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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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traffic is moving along pretty well on the golden gate bridge. we have the lane workers out there reconfiguring the lanes. thaw will make it southbound four lanes and northbound two. the fog will make it tough for you to see in some spots. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. all right thank you, sal. topping our news this morning san francisco schools are being targeted by thieves. so far two schools in the sunset district one on 12th avenue and the other on ortega have been hit. jade hernandez is in the city with more on what the thieves are after. >> reporter: thieves are after copper. one police officer told me that thieves go after copper because it can be sold for as much as $4 a pound. we are live in san francisco at the alice grade school. this is in the sunset district. san francisco police say this
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school has been hit four times from wednesday through saturday of last week. to make sure thieves don't steal anymore more copper from this construction site police have amped up the patrols and put plain closed officers in the area. we spoke to a security guard when we arrived this morning. he was patrolling the area. since this isn't his patrol route he wasn't familiar with the thefts here. this isn't the only school facing copper thefts here at the city. here at the french school an employee witnessed two men removing copper rain gutters last sunday. police can't link the two thefts yet and haven't made any arrests. the department says the cases are unusual. if you have any information in both of these cases, anonymous tips hot line (415)575-4444. police are looking for any information in any of these
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cases. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. this morning two people are in police custody after a robbery and police pursuit. after a brief chase through san leo ann -- san leandro the two were arrested. they say when the suspects finally pulled over, they tried to run away but were quickly found by officers and a canine unit. one of the suspects was treated at the scene for some injuries. your time now 5:02. san jose money problems may cause a new problem this morning. the shut down of a golf course on the city's east side. tara moriarty tells us some of the residence are furious about what may replace the golf course. >> reporter: yes, we are here at the golf course. it's possible that in the future you could see hundreds of condos here instead. the city says the course has been operating in the red for about ten years and it simply
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can't swallow the debt anymore. san jose mayor chuck lead wants to hold a city council meeting. the nine-hole course is a $2 million drain on the city budget each year. if it was not sold they would have to shut down libraries and community members. the idea is coming under fire on the east side. it's one of the few public amenities here. they say adding nearly 600 housing units would only add more traffic and congestion. now rancho was created to serve the elderly and children. it wasn't expected to be a huge revenue generator but not being able to cover its debt is something the mayor says is not able to cover anymore. we are live in san jose i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:03 overnight the bomb squad in palo alto
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destroyed a specific object. a taxi driver saw a suspicious bag. the bomb squad checked it out. they x-rayed the bag but couldn't tell what was inside. around midnight they used water cannons to destroy it. cal tran was delayed about 15 minutes. a bus accident leaves three people seriously hurt. it happened around 7:00 last night. investigators say a ford taurus that one there crashed into the bus. the three people in the car were rushed to the hospital. the driver was the only person on the bus and was not hurt. we are learning this morning that president obama will unvail a major jobs plan next month. a senior administration official says the plan will contain new ideas for speeding up job growth and helping the
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poor and middle class. coming up we will have a live report from the washington d.c. newsroom. it appears verizon will take a hard stance against striking workers. the communications giant has given the 45,000 employees currently on strike an ultimatum. return to work by the end of the month or risk losing your health insurance. union workers walked off the job ten days ago to protest cuts to their benefits. at noon today striking employees will picket a swords store in downtown san francisco. time now 5:50. senator barbara boxer will billion here in the bay area today. she will tour the library and hold a news conference at the caldecott tunnel. she will talk about a transportation bill she has introduced and the importance of transportation prompts to the -- transportation projects to the economy.
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today the first meeting of the open parks coalition is being held to try to save marin county state parks. assembly men jared huffman and thomas peters will cochair the meeting. they plan to discuss a process and develop a timeline. right now budget cuts are threatening to close four state parks in marin. tonight bart holds an open house. they want your feedback on the new train designs. the open house begins at 6:30. it will be held at the contra costa county transportation building. bart will hold several more open houses this month. these designs will also be available at certain bart stations throughout the month. along with your surveys what you think. >> all right. pretty cool. 5:06 is the time. let's check in with sal. what do you think about
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traffic? >> pam, i'm glad you asked me that. it's light and good morning, to you, dave. although i said good morning, to him in the newsroom. let's say good morning, to all of you. if that is your commute you are looking good driving into vallejo. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been light so far with no problems. we check with chp they are giving us the green light. the virtual green light around the bay area. this mornings commute in san jose -- in san jose looks pretty good. it looks like we have this coming in it looks like there is an accident southbound 101 on the ramp to first street in san jose we will let you know actually that is santa cruz so we will check on that and let you know if it's blocking the lane. let's go to steve. a very good morning. we have a little bit of a
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stronger fog bank. it looks like a cool down for inland areas. one day we warm up one day we cool down. 50s and 60s near the coast. there was a lot of low clouds hanging on. i expect a similar pattern today. around the bay low to mid 70s. 50s and low 60s overcast san jose. 54 santa rosa. they have been in the upper 40s or low 50s the last couple days. it looks like it's already in now. that means the temps are held in check. a westerly wind. west, southwest 16 fairfield. that is stronger than yesterday. a little puff of a southwest at santa rosa. so the wind is coming from the west a little stronger today than yesterday. not a lot. few high clouds will filter in from the south. increasing fog and low clouds.
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some of that is on the move. slightly cooler inland temps. a good two to four degrees. not probably much has changed near the coast. low clouds and sunny. warm inland. not as warm as yesterday though. 50s, 60s, 70s and then over the coastal hills upper 80s and low 90s but shaving off a few degrees from the highs that have been in the 90s for some like concord and livermore. more the same thursday than it looks like a pretty good cool down friday into saturday. we turn that around and warm it up sunday into monday. a sign of progress. we have an update of a young philly fan hurt in a hit and run. the news tactics used to crack down on protestors. if you are driving on 237 the traffic looks pretty good getting out to the west valley. we'll let you know more about the morning commute.
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time now 5:12 rebel leaders in libya claim they are close to moammar gadhafi forces after taking action in key areas. one declaring final victory. government troops detained dozens of people overnight after cutting off electricity in a neighborhood.
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syria's president has escalated the crack down on a five-month- old uprising there. that is despite being condemned by the united states, the united nations, and some of syria's arab neighbors. hundreds have been killed. thousands have been detained. new this morning in the last few hours the white house revealed president obama will announce a major initiative early next month to create new knobs. alabama is -- alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. allison. >> reporter: that is right the president is using his midwest bus tour to outline some of the plans like tax cuts, building projects, and new trade deals. some of the signs outside the iowa rally shows his challenges. one says save my daddy's job with unemployment at 9.1% and the president's popularity plumetting the white house says the president's plan will be
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bold not a rehash of old ideas. >> i will make my best case for where we need to go. we've made progress since the start of the recession back in 2008. it hasn't been fast enough. we have to accelerate it. >> reporter: the president is waiting until after the labor day holiday to honans his jobs plan. he will be detailing new specifics about how he wants to cut the national debt. we will be listening for more when he holds to more town -- holes two more town hall meetings in illinois today. the san francisco mayor's race is dominated by asian american candidates. political experts say the city's asian american community is energized by the historic six asian-americans in the race. ed lee. state senatoriallyland yee. david chiu.
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phil ting and jeff adachi. >> now suddenly in this last election cycle become really energized. >> a record turnout is expected in november. experts say the city's ranked choice vote willing help asian candidates because voters won't be limited to selecting just one. 5:15. a nine-year-old philadelphia boy injured by a hit and run ere run driver is san francisco is being treated at a hospital in his home state. a spokesperson for the san francisco general hospital says ryan white was released monday. a specially equipped medical plane flew him back to pennsylvania. he was hit by a pickup truck two weeks ago after watching the phillies play the giants. his condition still serious but the hospital says the outlook for his recovery is good. the suspect in the case 21-year-
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old andrew vargez of hayward is charged with drunk driving and a hit and run. he's being held on $465,000 bail. he's due back in court next month. the cause of a brush fire in ken county is under investigation this morning. the fire started just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. firefighters say dry grass and brush was fueling the fire which at one point was threatening some homes. crews were able to contain the fire before any structures were damaged. no juice are report -- no injuries are report maryland. if you see smoke don't worry it is training. the fire department is conducting a fire training today. smoke will be visible near
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bernal road. everyone is -- >> of course we are. we are here working for our viewers and right now we can give them the green light. looking at highway 4 we always look at the commute especially at this corridor to get busy early in the morning. the commute starts up pretty early. maybe steve can attest to this. so many people on the road and in the last i don't know five years people have been getting on the road earlier. just want to beat the commute. i don't blame them. if that is you highway 4 still looks good. not a big slow down through antioch, pittsburgh, and bay point. this mornings commute that traffic looks good as you drive past the oh also on the dumbarton bridge if you are driving in from
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livermore to castro valley it's a nice drive. let's go to steve. i would concur on the morning traffic. more people. ten years ago i saw one or two cars now i see a bunch. we have a cooler pattern today. the fog is a little thicker and starting to move in sooner today. so temperatures 50s, 60s or low 70s by the coast. 70s around the bay. and then 70s and 80s and very low 90s inland. 57 fairfield and a stronger sea breeze. livermore 56. only concord and livermore say clear. that was not the case yesterday. the fog was very shallow. it's not as thick today. now there might be pockets of it but it has lifted a little bit. stronger delta breeze. more of a west, northwest. not much but it's there. you see a low warming right here. right off the coast.
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i have to keep an eye on that. so increasing low clouds. slightly cooler. 2-4 degrees ons inland temps. keep it cool on the coast or nice if you get that fog to burn off. warm inland. but probably not as warm as the upper days. san jose 79. hayward 72. that is down four from yesterday. 50s and 60s it has been a cool foggy pattern for much of the coast and city. not much changed thursday. cooler for inland temps friday and saturday. a warm up rebound on sunday. target is just one of several companies set to report earnings today ahead of today isotaching -- today's opening bell. target is expected to post a profit of 90-cents a share. other companies reporting this
5:20 am
morning alabama com by and pitch. john deer and staples. steve is watching them as well. it looks like a higher opening. dow jones just off about 77 points. netflix is adding a new section tailored to a younger crowd. they have launched a just for kids tab. it will pull up the list for kid trendily recommendations in netflix's streaming library. time now 5:20 protecting california's condors. what pg&e is doing after pretty disturbing incidents. plus a richy rock climb leads to a dramatic rescue in southern california. traffic is moving along pretty well getting up to
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highway 17. it's pretty good. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ female announcer ] make after school even more fun
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good morning, a little bit more on the fog bank today. in the way of a fog bank. 50s 60s 70s coast and bay. inland upper 80nd and lower 90s. 5:23.
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two 18-year-old rock claim claimers are live this morning after getting stuck there 300 feet up on a ledge. they were rock climbing last night. they didn't have equipment or ropes and they were wearing sneakers. firefighters used those ropes and repelled down to rescue them. the two climbers were not hurt. a football player has been banned from the sport for about 96 weeks after a violent incident that left another player in a coma. patrick power was suspended. power is a person of interest in that incident. power was reportedly seen near mark mcgovern back in june when mcgovern was knocked down during a game and suffered brain damage. he was in a coma for several weeks. the brother of a man suspected of killing himself and his two-year-old daughter is speaking out. he says his brother was not a killer but a victim of
5:25 am
desperation. the moodies of mourad samaan and madeline samaan was found in his consider sat. the initial cause of death carbon monoxide poisoning. >> he was devastated enough to where it was eminent. it was sad she was used as a tool by lawyers in this community to effect this end result. >> he says the day before samaan left with madeline he received notice from the court that her mother had been awarded full custody. he says his brother was a good father that just wanted to raise his daughter. pg&e crews are taking down three miles of power lines. it's part of an effort to save the california condor which is endangered. the wooden poles are blocking the birds flight path and has caused a hand handful of deadly
5:26 am
bird collisions. we are getting a better look at crop circles. this is the work of neil davis. he uses his tractor. he made his special designs and great growthings in his five acres of land. in order to say his work -- in order to save his work he bribed some pilots to take these pictures. 5:26. a debate over pit bulls. how a deadly attack on a pregnant woman in pacifica could lead to changes in a city miles away. from oakland this morning why the mtc will have a do over of a plan to move into san francisco. also the 49ers new stadium got a big boost overnight. why they decided to hand over millions of dollars to the state just to keep this plan alive. good morning, interstate 280 traffic looks pretty good
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getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news the middle of the week. it's wednesday, august 17 it i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is almost 5:30. and steve has the forecast. >> of course he does. >> good morning. we have a little bit of fog and low clouds today. also more of a sea breeze has
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decided to kick up its heels. that means a little cooler. still upper 80s and low 90s. even 60s and 70s and lower 80s. here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the san mateo bridge heading out to the high- rise. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. let's go back to the desk. time now 5:30 this morning they are saying hold on a minute about a plan for the metropolitan transportation commission to move its offices from oakland to san francisco. ktvu kraig debro is live in oakland to explain a special meeting operation. that is right. a special meeting at the building behind me here. we will start at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the reason they are having this meeting again has to do with something the city of oakland said. after the mtc voted in july to move its headquarters in san francisco they got a letter from the city of okay land
5:31 am
accusing them of violating state laws on unopen meetings. this is a building the mtc wants to move into with two other agencies. it's located at 390 main street. it's built in the 40s. it used to be a postal center but now it's used for commercial space. they want to spend about $105 million to buy it and another $47 million to renovate it. the mtc however runs the toll authority. in addition to the allegation it violated the brown act that is the state open meetings law, a state senator wants to hold hearing if they can use toll meeting to buy and renovate the building in san francisco. the city of oakland is pushing this building as an alternative to the san francisco building. it's locate add 1100 broadway. the city of oakland you're not
5:32 am
looking at the building now. you are looking a the the building here across to the bart station. it's not only considering the brown act the violations of the brown act but losing all the monetary and other benefits and advantages it comes with having a large agency. as they leave the city of oakland at critical time in the economy. the meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. today. we will make some calls to find out exactly why the mtc wants to move to san francisco and whether or not they can use that toll money to buy and renovate the building. time now 5:32. san francisco police warning you to lock your bikes after several bike thefts. at least five thefts have been reported in the inner sunset areas since the beginning of the month. thieves break into garages and storage units and steal expensive bikes. one incident a resident confronted the thief and threatened with a knife. one woman that didn't want to be identified said the thieves
5:33 am
they have their neighbors worried. >> i have always considered the place safe. now it has not made me feel safe. >> police plan to increase patrols in the inner sunset areas. the suspect they are focusing on described as an african american man in his 40s or 50s that has a salt and peppered beard. police think he may be living in the neighborhood in a garage or storage shed. police are on the lookout for a suspicious man that approached two young girls. he offered a ride to two young girls around 9:00 yesterday. the girls declined the offer and told their parents. police say the man left in a white pickup with a graphic similar to a bug on the door. he's described as a white man in his 40s or 50s with white hair and a white mustache and
5:34 am
beard. the mother of michaela is holding out a miracle. a look inside the evidence room and the effect the jay see dew -- jaycee dugard case has had on her. ktvu tara moriarty tells us about the controversial proposal to sell the golf course. tara. >> reporter: mayor chuck reid says he doesn't now anyone that wants to get rid of this public golf course but the city may not have an option. it's costing the city of san jose $2 million a year to keep this facility open. the mayor says he wants to sell the land to a housing developer. which means you could see 570 condos here instead of the greens. they will hold a public hearing tonight to discuss the issue. the nine hole course has only made a profit once in the 11 years it has been in business. if it's not sold it may have to
5:35 am
shut down libraries and community centers. residence on the east side are teed off. it's one of the few public amenities around here costing only $10-$15. now when this course was first opened, it was not expected to be a huge revenue generator but not being able to cover its debt is something the mayor says the city cannot afford any longer. we'll be attenning that public hearing tonight and let you know what happens coming up on 10:00 news. time now 5:35. a sonoma county city council woman wants tougher rules after a deadly pit bull attack on a pregnant woman in pacifica. she was mulled to death in her home last thursday. police shot and killed that dog. council woman joann tells the press democrat she supports banning pit bulls in her city.
5:36 am
firefighters are investigating a fire at a san francisco juvenile detention center. it was reported yesterday evening at a center on woodside avenue. now the fire started in the kitchen and was extinguished been 15 minutes. no one was injured. students in pahl leo al toe will be able to -- palo alto will be able to trade old school supplies. families will be able to trade used school supplies, books, toys, and even clothing. it starts at 3:30 this afternoon. the city -- the council decided to opt in to the state's optional plan to keep its redevelopment agency. now the city will have to pay the state $11 million this year and almost $3 million every year after that.
5:37 am
without a redevelopment agency santa clara fears they may lose the land it owns such as that stadium site. >> what this does is provide extra insurance to insure the citizens of santa clara we can move in on projects that are kit call to them. the stadium subsidy is a bad deal. >> redevelopment money also pays for building of affordable housing but also funded a proposed new housing. sal any trouble spots? >> we have a couple things that are getting slower. rest go out to -- let's go out to live pictures. i just saw the lane workers move by again. just watch out for them if you see them on the bridge. give them a break and show down for them. fog is also thick on this span. no fog right now at the bay bridge toll plaza but there is a little bit of a backup here. and if you are driving into
5:38 am
eastbound 680 looks pretty good. 580 is in pretty decent shape though. let's go to steve. we do have more fog today. it has lifted a little bit. 52-60. i don't think we will see upper 40s today. afternoon highs 70s and 80s. 56-76 by noon fog or sun. and then it looks like cool to warp. temperatures inland will come down a couple degrees. a lot more clouds and fog. some of that fog can be thick on the bridges 50s and 60s unless you are down -- some high clouds might no drip in. 54 san to rosa.
5:39 am
56 livermore. mid 60s hayward. more decent sea breeze today. stronger. that will translate into slightly cooler inland temps. it's still going to be hot. as we get a little bit more of a push on that fog. increasing low clouds and fog this morning. this afternoon even though it will be sunny for many it will be cooler. we will bring temperatures down a wee bit. cool coast. the breeze has picked up. a little bit of a northwest at san jose. that is over the bay. that tends to cool them off as well. 79 there. we'll go 78 san rafael. upper 80s livermore and concord. low 90s inland. more the same thursday. cool down for friday and
5:40 am
saturday. warmer weather returns sunday. time now 5:40. the fight is on. the lawsuit that slammed some of the graphic new labels on tobacco products. >> the reason first responders to the 9/11 attacks will not be at this years tenth anniversary memorial. good morning, southbound 680 traffic looks good driving through fremont. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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♪ good morning, bigger fog bank today and a little stronger sea breeze. that means upper 80s to 90s for many. 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay. a little cooler today. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a look at the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:42.
5:43 am
copper thieves are targeting san francisco schools. two schools in the sunset district have been hit be the i thieves. police say they do have a suspect description. they haven't released it yet. some oakland city officials are pushing for a curfew for anyone under the age of 18. they want to expand the city's gang injunction. they are saying police need more help in fighting rising crime rates. all of this comes after a stray bullet killed a three-year-old boy playing near his home. this morning the white house announced president obama will unvail a major jobs initiative next month. reportedly the president has been meeting with the ceo's of major companies to come up with a plan to create new jobs. president obama is addressing the threat of another terror attack on u.s. soil. he says a loan wolf attack like the one in norway is more likely than a major court mated
5:44 am
efforts. he adds there may be a little extra vigilance as the tenth anniversary comes up. a teen planning a gas attack during the pope's visit. the student was planning to attack a group of protestors with suffocating gases and other chemicals. pontiff is drew to arrive in madrid tomorrow for a four-day visit. this is a unique story. the first responders to the september 11th attacks in new york they are not invited to a tenth anniversary memorial held in new york city next month. mayor michael bloomberg says that is only for the victim's family because of space and room constraints. some of first responders say they are heartbroken to hear that.
5:45 am
mayor bloomberg says he's trying to find ways to recognize and honor the first responders at a different time. a piece of the world trade center has found a permanent home on california's central coast. look at this. a ten-foot 1100-pound steel beam from one of the twin tower sons display at a fire station. there it is. city officials applied for this beam three years ago. a retired firefighter volunteered to drive the almost 6,000-mile round trip to pick up that beam. >> i felt an obligation to be part of it. when the opportunity existed to actually transfort it, you know, it felt very good that that was the right thing to do. >> he's a retiree. he made the trip with his grandson right there. they will hold a special ceremony on september 11th. the city also plans a nation- wide search for an artist to turn that beam into a memorial.
5:46 am
hayward police gave ktvu a never before look at the michaela garrett evidence room. on the board is seven suspects including phillip garrido. she doesn't know if garrido is responsible but the case has shined new light on michaela. >> in the weeks after jc was found michaela's story got out there again. it seems like on an even greater scale. >> michaela was kidnapped outside of a hayward grocery store back in 1988. she was living in a halfway house 20 miles away.
5:47 am
) time now 4:46. they are see suing the federal government. the images you have seen them in-- tobacco companies say these violate your spree speech right. the food and drug administration has made no comments on the lawsuits. the tobacco labels are scheduled to be in place by september of next year. the american society of addiction medicine has declared addiction itself is a chronic disease. now researchers say an uncontrollable urge for alcohol, cigarettes, oraches chocolate comes from the brain and the nervous system and not out ward behavior and actions. it look them four years to craft an official position on
5:48 am
adex. let's see what is happening on the rose. traffic is looking great in those areas. if you are driving to with authority creek. already getting slow on highway 4h. this mornings commute is okay if you are driving on interstate 880 both directions near the oakland coliseum. and if you are driving let's say to san jose, 280 and 101 are off to a gad start gush are off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you. fog is working its way into the east bay. so with that in in mind we will cool temperatures down a little bit today. once it turns back it won't be as warm. i think we will get a lot more 80s today. 50s and 60s on the coast. they tend to breakthrough about
5:49 am
11-noon. few high clouds might sneak in here. the fog is there. there is a lot going on with the fog. a couple very cooler readings in the north bay. more mid 50s and the upper 40s or very low 50s. upper 50s to low 60s. cloud cover already moved into san jose. not a rip roaring sea breeze but it's stronger today than it was yesterday. same can be said for many locations. picking up more of a breeze from the west. that is the direction the wind isment cooing from. see the higher clouds right down there. today it has ramped up the fog increasing low clouds, more low clouds than fog. yesterday was a lot of fog. right down on the ground. slightly cooler to inland temps. i don't think there will be much of a change coast and bay. they stayed in the 60s and 70s. warm inland. the breeze has picked up. we will go 62-92.
5:50 am
80 sonoma. 79 kent feel. 89 fair feel. rs still low 90s out toward pittsburgh. 86 and 67 alameda. 79 san jose to 86 gilroy. los altos, mountain view, palo alto all in the 70s. woodside 79. 50 east side and 60s -- 50s and 60s closer to the coast. more the same tomorrow. a cool down inland friday and saturday. facebook and google are at odds over a link for google plus. now according to google a link that allows recipients to sign up for google plus doesn't always work when sent from facebook. facebook says their system is declined to block spam and in some cases it could be getting filtered. facebook says this is not intentional. abercrombie andtive is reporting a 6 -- and fitch is
5:51 am
promoting a new profit. but it says higher prices are back on the way because of increased cost for raw materials. and they are overing money to the cast of mtv jersey shore to stop wearing the brand on the show. now apparently the company doesn't care for the show's party image. mtv has not commented on the request. >> wow. time now 5:51. you lake tahoe. we know it's beautiful. but how clear that is water. what the government wont wants to do to make it even -- plus the long standoff.
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welcome back to the morning news. if you have seen this sight it's finally over. the longest standoff is finally over. a 25-year-old man surrounderred to police yesterday after penning six days camped on top of the radio tower. for days crews tried different methods to get him down but it didn't work. yesterday he climbed into a cherry picker and they lowered him down. they do not think he was suicidal. still not clear if he will face any charges. it was an emotional moment for people in a small missouri
5:55 am
community as the suspect in the murder of a three-year-old girl made his first court appearance. he's accused of suffocating rodriguez and dumping her body in a ditch near her home. he appeared in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. court documents show he has already confessed to police that he has killed rodriguez but has not given a reason for doing it. the autopsy of eight-year- old tracy girl that was killed two years ago will not be released for public viewing. she was drugged, sexually assaulted, and killed. her neighbor pleaded guilty to the murder and received a life in prison sentence. 5:55. highway 395 is back open again. firefighters are still battling a wild fire near the california nevada state line. it started yesterday afternoon southeast of gardenerville. right now the fire is about 20%
5:56 am
contained. volunteer evacuations are happening. so far there have been no word of any injuries or homes damaged. the cause is still not known. governor jerry brown and governor of nevada they are pledging to work together to preserve lake tahoe. the two governors met at the lake tahoe summit yesterday. they signed an agreement to return clarity to the water to the lake toed a least 100 -- to at least 100 feet deep. they are planning to work together to update the lake's 20-year regional plan. nevada lawmakers recently threatened to pull out of the plan. they say california has too much power in setting the policy. coming up on 6:00. let's check back in with sal for a look of traffic. >> you know they can see us there in lake tahoe? up there for vacation a little while ago i could see channel 2. hello everyone who is watching. traffic around the lake looks pretty good. let's take a look at the commute here in san jose.
5:57 am
that is getting much busier. getting up to highway 17. no major problems here. sunol grade traffic is? good. is let's go back to -- let's go back to the desk. san leandro police say they got their man just hours ago. where police were chasing two men earlier this morning. plus where thieves are going back to school as well. what they are after in several recent attacks and why. good morning, bigger fog bank today. temperatures will come down. a few will have those numbers coming up in about two. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480.
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good morning, i'm jade hernandez. thieves are after one thing at several schools in san francisco. you might be surprised what they are after. a pair of suspected robbers in jail this morning. how police were able to track them down. it is deja vu all over again. why the commissioners are holding another vote on a controversial issue to move to san francisco.


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