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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. live in concord where thieves make a brazen robbery and we will tell you what they were after and who police are now looking for. a three-year-old shot and killed, oakland police have now confirmed at least one arrest and several people detained. the suspects in the beating case of bryan stow and plus how so is doing this morning. it looks like a bad day for wall street and the morning
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news continues. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday august 10th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, here is steve for morning weather and traffic. some of the fog could be thick thick thick and closer to the coast 60s, upper 60s and lower to mid-70s. now here is sal. westbound highway 4 traffic is moving along well if you are driving in bay point or antioch we are getting slowing there. we have a look at interstate 880 and remember we have a serious crash which has just been turned into an alert along whipel avenue. we will get you more on this crash but it is sounding pretty serious. news chopper 2 is on the way and we will get you pictures as soon as we go.
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let's go back to dave and pam. joining us now, showing us what the thieves got away with and the big mess that they left behind, tara? >> reporter: we also have new information regarding the suspects. the director of operations tell us they are described as white males in their 40s heavyset driving a blue pickup truck with a license plate starting with 5k. if we focus on the bolt, that was attacked -- attached to the machine. they did this all in 60 seconds. we have a surveillance which shows them in action on nelson drive just before 3:00 this morning. the men rammed the back end of their truck through the front window and loaded atm machine inside. they believe they had $5,000 worth of $20 bills and the
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machine itself is worth 8,000. they provide music training for children. >> even though we have damage insurance we have high deductibles so it will come out of our funds we use for music. it is sick somebody has to hurt kid's programs because they are desperate for money. >> police will be are viewing -- will be reviewing that surveillance video and again the director said these thieves knew exactly what they were after and had probably been here before. if you can look at the carpet inside the building you can see the air to marks from the truck and if we plan to the left, you can see a bottle of coke we don't know if it rolled out of their truck.
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live in concord hall, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are now confirming at least one arrest in the drive-by shooting that killed three-year-old carlos nava. they are questioning several other menace well and jade hernandez tells us about the break-in this case, good morning jade. >>reporter: oakland police have detained at least two people in this case and arrested one person in this case. this is the memorial they have for carlos nava, you can see the stuffed teddy bears and the balloon. this is something a family does not want to go through and the loss of life triggered the oakland police to speak out angrily of the senseless crime. he tried to calm his mother. she did not have the strength address the crowd. they doubled the amount of
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officers and yesterday police stepped up patrols rolling throughout the area where the shooting took place on monday afternoon. the chief told the crowd of nearly 300 people he planned to have everyone alined with the shooting in custody and brought to justice within the next 24 to 36 hours. >> we are looking for a number of people and the reason we are doing that is because we have multiple locations. we want to capture everybody who is involved around we don't want to put out a specific number. >> reporter: they have made at least one arrest in this case. the intended targets were walking in front of this little seesers pizza place. we spoke to the sister and police say her brother is in critical condition with several gunshot wounds to the stomach.
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she told us this violence has to stop. keep in mind the shooting took place in broad daylight just after 1:00 in the afternoon. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. in just two hours, the suspects are scheduled to appear in the courtroom. they are expected to be formally charged in the brutal attacks outside dodgers stadium. they face assault and other serious charges. last night people attended a fundraiser in santa monica. a group of fans organized the operation and they just want to help pay so's medical bills. so's city -- bryan stow's sister said it is an amazing thing for the fundraisers to have stepped up and helped. >> it has been huge.
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>> bryan stow remains in the hospital at san francisco hospital. family members say he is showing slow but steady signs of improvement. they are heading lower and more than half of them came from the asian markets overnight which showed some gains and investors in the far east said they will keep interest rates low for the next few years. new zealand gained 2% and futures are pointing to a much lower only and i am just updating my screen right now and it looks like the dow jones industrial average could open at as much as 200 points after gaining 400 and losing 500 so we had quite a volatile week. we will show you that opening bell live and watch it as it
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heads probably lower. we have included how they rank. time now 60 7:00 more cause for congress to end its -- 6:07 more cause for congress to end its vacation and do something about the economy. coming up, why some say the lawmakers left town without finishing the job. also we are now learning only about half of the new airline protection passenger rules will kick in as scheduled august 23rd. now the airlines and travel agents need more time. the transportation department agreed to delay some of the charges until next year. it requires airlines to disclose the full cost of flights in advertising both online and in print. these new rules were triggered bypass jersey who complained about spending hours with
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broken toilets and not enough food to eat. >> you don't want to be stuck on the tarmac with me. another thing that does not sound good southbound 101 we have a crash and a couple of overturned vehicles according to a witness who drove by in red wood city and the traffic is quickly beginning to back up. the alternate route will be 280 instead of 101 again southbound 101 at whipel avenue. if you are driving northbound on 101 this is the first morning we have been able to use that camera because clouds are not in the way as they normally are and as they normally have been in the last few days so we can see traffic looks good. let's go to antioch and
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pittsburgh bay point, you can see traffic is getting slower as we head west to bay point. it looks good off the bridge driving to pleasant hill and walnut vehicle. >> thank you sir. a very good morning to you all. we had a little warmup for most, coastal 60s towards capitola la over towards napa county some of that could be picked for a while but once it burns off, we will have plenty of sunshine. tomorrow the transition will take place somewhere around friday and saturday and a strong system will move in to the pacific northwest. inland temperatures will plunge and we will have lots of sunshine once the fog burns off. 68 degrees is right where we should be this time of year. it will be a beautiful day.
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we do get the fog on the coast and then some of it around the bay not making a strong push inland. 50s santa rosa sonoma airport also concord and there is your morning traffic san jose's also in there as well -- san jose is also in there. not much of a breeze, the system is moving into seattle but as long as that is there and the high pressure is there we are caught in between. yesterday's temperatures are taken and carried over to today, not much of a change. some of that fog is hanging in there and most of us will not have a problem getting to 80s. sunday most of the fog will be close to the coast mild for
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some. 78 vallejo and vend nearby why -- and santa clara and cupertino 79, red wood city, pacific annandalely city 6 -- and daily city 62. cooler weather by the weekend. same time, why some nursing home employees are going to dale what they were accused of doing to patients suffering with dementia. and the store manager at the center of a scandal.
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. good mortgage we have an injury crash, southbound 101 at whipel, now we do have the two right lanes closed southbound 101 and that means a couple of lanes are closed here and traffic is backing up for at least a mile approaching this crash and we will let you know more about it straight ahead. 6:15 a former store manager accused of taping women in very private places in a popular
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area mall. now you see him here adjusting a tiny hidden camera and they say he installed cameras like that one in the lady's employee bathroom and the company dressing room. we spoke to a former girlfriend who did not want to give her name. >> is able to tape the female employees going into the bathroom. >> it shows employees changing and using the restroom. they have claimed an invasion of privacy and the store is fully cooperating with this investigation. they are calling for congress to return to washington to deal with the country's economic crisis. a new poll has some direction for congress, allison? >> reporter: that's right and some high profile democrats and
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republicans are calling on president barack obama to call congress back here to d.c. after its five week break. after all it is congress and the president getting the blame for getting the first ever down credit rating and it is critical for congress to do something bold and start setting some of the problems. a new poll shows what americans wants them to do about the country's deficit. 63% wants increased taxes on higher income americans. 63% wants more spending cuts but 33% wants more changes in social security and medicare, one of the type people -- one of them says they have no right to call them back to d.c. david cameron says the police will take every action
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necessary to restore order after four days of violent riots. 16,000 police officers are patrolling london now and there are in new reports of trouble there but the prime minister said new violence broke out in birmingham and manchester. they will not allow a culture of fear to exist and police will be given whatever they need to restore the peace. these rioters are angry about a deadly police shooting. there is growing tension between north and south cora why. they fired start -- south cora why. seoul responded with shells of its own. they remain on high alert since they killed four people last november. north korea wants to extend the line which separates them further south. they are testing out the
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first aircraft carrier. they are trying to bring it from the ukraine back in the 1990s and they are trying to renounce aircraft carrier for tools of imperialism. two nursing home assistance are going to jail for what they say is a prank but the district attorney says it was elder abuse. the nursing home in ukiah coated several patients from head to toe with ointment which made the patients slippery and hard for the workers to hold onto the patients. they will be sent to jail stripped of their license and on two years probation. any problems sal? we have that problem in red wood city and at whipel.
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you can see news chopper 2 that the lane is closed. it was mine more injuries affected by this crash. news chopper 2 is showing let me see if i can get stuff to show us a little bit of a backup southbound 101 and this is southbound 101 we showed you at whipel and panning to the left you can see 101 is backed up from at least hawley and it looks like it is backed up -- you know what, it is not even all that bad and they are making progress. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along nicely and there is a small back up and if you are driving in antioch we have stop-and-go traffic on bay
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point. >> we have some patchy fog. some of it is thick and we will have sunshine and temperatures are working close to yesterday's readings. 60s and 70s coast and basement a lot of temperatures are cold. bodega bay has been colder but still rather cool. 12:45:68 degrees should be nice. we got chewed up with a northerly breeze and 50 to 50 and sonoma county airport is cool. it is a kind of a push and fog and sun warm fog near the coast breezy at the times especially out towards fairfield oakly call saratoga -- oakly and the
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bay, not much changed and the system will be strong which means a lot of cooler conditions as we head to the weekend. in trading this morning crude oil jumped to $82 a barrel and yesterday oil hit its lowest price since last september, just about $79 per barrel. credit unions are suing goldman sachs for nearly half a billion dollars. two credit unions suffered that much in losses after that bought mortgage securities from them. they used an offer in the securities which contained untrue statements and how risky the investments were.
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golden sacks is not commenting. something went terribly wrong and why he is now facing charges. two people seriously injured in an explosion. the business where it occurred and how it contributed to the blast. good morning, westbound is looking good but we'll see where it is delayed and tell you what is happening.
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. good morning welcome to wednesday, traffic is getting a lot more crowded all over the bay, we will have complete traffic and a look at your weather coming up in minutes. investigators want to know what caused this explosion at a commercial building in the san fernando valley of los angeles. that explosion ripped the roof off the building blew debris and shattered windows of nearby businesses. two people have life- threatening injuries and a third man was treated at the scene for minor injuries. it was an amount turntive -- alternative energy business which pulled high general out of the -- hydrogen out of the
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water. back here at home, a tennis instructor is under arrest and under suspicion of child endangerment. he left nine children unsupervised at the tennis courts. what was playing on the -- woo was playing and took four of the nine children into his van and to another tennis court and left the other five unattended and when he came back for the other five students that is when he was arrested. it was all caught on tape. we will show you the place the thieves targeted. greedy burglary lars come back for more -- burglars come back for more at a palo alto school.
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. there is the opening bell live and we expect the market to head down dow jones industrial average down 200 points off the bat on the lower part of your screen. the feds announced they will keep interest rates low until 2013 but as we keep talking about the debt problems, the drops continue to drop and so keep watching. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, it is the middle of the week i am dave clark. >> and good morning i am pam cook, time now 6:30.
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gone now in 60 seconds, overnight thieves stole an "a" tm -- an atm filled with cash and this happened at a very unlikely spot, good morning tara. >> reporter: it is a non-profit group that raises money for children's youth programs and if you look behind me you can see the extensive damage and the thieves actually drove their truck through the window which was once here and the bolt from atm machines you can see -- machine, you can see it, that was from atm machine which was ripped off. you can see the thieves in action at the bingo all just before 3:00 this morning and it is located in an industrial section of town. the men rammed it through the front window and loaded atm
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inside. they made off with $5,000 worth of $20 bills and the machine itself worth of 8,000. >> in the video we saw two white males, heavyset, in their 40s, one is wearing a stocking cap and it was a dark blue pick up with no bed, no tailgate. >> reporter: we have just learned in the past hour that the beginning of that truck's license plate is 5k and police will be reviewing the footage and may be able to enhance the other numbers to get a better description. -- description. back here live if you can take a look behind you can see the cleanup taking place and we want to show you where the surveillance video is. it is right near the exit sign, it is the little black dot which was able to capture all of that video we just showed you. he is just sick over the fact
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that the two men would take money from children. live in concord ktvu channel 2 news. local police have just confirmed one arrest in that driveby shooting that killed three-year-old carlos nava. several other men are being questioned now and jade hernandez has been talking to police and she will have much more on this coming up at 6:45. the elementary school has been burglarized three times in palo alto and it appears to be a crime wave targeting schools, noel? >> reporter: one of the classroom volunteers said he saw a truck and thought oh, no not again, like you said three times in the last four weeks and really it is the students who pay the price for these burglaries. they broke in this last time by
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prying up a board that was covering up the window that was broken into, in the last break in. they expressed great frustration and say there was not a problem really until this last month. on sunday they stole $300 worth of computers and last week it was $3,000 worth of equipment and july 8th and 9th they still to come putters from the library and that's not the -- computers from the library and also not to be left out, jordan middle school has also been burglarized over the summer break and all told those schools have had about $40,000 worth of equipment stolen from classrooms when schools are strapped for cash. if you know anything about
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these crimes, police would love to hear from you, ktvu channel 2 news. well arrangement is scheduled at 830 this morning for the 6th defendants -- for the six defendants. the victim was brutally attacked at the homecoming dance and if convicted most of the suspects could be sentenced to life in prison. ed lee has decided not run for a full term and has changed the financial look of the race and that's because lee said unlike the other top candidates he will not take public funding for his campaign and lee said he is trying to save the city some money. >> i had to cut a lot of funds and that's part of my decision, if i don't have to use public funds i prefer not to. >> now however lee's decision not to take that public funding means he is not restricted by a
6:36 am
$1.5 million spending limit and the other candidates are also free of the cap. now mayor lee will be joining them at a debate tomorrow night which will be held at the art and culture complex on fulton street which begins at 6:00 p.m. antioch police need your help to find a missing woman. family members say she has medical issues which require her to take medication. she is described as filipino weighing 170 pounds. she was last seen wearing a yellow long sleeved shirt and pans. if you have any information call antioch police. the ground gave way just before 3:00 at a construction
6:37 am
site on 62nd. an underground water main burst and sat rated the area and  caused the problem. neither pipe appears to be damaged. crews did stand by as a precaution. sal will help you get to where you need to go, are you taking care of 101, sal? >> yes, they are making progress and we have these pictures taken from news chopper 2 involving an overturned pickup truck. they still have one of the lanes closed and the injuries were minor. so you can expect some delays but it could have been much worse and traffic is recovering. let's look at the westbound bay bridge and it is backed up for a delay. moving along to interstate 880 traffic in both directions is
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moving along nicely. santa cruz that traffic looks good, northbound 17 coming up to the valley, traffic is looking pretty good and in the valley itself we have some slow traffic in cupertino heading southbound and if you are driving on heyward right near whipel road there, there is a crash on the shoulder. now 6:37 let's go to steve. look at it gingerly, there is sunshine, warm temperatures and yesterday we had some thick fog in novato up to santa rosa and so far nothing coming in and napa county has some thinking fog. temperatures are starting off joe near ken worth, i believe yesterday 47 degrees and for august these are some cool
6:39 am
lows. a lot of mid-50s to upper 50s and late this afternoon to this evening 92 degrees. mostly sunny breezy 12:45. temperatures yesterday they jumped up, high pressure came in squashes the fog the sea breeze was cut in half. i look for more of the same today. 50s in santa rosa and i would not be surprised. a lot of mid-to-upper 50s. southwest 16 which is a little stronger than yesterday. up towards travis, so far it is not happening. one system to the north and pressure in the southwest. we warm up a few degrees and cool down. it looks like maybe one or two more days and a strong low will
6:40 am
drop into the pacific northwest and that will usher in a much cooler pattern. nice for some, cool for others but warm if you are away from the coast. if you are heading up north clear lake 94 calistoga 92, venetia 78, parts of salvano 92 and 75 alameda. 90 morgan hills, -- morgan hill, not morgan hills unless it is a new town. woodside 82 degrees, quiet with the weekend in view it looks like a cooler pattern especially by sunday. just want to point out dow jones industrial average down more than 300 points, business news is coming up in just a little bit. also just ahead. >> you feel a sense of pride
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and at the same time tremendous amount of sadness. >> friends remember a navy seal from a northern california town, one of 30 americans killed in that helicopter in afghanistan. police have confirmed at least up with arrest in the shooting death of a three-year- old boy, we will have the latest from oakland. >> if you are driving on 880, we will tell you more coming up.
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. here is a look at some of the top stories, thieves stole an "a" tm from the blue devils concord hall and you can see thieves ramming their pickup truck right through the bingo hall. they are a non-profit providing music for children. in the bryan stow case they are set to appear at a courtroom in los angeles. they will be formally charged in the brutal attack outside dodger stadium. there is a growing call for congress to cut short their summer vacation and get back to work fixing the economy.
6:45 am
right now congress is on a five week summer recess but a lot of people say the economic problems are so bad they can't afford to take a break. oakland police have now confirmed one arrest in a driveby shooting that killed carlos nava. police are questioning several other men at this point and jade hernandez is talking to investigators about a break-in this case. jade? >> reporter: we called oakland police and they have confirmed at least one arrest and a couple of people are detained at this point. this little boy was only three years old and lost his life in front of ceasers' pizza. this memorial has been -- memorial has been growing and the stuffed animals are piled high. the police chief spoke out angrily on this senseless crime. he tried to comfort the mother
6:46 am
but the mother of the three- year-old carlos nava she did not have the strength to address the crowd. they more than doubled the number of officers on patrol and on tuesday police stepped up patrol and the alameda county sheriff's office rolled through the area where the shooting took place. nearly 300 people -- he told 300 people he planned to have everyone brought to justice in the next 24 to 36 hours. >> to -- it takes and animal to kill a three-year-old baby in the middle of the day. >> the intended targets were two men walking near the three- year-old. both men are still in the hospital and each suffered multiple gunshot wounds. we spoke to the sister and she said despite what police say,
6:47 am
her brother is in critical condition with several gunshot wounds to the stomach. >> it took a toll on me, an innocent baby being shot like that it does not make no sense and so many shootings have gone on in oakland and something needs to be done about it. >> reporter: at this point there is a fire in the wake of the viewing. at this point we have contacted the jail, oakland police department and family members are waiting to hear back about an update and as soon as we get that information, we will bring it to you. we have breaking news just in the last 15 minutes, the u.s. military in afghanistan announced it has killed the taliban fighters who shot down the helicopter on saturday killing 30 americans. the military said it learned where the fighters fled to and
6:48 am
killed them in an airstrike. one of the americans killed grew up in willits in the county and flags are flying half staff in willits where jessie pitman spent two summers before joining the military. a friend recalls when pitman first told him he wanted to be a seal. >> i laughed and said jessie do you know how hard it is to do something like that and he said yes, but i really want to do it. >> reporter: president barack obama honored the americans killed in the crash. two other navy seals had ties to the bay area, 29-year-old derek benson grew up in napa county and kevin houston listed in san jose until the 5th grade. we will get you where you need to go, sal, are you
6:49 am
watching the toll plaza? it is getting busier if you are trying to make your way into san francisco with your car it is backed up for about a ten minutes wait and not as bad as it will be if the morning commute continues as planned. we get the heaviest traffic between 7 and 8:30. let's look near the coliseum and that traffic is moving along nicely. from heyward to union city, northbound whipel road a crash on the shoulder and also there is the commute in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains and the south bay itself we have some traffic on northbound 101 coming from the capital expressway up to 280. july numbers coming in and
6:50 am
warmest july ever yet one of the coolest in certain areas and in the middle of the country it has been very hot but in texas warmest and dryest. we get a little warmup and then another system cools us down and that's exactly what will happen as we go through the next few days. it will be reducing visibility, tomorrow mild to warm weekend looking cooler remains of a typhoon as they start to move into cooler water and come into the pacific it is a lot of energy. it either fires up a high ridge of pressure or low pressure and what have we had, low pressure so it brings a cool down. some of that fog is shallow and
6:51 am
it puts it right down on the deck upper 40s mid-50s everywhere else temperatures have not changed in a month they are always the same. system moves into seattle behind to four corners and inland temperatures near average upper $80 and $90 low clouds persist for a while 60s and 70s around the bay sunshine warm to hot, fog near the coast not going anywhere it will be back and give help over the next couple of days but 81 petaluma, fairfield 81 walnut creek, oakland 73, 81 gilroy, same for woodside san mateo park mid-70s on the peninsular not much of a change thursday but with your weekend in view
6:52 am
it will be cooler especially sunday and monday. federal government has decided not to sell and they plan to sell more of its steak in the auto maker before next month but the stock has been stuck at $30 a share for the last few months and they would loose more than $10 million on the bailout. the government still owns more than 26% of gm. right now they are down and it is not the only stock lower take a look live at the big board on the new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average down 270 points plunging 2% and you can see 2 and a quarter%, s&p 500 down 2% and nasdaq also down. the dow jones industrial average was down more than 300 points so keep watching, i'm sure it will change. a group of revolution in
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. a one and three chance they will report back a recession. time now somebody is running a repair roof scam and police wants the victims to come forward. last week three people were arrested on suspicion of fraud and they reportedly would do roofing work and over charged customers when it was done. they are also accused of stealing checks valuables from other homes. they know two elderly victims but they think there may be more victims out there. they vow to take down facebook. >> in media communication you will be destroyed and digest once to protect the freedom of information join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy. >> a speaker in a model how
6:57 am
lasted voice claims to represent the anonymous organization and they are accusing them to putting forward information to private security firms. a spokesperson declined to comment. a new comment aimed at making cal train passengers not have to drive so much, they may soon be able to ride bikes to the train depot. they voted to join a pies kill sharing program -- bicycle sharing program and up to 1,000 bikes will be there and organizers say it will improve their health as well as air quality. cal train and bart are doing well according to their dispatch centers. let's look at highway 4 which is slow in bay point and yock. the morning -- antioch. they are backed up but in san francisco it looks good on 101
6:58 am
approaching downtown. >> more emphasis on hugging the coast with fog it will be sunny to hot and there is a big cool down on tap and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. also the inn credibility resident -- incredible rescue of a four-year-old boy the photo and the drama on the pacific ocean. s.w.a.t., special weapons and tatics gear stolen, stay here right here with us.
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