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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  August 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] >> i bret baier in for chris wallas . on the campaign trail it is game on. as the economic recovery stumbles.
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the president chris crosses the states. we'll look at politics and the economy with stewart varney and two white house aids that are trying to get their parties elected. republican karl rove and democrat bill burton . how do you get better cash and poll numbers? we'll continue our 2012 and exclusive . then american pressures syrian president assad to step down. we'll ask the sunday panel about both foreign hot spots and what should be done next right now on fox news sunday. hello, again. from fox news in washington, we'll talk politics with our guests . first the economy. shaken by fears of recession at home and the debt crisis in europe, the stock market had a rocky week. the dow dropped 5.2 percent after beginning the week on an
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upbeat note. for the year the drop is 6.6 percent. to give perspective on where we are we turn to stewart varney from the fox business network in new york. stewart, thank you for being with us. is the u.s. on the brink of a double dip recession? >> we are certainly in a nail-biting time. the double dip recession thought is creating concern in america. we are in a low growth or no growth at all and tipping on the edge of recession. in europe there is a recession ongoing there and the banks are looking shaky because of all of there is three high exy exy factors. it doesn't look like relief for the high anxiety exactors coming up this week. we know about the president's
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job's plan and so far what we have heard is not encouraging will more spending and probably more debt . meanwhile, ben bernanke is fresh out of policy options to get the economy moving from the federal reserve view and germans are refusing to bail out the rest of europe. this is a high anxiety week. i would advice watching the price of gold. it is open 22 dollars in august alone. >> bret: how europe deals with the crisis affects the u.s.. >> yes, it does. many of american banks are owned money by european sovereign nations . if they are looking shaky, so do the banks. hot european money comes
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straight over here invests in our downgraded debt and pushing our interest rates down to historical lows. i think you are going to see 3 and half percent 30 year fixed rate mortgages within a couple of weeks. >> bret: thank you for your insight. now to politicings. number one issue on the campaign trial. joining us from austin, texas. karl rove. he founded a group to elect as many republicans as party . here in the studio democrat bill burton. he is heading up a group designed to put democrats in office. bill, start with you. economist jeffrey sacks said this week. we are almost three years in the administration and there's never been a plan and the people feel
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he didn't lead. we have no agreements and leadership . i think it is odd that the vacation is on vacation . it is no joke. it is not just a august up and down little blip but a serious situation. this is not a republican candidate or lawmaker, but it is an economist that supported president obama. is this a problem for the president on vacation. >> you don't need to be a economist to understand that middle class families are -- when he came to office 700,000 jobs were shed. right now we have seen 2.3 million jobs added to the recovery and the president has done things to help the economy to grow instead of shrink. he's not had willing partners in
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the republican party to move forward. >> bret: why not put out the plan before the 10 day. >> i don't know there is a fair minded president -- person in this country that doesn't think he shouldn't go to be with his girls before school. congress needs to see how the nation works. the republicans will have a choice. they can work with him or continue to stop progress. if they continue to stop progress, that is the fight we will have in november and the american people can decide in november which direction to go in. >> bret: karl, you wrote in june. failing to offer a well thought out defense against the democratic demagoguory. if the voters are trying to see
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the republican plan for jobs and growth where do they turn? what is the plan? >> you turn to the candidate and that process will unroll. i would like to go back to manage that bill said. the president had democratic congress over two-thirds of the time in the congress and republican house for less than a third of the time. he got what he wanted. he passed a stimulus bill in 2001 and increased spending and he got affordable care act. when the president passed the stimulus bill he said unemployment would be six percent and five million more people working today than are working. the president's rating and gall up on economy is 26 percent. there is a reason why. his policies have utterly failed is the seventh or eighth or ninth time he talks about a plan . he tosses a idea on the table and included more spending and
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deficit and debt . the american people are fed up with it. >> the stimulus did create jobs and any economist would say it helped our economy grow instead of shrink. what republicans wanted to do is nothing. they fought the stimulus and all of the things that the president had to do. they fought the pay roll tax cut and things to do to put people back to work. republicans are fighting. american people want progress. >> bret: as deputy press secretary for president obama. you were the briefer for president obama when they were in martha vineyard and you asked what the difference was between the 2009 trip and 2010 and you said this. >> i would say the difference since his raication the automotive trea is back on its feet and the economy is moving in a different direction.
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you heard karl mention the gall up poll 26 percent on approval of the president's economy. what is the difference? >> the difference is the republicans won the house. they won the house and since that time they have done nothing to produce jobs and put nothing forward to partner with the president to create jobs and move this economy in the right direction. are poll numbers low. sure. when you are a strong leader you have to make strong decisions that make people unhappy. the president is not pouring over the poles but make the right decisions for the american people. >> bret: karl, i asked the questions if they would accept the deal in which democrats agreed to $10 for spending cuts and every single hand on the stage went up and saying they would walk away from the opposing tax increases. i expected some of them to push
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back and ask for time. there was no push back . when democrats complain about idealogical rigidity in the moderate republican party do they have a point? >> first, with due respect to your question, that was a question that had a predictable answer to it and in that kind of thing when they raise their hand and not offering the answer. but let me go back to what bill said. >> we gave them the opportunity. >> with all due respect, bret, it was a lousy question for a debate. ask that to the questions individually. they can't talk to bret baier on how to deal with the economy? >> let's set the record straight. there is rijippedity in the political system and it starts with the president of the united states.
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republicans had an idea to make the stim tim bill better. president obama dismissed eric cantors by saying i won. he had a democratic congress and got everything he wanted. what have the republicans done this year? they have insisted that the president set up a political battle. he had the votes in november to get his debt ceiling. he wanted the republicans to have ownership . he waited until the republican house and trying to jam them. republicans said we want deficit reduction before we increase the debt ceiling. they got it and the president signed it. the republicans passed a budget the demdeps haven't. republicans passed a slew of job creating the democrats haven't . the president sits here and lectures us about how we need to
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take action. what is his action? he has yet to put pen to paper and issue a job's plan that lasts nine months and don't complain about the lack of regidity. >> someone who turned a record surplus in a dev and it and got us in a war we shouldn't be n the american people are not ready to hear from you. >> i appreciate the insults, bill. but the fact of the matter is, you talk about the financial difficulties we had in 2008. i remember your boss coming to the united states senate and blocking the bill that attempted to reign in fanny and freddie while we had time to stop the disaster and your man joined in a filibuster by every democrat and turned around in october 2008 and belatedly voted it.
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criticize the iraq. you have set the state to vote for it. >> bret: the plan, that is a lot of people asking where is the plan? they are waiting on the speech. the senate democrats have not passed the budget in x number of days, almost two years. what about answering that part of the charge. >> what has the president done to create jobs? there are things that he could sign into law right now if congress would move forward. pay roll tax and infrastructure. >> bret: the trade deals are still in the white house. they haven't sent them over to senator mcconnell. so that is one thing that is not over. >> there are things that congress could to can to help create jobs. you will hear from the president
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on more ideas and karl, yeah, i was in the meeting where the president made the point to eric cantor. yes, elections have consequences and what the president need in the washington is partners to work with him to make congress. not just eric cantor and john boehner and mitch mcconnell who want to see the economy do poorly. >> don't question the motives and integrity of the people on the other side. it is a bad way to get support. we can't have a political disagreement without me questioning your motivation that is not a way to get partners. you mentioned a series of ideas and the democrats are hoping that the hoping that, and the president has yet to lay out a plann. you mentioned the infrastucture
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bank. democrats opposed the bank saying we don't have more money to lend to bail out business. >> it is whether or not the karl rove endorses it. >> yeah, there is no plan. the president has raised a little bit of the curtain to suggest he will ask for a extension of pray rol tax cut. we had pay roll tax cut and had we got robust growth no. >> bret: there is a little delay when i jump in and i am sure that is why you haven't stopped when i have. >> not really, bret. >> bret: let me ask you politics and if you had to put money on the fact whether sarah palin gets into the race what would you say. >> i would put more money she gets in than if she doesn't because of the schedule in iowa
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it looks like that of a candidate and not a celebrity. her difficulty if she doesn't get in after next week people will say she will not get n she is getting to the end of the process. she has a robust schedule and the video on friday that was released by the campaign or pack strikes me as prepresidential. >> bret: karl, you have talked to paul ryan about his potential presidential bid. how serious is he >> i don't know. from talking to people in the country who picked up the phone and called him and told him what they think. he's getting a lot of pressure as is governor christi in new jersey and they will have to give some consideration to the kind of encouragement they are
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getting. >> bret: bill, who do democrats foremost. jimmy carter's folks wanted to run against reagan. i will not say one candidate we want. no matter who it is. they will want to gut and end medicare and end the epa and they will want to put radical conseshatives on the supreme court. >> bret: governor perry is seen by fundraisers to obama as easier to beat. i was praying perry would get in the race said a former aid. only a few people who fit that title. why would perry be easy to beat? >> i don't know that he would be easy to beat. karl rove can raise a lot of cash for the outside to help republicans get elected. but when the health care debate got ot he said texas should
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succeed and the fed chair was guiltiy of treason. he took a state at 4.2 percent unemployment and got it to ate percent . job percent are minimum wage jobs and there is a case to be made against rick perry. who ever the republican nominee will be it will be close. >> bret: your response to bill here? >> bill is, i want you to keep drumming though lines bill. if perry is the nominee texas has led the job creation. we have been in a 30-year period in which we are growing rapidly and 10th fastest growing in terms of personal income. it has a robust economy that caused three million people to move here. go ahead and attack it all they
9:19 am
like. people are moving to texas from all over the country because of the robust economy. the president is in deep trouble he had 39 percent in the gall up percent. no president hit under 40 at this point in his presidency and been relected since 1948 . i don't think barack obama will pull off harry s. trumon. >> bret: thank you karl rove rove and bill burton for being here. up next. we'll talk to rick -- rick santorum. we'll be right back. what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360 has custom solutions to make it happen, including mobile payment processing, instant hot spots, and powerful devices like the motorola photon 4g. so let's all keep asking the big what ifs.
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can help you find the answers.
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>> bret: joinning us now as we continue or 2012 series of introduce is presidential candidate is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> guest: thank you. >> bret: say to the president in office right now what specific things to create jobs and get it through the divided congress right now? >> guest: you make the assumption that rick santorum makes the presidency we would probably control the senate. i feel good that 23 of the democrats up. we'll hold the seats. begin that as a preference repeal obama care. that is the first thing and
9:23 am
creating a certainty in the market place and not put a huge entitlement and tax the business community will go first step number one to solve the problem. secondly, we need to do something to resatellitize the core of america which is our manufacturing base. i talked about it on the road. i come from a steel town north of pittsburg and i believe that the real middle of america that shrunk is we went 21 percent of jobs being in manufacture down to 9. we have lost those jobs overseas and need to bring them back. one big idea that i proposed is cut the corporate tax from all manufacturers from 35 percent to wrero. get jobs back in this country. you create a tax system that allows us not only make things here and compete and be profitable here but the impediment to manufacturing is tax system doesn't match up with
9:24 am
other tax systems in the world and it is harder to export here. you cut the tax to zero. >> bret: how do you know they will put back in to the country and create those jobs if there's not something attached to it? >> guest: you only get the corporate tax rate if you manufacture here. not if you manufacture in chin a. you have to manufacture here in america to get zero percent rate . that to me is a powerful incentive and talk about energy. pennsylvania is now having a boomlet because of the gas industry. we will drill 3,000 to 4000 gas wells . enormous economic activity in the rural parts of the state. we need to do two things. create jobs in the energy sector
9:25 am
and create a stability for the manufacturing sector. we have table gas prices and a great incentive for manufacturers to come back. >> bret: what makes you more qualified to create jobs or turn the economy around. >> guest: i have gotten things done. that's the difference between me and everybody else in the race. accomplishment the and get conservatives to pleas . get the size and scale of government. we are headed to 40 or 50 percent of the overall government if we don't fix the entitlement. there is only one person who worked and passed welfare reform. i was the author in the senate in the house and ways. i went head-to-head to ted
9:26 am
kennedy, the lyons of the left and bill clintton who didn't want to end the federal entitlement to welfare he veted it twice . we were able to put time limitos welfare . something we have to do with medicaid and food stamps. the core problem with our deficit are things i was able to accomplish when i was in the united states senate. no one else has been able to do that. >> bret: vice-president biden is in china and passed blame to the strong voice within the republican party that prevented a bigger deal on debt and deficit reduction. your reaction. >> guest: biggest thing we can do to reduce the deficit is get the economy growing. left thing you want to do is increase tax. we are trying to help you, joe .
9:27 am
get the economy going by doing things that actually create private sector growth and the response from the left time and time again is we need more government and more spend taxes and which is the reason we are in the problem today. >> bret: you called president obama's policy in syria slapping the back of the hand of assad instead of going after him. now the administration called on president assad to step down. would president rick santorum go after assad with military action? >> guest: not with military action. but i would have called on assad to step down. this is what he did with respect to egypt. you had mubar ark who was a friend and clearly a dictator and a friend and someone in a stable peace relationship with israel and the united states . soon as the riots got intense,
9:28 am
he called for mubarak's removal. he's done the opposite with syria which is a thorn in the united states'sitate and israel. i authored a bill and put it through the united states senate called the syrian accountablity act to get syria out of lebanon. i have experience in this area and success getting things through congress to get contraint - constraintts on syria. >> bret: in libya there is rebels surrounding tripoli and calls for seize fire with qaddafi's government. how much should the united states play in lebia. >> guest: it is another strategic country. we have taken sides as a result of the obama administration's policy and now we need to
9:29 am
maximize our influence within this group . hopefully, hopefully that is going on right now . developing relationships and building bridges to that regime . hen they come in power we'll have influence and able to work with them in libya. >> bret: senator sanatorium, you spent 26 million on the race and you lost by 18 points and this year you are an underdog and relatively little money, that is fair to say for republicans whose main concern is to defeat president obama in 2012. aren't there other candidates who stand a better chance. >> guest: they look at the last race . that was miserable year for republicans. we lostt the house by the greatest margin . it was a melt down and i was swept out with everyone else.
9:30 am
president obama was 36 percent favorable in pennsylvania it was a miserable years and go back to 2000. george bush lost by four points and i win it by five. 1994 i defeated a democratic incumbent with a state that had a million more registered democrats than republican. i dephoted a democrat incumbent to get elect so, yeahh, in a horrible election year which is unlike any electionn year in pennsylvania and nothing like the year in 2012, i did poorly. but if you look at the track record it is a darn good one and in the polls today in pennsylvania, i am dead even and i am the only person in the race other than than mitt romney who is in a dead heat. >> and in ames, wa. >>id would get tougher questions
9:31 am
from mosa than bret baier. i was ot sure i got questions from bret baier. >> bret: you were not happy about the number of questions and official tally had you getting 10 questions and talking for nine minutes and 12 seconds and that was 55 second said behind governor romney. do you think your performance in the debate affected the straw poll standings in the race. obviously the questions i got later in the debate helped me. a lot of people came up to me and said it was the reason they voted for me. in the first hour of debate. i had one . i got a lot at the end and most geared fosocial issues and it is pigeon holed as a cappedidate and if you had the conversation today. my record on national security is better than anybody in this
9:32 am
case. my record on moral and cultural issues far exceed said the race and entitlement reform is no one can touch my record. >> bret: you called governor romney who will stand up for the conservative principles. a month ago in iowa. you suggested they should pick someone -- they like instead of romney. what is different now. >> guest: i endorsed him six days after before he dropped out it looked like it would be a race between governor romney and senator mccain. i felt anybody but mccain is the best shusion. i didn't think he would be the best candidate and it turned out to be that way. he was the alternative. i had concerns and didn't endorse him until five-days before super tuesday.
9:33 am
but my biggest concern is romney care and the fact that he was for a top down government run health care solution. i don't care if it is the state level or township, we shouldn't be for government run. >> bret: rick perry is getting a lot of attention in this race since he threw the hat in the ring. does he have what it takes. >> guest: i would be out of the race if i thought he was the best candidate. i have been a consistent conservative and go back and look at the roar and one that accomplishes things and a consistent conservative and rick perry won in texas, that's great. we'll win texas no matter who the nominee s. we have to win pennsylvania and ohio and florida. i have the track record to win in those states. >> bret: thank you for your time. >> guest: thank you, bret.
9:34 am
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♪ >> bret: >> there are things we can do that mean more in the country. only thing to not pass the bills is the refusal of congress to put it before the party. >> bret: president obama blaming the republicans for not doing
9:38 am
more. it is time for the sunday group. bill kristol from the weekly standard and ab stoddard from the hill and haze haze from the weekly standard and evan bayh. senator, the president obviously is taking a hit as you can see in the polls about the economy. will republicans be able to capitalize on that and make it a referundum on president obama and the handling of the country. >> that is up to the republicans. who can appeal to independents? they went for president obama in 2008 . they won to republicans in 2010 and where do they go now . do the republicans nominate someone who appeal to independents or do they do as they did in delaware or colorado nominate people who can't appeal to the independents . the straw poll cent percent for bachmann, ron paul and rick
9:39 am
santorum and herman cain . may not reach out to independents and pawlenty is run off . huntsman is not gath aring much traction. right now the republicans may not nominate. >> bret: the president is not doing well with independents. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, we are getting late in the game to impact things. other thing that independence look at and look at senator's brown's race. independents cared about the debt and deficit . it is the right substance and smart politics for the president to get the debt reduction package and independents care about that. >> steve, so far we heard from the statement of blaming republicans and congress for not getting things done . on the bus tour we heard about that a lot running against
9:40 am
congress. >> they don't have much in the way of option. read it from august 24th from a year ago. the president obama set the nation on the path to prosperity and the democrats had a few option. that is a year ago this week. the president doesn't have options and he can talk about a infrastructure bank and small programs that he's introduced perfect. he's out of ideas. i don't know how he turns with the independents so against him. how does he do anything or propose anything that swings them back his side. >> bret: ab in >> i agree, we are looking at a small winnow of time in which the economy can turn around. public opinion is formed by the president in less than a year from now. if he is going to rely on
9:41 am
republicans in the debt debate this fall. he better hope blow it up and they infuriates the independents . he will try to make the argument since he can't turn the economy around that essential government programs and services are needed now more than ever and make that argument in a atmosphere of slow to no growth. a year from now. now is the time you need a safety net and republicans are going to decimate it. it is the only argument he the. he will need to get a nominee from the republican that supported the ryan plan. >> bret: bill, is there any scenario that entitlement reform can be an asset to the republicans? >> sure, people understand that we need to reform entitlementings.
9:42 am
where is that debt coming from? entitlements that are 60 percent of the federal budget and despite president obama irresponsible spending entitlements are at the core of the problem . i think they can do that successfully. >> bret: you spoke out in favor of congressman pat ryan getting in the race. do you believe that he's getting in. >> one development and i said this in the mail, ryan rubio shows huge grass roots support. people all over the country produce it. >> it is the illiteration ticket. good for republicans. i think it is 50-50 and we'll know in a week. i bet he would run and if he doesn't i think chris christie
9:43 am
is going to run. i don't think it is likely to be the final field. >> bret: you agree. >> it is late in the day. if they don't act in a couple of weeks it is tough. paul is a serious person and admire the fact of him focusing on entitlements. but it doesn't help if you have serious publication and ending social security and medicare. they want to reform programs but get scare when you say we'll end manage that is part of the fabric of the american life. >> bret: doesn't that form in the demagogging the issue when some people say american public is ready for the adult conversation beyond what we have heard in the past about entitlements. >> people want reform don in a right sort of way. when they say end social
9:44 am
security and medicare to most people that raises the spector of going too far. >> we have serious perhaps. wall street journal? >> they say it was going to end medicare as we know it. i i don't know. i think it changes medicare and the way it is funded. the house republican budget argues that it is meant to preserve medicare and changing the mechanism that make its solvent. nancy pelosi has no plan. our plan is medicare. there is no argument there. it is possible that republicans will run to structural reforms to medicare to preserve medicare. if you want to look at the race to unfold. it is no question large part a revverundum on jobs. but given the financial situation and the enormitty of the problems right now. it is going to be in some
9:45 am
respects a debate about our long-term fiscaluation and there are some republicans that think that incorporating the debate about entitlement reform is a positive. >> the country faces big challenges and we need to reach a consensus on reforming entitlements and growing the economy . both sides come together. but the dynamics of the election don't lendd themselves to that. each side will feel compelled to bring the other side down. it is tough to reach the gargaining. but that is what the independents are yeanering for. >> congresswoman bachmann won the straul poll but doesn't seem like much coverage in the wake of governor perry sucking the oxygen out of the media room it seems, your thoughts on that and the state of the race. >> well, it is fascinating that
9:46 am
so many republican voters continue late in the game. the senator is right to yearn for the interest - on entrance of other candidates and it shows in the broad sweep of the republican electorate. michelle bachmann did a great job in the straw poll and done well in the debates and she was big foot cowboy booted by the entrance of the governor of texas. he has deep pockets and great jobs record and charming and wiping her press and even better hair than romney. he's wiping her press and appealing to the same constitients she is appealing to. the idea of people still running to governor christi in new jersey and congresswoman ryan urged them to get in the race it really shows that i think many republicans don't want a choice
9:47 am
between romney and perry. >> it is not that late in the game. bill clinton got in the race of october 1991 . he was the last candidate to defeat a one-term president. plenty of time. >> are you saying the field is weak as it stands now in >> we don't know if it is weak. president obama has done such a miserable job and i think romney or bachmann or pery could beat him. a successful governor senator, you would be a better candidate in 2012 in obama. >> that is kind of you to say. >> that ain't going to happen. >> we'll wrap that up there . panel, we'll take a break . coming back. obama administration puts pressure on the president of syria to tep down . back in a moment.
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robber >> check out fox news sunday for behind the scenes features and our preview of the week ahead. you can find it in let us know what you think. we'll be right back with more from the panel.
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>> assad is standing in their way . the sake of the syrian people, the time has come for him to step aside and leave this transition to the syrians themselves. >> bret: secretary of state clinton echoing the president's call for president bashar assad
9:51 am
to step down. we are talking about libya and the rebels in tripoli. start with syria, steve. call for him to step down, the president, what is next? what could be next and is there anything left for the to do. >> it is a good thing they finally called for him to step down. look back at the way the administration talked about syria, it seems out of touch with what was going on in the ground. call are for him to listen to his people. assad will never do it. people five years ago could talk about reform. but he is a dictator and he's slaughtering his own people and the problem that the administration faces now. they have taken off of the table any discussion of possible military actionment i am not saying they should call for it. but the very least, they have to
9:52 am
stop saying we are not doing. hillary clinton expect that in the state department. but white house briefer may say we are not eager to use military. >> but saying military action is off of the table. one of the thingings to leave open is the possibility that assad could think that we are going to come in particularly given the developments of libya. if qaddafi goes last thing to say it is not your fate. >> assad needs to go . the question was is the son going to be like the father. he answered that affirmative, yes. the real question is will the military stay with them or conclude, he's got to go and cut a better deal and secure our future in new syria will be. this is all made difficult by the visuals of mubarak in a cage
9:53 am
in ejipt. all of them say that is not going to be me. i am going to fight to the end because i don't want to be in the cage. he's going to continue to kill his people as long as he has to to stay in power. will the military support that or will they cut their loss and go in a different direction. >> bret: bill to libya. rebels control a number of towns outside of tripoli and heavy fighting reported today and this morning, the qaddafi government calling for a cease fire and number of times they have done that . what about that and the u.s. role? >> help with our nato allis and help the rebels finish the job and get rid of qaddafi and help the brave syrians finish the job and get rid of assad. we could see a hopeful moment. assad -- it is in america's interest.
9:54 am
this is iran's main ally and it could be a blow for iran . iran knows this and they will stir up all kinds of trouble in israel and possibly in iraq and certainly in iraq. the whole area is in turmoil and that could be and that could be good. i hope the administration uses our assets in dealing with the threats and also helping our friends and on the sake of bipartisanship . i am sure the president will call in speaker boehner and mitch mcconnell after labor day and on this issue in terps of helping positive change in the middle east, that is something they can agree on. >> talking about stirring the pot. qaddafi appears not ready to leave? >> i think it looks at this point he will and rebels will succeed in deposing him .
9:55 am
happen after that period of chaos and instability and put pressure on the administration to engage . i admire bill's optimism. it is a proxy conflict with iran and great to force assad out of there. libya was a unique experiment and the white house made it clear it is not going to replicate that in syria. president assad knows that . i think you have a dynamic where we -- he's going to have -- can he take credit if qaddafi is deposed. obama said given the situation in syria which is comparable but doesn't appear he will amass a coalition and also use military strength and repliicate the libya operation. i don't think he will. i think he made it clear he won't . so it is a tough moment even if qaddafi is desupposed.
9:56 am
>> post qaddafi libya raises question marks. >> of course, there are. there are elements of the libya opposition is unsavory. we don't know what the u.s. position will be going forward in lib yampt having said that one thing we shouldn't do is avoid trying to influence the outcome. to the extent that we have a say in the kind of opposition and what it looks like and how it governs, we should try thodo that and shouldn't say as president obama has said. hands off. we don't look like america is meddling. >> bret: there are meetings with government officials and in at least the leadership of the rebel force. do you see hope in a post qaddafi government. >> we need to get rid of qaddafi sooner than later. it is a chaotic scene. it is replicated across the
9:57 am
region. there will be a vacume in societies where there are not many institutions for stability other than the moss . the concern is rise of radical islam and the constant tension between sunni and shiite in the region. >> panel. thank you. see you next week. our guest will pick up with the discussion on the website. fox news we'll post the video before noon eastern time. we'll be back with a special program note.
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that's it for today. i will see on monday on the fox news channel for a special report and check out a special hour on the former vice-president. dick cheney revealed airos fox news channel. have a great week. chris wallace will be back for the next fox news sunday.
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