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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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new crash on 880 northbound blocking lanes. they've made progress and moved it over to the shoulders but the damage is done. >> reporter: we're live in daly city where investigators are searching for clues in an overnight stabbing. we'll tell you where it didn't
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happen -- coming up. a baby is in critical condition after falling from the second story of a parking garage at a children's hospital. the key evidence that police will help them figure out if it was on accident or done on purpose. well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, august 23rd. a crash is causing problems for the morning commute. let's check in with sal. >> right now, tori and dave, northbound 880 they still have that left lane closed as they clean up the debris. for a while, they had the two lanes northbound 880 as you come up on the freeway here, northbound 880 as marina. they had the lanes closed but now they only have the left
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lane closed. traffic is slow. if you are driving in from san leandro or hayward coming up to oakland, you will see traffic slow. we'll have more on this. 7:01. let's go back to the desk. we're getting reports of four people stabbed in daly city. an early-morning crime scene at a bowling alley has been cleared. ktvu's tara moriarty is live to explain why police are not sure where the violence took place. >> reporter: still no official word from daly police about this reported stabbing. they cleared the crime scene and we got a chance to look at the section of the parking lot that they cordoned off. police did tell us that a witness or a victim's statement had led them to that bowling alley. here's what we do know -- just
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after 3:00 this morning, ambulance rushed two men to the hospital with what appears to r -- what appeared to be very serious stab wounds. the victims arrived at seton medical center in daly city. it's across from the bowl. but since that unit doesn't have a trauma unit, they were transferred by ambulance. not sure how they got there. a witness said the wounds seemed to be very serious. they are going to be investigating and trying to piece together exactly what happened. we are no word on the condition. victim but we are supposed to be speaking to daly police in about an hour and we'll, of course, bring you an update on the investigation. we're live in daly city, i'm tara moriarty, back to you.
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>> thank you. oakland police are busy investigating three shootings. they happened overnight within minutes of each other. kraig debro is live at the scene of one of the shootings. and kraig, you have new information. >> reporter: i do. it appears that one of the stores where this happened is about to p happen. i'm gonna -- about to open. i'm gonna speak to the man in a minute. all of these shootings happened within 30 minutes of one another but police say they don't know if they are related. the last of the three happened at 12:16 at this liquor store at cole. one person injured here. we're not sure if the shooting was the result of what happened at the store. one person injured in the shooting. thirty minutes earlier, we just learned from police that there was a robbery prior to the
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shooting. we also learned from police that there are two victims. both of those victims were taken to highland hospital by ambulance but neither is cooperating with police. the third of these shootings, the lone homicide from overnight, that took place at the rec center overnight. police arrived there to find an unidentified man lying on the ground. he died at the scene. i spoke to the coroner's office this morning. they told me an autopsy is planned for later this morning. perhaps i can get more information after talking to the man opening this gate. back to you. >> we'll check back for an update soon, thank you, cake. 7:4. we're -- 7:3. we're now hearing of -- 7:05. we're now hearing the reports of fighting in libya. mum, we'll hear what nato is saying and why the sudden appearance of moammar gadhafi
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'sons -- one of moammar gadhafi's sons is not helping. police arrested 37-year-old abdonas on suspicion of lewd acts. he's on patrol. the registration claims he's a transient but the sheriff's office says he lives in redwood city. some residents in stanislaus county are in disbelief that a neighbor who passed out candy for years to women was a fugitive convicted of murder. he was arrested at his home on friday after 36 years on the run. he was connected -- thed in the beating death of a san
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francisco murder -- the murder of a san francisco bartender. >> on her death bed, she was trying to get everyone call billy and according to the tipster she said "the secret phone." >> neighbors say nothing seemed out of the ordinary. he seemed like just the guy next door. it's 7:06. the man accused of strangling a napa state hospital worker is scheduled to be sentenced today. 38-year-old jeff massey pleaded no contest for the murder of 54- year-old donna gross last october. authorities say gross was robbed during the attack. robbery and kidnapping charges were dropped in exchange for the no-contest plea. prosecutors say massey will get 25 years to life in prison. in just the last hour, southern california police announced they have arrested
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the mother of a baby boy who was thrown from a hospital parking structure. investigators say the 7-month- old baby was tossed from the fourth floor of the garage at children's hospital of orange county. the mother is being held without bail. detectives don't have a motive and the child remains hospitalized in critical condition. allegeddenedary bay area high school coach has passed away. coach ben parks passed away in his -- a legendary school coach passed away. coach ben parks passed away in his sleep on friday. he was the first african- american football coach in the bay area. his son says his father died of a broken heart and was never the same after his wife died last mar -- last march. cliff erosion is
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threatening another pacifica property and erosion is slowly moving the edge of the cliff closer to her home. she wants to install boulders to stabilize the building but her situation does not meet the coastal acts's definition of an emergency. her home sits on the same cliff on esplanade avenue that were convicted last year. those apartment building remain una -- remain abandoned. a lot happening on the road. sal's busy and you got the chopper busy. >> that's right. we have do have the chopper in san leandro on marina boulevard. you can see some vehicles set up to be towed. traffic is a little slow northbound because three are clearing debris, just south of marina. one lane is closed northbound and the traffic is backed up
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into hayward. it will be one of those movings when an extra ten or fifteen minutes will help you out as the newschopper2 is heading into hayward as a result of the crash. give yourself extra time. also this moving's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza has grown. it's backed up for about a 20- minute wait until you make it on the span. if you are driving, we've -- again, we've pointed out the accident here in hey bard -- hayward. i want to move the maps to the livermore valley. you see the red and yellow? you will see some slowing coming in off the altamont pass. let's go to rosemary. >> get your shades before you go outside. a lot of blue skies and a squashed marine layer. high pressure bringing us the warmer weather and gonna continue that heating trend. the marine layer definitely squashed, cut in half, almost.
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yesterday, the depth about 2,000 feet. this morning, less than 1,000 feet. this dense fog advisory through 8:00 this morning along the coastline from point reyes through monterey highway 101 could be a bit tricky. take it easy out there. we're gonna be warmer. we're talking mid-90s to central portions of the valley. along the bay and coast our warmup will be nice. a fog forecast we're watching it just inside the bay this morning. it's gonna burn off quickly. it already looks like it's gonna retreat. we have mostly sunny skies to the coastline. i want to show you the satellite view because you may notice a few high clouds pull into our area today. you see this, this is a low spinning off a baja, california. it's kind of being dragged our way, at least some of that
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moisture. and it's bringing the warmer temperatures and circulation our way. not expecting much out of it. 57 degrees. right now, 57 in hayward. low 50s in napa. 51 santa rosa. if you are stepping outside this morning and you clear skies, you may notice it's cooler because of the clear skies. mid 8 as expected. 76 in berkeley. 94 expected concord. mid-90s for anti. 83 hayward. 73 in the city. 83 san mateo. 85 mountain view. upper 80s san jose, mid-90s for livermore and sliding a little bit farther south gillry, about 94 for the afternoon. santa cruz mid-70s. we do expect a almost bit of a dip tomorrow, a more -- more notably for the inland areas. 5 to 7 degrees maybe eight but then we warm back up. upper 80s low 90s expected for your thursday, friday into the
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weekend. we trail off, a little bit muper 80s expected for the valley locations. partly cloudy skies, low mid- 60s expected there. back to you. >> thank you. 7:12. we have just learned new details about the death of singer amy winehouse. we'll have that in a moment. also two big too ignore. the southeast of the u.s. is bracing for its hurricane in three years. how big irene could be and and -- could be and when and where it will hit.
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good morning to you. we have patchy fog to deal with. outside of that partly cloudy. emergency frills from -- officials from florida to the carolina are keeping a close watch on hurricane irene. it's the first hurricane to seriously threaten the u.s. in three years. it could grow to -- it could grow to a hurricane. the last hurricane to make landfill in the u.s. that was in 2008. 7:15. a lightning storm from hurricane irene caused a big fire at billionaire richard branson's caribbean home and actor kate wins let who was there helped save the life of branson's mother who was trapped inside. branson said last night's fire completely destroyed the main
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house. back here at home. interstate 15, along the cajon pass, reopened. firefighters worked overnight battling a wildfire near the freeway. it's the one that links the inland valleys to the high desert. that fire destroyed a house and three building on a ranch. firefighters also battling a wildfire near the town the perris, in riverside county. it temporarily forced the evacuation of about 50 homes and threatened a uc riverside education complex. the fierce fighting in libya rages on for the control for trip poty -- tripoli. it's still not clear who has the upper land there -- upper hand there. one of those sons was supposed to be arrested by the rebels. how did he pop up overnight
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making this dramatic appearance before supporters and the press? he boasted up and boasted those loyal to his father are back in the city. >> i can tell i difference the -- since the beginning of this campaign we've severely reode -- eroded. >> reporter: right now we're hearing there's heavy fighting going on along going's compound.
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crude oil prices are headed up again as investors reconsider how long it may take libya to return to oil broke dunn -- production. this morning oil is selling for more than $86 a barrel. the fighting that has started in february has cut off one half billion oils per day, which has basted -- boosted the price of oil. the president of the standard and poor's credit credit rating agency is stepping down and will leave the company next year. no other credit rating agency matched's move. 7:19. a san francisco immigration judge has given a gay married man some new hope. he will be able to continue to live here in the bay area.
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46-year-old alex benchable faced being deported to his native venezuela after overstaying a visa. but the judge dropped the case. he and his partner married last year. they hope to settle in san francisco where he's started a pet grooming business. the study by northwestern university recited men that -- recruited bisexual men. in the past ten minutes we've learned more information about singer amy wine house 'death. a spokesperson for his -- amy
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winehouse's death. a spokesperson for her family say no drugs showed up in her system when she died. the tests did show alcohol was present but it's not yet determined if that or prescription drugs may have played a role in her death. the san francisco giants and stub hub are working together on the newest ticket technology at tonight's giants' game they will show up a new bar coding system. it will let ticket systems use an app to get in their games. stub hub says it will make it easier for fans to purchase last-minute tickets. it is the first day of school for the hayward school district and men are being asked to lead the way. today's million father march is taking place in nearly 600 cities across the country.
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fathers grandfathers uncles, big brothers and all male models are being asked to escort children to school. businesses are being asked to give men off work for two hours so they can participate. >> very interesting. >> yeah. 7:21. the colorado rockies' rocked by an earthquake. where this one hit and why it was the biggest quake in colorado in four decades. it's the fourth time this year another sea lion needs rescuing because of a gunshot injury. and lines and lines of traffic because of an earlier problem. we'll find out what major problem is not having a good morning.
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one of the larger earthquake in colorado history damaged homes and triggered rockslide. it hit colorado last night around 10:46. it was centered around 180 miles south of denver. an emergency dispatcher said there was damage to a couple of homes and minor rockslided on highway 12 andist state 25. those roads are open again. that quake is the biggest one to hit colorado in almost 40 years. california sea lion injured by a gunshot is recovering at the marine mammal center in sausalito. king neptune was found with a gunshot wound in santa cruz. they say he was probably shot a few days before he was found and he was lethargic and overyet weight -- overweight.
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7:25. sal, you've been busy this morning. >> we have. i'm happen foy say the problem we had on the -- to say the prob we on -- to say the problem we had on the nimitz freeway has been clear under. if you are driving from hayward to -- cleared up. if you are driving from hayward to oakland, by the time you reach 880 -- you can see 880. traffic is moving along nicely by the time you reach the coliseum. this morning's commute on 280ny san jose, look at all of that slow traffic coming up around the corner getting up to highway 17. we have very slow traffic there. 101 is slow coming up. if you are in the south bay, are going to see slow traffic. very dangerous situation there. in the south bay we do have some slowdowns. let's go to rosemary.
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let's good morning to you -- good morning to you. a live look at the squashed marine layer we've been talking about. that due to the high pressure that will continue to warm us up today. partly cloudy skies suspected. 70s out there for the coast. meanwhile around the bay, we're waking up in the 50s. a little bit of patchy fog. mid-70s to mid-80s expected for the afternoon and in the valley it's gonna be a toasty one. widespread 50s, mostly sunny skies upper 80s to mid-90s expected around the bay. a quick peek at your extended forecast with the weekend in few. temperatures will dip a little bit by tomorrow. by friday and end into the weekend. that pattern sitting in the low 60s for the coastline mid- to upper 80s expected for the inland locations. it's happening again. why california's public colleges and universities has
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to prepare for the possibility of more budget cuts could lead to mid-year fear hike. the protest that shut down b.a.r.t. service at two stations last night could become a weekly event. supports in times of need. same with aladdin.
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7:34. b.a.r.t. protests in six weeks and there may be more to come. last night's demonstration hit in the heart of downtown san francisco. allie rasmus is live at the civic center b.a.r.t. station with the protest that was above and below ground. alley? >> reporter: well, just a few hours after last night's protest ended, the group that organized it, "anonymous" started to send out messages to its twitter followers for foreno -- for another protest. that would make it the fifth protest in the last month and a half. the people taking part in all of these demonstrations are upset about two things. b.a.r.t.'s decision to shut off cell phone service to prevent another scheduled protest that was supposed to happen two weeks ago and the b.a.r.t. police shooting death of a man last month. the most recent protest happened yesterday at 5:00 at
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the civic center. during the course of the evening, b.a.r.t. civic center and powell street were all closed because of the protests going on. many protests, they worked from home. their feelings were mixed about why another protest should happen -- about whether another protest should next week. >> i don't have a protest -- problem with them protesting at the b.a.r.t. station. however, if they can do it in a manner that keeps everybody safe that's the most important thing. i don't think they are getting anything done to tell you the truth. just making people late for work. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police arrested five people at last night's demonstration most of them for interfering with train service and police arrested about 40 protesters, police say they were blocking traffic on market street.
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but it appears the group forming this group "anonymous" may be making this a regular event. they are asking their followers on twitter to meet them at 5:00 next monday here for another demonstration. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. allie. a 21-year-old summer employee accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy will have another court hearing today. this woman met the teenager in vac dahville -- vacaville. she was arrested at her home after the police were notified the boy's parents. they found a suspicious text message on the phone. police say she's confessed. if you have any information contact police. the mount diablo school trustees meet tonight about
7:34 am
shortening the school year by five years. they are gonna meet about cutting the academic year 175 days. state averages 180. if approved, the cut would save the district $7 million. the district has a projected 2.5 million deficit. the president of san francisco state university is retiring. robert corey again will leave apartment the end. school year. he took over in 1988. he's led the through school -- he's led the school through many changes. and agonizes about the funding and wants to churn it around. he says the future of california's children depend on it. the los angeles county sheriff's office now says an unattended candle caused a house fire in hacienda heights that killed a woman and her husband. the woman's husband saved their daughter by carrying her outside. he returned to get his wife and son but the wife ran back in
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the home to get his son. don casper seen her in an interview with ktvu from 2000 was hit and killed while jogging in sonoma county. his family is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the hit-and-run driver. this truck is similar to the one believed involved -- involved in the hit and run. it's a white ford f-150 pickup truck. beat of lightning surprised two boys playing -- a bolt of lightning surprised two plays play playing video games -- two boys playing video games in the bedroom. they say the whole room flashed
7:36 am
purple. >> they came running out of their bedroom i. i was like what -- bedroom. i said what is going on? they said they were shocked. the effort to legalize and tax poker in california, it dieed in the votes. some indian troubles were for it but many others objected. state lawmakers felt they couldn't get that measure passed. they are gonna take up the matter again in time for a hearing in january. with the economic downturn, there is a rising number of americans on food stamps. there are now almost 46 million people in the u.s. up food stamps. that's up since 2007. 40% for those who qualify for
7:37 am
food stamps have one member of the family working but they are -- but they are in low-wage jobs. the city of palo alto will go on a shopping spree that will benefit residentss. the city has a $50 million reserve for electricity projects. the money could go for a smart meter infrastructure, loans to energy-efficient businesses and the council will likely discuss the options in okay. california's public college -- in october. california's public colleges and schools are preparing fog the possibility of more cuts. the chancellors of california state university and california community colleges, say they are making plans to cope with midyear budget cuts that are -- that increase -- that appear increasingly likely. a trigger was built that would make cuts in social services if
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state revenue falls below estimates. last week, tax revenue for july fell $539 million below projections. a cat lover has given the uc davis vet school one of the largest -- largest donations. the estate the maxine adler has bequeathed $668 million. the money is being used to attract some of the top researchers in animal oncology and genetics. crime concerns of some residents campaigning for surveillance cameras in tam valley some residents have their own cameras following burglaries. tiburon installed cameras earlier this year after a long public debate about privacy concerns. >> i can tell you it is a fact
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of life. there are cameras everywhere. >> tiburon's police chief said since the cameras were installed at least six cars have been recovered. 7:38. now we're learning more about the woman killed by a muni bus last week. emily dunn had been giving in san francisco for less than a month when she was hit by a bus in the crosswalk at 18th. muni said the with us drive -- bus driver was headed to the f- line terminal. 7:38. william ayers has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial. the former san mateo psychiatrist is accused of molesting seven young male patients in the early 1990s. yesterday, the san mateo county district attorney ruled that ayers would not be able to aid in his own defense. a hearing to determine where he will be permanently housed has
7:40 am
been scheduled for september 7th. a judge has denied a request to postpone a hearing for joseph naso. yesterday, the judge told naso that he did not see any reason to delay the hearing. the 77-year-old man is accused of killing four northern california women. he wanted the hearing postponed to give him more time to consult a legal adviser. hopefully we're moving along nicely this morning. sal, what's happening out there? >> we are in many areas, dave. some of the problems that we had have been resolved but still some slowing out there. let's first go to 280 in san jose. we'll see some slow traffic getting up to highway 17. i want to show you you can see from your maps. 85 also has the same kind of slow traffic getting up to 17 -- getting up to highway 17 and
7:41 am
beyond that. as we move the maps up the peninsula. in burlingame. 280 looks good. 92 is kind of sketchy. i would say. slow. westbound bay bridge backed up for about a 50-minute wait at the toll plaza. 7:40. let's go to rosemary. the sun is shining bright this morning. it could be a little blinding. take a look at this -- high pressure continuing to expand westward. it's compressed our marine layer. that's actually brought on -- bought bon a -- brought on a dense fog advisory. that advisory will be with us through the morning hours and we've got a little bit of a tough drive hey long highway 101 from point reyes -- did i say 101? highway 1. point reyes around sf bay and monterey. it lasts until 8:00 this morning. although the fog will still be there. the dense fog advisory will
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expire. dense fog along the coastline this morning, the rest of us dealing with mostly sunny, partly sunny skies. a nice changes after gray mornings. 5 to 10 degrees warmer. upper 80s to mid-90s expected. along the coastline, 60s to 70s. sitting at 55 in san francisco. 57 oakland. holding steady right about 54 degrees in fairfield. 57 livermore. upper 50s low 60s in san jose. temperatures training -- treading cooler. >> inland it will be hot.
7:43 am
mid-90s antioch. 85 milpitas. 88 san jose. 90 peg expect -- 90 degrees expected saratoga. mid-60s for daly city. our onshore breeze this morning, light at best. very calm out there. exthe extended forecast. we will see a dip below the coastline. notable changes for tomorrow. 90s expected in the forecast there for the valley locations. upper 80s low 90s's we swing closer to the weekend and the -- 90s we swing closer to the weekend. the widespread low and mid-60s for the midwest. 7:43. new economic news just in in the last 40 minutes. the latest report on home sales and what it is doing -- do the -- doing to the market. and what bear cubs were
7:44 am
doing on one homeowner's roof. wñ the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here
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for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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expect some more choppiness in trading right now. but for the time being, stocks are up thanks to gauges of chinese and eurozone economic activity coming in less gloomy than feared. right now the dow is up 141 at 10,995. nasdaq is almost -- up almost 2%. s&p is up 16. however, investors are shrugging off some pretty bad news about home sales.
7:47 am
they fell during july to the lowest level in five months. the commerce department says sales of new homes fell nearly 1%. it's far below what is considered to be healthy sales level for the economy. sales this year are on track to finish as the worse on record dating back half a century. 7:46. the big fights over the weekend at the 9ers/raiders mean there will now be big changes at the stadiums. pam cook is in the newsroom with what's going to change. >> well, this saturday night the 9ers play houston and fans will see some of the new security measures already in place. after the violence this -- violence during and after the game, there are new rules. fans will no longer be allowed to kick-off and that includes after the game ends.
7:48 am
the fans can also get their season tickets revoked. >> there were 19 public intoxication arrests when normally we make six to eight. >> reporter: now, after the game, san francisco police say that they will conduct dui checkpoints outside candlestick and big news, the annual preseason game between the 9ers and raiders will be cancelled indefinitely. over in oakland, police will increase security at the next few radar games at least. as for the victims of the games, both the man found beaten unconscious in the restroom and the man shot four times in the stomach have been upgraded to fair condition but they are still in the condition -- in the hospital. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook. let's go live to tori and dave. just moments ago, a manhattan judge denied a request for a special prosecutor in the case against
7:49 am
dominique strauss-kahn. itups just 45 minutes before the judge is expected to drop the judges against him. here's more on why prosecutors say the case should be dropped. good morning, julie. >> reporter: yeah, basically a lot of inconclusive evidence. first of all, dna evidence and inconsistencies in the accuse he -- accuser's story. this is a certain time line after the alleged attack in the sofitel hotel, that apparently she went directly to her supervisor. it turns out she changed her story three times. so three lies in that story. also, dna evidence coming back showing there was no proof. now, in many rape cases it's a he said versus she said. and in this case, everything
7:50 am
she's saying to prosecutors and investigators is falling through. there's also another story that fell through in her native guinea, she claimed she was gang-raped, it turns out she admitted to -- she admitted to get asylum in the united states so with all of the stories coming through, the d.a. a was saying if we cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is a rape victim. how are we to expect a jury to believe the story? that's more than likely why the case will be thrown out, seven charges of attempted rape and sexual assault. >> all right. thank you. ten minutes before 8:00. a placer county man says he hopes unexpected night visitors may return. mitch griffith says last week
7:51 am
he heard some strange noises on his roof. when he went outside to investigate, he saw a mother cub and the cubs were using the roof as a slide. >> the cubs were up there playing around, sliding around. and the mother bear kept her eye on me the whole time. >> i bet she did. he said he's had a lot of animals in his yard but not bears. next time he will stay in the house. dramatic video from monterey county. how a helicopter crew rushed in and rescued stranded hikers for the second day in a row. and a music legend known for his hit is being remembered this morning. n?
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7:53 am
♪ain't no river wide enough
7:54 am
♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> that's nick ashford on the left there. a music legend. nick ashford has died. he and his wife, valerie simpson, they've been married for years. they wrote that famous song and a lot of famous hits. in another '80s -- in the '80s they had another hit, "solid as a rock." nick ashford died in a hospital while being treated for throw cancer. he was 77 years old. they rallied at the state capitol yesterday that would make it harder to privatize libraries. the bill supported by the librarians requires cities to hold public hearings and conduct studies to ensure privatization save money. >> this is the building that
7:55 am
says -- bill that shows it will make life better in the community. 7:54. dramatic video from monterey county where, for the second day in a row, helicopter rescued stranded hikers. this happened yesterday afternoon near bixy bridge north of big sur. police say two men and a woman climbed down a steep cliff and they couldn't get back up. now there was a woman with them but she refused help. she climbed up. on monday crews were called to help three brothers who became stuck trying to do that same climb. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute and keeping a -- and the bay bridge toll plaza. we have at least a 15- minute wait and it's pretty
7:56 am
slow trying to get in the city right now. there are no major problems. tonight there is a baseball game at at&t park. it's not a day game. that should help us out when it comes to at&t park, south of market. looking at the commute on 880, we had an earlier crash on marina. but traffic is gone since the slowdown, it is slow in the south bay as well. a reminder that ktvu channel 2 morning news team has a facebook page. if you are a facebook person, we're looking for your follow. right now you "like" us, we would love that. we 0 would like that, right, rosemary? >> i would say join right away. meantime, bring along the sun block we're heating with, well,
7:57 am
mostly sunny skies. we have a condensed marine layer and we've been dealing with fog along the coastline. temperatures in the afternoon are gonnaee rebound in a big way -- gonna rebound in a big way. upper 80s to mid-90s inland. 60s to 70 degrees in some cases along the coastline. mid-70s expected. 62 for pacifica. 70 degrees expected in san francisco. 76 in oakland, low 80s, hayward, to fremont into the 90s. concord, livermore checking in the about -- clerking in about 94, 95 -- clerking in about 94, 95. maybe a time you will be -- you will want to be indoors. temperatures dip back tomorrow and creep back. in any case, upper 80s, low 90s all the way into the weekend. are you planning your weekend? there you have it.
7:58 am
widespread. there is a story about a woman in san francisco, a homeowner, who says the city chopped down a tree at her house. now they are slapping her with a feign because the tree chopped down. >> reporter: we're live in daly city where police are searching for clues in an overnight stabbing. we'll tell you what led them to a popular bowling alley -- coming up. >> reporter: overnight in oakland, multiple shootings. one homicide. we'll tell you how video cameras might help police piece together what happened. that's all ahead when "mornings on 2" continues.
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8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday august 23rd. we are still following reports of an early-morning stabbing in daly city that sent four people to the hospital. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the police department now where the investigators are still trying to piece all of this together and figure out where the alleged crime happened. tara? >> reporter: well, daly city police are supposed to speak with us any minute now about this reported stabbing. they tell us that a witness or a victim told them that the
8:01 am
violence erupted in the parking lot outside of sara bowl. that's just off 280, not far from the station here. here's what we do know -- around 3:00 in the morning, the emergency call came in. ambulances rushed four men to san francisco general hospital sources say with what appear to be very serious stab woundses. witnesses say it looked like one man was losing a lot of blood and emergency crews were administering emergency emergency. the hospital they were taken to, seton, that hospital does not have a trauma unit. so they were transferred because there -- there -- from there. police aren't sure if the person who told them if the
8:02 am
police happened in a car or somewhere else. we're supposed to be speaking to a spokesperson momentarily, we'll let you know what he has to say. one minute after 8:00. we're learning new information about three separate shootings in oakland. the violence happened overnight. in fact, within minutes of each other. kraig debro is live in oakland where he just spoke to a storeowner at the scene of one shooting. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. and she helped me understand what exactly happened last night. it happened just outside -- it's called a fairfax liquor and deli store. it didn't happen inside the store, she said. the victim got shot elsewhere. the owner says take a look at this. any number of security cameras recorded the whole thing but right now she says she's -- right now she says she's unable to retrieve the tape. police say the shooting happened in the 5400 block of foothill. when we spoke to the detective
8:03 am
this morning, he told me unknown suspects, unknown firearms. the condition of the individual, not known. the shooting at the taco shop there was a robbery. in addition to that, police now tell us that the victims are recovering at the hospital taken there by the ambulance. both were shot. we don't know how many times but police are saying both men are declining to name their assailants and police say a man was hit outside of the royal rec center. the man died at the scene. the police found his body around midnight. the coroner said they will do an autopsy later today. the man has not been released and there's no suspects in custody in any of the shootings. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. our time is now 8:03. bay area anti-war activist louise clark has died.
8:04 am
she owns the property where hundreds of crosses have been placed in memory of u.s. soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. they started to put up the crosses in 2006. yesterday, heaton said that miss clark had been fighting limo fau for more than a year. she died sunday at her home's -- at her son's home in santa rosa. a memorial service is planned for next week. police investigating a string of home burglaries in belmont think they may have cracked the case. they searched a home in newark matching some of the items stolen in the case. the detectives were led to the home on saint palm drive after seeing various items on ebay that appear to be from the belmont burglaryies. one arrest was made but police think there could be more. a san francisco resident says she faces $2,000 in fines for cutting down a problematic
8:05 am
tree. linda vota says she contacted the public works department asking for advice about the tree because the routes -- roots were cracking the sidewalk. nothing was done until the routes invaded the sewer system and then city workers came over and -- came over and chopped the tree down. a short time later, she said she received a bill in the mail from the city as a fine because the tree was cut down. she's appealing the fines but has not been waiting for a -- for a -- been waiting since march. bryan stow has had a medical set basketball. he had a temperature of 10 had over the weekend -- 104 over the weekend. the temperature dropped. he has a ury narery tract -- european narery tract infection -- urinary tract infection. the families of the seven
8:06 am
fishermen still missing are making progress in their petition drive. they have 2,000 electronic signatures to urge lawmakers to keep searching for their remains. if you want to add your link to the find our father's website at our channel 2 website, look under the web links. >> the red cross is helping a san jose family who just lost their home to a fire. the fire broke out yesterday around 4:30 near harry road. a woman and her two children were not home at the time. firefighters say it appears the fire started in the attic but they are still investigating the exact cause. the coroner's office has identified a teenager killed saturday night at a party in antioch. he was 16-year-old oakley resident, martin navarro. a 17-year-old girl was hurt in
8:07 am
the shooting. she was treated at the hospital and released. investigators think the shooting was gang-related but no arrests have been made. the santa rosa school finance manager who is accused of embezzling $400,000 to support a drug happen bit is not guilty, she says. she entered a not guilty plea. she says she's -- she is accused of stealing money from the kid street learning center. a preliminary hearing is set for october 19th. those of you who suffer from hip pain -- have you to weigh the risk before having a hip implant. more than 5,000 people complained this year about problems to the artificial hip. most of the complaints are about metal and metal devices. tiny particles came off due to wear and some of the all-metal devices actually broke down after the -- after a couple of
8:08 am
years. replacement hips normally last 15 years or more. 8:07. we want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. >> it's still busy out there. we do have slow traffic all over the place and we're starting this time with traffic in contra costa county, antioch, pittsburg, got a lot of slow traffic, we have a crashnd eastbound 4 coming up on g street there. watch out for slow traffic -- watch out for that traffic but westbound traffic will be the biggest concern for most people. that's where most people are headed. you can see traffic on 6 -- from 680 as you drive to about danville. so we have slow traffic on 24 westbound leaving walnut creek for la fayette. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up -- it's back under for about a 15-minute
8:09 am
delay. the -- 1011 slow from santa clara to mountain view. we're kind of having a huff day in san jose and santa clara valley. the high pressure we've been talking about the last couple of days. easy to see. take a look at the -- at all of the blue sky. we have dense fog also beginning to the high pressure that is beginning to squash our marine layer. that along the coastline and our winds really calm and light. 3 miles an hour. our delta breeze has been all but killed, very calm conditions around fairfield. southeasterly wind in concord, calm in livermore, right. a light north easterly breeze at this time. temperatures will soar, warmer than what we saw. while we're watching a high pressure off to the east to bridge us that warmth, it's also bringing a circulation in
8:10 am
a clockwise rotation. we're waking up with cloud cover along the coastline. our bay area locations will be seeing 70s and 80s. widespread 60s for the coast. take a look at what's happening here. nice big, warmup, 88 for santa rosa. mid-80s novato. 86 expected in kentfield, mid- 80s in san ralph f.m. 76 in berkeley. inland it will be a hot one in danville. 94 expected. 95 livermore. 95 in antioch. maybe this is what you've been waiting for, we haven't seen these temperatures a whole lot. 88 expected in san jose. 90 degrees on the dot. low 80s for san mateo. 7 -- 70 degrees in the city. mid-70s santa cruz. i've been saying that all day
8:11 am
long, boy is it go be that -- gonna be a nice day. our inland areas may notice this most. widespread upper 80s low 90s will still remain in the forecast. thursday,/friday, it looks like a slight dip in the weekend. the temperatures don't budge a whole lot. low 60s in the forecast saturday/sunday along the coastline. upper 80s for the valley locations. back to you. >> thank you. 8:10. the president of toyota promised the 2012 camry will be the best ever and today drivers can decide for themselves toyota released this video on youtube to promote the unveiling of the new car model. the actual premiere will come in about two hours, it will be done online through a web chat and camry has been the best- selling car in the last 13 of 14 years. there is a new list out of
8:12 am
promiscuous cities in san francisco. san francisco is dated number five. "okay cupid" wrote on their profiles seeking casual sex. portland oregon was ranked the most promiscuous city. all right. 8:11 is the time.
8:13 am
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and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] good morning to you. saint helene nonthis morning -- st. helena this morning. it was a slow ride for some at the coast. the visibility down to a quarter mile. dense fog up and down the coastline this morning. it's a little bit of a tricky ride. dense fog advisory expired about 15 minutes ago for that area. happening right now, the fierce fighting in libya rages on for control of the capital city, in tripoli. these roo live pictures right here you can see quite a bit of
8:16 am
smoke billowing out. this is video, large smoke of -- large plumes of smoke, this is ar -- this is as rebels continue their advance. there is still a lot of battling going on. we understand the rebels claim they control 85% of the city right now. and carol han joins us now from washington, d.c. it's not clear what happened. >> reporter: that's because moammar gadhafi ain ises was 0 es suppose -- was supposed to be -- that's because moammar gadhafi was supposed to be arrested. so how did he pop up with this message? >> we broke the back of the rebels. we give them a hard time. >> reporter: he made a dramatic appearance at a tripoli hotel. he boasted that forces loyal to his father are back in control of the city after lure rebels
8:17 am
into a trap. but this morning a nato spokesperson said pro gadhafi forces are losing strength and bombing operations will continue as long as gadhafi keeps fighting. >> what is important is the ability to fight. i can tell you since the beginning of this campaign. we have severely eroded the military capability. >> reporter: there's been heavy fighting around gadhafi 'compound and at the airport. rebel forces say they control 85% of tripoli, but some are questioning their credibility, especially after gadhafi 'son appeared. wild karl is no one no he -- no one knows exactly where he is but his son claims he is still in tripoli and safe. the political experts say the economy and the jobless rate could determine who could be the new president. a new gallup poll said if the
8:18 am
election were held today, president obama could be beaten. it shows that he could lose by 2 points to rit momny and barely beat michele bachmann. >> if that looks like it's dropping .10 every month or so that will help him a lot. if not, he's in deep trouble. it will be very hard to win the election. mitt romney are planning to upgrade their southern california home. current lit beachhouse in la jolla is three bedrooms, four and a half baths are -- a pool. it cost them $12 million three years ago. now they want to tear it down and build another one in its place. the romneys own two other homes, a vacation home near a
8:19 am
lake in new hampshire and a townhouse just outside of boston. in the meantime, jon huntsman is trying to backtrack from something he said in an interview. he was asked how he would respond if michele bachmann asked him to be her vice presidential candidate. huntsman said that every time he's been asked to serve his country he has answered yes. now he said that answer was based on a hypothetical question and he has no doubt he will win the gop nomination. arnold schwarzenegger will make his movie comeback in mexico. it will start to film in october. it's a modern day western about convicts making their way to the mexican border through new mexico after escaping from prison. it's the first major movie role for him since 2003.
8:20 am
8:19. the former commander of contra costa's drug task force accused of conspiracy and corruption pleaded not guilty. norman bielsch was bailed yesterday. last friday, his codefendant, christopher butler, also pleaded not guilty. if convicted, the two men could get life in prison. protecting privacy is the focus of -- is the focus of a new bill. mark leno drafted the legislation. now, if approved, this bill would override -- override a state assembly and now -- and the bill now goes to the senate. football has big plans for a second campus in menlo park. the proposed west damage pus will be located on constitution
8:21 am
drive. the supermarket chain indrnaco has filed for bankruptcy. it's known for its wide variety of specialty items as well as high quality produce and meats. the company said it's been badly hurt by the weak economy. all seven stores will remain open and all workers are expected to keep their jobs while they negotiate to sell itself to a private investor. 8:20. some bay area food banks want to prevent people from getting free food and selling it outen the streets. people on 7th and market in san francisco say that's a place where people sell food they
8:22 am
receive for free at prices. they say the food for sale, that's a frustrating problem even though it represents a small fraction of all of the food they hand out. >> it's frustrating for everybody. it's frustrating for other clients that need our assistance. it's frustrating for agencies who need that. no one wants to see the public being used in this way. >> now places like the several food pantry hope to prevent the problem by having their clients register a name and address and limit pickups to -- to once a month. it may be a first for baseball. the most unusual reason a player was forced off the field. and guess what we just heard. another hollywood marriage may be ending. moments ago will smith and his wife jay cau pinkett announced they are accept -- jada pinkett announced they are separating.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
after 13 years of together, will smith and jada pinkett have decided to separate. so far publicists for smith or
8:26 am
miss -- for smith nor his wife have confirmed or denied the reports. the couple have two children together. will has another child from another marriage. matt halladay, look at this. at the top of the 8th -- matt holliday, look at this. at the top of the 8th he was walking off the field and holing his ear -- holding his ear. a moth flew in his ear. the trainers came in and put a light in his ear, trying to lure the moth to come back out. when that didn't work, they pulled the moth out -- they -- with tools t was still alive. it is 8:26. let's check in with sal. northbound 17 we do have a little bit of a problem, a
8:27 am
crash on 17 at bear creek road. if you are a santa cruz mountains driver, watch for the slow traffic there. hold on. let me move my maps back. if you drive from santa cruz to los gatos, you might be late. so the south bay commute is going to be slow. most freeways including 280 backed up from 101 all the way to cupertino, that's ugly. let's go to rosemary. for those of you that missed the -- missed the sunrise, a gorgeous one this morning. we have mostly clear skies around the region. we are dealing dealing with fog along the coastline.
8:28 am
it's dense. even an advisory that cancelled. partly cloudy skies expected for the coast today and 60s in the forecast, former -- warmer than yesterday. even 70s. the bay area will see a warm one as well. mostly sunny skies after we watch the temperatures rebound out of the 50s. mostly sunny skies upper 80s to mid-90s. so for the afternoon, i don't know about you but i may be seeking the a.c. 95 expected in livermore. concord, 94. 93 in vallejo. upper 80s for the north bay inland. 70 degrees in the city this afternoon. san francisco 84 redwood city. 88 degrees in san jose. the extended forecast here, today is expected to be the hottest day. widespread upper 80s all the
8:29 am
way into the weekend for our valley locations. temperatures will dip a bit as -- a bit as well, low 60s. 8:28. just a month ago, singer amy winehouse died. well, now the results are in this morning on what caused her death and what did not. >> reporter: protest see saw on b.a.r.t. last night could become a weekly event. we'll tell about plans to oh, another protest last week. also, the message some nurses in walnut creek are trying to get across this morning.
8:30 am
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a new threat of another
8:32 am
b.a.r.t. protest next week. these these demonstrations have been causing major disruptions, including a big one last night. allie rasmus is live in san francisco with details of more protests to come. alley? >> reporter: well, b.a.r.t. riders may have to start preparing for another protest to happen here at the civic center station next week. the group that organized last night's protest, the group known as "anonymous" is calling for another protest monday august 29th at 5:00 also at the civic center station. that would make it the fifth protest in the next now half. the people taking part -- next hour and a half. the people taking part are upset about the decision to shut b.a.r.t. down. yesterday's protest started at 5:00 at the civic center. during the course of that, b.a.r.t. shut that place down.
8:33 am
many people we talked to said they planned to work around the protest. they either left work early or worked from home. some b.a.r.t. riders have mixed feeling about having to do that next week. i don't have a problem with speaking up for what they believe in because i would do the same thing. >> i'm all for protests. but i really -- i kind of stand behind the b.a.r.t. police officers. a guy throws a knife at you, what you are supposed to do and as far as shutting down the cell phone and the wi-fi i think there's -- i think that's their prerogative. >> i -- i think it's a waste of time. i don't think they are getting anything done other than making people late for work. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police arrested five people last night, most for interrupting train service. police say protesters were blocking traffic.
8:34 am
it appears the group organizing this "anonymous" may be making this a weekly event. back out here live, i tried to pull this up earlier. but my phone froze. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. right now, nurses who work for kaiser in walnut creek are pick keting to protest possible layoffs. this is a live picture of the profit -- live picture of the protests which started and they were told they could soon be out of a job. furthers say this could jeopardize -- nurses say this could jeopardize patient safety because they are already short of staff. jess massey pleaded no
8:35 am
contest in the murder of donna gross last october. robbery and kidnapping charges were dropped in exchange for that no contest plea. prosecutors say massey will get 25 years to life in prison. a southern california woman accused of tossing her baby from a parking garage has been booked on attempted murder charges. investigators say 31-year-old sonya her mansio, threw her son from the garage at children's hospital of orange county. she's being held without bail. the motive is not known. that child is in critical condition. a homeless man is suspected of molesting a child and san mateo county sheriff's deputies want your help with the investigation. they arrested this man earlier this month on suspicion of lewd acts with a child in redwood city. he's a registered sex offender on parole.
8:36 am
the state's online registry claims he's a transient but the sheriff's office says he lives in redwood city, anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. some people in stanislaus county are surprised to hear that a long time neighbor was also a long time fugitive convicted of murder. shorts arrested 66-year-old william at his home last friday after 36 years on the run. he was convicted in the 1966 beating death of a san francisco bartender and sentenced to life. but he escaped in 1975. it was a slip from his own mother that led police to his home. on her death bed in 2005, she was trying to get various family members to assist her with calling billy. according to the tipster she used the -- she said use the phone, "the secret phone"
8:37 am
number." another property in pacifica is inching closer to sliding in the ocean. it's an historic building. it's known as dolla radio. erosion is slowly moving the edge of the cliff closer to her house. levin wants to put in boulders to stabilize the building. but her situation doesn't meet the coastal act -- coastal acts definition of the emergency. coach ben parks passed away in his sleep on friday. he spent 43 years at menlo atherton where he was a p.e. teacher and coasted -- and coached football and wrestling. he was the first african- american high school coach in the bay area. his son says his father died of a broken heart and was never
8:38 am
the same after his wife died last march. he was 77 years old. 8:37. let's get you where you need to go. how is the toll plaza? it's pretty slow this morning, dave and tori. it's been slow. we've know -- noticed that now that school is back in for a lot of districts and a lot of colleges are back, we have slower traffic all over the place, not just at the taupe but pretty much throughout the -- at the toll plaza but pretty much at the bay area commute. san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. moving along and taking a look at northbound 280 in san jose, that's very slow getting up to highway 17. and then 17 at bear creek they are still clearing a crash f you are a santa cruz mountains commuter, you need to give
8:39 am
yourself extra time. let's go to rosemary. we have something new to start your morning. we have sunshine out there. it's plentiful. we have mostly sunny skies across the region. dealing with some fog around the bay and coast. even a little bit of dense fog an advisory has expired but you may find some along highway 1. upper 50s oakland, low 60s fairfield concord. into livermore. delta breeze no lodger exists for the moment. the -- longer exists for the moment. we have a very general the westerly breeze. so the coastal fog and clouds will be with us through the morning hours. by the afternoon, we are warmer. we'll be warmer by several degrees. along the coast, 60s, 70s, around the bay area, 70s and 80s inland, upper 80s to mid- 90s. here are your afternoon highs expected for today. 88, santa rosa. 90 degrees for sonoma, 89 napa. mid 80s novato as well as san
8:40 am
ralph f.m. 69 in sausalito. 76 berkeley. 78 degrees expected in see andro -- san leandro. it will be warm. mid-90s went right by it. but concord, livermore, pleasanton all in the mid-90s. 88 expected in san jose, 90 degrees expected. along the peninsula hoey about a warm one with -- how about a warm one? 84 in the afternoon. 83 in expect -- 83 expected in san mateo. extended forecast, temperatures will begin to fall as early as tomorrow. mentioned it earlier. this is expected to be the hottest day. so for tomorrow back in the upper 80s and low 90s. widespread and low -- low and mid-60s. eventually our low clouds will return for the morning hours. if not tomorrow morning they should be back on thursday. low 60s into the weekend, saturday and sunday, along the coastline and right about the seasonal average, upper 80s,
8:41 am
low 90s expected. 8:40. new this morning, in the past ten minutes it was announced that no illegal drugs were found in the body of the late sicker amy winehouse. that's according to toxicology reports and according to her family. amy winehouse was found dead exactly one month ago at her home in london. she was 27 years old. she had an ongoing bat well drug addiction. those tests show alcohol was present but it has not been determined if that or prescription drugs played a role in her death. they have named him king neptune. the marine mammal center rescued a wounded sea lion. what happened and why they warrant your help? -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:42 am
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one week after downgrading google's stock as a sell, the s&p is upgrading it to a buy. right know google's stock is selling $513. it sold for almost $600 last january. let's brick you up to date on some of the -- bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. we're watching libya. this is a live picture. you see the black smoke, a lot of fighting happening right now. hundreds of libyan rebels have stormed moammar gadhafi's compound. this is in tripoli. you can see for yourself the
8:46 am
smoke there. reporters there say they saw the rebels enter the gates of his compound. a lot of fighting going on. we don't know if moammar gadhafi is there inside the compound. back here at home, oakland police investigating three separate shootings overnight. that violence left one person dead. three others hurt. so far no arrests have been made. starting in just a couple of minutes at 9:00, officials for b.a.r.t., they will be talking about last night's protest in san francisco that snarled the evening commute. it was the fourth protest demonstration since last month's deadly shooting. this morning we're hearing of another protest planned for next week. 8:46. we have new information about the recorded -- reported stabbing. we first told you about it at 4:30. tara moriarty just talked to police who now say the incident could be tied a large street fight in another city. good morning, tara. >> reporter: that's right.
8:47 am
police say one of the victims actually lied about where the violence took place. authorities have now traced it to san francisco out in the sunset district where they say that some sort of street fight erupted around 2:30 this morning. now what, we do know is that four men were rushed to san francisco general hospital with wounds received during a shooting and stabbing out on 32nd and noriega in front of a bakery. police say two of the men have been treated and released. the other two received moderate injuries and are still in the hospital. the victims initially showed up at seton medical center in daly city and were transported to san francisco. but one of the men told police that the incident happened in the parking lot of sara bowl, across the freeway from seaten -- seton. police found no evidence there. see they say that was -- that statement was to throw them off
8:48 am
in the investigation police will not tell us if this incident is gang-related. but they have traced this stabbing and shooting to san francisco. we're gonna head out there and let you know what we find out coming up in the news at noon. back to you. >> thank you. 8:47. trying to keep people safe at local sporting events. pam cook's in the newsroom with the new security following a violent weekend at candlestick park. >> good morning. it doesn't matter if you are a raiders' fan or a 9ers fan, you will be affected by the new rules. the annual preseason game between the two teams is cancelled indefinitely. that follows a violent game in the stands and then out in the al last saturday -- in the parking lot last saturday. >> steps need to be taken to
8:49 am
make sure that people know that they will be caught and prosecuted for these violent acts. and what we have to do is prevent them. >> starting this saturday when the 9ers play houston at candlestick, tailgate parties have to come to an end at the -- after the opening kickback. there will be no partying allowed in the parking lot after the game. san francisco police will conduct dui checkpoints out outside of candlestick park and there will be a bigger police presence apartment the next few games in oakland. reporting live in the newsroom i'm pam cook. >> it's 8:48. one of the larger earthquakes in colorado history has damaged homes and triggered rockslides a magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit southern colorado last night and was centered 180 miles south of denver. an emergency dispatcher reports damage to a few homes and minor
8:50 am
rockslides. those roads are open. the earthquake is the largest to hit colorado in nearly 40 years. 8:49. a wounded california sea lion is recovering this morning at the marine mammal center in sausalito. his name is king neptune right there found in santa cruz with a bullet wound near his spine. staffers are giving him antibiotics to clear up an infection along the wound. this is the fourth sea lion that had been shot to be rescued by the marine mammal center just this year. it is 8:49. we want to check in -- we're gonna check in with sal in a moment. but first hurricane irene headed -- headed to the u.s. when it could make landfall, the morning forecasts forecasters -- the warning forecasters are talking about -- are talking about this morning.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
hurricane irene could become the first major hurricane to seriously threaten the u.s. in three years. irene is expected to move into chesapeake bay this sunday. residents along the atlantic seaboard are bracing themselves for the storm. they are stocking unon supplies. when irene makes landfall, winds are supposed to top 131 miles an hour. richard branson had a fire
8:54 am
at his home in the caribbean. kate winslet helped save his mother. last night's fire completely saved the house. kate wins let was there and carried -- kate wintlet was there and -- winslet and helped carry his mother out. brown done will rebuild as soon as -- brown done will rebuild as soon as possible -- bronson will rebuild, as soon as possible, he says. firefighters are battling a wildfire near perris in riverside county. that's blaze has forced the evacuation of 50 homes and threatened a uc liver side complex campus. mount diablo board met to discuss shortening the school year by five days.
8:55 am
the state average is 180 f approved, a cut would save the district about $6 million. the district has a projected $2.5 million deficit. and the president of san francisco state university is retiring. robert corey again will leave at the end of the school year. corey again took over in 1988 and -- corrigan took over and told his staff that he aggo newses about the current state of -- agonizes about the current state of california and wants to turn it around. right now, dominique strauss-kahn is a in a new york city courtroom where it is expected that the judge will throw out the sexual assault case against him. this is strauss arriving for court. the prosecutors say there's evidence that the woman had sexual contact with strauss-
8:56 am
kahn but they are not convinced it was forced. back here at home, a 21- year-old summer camp employee accused of having sex with a 14- year-old boy will be a -- will be arraigned in court. katrina worked at the teen extreme summer court program in vacaville. she was arrested earlier this month at her home in fairfield after police were called by the teenager's parents. they told investigators they found a suspected -- a suspicious text message on the phone. they say she's confessed. if you have any other information about this case contact vacaville police. 8:55. today's ticket tuesday's winner will can get to check out ring ling brothers and barn number and bailey -- bar number and
8:57 am
bailey -- barnum. for your chances to bin, scroll down to the right number tap, put in the secrets word "elephant." 8:56. the drive is performing well? >> well, this morning we've had a lot of slow traffic all the over the bay area. not just in one spot. let's go out and take a look at 280. now, san jose state is back and that could be one of the reasons but just a lot of people are back after their summer vacations and going back to school. it's really adding up. 85 is slow. 17 had a motorcycle accident. if you are a 17 driver you are probably not in a very good mood to be heeding out the door any time a -- any time soon. you might want to call ahead or work from home. westbound bay bridge is backed up for about a 20-minute wait. if you are in the south bay i would love to hear from you on twitter. we have a lot of people on the east bay, not as many commuters, we would love to
8:58 am
hear from you at or on my twitter site. let's go to rosemary. >> okay. make sure you grab your sunglasses. all of that sunshine out there today. we're seeing it this morning and it will remain. giving you a sneak peek there of what you can expect for today, widespread, muper 60s for the coastline -- mid- to upper 60s for the coastline. 80s for parts of the bay. mid-90s inland. that will have you sweating. temperatures are going to cool a little bit for wednesday. thursday into friday, not really too bad. today will be the warmest day, upper 80s low 90s expected in the weekend. 87 will be the average for inland areas. along the coast it becomes cool again. partly cloudy skies and we'll be sitting in the low 60s around the region. sitting with the air conditioning today. don't like the hot, hot weather. all right. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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