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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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likely to notice it and the afternoon sea breeze will pick up anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour. low 60s along the coastline. wide spread 60s and 70s around the bay area. our warmest spots expected to hit 83 degrees in the afternoon. we'll take a peek into the weekend coming up. sal. hello rose my miles per hour -- rosemary. traffic is doing very well. also the morning commute looks good if you are on interstate 880 right past the coliseum. some of the road work is still out there. when you come upon it make sure you slow down. move a lane over to give the workers some room. this morning on the san mateo bridge it looks good heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. new this morning a san ramon man is in police custody
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following an intense standoff that ended around midnight. police received a report that the suspect hit hazellerly mother. the officers went to the home. they called in a swat team when they could not reach the woman or her son. after several hours the woman walked on to the french porch and was rescued. her son remained barricaded inside the house. >> we were able to rescue the mother. we then started to get him to comply in the most safest way for both the suspect and officer. >> police arrested steven junior after he ran out the back door. he has been booked into jail on charges of elder abuse and battery. neighbors on two blocks were evacuated during that standoff. we've just learned an overnight shooting in san francisco visitation valley neighborhood has turned deadly. the 18-year-old victim was shot while standing on ray street
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last night. an ambulance rushed him to the hospital where he died from his injuries just about 2.5 hours ago. 20 police officers responded to that shooting scene. >> they were looking for possible suspects in the area and also they are taking care of the crime scene. making sure nobody walks into it right now. they have certain evidence. >> police say the suspect approached the victim on foot, fired, than ran away. right now there is no description of the suspects homicide and gang task force detectives are investigating. just about an hour ago we learned oakland police have arrested a suspect in a late night shooting with a victim they say was hard to find. the shooting happened just before 10:00 last night on 64th avenue. police tell us at ktvu when they arrived they had trouble locating the victim because he was lying in the gutter hidden by a parked car. the man was taken to highland hospital until serious condition. so far police have not released
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any information about the suspect in custody. a woman rescued from a burning home in east oakland died from her injuries overnight. firefighters rushed to the home around 9:00 last night. they pulled the woman out and rushed her to the hospital. firefighters searched the home but did not find anyone else. the cause of the fire is under investigation. overnight a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of japan. that hit in the same area as the devastating 9.0 earthquake in march. a tsunami was issued. that advisory has been lifted and so far no reports of damage or injuries. well, in economy watch stocks around the world are dipping again after another plunge on wall street. all the major european stock markets are down right now. most of them down around 3%. here at home the futures indicate a much lower opening
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once again and that follows this. a 419 drop for the dow to 10,990. nasdaq off 131 points yesterday. s & p down 53. again aloer opening this morning. there is more bad news hitting the streets this morning. allie rasmus is in san francisco with news of a major bank getting ready to cut thousands of jobs. >> reporter: bank of america says it plans to cut 3500 jobs in this quarter and there are publish reported from the wall street journal that bank of america could eliminate as many as 10,000 jobs in the coming year. the stock is down more than 50% since january. yesterday as you mentioned a lot of other stocks did not have a very good day. this is the fidelity investment ticker. this is where stocks closed yesterday. you can see a lot of red arrows and negative numbers. the dow dropped more than 400
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points yesterday. taking a look at the trading overnight, asian markets also fell in friday trading. japan closed down 2.5%. hang sang lost 3%. european markets as pam mentioned aren't fairing much better this morning. the downward trend in the market comes as fears the global economy may be contracting. there was a lot of negative economic news in the u.s. including a report that inflation rose. weekly unemployment claims were higher than expected. home sales were lower than anticipated. there is ongoing concerns about the european debt crisis and how that all effect the u.s. economy. most analysts expect the volatility to continue today. partly because there is no economic reports scheduled to be released today that could give investigators any boost. we will keep an eye on the markets when they open here in the u.s. two hours from now. live in san francisco allie
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rasmus. big changes are coming to a big bay area company. coming up in less than ten minutes hewlett pac card plan to abandon a business it pioneered more than 30 years ago. glove compartment a gunman involved in -- a gunman involved in a standoff never had a hostage. the gunman has been identified as 38-year-old peter james thomas. he had barricaded himself inside a second floor room of a hotel about 8:30 wednesday morning. he told police his girlfriend was in the room with him when actually she was in a different room on a different floor. >> she is safe. she is in our care. she will be interviewed by our investigators to determine what happened in the situation and any involvement or level of involvement she may have. >> police say they have lost contact with thomas early yesterday morning. that is when they drilled a hole in the wall.
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inserted a camera and saw his body. he apparently died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. he was wanted on a burglary of guns. labor day weekend is still two weeks away. bay area law enforcement agencies are getting a head start on keeping drunk drivers off the road. starting today several agencies will be taking part in a nation- wide crack down. crack down goes through september 5th. right now 4:37 want to check in on sal. still a lot of repaving projects out there. >> yeah. we have them everywhere. marin county is one of them. just be careful out there if you see road work. try to move over and slow down for sure. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. we spoke of the road work in
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marin county. that is on northbound 101 they have three left lanes closed until 5:30:00 a.m.. just be careful with the road work. actually until 6:00 a.m.. westbound bay bridge this traffic looks pretty good coming up to the toll plaza it is light. this mornings commute is moving well. in the south bay. you can see traffic is looking pretty good. santa cruz mountains between the summit and bear creek road there is construction during the night there. is 20 minutes away they start to pick it up. 4:3 let's go to rosemary. a similar start on your friday morning. by the afternoon you may notice your temperatures slipping a little bit. a few degrees in some cases. more like 5-6 degrees in others. that is notable. 53 in santa rosa. 56 in napa. 55 in san francisco.
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58 in oakland. the low clouds beginning to move farther inland this morning. the forecast slightly cooler for today and then this pattern is actually going to continue into the weekend. we are going to remain below normal. we will notice an increase in our low cloud coverage. low 60s inland and our inland i should actually say low 60s along the coastline. inland temperatures will be sitting in the mid to upper 70s for most. so by the noontime mostly sunny skies. a wide-spread mid upper 50s for the coast. 70s inland. we will remain below normal. take a look at highs expect the for the afternoon. 77 expected in santa rosa. 82 for concord today. only mid to upper 60s for the east bay. 66 expected in oakland for the afternoon today. 75 san jose. so a nice day in the south bay.
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75 expected redwood city along the peninsula. looking good. 64 for the afternoon in san francisco. your extended forecast here with the weekend in mind take a look at that temperatures sliding just a little bit into the weekend. average temps for the inland area low 80s. temperatures begin to rebound monday and tuesday. back into the upper 80s and low 90s. >> thank you. 4:40 is the time right now. los angeles police chief charlie beck is once again defending his defendant's arrest of giovanni ramirez. he made his first verbal comments yesterday. the chief says he stands by the arrest even though giovanni ramirez has been exonerated. >> i can't change any of that. i presented the same patterns. >> the chief also published an
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editorial saying the arrest met the burden of proof. two other men are facing charges for the bryan stow beating. meantime bryan stow remains hospitalized at san francisco general hospital. he is making progress in his recovery. so much so the family is calling this week pretty amazing. stow's family says he's mouthing words. doctors also tell us this week that stow can follow some commands and he is still interacting with his family a little bit more. former numi workers in fremont are getting a huge payout. the headaches created in arizona after a giant wall of dust surrounds the phoenix area again. and a sign of the times how the skyrocketing cost for gold may be leading to a surge in crime on the streets of oakland. good morning, traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving in the east bay right now. we'll tell you more about the
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morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning, to you. we are knocking on weekends door and we are cooling it down in time for the weekend. we are going to start out with clouds in the morning. mild to warm temperatures for the afternoon. take a look at this giant wall of dust. that moved across the phoenix area. it happened last night.
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this is the third time this summer it has happened in arizona. flights at sky harbor international saw delays of up to 50 minutes. the dust storm even knocked down power lines. new this morning in afghanistan at least ten people are dead after two attacks in the capitol city of kabul. i want to show you new video we received into our newsroom overnight showing you the after math. you can see the black smoke rise into the air. take a look at the damage. the first bomb exploded in a car outside the british council compound. the second explosion occurred after a suicide bomber walked inside the compound with a bomb attached to his vest. also new this morning from australia three people are dead after a helicopter crash in the australian outback. that happened last night right after the helicopter took off. the crew members on board belong to the australian broadcasting corporation. it's believed that they were filming a documentary.
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according to a retired american diplomat the u.s. considered pulling all american troops out of japan because of concerns over the nuclear crisis earlier this year. the retired diplomat says shortly after the march 11th earthquake it seemed no one in the japanese government was taking charge of the damage to the fukushima nuclear plant. because of that a worst case scenario plan was drawn up to evacuate the 50,000 u.s. troops in japan. toyota has agreed to pay $6 million to hundreds of former workers at the numi plant in fremont. toyota offered incentive payments to workers that were at the plant during the last six months of operation. workers on medical leave were not given the payments and they filed a lawsuit. about 500 former nummi workers will split that payment.
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hewlett packard is getting out of the business. it will stop making tablet computers and smart phones. it will continue to sell servers and other equipment to business customers and plans to spend $10 billion to buy a british software company. >> the evolutionary process with all of these companies is ongoing. the ones that survive like hp are the ones that can catch the wave. >> hp won't say if the change in business focus means layoffs. they employ 300,000 people around the world. worries about the global economy sent the price of gold to another record high. just short of $1830 an ounce. a walnut creek jeweler said he paid out $450 on monday. now 20% of his business is
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buying gold. >> it's crazier than we have ever seen. more and more come in. >> he says most of the people he sees is selling it off his jewelry and sending it on vacations. if you decide to sell your jewelry you should get several estimates. they also suggest checking with the better business bureau to make sure the buyer has a good reputation. the increase in the price of gold is leading to a crime surge involving jewelry. oakland police say thieves are ripping gold necklaces right off of people's necks. most has occurred during if the fruitvale bart station. as many as four gold necklaces have been taken in a single day. a new proposal is on the table to save struggling state parks with local businesses. this is millerton point and that is in marin county. due to state budget cuts this is one of 70 parks scheduled to be shut down.
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a local oyster company has cooked up a plan to keep the gates open to visitors. >> we propose that we would put some picnic tables and barbecues back there. we would maintain it. we would clean the toilets. put a bigger trash can in. >> a spokesman with the state parks foundation says public private partnerships are getting renewed interest because of the threat to state parks. now more major companies are being approached. some people are afraid the parks would become commercialized but the state's strict rules would not allow that to happen. in stockton police have called off a river search for a young woman. yesterday they found a single black flip-flop in the river. it is similar to ones that carlson was wearing on august 7th the night she disappeared. >> i have to say it's hers but certainly that was something they found down there that they
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felt was significant. >> it shows the 23-year-old woman at a pub and grocery store before she disappeared. she was with jason gilly that police arrested earlier this week. he has been released but he is still a person of interest. a new school year is less than a week away for uc berkeley students. it comes with a special police patrol for campus police. for the second year they will team up and patrol campus on thursday, friday, and saturday nights. this years program started last night will run through mid may when classes break for summer. the patrols start at 10:00 p.m. and last until 2:00 a.m.. 4:50 is the time right now. the race for san francisco mayor is heating up this morning. the criticism that mayor ed lee
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is getting. sugarland takes the stage again after the devastation in indiana.
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welcome back to the morning news. san francisco mayor ed lee is getting criticism this morning for ditching a debate and instead going to a pub crawl. now lee turned down an invitation to the debate to attenthe pub crawl in the lower hate. lee's spokesman said it allowed him to talk directly with real and undecided voters. at least one mayoral candidate is blasting lee's decision. pier says running for mayor isn't always going to be a party. it's 4:53 we want to go back to sal for a look at traffic. how does it look? >> pam, being a traffic reporter is always a party.
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>> of course we're with you sal castaneda he is a party. >> thank you. happy friday to you, pam and to everyone we are looking good. you might want to criticize me for having good news here. and no major problems this morning if you are doing the drive across any of the bay area bridges. the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland that traffic is and moving along very nicely with no major problems. if you are driving in san jose northbound and southbound 101 looking pretty good. 280 and 85 off to a very nice start. 4:54 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. and happy friday. looking forward to the weekend. temperatures will roll back a little bit. this morning very similar to how we started yesterday. 56 in napa. mid 50s in fairfield. we did have a stronger delta breeze blowing this morning.
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along the coastline 55 and 56 in redwood city. low 60s for mountain view. here we are this morning patchy in nature but you can see pretty wide-spread around the bay it will grow as we move through the morning hours and begin to retreat by noontime. it looks like the east bay partly cloudy there and we have clouds along the peninsula and coast. 3:00 in the afternoon notice those clouds still hugging the coast. so for the weekend we will cool it down. we have a trough that will sink a little south that will bring us an increase in our clouds as well as fog for saturday and sunday. starting today temperatures will fall anywhere from 3-6 degrees. our inland areas likely to fill it. take a lookout our temperatures 60s for nevada. low 60s san francisco. mid upper 60s for the east bay. 75 san jose. and we're looking at 83 degrees in morgan hill.
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low 8:s is -- low 80s is about the max. temperatures will dip a little bit more but we rebound monday and tuesday. back to you. thank you rosemary. 4:56 is the time. sugarland is once again taking the stage after the tragedy at the indiana state fair. >> in honor of those people that were wounded and those beautiful lives that were lost we ask that you stand us in a moment of silence. >> sugarland started its concert in albuquerque last night in honor of the five people killed on saturday. that is when a huge gust of wind collapsed the stage. sugarland is planning a private memorial for the victims. the ultimate fighting championship has a new television home starting this november the ufc will air right here on fox and ktvu channel 2. seven year deal is reportedly
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worth $100 million. both fox and the ufc say it will bring in a larger audience. a man behind bars after a swat team lays seize on a home in san ramon. how the man's mother was caught right in the middle of the intense situation. definitely shaping up to be another rough day on wall street. we'll tell you what happened overnight and the big bank that could be cutting thousands of jobs.
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it was another negative day on wall street yesterday. coming up we will explain why the downward trend is expected to continue today. when it opens shortly from now. a swat standoff in san ramon leads to the arrest of one man. the crime he's accused of committing against his own mother. we are live until berkeley where students are coming back to campus in time for the fall. we'll tell you what new measures they may face from police. a big vote today on funding for the mount diablo school district. the reason it means kids could spend more time in the classroom.


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