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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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suspicious device. what a taxicab driver spotted that prompted him to call police. >> reporter: a public golf course may be on the outs. we'll tell you why and what neighbors plan to do about it. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >> it's wednesday, august 17th. a san francisco school has been hit by thieves four times in just one week. other schools have also been targeted. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is live to explain why the stolen goods are so profitable. >> reporter: good morning. they are targeting copper. that's because regional price rangings from $2 to -- ranges
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from $to $4 -- from $2 to $4. we're live at the school because the san francisco police say the thieves struck the school last week on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, targeting a construction site on campus. police put additional patrols and complain clothes officers in the area -- and plain- clothes officers in the area. this isn't the only school administration dealing with theft. the school on ortega had an employee witness two men taking copper. police have not made any arrests and don't know if the thefts are linked. back to you. 7:01.
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overnight, a small earthquake rocked a mountain area in lake county. it was a magnitude 3.5 centered just three miles south of cobb. the sheriff says there's no word of any damage as of yet. right now, two people are in police custody after an alleged robbery or police chase. following this brief car chase, the two suspects were arrested at benedict and daly drive. police say it started when two men robbed a store. police say when the suspect finally pulled over he was hit with the police dog. tara moriarty is live about why some residents are furious about what may replace the golf course. >> reporter: well, golfers are
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already out on their nine-hole course and they are upset that they may have to take their golf clubs elsewhere over the next couple of months. that's because what mayor chuck reed what he envisions, hundreds of condos. he wants to sell this to a housing developer. he has suggested 600 units on this property. reed says to run this course, it costs about $2 million. if it's not sold, reed says that the city would have to shut down libraries and community centers. but some neighbors believe more housing would add traffic and pollution and they stay the course is one of the few affordable amenities. >> we have a huge base that come here and use the facility. we also cater -- we are is a -- we have a huge, huge morning group. it doesn't really sound like
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much. that's really all they have sometimes. >> parents have started a petition to save this course. 400 people have signed it so far. the mayor says the city has to cut somewhere with san jose facing an $80 million budget shortfall next year. they will have a meeting to discuss the issue and the parents, children and others who use this course are expected to attend. back to you. >> thank you. 7:0 had. -- 7:04. three people suffered injuries after an a.c. transit bus in oakland. this happened at foothill boulevard and 50th avenue. investigators say a ford taures crashed into the bus. the three people in the car, they were rushed to the hospital. the driver was not hurt. a bomb squad destroyed a
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suspicious item last night. a taxi driver called the police last night. the santa clara x-rayed it and -- santa clara county bomb squad x-rayed it. we're learning that president obama will unveil a major jobs plan next month. a senior administration official says the plan will contain new ideas for speeding up job growth and helping the poor and middle classes. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the expected focus of the president's plan. a watsonville man has been acquitted of charges after appearing on "dateline's -- to catch a predator." he was attempting to have sex with an individual that was posing as a 13-year-old girl.
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he's the only one of the 29 men arrested in this case to be acquitted. residents who live near the bypass say they can here and smell the traffic on the bypass. they are worried it will get worse once large trucks are allowed to use them. trucks will no longer be allowed to use brentwood boulevard when caltrans hands over control of the road of that city later this year. we want to check in with sal. we noticed a lot of folks watch you ofry morning and like to hear your report. >> they do. >> you know that highway 4 is slow. but what makes it even slower is when something happens on
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highway 4. that really makes it miserable today. we're gonna take a look at contra costa county right now. , as a matter of fact. we're gonna go to la fayette. westbound, 24. most people are still on 4 and 680. it's getting crowded on your way down to la fayette. from la fayette many people go to oakland and when you get there there is a big backup stretching out to the maze. the metering lights are on. those trains are moving without incident on time. speaking of contra costa county we are talking about traffic that's gonna be busy as we drive through there. 7:07. let's go to steve. a little bit bigger fog bank today. temperatures -- temperatures will be i think coming down a couple of degrees inland. instead of the low to mid-90s. there will still be a couple of 90s. but the fog has really kept
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temperatures in check. every day this month, the low has been between 53 and 55 and the high 65 to 66 if you. if you live in the city and work in the city, it's ground dog day. nothing has changed. september is usually the time of year when we get the breeze hans the coat warms -- and the coast warms up. 70s around the bay, mid- to upper. a few high clouds are on their way to visit. they are wrapping around a developing low. but providing enough lift to that gog into places. most locations say cloudy. inland. temperatures, 50s for almost everybody. 55 santa rosa. yesterday at this time they were 49. so the lee clouds, holding in check there.
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it was west-southwest 12 yesterday. 16. it's a little bit stronger component. sfo oakland and sfo con ford -- concord. high pressure will probably come back after we get towards the weekend. today with the increasing low clouds and fog it will be a little bit cooler pattern here for those away from the coast. can't really change much by it. cool by the coast, mild to warm around the bay. 7 the, petaluma, rohnert park in there, mill valley, about 76 degrees. book ends at 80s. 76 vallejo. concord, pleasant hill, 68 berkeley to dublin, pleasanton, upper 80s to i think about two, three degrees cooler than yesterday. upper 70s for many. 50s and 60s for -- 60s closer to the water's edge.
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today and tomorrow we see a pattern. warmer weather returns on sunday. a big hit on the internet. why a seemingly mundane picture taken at the seattle airport, this is making a huge impression in china. and why a major retailer is offering some big tv stars big money not to wear their clothing.
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7:12. president obama nighting back against the critics who says he has no plan to create more jobs. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the announcement this morning, the president will make a major speech next month about creating new jobs. >> reporter: that's right. the president is using his midwest bus tour to outline some of these plans like tax cuts, building projects and new trade deals. but take a look at some of these signs outside the idea's iowa -- one of the president's iowa rally. one of them says "save my daddy's job." this is the president's challenge, with the unemployment high and the popularity of him plummeting. >> i'm gonna make my best case to where we need to go. we have made progress since the start of the recession back in 2008. it has not been fast enough.
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we have to excel it. >> reporter: but he's waiting until after the holiday, after the trip to martha's vineyard. he will also give specifics about how he wants to cut the national debt alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:14. just a few hours ago, vice president joe biden arrived in china. his first stop on a trip. biden is meeting with chinese leaders and that will likely focus on the united states struggling economy. chinese economists are ready to offer tough advice about how the u.s. can turn the economy around. gary locke was among those who
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greeted the vice president. this photograph taken of locke, a former governor of washington, has charmed many chinese. it shows locke buying a cup of copfy at a starbucks on his way to china. someone posted this on a social media site in china. people love it because chinese leaders, they say, would never carrien their -- carry their own bags or buy their own coffee. one rebel leader is predicting final victory of taking in in the -- in gadhafi. hundreds of people have been killed and thousands
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detaked. 7:15. a very emotional moment in a small town in missouri. the suspect in the murder of a 3-year-old girl made his first court appearance. shawn morgan is accused of suffocating rodriquez and jumping her body near a ditch -- in a ditch near her house. court documents have shown that he has confessed he killed the little girl. he has not given a reason for why he did it. the longest standoff in tull tau, oklahoma history is over -- in tulsa oklahoma history other is -- is over. a man surrendered yesterday after spending nearly six days on that radio to your. for days they tried different ways trying to make them come down. yesterday, he climbed into a cherry picker and they lowered him down. police say he has a history of mental problems but they didn't think he was suicidal. still not sure why he climbed
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on top of the to your and if he will face charges. four ohio teenagers are being called heroes. for one of them, he saved a life twice in one day. they heard for a man being called to come out. when he didn't, the teens rushed to the burning home and brought him to safety and earlier, the teens had a close call swimming. >> as soon as he -- he was splashing around and you could tell he was taking big gulps of water. 7:17. abercrombie and finch are reporting a -- abercrombie and
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finch are reporting higher prices coming back because of higher costs -- costs of material. they are offering -- offering money to the cast of the jersey store show to stop wearing the clothing. the company says his association with their friend can hurt the company. yahoo! and facebook are testing the notion that there are just six des of celebration between most -- degrees of celebration between most people. yahoo! and facebook say they've enlist enlisted facebook to study this. as twitter gets read ito move into its new san francisco
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headquarters. people in the neighborhood are hoping some unwelcomed visitors will be on their way out. people who live and work in the area say the vacant lot across the street from the new twitter building has become very popular with rats. rat poison containersers are clearly -- containers are clearly visible behind the fence. the lot may be developed as early as this fall. 7:19. investigating the cause of a brush fire in kern county. how flames shut down one lane of interstate 5. if you have always wanted to go to stanford, you now have a chance to take a class for free. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looks pretty -- pretty good driving to the south bay. but some others are not looking so good. we'll tell you where they are.
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the cause of a brush fire in kern county is under
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investigation right now. this fire started just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a brush fire -- a brush and dry grass was actually fueling all of this. at one point, some homes were threatened. the crews were able to contain the fire before any building or homes were damaged and no injuries have been reported. it is 7:22. stanford university's computer science department is offering three online courses for free. more than 83,000 people have already signed up four the class on the artificial intelligence. the course is top by two professors. the program will include streaming video and interactive technologies for quizes and grading. the other classes focus on database software and machine learning. we'll post information on in the web links section near the bottom of the
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page. and andrew luc is -- on the "sports illustrated" cover. and the season kicks off september 3rd at home against the san jose spartans. and sal, i know as a cal alum you want to know when the big game is, that will be against the golden bears -- >> i already have plans for that. i already have plans for that. college ball, go, bears! if you are trying to drive to anywhere in our region, you will see slow traffic. southbound 101 at -- near the central san rafael exit, there's a new noninjury
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accident. we've had the eastbound oil slick at loveridge road. westbound bay point pittsburg, slow traffic there. concord/walnut creek still looks good. i want to show you the bay bridge filled in completely. that's about a 15 to 20-minute delay before we make it on the bridge and another 15 on the way in the city. you are looking at -- at least 30 minutes before getting into the city. this looks good throughdown down coming around the corner, i don't know if you can see it, traffic does begin to slow down there on 85 and on 101 as you get closer to santa clara and sunnyvale. let's go to steve. a little bit more in the way of low clouds and fog. some of that fog reducing visibility. inland temperatures come down a few degrees. we had the gray over the bay. 50s and 60s. it's been a tough month for any kind of warm weather. inland temperatures have. they've jumped up.
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today we're starting off with 50s and 60s. more low clouds and more of a westerly breeze for many but this all equals cooler weather later this afternoon. you can see a little low spinning off eureka. that will draw up tropical clouds. mostly sunny. but a tad cooler. still warm but not as warm. 50, 60s by the coast and beaches. upper 70s low 80s. not much change thursday. a little cooler on friday. with the weekend always in view, we cool it off on saturday and warm it up on sunday. what one man did that has police telling one bay area neighborhood to be very careful. >> reporter: in oakland, deja vu all over the again.
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the plan to move from oakland to san francisco has run into a roadblock. kraig debro is live in oakland where a special meeting is happening this morning. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. it's a special meeting here in
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the city of oakland. late last month, the staff recommended that a move be made to san francisco. today they will vote on that again. just like last month, the staff recommended the move. it used to be the postal center for the embarcadero. the mtc wants to move here because it says it has outgrown the digs in oakland. the first vote held behind closed doors did not violate the brown act. made contact with a staff -- i've made contact with a staff member. but i've not heard back. it's hard to see thousand they could come up with the votes, the votes they need at least to make a tie. before writing a letter and accusing it of violating the law, the city was trying to
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convince the transportation not to leave the area but move its facility. while all of that was going on, a state senator was questioning whether the mpc could use toll money for the new building. in addition, they would have to buy that place in the city, did 105 million and then spend $74 million in renovations. all righting live in oakland, kraig debro -- reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:30. police in san anselmo are on the lookout for a suspicious man who approached two young girls. police say the man offered a ride to the 9-year-old girls
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around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. it happened at oak avenue and waverly road. the girls declined the offer and told their parents. police say the man left in a white pickup with a graphic similar to a bug on the door. he's described as a white man in his 40s or 50s with white hair and a white mustache and beard. two owners of a new ark cannabis club have been -- of a new cannabis club. the owners are out on $100,000 bail. charges include conspiracy to possess marijuana to sell. three other businesses in salinas and fremont were raided in connection with the investigation. 7:31. solano county still has one of the highest foreclosure rates in america. realty track says one out of
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every 40 homes faced foreclosure. solano county is the fourth highest in the u.s. vallejo had 418. san mateo county just purchased one of the best views on the coast for $3 million. the peninsula open space trust sold pillar point bluff to the county after years of fixing erosion problems and restoring a hiking trail. a back-to-school swap is gonna be held at children's library in palo alto. families can come there and trade clothing, backpacks even toys. it all starts at 3:30 this afternoon. it ends at 4:30.
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7:33. technology in schools may actually jeopardize the health of some children. >> i kept on telling my dad, i want to go to an eye doctor because i keep on seeing two things. i don't know if that's a problem. >> is he cute? computers and the new smart boards in classrooms have some kids, like jacob, seeing double. stay tuneds with underlying vision problems with a stigmatism have more problems. >> now that computers are moving in and textbooks are moving out, we're seeing vision problems with children. >> children are advised to take a break every 20 minutes. tonight, b.a.r.t. is holding an open house. they want to hear what you have to say about the new train
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designs. drawings of the three interior and exterior concepts will be displayed. the open house begins at 6:30. it will be held at the transportation authority building in walnut creek. b.a.r.t. will be holding several more open houses this month. those designs will be available at certain b.a.r.t. stations throughout the month. and they will have surveys so you can say what you think. all right. some problems on the road? >> we have some slow traffic out there to be sure. i want to let you know that traffic is gonna be busy this morning -- this morning in many areas. 280 northbound, it's been off and on. we come to it now, it seems be okay. i did see some slow traffic here and then it picks up. it's been kind of a sketchy commute in the way of predictability. 237, stop and go from 680 all the way through 880 up to the
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zanker road returnoff -- turnoff. i want to mention that traffic on highway 4, most of the construction is slow or stop and go, the traffic. in pleasant hill and walnut creek it looks good. if you are driving on 80, we already have slow traffic there. if you are drivingen on -- driving on the freeways, slow traffic, across the way -- bay, not a bad commute on the peninsula. 7:35. let's go to steve. a very good morning. i just sent a tweet showing the morning fog satellite. there is a lot more today than yesterday. the inland coverage has increased. it will be cooler today. one day to the next. it looks like we're trying to move up. bring that fog back. low clouds, fog and both this time. 50s and 60s, mainly for the highs.
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but the fog was compressed. today it's lifted up. mostly sunny, there could be a few high clouds. you could see some of those streaming up wrapping around. they had a lot of 40s in the north bay for lows. 55, san rafael. low 60s for some. but low clouds in areas most of them say clear yesterday. that's not the case today. there's also more of a breeze out of the west or the southwest. i know three or seven is not much but yesterday almost everyone had calm and the breeze has picked up at travis. it's been 16 to 20 today. that's a difference. it will equal 2 to 4 degrees cooler. every day it's a fight. it looks like today the low wind is out and a cooler pattern for inland temperatures. i just don't see much of a
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change -- much of a change for the coast. cool, maybe warm santa cruz coastline picks some -- picks up some. >> i think there will be a breeze as well. upper 70s, san jose. 80 cupertino. 86 in gilroy. 70s on the peninsula. a lot to go around. 50s and 60s on the coast and the city. we'll warm it up on sunday. 7:37. two 18-year-old rock climbers are in los angeles after safe -- are safe after getting stuck on a ledge. they were rock climbing at
7:38 am
stony park in charts worth. they did not have equipment or ropes and were wearing sneakers. firefighters rescued them. the climbers were not hurt. a community morning the -- mourning the death of a 16-year- old girl from florida who died after a rare site infected her brain. she's not the only victim of this unusual cause of death. >> i prayed and prayed. i was hoping that -- you know, that i would get a miracle. she caught an infection after swimming in a river last week. it caused a meningitis type infection. she had a headache and then vomiting and then a high fever. >> the safest way to not get the infection is say out of the lake. we know people still want to do that, if you do that, lessen the risk. >> earlier this month, a 9-year-
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old boy in richmond virginia died after catching a parasite. striking workers what could happen to their health insurance if they don't go back soon? >> what makes the current field of candidates so different from years past? ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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stocks are rising. target, staples and others reported stronger earnings than expected. that's helping the market. the dow is currently up 96. nasdaq up 17. s&p is up 12.
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it appears verizon will take a hard stance against striking workers. the wall street journal reports that verizon is given the 45,000 employees currently on strike an ultimateum. for the first time ever, the san francisco mayor's race is dominated by asian-american candidates. political experts say the asian- american community is energized by the six historic candidates in the race for mayor. ed >> we have gotten a community that was seen for many, many
7:43 am
years as the sleeping dragon of san francisco politics. now suddenly, in the -- in this last election cycle. 7:43. parents after 6-year-old new mexico girl are crediting a neighbor -- of a 6-year-old new mexico girl are crediting a neighbor for stopping a kidnapping. the neighbor saw the girl snatched up by a stranger and drive be off in a -- driven off in a van. the neighbor chased after the van until it crashed. the father of the girl wants everybody to know there are still people out there who care about others. >> translator: he feels really lucky. he thanks god a lot and that man, he's just really happy
7:44 am
that he got -- he got my sister back. >> the girl suffered bruises but is otherwise okay physically. the 29-year-old suspect phillip garcia is behind bars. he had been out on probation. a former credit union worker has pleaded no contest to stealing more than $500 million. 43-year-old batista faces up to five years in prison. she admits to stealing the money from the pacific advantage credit union between 2006 and 2010. prosecutors say she took the money from the general fund as well as the personal accounts of 15 customers. sentencing is scheduled for next month. 7:44. a 9-year-old philadelphia boy in a hit-and-run is back getting treatment. ryan white was release -- released on monday.
7:45 am
a specially-equipped medical plane took him back to pittsburgh, pittsburg. he was hit two weeks ago after a game with the phillies and giants. the suspect in the case, 21- year-old andrew vargas of hayward, faces drunk driving, hit and run drives. -- hit and run. vargas is being held on $465,000 bail. he's due back in court next month. 7:45. a football player has been banned from the sport for 96 weeks after a violent incident that left another player in a coma. patrick power was suspended by the control committee. police say he's a person of interest. he was reportedly seen back in
7:46 am
june when mcgovern was knocked down. he was in a coma for several weeks. his sister says he's now walking, talking and even kicked a ball. 7:46. happening right now, some dramatic photos to show you. this is queens new york. look at this. a sabtation truck smashed through the wall of -- a sanitation truck smashed through the wall of a building. it's dangling. we're looking at all of the chaos. look at the top of the screen. you can see the truck hanging down there. exactly what happened, we don't know. this is live from queen's new york. don't know if the driver is still inside there. but you can see how it's dangling outside the -- i'm just trying to look dat darn outside the building, there's the cab of the truck there. i would imagine if there are people inside the building,
7:47 am
don't know if anyone was injured inside of the building as that truck smashed through. i can only imagine the impact of what it took to go through all of this. a huge crowd. the chopper giving us quite a few of an incredible scene in new york happening right now. again, a sanitation truck smashed through a building and you saw it yourself, dangling outside precariously. we'll keep you posted an bring you more details as they are available. san diego police want to talk to a los angeles -- want to talk to los angeles lakers star kobe bryant about an altercation he reportedly had during a sunday church subpoenas. the man claims the basketball -- church service. the man claims the basketball player was trying to stop him from taking a picture. >> i didn't see anyone even trying to speak with him.
7:48 am
even during the time of the sign of peace i didn't see anyone try to make contact with them. addition has been declared a chronic degrees -- disease. it's coming from the grain and -- brain and nervous system they say. not took the -- it took the american society of addiction medication four years and getting input from some 80 experts to come one a solution. native-american tribes are out the -- are at odd over gambling. the moi ron go are urging a pass of 740. supporters say the state would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in much-needed
7:49 am
revenues. however, other gambling facilities want then to slow down on this. 7:49. wells fargo is testing a $3 a month fee for customers who use their debit cards. the test begins october 14th. for now, it only affects customers in nevada, oregon, new mexico and georgia. banks say this type of move is in response to a government- imposed cap on transaction fees collected from retail -- from retailers. sony is you cans -- is cutting the price of its playstation 3. you can now pick one up for $250. that's a $50 discount. high end models cost more.
7:50 am
more than 25,000 south koreans are suing apple for what they claim are privacy violations related to their iphones. apple has been hit with a lot of complaints when it was discovered that iphones, that information was stored for up to a year. the south korean lawsuit is seeking the equivalent of $930 in damages for each iphone owner. some bare bay area -- some bay area cities are being national recognition. the commercial shows those famous fruit guys on horseback spreading the news. this commercial was shot at the home of the owner in livermore. the final seen was filmed on
7:51 am
the north -- in north livermore. it's nine minutes before 9:00, a husband faces serious charges for trying to protect his wife. why he tried to break up a dog fight and how it handed -- landed him in jail.
7:52 am
7:53 am
one man is in jail after the dog fight escalated to a machete. karla was playing outside when the neighbor's pit bull appeared. she was afraid it would attack her kids. a dog fight broke out and when
7:54 am
the husband 0 could not pull them apart, he attacked the pit bull with a machete. and that's when the owners allegedly attacked karla. >> they scratch me like i say, they pull my hair, they -- they kick me. 7:54. three out of ten recent high school grads who took the act test are not ready for college based on their scores. there is a new report out that finds a large number of students who took the act didn't meet even one benchmark that predicts they are ready for college. scores for minority students, excluding, including asian- americans were pretty much short on the average. this guy right here scored a perfect 36 on his act fest.
7:55 am
less than 1/10th of 1% of students get a perfect score. drew said he wanted to do well but got lucky with his 36. his parents have a different theory on why he did so well on that exam. >> i'm a very analytical thinker. she can memorize anything and i think he inherited both sides of that. >> drew said he wanted to to to go to harvard, yale or stanford and wants to become a professor of literature. >> sounds like he has a good shot. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. there's some slow spots there. >> yes. a motorcycle accident near loveridge road. watch for that. let's take a look at the south bay. we're gonna start their first and traffic is gonna be busy on 237 on the expressway on 880 and 101. also this morning's commute is
7:56 am
going to be slow in some areas. here in oakland near the oakland international airport we do see traffic moving along nicely in both directions so far. again, the new indicater there, westbound 4, it had already been slow in this area. it's now slow in concord and walnut creek as well. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. we do have the bigger fog bank today. patrick, redwood shores, tweeted me, i need more information for those who are traling. there are some delays at sfo due to some low clouds. but the other airports appear to be okay. low 60s on these temperatures. very consistent. in fact, the temperatures in san francisco, the lows have
7:57 am
been between 53 and 55 and the highs have been between 51 and 56 every day this month. so yes, blame the fog or thank it. more of a sea breeze today for many locations. so inland temperatures will come down. i mean, it's like clock work this summer. one day or two days we warm up and bone -- and then we get the raging sea breeze to kick things in. it will still be warm but not as hot as it was the last couple of days. really no change. i would pencil in 64 for san francisco and i would probably be within a degree or two every month. i don't see anything changing. that's when we get the northeast wind. more of the same on thursday. friday looks cooler with your weekend always in view. we is a cooler saturday and then a -- we have a cooler saturday and then a warmer sunday. a string of bike thefts in one san francisco neighborhood. what the police are telling neighbors to do to avoid becoming a target. >> reporter: thieves are targeting two schools in san
7:58 am
francisco. but what any are stealing you might not expect it. man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat
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to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, it's august 17th. happening right now, you may see some smoke in the air today if you live anywhere near santa teresa county park in san jose. tara moriarty is live in san jose right now. i see the fire trucks behind you. why the smoke shouldn't make people nervous? >> reporter: well, we're here at santa teresa county park. it's in san jose off vernal road. you can see the firefighters here prepping for this live, burning training exercise. we just spoke to the fire department and here's what they had to say. >> today is the start after two- day live fire training exercise. today is day one where we're beginning all of the preparation for tomorrow when we bring out 22 recruiters and we train them on how to extinguish and experience live fire in the wildland setting.
8:01 am
>> reporter: these are the same crews that are gonna be out sitting -- hitting the streets, what is it? next week? >> these 22 recruits will hit the line next friday, the 26th. >> reporter: so they will be out fighting fires and saving lives? >> yes, they will, as of the 26th. >> reporter: now, if you see smoke coming from this area over the next couple of days. again, we're in santa teresa county park, the -- fire department is asking you not to report it. this is just a training exercise. we're live in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. one minute after 8:00. san francisco schools are being targeted by thieves. one of them has been hit four times in one week. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: thieves in the sunset district are going after copper and they are going after copper because they can get anywhere from $2 to $4 a pound. we're live at this school,
8:02 am
which has been hit four times by thieves. another school just a few minutes away, also targeted by thieves. they say thieves struck the chinese emersion school last week targeting a construction site on site. the police department has a description of the thieves but are not releaseing that -- are not willing to release that because of the investigation still ongoing. this isn't the only school's administration dealing with theft. the french school at 1201 1201 ortega street had an employee removing copper rain gusters from a campus building. police have not made any arrests and don't know if the
8:03 am
thefts are linked. the schools are located within minutes of each other. the chinese school is low dated -- located on 12th avenue. students are back to school at the alice fong alternative school but classes don't begin until 8:40. administration members aren't expected to arrive until a little later -- later on. thank you, jade. san francisco police are warning to you lock your bikes. at least five thefts with -- five thefts have been reported first the first of the month. police say they break into units an steal high-end bicycles. a resident confronted the thief. >> i always have considered this pretty safe but it
8:04 am
definitely has made me feel not safe in this neighborhood. no. >> police will increase patrols in the inner sunset and cole valley neighborhood. >> the suspect is described as african-american, in his 40s or 50s with a salt and pepper beard. police believe he may be living in the neighborhood in a garage or storage shed. 32-year-old darla nifara was mauled to death inside her home last thursday by a pit bull. officers shot and killed the dog. one councilman supports banning them in her city. she's asked the city staff to look into expanding this for dangerous dogs. pg&e in big sur are removing three miles of power line as part of trying to save the california condor which is
8:05 am
in danger. the new lines will be buried three feet underground. it will cost around $4 million. a mexican exchange student has been arrested in spain this morning. he's accused of planning a gas attack during pope benedict xvi's visit. this is the video of police in madrid. they are setting up security checkpoints. investigators say that particular student was planning to attack a group of protesters with suffocating gases and other chemicals. president obama says the government is monitoring all potential terror scenarios and adds there may be a little
8:06 am
extra vigilance as the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks approaches. we are learning that the first responders to the twin tower attacks are not invited to the 13th anniversary being held next month in new york city. the memorial, the mayor said, is only because of the -- is only for the victims' families because -- because of the space he available. the mayor is looking for ways to recognize and honor the first responders at a different time. the mother of mikahal garrett is playing for a miracle, 23 years later. coming up, a rare look in the case, and the evidence locker and how the jaycee dugard case has had an impact on the investigator. the autopsy of sandra cantu of tracy will never be released
8:07 am
for the public viewing. she was drugged. sexually assaulted and killed. her neighbor, medical list cau muckby, pleaded -- member list saw huckaby, pleaded -- melissa huckaby pleaded guilty and got the maximum. it's a story that sounds almost beyond belief. a florida man was briefly a billionaire. >> one penny short of a billion dollars that had been wire- transferred into the account. the next transaction was the withdrawal of the money. >> he found he had nearly a billion dollars in his suntrust checking account. but as it turns out someone had hacked into his account. but the large sum triggered the fraud alert and froze the assets
8:08 am
immediately. >> wow. 8:08. hey, sal, what's happening on -- i know it's getting busy out there now. >> it is busy. it's not exactly a million- dollar commute. but you know the feeling when you see a lot of slow traffic on the traffic board here. you know that a lot of the bay area is in the peak of the morning commute. in richmond, we have slow traffic but it's cleared up in vallejo and pinole. but the part of contra costa that's slow is highway 4. we keep coming book that because we have had very slow traffic out to bay point. accident, stalled vehicle, minor collisions. they've been cleared now. let's go to some live pictures. big backup there. it's backed up for about a 20- minute wait at the toll plaza. traffic is moderately heavy on the bridge itself. we've always been following traffic this morning on the other side -- on the other bay
8:09 am
area bridges. not too bad when you get to the peninsula. fog issues in parts of marin county and the -- and the western peninsula. speaking of fog -- or actually speaking of roadwork, this is 680. the construction project in danville, if you know the area, if you live in the area you've seen it. they've been toking overnight work and people always ask me when this is gonna be done. they are well on their way. it should be done earlier in the year. this kind of -- these pictures were taken earlier. let's go to steve. ty, sir. we have a lot more fog today. it's been that kind of a summer. the temperatures will warm up inland. not so much on the coast. they've been stuck. here comes the fog and we cool it down. you know is the -- you notice the night they cool down. today follow burns, a lot more
8:10 am
today than we had yesterday. cooler today for inland areas. the weekend looks nice. today the fog wins out, the low clouds, the low clouds and the fog, a lot of 60s -- 50s and 60s. for many so far at least in august. 50s, 60s. a few low 70s. 70s and muper 70s around the bay. upper 70s. a lot of 80s. some of these higher clouds, drifting up. a couple of our forecast models were latching on. a lot of tropical moisture wrapping some of that in. i'll mention it for maybe next week, i'm looking ahead four, five days.
8:11 am
i know west 13 at fair field isn't a big -- fairfield isn't a big deal but it was less yesterday. that tells me -- i can feel it when it is going to cool down. the last couple of days we had the warmer weather away from the coast. we'll lean on slightly cooler temperatures away from the coast. cool by the water's edge and then nice, 60s, 70s around the bay. it will still be warm inland but not as warm. 92 is hot. i think i went 95. walnut creek, 86.
8:12 am
there's a much stronger breeze coming around broadway and civic. 70 in oakland. livermore, 89. they've been in the low 90s. the -- in the 90s. 79 san jose. down a couple from yesterday. san francisco has not had a high above 66 this entire month. friday fog and saturday a little cool earl and then a little warmer on sunday. thank you, steve. this morning, fire crews continue to battle a fire near the state line. president obama 'new plan for creating jobs. and when the white house says you will be able to hear it. and a man is attacked in a mcdonald's parking lot. why he says the restaurant's owners are to blame.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. blue sky. blue sky. temperatures will an little cooler inland. even though -- will be a little cooler inland. 60s and 70s closer to the bay. 8:15. happening right now in new york, dramatic pictures -- look at the middle of your screen, a sanitation truck that wildly smashed through the wall of a garage and is just dangling over the ground, three stories
8:16 am
up. incredible. >> this has been going on for the past two hours in queens. the driver of the truck has been rescued. he's in good condition. no one down on the ground below was hurt but debris fell down on parked cars on the street. we don't know if anyone was injured in the cars. incredible pictures of what happened in new york. that's the very latest. we'll keep you posted on this remarkable picture from new york. president obama is fighting back against critics who say he has no plan to create more jobs. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the announcement the president will give a major speech next month. allison? >> reporter: that's right. but we are going to have to wait for all of the details. the president is not going to be delivering this big jobs speech until after the labor day holiday after his trip to martha's vineyard, ten-day vacation that starts tomorrow.
8:17 am
now, the president is wrapping up his midwest bus tour today with two town hall meetings in illinois. he's been outlining his plans. he says he realizes americans are looking to him for solutions. >> what i continue to believe is that ultimately the buck stops with me. i'm gonna be accountable. people understand that this financial crisis was like the great depression. but. maltly they say, he's the president, we think he has good intentions. but we're impatient. >> reporter: but skeptics are already speaking out. a top aide to john boehner said we don't need another speech, just drop it in the mail. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. 8:17. senator barbara boxer will will be here in the bay area today. she'll be touring the lawrence berkeley national laboratory and then hold a news conference at the caldecott tunnel.
8:18 am
senator boxer will talk about a transportation bill she's introduced and also the importance of transportation projects to the country. federal stimulation money was used to pay for the construction project that's happening now at the -- to add a fourth bore. the photos and the images include blackened lungs, even a corpse of a smoker and the tobacco companies claim this violates their free speech because it essentially acts as an tie-smoking drug campaign. the fda has not commented on the lawsuit. the labels are scheduled to be in place by september of next year. a san jose teenager stabbed several times outside of a mc donald's restaurant is now fewing the owners of the restaurant. back on june 9th. jonathan was in the mcdonald's
8:19 am
parking lot with a friend and the friend went inside to buy some food. that's when he was robbed and stabbed by several suspects. he says it was a large group of people in the parking lot because of a music in the park concert he says that mcdonald's should have done more to provide security. sonoma county is moving closer to a county wide ban on plastic bags in grocery stores. "the press democrat" reports seven cities and the county now have agreed to take steps towards a countywide band. this morning highway 395 is open again as fares -- as firefighters battle a fire near the state line. the fire started yesterday afternoon southeast of gardnerville. right now, the fire is about
8:20 am
20% contained. so far, there are no injuries and no structures have been damaged. the cause is unknown. governor jerry brown and the governor of nevada are pledging to work together to preserve lake tahoe. the two governors met the -- met at the lake tahoe summit yesterday where they signed an agreement to return santa claraty to the lake at a depth of 100 feet within 65 years. it's currently -- it's currently at 64.4 neat -- 64.4 feet. hayward police gave ktvu a never-before-seen-look at the evidence room in the michaela missing case. on the board, photos of seven
8:21 am
suspects, including phillip garrido. >> every little bit that it gets out there, i'm still hoping that michaela will see it and she will recognize herself and know that we're still looking for her. >> she was kid out i'd -- outside a hayward grocery store in 1988. police say phillip garrido was in a halfway house 20 miles away. police interviewed nancy garrido and phillip garrido last week. they plan to question them again. a bill to be introduced in sacramento would change the rules for serious offenders. the proposal would expand the information to be, identify -- to be used to expand the release. this new bill is -- is in response to phillip garrido
8:22 am
being paroled after being deemed a model prisoner. the brother of a man suspected of killingly self and others is speaking out. also -- was it a sneaky ploy or was it just lost in cyberspace. good morning. highway 4 has been a terrible commute. now we have another problem that's growing. wile tell you more about that and the rest of the commute.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
the brother of the man suspected of killing him self and his daughter is now speaking out. he said his brother is not a killer but a victim of desperation. the bodies of the two were found in his car on saturday. autopsy results show the initial cause of death to be carbon monoxide poisoning. a nasty custody dispute over the little girl is to blame for his brother's actions, this man says. >> he was devastated enough to where it was imminent. it was sad she was used by a tool -- as a tool by lawyers in in community. >> he received notice of the court that her mother had been awarded full custody. he said his brother was a good father who just wanted to raise his daughter.
8:26 am
8:25. let's go to scal you -- sal now. you've seen some major problems. one of the problems we've seen is highway 4. we've had an oil slick that's backing on the freeway. i just wanted to mention wherever you are in this general region. let's move along and take a look at the live pictures quickly westbound bay bridge backed up for a 20-minute delay at the toll plaza. this morning we are looking at traffic that's slow on 237 all the way into sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have a bigger fog bank today. temperatures will come down inland not a lot. upper 80s instead of the low and mid-90s. 39 up in truckee by the way. the mountains have been on the cool side reminiscent. we have fog to deal with. there is an area of low pressure on the left side of your screen. it's hard to see. i will show you on the satellite. it's spinning out there.
8:27 am
as it does. it's also dry -- right there. there's a bitter look at it. see the counterclockwise row nation it's also bringing in a few high clouds from northern california. so 50, 60s, 70s, coast and bay. temperatures north bay have been running about average same for the peninsula, the east bay has been running warm he. today we bring it back down. not much change. cooler friday than with your weekend in view. cooler on saturday, warmer on sunday. a controversial proposal in san jose, why the city golf course could soon become the new home of homes. >> reporter: thirty minutes now, a vote. i just talked to a commissioner. i will tell you why he expects the same vote yes. also, the expensive plan to
8:28 am
protect a proposed stadium in santa clara. why some people just don't like it.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. they are saying hold on for the metropolitan agency to move. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the meeting is at 8th and oak. that's the mca headquarters. the -- mtc's headquarters. the supervisor says he expects the same yes vote today. the only difference he says
8:31 am
today they are gonna give the public anicks planation as to how the last -- an explanation as to how the last vote went down. the staff voted 12-2 to move to san francisco. before the vote, the staff has recommended that move. this is the building in san francisco. the mtc wants to move here because it says it has outgrown the oakland facilities. right now, it's hard to see how oakland can come up with the four vote that's need to at least get the tie and have the mtc think about it. the building here, the mtc says it actually looked at all kinds of facilities all over the bay area. they said over the course of two years, this building in oakland was not feasible as the one in san francisco as the one in the city.
8:32 am
now, why all of this is going on, this will come up in the meeting today. a state senator questioned whether the mtc could use toll money for the new building plans. now, in addition to the moving costs, the mtc is gonna have to pay for the place in the city. the senator is organizing committee hearings in sacramento on this very issue. when i talked to him a few minutes' he expects there will be questions about paying and renovating the building. most of their money comes from the federal government, the state and toll collections. that's how they got their -- they get their money. he doesn't think it will an problem. reporting live from oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. last night, the santa clara city council voted to spend millions of dollars to protect
8:33 am
a plan to build a football stadium for the 49ers. the counsel decided to opt in to the plan to keep its redevelopment agency. the city will have to pay the state $11 million this year and almost $3 million almost every year after that. >> we really don't have a choice right now to protect what we have in santa clara. we must go and opt in to the redevelopment agency. >> public money is to be used for the public, not to support the san francisco 49ers. >> now, the redevelopment money also pays for the building of affordable housing t would also fund a proposed library. investigators are looking into a fire at a san francisco juvenile detention center. it was reported yesterday evening at a center on woodside avenue. the fire started in the kitchen and was extinguished within 15 minutes. no one was injured.
8:34 am
three people are being treated for serious injuries after a collision involving an ac transit bus in oakland. it happened around 7:00 last night at football boulevard and 50th -- and 50th avenue. investigators -- investigators say a ford taurus crashed. the driver was the only person on the bus and was not injured. a bomb squad destroyed a suspicious object near the downtown palo alto caltrain station overnight. a taxi driver notified police about 8:00 after finding a shopping back on the platform. the santa clara bomb squad x- rayed the bag but could not figure out what was inside. they destroyed it at midnight with a water cannon. a watsonville man has been acquitted after appearing on
8:35 am
"dateline's". this was part of a 2006 sting by dateline. the judge said prosecutors had not proven roysman had specific intend to commit the crime and is the only one of the 29 men arrested to be acquitted. 8:35. police in san anselmo searching for a suspicious man who approached two young girls. police say the man offered two 9-year-old whirls -- girls a ride. it happened at oak avenue and waverly rode -- road. the girls said no and then took their parents with it -- parents about it. he's described as a white man in his forts and 50s -- 40s and 50s. two owners of a canny bus club -- canny bus club -- canny
8:36 am
because club has been charged. the owners are out on 100,000 bail. felony employment and tax fraud and intent to sale are the charges. three other businesses in fremont were also raided as a result of this des. a des -- result of this investigation. mayor chuck reed wants to sell rancho del pueblo golf course. he says the course has only made a profit once. >> it's a beautiful course.
8:37 am
it's heartbreaking to know they are trying to do this. there will an lot of kids who will miss it -- there will be a lot of kids who will miss this course if it goes. >> there will be a public hearing on the golf course tonight. new hybrid buses are starting to roll. the fleet of the electrical buses will help the area save both money and energy. the bus system currently is face -- currently -- currently faces a $30 million deficit. they hit the streets a week ago. starting today, hundreds of history buffs will re-create the pony express route. more than 600 riders will spend riding the historical letter- writing service every year. a letter can be mailedded for
8:38 am
the 1860 -- mailed for the 1865 price. according to google, a link that allows recipient to allow you to sign up for google plus does not always work when it's sent from facebook. facebook says their system is designed to block spam and in some cases, the google plus think could be better filtered and facebook says this is not intentional. 8:38. and sal spends a little bit of time on facebook to keeping viewers updated on various situations. >> i think the -- i think they keep us updated, too, the social media and our website, let's go outside. i want to show you that the mack care thursday maze traffic is doing -- mack car there is maze traffic is doing slow. it's backing up around the
8:39 am
curve and you will see a backup. you can see from the toll plaza building it's plaqued -- it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. just be patient. again we've been talking about this all morning long. highway 4, so many of our viewers -- they always worry what it's going to be like now that the slow traffic is dying out. antioch is slow. 680 has improved. i know you want to hear that. 80 itself between vallejo and pinole is doing nicely. let's go to steve. low clouds and fog around good morning. good morning. bigger fog bank today. some areas, john sasaki one of our reporters said -- i wake up and the sun is shining. i get it. i get it. there are areas that get the fog. for many the sun is out. so the fog has returned. the return of the fog. cooler today, more of the same,
8:40 am
just little changes. nice saturday. it does look warmer on sunday. low clouds, fog. combination of the two. highs 50s and 60s by the coast. in case you missed it every day this month. the low temperature has been between 53 and 55. the high temperature has been between 61 and 66. those are all below average on those high temperatures. should be closer to 67, 68. not a lot but a very stable pattern. low clouds and fog and a few high clouds might drift up here. a lot of tropical moisture flirting. keep an eye on that. 50s and 60s. san jose did have low clouds now the low fog is burning off. just took a look at the web camera from the fine, fine folks there. you can see the blue sky. the fog, there it is. not showling all of the position -- not showing all of the fog but showing a westerly
8:41 am
breeze. that tells me it's gonna be a little cooler today. one thing i want -- one thing i want to show you. there is an area you of low pressure. it show the you the colder the tops, the whiter the tops -- it shows you the colter the tonight, the whiter the tops -- the tops, the whiter the tops. as it gets closer, it kind of enhances that fog. so that shows -- that cools us down a little bit today. not much change by the beaches. 60s for there to a lot. the breeze picks up through the delta. 60s, 70s -- 60s, 70s, 80s. a lot more 80s than 90s. but 60s and 70s closer to oakland. san jose at 79. sunny now. redwood city, san carlos, muper 70s. menlo park mountain view. los altos in there. d.c. and westlake a cool 59. not much change thursday and
8:42 am
friday. your weekend is always in view. 8:42. breaking news this is coming in now this morning from tampa, florida. police say they just stopped a plot by a 17-year-old student to blow up his high school. officials say the 17-year-old was expelled from freedom high, then he threatened to bomb the school. just last night, investigators recovered a journal and materials to make pipe bombs. they also found shrapnel and fuses. the teenager is facing felony charges, including possession of bomb-making terms. 8:42. just before the 9/11 navy, the california central -- anniversary, the california central coast remember the victims. the meaning the towers have for
8:43 am
a retired firefighter and his grandson. a very close call at a florida theme park after pretty wild weather passed through there. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where you may see smoke rising from the hills today. we'll tell you what the firefighters are up to and what they don't want you to do. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month.
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stocks are mixed right now. the dow is up thanks to some more good news coming in from companies reporting better profits than expected. the dow currently up 27. nasdaq, though, is having a tough day, it's currently down a little bit 11. s&p is up 3 at 1196. gold, by the way, is up to 17.87 on inflation fears. time is 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. copper thieves are targeting san francisco's schools. they've already hit two schools in the sunset district. police say they do have a suspect description but we don't have details yet. a news conference set for this morning. some oakland city officials are pushing for a curfew for anyone under the age of 18. they also want to expand the city's gang injunction. they say police need more help
8:47 am
in fighting rising crime rates. all of this comes after a stray bullet killed a little child playing near his home. the news conference, set for 11:00 today. this morning, the white house announced, president obama will unveil a major jobs initiative next month. reportedly the president has been meeting with the head of major u.s. companies to come up with the jobs plan. 8:47. don't be alarmed if you see some smoke in the air near santa teresa county work in san jose. tara moriarty is at the work to tell us what's happening there today. >> good morning, tara. >> reporter: you can see behind me the fire crews are having a little bit of a pow-wow right now. what they will be doing in the next 15, 20 minutes they will be starting this training exercise exercise -- this
8:48 am
training exercise. these guys are actually laying the ground for work members of the academy tomorrow? >> yeah. we have experienced firefighters out here today and they are probably gonna prep probably a couple of hundred acres of this slopely grass area so tomorrow we can get our 22 firefighters out here from the academy to actually do a live burn to train them for the upcoming wildland season which begins in september, october. >> these guys are gonna be lighting this black ring and will be -- >> to burn out. they are gonna create a perimeter around this area all the way to vernal road. so tomorrow when they begin the burn, this urfire, it creates a barier -- this fire it cre its as a barier.
8:49 am
-- barrier. this is a great opportunity before they hit the streets. >> yes. they will hit the streets august 26th. september, october, are typically our highest fire danger and san jose firefighters respond out of county and go to los angeles and on county mutual aid. and there are -- and their lives are more in danger. these guys are gonnaen out here all day -- these guys are gonna be out here working all day. if you see smoke rising, the san jose fire department is asking you not to call 911. it's their training exercise -- exercise that's going on. back to you. >> thank you, tara. 8:49. a piece of the world trade
8:50 am
center has found a permanent home -- home on california's central coast a 10-foot beam from one of the twin towers is now on display at a san luis obispo fire stations. the city applied for this a few years ago. a firefighter volunteered to make the roundtrip to bring this here. >> i felt an opportunity to be part of it. and it felt very good that that was the right thing to do, to transport it. >> the retiree went on the trip with his grandson. the plan also -- city also plans a nationwide search for an artist to burn the beam into a memorial. eight people hospitalized after a lightning strike in florida are now recovering at home. the incident happened yesterday at seaworld discovery cove in orlando. three guests and five employees were in a patio area when wild
8:51 am
weather moved through. no one was directly hit but some people reported a tangling sensation and were taken to local hospitals. two seaworld employees were released while the others went home last night. a very emotional moment in the small town dash nash a very small town. the suspect of a murder of a 3- year-old girl appeared in court for the first time. shawn morgan is accused of suffocating her and leeching her body in the ditch near her house. now, there he is there. appearing in court yesterday. he did not enter a plea. court documents show he already confessed to police that he did do it but he hasn't given a reason why. also, more information now about the man, that man there, responsible for the longest standoff in tulsa, oklahoma history. 25-year-old william stervant ii, finally climbed down from this radio tower.
8:52 am
he was there for six days. a negotiator finally talked him into drinking some watter before -- he climbed a cherry picker and then they helped him down. authorities don't think he was trying to kill himself. he didn't make any demand. he did have a history of mental illness and he has a criminal record. eight minutes before 9:00. seeing double in the classroom? how students can try to protect their vision. also, a stanford education university -- university education for free and you don't even have to leave your house. comfort couldn't hurt. me over-the-top and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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8:55 am
stanford university's computer department is offering free online courses. 85,000 people have signed up on the class. from high schoolers to the elderly, they are all signing u this course is taught by two professors, one of them is google's director of research. this program will include treatment -- streaming video and interactive technologies. the other classes focus on database software and machine learning. we'll post all of the information about the classes at in the section near the bottom of the front page. also stanford quarterback andrew luck, there he is, on the cover of the "sports
8:56 am
illustrated." he led sanford to a 12-1 season last year. "sports illustrated" ranks him number four in the country and he's a leading candidate for the heisman trophy. students have a new way to get ready for school. a back-to-school swap is being held at children's library on harriett street. the one-hour event starts at 3:30 this afternoon. technology in schools may actually jeopardized health of some children. >> so i kept on telling my dad. i want to go to an eye doctor because i keep on seeing two things. i don't know if that's a problem. >> yeah, that would an problem. >> computers have some kids seeing double. students with astigmatism or near sightedness have even more problems. knew no computers are moving in
8:57 am
and textbooks are -- now that computers are moving in and textbooks are moving out we are see seeing this more and more. children are advised to take a brake every 20 minutes. that would probably be good advice for adults now. hey, sal, you look at all of the equipment and tell us about the commute. >> yes, i use all four eyes to do that. traffic is slow, 237 as you cross 8980. stop and go still, 880 nearby. also, 880 in oakland slowing way down, heading down 0 -- heading north on the -- north on the right. at the toll plaza, we still have a 20-minute wait. today's weather with steve. sunny, inland but not as hot. 50s, 60s by the coast. i don't see much change here. >> kind of stratus quo?
8:58 am
>> yeah, status quo, -- stratus quo. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now. we record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.
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