 1978. >> she took in 1,000 calories an hour and she also lost 29 pounds when they pulled her out of the water after 42 hours. let's go to sell for a final look at the commute. right now we're looking pretty slow in some airsia. -- areas. 580 is still slow getting in the livermore valley. it's cleared up in livermore. moving along to some live
8:58 am
pictures. the traffic is doing okay here. if you are driving own interstate 880. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up beyond 880 for about a ten-minute wait. let's go to mark. hi, there, sal. fog other a good portion. bay area. some clear pockets out towards -- over a good portion of the bay area. some clear pockets. it will be a little bit warmer for tuesday and wednesday. inland spots could be approaching the mid- to upper 80s by the weekend. the beaches in the 60s. possibly some more warming between now and the weekend. >> all right. thank you, mark. >> all right. stay with us. more coming up at noon. have a good day. partly sunny
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