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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. how to avoid becoming a victim of this trend, good afternoon. >>reporter: these people are walking up to their victims snatching it off their next and running off. we have seen this all over oakland but one area is this area lake merit. now oakland police have teamed up with bart police and they are working side by side. the majority of the victims are female and they say people are desperate and lured by the money gold can bring. right now it is being sold at $1,800 an ounce. >> we melt it down, bring us
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your copper bring us your silver and gold, you know it is a scam. it is attend station. -- a temptation. >> reporter: oakland police say there are dozens of thefts and they are offering tips to the victims to avoid getting robbed. >> always be aware of the surroundings don't get distracted by cell phones and if you see anything suspicious make sure you call the police department. >> reporter: descriptions of the suspects have been vague and all we know is they are latino and african-american in their early 20s. >> their you tarry. >> reporter: gold prices are up to record levels and right now they are trading at $8.15 per
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ounce. stocks have been fluctuating for much of the day and with less than an hour to go with the trading day looks like the sellers are starting to take over. markets are down in the last two hours. live on the big board, 134 down below 850. nasdaq is down 30 and s&p 500 is down 13. even though the dow jones industrial average is in negative territory it's still better than the 415 point drop. they are not expecting a volatile day today. >> prices will get to the weekend and we will reassess. it really does feel like after a lot of volatility, people can't do it anymore. all the people who had the fear
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have gotten out. >> yesterday's market drop came own the heels of several reports inflation rose weekly unemployment came up and the debt crisis continues. now investigators are hoping for help and the federal reserve is meeting in jackson hole wyoming next weekend. overnight the world's largest bank is planning 3500 layoffs by the end of this quarter and as many as 10,000 as part of a restructuring plan. that is more than 3% of its workforce and the jobs are spread across all divisions of the bank and its stock is down 2%. we are learning the federal government is providing emergency funding to dozens of states to keep unemployment checks from bouncing. with four years of unemployment, state trust funds are running out of money and
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california has borrowed $8 billion from the government. the obama administration says there are limits on people who have already collected. >> nobody out there should anticipate that if they have exhausted benefits that anything new will be coming. >> they will be getting $900 million and 30 states are covering unemployment benefits. while many are still looking for work, a group of home full people -- hopeful people provides training for grain jobs. more on the program and the prospects for people to get hired. >> reporter: everybody here was happy today. they are a little richer, well,the-year-old in two -- wealth thinker in two --
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wealthier in two ways. they are more rich eastern because of the donations -- richer because of the donations and reductions made in the city. richmond has a national reputation as a best practice green color dog training program. it comes as the unemployment rate continues to climb particularly in low income areas like richmond. richmond rebuild has an 80 percent job placement rate for those who graduate start at $18 per hour. >> it really turns life around. it really gives opportunity at a time when opportunity is slim. so i am very, very proud of this program. >> california is lesson its laurels as it relates to job creation. we have to reconcile that and the government with the first step. >> he didn't really role up his
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-- roll up his sleeves but they have been addressing an issue that has become a bit of a course. there -- controversy. there was talk that he is doing just fine and issued a report in july. they made 30 recommendations 38 if you count the pillars how to create jobs and he says he is working with an assembly member on how to create jobs and he is doing just fine. in fact one of the recommendations he made on a report that was released was recommending hiring jobs. reporting live in richmond, ktvu channel 2 news. it led to a woman's death in san francisco. she was inside the home near
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bishop high school where her a dealt granddaughter when -- adult granddaughter when the fire started. firefighters could see flames as the fire started. >> additional information came through 911 there may be a rescue involved so i ordered an ambulance. >> the woman was first taken to hyland hospital then transferred to the burn unit in st. frances. they believe the fire began accidentally but have not released any details about the cause. one man is in jail after a hit-and-run injured a four-year- old and attemptings to abandon the car -- attempting to abandon the car. he hit the boy around 6:00 last night. after fleeing the scene he was seen removing stickers before being picked up by a woman and leaving his car in the parking lot. they provided a description of
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the car the two left in and the little boy is recovering at oakland children's hospital. in connection with a cold case he will be formally charged in court today. david dixon is accused in the 1979 fatal stabbing in san jose. dixon was arrested two months ago and new dna testing links him to the crime. they are not saying how they know each other or the motivation for the attack. he is wanted for a hit-and- run on highway 4 that killed bicyclist -- killed a bicyclist. investigators received a tip and he pled guilty and was sentenced yesterday. if he behaves himself he could be released. they served 18 years in prison -- 18 months in prison
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and we will tell you why they were released today. and telling us if temperatures will cool down or heat up. >> i think it is definitely good in the sense that it brings protection to students. >> as students return, there is a new effort to keep them safe especially at night.
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. backup after an early morning crash, car flipped over at 5:00 a.m. and two other accidents occurred inside the tunnel and the backups are causing more delays. nobody was injured in any of the accidents. pope benedict was greeted in spain today. he visited a monastery where he met with young nuns members of religious orders and afterwards the pope was scheduled to take part in a world utah day event -- youth day event. they are celebrating world youth day. the men known as the west memphis free walked free today
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in jonesboro arkansas. they have maintained their innocence since they were convicted for the 1993 murders of the boy scouts. they originally pled guilty and they will now work to clear their names and have been freed because of dna evidence. police rushed to morning glory court yesterday afternoon after getting reports that a man had attacked his elderly mother. when the men could not contact his mother or his son a swath team -- s.w.a.t. team was called in. several hours later the mother walked out the front door. police used tear gas to come out after negotiations failed. her husband was backed on
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charges of elder abuse and battery. the visitations alley neighborhood, police say an 18- year-old victim was shot while standing on ray street last night. an ambulance rushed him to the hospital but he died shortly before two this morning. at least 20 police officers responded. the suspects walked up to the victim shot him and ran away. there is no description of the suspects. homicide and gang task force investigators are investigating. the victim was actually hard to find. the shooting happened just before 10:00 last night on 64th avenue. when police arrived they had trouble finding the victim because he was lying in a gutter hidden by a parked car. the man is in serious condition and so far there are no details about the suspect. fairfield police are searching for a man who tried
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to rob a restaurant but wrestled his gun away from him. the attempted robbery just happened at the wing stop on gateway boulevard. they wrestled the gun away forced him to remove his mask. they let him leave after fearing he had more weapons and anybody with information is asked to call police. a 24-year-old piedmont man was found dead after he jumped off a yacht during a party. the memorial service began with a slide show of his life and he graduated, he was a 2005 graduate of piedmont high school.
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the coast guard is still investigating his death. it is the second year of a police patrol near uc berkley. they are keeping a close eye on fraternities sororities and other groups near campus. they will be patrology from 10:00 to 2:00 a.m. they had several complains about rowdy parties and one told us about a loud invitation last night. >> some guy was on the balcony of his frat house. he was yelling saying come on over here, it will be very fun. one of my friends said, oh, yeah let's go. problems could also lead to crimes. >> classes will run through mid- may. they say amos key the in --
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a mosquito was collected and tested positive for west nile virus. they are asked to get rid of standing water where mott -- mosquitoes can breed. >> they are stepping up to help struggling parks. due to state budget cuts this is one of 70 parks scheduled to be shut down. now a local oyster company has cooked up a plan and they want to put more picnic tables and assume responsibility for maintaining the area. >> we would put some picnic tables and chairs back there. we would clean the toilets, put a bigger trash can in. >> the park foundation said
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they are getting renewed interest and some are worried it will make it too commercialized. they are worried it will actually damage the parks. a bit chilly right around the bay and also here in san francisco with quite a bit of overcast and san francisco is still not out of the 50s and right now a current temperature of 57 degrees has expanded over the bay area over the past 12 -- six to 12 hours over the bay. you can see it closer to berkeley and also closer to the oakland area as well. forecast for today, we do have this patchy fog into the afternoon. we will call it warm inland and cooler temperatures for the beaches and warmer numbers by the beaches and numbers go up as we head into the week.
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right now it is 70 degrees in livermore santa rosa with a current temperature of 62 degrees. high pressure will be working with the marine layer stretching it out and no big changes for the coast. temperatures on the cool side right around the bay after the fog in the morning still sun cloud mix and wind speeds pick up around 15 to 20 miles per hour. clearing skies and temperatures on the warm side mainly in the 70s to lower 80s. this is tropical storm greg right now. spinning to the southwest of bah-hah and we could be picking up the moisture associated with greg tuesday and wednesday of next week. still a ways out we will be tracking a few high clouds moving into parts of the state and we will be watching that for next week. here is our forecast model
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hugging the coastline pushing back into the bay by 3:00 an 4:00 and this will be the signal we do cool off as we head into the weekend. temperatures approaching 80s by antioch and right around the bay mainly in the 60s. san jose in the mid-70s and red woods city 75 degrees. here is a look with your weekend always in view and temperatures cooling off for saturday and warming up and will gradually warmup by next week and in fact by tuesday a few areas will be approaching the #0 degree -- 90-degree mark. thank you mark. a popular restaurant chain will be posting information about an unexpected ingredient in some of its beans.
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they were surprised to hear that the pinto beans contain a small amount of bacon. the restaurant puts that information on its website but not on its menu. kosher practicing joys are among those who do not use -- kosher -- kosher practicing jews are among those who do not use these animals. >> right now only people who order vegetarian items are told they should eat the black beans. they say they will be adding the information to menus want months- í a within a few months -- within a few months. what happened when a man tried to use his feet to stop his struck? -- his truck.
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. stocks back down below negative territory, a sell off happening after a big drop there was some truck in situation not a lot of economic news but it looks like they are taking over before the end of the closing day. 10856. nasdaq down almost 32 and s&p 500 down 13. oil still down $82 a barrel and
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gold up to $18.50. at&t is dumping its lowest cost plan, the one that offered 1,000 text messages for $10 a month. instead they could choose between unlimited texting and most of the customers already have the unlimited plans. california will be hosting another member of the british family and harry is now planning a three months stay. when he is finish he will be a full apache pilot and can be redeployed to afghanistan. he was just here with his new wife katherine and there is no word on where his training will take place. a pickup truck was caught
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on a police -- trying to use his feet for breaks. kind of like fred flintstone he approached a stream and it was a matter of luck he didn't hit anybody. he finally came to a stop after crashing into four weeks and putting his truck in park and he told police he was just anxious to get home from work. coming up on a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news, a legal fight waging to get back to a home he already owns. plus a new crime trend at one of the most popular sites, what you need to do to protect yourself and stay tuned for preseason football, atlanta is facing jaguars in atlanta, thanks for watching and have a great weekend.
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