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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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put that on something. wow. oh, oh, oh, oh. oh! oh! the whole hood! oh! [ sighs ] surveying the damage from widespread flooding to millions without power. the east coast is glad irene is gone but tonight the danger is not over yet. good evening everyone i'm
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heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it may not have been as severe as it was feared. but the storm is blamed for knocking out power to thousands of homes and business. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: the story here in newport, rhode island the power outages you mentioned. most of the customers remain without power and that's possible to go on for some time to come. irene has now ended her run of the eastern seaborge. irene was felt from boston to washington. >> everything is floating. my bed is floating, my freezer is floating. everything is nosing. >> reporter: mother nature is wreaking havoc on travel plans. >> from l.a.x. we go to nashville, from nashville we go to washington,
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d.c., from washington, d.c. we're on our own. amtrak to penn station, to rhode island railroad to jamaica and then air train to j.f.k. >> reporter: new york city was doomed some of the predictions. >> everybody is okay, all that stuff can be replaced. you can't replace dogs, you can't replace your mother so it's all right. >> reporter: there's flooded treats to contain with and flooded beaches. a similar sight further south, widespread power outages stretched from philadelphia to north carolina. the commander in chief cautions the country we're not out of the woods yet. >> many americans are still at risk of power outages and flooding which could get worse in the coming days as rivers swell past their banks. so i want people to understand that this is not over. >> reporter: preliminary numbers place the damage estimates so far in the $7 billion ballpark but it'll be
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some time before that is fully tallied up, ken, back to you. >> meantime in vermont the director of emergency services says the flooding leashed by irene is the worse he's seen in the state. fast moving flood waters sent people scrambling for higher ground. >> there it goes. there it goes. there it goes. >> a car floating away in downtown brataboro. many cars were on the lose. within 15 minutes homes that were dry were within hundred feet of water. people were stuck in their cars. the capital of mount pellier are concerned their city may be flooded again. the city says they may have to release water from their dam to maintain the dam's integrity. hurricane irene is responsible for flooding in several states tonight and as ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo shows us now that storm dumped an incredible amount of rain,
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mark. >> reporter: ahead of the rainfall numbers really added up. you can see up in north carolina, or down in north carolina where in system first made landfall. look at this rainfall amounts almost 15-inches. still winds of 50 miles per hour moving to the north- northeast right around 26 miles per hour. just moving out of new hampshire. now about a week ago saturday august 20th we introduced you to tropical storm irene. you can see the track as it moves up the east coast here, right now there's a current position, the forecasted position as we take this into monday morning continues on this track. so continuing to move out into canada but still a significant rain producer. we have fog to talk about, we'll have the wares where you
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might encounter low -- we have the areas where you might encounter low visible tomorrow morning. ktvu's maureen naylor is live now at sfo where some stranded travelers have camped out in hopes of getting home a little sooner, maureen. >> reporter: heather rewant to show you three flights that should be coming in about now but because of the weather are cancelled. 46 departures have been scrubbed today. that's compared to 41 yesterday. that's causing a travel hick up on a very busy travel week. >> morning at 6:00 a.m. we had a flight, but the flight is cancelled. >> reporter: this 25-year-old from italy and her parents feverishly worked their i pad at finding out they can't go back home till saturday. >> we have to find a solution to return to italy because it's not possible for us to stay here one week. >> frustrated, yeah. very frustrated. >> reporter: this group from
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brooklyn was quickly moving the globe from their alaskan group. >> i need to go to work and my husband needs to go to work. i don't know what we'll do. >> reporter: her travel companion is running out of medication, this pennsylvania woman is running out of patience. >> i will give you a long list of cities, just get me within 30 hour, i'll drive. >> i have work tomorrow, i have a 2-year-old who has been missing me. i just got on skype with her on my iphone and she said mama get on the flight. >> the most important thing is the new york area airports are going to be open for business tomorrow. airlines are planning to run most of their normal schedule tomorrow, that's a good sign. >> reporter: still he says it could take several days to rebook those who missed flights because many planes are already full during this busy travel week before labor day. back here live, this is a look at the board at some of the
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flights tomorrow. we see on time right now. and then we last checked with the airport duty manager within the last 20 minutes, there are two cancellations tomorrow, two to newark, one to jfk, of course they always recommend you check with your airline before you head out. new york's three major airports remained closed at this hour. the port authority says laguardia will actually reopen to arriving and departures at 7:00 tomorrow morning. jfk and newark will open at 6:00 with departures starting there at noon. the regents other airports reopened this afternoon. irene could soon effect prices at the price pump. the storm will drive demand and gas prices down over the next few weeks. here in the bay area prices are already down compared to last month. the average price for a gallon
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of regular is 2-cents less than last month at $2.88. gas is also cheaper in oakland and in san jose where you can fill up for an average of $3.81 a gallon. you can find the least expensive gas in the area by going to and choosing consumer from the drop down menu. people in the gulf region are preparing for a solemn anniversary tomorrow. monday is the six year mark since hurricane katrina first made landfall with winds of 100 miles per hour. it happened at 7:10 a.m. scenes of new orleans on rooftops rivetted americans. the storm caused $135 billion worth of damage. memorials and other remembrances are planned for throughout the day. mendocino county authorities are searching for a
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man accused of killing a fort bragg councilman. he's accused of shooting jerry milo. milo worked as a security contractor. he was inspecting rugged terrain when he encountered a pot farm and was shot by a heavily armed man guarding that illegal operation. returning to the scene of the crime. it's a strategy the chp hopes will help find a killer. debra villalon is live where officers turned up the heat on a hit and run driver, debra. >> reporter: we're on river road connecting santa rosa and the russian river community. people who drive it are being reminded how a man died on this road two sundays ago. chp is asking people in their cars to watch out for this one. a white ford 150 pickup four
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doors with gold trim. he hit an attorney as he jogged. >> people go here freeway speeds pretty much. >> reporter: this is the shoulder where casper died before paramedics arrived. one witness pulled over and this winery camera confirms the white truck she saw hit casper. but the video did not get the license plate, and the model and common color has led to dead ends. they haven't found the truck, so tonight they handed out hundreds of fliers. awareness is already high. >> it's a white truck, i got the number. it had a trailer hitch with
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white interior. >> reporter: another tip to pursue. >> we can only say to that person, you know consider what you would do if a family member or friend of yours had been struck down like this. come forward, say something, don't hide. >> good evening, sir. >> reporter: the fliers publicize a tip line and reward. they ask people to ask for a truck that has suddenly been parked or has front damage. now casper was a community leader, but the chp says they would be doing this seeking justice no matter who. the highway patrol says this single engine beach craft reported mechanical problems and was trying to land at napa county airport this afternoon. instead it skidded on to highway 29 just south of jameson canyon.
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the plane came down with its landing gear down. hit a car and send two people with minor injurys to the hospital. as the first anniversary of the daily san bruno explosion approaches we could be closer to answers tonight about what went wrong. the national transportation safety board is scheduled to release its final report on the blast in washington tuesday. last september's explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. two community events will be held in san bruno next month to remember those who died. san jose police are investigating a fatal stabbing the latest in a surge of homicides this year. police found the man who had been stabbed on easy street around 10:30 last night. his name has not yet been released. he died an hour later at san jose regional center. his death is the 37th homicide in san jose this year compared to 20 in all of last year. in san francisco two men are being treated for gunshot wounds after a shooting in the
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south of market neighborhood early this morning. police say the gunman opened fire on a man in his 40s on menta street. a bullet ricocheted and struck another man in the chest. both of the male victims are expected to survive no arrests have been made. the bay area tribute to a navy seal killed in afghanistan and what he told his father before his death. they got the upper hand but it wasn't easy. the challenges crews face dealing with a grass fire in fairfield. new video of the fire near yosemite. where containment is expected and the status of the roads around the park. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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a moving tribute in san jose to an american hero. ktvu' u's janine de la vega was with family and friends as they said a final farewell to a navy seal killed in afghanistan. a solemn tribute gunned with a ships bell was performed for houston one of 30 navy seals killed when a helicopter was shot down earlier this month. >> i know when he was in the helicopter he didn't flinch at all. i know he went down as a soldier. i know he did. that's just how he was. he was just brave, a brave guy and we just loved him a lot. houston spent part of his
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childhood in san jose before he moved to houston. people describe him as a go getter an ambitious man. he was part of team six but was not on the actual osama bin laden mission. >> he could not elaborate on details, exactly what took place but he did tell me that he said uncle you would be proud of me. >> reporter: houston's relatives in san jose weren't able to attend his funeral back east so they wanted to pay tribute to him here with military honors. this afternoon they looked at photographs showing houston the family man with his wife and three children and houston doing what he loved in the navy. >> he served his country, he was a hero. and we're all proud of you. >> reporter: in san jose,
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janine de la vega, ktvu channel 12 news. a child care center in san francisco's mission district plans to reopen tomorrow after a one alarm fire damaged the building early this morning. the fire started just after midnight in a computer room of the children's council of san francisco. investigators do not consider the fire suspicious and believe it may have been caused by overheated equipment. firefighters in solano county spent the day mopping up a wildfire that came close to destroying a home in fairfield. patti lee has reaction from the homeowner. they say fire commander looks for potential problem spots from the air -- a fire commander looks for potential problem spots from the air. information relayed to more than 200 firefighters this afternoon. the wildfire started just before 6:00 last night. strong winds carryed the blaze but fortunately it pushed flames away from this near by subdivision but barreling toward a loan house on the other side of the hill where we
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caught up with the owner and calfire's assistant chief. >> they let you come back to the house. >> they came out and took some stuff out. >> i don't know where these fires are coming from, this is just carelessness. >> i know our investigators are still looking for exactly what caused it. >> reporter: bulldozers dug a perimeter around the blaze containing it physically but it's a strategy that doesn't work everywhere. >> we are seeing an up tick in activity statewide. and none of those fires are burning into major fires at this point. but it's going to continue to dry out. >> reporter: you can see there are still hot spots here but as of 6:00 tonight this fire was declared to be 100% contained, it was one of four major wildfires burning across the state. not including the two wildfires reported late this afternoon. in fairfield, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. highway 140 between the
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portal entrance to yosemite national park remain closed due to the ever growing motor fire. the blaze has grown to 4,600 acres since it began thursdays afternoon when a motor home caught fire on the highway. more than 100 people have been ordered to leave the area with more evacuations possible. the fire is just 35% contained and officials warn it might not be completely under control until september 9th. yosemite does remain open as do highways 41 and 120 into the park. facebook is shutting its facebook deals operation. it was the company's coupon business. facebook tested its deals program in eight markets including here in the bay area. the mobile app will remain in operation. speculation tonight by analysts about apple's latest line of products. experts expect the iphone 5 and
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i pad to arrive in october. many believe the new iphone will be available for sprint customers. it will also include a longer battery life and a better camera. while the news came after job's announcement he was leaving the company. in all the district has about 101 schools, tomorrow morning will mark the opening day of the district's newest charter schools the community school for creative education in east oakland. it was a celebration of culture also in oakland today. thousands of people were out at this weekend's 24th annual china town street fest which featured live performances, a
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lot of authentic chinese cousine and art. there is some new information out of libya tonight. crews track down the man responsible for the lochaby bombings, will he be brought to the united states? commuters beware. there's yet another protest expected for tomorrow afternoon. >> the areas that will warm into the 90s and the timing of our next cooling trend. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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tomorrow is shaping up to be another rough day for b.a.r.t. commuters. as claudine wong tells us there could be dualing protests at the start of the evening commute. >> reporter: we've all seen the chaos and as monday approaches authorities are getting ready again. the group anonymous says it will protest tomorrow night and every monday indefinitely. but is more better?
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>> no, no it's not. >> i think it's a bit excessive and it's affecting the wrong people. >> reporter: among other thing, protesters want the b.a.r.t. chief and inspectors fired. and an investigation into a officer involved shooting. the group called commuters take back b.a.r.t. says it will protest at the same time to show the quote misguided protesters that they are outnumbered and won't shutdown b.a.r.t. again. >> it's not surprising. i would be mad as well. >> reporter: it will be an evening of dualing protests. during the last protest 35 people were arrested and one commuter told us she's crossing her fingers because she can't ferry in and she can't drive. >> that's not really an option for me. so i really hope that it doesn't continue. >> reporter: one thing is
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certain, the costs to handle these protests is growing. cost is at $70,000. claudine wong. a cnn camera crew found the man convicted of master minding the locherby attack apparently close to death and in a coma. amagrahi was being cared for his family. he is the only man convicted for the bombing on pan am 84 that killed 183 people. magrahi was released from a scotish prison two years ago when it was thought he was just months away from death. there's been calling that magrahi be returned to england or extradited to the u.s. much needed international aid arrived in tripoli today.
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the international red cross brought hospital supplieses as well as water. the provisional government stays it appears gadhafi's forces turned off thousandsover water pumps. it hopes to restart production at two oil fields within the next several weeks. in other news of the world tonight, in iraq a suicide bombing in a large sunni mosque killed a dozen people. the bombing came as a u.s. diplomat asked whether the u.s. would leave authorities. a slow moving typhoon triggered flooding that left at least 10 people dead. the typhoon bathered the sinan provinces. many of the dead were children. the water and landslides displayed 50,000 people. in iran about 100 prisoners
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who were arrested during the 2009 election were pardoned and freed. prisoners were involved in the massive street protest that followed the reelection of ahmedinejad. back here in the united states, people across the country took some time today to remember one man's dream. >> one day live in a nation where they would love each other not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> reporter: dr. martin luther king jr. made his famous i have a dream speech 28 years ago. while irene did postpone the dedication of a new memorial
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for the slain civil rights leader, that did not stop hundreds from visiting the memorial. and they were this close to heading to the east coast to help with hurricane relief efforts, now what these california national air members have to do tomorrow.
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a decade after the 9/11 terrorists attacks some questions about the cost of keeping america safe. in tonight's special report,
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ken pritchett goes inside some of the homeland security projects and asks if it's been money well spent. >> reporter: more canines on patrol, new technology to check bags and passengers at the gate. at the airport it's easy to see homeland security dollars at work. but money has also been spent on countless pieces of airport equipment and billions spent on classified projects we cannot see. in the years before the september 11 attacks one estimate puts homeland security spending at about $1 trillion. >> this is a work in progress. there's no finish line in this race. >> reporter: san francisco international airport spokesman says sfo has spent $250 million on security upgrades since 9/11. >> this whole wall section did not exist 10 years ago. >> reporter: sfo had a few hundred cameras pre9/11 and 1,500 now. million dollars scanners check every outgoing bag.
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>> did you see who's bag that is? >> reporter: and more funding has increased canine presence in the constant search for explosives. >> one thing we always tell people, you have to be over 100. >> reporter: you may notice the visible homeland security changes when you take a flight but a group called homeland security market research says actually less than 5% of homeland security dollars have been spent at our nation's airports. but that same group says almost 1/4 of security money is spent on intelligence. it's the kind of work they do here at the federal building in san francisco inside what's called a fusion center. the fusion center is behind one of these doors. we can't show you because it's classified. ronald brooks is director of the northern california regional intelligence center. >> no one government entity can solve, can make our country safe. it really takes all of us. >> reporter: in the wake of
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9/11 it was warned warnings from fbi agents and citizens about suspicious men training in flight schools had not made it to the higher levels of fbis. brooks now leads a team to work to bring intell together between police, citizens and federal intelligence. >> that's how it should work. there should be an enterprise. >> reporter: intelligence programs are aimed at prevention but most of the homeland security money has been spent on first responders. kelly houston says the state has received about $2 billion in homeland security funding since 9/11. much of that money is allocated to cities and counties. the funding outfitted six swift water rescues. this is one of 6 million mobile command centers which can bridge the nags nag -- nagging
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problems of first responders not able to communicate. >> $2 billion is a lot of money to track. and our change has been adding more people and our grants monitoring section to pay attention to where the money is being spent. >> reporter: houston says the vast majority of money is spent properly. >> you get the question well how effective have the funds been spent. there hasn't been a terrorist attack is that a good measure? perhaps. >> reporter: an answer that will have to do barring another attack. 50 members of a rescue squadron were called out this morning to help with storm rescue efforts in new jersey. but as they prepared to take off the mission was cancelled because irene did not do as much damage as first feared.
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that mean it is group made up of full time members and reservist are back to business as usual. >> the people that were activated today and yesterday that are in civilian staff yet. they go back to their jobs. the full time members of 129th will be back here tomorrow morning to do our full time mission. new york's stock markets are scheduled to open on time tomorrow but some traders will have trouble getting the work. irene flooded many streets in lower manhattan. look at all that water. tonight the nyc reported all of their systems survived the storm and will reopen. new york's subway system will open at 9:00 a.m. but with fewer trains. forecasters are warning people in arizona to predict more giant dust storms. take a look at these pictures. powerful winds pushed this dust
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storm over phoenix yesterday. following an even larger dust storm on friday. that's when temperatures soared to 117 degrees. you might call it torture 2.0 the giants play yet another one run extra inning game. we'll hear from manager bruce bochy. mark tamayo will tell us which spots in the bay area could reach 90 degrees tomorrow.
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well we are wrapping up the last weekend of august and fairly nice weather especially
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away from the coastline with the fog clearing back to near the cost. c o a s t. right now that's where we find the fog. also a few patches heading toward the bay out toward the bay bridge as well. taking a look at the buoys, we have more of a northerly wind. there's the sensor right now with winds gusting at 30 offshore. overnight tonight the clouds will regroup as that northerly flow weakens over the next few hours. here we go for tonight. areas of fog, clear skies inland. tomorrow cool coast, temperatures inland on the hot side in the lower 90s. nothing too extreme. we do cool things off as we head into tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows tomorrow morning show you some 50s out there. cooler locations in the sonoma county. 56 in hayward and morgan hill
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the mid-50s right around 55 degrees. high pressure has been rebuilding over the past few days and it'll stick around for one last day. with that it'll be in warm. that means no 90s in the forecast. warmest locations back down into the eight 0s. here is our updated fog developing first thing tomorrow morning. coast side and surging into the bay. skies becoming partly cloudy for the coastline. more sunshine around the bay and plenty of sunshine inland. temperatures inland the warmest locations 89 to 92 degrees. tomorrow's forecast at 7:00, 52 to 57 degrees. by 12:00 still patchy coastal fog. then hot numbers inland with a big temperature range once
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again. santa rosa mid-80s. fairfield 91 degrees. right around the bay those temperatures mainly in the 70s. head over the hills as temperatures jump back up. these temperatures will check in around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose lower 80s. san francisco right around 76 degrees. here is your look ahead, your temperatures cool off as you head into tuesday. wednesday will be the coolest day of the workweek and then we gradually warm things up a little bit for thursday and into friday. with your weekend always in view we will hold on to that pattern with those readings back up. mainly 60s, 70s, and 80s. a fairly nice week out there with a few temperature swings. a questionable call and bochy is back. we'll hear from the giant's manager next. it was an explosion of offense in oakland as the raiders host the saints. sports wrap is next. !
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good evening everyone thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the third exhibition nfl game of the season is when the starters are expected to raise the ante just a little bit. tonight against new orleans the raiders showed they still have fundamental issues with fundamentals. saints already led 7-0 when raiders go to the huddle. and they switch to derrek hagen. hagensix catches. saints come right back with their second consecutive 8-


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