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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  August 28, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ireinn hammers the east coast with high wind and torrential rain. the storm rockks the coast line affecting million was americans. we'll have reports on where irene has hit and headed and track the path of the storm and
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talk with fema director craig fugate about the government response. then with strong polling and a devoted base could ron paul actually win the republican nomination? continuing our 2012 one on one series we'll speak with congressman paul on fox news sunday. a new poll shows rick perry surging past mitt romney in the gop presidential race. we'll ask our panel if perry has staying power and if the battle for the nomination will come down to these two men all rightt now on fox news sunday. and hello again from fox new in washington. irene is hammering the shore of new jersey and bearing down on new york city. we can report it was downgraded to a tropical storm with sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. but it is moving so slow low and producing so much rain, it is
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still very dangerous. irene made landfall saturday morn there are nine reported deaths and tornados were spotted in maryland and delaware. knocked out power to three million people and new york city mayor michael bloom bloomm said he time for evacuation is over and ordered residents to stay inside . we'll hear from craig fugate in a moment but we have team coverage of where the irene is headed. julie is in battery park that faces a threat of the a serious storm surge. >>reporter: yes serious storm surge. loir manhattan and battery park in particular is ground zero for this storm. mainlyy because of the electric supply here and the tide. the tide is reaching high tide. 8:00 this morning and expected storm surge of 8 feet would mean
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that lower manhattan, much of it would get flooded. we have seen flooding knee deep and the hudson river overflowing in lower manhattan and meat packing district north of here. zone a is where i stand. mandatory evacuation issued here which meant 350,000 people in here and rockaways and queens and coney ilandd. flooding and street and bridge closures and the george washington bridge, lower deck closed earlier today. and all of the bridges will remain open as longg as the winds don't get up to sustained 60 miles per hour wind. we have had gusts up to 60 miles per hour and so it looks good there. we are hearing that the linn contunnel. outbound. not the lincoln but the holland tunnel which is southern most in battery park. you now have to move up north to
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the lincoln tunnel. they have closed that down. public transportation system is shut down. it is the first time new york city shut down all of the trains and buses due to inclement weather and last time new york city even experienced that affect due to a hurricane was 19quive hurricane gloria and first time for us to experience a direct hit back in 1921 and that flooded 13 feet high fromm where i am standing up to canal street. flooding is a major concern for hundreds of thousands of people without power in jersey and new york combined. back to you, chris. >> chris: julie, thank you so much for that. we'll bringg in mike tobin who is waiting for the storm to hit in howard beach, long island. what is the situation there? >>reporter: i can tell you, the full force of the storm, chris,
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we are getting the biggest kick we are going to get for the storm at least from this point and locationn. to give you an idea where my location is, it is near jfk airport. it is metered here at 40 miles per hour. they really feel like they are getting more to 50 or 60 miles per hour . that is why you can see all of the water driving in here. this is a result of storm surge and high tide hitting at the same time and this is a big parking lot. behind me, you will see the main drag that leads to the rockaways and rockaway beach. look at the amounts of the streett lines and power lines are tested right now. and also in this area, you can see the dump trucks in the boulevard. you can see them in the center of the boulevard. this is blocking off the cause way out to the barrier islands. all of those people who refused
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to come and decided to ride out the storm are getting the worst of it right now. and emergency being vs can't get there to evacuate them if they are in trouble at this moment. 92 do they think that the full storm surge has not hit. it is expected to hit in the next 45 minutes or hour. does the flooding expected to get worse? >>reporter: it seems that way. some people are braving the worst of that and drive through it and i can't tell you how many times people do that and found out it was a bad decision and ended up the lead story on the news. we are past the worst of high tide by a half an hour. but it seems like the water keeps coming in as the wind is driving it in and that is a storm surge in itself. and so with the intensity of the storm, we are getting more water on the main streets and now you can see the emergency vehicles
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behind us making their way through the water. they will get up and go across the causeway. that is the area in the rockaways where a lot of people rode out on the storm. >> chris: mike, thanks for that and stay safe. joinning us now from fema headquarter in washington is the director of the federal emergency management agency director fugate. as we said irene is bearlyy a hurricane with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. can people afford to let theirr guard down? how dangerous is ireinn --irene at this point? >> guest: we have had reports of fatalities in certain states. caused by trafficc accidents or trees coming down and hitting houses and there is dangerous.
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hurricane-force winds of 70 miles per hour is bad. you don't want to drive in it. don't let your guard down. for most people in the immediate path of the store stay inside and stay safe until it passes the area. >> chris: talk about the area that irene is headed. what is yourr biggest worry as the hits new york and heads up new england? >> i think for new york and long island it is how much storm surge we get. they are running out of the high tide that. is a concern of how much water we get. wind itself, power out anals and that number goes up and heavy rainfalll and flash flooding that can occur. if you are in a safe place, staying inside is the best thing. we'll see how much flooding we get as irene moves up the coast.
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>> chris: we are talking 4-8 feet storm surge. what can that do to manhattan and the areas on long island? >> guest: the flood damage itself is bad. that's why the locall officials and mayor bloomm bloom ordered the evacuation to get people out of there. l hopefully we'll not get more damage but we'll know more when the storms gets out of the way. >> chris: 75 miles per hour wind sounds bad. but in a city with canyons and tall mountains and things like that, winds can be more severe particularly in the higher levells of the sky scrapers? >> guest: absolutelyy. we can see 20 or 30 percent increase as you move up a hundred feet or more n the high rise, get away from the high rise buildings and move down in the lowwer part of the building and don't go outside. we don't have reports yet.
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we may have a window pop out or debris pop off. so far, loss of life hasn't been as great as we were fearing. but we want to have people stay safe . >> chris: what reports about the damage so far about the damage where irene has hit as it made landfall in north carolina. >> guest: north carolina emergency reportted 57 swift water rescues where they got people out of the water that were trapped. they are lookking to get to the barrier ilans to get ferry service restored. half million more people are without power. we are seeing the report comes in and we'll get better idea of how much road and structural damage. the primary focus is on search and rescue.
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>> chris: talk about all of the things that your agency is doing withitate and officials. how many emergency shelters and supplies you have from beds and blankets and food and water. and any sense of how many people you are servicing? >> guest: the shelters are run by locall officials in combination with the american red cross and salvation army. we stay in contact, but the red cross is the best source for the shelters and go to red, and they will give yo information if you need that information. we are workog getting teams in place and generators and supplies more for after the storm depending on impacts in the areas up down the east coast. it is a combined effort. volunteers and in the private sector working as a team and
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hoping to make sure we do everything we can to keep the public safe. a lot of areas that the storm moves through, you want to get out and see how bad it is. stay off of the roads. they don't need to compete with you for the road space and there is hazards with downed power lines. stay home unless it is urgent. >> chris: i know it is premature with the floodding and property damage. we understand three million people lost power. how long could these releafand - relief and cleann up efforts? >> guest: we'll know more tomorrow. how much damage was caused by system trips. and that will drive how quicklyy power will come back on. we are asking them to get ready for extended power out ages for
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days. >> chris: finally everything in washington director fugate revolves aroundd the budget. i know that is not your concern today. you are near the end of the fiscal year. is fema going to need emergency pending and need more money with the added coast - cost of the dealing with the hurricane? >> guest: we are making sure we have enough reserves to respond to the disaster and we are able to respond in the current disasters such as irene and the existing ones. we are lookking at numbers for what it will take depending on the damage as we get through irene. and for the impacts of irene for next yearr. >> chris: how close are you to coming you to running out of the money. >> guest: well, we had over 800 million in the relief fund.
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and chris, it is going to depend on how much damages and rebuilding cost determine the funds needed. we'll not know that until we do damage estimates. for the response, we have funds there to go and committing to the resources as irene moves up the cost. >> chris: director fugate thank you for the update and all of the work you are doing to keep the people on the east coast safe. thank you, sir. up next, presidential politics and candidate who is ignored by the media. we'll talk to ron paul in a moment. and following hurricane irene and bring you the latest on the storm's path throughout the program. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters.
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>> chris: you are looking live at times square. it is an awfully unusual sight on sunday morning. it is absolutely deserted and people bracing for the arrival of irene despite what you see on the right-hand side of the screen is downgraded to a rop top storm and dangerous and sustained winds of 65 miles per hour and we heard from fema director craig fugate with a
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city with tall canyons and tall buildings. the 65 miles per hour wind can be much more fierce and a storm surge in the coastal areas. now for a look at how the storm is holding up where it is headed today, we turn to our meteorologist rick wright. >> rick: you get around 300 or 400 feet and it may with 25 miles per hour stormer. and the rain moved north of new york city . long island you are looking clear and don't be fooled. there will be more bands that circle through after we'll see more rain and the winds will continue. the winds are a story for the remainder of the day for tropical storm force winds. major flooding is the next concern. the rain is not over in parts of new england. if you key the maroon color that
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is flash flooding, most of the state of the new jersey and delaware and pennsylvania and areas of upstate new york and new england. we have more rain to come. heaviest of the rain, 17 or 18 inches in north carolina and virginia, that is done. we'll see it taper off in philadelphia and head to the north now and that's where the heaviest of the rain will be. mountains getting another 6 or eight inches of rain on top of what they have already received in the last couple of weeks. there is a major flooding concern on our hands by tomorrow of the chris. >> chris: rick, thank you for that. there is other news and joining us from houston, texas and continuing our 2012 one on one series is congressman ron paul. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> guest: thank you, chris, good
9:20 am
to be with you. >> chris: you heard director fugate talking about all of the thing that is fema is doing to help with the path of irene. you talked about doing things back in 1900. >> guest: fema is not a good friend of most people in texas. all they do is come in and you can't get in your houses and they hinder the local people and they hinder volunteers from going in. there is no magic about fema. >> chris: you upon would do away with fema and all of the things it is doing to help people in the east coast? >> guest: you read the reports that came out of new orleans and all of the wonderful things they did. giving check to people who didn't live there and hundreds of millions of trailers because they didn't meet fema standards.
9:21 am
it is a system of burrcrats with a policy that is deeply flawed. you don't get rid of it in one day. i have had the position for a long time and i have a coastal district. but i also suggested that there is different way to finance it. fema is in big financially. it is 20 billion in debt. it is deeply flawed and i refused to vote for the bailout money. we didn't have the money. i proposed that we save a billion from overseas warmongering and put it against the deficit and tide people over until we come to our senses and realize fema is got one of the worst reputation for bureaucracy ever. i win elections because i fight for the constitients to over come the bureaucracy. you can't imagine of how many
9:22 am
calls we get because fema is in the way and they can't get their checks and the checks go to contractors and the people don't end up with the money. contractors end up with the money. no bid contracts and so anybody who wants to defend this department and agency. they have a tough argument to argue for. >> chris: brieflyy congressman if the administration comes, fema is running out of the money and may have a lot of costs right now. i assume if the obama administration asks for a emergency funding bill for fema, you are a definite no. >> guest: where does the money come from. go hand to china and borrow the money? i would consider what i just said. i have precise beliefs in what we should do nd transition out of the dependency on the federal
9:23 am
government. obama cut two billion and quit the war in libya that is undeclared and unconstitutional and bring the troops home and put a bill yen against the deficit and tide our people over. we conditioned people that fema will take care of us and everything will be okay. you try to make the programs work the best you can, but you can't say oh, they need money. well, we are out of money and this country is bankrupt. and the idea that the bleeding heart say we have to take care of them. the whole idea is a gross disof insurance. fema creates many of the problems because they sell insurance because you can't buy it from a private company which means there is a lot of dangerous. and we pay people to build on beaches and then you have to go rescue them. and so it is so far removed in the market and understanding of
9:24 am
what insurance should be about. insurance should major risk and not a bailout program and encourage people to make mistakes which is what we do in flood prone areas. >> chris: you are a libitarian views are unconventional and picking up growing support in the race. latest gall up poll shows you in third place in the gop presidential race with 13 percent behind percompetent romney and ahead of bachmann and the other candidates and in a match up with president obama, you are even 47-45. question. why are you gaining traction. >> guest: it is a good idea. i am fascinated with word "unconventionial" it is strange we put that term to the
9:25 am
constitution. you are proposing unconventional government. today's circumstances is unconventional for 50 years. but the tea party movement and people who care about our bankruptcy, they think that what we have had is unconventional with regards to our constitution and principles was liberty. yes, ron paul is right. why are we fighting the wars and federal reserve that bails out the rich and dumps on the poor and why is it that deficits matter and politicians said they will nibble away the budget deficit that is 10 years out. it is not my philosophy. it is a constitution and private property rights and not dependency on the government. people are supposed to assume responsibility for themselves in a free society. >> chris: congressman i want to
9:26 am
explore your goals in the campaign and read the latest issue of time magazine profile of you. as presidential contender paul is a extreme long shot. as prophet he is defining the gop race. paul is more interested in influence than political power. he doesn't have a great personal desire to be president said paul's campaign manager. my question is: are you in it to win it or shape the debate. >> guest: yes, i am in it to win it. i do say i am more interested in influence and power. i would reduce the power of government. i would never take the power from the congress and go to war without congressional approval. i resent the power that has galvanized in the executive branch and judicial system and want to shrink the size of
9:27 am
government. that doesn't mean i don't want to wen. i want a new approach, at least from current standarpeds for the presidency. i want to obey the constitution and follow the great restrictions on the government. the constitution was written to restrict the government and not the people. now it is turned around. we use government to restrict the people in all manner. i would like to reverse that. >> chris: turning to foreign policy which you have addressed in this conversation . most people celebrated the toppling of libyan leader of gadhafi you did not. the current situation in libya may be a short term victory for empire but a loss for the american republic. gadhafi's successor is likely to be just as bad or worse than gadhafi himself. you don't think that getting rid of the murderer and mad dog of
9:28 am
the middle east and architect of pan am 103 is a good thing. >> guest: i think it is a good thing but the way we did it. why did we do business with him five years ago. was it a good thing to get rid of saddam hussein, yes. but what is the resolve. no, it is delivered to the iranians. we have no idea what is coming out of libya. i am skeptical. and maybe it will be a miracle. i am not predict being it is not happening. they say troops are needed now to maintain order. no one knows who the rebels represent and good evidence that al-qaida is there. we may be delivering al-qaida another prize. they were not there before and also the al-qaida is in iraq now.
9:29 am
and so unintended policy of our foreign policy is overwhelming. lodgec tells us we shouldn't deal with foreign policy in this matter. but deal in national security and not predicting that we can pick the dictators around the world. american people are waking up to this. one tell-tale sign of the support i am getting because of my foreign policy. i get more donations from active litary duty people than all the other candidates together. that should tell me and the american people a lot. being in the military five years i have a're little understanding. i was not anxious for johnson to expand the war in viet nam. military people don't want perpetual war when you don't see the end and you don't know who the enemy is and restricks on how they retaliate and they get
9:30 am
tired and our guard units. they should be here taking care of us when we have floods and they are overseas and the military is worn out. it is time for change. we can't afford the empire. >> chris: i am sorry to interrupt you. you are a disip pel of austyrann school of economics. wt is that briefly and what would economist, two of the leaders of the the austriian school of economics. what is the right way to deal with boosting the economy now and dealing with our national debt? >> guest: they were having run away inflation in austriia know. the main leader of the group escaped and they were mostly jewish and came over here to escape nazism.
9:31 am
they ask him in the height of the crisis . said what would you do? he said i would resign. take your hands off of it and let the people take care of it and let them go bankrupt and let the liquidation and get rid of the mal envestment like we did in 1921. it is a depression and natural consequence of the inflation for world war one. the depression lasted 17 years because we didn't do that. japan has had hands on and in the dolled rums 20 years. we are in this one becomely over 10 years that our economy is slipping. hands off and give us a sound currency and free up thes and property rights and enforce contracts and make sure people go bankrupt and don't bail out their buddies and don't let the federal reserve bail out the
9:32 am
buddies and most important thing about austriian loww economics artificial low about rates that caused business people to do the wrong thing and make mistakes it is it like a price control that causes the problems. >> chris: congressman fed chairman bernke is not going to take immediate action to boost the economy. do you think that your criticism that is echoed by other republicans for the presidential race and congress. do you think your criticism may have led him to pull back? >> guest: he hasn't pulled back. symbolically he has and not having another qe3. he maintains interest rates low. he can't do that without modizing debt. he is continuously quantitative easing and greenspan did that when he held interest rates too
9:33 am
loww, too long and he was instrumental in creating the bubble. it is not a change in things. he said it is up to the congress. the congress needs to do it. he's throwing up his hands. all he needs to quite modizing the debt. that's why a gold standard restrains big government. government can't spend for entitlements and deficit financing to fight endless wars. >> chris: congressman paul, thank you for joining us and for the economic's lesson and we'll see you on the campaign trail. coming up. sunday panel tackles the presidential race as a new fund runner comes in the republican field and we'll continue to keep
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>> chris: you are looking at a desert the time squares as tropical storm irene bears down on the city and should be hitting it right thou with sustained winds of squiff miles per hour and in those canyons and high rises it is troublesome. 65 miles per hour wind can be cent or eight miles per hour . a storm surge hitting coastal new york city and long island.
9:38 am
the nation's biggest city in for a tough day. on the campaign trail is that texas governor rick perry took over mitt romney as front runner. >> guest: i think that mitt is finally running that the massachusetts health care plan that he passed is a problem. >> the place i want to focus my time and attention is on the failure of the president. >> chris: it is time for our croup. steve hays and mara liasson and dana perino and juan williams. and steve, we have had other candidates surge to the lead briefly. there was 14 hours when donald trump was the front runner for the nomination. what do you make of rick perry's surge and does he have at ing power . >> it is fascinating because he has at ing power.
9:39 am
donald trump shared his opinions and on talk shows, but captured the interest of republican vores who are looking for machine to take on president obama in an aggressive way. but unlike donald trump rick perry has a record and governor for 10 years and a world view that is more coherent than donald trump and i think he will likely have a lot of money so this is a guy with a fair amount of staying power. >> chris: mitt romney up to the point has been able to lead the race without engaging the candidates and sometimes by double digits and now perry king a clear lead does romney have to change that and go after perry. >> yes, i think he has to. keep your focus on president obama and don't worry about the ones running against you.
9:40 am
he's not the front runner anymore and shows rick perry surging to the polls and showing strength in the republican primary electorate and not just one group or the other. we'll have more debates and first time they will confront each other. >> chris: how does he take perry on? >> does he want to say perry is too conservative to win in a general election? that would be the intellectual argument against him. and rick perry is where most republican primary vores are. he has a conincrease with the anti-washington tea party and anti-wall street anrick perry hasn't plumbed that one. but more vulnerable president obama looks and more appealing rick perry looks. republican voters don't have to worry about him being too far to the rightt.
9:41 am
he's the real thing. settle for a conservative when you have the real thing. >> chris: we just heard perry going after romney on health care. the surprise in the campaign is the degree to which the vulnerability for romney. in the debates he was able to slough it off. is this perry attacking him and he has to deal with. >> perry had the gift of the underwentstatement. mitt is finally realizing he has a problem. that is a problem for governor romney and he hasn't had to dole with it very much. what people want now is strong medicine. when the history of the election is written, we'll look back at the health care debate going back to 2010 when president obama passed the bill. it is in the root case. and people want strong medicine.
9:42 am
they can claim creating job in government and business. it will make romney a better candidate because of the competition. >> chris: juan. >> the way that perry is vulnerability and way romney and get off the ropes is wait on perry to make mistakings. perry is the guy talking about ben bernanke and the federal reserve chair being tresonous if he increases the money supply. and the guy who has trouble with arguments over evolution creationism. he is a guy who is successful in attacking the health care plan which is what tim pawlenty didn't do. and some point, people have to ask is this guy who can get elected versus president obama or painted as extreme and fringe. in the republican primary in the
9:43 am
base race he will do very well against rom no against romney in the south and potentially out west. but if you look at the record and start talking about economic issues which has to be the heart attack on the president obama. i don't think romney >> chris: you said romney. what are you talking b. he created. >> you want low income jobs. >> chris: what? >> every time is job record is attacked. you it is a win for rick perry it is reenforcing the fact that texas created jobs and an important development that happened this week beyond perry surging to the front and being the nominal front runner. romney's electability eroded some what . look at the national polls when you do head-to-head rit romney
9:44 am
versus president obama and perry versus president obama. he is not very far behind romney. >> chris: are we wildly premature as if it is a two person race? >> no, i don't think so. i think it is a two person race. other contenders that have a chance challenge rom michelle bachmann. >> no. you so what happened when perry showed in waterloo. including his record in texas which is heck of a lot better than one term in massachusetts for romney. he is a natural retail candidate. >> chris: do you agree that it is a two person race? >> it is remarkable what can happen in five-days and we are getting closer to that. we'll have debates and have
9:45 am
something to talk about in september. >> chris: i hope so. >> what steve said, you start adding up the numbers are not romney or perry, but the white house and obama. >> we have news for obama if perry is nominated >> chris: are you done? >> yes. >> chris: the latest of the overthrow of gadhafi in libya [ male announcer how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> chris: you are looking at times square in new york city, again. remarkkably for a sunday morning that is awfullyy empty and the force of what is now, despite on the right-hand side of the screen. tropical storm irene and sustained winds of 60 miles per hour and that can do a lot of damage in the big city and on the ocean.
9:49 am
there is a possibility of storm surge and flooding as well. we turn to the other big story this week. rebel fighters ousted gadhafi and stormed tripoli. they have not yet captured him president obama took a victory lap. >> this much is clear that the gad good reveem re-- rejeemm is coming to an end. >> chris: we are back with the panel. steve, what do you make of the developments in libya this week and you heard what ron paul said. how confident should we be that what follows gadhafi is? >> that is a potential of concern. it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to shape the outcome. ron paul, some of his arguments are not right. he said al-qaida was not in there before we went in there. that is nonsense. there is a 15 yearr insurgincey
9:50 am
fighting group. he doesn't know what he is talking about. if the united states want to play a role in fostering the momentum on the ground and region. it is important that president obama resist the temptation to step back and say this is not our business and we ushered this in and gave them a hand. but it is not our problem. this is the time united states needs to play a role. just because you can't determine the outcome right now. just because it is sloppy or ugly doesn't mean that the united states doesn't have a stake there. l we do. >> chris: mara, there are worries as mentioned of congressman paul of chaos and if they don't take over, slam slamm radicals could play a role. there are questions of stock pile was mustard case andiello cake that can be used to enrich
9:51 am
uranium. as we saw after iraq things can get worse. >> they probablyy will. look at everyone of the counselries that the arab spring ended the regimes. there will be instability and yes, the united states has a role. but limited ability to determine the outcome of this. this is a success story, it took longer than some people expected or wanted. but it looks like gadhafi is on the way out. the president is going to speak to the american ledgion this week and he has a couple of foreign policy success story to talk about. not just libya but osama bin laden and al-qaida number two being killed. it will not do him much good because the economy is the number one issue. and the foreign policy issues give him a small bounce. >> chris: obama tock a lot of heat for the policy on libya.
9:52 am
revealinglyy the advisor called leading from behind. i am sure they are trying to find the advisor. we end up toppling gadhafi without losing a single life and cost was less than one billion dollars. does end up looking good? >> possibly because there are many hands that get it done when it come to nato. they have something to consider in the super committee. we should spend more on national defense. america was irreplaceable and indefensible . they were critical for the air power effort and the administration down played that. that's okay. this war was won by libbians themselves and going forward, an immediate role to play is making sure there are no revenge
9:53 am
killings. that is what we can do to protect the six million libyans that are told you can live in a free and open society with free and representational government. it is something they can talk about. >> chris: juan? >> you have to build admenistrational back provide for a police force and minimize the tribal conflict that destabilize and in terms of u.s. interest. make sure that you don't have gases and nuclear proliferation as part of the picture and that extends to syria and how the u.s. is going to handle the five month revolution in syria? if the syria government destabilize is that a greater threat to israel? >> chris: something that maramentioned, but the u.s. officials are now reporting that last week with the cia drone
9:54 am
attack we took out the number two operative in al-qaida. his name is ata ratman. he was number two and chief of operation. how big of a blow is this to al-qaida and how do we have the bad guys on the run. >> it is huge . big win for the united states and obama administration . they deserve credit for it. they were in close contact with osama bin laden. we know that from what we found in the bin laden compound. we have somebody who was the leading terrorist group's chief representative for the chief sponsor of terror. >> chris: we'll leave it there. check out the panel plus where our group picks up on the website. we'll post the video before noon eastern time. up next, we'll take a final look
9:55 am
at hurricane ireinn and
9:56 am
>> chris: now tropical storm irene is weakening but dangerous with sustained wins of 65 miles per hour. we have been tracking the storm as it swept over the caribbean and hammered north carolina and headed for new york city. here is the sound and the furry of reinn rein. -- rein - on hurricane ireinn.
9:57 am
>> we are getting that counter clock wise. and you can see it is rain. and pelting my face and reallyy coming down. we saw large debris flying by the building and we are in the eye of the hurricane right now. it is due east of the nassau. getting blasted by sand. like hundred hornets stinging the back of your head every second. >> an hour or so ago. you can see the wind is so strong. i lostt my hat.
9:58 am
>> we have all over the boardwalk, it is sticking to the hotels. >> the week that was and we thank our fox news crews up down the east coast for the remarkable work under tough conditions and they brought us vitall pictures and thanks to all of them. a quick programming note. we'll sit down with former vice-president dick cheney and duss his book "in my time" and discuss this about the colleagues in the white house. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next week on fox
9:59 am
news sunday. fox


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