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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're live in concord where thieves target an unlikely place. what they stole for $13,000 and how they did it in less than 60 seconds. it's been a costly summer vacation as burglars targetschools. >> it's been a very strange animal abuse case. this one involves farrell cats. and also a new debt crisis. a mom from missouri over the skies of manhattan sen a clear message -- send a clear message to wall street.
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good morning to you, i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is wednesday, august 10. the search is underway for two men who carried out a bold overnight theft in concord. they stole an atm full of cash from an unlikely place. ktvu joins us live. >> reporter: we're at a bingo hall in all places and it took robber less than 60 seconds to take off with their loot. there's a huge hole here. along with the door that you see lined up against the carpet. the thieves smashed through the front window with their truck to get to the atm machine inside. we have surveillance video that shows them clearly how a pair of men backed up their pickup truck through the glass. this happened at 3:00 this morning at the blue devils bingo all off of nelson drive. the director of operations believe that he stole about $5,000 worth of $20 bills and
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the machine itself valued at $8,000. now the video shows two white males possibly in their 40s, heavy set, driving a blue pickup truck. >> i think the first two letters on the license plate is 5k. and with some video equipment, we might be able to enhance the image a little better to see if we can get them more clearly. >> reporter: concord police just came by not too long ago to pick up that surveillance footage. blue devils is a non-profit organization that provides music training for children and the director here said he just can't believe that these men would be desperate enough to basically steal money from kids. now back here live, you can see that they are beginning to move pieces of what was broken out here on the lawn. they've got a carpet service that's coming in here to clean up all the shattered glass. it is just incredibly extensive, the damage here at the bingo hall.
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7:02 and new this morning, somebody stole the equipment of the swat team. they said that the thief stole police riot gear, weapons, and chemicals. the 34-year-old modesto resident is a former oak dale employee and that he had access to the police station last year during a remodeling project. now, police say they discovered the stolen gear at his house during a recent arrest on attempted rape charges, but they did not identify the stolen property right away. he posted bail and disappeared with his wife and two children according to authorities. his mother-in-law says she was the attempted rape victim who is now fearing for her own life and the safety of her daughter and grandchildren. it is 7:03, another week, another break-in at an elementary school. this elementary school has been burglarized three times in the past four weeks.
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ktvu noah walker joins us live from the school to explain what happened. >> reporter: this is in a quiet residential neighborhood. as the sun comes up, we have a few people coming up to seat live truck in the driveway and kind of knowing the answer as to why we were here, even as they were asking us. and they are expecting a lot of frustration because at the end of the day, it's the students who are paying the price for these burglars, the criminals seem to know the easiest way in, and this week they pried off a board that was covering a window from the last break-in. we talked to faculty who didn't want to go on camera, but said that they were frustrated and there was not a problem until last month. now on sunday, thieves stole about $300 worth of digital cameras and then on july 25, their take was an astounding $23,000 worth of equipment. then again on july 8 and 9, another $6,000 worth of computers stolen from the library, and this is not the only school to be hit.
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police recently arrested two people suspected of stealing from other high schools. jordan middle school has also been the victim of burglars. all told the three schools, the middle school, a high school, and an elementary school had $40,000 worth of equipment stolen from their school all at a time. and again, it's the students that pay the price. if you know anything about these crimes, call police. reporting live, i'm noelle walker. a southern california lawyer is the last of three women to plea guilty for her role in what is being called a baby selling ring. teresa ericson is a laurel who claims she specialized insurrogate arrangements. they scammed a dozen couples by charging them more than $100,000 to adopt babies from pregnant women pretending to be
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surrogates. she faces up to five years in prison. prosecutors are charging a vallejo woman and two teenagers with the attempted murder of her ex-boyfriend's new wife. they say that the 36-year-old darlene mcdade was extremely jealous. with the help of her daughter and another 16-year-old to help them. accused of telling one of the younger teens to shoot the victim. 7:06, a former pipe worker is following a wrongful termination lawsuit against the water district. lauren wayne claims he was fired after telling authorities about a co-worker who he said tried to poison cats near the district's headquarters. that employee was eventually arrested on attempted animal abuse charges and has since completed probation. well, the water district said they fired wayne because of
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inappropriate conduct including shouting at his co-workers. but wayne says that those accusations are not true. there are more calls this morning for congress to end their summer vacation and go back to washington to do something about the economy. coming up for you at 7:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom and why some say that the lawmakers left town without finishing the job. the price of school breakfasts and lunches could be going up for students in redwood city. tonight, the school board will consider a $1 hike. if approved it will be implemented in 25-cent increments over the next four years. now, most students qualify for free or reduced meals. they will not be affected by the increase. the extra money could be used to provide students with healthier options set forth in the 2010 healthy hunger free kids act. when the border's bookstore closes, some residents want to reopen the varsity theater in
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that location. and the varsity closed about 15 years ago, but some of their neighbors say that it could become a cultural icon. they said that the theater is not a good risk economicically because that they only have a single screen and it would be extensive to retrofit the 85- year-old building. >> our time now, 7:07, today marks the 2-year anniversary of the disappearance of this boy. a $75,000 reward is still being offered for any information on this young boy. ross told police that the little boy vanished from his car inoakland's neighborhood after leaving him unattended. ross and his former fiance who was his aunt was briefly jailed on suspicion of murder. charges were never filed. it is 7:08 and we want to check in again keeping a close eye on the commute for you. >> yeah, things keep happening
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unfortunately. i was hoping for things to be smooth. we've got a couple things out there that might get in the way, but here at the bay bridge, we eventually have seen traffic become a little bit lighter. now, this here, as i have been watching traffic for a long time now, this year, we did not have a huge summer vacation break, but right now at the bay bridge teleplays it is getting -- bridge toll plaza, it is getting a bit better. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 right here near the coliseum. traffic is moving along very nicely. now remember tomorrow, thursday night, the raiders play an exhibition game. i just wanted to say it once to see how it sounded. you need to know that there will be a lot of traffic tomorrow night. there is a crash out at greenville road, a couple of them actually. give yourself plenty of time as you drive through. we'll keep an eye on these crashes. they are not serious, but they are on the right shoulder
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causing slow downs. not much fog inland, just a little bit, but some of it there is rather shallow, reducing visibility. lows in the upper 40s to the 50s, the fog will burn off sooner. if you're above it, it is very nice. we've got warm temperatures above the fog bank up at the kings mountain at 65 degrees. if you're below that, it could be a little above the cool side, but we're already seeing some sun. the fog though will start to lift as we get towards the weekend. more emphasis on fog than low clouds. otherwise it's clear, sunny. and more of the same tomorrow. mild to warm, but it's looking cooler, yes, much cooler as we head towards sunday and monday. giants, if you're heading out for the game, 12:45. pirates, 68 degrees today. it should be beautiful. there might be some fox around the area, but it look -- fog around the area, but it looks like a nice day. 67, 68 degrees in san francisco. low clouds and fog. high pressure came in
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yesterday, putting it right to the ground and burned it off sooner. but 50 degrees, they had a couple upper 40s towards the north bay and 50s, mid to upper. fairfield at 58. but about three to four miles stronger yesterday. not a big deal, but any time they increase or decrease, you know, we don't think that they will be warming up more than what you had yesterday. there is a system moving in to seattle, but an even stronger one that will start to develop by the weekend. that will give us a big cooldown. but today, any fog and low clouds, they are clearing around rapidly. it's solid up and down the coast. and so for most it will be sunny and nice and mild to warm. and maybe hot. the fog, sun, warm, sunny, for most it is shallow. it's not getting blown out to sea or anything. still hugging the coast. so 90s for some. 80s for a lot. and 678 is the coast and the bay -- 67 is the coast and the bay. we'll go 70 at berkeley, 78 here at caster valley.
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79 at fremont. san jose, 82. that's where they should be at this time of the year. san bruno, 62. and mid to upper 70s. the news for the weekend, it looks like cooler weather is on the way. >> all right, thank you, steve. it is 7:11. it's a controversy and a race for the white house. why some supporters of michele bachmann are furious about this picture of her on the magazine cover. and also three siblings on the run. the crime spree they are accused of and where they may be now. who paid to have a plane fly a banner over wall street with a critical message and why the original plan for this had to be changed? it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes,
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taking a live look, they have given up almost all the gains that they had yesterday
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because more concerns, which is, you know, they fear about the economy and high levels of public debt. f this is just a classic battle. and they are winning right now. they are currently down at 393. nasdaq is down 83 and the s&p down about 38. all down about 3.5%. we'll be keeping an eye on the mart for you all morning long. now at 7:15, president obama is under increasing pressure to call congress back to washington, d.c. a bold move is critical to boost the economy. now, the white house seems to be brushing off the idea that president obama should invoke his executive powers and demand congress to return to work. with some high-profile democrats and republicans, they
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say that he should do that and that the president and congress are to blame for america's first-ever credit downgrade and with so much volatility on wall street, it's critical for congress to start solving some other problem. now, i talked to one of the president's former top economic advisers who agree that congress should end their break early. >> their work is not done as long as america's work is not done. i mean when you look at 9.1% unemployment and probably even more importantly, the absence of the real concrete plan to get america back to work. >> as for president obama's schedule, he meets with the secretary. and reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. we have continuing coverage of the wild ride on wall street on our website at you can find complete coverage and also the dow is down currently 378. we also have a timeline of the
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dow's worse drop since 1899 on our website. just click on the wall street tab at time is now 7:16 and they are all causing europe for government leaders there to cancel their vacations. now, the french president interrupted his vacation to go back to europe to meet about what's happening on the world's financial markets. now, some other european leaders have been criticized for staying on their traditional august holidays in the middle of the economic turmoil. so now his office says they are meeting this morning with some of their ministers, as well as the head of the french central bay. >> a woman from missouri says that she was so mad about the nation's credit downgrade that she hired a plane to send a message to wall street in congress. and she paid to have a banner flown over manhattan yet, one to read there it is, thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired. as she wanted to fly the banner over washington, d.c., to
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protest all the partisan fighting in congress who lead to the downgrade, but she was told that is a no fly zone. >> i bet that's something that i could do that probably, you know, wouldn't cost $1 million and maybe somebody would listen to me. >> the company called fly sign liked what she was doing so much they gave her a discount. she is now hoping that lawmakers will cut short of their summer breaks and get back to work on fixing the economy. and it is 7:18, supporters of republican candidate michele bachmann are outraged about a photo from the candidate. they show the congresswoman looking directly into the camera with a wide eyed expression. the queen of rage. and offensive supporters accuse the magazine of trying to make the candidate look crazy. the daily beats posted outtakes of the news week photo shoots with alternative photos that they could have chosen to use.
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showing bachmann on the campaign trail and poses with less intensity than the one on the cover. we want to know what you think. share your opinion on facebook or twitter about the magazine cover. 7:18, in new york, starting this fall sex education classes including the use of condoms will be required for middle and high school students in new york city. the idea we're told is to improve the lives of african americans and latino teenagers who are more likely in some cases to have unplanned pregnancies or catch sexually transmitted diseases. the focus, however, is to get those students to wait until they are older to have sex. from the old military installation to a modern education center, the foothill, the community college district is hoping to build the 50,000 square foot facility at the old air force station in sunnyvale. it's expected to offer a variety of classes ranging from
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web development to paramedics. now, if the plan is approved the federal government will give the land to them for free and the district will pay for demolition costs. 7:19, a nationwide man hunt for three siblings has shifted to colorado. authorities say that they have received credible information that the three siblings are in the colorado springs area. now, a police dash cam captured the siblings fleeing and shooting at a florida police officer last week. surveillance cameras then photographed the suspects robbing bank in georgia. >> we're working in conjunction with the fbi to determine whether or not this indeed was the trio, but at least in this point, the informs leads us to believe that it was. we're taking all the necessary precautions. >> the trio is now on the fbi's ten most wanted list. he's accused of sending hundreds of explicit text
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messages to an 11-year-old girl he met on myspace. our time is 7:20, a warning for you homeowners about fraud and loan modifications from signs that should be raising red flags. and making an already special day even more memorable. the events where they showed up without a warning. good morning, traffic is moving along relatively well. if you're driving here in the south bay, we'll give you another update on the morning commute. and we'll tell you what the best ways to get around are coming up.
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r it is 7:23, distressed homeowners around the area are being warned to watch out for the loan modification scams. now, alameda county district's attorney says to be weary of companies that ask for upfront fees. now, she urges people to use the homeowner education and loan protection program for help. now, it's a joint program with two counties that provide legal
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help for victims of loan modification fraud as well as trustworthy referrals. now, our time is 7:23, boy, a wedding day in new mexico became even more unforgettable because of a couple uninvited guests. one of them a 300-pound bear and her cub. they showed up at an outdoor wedding over the weekend. now, a dog scared them, chasing the bear up the tree and they stayed there until fish and game came there. now, the wedding party as you could imagine were pretty shocked to see this. all the guests whipped out cameras taking pictures of the bear. the bride said it made her wedding day even more memorable. >> like the icing on the cake in a way. it's just like a very unexpected event that happened at our wedding. >> now, she's a good sport. officers were able to tranquilize this 300-pound mother bear, but her cub got away. fish and game officials hope that they will catch the cub and then release it with its mom. >> yes, certainly making it a
7:25 am
memorable time. we'll see if there are any problems on the road. >> we're getting more, if you call traffic problem, you might see that then. we have a slowing here. i'm here to tell you that you'll see it at this time. we're looking at the commute also this morning on interstate 880 where it is getting heavier. this is a relatively new thing that you have a couple other out there and traffic is busy. sunshine and warm weather. water temperatures are cool.
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we'll crank up the old fog machine even though it's not the coverage we have seen the past couple of days. 72 to 82. inland areas are already warm to hot, not hot yet, but they will be there. sunny for most, and the fog will burn back to the coast and hang out there. now, the wind might pick up a little later, but not before you have upper 80s to the lower 90s. more of a typical august pattern. it looks like a strong area of low pressure will be developed
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here. now, it's about to start out here in about 60 minutes. and the memorial has grown for the 3-year-old little boy who was shot to death in a drive-by shooting on monday. employees have made an arrest. the incredible rescue of the 12-year-old boy, the photo that captured the dramatic scene in the pacific ocean.
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it is 7:29. oakland police confirmed at least one arrest in the drive- by shooting that killed the 3- year-old. jay hernandez joins us from oakland and he just spoke to the little boy's grandmother. >> reporter: she had no idea about the arrest. there is still a lot of details to be filled in right now. we don't know who was arrested and how that person was connected to the two people that police say were targeted in this drive-by shooting on monday. now, what we do know is that police have confirmed one person is in jail and several people have been detained. we spoke to his grandmother this morning. she died on monday during that drive-by shooting. and the grandmother did not know about the arrests and did not want to tell her the father
7:31 am
about it. and the loss of life triggered the oakland police chief to speak out. and we want you to take a look at this video from the vigil last night. he spoke out angry of the senseless crime, who tried to con form calito -- to comfort carlito's mother. they launched a tactical alert and doubled the number of officers on patrol for the day. on tuesday police stepped up patrol with the u.s. marshal's office in the alameda county sheriff's office rolling through the area where the shooting took place near 64th and international. the chief told the crowd of nearly 300 people that he plans to have everyone in line with the shooting in custody and brought to justice for the next 24 to 36 hours. >> it takes an animal to take the life of a 3-year-old baby in the middle of the day. >> reporter: the intended targets police say in this drive-by shooting on monday were two men walking near the 3- year-old who lost his life.
7:32 am
now, both men are still in the hospital, each suffer multiple gunshot wounds. we spoke to the sister of one of those men yesterday. she says that despite what police say, her brother is still in critical condition with several gunshot wounds to the stomach. now at this point we have contacted the jail, the oakland police department, and family members. we're waiting to hear back from the department for an update on the arrest in this case. we want you to see at 64th and international, the memorial that this little boy has grown in the past few days. take a look at this, the candles, they continue to flicker this morning. the stuffed animals are piled high. a handful of people have stopped by to pay their respect. this morning, the little boy, the 3-year-old who lost his life here in front of this little cesar's pizza on monday afternoon in the broad daylight. reporting live, channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you. and our time is 7:32 and in just about an hour from right now, the two new suspects in the beating case, they are due
7:33 am
to appear in court. our reporter phil schumann joining us live as to what expect from this. >> reporter: arraignments are fairly quick. no doubt, they entered no guilty pleas. their arraignment has been continued once. we're talking about the two suspects who have been in custody since july 21. and the 29-year-old louis sanchez and his friend and neighbor, the 30-year-old marvin norwood expected to be arraigned this morning. a judge is expect today hear requests to reduce their bail. they are each being held on $500,000 bail. and they have each been charged with a single count of mayhem, assault, and battery. sanchez is also charged with two other attacks at dodger stadium that night. of course, all of this, the result of the brutal assault on the giant's fan here in the dodger's stadium parking lot the night after the opening game of the dodger's season. now stowe, of course, is in the
7:34 am
bay area san francisco general hospital still listed in serious condition. he's making a bit of progress, responding to touches, offering a kiss to his mother, things like that, so family members are encounselorred about this. there is a long road to go in his recovery. reporting live downtown los angeles, i'm phil schumann. >> thank you for the update. time now is 7:33 as you heard phil say, dozens of people were at this fundraiser in santa monica for brian stow. a group of philly fans wanted to help pay for his big medical bill. his sister says that this is one of the many times that the family has received an outpouring of support from perfect strangers. >> this kind of thing with the fundraisers, they really helped out. the people who we don't even know who were there to support us has been huge. >> and now brian is still
7:35 am
listed in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. family members say that he is showing steady progress, but it is slow. a 9-year-old boy hit by a hit-and-run driver is also making recovery. he is making sentences despite a traumatic brain injury. he suffers lacerations to his liver when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver on thursday. and the 21-year-old suspect andrew vargas is free on bail, scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. the parents of the boy trapped under water for up to 20 minutes believe that he will recover. the 12-year-old charles dale, take a look at these pictures now. he was on the beach with his church group last friday in southwest washington state, a rip tide knocked him over, pulled him into the water, carried him out to the ocean.
7:36 am
it took rescuers about 20 minutes to get to him. one of the rescuers carried him, looking lifeless he was carried back to shore. >> fortunately they found him. a lot of the times, as you probably know, they just, well, they are gone forever. >> and the paramedics didn't get a pulse until he was in the ambulance heading for the hospital. after several days staying in an induced coma, the young man woke up. he was even starting to speak. the doctors are saying that they are cautious. they fear that maybe he was under water for tooing long and there may -- too long and there may be brain damage. they are hopeful as parents say that they will be at peace with whatever happens. 7:36, a new reporter accuses the california medical board of failing to discipline doctors. the non-profit group public citizens analyzed records from 1990 to 2009. and they found 710 doctors went undisciplined and more than a third were repeat offenders.
7:37 am
one doctor failed 15 malpractice cases. and in another case, a patient suffered permanent damage. the county supervisors are backing up a plan to vaccinate children against whooping cough. this after the doctor claimed that the vaccine could poising children. however, the board agreed with the county health officials that it is safe, paving the way for the opening of the whooping cough vaccination clinic next week. under the new state law, students entering the 7th through 12th grade have to prove that they were vaccinated against whooping cough before they are allowed to start school. now, two former assistants at the nursing home have been sentenced to 20 days in jail for elder abuse. monica smith and jennifer burton covered them with ointment. and the incident happened two years ago at the valley view scaled nursing home. they also had their state
7:38 am
nursing assistant licenses revoked and they will be serving two years probation. time now 7:37, the oldest daughter of arnold swarzenegger and maria shriver are talking about their divorce. she told bizarre magazine that she has always been closer to her mother. the 21-year-old said that she also fled to london after announcing that they were separating, saying it was a difficult time for the family. she says she strives not to care about what other people say or think. and also the house that president obama and his family usually rent during their annual summer vacation on martha's vineyard, there was a small kitchen fire there yesterday. the local fire chief said that the fire broke out in the wall of the main house on the blue heron farm. and the fire chief said it was caused by a gas grill. it was put out very quickly. and president obama is due to vacation at martha's vineyard later this month after finishing a bus tour of the
7:39 am
midwest. it is 7:38. we're now learning that many of the new airline rules to protect passenger rights that were suppose to kick in on august 23 are now being delayed. coming up at 7:45, we'll have the live report from washington, d.c. with the reason for the department of transportation where they are allowing the delay and the rules that will still take effect. now, livermore police are warning parents about the bath salt drugs that are being sold in the city and to be on the lookout for them. now, they are sold under a variety of the labels and they contain synthetic stimulants. poison control center say that ingesting bath salts could increase your blood rates and cause extreme paranoia. now, they are encouraging local businesses to take the salt off of store shelves. and the time now is 7:39. well this weak system shut down the barge that is putting the spotlight on possibly making the system more modern. thousands of passengers were stranded for up to three hours
7:40 am
when the router system failed on monday. the cause of the glitch? they are still trying to figure that out. they said that the system is almost 40 years old and the whole system needs attention. now, the chronical says that they need up to $15 billion in upgrades over the next 25 years and they only have about half of that funding lined up. all right 7:39, we want to check in again to hear how things are moving, sal castaneda? >> yes, things are okay on the bridges there tori and dave. if you're driving around highway 4, you're not dealing with the bridge, you're dealing with slow traffic. and then some slowing again on interstate 680 heading south of pleasant hills and walnut creek. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's good news though. we do have a lighter than usual commute on this wednesday. and we're not going to be asking too many questions about that one. and now we do have some slow traffic here and there on the peninsula, not too bad. the bay shore freeway has recovered from an earlier crash in redwood city. and if you're driving to the
7:41 am
south bay, we have slow traffic where else, 101 from about out here all the way up to 880 and pocket about 280, which is slow from 17 up to lawrence express way. and they are slowing down. now, let's go to steve, it's 7:40. >> all right, good morning everybody. well if you like warm to hot weather head east. if you like the fog and the cool stay to the west because that's what we're going to have today. the fog burns off sooner. now, some of it is rather thick, but yesterday was the thickest towards nevada to santa rosa. today seems to be more napa county, but it will burn off soon. by the coast it will hang out there for most of the day. temperatures are a little cool for some of the numbers coming up for august. upper 40s, but 58 to 78. we'll have 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s by later on this afternoon. it's the giants and the pirates today. mostly breezy, 68 degrees today. some fog near or around the area, but that looks good to me. the low cloud deck is really going. there's a lot of fog all the way down to southern
7:42 am
california. for a while we were getting the fog and it was sunny and warm and hot down there, but that's not the case if you have travel plans for l.a. or san diego. they are socked in. and the fog needs something to lift it, which will occur over the weekend, when a strong system begins to develop there. but until then, away from the coast, we have lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. these are actually near average for this time of the year. but 50 to 59, mountain view always runs warm. now, calm out there, but west southwest, 15 out here. not a big deal, but a little stronger than yesterday west of 5. nothing for us. and so that is not really there. it is still rather light. and the system moves in to seattle. they are keeping them really cool. and up there, the pacific northwest has been cool and the fog was held in check by the high pressure which is there, but it's not over us. the western edge of it, it is clearing up, depending on how you look at it. as the system develops, what's going to happen is that the remains of the typhoon are coming across the pacific, which is just another name for the hurricane. that's a lot of energy that comes across. now, once that moves in, you
7:43 am
won't be bringing us any rain, but it will be interesting to see how it develops. it will enhance the cool, which is what i'm trying to say here. and that will be kicked along and they are moving locally inland. and today, the fog burned off soon and sunny for most. and they are still by the coast, anywhere from the 60s to the 90s. and 64 to clear lake. and napa, santa rosa, nevada, all around the low 80s. fairfield at 90. now, if you want pittsburgh, the in concord. and the same for them down here. 60s, 70s, mainly some low 70s. and the 80s, low to mid-80s. and 77 out here, redwood city, 78. just a lot of fog though. sot 60s here, daily city, west lake, san bruno, maybe close to 70. but the city, it's 68 degrees. cooler weather on tap for the weekend. >> all right, thank you, steve. now, it's 7:43, is london still burning? we'll find out as thousands of police kept the city quiet
7:44 am
after three nights of rioting. and a new temporary accomplishment for apple. and when it could become permanent.
7:45 am
7:46 am
now, the dow is nearly erasing all of their gain yesterday. gold is up about $30 per ounce as money pours into safer investments. besides the weak u.s. economic growth, investors are worried about the debt trouble and rising inflation in china. right now they are down about
7:47 am
374. they are down about 71 and s&p down about 38. now, that was the most valued company in our country for a few hours yesterday. they gained nearly 6%, making the company worth about $347 billion. and they dipped during the day, but finished with a value of $348 billion. and apple is likely to take the top spot away from them permanently, probably before the end of next year. and now time is 7:47, now we're learning that only half of the new airline passenger protection rules will be kicking in as scheduled on august 23. and our reporter is live for us at washington, d.c. to explain the delay, diana? >> good morning. i'm afraid that these rules were suppose to make traveling a little more pleasurable for you and for a passenger everywhere, but now, you know, they will need to wait to see at least half of them kick in.
7:48 am
the d.o.t. has granted the airlines a partial extension to get iting together -- to get it together. here is what you can expect. for those people kicked off flights, bumped off flights due to overcrowding, there is now a greater compensation if they get you back on another flight within one to two hours. any time after that, you can be confiscated up to $1,300. now, flights will need to deboard if they are on the tarmac for more than four hours. you'll need to refund lost baggage fees if they lose your luggage, and they will need to post a change to their website within three months. if they change any fees. now, here is what you're going to have to wait for. some of the problems for the travels, all these extra fees will now need to post them on their website and in advance for the past they did not have to do that. and that's going into effect in january. and they will also be banned from raising any fees.
7:49 am
after the purchase and they need to give passengers timely notice. here is the big one. as of january, they will need to disclose full ticket prices. that means you'll now be able to tell what you're tail paying for the flight and how much of that are extra added fees and taxes. of course, airlines are not happy with this and they are now suing saying that it violates their rights. and that is the latest from washington this morning, i'm diana rocco, back to you. >> 7:49, the thousands of extra police have kept that city quiet after three nights of rioting. but there's been an outbreak of lewding in manchester and a murder investigation is underway in birmingham after the death of three men hit by a car. the british prime minister said that police will take every action necessary to restore order. >> nothing is off the table. police are already authorized
7:50 am
to use rounds and we agree while they are not currently needed, we have put in water cannons to be available at 24 hours notice. scotland is helping riot police officers to help with the clashes. more than 1,200 people have been arrested and rioters are angry about a deadly police shooting. our time is 7:4. there was a scary explosion in los angeles county. what hammed and why some big questions remain. and also big news for the space bust. the financial boost in the search for et.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
two people are in the hospital for life-threatening injuries. a third man is treated for minor injuries. it is still not clear if that operation played a role in the blast. time now, 7:52, they have enough donations to restart their telescope. now, they said that almost 2,300 people responded to their website asking for small donations, so they could keep searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. and the radio telescope is a full-time monitor of the universe, that they listen to the radio waves that could indicate that there might be life on other planets. and the institute says they are still trying to work outlonger term financing for the project. well, the city councilwoman announced she will be joining the race for the congressional seat being vacated by the long- time congresswoman. the 39-year-old tiffany renee has been on the city council since 2008, who now becomes the fourth candidate to announce
7:54 am
she's running for the seat in the november 2012 election. the 73-year-old announced in june that she would retire after 20 years in congress. 7:53, san francisco's mayor has changed the financial look of the race. the reason? well, unlike denying other top candidates, he will not take public funding for his campaign. he is trying to save the city some money. >> i had to cut a lot of funds out of the city budget, not out of the general fund. that's a part of my decision, you know, if i don't have to use public funds, i prefer not to. >> but his decision not to accept the public financing also means that he is not restricted by a $1.5 million spending limit and once he passes that $1.5 million mark, the other candidates are also free of the spending cap, even though they had accepted the public funds. mayor lee will join the other
7:55 am
top candidates at a debate tomorrow night. it will be held at the african american art and culture complex on fulton street that starts at 6:00 p.m. all right, our time is 7:54, let's check in with sal. you're looking at san jose, what's happening there? >> slow traffic, dave on interstate 280 heading north up into san jose. we're going to start there with northbound 280 coming up to the 880 interchange. no major major problems there. that is a nice surprise. they are lighter than what they normally is. normally we look at the picture and see a lot of slow traffic. this morning that's just not the case. now, westbound highway 4, you can see slow traffic right here in this area and mostly out here in pittsburgh and bay point, they look pretty good. if you're driving out here, hill top drive is just a few minutes ago was down to 29 miles an hour. it has improved a little bit up to 40 miles an hour, which is much better. and this part here, the whole
7:56 am
thing, well, it will be slow all the way down. so you still have a little bit of work to do there. 7:55, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. low cloud, fog. more in the way of fog. it's right on the coast. some of it has worked their way inland. now, they will be burning off fast. and so if you enjoy yesterday, you'll love it here. already some for many. upper 70s to the lower 80s. not getting warm out here. but if you go far enough north, you'll find the warm weather. 60s and 70s already. now, low 60s, fairfield, concord, and they said that they have been there and they made it down to 50 this morning. that's a little cool, but nothing too outrageous yet. high pressure in the desert southwest, they will be hanging around for another day here. and that is warm, but the fog is not going anywhere, they will be staying there by the coast. sunshine for many today. and the temperatures are near average or slightly above for some. sunny for most, but the fog again, well, it's the reason that they are shallow. there's a lot of fog out there. 60s 70s, 80s, 90s, and
7:57 am
pittsburgh is at 91. alameda, 68. danville, 89. 82 in san jose. we'll go 79 at fremont. 64 here at half moon bay. 68 for san francisco. low 70s down santa cruz. the fog burns off at about 11:00 or noon down there. cooler, much keel as we head towards the -- much cooler as we head towards the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:57, everyone is talking about it one year ago. now, today is the major announcement about the swine flu. we're live in concord where thieves target a bingo hall. we'll tell you what they stole and why it was worth so much money. the students are on summer break, but the criminals are back at school. we're tallying up the losses from a string of burglaries when morning on 2 continues.
7:58 am
7:59 am
we want to begin this hour with taking another look at wall street. stocks are down sharply again. this time on fears over
8:00 am
possible trouble in the french banking sector that has a large exposure to the shaky european crisis. now, there's rising concern that france could be the next aaa rated economy to suffer ratings and their downgrade, following the united states. but now this morning, the french president is pledging to stick to the country's deficit cutting goals to avoid that, but still the markets are down significantly and the dow is currently down about 371. s&p down about 40. we'll continue to follow those numbers here on mornings on 2. time now is 8:00. overnight with some pretty bold thieves that ripped off the very unlikely location in concord. as they tell us now, those thieves, they stole thousands of dollars in cash. >> yes, that's right. well here at the bingo hall where the cleanup continues. and if you take a look behind me, you'll see that they are sweeping up here. the bingo board on top of us and in this room. and the glass shattered all the
8:01 am
way to the middle of this room just to give you an idea of the impact of the crash. now, as we turn around, a little bit to the right here, you can see the big gaping hole here, where the front window and the doors once were. now, it is just the whole thing left by thieves who rammed their truck in here. we have some surveillance video, showing you clearly of how they smashed their blue pickup truck into that window, which happened before 3:00 this morning at the blue devils bingo hall. and now officials believe that the robber stole about $5,000 worth of $20 bills. and the machine itself was valued at $8,000. what is particularly disturbing here is that blue devils is a non-profit organization that provides music training for children. >> now, this will be coming right out of our funds that we will be using for the programs for the music. and so it is kind of sick that somebody has to hurt the kids programs because they are desperate for money. >> reporter: now, concord police just came not too long ago to pick up that
8:02 am
surveillance footage. the video shows two white males in their 40s, heavy set, one wearing a stocking over his head. no word yet on how much it will cost to fix, but the directors, when they do rebuild, they most certainly will not be made of glass. and now we did find some youtube video of the blue devils drum and other cords. now, they actually, well, won the open class world championship last night and this video is actually not from that event. but just to give you an idea of how important the money is for these children, and they take their music very seriously. we're here live in concord, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you. and it is 8:02, an elementary school is burglarized just weeks before classes begin. now, they have been hit three times in the past month. they are out here to show us how the thieves broke in this time. good morning. >> good morning. now, three times in four weeks,
8:03 am
a little excessive. we talked to the neighbor this morning who said that she is frustrated with the thieves and just a little bit frustrated with the school district too for not securing the building a bit better. take a look at what she's talking about. you can see the last time that the burglars broke in. all they had to do is pry off the board that was covering the broken window from the last time that the thieves broke in. and now on sunday, they got four digital cameras worth about $700. and pocket change really. compare to the $23,000 tank that they got on july -- take that they got on july 23. >> that's terrible. it's scary actually. it is scary. i had no idea. and why people would do that, it is just horrible. >> reporter: and now this isn't the only school that has been hit. police arrested two people suspected of stealing from gunn high school. jordan middle school had things taken from that middle school
8:04 am
during the summer months, so all told, those three schools have about $40,000 worth of equipment stolen from them over the summer breaks. and all at the time when students, they are getting ready to come back to school in about two weeks and the schools, they are really strapped for cash. now reporting live, noelle walker, morning on 2. time is 8:03 and arraignment is set for less than half an hour from right now for the six defendants accused of gang raping the richmond high school student in 2009. now the victim was only 15 at the time. she was brutally attacked outside the richmond high school homecoming dance. if convicted, most of the suspects could be sentenced to life in prison. a san francisco man convicted of intentionally killing a man with his car has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. prosecutors accuse hamilton diaz of murder and hit-and-run for the death of randall gross in 2007. now, a jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter two
8:05 am
months ago. and the incident happened after the two men argued and smashed his windshield. and the lawyer sayses that the hit-and-run was provoked by an explosion of violence that happens in an instant. it is 8:04 and another american tourist has disappearedin aruba, disappearing from the same resort town as natalee holloway, the mississippi high schooler who disappeared from her graduation case. gardner went snorkeling with him, but never made it back. they will not say what evidence lead to the detainment. your time 8:05, repair crews spent most of the night filling in a big sink hole. now, the ground gave way just before 3:00 this afternoon at the construction site on 62nd. and that is the memory built. and the underground water main burst.
8:06 am
and they were saturated out here, causing the collapse. and the sink hole exposes the natural gas line and a part of the transmission line. now, however, pge says that the pipes do not seem to be damaged and the crews were there as a precaution. >> it is 8:05, we want to check in with them again and she has the plaza joining us now. >> yes, for us, it is on wednesday, and to have the commutes here at the toll plaza be very true. they really appreciate it, and today, there is a 12:45 across the east bay. now, this is a look at 237 as
8:07 am
you cross here and remember tomorrow night as the raider's game is at the coliseum. so now more slow traffic is expected there tomorrow. start putting that in the back of your head. now, 8:06, let's go to steve. >> that is the greatness. >> yes. and some fog, but others are beating them out there. let's try to rewind that tape and let's start it again. and some fog is starting to burn off for a few. temperatures are in the mild to warm areas. so you and i both know that it does not get the fog out here, already in the 60s. it will be a warm day. for others at the coast, it's just a lot of fog out there. and the fog for the bay and the sun, 72 to 82, but warm to hot. 82 to 92 for the inland areas. now, touch down at 12:45, giants today, mostly sunny to breezy. right about where they need to be for this time. and the low clouds and the fog, they are stacked up and down around the coast. and they have been out there for a while. not the case if you are headed
8:08 am
out here. you might encounter some fog. and they need something to give it a push. like get it going or that will happen on the weekend as they move into the pacific northwest. but not today. now, 61 at mountain view. and concord at 62. fairfield as well. they had that out there at the county airport. down to 50 this morning. and they are near kenwood, 47 yesterday morning. so now there have been cool lows. about 4 miles per hour stronger than yesterday. that's not a big deal. but you know, the temperatures, they need to warm up for what you had yesterday. they will be staying the same. the system to the north, the high pressure to the south. and that is 60s to 70s to 80s r, the low clouds, gisunshine f there will be some clouds out there. but it is nice to warm and hot and the temperatures, they are heading out here fast. if you don't have any of the fog. and they are warm. sunny for most. they will continue to get ready to go and they will start on friday or saturday and move into the inland area. but today, 60s to 90s. and the pittsburgh is 91.
8:09 am
88 out here. hayward at 76. and 90 at morgan hill. san jose at 82. and 80 for woodside. 68 out here, half moon bay at 64. and i think that the fog says we're ready to go as we take a look at your upcoming weekend. it does look much cooler. >> all right, time is 8:08. the swine flu pandemic is over. and the h1n1 virus has pretty much run their course. they said that it does not mean that they have gone away entirely, but they act to be a seasonal virus. they accuse them of overstating the dangers of swine flu and playing into the hands of the drug companies who they say profited from the flu outbreak. well this morning, the san francisco mayor will be taking a tour of the san francisco general hospital who will be getting a first-hand look at the massive quake safety project that is underway as we
8:10 am
speak. the recent studies have shown the hospitals could actually collapse if this was a major earthquake. and the city has been making a pretty big investment in this retrofit project. it is 8:09 congress as you probably know is on their summer vacation right now. but it's a huge issue that has many people demanding congress come back to work. and also, they are no friends of facebook. and it looks spooky too. that mysterious group is targeting that social network. and how you can get the chance to grab a bat and go up against the pitching star baseball defending world champion. sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle!
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8:13 am
now, it means warm conditions for the coast and by the coast. and the fog will not be far away. so 60s there. the calls are getting louder. demanding that members of congress and their summer vacation go back to washington and get back to work on landing the economic crisis. and ktvu allison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us about the new poll that focuses on congress, allison? >> reporter: dave, more on that in just a moment, but first you're right. several high-profile democrats and republicans are calling on president obama to call congress back to dc to get back to work. afterall, it's the president and congress that are getting the blame for america's first- ever credit rating downgrade. and with weeks of volatility and losses on wall street, they
8:14 am
say that it is critical for congress to start solving some of the problems. a new poll out this morning shows what americans want congress to do to reduce the country's deficit. and now 63% want increased taxes on higher-income americans. 67% want major spending cuts, but just 35% want major changes in social security and medicare. one of the president's top aides is indicating that president obama has no plans to call congress back here to dc from his summer break. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, allison, thank you. we'll keep covering the wild ride on wall street on our channel 2 website. just go to you can find complete coverage of all the ups and the downs. as well as see the timeline here of the worst drop since 1899. just click on the wall street tab. 8:14, we're getting word of the u.s. drone strike in
8:15 am
pakistan today that reportedly killed 20 islamic militant fighters. now according to the pakistani intelligent officials, the missile attack targeted a house close to the afghan border. and we're hearing that the united states is moving towards issuing the explicit call to step down. the move is expected to be announced in the coming days after the u.s. officials consult with the united nations security council. and last week, president obama issued a statement condemning the government for violence against peaceful protesters. and your time is 8:15, the afghan president is ending months of uncertainty about this year's parliamentary elections. a special tribunal calls for removing their seats because they won them by fraud. they issued a decree, saying that they do not have the power to change the election results. also saying that the
8:16 am
independent election commission will have court findings out and decide if any of those candidates should be removed later. now, our time is 8:15, there is a new poll of voters out here that indicate that there could be a power shift in washington, d.c. after the november 2012 elections. and the u.s.a. today poll is showing that only 24% of those who were surveyed said that most members of congress deserve to be reelected. and that is a similar percentage prior to the elections in 1994, 2006, and 2010. and now in 1994, republicans won control of both the house and the senate and in 2006, democrats won both the house and the senate. and last fallrepublicans won the -- and last fall republicans won the house. 8:16, police are asking victims to come forward who might have been the victims of fraud. the suspects promised to do work on the victim's homes and
8:17 am
overcharged them when the work was done. they are also accused of stealing checks, jewelry, and other valuables from the homes. police say that they know of two elderly victims, but they believe that there may be more. important pieces of equipment that help fight fires are going missing from redwood city. investigators say that during the last couple of weeks, thieves have made off with several brass caps from sprinkler systems. the piece allows firefighters to pump water in an vent of a fire. about 15 businesses and apartment complexes in redwood city have been hit. and now, the city leaders are clearing the way to increase the car sales for you and sales tax revenues. the city council approves the amendment to the city's land userules yesterday to allow the expansion of the auto center. and the change will allow the center to use property on the other side of auto center drive. and three of the top ten sales tax generators are individual dealerships at this location.
8:18 am
an animal rescue group has received a generous welcome gift. the homeless animals lifeline organization or halo will not have to pay rent for one year. they are moving into the city's soon-to-be vacant fire station on second street. and the city councilwoman are reportedly donating the $1,200 to cover the cost. and your time is now 8:17. a revolutionary group known as anonymous is no friend of facebook. >> it will be destroyed. if you are wanting to protect the freedom of information, then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy. now, that strange modulated voice, that speaker claims to represent anonymous, they posted this video on youtube. the individual accuses facebook of selling user information to
8:19 am
government, as well as private security companies. now, without going into details, that modulated speaker aims to take down facebook this november. now, the spokesman for facebook would not make a comment on that. in recent years they took credit for hacking websites to paypal, visa, and the church of signtology. and many consumers are canceling cable tv and satellite packages and they are doing it in record numbers. that's according to a new survey by the associated press. subscription tv showed a small loss of customers last year between april and june of this year. cable and satellite services lost almost 198,000 subscribers more than they signed up. 8:19, one lucky giant's fan will get a chance to take a few swings off of tim lincecum,
8:20 am
challenging him to a special competition. being asked to copy the unorthodoxed pitching mound. the winner gets a chance to face the two-time cy young award winner in the batter's box. the competition runs until september 16. and tonight hundreds of giants fans will be camping out at at&t park. the night on the outfield costabout $200 per person, but it quickly sold out. everyone is taking part in the giant slumber party. in addition to the camp site, they are providing tickets to this afternoon's game against the pirates as well as some delicious pizza. >> i want some. and time now, 8:20, talk about getting a workout on the way to work. it's a new two-wheeler plan to make the morning train ride easier and healthier. and an upclose look at mother nature proves to be a little too close for some sight seers. now, good morning,
8:21 am
interstate 80 traffic looks pretty good as you're driving to oakland. there are some other areas here that are slowing down.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
one of them said that a big piece almost took his head off. >> wow. >> it is 8:23, no more driving for cal train passengers. they could soon ride bicycles to the train depot. and the county board of supervisors has voted to join a bicycle sharing program. up to 1,000 bikes will be at kiosks along their peninsula quarter. and the organizers say that the program improves health and air quality. and it is hard to bike in the rain, you know, worry about a bad hair day or something like that. >> you don't need to worry about any of that. he will take all of that. >> well, keep my hair short. so it is a low possibility, dave. you and me, we have the same. >> yes, that's right. >> all right, good morning everybody. how do we get on that topic? hey, let's go out and take a look at the things we have here across the county and walnut creek and concord. and southbound 680, approaching the walnut creek interchange. we had a motorcycle accident out here, so now all of a sudden, driving from concord to walnut creek, that is really
8:25 am
becoming a tough drive and then driving out here, it will be slow. highway 4, it is better, and pittsburgh and bay point, looking at a live picture coming up here to lafayette and an earlier motorcycle crash. and they got it out of the way rather quickly. the injuries were not as severe as we thought. and that is good and it is gone now. >> thank you. well, we have it on very good authority, which will be nicole who is in the marina and the sun is out. yeah. it looks good today for many. now, some of the fog will not be going very far. for inland areas it will be warm to hot. for those on the coast, nice to maybe okay. wind-protected areas, very nighttime and it just depends on your proximity for fog or no fog. all right, low 60s. temperatures look to be well happening again today. and just a wee bit of more of a sea breeze, not a lot, just a
8:26 am
little bit. warm pressure to the north. the high went out for another day or two and then gets blown out for a stronger system. some upper 80s and the low90s for yesterday. now, i don't see much change for thursday. friday though, that fog is ready to go. saturday and sunday and into your weekend, it is much cooler. >> all right, time is 8:26, trouble on the tennis court. why an instructor is facing child endangerment charges. oakland police have made an arrest in the case of the drive- by shooting that left the 3- year-old dead. we have more on that coming up. and also, the bold crimes that are raising some very disturbing possibilities for you that someone stole from the swat team.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all morning we watched people come up to the memorial, leaving their condolences, dropping off cards, leaving their momento. now, the grandmother of the 3- year-old who was killed was surprised about the arrest, and she said that the family had not heard from the police. and she told us that she did not want to share her feelings about it or break the news for her son. she said that he is out there right now. the memorial grew around 64th where he was shot and someone drove by and opened fire. now, police say that two men walking near were the intended target. they were also shot. and the department confirmed at least one arrest in the case and they said at least two people are in custody. now, one neighborhood came out here and they said that it was a step in the right direction. >> i'm real pleased with the
8:31 am
arrest, you know, this kind of stuff goes on all the time and we never hear any resolve or, you know, anything to the fact that you have somebody in custody, they show us that the police can work and get something done like this to take care of stuff. >> reporter: the loss of life triggered the oakland police chief speak out about last night's vigil putting together by the mayor and other city leaders. speaking out about the senseless death. now on monday, they launched a tactical alert. he told police that he plans to have everyone in line with the shooting custody and brought to justice within the next 36 hours. >> and there is enough lives being lost in this city. when you have an urban environment and you have a child shot down in the middle of the daytime, you know, that becomes a little over the top. and we have a number of police officers that have not gotten any arrests and they have taken this personally to, you know, bring the suspects to justice. >> reporter: this drive-by shooting took place on monday
8:32 am
afternoon just after 1:00. they were walking home from the little cesar's pizza place blocks away from the place where shots rang out. at this point we contacted the jail and the oakland police officer. we're waiting to hear back for an update. >> all right, thank you, jade. it is 8:31, someone stole the equipment of the swat team. the sheriff deputies say that the thief stole police riot gear, weapons, and chemicals. they said that the 34-year-old modesto resident is a former oakdale employee and he had access to the police station last year during the remodeling project. police discovered the stolen gear at his home during a recent arrest on attempted rape charges, but did not identify the stolen property right away. he posted bail on august 1 and disappeared with his wife and two children and his mother-in-
8:33 am
law says she was the attempted rape victim and is now fearing for her own life as well as the safety of her daughter and grandchildren. your time now is 8:32, a southern california lawyer is the last of three women to plead guilty now for being a part of what is called the baby selling ring. and she is a lawyer who says that she specialized in surrogacy arrangements. they scammed a dozen couples, charging them more than $100,000 to adopt babies from pregnant women pretending to be surrogates. now, she is facing up to five years in prison. and the prosecutors were charging a vallejo woman and two teenagers with the attempted murder of her ex- boyfriend's new wife. they say the 36-year-old was very jealous and got the help of her daughter's 15-year-old friend and another 16-year-old. now, she's accused of telling the younger teenager to fire shots at the woman at least
8:34 am
twice back in may. one of the bullets, they grazed her leg. and mcdade and her former boyfriend are also being brought on in a custody dispute over their 2-year-old daughter. and it is 8:33, the tennis instructor is under arrest on suspicion of child endangerment. police say that he left nine children unsupervised at local tennis courts on monday. and the officers, they were being called to the community center and because he was playing on the courts without the proper permits. police took four out of the nine children that he was teaching to another tennis court, but left the other five unattended. he came back for the five students leaving the other four without supervision. and now, police, they are looking for suspicious man who approached some young girls on the streets. two 10-year-old girls were riding their bikes on friday near st. francis and they said that a man drove up and tried to talk to him and one of the
8:35 am
girls noticed that the pants were unbuttoned and pulled over and they were startled and road away. they were driving a rust colored car, possibly a volvo. your time is 8:34, a former pipe worker is filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the water district. now, they claimed that he was fire after telling shorts about a co-worker who he said tried to poison the cats near the water district's headquarters. that employee was eventually arrested on animal abuse charges and has since finished probation. the water district claims they fired wayne because of inappropriate conduct including shouting at his co-workers. wayne says that those accusations are not true. the results of the recall election in wisconsin are in and republicans beat back democraticchallengers and they are holding on the control of the state senate there. the democrats took two seats away from republicans, but they needed three to take over majority control of the state senate. and now that recall election
8:36 am
was a reaction to controversial republican efforts to strip public employees of most of their union rights as you recall back in march. now, protesters stormed the state capitol. 8:35, a developing story at this hour, international forces have killed taliban insurgents who shot down the u.s. helicopter over the weekend. 38 american and afghan soldiers died when rebels fired a rocket- propelled grenade at the chopper. this morning the pentagon announced allied forces launched an f-16 air strike on monday. and the taliban leader and the trigger man who fired the grenade were acing monothe insurgents killed. meanwhile president obama and the defense secretary were all on hand as the remains of the american troops were flown back to the u.s. yesterday. now, one of the 30 americans killed in that helicopter crash in afghanistan grew up here in willis. flags are flying at half staff
8:37 am
and where jesse pitman spent two summers as a firefighter before joining the military. and the 27-year-old was one of the navy seals who died in the crash. a friend recalls when pittman first told him that he wanted to become a seal. >> and we kind of laughed and said you've been watching too much tv. do you know how hard it is to do something like that? but he said yeah, but i really want to do it. >> yesterday, president obama traveled to dover air force base in delaware to attend that solemn ceremony honoring the americans killed in the helicopter crash. two other navy seals killed in the crash had ties to the bay area. 29-year-old derek benson grew up in napa county and the 36- year-old kevin houston lived in san jose until fifth grade. our time is now 8:37, after three days of rioting in london, trouble has spread to other cities there. coming up at 8:45, we'll bring you live report from london on the very huge police response to the rioting, and also how britain's prime minister vows
8:38 am
to put an end to these protests. now, 8:37, we want to check in again with sal and see what's happening on the roads this morning. >> reporter: this morning, we had some slow traffic. i want to start again, unfortunately with the persistent trouble spot, which is concord walnut creek. and that is near the valley road here, and traffic is going to be slow from concord to walnut creek. and they have a new crash, westbound 4 near summersville, sot late morning commute lately has been getting a lot of attention. let's move along to the east shore freeway. take a look at the freeway here. hilltop drive down to 14 miles an hour. we have a crash west 80 as you drive down the road here. and watch for slow traffic out there. then out here, they have slow traffic as well from 37 all the way down to the civic center. so all of a sudden we have late morning commute woes as you can call it. bay bridge, toll plaza is light. traffic is moving along relatively well. we just got word of the brand
8:39 am
new crash less than two minutes. northbound 880 at high street blocking the right lanes. we'll take a look at that before we go away for this so this show. coming up to san jose, the traffic seems to have cleared up. >> all right, thank you. and that is a very good morning. and now the warm temperatures are inland, the coast, it's not bad. not bad. we'll get some 7 0s down here, but the fog is just -- we'll get some 70s down here, but the fog is just hanging on, getting ready to regroup over the weekend. until then it looks good. sunny to warm temperatures. so the fog is out here on the coast. 62 to 72, always some pockets to get some sun and some nice temperatures that kind of stay out here around the bay, once the fog burns off. 72 to 82, warm to hot inland. 92 out here unless you're far inland. the giants and pirates today, looks good to me. mostly sunny, a little breeze as you're walking in, nothing that you have dealt with before.
8:40 am
there's some cool readings out here. we're out of the gates and we're a front runner. a little stronger than yesterday. not much, just a little bit. and the breeze might pick up a little bit, but not before then. and the temperatures will be settling in closer. and the high for the four corners, they will be out here in between. and the big news though, they will remain for you of the typhoon. once they weaken and reoccur, there's a lot of energy for you and it looks like the high pressure and the gulf of alaska and the pacific northwest, they will reload and cool us down over the weekend. that's the way they are looking right now. today though, it's sunnyside up. and sunnyside up for most. it will be slightly above the coast tomorrow and right above where they need to be for this time of the year. and they are warm on thursday and friday and then at all times, they point to a rather significant cool down for early next week. >> all right, thank you, steve. it is 20 minutes before 9:00. and breaking news on the debt crisis. house speaker john boehner has
8:41 am
just made an important announcement. and also the skies the limit with this protest of the economic crisis. how a woman from missouri told congress exactly how she feels.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
the index is down about 3.5%. speaking of the debt ceiling, we have breaking news from washington and the house speaker, john boehner, he has just appointed the republicans to serve on that powerful new committee that will try to develop a bipartisan plan to reduce the federal budget. they will co-chair the panel, joined by the michigan representatives. now, yesterday, the democrats named the washington senator patty murray as their co-chair
8:45 am
along with the man from montana. a panel of 12 legislatures and six democrats and republicans equally divided between the house and the senate will be created to thrash out a plan for up to $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions. all right, your time 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories that we're bringing you right now. and that is the growing cause for you right now, for congress to cut short their summer vacation and they need to get back to work right now. they are on a five-week summer recess, but some say that the economic situation is so bad that they cannot take a break. now, just hours ago, thieves smashed through a wall and they stole an atm from the blue devils bingo hall in concord. you can look at the surveillance video that you see here and they are crashing through the building. and the blue devils bingo hall is a non-profit that provides music training for children.
8:46 am
and also, an elementary school was burglarized for the third time in four weeks, this time thieves hit the elementary. they stole about $300 worth of digital cameras. and the burglars have ripped off at least four public schools in the past month. >> and it is 8:45. now, thousands of extra police on the streets of london, and they prevented another night of rioting there, but other cities, they were hit by lewders overnight. amy kellogg is live to tell us how they responded to all of this. >> reporter: they had it under control in london for the most part, but in manchester and birmingham, it was another night of flames and rioting, lewding, violence. because they had it under control in london, people are wondering if the momento is going out here for the mass event, but it's not clear at all. now, one thing that's going on,
8:47 am
besides the fact that police have flooded the streets of london and their surrounding community, well, people are taking neighborhoods back on their own. we're at a steep temple just outside london where, you know, the congregation, hundreds of them came out here last night to surround their place of worship that they were supported by other members of the community. and of course, the sensitivity in these times and the community, they are not wanting to divide along the religious or racial lines and other churches and mosques, and the synagogues did the same thing. now, we have other groups of men who are sort of marching, a little more aggressively through the certain towns that have been hit before and of course, there's a fine line out here, and just protecting your communities. but that's what we're seeing, and then of course, the rioting, i mean, it's just been random and they want to take things like phones and the flat screen tvs. they have also been burning properties for yow just for the sake of -- properties for you, just for the sake of it. and four people have died since
8:48 am
these riots began. three of them last night. and three of those, you know, they were people that were standing outside here, of the shops and the homes in the community and in birmingham and they were run down by a driver, so you know, that is another example of what has been going on. he spoke today, saying he finally approved the use of the water cannons to keep the riots down. if you don't know, we'll see those here or not, but that's the plan as they continue to spiral out of control. and at least another part for you and the united kingdom. >> all right, thank you, amy, thank you very much. time now is 8:48. an overnight news, tension keeps rising for you, between north and south korea. and north korea fired the artillery shells. south korea responded by firing shells of their own. so far, no injure i haves be been report -- injuries have been reported. and the artillery attack killed four people last november. north korea wants to extend the line that separates the two
8:49 am
countries further south. china just unvailed their first ever aircraft carrier. there it is, it's about 1,000 feet long and now the trip of the ship will be brief. it needs extra work done. china bought that ship from the ukraine in the 1990s, beijing has spent almost a decade refurbishing the vessel. china announced the aircraft carrier, calling it true. a woman from missouri says that she was so angry about the nation's credit downgrade that she hired a plane to send a message to wall street and congress. she paid to have a banner flown over manhattan yesterday that reads, "thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired." she wanted to fly it over washington, d.c. to protest the fighting that lead to the downgrade, but she was told that was a no fly zone. >> i thought that was something that i could do that probably,
8:50 am
you know, wouldn't cost $1 million and maybe somebody would listen to me. >> the company called fly sign liked what she was doing so much that they gave her a discount and only charged her $900. a single mom and broker hopes that they will be fixing the budget. the time is now 8:49 and supporters of michele bachmann are furious about the new issue on the magazine. they show the congresswoman from minnesota looking directly into the camera with sort of a wide eyed ex-- expression. the headline reads, the queen of rage. they accuse news week of trying to make her look, well, crazy they posted some outtakes of the news week photo shoots with alternative photos that the magazine could have used. you decide. they show bachmann on the campaign trail, and also
8:51 am
imposes with less intensive looks than the one used on the cover shop. now, we want to know what you think of all of this. follow us on twitter and facebook where you can share your opinion about that controversial magazine cover. if is 8:50 -- it is 8:50. a $75,000 reward is still being offered for information in the case. police say that they believe that he was the victim of foul play. and at the hands of his foster father, lewis roth who told police that the boy vanished from his car in oakland's neighborhood after leaving him unattended. roth and his former fiance were briefly jailed on suspicion of murder, but charges were never filed. the parents of the boy trapped underwater for about 20 minutes believed that he will recover. the 12-year-old was on the beach with his church group last friday in southwest washington state. and a rip tide knocked him into the water and carried him out to the ocean.
8:52 am
it took rescuers some 20 minutes to reach him. and one rescuer carried his lifeless body to shore. >> fortunately they found him because a lot of the times as you probably know they are gone forever. >> paramedics did not get a pulse until he was in the ambulance headed to the hospital. after several days in an induced coma, he woke up and he has even started to speak. doctors are urging caution as they fear he was under water for too long and may suffer brain damage. his parents say they are at peace with whatever happens. >> what a story. >> yeah. time now is 8:52. the case of extreme cruelty and why two caretakers are being sent to jail. the reason why there is a nationwide hunt for three siblings that is now shifted to colorado. ♪
8:53 am
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you'll see the difference.
8:55 am
take a live look at the big boards right now and as so much for the inspired rally that we saw yesterday. now, they are turning back to the weak economy here. now, there is also concern that france could be the next aaa rated economy to suffer a ratings downgrade. they are getting nailed today. and gold is at another record high. they are down 353. time now is 8:55, two former nursing workers have been
8:56 am
sentenced to 20 days in jail for elder abuse. monica smith and jennifer burden spread ointment all over the bodies of seven dementia patients so when the next shift of workers came in that their bodies would be too slippery to hold or move them. and this happened two years ago. the valley view skilled nursing home, burden and smith also had their state nursing assistant license revoked. they are going to serve two years probation. a nationwide man hunt for three siblings shifting now to colorado. authorities say that they have credible information that the three siblings are somewhere in the colorado springs area. and this police dash cam captured the three fleeing and also shooting at a florida police officer last week. surveillance cameras then photographed them robbing a bank in georgia. and ryan is accused of sending hundreds of explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl that he met on myspace.
8:57 am
8:56, we want to check in with sal. it's been a busy morning. are things winding down okay? >> well, they are kind of. we want to start with a problem spot in oakland, northbound 880 at high street. take a look at that. there is a crash as you can see the flashing lights on the shoulder. and that is terrible news for you. and they have been doing that pretty well, which is backed up, way past the coliseum. are you listening to this? what you need to do is use interstate 580 as an alternative. do not use northbound 880 and the emergency vehicles that are coming to the scene of the injury crash. now, let's go out to the teleplays of course, that's light. traffic is going to be like getting into the city daytime baseball game. and that is san francisco today. and now, 12:45 start, giants at the -- pirates at the giants. the game will be over at about 4:00. it means the afternoon commute out of the city will be a little extra heavy. but the weather should be nice for the game. let's go to steve. >> it will be, sal. temperatures in the upper 60s, lots of sunshine. the coast is still in the 60s
8:58 am
and 70s. inland, they are warming up with 80s and 90s. we won't be seeing much change on thursday. and all signs of the dew points towards the cool down as we head towards the weekend and early part of next week. >> all right, one thing that people are hoping for, a little bit of the cool calm day on wall street. it doesn't look like that will be happening. >> exactly. pretty volatile once again, so we'll keep a close eye on that and have more coming up at noon. thanks for watching everyone. have a nice day now. >> bye.
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