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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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first, the cyber attack targets b.a.r.t. passengers. good afternoon. both b.a.r.t. and passengers are making preparation this noontime, just in case the threat becomes a reality. tara moriarty has more about why some. these plans are controversial. >> reporter: if you wouldn't hop on b.a.r.t. today you may want to do it before or after rush hour. >> by performing this action, you've not only threatened your citizens' safety -- >> reporter: a group of hackers called anonymous has posted video on youtube trying to mobilize people for a peaceful protest in downtown san francisco. they are furious b.a.r.t. put off the protest last thursday.
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>> that should be reserved for times of extreme duress. >> reporter: do you think b.a.r.t. was a little heavy-handed? >> a little big brotherrish for my opinion. >> b.a.r.t. doesn't really have a good track record for the people. i don't have a lot of trust. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says your right to free speech ends. they say safety trumps your right to talk on a cell phone. >> what if somebody put -- marked a window and it went on someone's face? there are so many officers there. we had an ambulance up there stationed and radio go -- yesterdayry -- ready to go. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating. b.a.r.t. wants to avoid a repeat of july
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11th, when protesters got out of control angry over the shooting after passenger the week before. this time, they will be wearing red masks and face masks. no word whether b.a.r.t. plans to cut off cell service. we'll continue to follow this developing story at 5:00. between's live in san francisco, back to you. >> thank you. oakland police are investigating three separate sheeting over a period of four hours, the most recent shooting happened at 1:30 this morning at the intersec un-- at 12th avenue and east 122nd street. police recovered some 41 shell casings. the victim was shot in the head. he's still alive at the hospital. >> the corner of 12th avenue between east 21st and east 22nd has always been a close-knit community. everybody knows everybody on this block. pretty much all of us have been here a long time.
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my mother and father have been here since the $50 -- since the '50s. pour -- four people including two children, are in stable condition after a shooting on spencer street. minutes before that, one person was shot at martin luther king way. police are not saying much about either attack accept they are looking for one suspect in each case. the sonoma county coroner's office has identified the jogger killed in the hit and run last night. he was running across from odd fellow's park. witnesses say the driver after white ford pickup slammed into him and fled the scene. the chp is asking for more witnesses to step forward. casper was a fourth-generation san franciscan active in the columbus day sell ration and the annual italian -- celebration and the annual
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italian heritage parade. google is buying motorola for $12.5. allie rasmus has more on what this could mean for customers and the market. >> reporter: this acquisition may be as big of a deal for apple as it is for google. the two companies could soon become direct competitors. on the iphone for example, apple controls and designs the hardware, the phone itself and the software, the operating system that makes the phone run. >> it's a good deal in the sense that apple is a strong competitor. i think apple has to look over its shoulder. google is a big company, a juggernaut and it's right on the heels. >> reporter: ld, samsung,
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manufacture the phones that use android. >> they look almost identical. >> reporter: google says it will still offer android on nonmotorola phones. >> we expect no -- there's no changes in how we're running android. >> reporter: but some say it's just a matter of time before some start working on that. >> i think they are gonna have to show apple users why it would be worth switching over. apple has done such a great job. >> reporter: now, also as part of the deal, google will pick up about 15,000 motorola patents and tech analysts say from a legal standpoint that will strengthen google's
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competitiveness. back to you. taking a live look at the board on bullet, the numbers are up -- on wall street, the numbers are up. the return of merge earn monday on wall street has made investors more optimistic about the future. the dow is up 184, ease raying all of last week's losses. the nasdaq is up 36. s&p up 32. tonight the burlingame city council is expected to discuss a plan to install several cell phone towers. t-mobile submitted applications. the residents are worried about the health effects and are afraid the towers will devalue
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their property values. earlier pacific media butte myspace -- immediate -- media bought myspace. attorneys for facebook meanwhile say they have evidence that will disprove a new york man's claim that he is the part owner of the social network. facebook attorneys say their evidence evidence -- their new evidence comes from the computer man. he says the contract that he has includes numerous cut and paste options and the case is back in cord court on wednesday. ahead -- in court on wednesday. ahead, how victims were remembered today following a midwest tragedy in indiana.
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and rosemary is up soon to tell you if our weather trend is continuing in the workweek. >> reporter: it's the first day of school for thousands of kids in san jose. why students in one school in particular are hoping this year will be a lot better than last.
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. we pray that you bring comfort and strength to the families of the victims of the tragedy. ♪ >> indiana's lieutenant- governor opened a memorial service at the indiana state fair for five people killed saturday when a stage collapsed. governor mitch daniels was amongst the 500 people who attended. wind gusts of 60 to 70 miles an hour blew the stage over as thousands waited to hear the band "sugarland." 45 people were injured. some critically. breaking news. oakland police have just announced the arrest of a second person in the shooting death of 3-year-old carlos nava. 22-year-old willie torence was captured in las vegas on friday night. investigators say he and lawrence denard were shooting at two other men when a stray bullet hit nava when he was eating pizza with his mother. again, another arrest in the
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killing of a little boy in oakland. and we're getting new information about the rising death toll in iraq. at least 63 people are dead after more than a dozen bombings today. most of the victims were killed in a crowded marketplace in the city of kut. the police say the first bomb went off in a freezer. then as rescuers gathered at the scene, a bomb in a parked car, along with other explosions in the area. police say the violence has shattered what has been a peaceful holy month of ramadan. japan is renewing its commitment to peace on the 66th anniversary of the japanese surrender to the u.s. in world war ii. at this ceremony, japan's prime minister renewed a pledge to never again wage in war. the event was also attended by the emperor and his wife. japanese leaders promised to rebuild from the march 11th earthquake and tsunami.
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republican presidential candidates are scattered a -- are scattered across the country in their bid to the white house. mitt romney talked about the economy during two campaign stops in new hampshire. he touted his business experience over. >> reporter: and mitt romney -- over -- over rit romney and. >> romney -- romney and rick perry. thank you. [ applause ] >> president obama arrived in minnesota this morning for a three-day bus tour of the midwest. he held a town hall meeting on healthcare. this afternoon he head to iowa for another forum.
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he travels to illinois on wednesday. summer vacation has come to an end for many bay area children. students in the san francisco, san jose, mountain view school districts headed back to school this morning. classes will not begin until the middle of next week for many other school district the throughout the bay area. among the bay area schools reopening today is one facing a big challenge. kraig debro reports on a south bay school that's hoping for a fresh start after a devastating fire fire -- fire last ear. >> reporter: you might say trace school is in roo a -- is in a rebuilding mode. arsonists bushed down half the school last year. the memories are still fresh in this girl's mind. >> we are all sad and we didn't have money to pay for it. >> reporter: if projected tax revenues fall short, all
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districts will have to save money. one idea is shortening the school year. >> they are not gonna really comprehend everything they are trying to learn. it doesn't work. >> we have a 180-day calendar this year. it's a wait and see to see if the trigger is gonna kick in. >> reporter: matthews says she haven't decided what to do if the trigger is pulled. but the new requirement of pertussis boosters could add to the problem. if the kids don't get the shots, they can't come to the school and the district can't get money from the state. at trace, the cuts would only add to a unique set of circumstances. the fire literally split the school in half. half of the school was destroyed here so half of the kids had to go on the -- had to go to school on the other side of the street. they said the only certain is rebuilding the site for next
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school year. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a little over an hour ago, state news officials released the results of the standardized testing and for the ninth year in a row they have gone up. 50% were proficient in math. that compares to 35% back in 2003 -- and a in a -- and in a special report we brought you last night, not every parent is thrilled about the immunization for whooping cough. some parents believe the boot of -- booster shots have damaging side effects. >> i decided i did not want to vaccinate her. i believe that vaccinations can cause more harm than good. >> we need to do everything we can as a medical community that we have informed the starts --
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parents as well as we possibly k -- possibly can, in my opinion, the poor choices they are making. >> 40 -- 40% of whooping cough cases happened in california. the san francisco fire station that officials say is the busiest in the nation may be moving. fire station one is set to move from howard street in the south of market area to a new station on fulsom between 5th and 6th. fire officials say they were called out an average of 27 times per day last year. many calls are along the 6th street corridor. the move will move the fire station to that area. it will also make room for the new wing of the san francisco wing of modern arts. the supervisors still have to approve the change in location. good afternoon to you. just a few patches of fog around the bay area.
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giving you a live look. most of us dealing with wall-to- wall sunshine. we're going to be mostly sunny, at least most of us for most of the day. take a look at these temperatures already. 77 degrees in santa rosa. 79 fairfield. low 80s concord, fairfield. 78 san jose. widespread upper 60s, low 70s along the coastline. 64 san francisco. these temperatures anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees warmer than where we saw them yesterday. we continue with a very similar pattern. we have the trough over the pacific, we have high pressure off to the east and we are right in between. our temperatures will creep as we go through the first half of the week. for today, sunny and warm with this pattern continuing. we will watch high pressure nudge our way a little bit. so for tuesday/wednesday, temperatures near 90 for the inland spot.
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today generally, like what we saw yesterday, what we felt yesterday and perhaps ut just a few degrees warmer. overall highs 85 for the afternoon. 84 for napa. another beautiful day. novato checking in at 83. 82 san rafael. 73 in oakland this afternoon. 75 for san leandro. go inland and we're warm. 88 concord. 91 expected pittsburg. 92 for antioch. as we slide in the south bay. 84 for you in the afternoon. 90 degrees in morgan hill. upper 60s for the city of san francisco. widespread low/mid-60s for the coastline. extended forecast. notice our trend is a warm one. we will continue to watch our temperatures climb. low 90s expected wednesday/thursday for the valley spots. and then for the weekend a
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trough, a setup along the coastline. we're still looking pretty good. into your weekend. low 90s for our inland areas. finally beginning to feel a little like summer in some areases. after all, it is -- airportias. afterall, it is mid -- areas. afterall, it is mid-august. >> thank you. researchers followed the development of more than 660 babies who had at least one older sibling with autism. 19% of them were diagnosed with autism by their third birthday. the highest rates were in babies who had at least two older siblings diagnosed with autism. you can go to to learn more about the autism study. scroll down the page and look in the ktvu right now section. doctors in general hospital
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say bryan stow is showing significant progress in his recovery from a traumatic brain injury. they say he still cannot talk but is able to follow chands and can turn to -- commands and can turn to someone talking to him. they've reduced his anti- seriesure medication but they warn brain injuries are traumatic and each person follows their own course of recovery. shell oil says oil spilled in the north see. it's considered small compared to the spill in the gulf of mexico. spell has not discussed what caused the leak but experts say some birds may be in danger. they are working with the government to monitor the spill and warn fishing boats in the hazard. ahead -- a a -- a surprised recommendation for taxes on the wealthy from one of the richest
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men the in the world. retchest men in the world.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, mainly, merger monday, it's not happened in a while. the biggest one, google taking over mobile mobility. stock up. japan's recovery is doing better than expected after the march earthquake and tsunami and there continues to be hope
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here for politicians coming up with solutions. and the dow is up 190. oakland city leaders want to remind about the monday closures. street sweeping are cancelled also. however, police, fire and emergency services are not affected by the monday closures. one of the world's wealthiest men has a message to u.s. lawmakers. stop coddling the super rich. that's the tight of a piece by -- title of a peats published by warren buffett. he seas its -- he says the richest folks need to share. he said he paid 17% of his income in faxes last year. which -- last year, which was less than some of the his employees in the office. he says people who make more than $1 million a year should
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pay higher taxes. caltrans is warning drivers about an onramp closure the next two nights on the interstate in solano county. crews are scheduled to repave the lane between marshview and parish roads between 9:00 tonight and 5:00 a.m. then do it again tomorrow night. during that time, they will crows the onramp at marshview road. caltrans is advising people to use other routes during that closure. tonight at 5:00, more on the breaking news about the other arrest in a 3-year-old shooting in oakland. and something new for dog owners to be aware of. dog thefts are on the rise. why thefts -- why thieves are snapping them -- why thieves are snapping them up. that and more coming up on the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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