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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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you can see the fog and clouds around the bay pins la and coastline. inland we are waking up with mostly clear skies. livermore checking in with mostly clear conditions and cool conditions. by 7:00 it looks like it fills in a little bit. our valley locations are expected to stay mostly clear unless we get an on shore breeze that picks up in the next couple of hours. 58-degrees in oakland. 58 in concord. fairfield 58. upper 50s napa and low 50s in santa rosa. 57 in redwood city. 61 degrees in mountain view. your afternoon highs for today around the region we're talking 80s and 90s once again inland. 85 at santa rosa. 90-degrees in concord. 92 expected for livermore. 90 degrees morgan hill and around the bay 70s.
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67 expected san francisco. 61 degrees in pacificaen. we will take a broader look around your region. we'll show you what to expect coming up in a few moments. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing well around the bay area. we have a good look at highway 4. it's a nice drive coming in from concord. no major problems there. if you are driving to oakland north and southbound 880 traffic looks good getting up into the downtown area. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic also looks good right through downtown getting up into the west valley. now let's go back to the desk. overnight news concord police are searching for suspects connected to an overnight shooting. allie rasmus is near the crime scene this morning where police still have part of the area
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blocked off. allie. >> reporter: the shooting happened right next to hill crest park. this is the park we're talking about here. you can see from the police tape they set up that a big chunk of the park is still closed off to the public because of the police investigation. part of the intersection is also blocked to traffic. it's on the other side of the park where you see the concord police car. this is all because of a shooting that happened just after 10:00 last night. there were reports that one man was shot. we don't know his condition. we don't know for sure how many people or if concord police are looking for any suspects in connection with this shooting. we left a message for the overnight police lieutenant to get more details. you can see investigators are not out on the scene this morning, but you can see from all the caution tape and patrol cars here they do have some of the roads in the area that is oliver a road you are looking
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at. they are closed off to traffic this morning. we will continue to try to get more information. hopefully hear back from the concord police lieutenant in the next half hour and bring you an update later on in the show. live in concord allie rasmus. the remanence of hurricane irene are moving through canada this morning. one day after hitting the northeast united states. new york city avoided major damage but trees are down. there is still some damage. the evacuation order for 370,000 people has been lifted and the city sub way will reopen after shutting down on sat. critics say the response to irene was overblown. >> they should look at the mirror they are alive today. we are just not going to take any risks with people lives. the best scenario possible is you take the precautions and it turns out they are not needed. >> some of the worst damage is
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in southern vermont. rivers and creeks overflowed yesterday forcing some families to evacuate their homes on short notice. within the last 90 minutes new york's three major airports reopened after shutting down over the weekend. jfk, la guardia, and newark stopped # service because of irene. 11,000 flights were canceled across the country and that is expected to cause problems today as stranded passengers try to get to their destination. >> depending on an airline's ability to accommodate the passengers on canceled flights it could take several days to do so. >> two flight tionz to newark -- two flights to newark one flight from jfk has already been canceled. you can get more from irene on our website. just click on the irene tab.
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today marks six years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. we want to show you the scene outside the super dome in new orleans. broken levies triggered devastating flooding. 1800 people were killed in that storm. rebuilding continues in the hard hit ninth ward area. memorials are planned throughout the day to markka tree that -- to mark katrina's six year anniversary. 39-year-old jose and his son left the market at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the gunman approached them and demanded valuables. investigators aren't sure if he resists but he was shot and killed. his son was not injured in the attack. a $15,000 reward is being offered. the man accused of shooting
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and killing a three-year-old oakland boy is scheduled to open a plea in court today. lawrence denard is one of two arrested in the connection of the drive by shooting that killed carlos nava. they believe the shooting was gang related and the two other men were the targets. aaron is accused of murdering jere mellow saturday morning. he came across a pot farm in a rugged area and that he was shot by a man guarding the illegal grow operation. now the search continues for the hit and run driver that killed a san francisco attorney two weeks ago. coming up in less than ten minutes what officers are doing to get the word out. well, you should know this morning that another bart prom test threatens -- protest threatens to snarl the evening
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commute. but this time demonstrators could face opposition. the group commuters take back bart is planning its own opposition tonight. they are sick and tired of anonymous interfering with their right to use public transportation. >> i really rely on bart. i really rely on reliability and time schedules. >> they have called for protests to take place every monday indefinitely until the bart board fires its police chief and chief spokesman. the hacker group wants another investigation into a recent police shooting. firefighters are investigating a grass fire that came close to burning a home. it started saturday evening. the fire burned more than 700 acres before being contained yesterday. strong winds pushed the fire away from one neighborhood but sent it right toward a house on
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a hill. firefighters were able to prevent any homes or buildings from being burned. >> we are seeing an uptake in activity state-wide. none of those fires are burning into major fires at this point. but it's going to continue to dry out. >> this was one of four major fires across the state. firefighters say they will continue to check for hot spots. no one was hurt. wild fire near yosemite national park continues to burn this morning. the fire has burned more than 4700 acres since it started on thursday after a motor home caught fire on the highway. that fire is 35% contained but is not expected to be completely under control for more than a week. more than 100 people have been ordered to leave the area and more evacuations are possible. yosemite remains open though with by way of highways 41 and
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120 into the park. national transportation safety board is set to release its final report on the san bruno explosion. it's scheduled to be released tomorrow in washington, d.c.. we are approaching the first anniversary of that deadly explosion. eight people were killed. 38 homes destroyed back on september 9th last year. two community events will be held in san bruno next month to remember those who died. 4:38 is the time right now. let's go over to sal castaneda for the monday morning traffic. hi sal. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. there is a crash in san francisco near al main knee boulevard. let's go out and take a look at westbound 80. that traffic looks good coming out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems here. traffic continues to look good driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get there it's light coming into san francisco. also this mornings drive is
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going to be pretty good if you are driving on 280 northbound right through san jose. at 4:39 let's go to rosemary. >> we start with a last look here at irene. at last track winds still 50 miles an hour. tropical storm force winds moving north, north easterly at 26 miles an hour and again at this point it has left the u.s.. here another home on the west coast we do have changes in store for the workweek ahead. today probably not going to fill it too much. we do have fog outside our door this morning around the bay area inland areas mostly clear. warm to hot conditions expected inland once again and the bigger cool down will come tuesday into wednesday as the trough settles in along the coastline. so this will begin a little later today. but we may just see a little bit of a subtle change for the afternoon. your forecast here notice that we do again have just clouds around the bay area as we move into the 7:00, 8:00 hour. it does push inland but not too
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far. we could be mostly clear. it does retreat although i'm catching a little bit of fog here inside the bay and it's 1:00 in the afternoon. so for the east bay it could be a little slow clearing for today and along the peninsula we could be partly to mostly cloudy for the afternoon. your forecast here at a glance this morning temperatures very similar to yesterday. 50s and low 60s. slightly warmer in some cases. low 60s for the coastline. and low 80s around the inland valleys. and for the afternoon high 85 expected santa rosa. 72 berkeley. 73 for oakland. inland east bay low 90s. 92 expected pleasanton. 73 in san mateo. 60s for the coast. extended forecast notice the drop off is tomorrow. for the second half of the business week we do bump temperatures back up. we will sitting in the mid to upper 80s for the weekend along the valley stretch and our
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coastal sections wide-spread low 60s. pam. happening now a local monument honoring the world's biggest humanitarians is moving another step closer to completion. three pieces of remember them champions of humanity are being moved from the berkeley sound reach to their permanent home behind oakland's fox theater. take a look at the live pictures. it will be a amazing monument. this is happening right now. it will be the largest bronze monument in the west. it was created by an oakland artist and honors 25 humanitarians. 4:41. the tenth anniversary of the sr. 9/11 terrorist attacks is days away. a serious case of medical negligence in taiwan. how several people were exposed to hiv. good morning, traffic on westbound 92 san mateo bridge looks good getting out to the
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high-rise tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning, to you. welcome back on this monday. temperatures similar to the weekend. 60s and 70s in the coast. 70s and 80s in the bay. low 90s inland. let's take a look another that. hurricane irene is to blame for destroying one of vermont's
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covered bridges. the bridge that spanned the williams river for more than 140 years was washed away yesterday. irene has caused wide-spread flooding in vermont and other states. the storm has moved out but there is still the threat of flooding and it could be days and weeks before the power is restored. millions without electricity. this morning taiwan is being hit hard by a typhoon. that storm has dumped 20 inches of rain on the country. here's a look at the damage the typhoon caused in the philippines before it headed to taiwan. a $12,000 reward is being offered to anyone about information about a deadly hit and run in sonoma county. chp distributed fliers last night. they asked people if they had seen a vehicle like this one.
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four door 150 pick up. it slammed into don casper on august 17th. >> we have knocked on the door. we have gone through their trucks. we have been impounding some trucks to check them for evidence. >> one motorist at the check point remembers seeing the vehicle. authorities believe the truck has right front end damage. san jose police are investigating the 30 second homicide of the year in that city. police say a man was stabbed on easy street in south san jose. he died at the hospital an our later. last year there were only 20 homicides in san jose. a fallen navy seal with ties to the bay area was honored during an emotional attribute. 35-year-old kevin houston was one of 30 navy seals killed when their helicopter was shot down in afghanistan on august 6th. he spent most of his childhood
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in san jose before he moved to the east coast. relatives here that were unable to attend his funeral gathered for a special ceremony. >> he lost his life serving our community. >> houston was member of team six which was responsible for killing osama bin laden though he was not on that actual mission he's survived by his wife and three children. a motorcycle ride to remember the victims of united flight 93 gets around way in a couple hours. relatives and friends of passenger lewis knack will take part in the ride for the 40. they will travel from south san francisco to pennsylvania. 407 passengers were aboard that hijacked plane when it went down on 9/11. a fullerton church plans a
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special tenth anniversary observance. congregation at the east side christian churches planting nearly 6,000 u.s. flags. there were also flags of 408 other nations that lost citizens on 9/11. memorial services will include a retired new york firefighter who's company lost nine men at the world trade center. the united nations warns there is a possible resurgence of bird flu this year. the latest strain is spreading in china and vietnam. this is resistant to earlier vaccines. last year they reported a six- year-old cambodian girl died from bird flu. one of taiwan's most representable hospitals is confessing to one of the most serious examples of medical negligence. the hospital said it accidentally transplanted
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organs with someone infected with hiv into five other patients. the hospital says it believes a transplant staff member miss understood the results of an aids test which were reported in english and the results were not double checked before the trash plants took place. the chinese government is not commenting this morning. that is after someone posted a video showing a military general discussing sensitive spy cases. the video is seen as embarrassing to the chinese government. usually it's very tight lipped. youtube is blocked inside china so the video came from someone outside the country. right now it's 4:49. a small plane crashed on a napa highway. what forced the aircraft to make an emergency landing and hit a car. taking a voluntary pay cut. why california school superintendent is giving back $200,000 of his salary.
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welcome back to the morn news -- to the morning news. a child care facility plans to be open today. one day after it was damaged by fire. it started just one day from yesterday. investigators do not consider the fire suspicious. they tell us they think it may have been caused by overheated equipment. three people are reekerring this morning after the car they were in was hit by a small plane in napa. the highway patrol says a single engine beach craft plane was having trouble yesterday afternoon when the plane made an emergency landing on highway 29 and hit a car. the three people in the car were sent to the hospital but with minor juice. the two people in the plane were not hurt.
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now 4:53. want to go back to sal to check in on traffic this morning. any problems, sal? >> right now we are doing pretty well, pam. as i look at my screen here you can't see it but i will tell you that we do have a couple things going on out there. let's go out to the live pictures and show you westbound bay bridge traffic is moving along nicely. no major problems getting into san francisco along that upper deck. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound that traffic is moving along pretty well with no major problems. checking in with chp there is still road work out there on parts but it's going to be so light that traffic can get by without any major delays. if you are driving to highway 24 coming in from lafayette to oakland or highway 13 those highways look good. let's go to rose miri. and our workweek ahead will include a cooling trend. although today may not feel it much.
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give you a look at light winds nearby. a light breeze in san francisco. it's a westerly breeze that switched over in the last half hour or so. north, north westerly in san jose in areas right around fairfield. decent delta breeze but not as robust. a northerly breeze in oakland. we get the westerly breeze going this direction you can see how easy it is for the marine layer to pile in. we have the northerly breeze that pushes it south. oakland waking up with partly cloudy skies. over the north bay fog and partly to mostly cloudy conditions. it could stick around the north bay through the morning hours and really not infiltrate too far inlapped. meaning areas like concord and livermore may wake up with partly to mostly clear skies and see the sunshine rise after 6:30. satellite radar we are clear above that low cloud deck and we are dealing with high pressure beginning to flatten just a little bit. low pressure off the coastline will bring us a cooling trend.
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we will notice more so tomorrow. today may see it dip a degree or two. for today low 80s. 90 in concord. 89 walnut creek. 82 expected santa clara. 82 in san jose. a nice warm day. 70 degrees san bruno. 67 expected in san francisco. your extended forecast will you show you that cool down. we do rebound a bit on thursday. into the weekend wide-spread mid upper 80s. pam. >> thank you rosemary. the new martin luther king junior memorial is open to the public. a dedication scheduled for yesterday was postponed because of hurricane irene. the national park service says the memorial did take on a small amount of water as the storm made it through sat night but it is -- saturday night but it is not damaged.
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thousands of students that attend oakland public schools will be back in class today. it is the first day of school for the oakland unified school district. there is 46,000 students in public and charter school. this morning is the first day of the districts newest charter school. the community school for creative education in east oakland. the superintendent of fresno schools is taking a huge pay cut and it is voluntary. larry powell says his current salary and benefits total $290,000 a year. he says with the district facing a budget crunch he wants to help out. >> i will be here doing the same job but i will be doing it for a few dollars less. >> he's returning $200,000 of his salary. there is a contingent city he gets to decide how the money is spent. hurricane irene leaves a trail of destruction up and
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down the east coast. the areas dealing with the most damage coming up in a live report. and a concord park becomes a crime scene overnight. the reason why part of it is still off limits this morning.
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