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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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b.a.r.t. trains come to a standstill as a technical problem caused a shutdown. >> there's late word now that the system should be running normally for the morning commute. we get more on this developing story from ktvu's ken wayne. he's live at the lake merit station now where b.a.r.t. has its control room, ken. >> reporter: i have even
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better news. we just got word that lindon johnson reports that all trains are now running back to normal. there were trains and passengers stranded at b.a.r.t. tracks in between stations. the bad news for much of the two hours was b.a.r.t. service was severely limited and it could have been a very long night ahead for for b.a.r.t. riders. the problem began at their computer in the operational center. >> the computers actually operate the train and move them and give them speed. the control center computers which are the ones that are out monitor that. if anything goes down the operation center computer
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operators monitor. but they could not see anything, so they decided to shutdown. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. was advising passengers to look for alternate transportation. b.a.r.t. says there's simply not enough buses to move everyone and put those buses into operational. >> this is completely embarrassing for b.a.r.t. we always have 95% on time performance, but today is an embarrassing day and we deeply apologize to our customers. >> reporter: here are some still pictures taken by ktvu's john sasaki at the b.a.r.t. station in orinda where people were stranded there as well. it was system wide. every train station in the b.a.r.t. system was affected in one way or another. within the past two or three minutes we have been informed
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that the computer glitch has been fixed at least for now. we don't know if it's a temporary fix or long term fix. but in in any event b.a.r.t. service has been restored. all b.a.r.t. stations should be running on time and on schedule. ken wayne. >> reporter: we will be following any changes in the b.a.r.t. situation during this newscast. for an update tomorrow join the ktvu morning news team between eight o -- between 4:30 and 9:00. and the economic uncertainty is spinning from wall street around the globe tonight as wall street's big sell off spreads to asian markets. hong kong's hang seng is being
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hit the hardest at 6%. the nikkei is down 4%. those declines follow deep losses on wall street. nasdaq was down 175 points. patti lee live in berkeley and she tells us, one expert told her, fundamentals are not down. >> reporter: we've been talking to business owners and for years they've been struggling. before after today, that day seems farther off than ever. the heat and the kitchen at naika feels the owner with optimism. >> failure is not an option. >> reporter: he says he saw opportunity in the market but could not have anticipated
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standard and poor's downgrade of the aaa credit. a move that crippled confidence. and today massive sell off on wall street. >> the downgrade by itself, certainly the market didn't see that as being an overriding fact factor because trading continues to be a major factor. >> reporter: fear may be driving markets now, but that could change, if not tomorrow then soon. >> we just don't think the sell off reflects the kind of economy that we expect to see down the road. we think a lot of it reflects uncertainty. fear of the unknown. >> reporter: but with the years worth of gains wiped out in a week, not everyone sees the glass half full. the. >> i don't think i'll be able to retire but if i can retire i would like to just retire at 65 at least. >> retire? yeah, please. >> reporter: back at the grand opening, the owner says he's
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looking to make money by investing in his restaurant not the stock market. >> reporter: the federal reserve is meeting tomorrow and there is a possibility it could decide to take action to reassure markets. a move that may push stocks in the long term. more details now, take a look at how much the dow has given back in the last five sessions. stocks fell last tuesday. by the end of the week the dow had logged 700 points in losses. add in today's loss and the dow has dropped more than 1,300 points in just five days. president obama made a comment about the downgrading. he says the move is not about
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whether the unite can pay its debt. >> they doubted our political systems ability to act. the markets on the other hand continue to move our credit status is aaa. >> the president went on to say the nation's debt problems are solvable and that includes raising taxes on the wealthy and modest changes to programs such as medicare. our coverage continues later this hour. at 10:30, how today's sell off on wall street is causing a surge in gas prices. and why there might be a silver lining in today's move for travelers. the downgrade should not have an immediate change on california. the state already has the lowest credit rating of all states. standard poor changed the rate from negative to stable after the legislature passed it
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budget on time. there are tools to monitor the markets just look for the wall street tab. the race for mayor of san francisco just got a whole lot interesting. david stevenson told us why ed lee says he's breaking his promise and running for a full term. >> reporter: things got off to a bumpy start this morning even before ed lee could pull the papers to kick off his campaign. >> you're going to step down given your fact you broke your promise to the board of supervisors. >> you guys can't throw me out. >> reporter: arrested this man for disturbing the peace after he spent several minutes disturbing lee. >> i changed my mind ladies and gentlemen, i haven't changed. it's still ed lee, it's still me doing the work and i want to continue doing that work. >> reporter: lee spent the day trailed by a campaign camera crew in his capacity as mayor he told workers at this san francisco starbucks he expects
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to bring more tech companies. >> i have to change government and keep changes government to make sure we're business friendly, we're doing the smart things. >> reporter: lee the candidate later hit the streets in san francisco sunset district. shaking hands with business owners. he has no campaign office. >> while i appreciate people involved, whatever they did to encourage me to run that's gone. that's done. as of this morning it's ed lee campaign run by the mayor of san francisco. >> reporter: lee says he hopes to keep a cordual relationship with the city managers, although two of them will be running for mayor. nine other candidates appeared at a voters forum. that story in just six minutes. we have an update now on a 15-year-old girl reported
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missing last night. fremont police told us just about an hour ago that she has now been found. miloshi mehta's uncle reported her missing after she told her uncle she was going for a walk and did not return after three hours. and a man is accused of critically injuring a 9-year- old near the giants park. vargas was driving a pickup truck that struck 9-year-old white. the family child and family was visiting from philadelphia. bonds' legal team maintains the april conviction was flawed. a hearing is scheduled for
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later this month on the case. the jury dead locked on three counts of perjury. federal the federal prosecutors have yet to decide whether to retry him. -- as for his lawyers they say the case has no merit and he will fight it vigorously. i'm back here in 10 minutes we have a lot of fog pushing inland as you might guess. we're going to have the forecast for tomorrow. some cities are actually going to warm up. welcome ed lee to the world of san francisco politics. see what happened when the interim mayor now running for the job he said he didn't want makes his first campaign appearance. a tactical alert after a 3-
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oakland police were saturating parts of east oakland as they search for the gunman of a shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy this afternoon. as ken wayne reports, police have now set up a mobile command post there. >> reporter: anthony batts was
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at children's hospital in oakland when he met with the parents of a deceased 3-year- old boy. >> to look in the eyes of a mother and father who just lost their 3-year-old boy is the toughest thing to do. >> reporter: shots rang off near a cesar's pizza near a laundry mat. >> scared, just scared. >> reporter: a 3-year-old on his sidewalk with his family was killed. >> where did the boys come from? who got the guns. i can't get one. i'll go to jail forever. i don't want one. >> we've had too many shootings this summer. >> reporter: chief batts says there's be a heavy surveillance this week. he's talked to county and federal authorities about getting more help. >> it's not about dollars and cents it's not about the resources. the bottom line is we're going to put more officers out here if we have to spend over time
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we will spend on over time. >> reporter: this latest shooting appears to have stemmed between two rival gangs. >> it's not good, not safe. not for the neighbors who live in this area. >> reporter: in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu news. a three week crack down has wrapped up with arrests and the seizure of hundreds of marijuana plants. federal authorities say more than 632,000 plants were seized. they also confiscated close to 2,000 pounds of processed marijuana and arrested 132 people. there was a lot of booing and the accusations flew at a forum tonight in a race for san francisco mayor. lloyd lacuesta was there and tells us why it turned so ugly. >> reporter: ed lee's appearance here was his first as an official candidate for
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san francisco mayor. the candidacy of the mayor who changed his mind will bring fire and fury. >> liar, liar, pants on fire: you can't trust ed lee. breaking promises. >> reporter: heated emotions expressed outside and inside the theater for the introductions. >> ladies and gentlemen, edwin lee. >> [boos] >> reporter: even when lee tried to speak -- >> [boos ] >> thank you for the opportunity for being here tonight. >> reporter: some candidates attacked mayor lee for running for mayor.
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>> the ethics commission is looking into the run ed run. now that the promise has been broken. i want to ask the mayor as to whether or not he would resign from this particular post and then run. >> i welcome you to this race. because i'm going to match my 30 years of administrative experience against your 18. >> through it all ed lee did not engage and did not bring up why he changed his mind. after the debate he told me he was expecting boos and will have to learn to get used to it. live in san francisco, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. california's going to the winner takes all system. california will award all of its 55 55 electoral votes. governor brown signed the bill today. the change was prompted in the 2011 election when al gore won
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the popular vote but george w. bush became president because he won the electoral vote. the bill allows authorities to seize the property of that's been used repeatedly for cock fighting. according to the humane society there's been 110cock fighting busts in california since january of 2008. tonight the remains of those elite american troops killed in afghanistan this weekend are on their way the áf way back to dover. 30 u.s. troops, seven afghan commanders and an afghan interpreter were all killed when their helicopter went down on saturday. nato say s the investigation
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into the crash is ongoing. as the helicopter approached the ranger saw a rocket propelled grenade thrown by an insurgent hit the chopper. >> they were far from home but we know that they were also where they wanted to be. doing what they wanted to do alongside men who were perhaps closer to them than their own brothers. >> president obama reiterated the u.s. commitment to the war in afghanistan. a bay area native was among those 30 service members killed in afghanistan.
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derek benson was from the bay area. he is survived by his wife and 3-year-old son. fog is making its way back into the bay in sausalito. fog back in the forecast for the morning hours. right now we have 56 in santa rosa. it's kind of mild in oakland 62. when you wake up tomorrow morning there's going to be lots of low and mid-50s. the fog is coming back, drizzle certainly a possibility among the avenues of san francisco. north toward bodega bay. we've had drizzle almost every morning. some sort of drizzle, real light but drizzle nonetheless. then you get out toward mount diablo 80s. so temperatures going up but only mild when you're doing 81
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degrees. a more specific look at your forecast for your city. sad news tonight about a man from petaluma. danny cox seen here in an interview. cox died in a single car accident. last year the petaluma track star was paralyzed in a swimming accident. he had since learned to drive a modified vehicle. he was in that vehicle when it ran off the road and struck a tree yesterday. investigators say cox died at the scene. she was killed on her way home from school. how old evidence solved the case of a teenage killer. and late afternoon on the suspect. plus hot products and record profits, the latest indication of apple's dominance. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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after nearly 30 years police announced an arrest today in a cold case that has haunted a pleasanton family for decades. ktvu's noel walker tells us what led investigators to the man they believe fatally stabbed the 14-year-old girl on her way from school. >> reporter: tina fales will never grow old. her smile has frozen in time just as time has stood still for her family. ron orozco would be tina's stepfather if she lived today. someone stabbed the 14-year-old as she walked home from high school. now nearly three decades later, police believe they know who that someone is. >> reporter: our suspect in this case -- >> our suspect in this case was a foothill high school student at the time of the murder. he lived near the school and in
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close proximity where the attack occurred. >> reporter: police dot their big break because the suspect was 16 at the time of his alleged crime, investigators are not released his name until he's cleared from the juvenile courts, he's now 43 years old -- police got their big break. there is some measure of relief for tina felios's family but there's still one lingering question. >> who could keep that a secret for so long without someone feeling like they had to do the right thing. >> reporter: tina has always been remembered with a plaque at her high school. remembering the girl who did not have a chance to graduate. we have learned tonight that the suspect is 43-year-old steven carlson of santa cruz. he is a registered sex offender and was already serving time in the santa rita jail when he was
10:26 pm
arrested in the tina feio case. a judge has approved the city's exit from chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. vallejo had to lay off firefighters and police officers. now officials hope to hire back some of those workers and convince voters to approve a 1 cent tax to improve revenue. -- part of the building was already leased and now those tenant. >> mark: have t en -- and now those táepb tenants will have
10:27 pm
to look for a new space. a major sell off on wall street. and uncertainty for what tomorrow will bring. coming up, why there might be a silver lining for consumers. napa state hospital is the sight of another brutal attack by a patient on a worker. we talked to the victim exclusively. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you considered this by motorola ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon.
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get the latest smartphones like the more powerful than ever droid x2 by motorola. buy one for $199.99, get another one free.
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there is going to be a lot of fall out from the massive sell out on wall street. christien kafton tells us it's going to affect us? a number of -- affect us in a negative way and not all of them are negative. >> reporter: some saw opportunities. >> my friends and i opened a mutual account with each other. we were hoping to invest and now is not a bad time because we want to buy a lot. >> reporter: others saw reason to worry. >> you can be like old school
10:30 pm
and keep it under the mattress to know where your money is at. or everybody is buying gold now. >> reporter: terry conley says it's to be expected when stocks tumble. >> i think you see a will the of banks upping their forecast for gold. >> reporter: some home loans may see interest hikes following a downgrade of fannie mae and freddie mac. the euro is down sharply to $78 a barrel. >> we're going to see lower gas prices which should help consumers, help retail and it eliminates a consumer tax. >> reporter: the market doesn't like uncertainty. they're hopeful the announcement is set for tomorrow about which members of
10:31 pm
congress will set for a special community to get back america's aaa credit rating should fray nerves. the downgrade have been causing concern for silican valley workers. >> silican valley stocks are very volatile. i do invest because i work for a silican valley company. but i'm very cautious. >> will our children suffer? i guess so. >> reporter: the drop of value of many high tech companies will make them prime targets for acquisitions and mergers. in the lawsuit filed today, aig says bank of america and its meryll lynch sold mortgage backed securities they knew were bad investments. aig claimed this caused more than a million dollars in damage to the company. both companies received a bail
10:32 pm
out from the federal government. crews went back to work today constructing a new control tower at oakland international airport. ktvu was there this evening after workers wrapped up to see the progress. construction stopped late last night after a congressional stand off over funding for the federal aviation administration. a deal has since been made. this was the first day since the stand off that crews went back to work. the faa deal also means lower fares on flights but passengers probably won't even see the difference. carriers are rolling back the 7.5% price hike made effective last month after the stalemate at congress suspended tickets. many criticized the airlines for last month's price hikes saying they should have given passenger as -- passengers a break instead. you're looking at what's
10:33 pm
left of a planet this morning. firefighters put out the fire in less than an hour and no one was hurt. the flames caused $300,000 of damage. >> investigators say the fire appears to be an accident possibly started by cigarettes. one woman is in her 80s and the other who works as her care giver is in her 60s. the fire started on jackson street around 11:30 last night. a mystery is solved in lake tahoe after 17 years. the el dorado sheriff's department today positively identified the remains of a diver found last month as 44- year-old donald christopher windecker of reno. a diver found the body of windecker.
10:34 pm
in 1974 windecker went diving in the area. a friend of the windecker said it seemed he was having trouble with his gear before he went missing. >> the problem i have right now is my rib cage, it's like bending. >> reporter: psychiatric technician jesse is soar today. >> he hit me in the head. >> reporter: three days ago he was attacked by a patient. >> he choked me like this. >> reporter: jesse, we don't use his last name because workers worry about patients getting out and finding them in the real world. he said jesse is the third person he has attacked. >> the coworker who was with me that night. i was yelling, help, help, i'm choking, i'm going to die. >> reporter: we've reported
10:35 pm
frequently on these violent accidents including the killing of donna gross last fall. >> it happened almost all the time, man. >> reporter: even custodians who don't work directly with patients are concerned about their safety. >> whenever i go to work i pray to god. i'm always thankful right after i sign out, you know. >> what are you going to do? where are you going to put all these people? you can't let them out on the street. >> reporter: sources tell us the patient who attacked jesse has not been arrested and is still in the unit. this afternoon, the workers put up a worker appreciate week sign. the workers said the form of true appreciate would be to improve safety. california prison officials made an announcement today, the effort is to prevent prisoners from using the associate network site to stalk victims
10:36 pm
or plan other crimes. it can also be used to crack down cell phones smuggling in prison. up next tonight, rioting spreads beyond london and there's late word of arrests for the attempted murder of a police officer. back here in 10 minutes with your tuesday forecast. of course it's going to include a lot of fog, i'll show you how far inland that fog is going to get tonight. plus high speed internet from comcast for just $10. who will qualify?
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in news of the world tonight in britain, rioting spread to two other cities. there's word that three people have been arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer by running him over
10:39 pm
with a car. the violence began saturday over anger over a officer involved shooting. joe jill biden the wife of vice president joe biden visited the somalia region. she is asking people to give more. in china, waves from a typhoon bathered a south eastern planet today. some 600,000 people were told to evacuate. then later officials said the threat had passed. the storm has battered several asian patients in the last few days killing at least eight people. the latest leads to the identity of d.b. cooper came in empty today. the fbi said that dna tests on a necktie found on the hijacked plane did not match the
10:40 pm
suspect. an oklahoma woman says the infamous hijacker is her uncle. d.b. cooper parachuted from a plane over the pacific northwest. he had $200,000 in ransom and was never seen again although some of the money was later found. a man was found stabbed to death in a park over the week end. the body of 59-year-old randall wilson was discovered at roosevelt park. ronald is the 28th victim this year, there were 20 had hads in all of last year. no arrests have been made yet in the killing. low budget film makers could soon get a break if they shoot their movie in san francisco. those productions were excluded from the current film rebate program because the projects were completed too quickly to make the paper work t worthwhile. comcast says it's going to
10:41 pm
offer low cost internet service to low income families. comcast is offering the service as part of its merger deal with nbc. a strike with verizon workers is now in its third day. a number of workers walked out after negotiations broke down. there's no word when talks will resume. at least one town in new jersey has been without internet, cable and phone service since the strike began. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is making news after he appeared over the weekend in a shirt that appears to comment on his pending divorce. these photos come from tmz. arnold schwarzenegger's shirt reads i survived maria. the t-shirts were made as a joke by a farewell party when the governor left office.
10:42 pm
the date 2007 was crossed off and replaced with 1977 the year he started dating maria shriver. new warnings about chemicals used around the house. and who needs to wear a respirator like this. and our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking weather. what we can expect coming up in six minutes.
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new at 10:00, a warning about chemicals you probably never heard of. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler tells us why the government is trying to regulate what are called flimes. >> reporter: they are just in every garage. we learned there's many chemicals in break fluids and
10:45 pm
paint. we're talking about chemical solvents, glimes. >> exposures to she's particularly for pregnant women can cause potential harm to their developing fetus and so these include miscarriages as well as birth defects. glimes have always been found in tap water although not yet in the bay area. but silican valley residents had higher miscarriages. >> there could really be a serious problem there. >> reporter: carolyn cox blames weak laws and politics. >> the epa is under a lot of political pressure not to do the kind of thing that is just proposing to do. >> reporter: the proposed rule would restrict new products with the solvents. >> we know everyone in the population now is being exposed to chemicals.
10:46 pm
then we at this, and it's something to be worried about. >> reporter: the public can comment on the proposed rules for another month. experts are urging everyone especially pregnant women when painting to do only in well ventilated areas and to always use a respirator like this. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. city leaders in san jose are working with environment groups and food packages experts to come up with a way to keep food containers out of city water ways. some people want an outright ban on styrofoam containers. >> to pay for the equipment for the recycling processing facilities that want to recycle when you process foam you want to compact it and we would buy
10:47 pm
those come come compacters for the city. anthony early is 62, comes from a michigan energy company and has a reputation for crisis management skills. he takes over as pg & e still struggling to deal with that san bruno pipeline expotion last september. early will assume the job next month a year after that deadly explosion. he replaces former ceo peter darby who resigned last april. 1,500 billionaires did not pay federal taxes. 175,000 taxpayers earned $1 million or more. there's a way for people earning that amount of money to avoid paying taxes. one would be by donating to
10:48 pm
charity, the other would be through foreign subsidies. the program began back in the 1820s and brought high school students to washington to carry messages through the capital and learn about the legislature. officials claim budget cuts and electronic messages are to blame for the program's end. and the winds are kicking up out there right now. good moist sea breeze heading offshore. the fog which went away is reforming at the coast and will push inland. when you go to the golden gate bridge, out of the west. it's that direction. a westerly wind. look at the green, the cool green. that's that moist air how quickly it's cooling. you get out to the valley and you see those oranges and red. and the sea breeze doesn't really have an impact, at least not yet. forecast highs tomorrow just like today. may be a little warmer in some places around the coast and
10:49 pm
around the bay not much change at all. and quiet frankly not a big change from what we saw for the whole month of july and what we are now seeing for august. this weather pattern is extremely persistent. it's giving us the same fog pattern. almost eight bay area countys with some fog. almost nine. about 10:00 it starts to burn back like today. but it's slow to burn back. the fog is kind of hanging in there. the forecast in tomorrow afternoon as the fog does burn back about 3:00. you will find your reds, your 90s in the inland bay valley. i expect these oranges about kind of filling in but this sea breeze has really knocked down the fire danger. it's really giving us great air quality and it's keeping us slightly below average in many locations. some inland locations is below. this gave us a wet weather and gave us a wet spring and is now
10:50 pm
giving us a very mild summer with low fire danger and good air quality. in the afternoon, it's going to be foggy at the cost most of the day. probably see a little sunshine most of the time out at steinson out toward salina. id kit burn off toward the -- it did burn off toward the end of the day. still very pleasant. it's a nice weather pattern just not exactly what you would expect. i expect to see 90s in the inland bay valleys and more 80s. not happening. you can see this is more of the same. it is very pleasant. if you've been in texas where you had 42 or 43 days straight of 100-degree temperature and they would see something like this, they would die for this. it's a little unusual to say the least. >> thank you, bill. academics and athletics is a look at the free camp at
10:51 pm
donald foil. the camp includes lessons on nutrition, computer literacy, art and basketball. foil says it falls on those who have been given opportunities in life to turn around and help children see all their possibilities. and the campers had high praise for foil and the camp. >> we need this man, we need this. >> why do you need this? >> because we never had a summer camp in oakland and we really need it and i want to thank them for that. >> the choice is that everything is within you should be great. the choice is yours adds to whether or not you want to accept that grateful. >> foil played for the warriors for 10 years. looks like they're having fun. up next here, it's over. late word on why 61-year-old diana nyad's attempt to twin
10:52 pm
from cuba to florida came to an abrupt end today. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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there is late word tonight that marathon swimmer diana nyad was forced to stop her race. diana was sick and vomiting
10:55 pm
when she was brought on to a boat. >> even making it half way that's even something. mark ibanez is off tonight. of all the nights you thought the giants would win one, what happened? >> the same old story. last year the giants broke records, this year they've become a broken record. time after time the offense disappoints. fans have to think that they have to get better. neil walker doubles and scores garrett jones. garrett jones scores again. pirates starter charlie martin looked like an all star
10:56 pm
tonight. martin gets kepinger to jump into the double play. he gets shut out for the second time this season. looks like nobody wants to win the nl west. despite losing nine of their last 11 games the giants still lead the division. that's because houston hammered -- tonight. and today, someone who they thought got away decided to resign. number 38 safety deshon goldson started 32 games over the past two seasons for the 49ers. last year goldson made 80 tackles, and an interception. but after the 49ers signed weitner, goldson twitted he was not coming back.
10:57 pm
and today he signed a new deal. never trust twitts. jackson is one of the most electric players in the nfl. but he's paid $565,000 for this his final year of his original four year rookie contract. jackson deserves a nice raise. >> can't moan about it, being a man about the situation more than everything. aye been through a lot in my life. a lot of people have said several things, that i was too small. a lot of negative things but still being able to go out and move. ricky williams found a home. the running back agreed to a two year deal. ricky has had a lot of ups and downs. but former dolphins should be a good back up for the ravens ray rice. that's sports as we see it for this monday night. julie and frank. >> a lot of interesting moves there. >> giants, let's get some hits. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow. mornings on two from 7:00 to
10:58 pm
9:00. they will be following the stock opening and any computer problems with b.a.r.t. from tonight. and the news continues on and through our mobile app. thank you so much for joining us everyone.
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