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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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will probably be tomorrow morning looks like high pressure will build in behind that. today probably very close to yesterday's readings. breezy, a little change early clearing back to the coast. might get it to being a fog. but if you enjoyed yesterday you'll like today. low mid-80s inland, but 50s, 60s and 70s. we'll have your 5-day forecast in about five minutes. here is an update. good morning right now. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay, there's road work out there. be careful of that. go and take a look at the golden gate bridge and traffic looks pretty good and down through the toll plaza. if you're driving in marine county there has been some road work just be careful if you come on it and road workers any of room. on the upper deck that have gone. there's no road work this morning on the upper deck. all the lanes are open as you drive into and out of san francisco.
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this morning on the bridge traffic looks pretty good heading off to the high-rise with no major issues here. at 4:30 let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning the chp has issued an amber alert. the holster is about 50 miles south of san jose. early this morning we received a picture of both the missing girl and her father who is the suspected kidnapper. sheriff's deputy says 34-year- old abducted 13-year-oldy tina in holster at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. now, investigators say the two may be in a white honda odyssey with tinted rear windows. it has a california license plate number. that license plate no. 3wan638. now, the chp decided not to activate amber alert signs on most bay area freeways because
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the two are believed to be heading south. right now a ktvu news crew is heading to holster. we're going to have a live report coming up in our next hour. keeping san jose school children safe as they head to school. in san jose to talk about the new speed limit under consideration. tera -- tara. >> the normal speed limit around schools is about 25 miles an hour. but a san jose city councilman wants to change that to 15 miles an hour because he says it's a move that can save kids lives. the proposal will be considered tonight at the council rules and open government committee. a year ago san jose reduced the speed limit to 15 miles an hour need trade, hoover middle and lincoln high school. this would take advantage of 2008 state law that will allow local governments to -- residential areas where this speed limit is 30 miles an hour or less. now, advocates for the reduced speed limit say that half the
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people struck in a car going 30 miles an hour but 85% struck at 20 miles an hour live. a third of all traffic fatalities involve children biking or walking to school so many parents support this initiative some don't coming up a little bit later we'll tell you why. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. federal investigators helped pin the blame squarely on pg and e for the pipeline disaster. the transportation safety board formerly unvailed its findings yesterday. it concludes pg and e's safety practices led to the deaths of 8 people and the destruction of 38 homes. specifically, the safety agency points to pg and e's failure to detect a critical welding problem in a pipe that was installed back in 1956. >> if pg and e personnel had inspected the inside of the
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pipe the missing well should have been detected, therefore an ininspection was never performed or if it was performed the results were misinterinterpretted or ignored. >> reporter: pg and e's final mistakes came in the hours immediately following that deadly explosion and fire. the safety board says the utility is largely to blame for the chaos and confusion among emergency responders. there are now recommendations but many people wonder if it's enough. >> now the ntsb made a total of 29 safe tiff recommendations. the agency is hoping the disaster will be a wake up call for both government safety agencies and for america's pipeline industry. now those recommendations include speeding at the installation of automatic or remote shut off valves. a better system to recognize and pinpoint leaks in real time. better communication among first responders to share
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information. improved oversight among federal and state safety agencies and better inspections and recordkeeping. now you can learn more about the ntsb report by going to our channel 2 web site. look for the pg and e tabs at opposed 9/11 security assessment is being released today is pointing out the major gaps in government's ability to keep plane's safe. the country's system lacks the ability to detect explosives hidden on people boarding planes. it also describes emergency communication and rescue efforts by first responders as inadequate. the report was put together by the heads. they say the country is not as safe as it should be. bank of america and wells fargo had increased security at their local branches after series of robberies this summer. the robberies happened in several different banks in -- and other cities along
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interstate 80. wells fargo branches have been the primary targets. former payroll manager of the san francisco giant is under investigation accused of embezzling more than $1.5 million from the team. 41-year-old robin o'connor is accused of taking money from nine unidentified giant employees including some players over the past year. the team released this statement it reads in part quote we are working with federal authorities to ensure that this matter is thoroughly investigated and that any wrongdoing is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> former giant center barry bonds is due back in court. now, just last week bonds went to court to try to get the conviction overturned or get a new trial. both the judge -- the judge denied both requests. bonds conviction carries a sentence of up to ten years but many experts say it is unlikely
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he'll serve any time. well, this morning we could morning we could learn who will remain the next general manager. former seattle transit director grace is bart's top pick. bart's president has called a special meeting of the board of directors for 9:00 a.m. that's when an announcement on the new gm is expected to be made. they've been without a manager when coursey resides. time now it's 4:36. the current eastern section is to stay up for a while even after the news band is complete. cal tran says it will have to be taken apart peace by peace. that removal could take several years. plans to put a bid out. demolition could begin a week after the news span opens which could be in the fall of 2013. >> all right again it's 4:37. want to check back in, early look with the commute this
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morning. hi, sale. >> traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look. excuse me, boy, that's great way to start what wednesday morning, westbound 80 traffic is moving along pretty wellheading out to the of course i have to sneeze right when i'm on the air. right. westbound bay bridge as you come up to the toll plaza, the traffic is moving welcoming into san francisco. now some of that road work that was there over night has been removed and all the lanes are open for you getting into san francisco, which is good news. and northbound 280 getting up the highway 17 that traffic looks good all the way into the westbound. so at 4:37 let's go to steve. >> well, i take it -- >> that was a good one. >> we do have a low clouds moving back in if you enjoyed yesterday, you'll probably like today. if you like a little cooler, near to average temperatures
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slightly below. not much change along the coast. a lot of 50s. i'll tell you i can't remember the summer where the lows, i mean, i could have talked about these on june 1st and probably been close all the way through june, july and august. they really haven't changed much. usually in the summertime we'll get to upper 60s. 57 liver moore. system moving in right there. you can see it digging in as it does. that helps enhance the fog. now, once that goes through, which will be tonight, tomorrow morning then high pressure should build a.m -- build in behind. that widespread fog. therefore 2000 feet, whatever you want to call it. 2000 feet. it's more low clouds than fog. temperatures near the -- slightly below average for this time of year. biggest impact will be inland. i really don't see much changes. for some 50s, 60s. low mid-80s, temperatures continue to be about the same
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as yesterday. now, it does appear that tomorrow we'll see good friend of mine as we get more of northerly breeze, that should wipe out for a brief form, saturday does it mostly sunny and warm an cooler on your sunday sunday power. >> all right. >> some breaking news right now, we want to take you to palo pinto texas. thousands of people are being forced to evacuate because of this, pretty big fire. we understand that it has burned about 7500 acres at this time and we have reports of 30 structures destroyed. we're not sure if those are homes or some kind of other businesses or buildings at this point. but, again, this in pal low pinto texas and we're looking at lye pictures there from helicopter shots of a fire as soon as we get more information on that, we'll bring that to you. another cool down in oakland, the reason behind this
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latest one and the unusual rescue involving one of the suspects. plus an update on at&t's $30 million deal. once the company plans to announce today and how it will effect thousands of workers. >> good morning, traffic on highway 4 is moving well, but there is some road work that could set you back if you're using this, we'll let you know more.
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welcome back to the morning
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news. time now is 4:43. tropical storm is gathering strength. it's expected to become a hurricane sometime today. right now the storm is centered in the caribbean about 900 miles west. it's moving west northwest at 22 miles per hour in the atlantic. forecasters say it's too early to predict, though, if it will hit the united states. people in vermont are finally getting power after being cut off by flood waters from hurricane irene. yesterday national guard helicopters dropped off essential items such as food, water, diapers and form louisiana since the weekend storm, more than dozen towns are inaccessible because streets have caved in or walked away in a town of rochester one woman posted on facebook that the local cemetery flooded and caskets are now being locked down the river. hurricane irene is the latest in the string of natural disasters that hit the can be industry and fema say its relief funds are dipping into
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the red. ktvu got an inside tour on oakland. if a disaster strikes in california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, or the specific territories, the sensor will begin the emergency response. but after ten natural emergencies so far this year fema is being spread a little thin. your focus remaining funds on the emergency needs that are very very prominent right now. now, this morning fema officials say they have about $800 million to pay for emergencies but there could be delays in paying for long term projects in areas just joplin missouri that was devastated by tornadoes back in may. there are no funding issues here should we need it back up support will come from offices in denver and seattle. well hurricane irene has caught a blunt shortage across the east coast. now the red cross is urging bay area residents to donate. the storm red cross cancelled
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more than 72 blood drives across the east coast. this has left the area jammed 2200 units. all of the eligible donors are encouraged to contact their local red cross. well general david officially retired from the army today after 37 years of service. he's headed for a new civilian post as director of cia. the general was served as the top u.s. commander in iraq and afghanistan. he starts his new job tuesday. final report on a three- year investigation into wartime spending is due today. an independent panel says up to $60 billion in the u.s. funds has been lost to weight and fraud in iraq and afghanistan over the past ten years. the commission on wartime contracting blames the losses on a lack of oversight or planning and widespread corruption. libyan rebels will not give any specifics, but they say they are closing in on gadhafi
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and are confident they will catch him very soon. the rebels are hunting for gadhafi and fears that he could continue to stir up violence that his moved since 1969. gadhafi fled from eee last week but his whereabouts are unknown. his wife, daughter, two of his sons have escaped to algeria. it's going to be easier to get from the by area to hawaii starting next march. alaskan airlines says it will start daily service. it will also currently offer three or four flights a week on those routes. to mark the exanded service, alaska is offering $179 one way fairs tickets bought by this saturday. today at&t is expected to announce it will bring back to the u.s. 5,000 call center jobs that is sent overseas. company will also make a commitment to maintaining all of its t mobile 25,000 call center jobs if it's allowed to buy the u.s. operations of t
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mobile. several members of congress have questioned how many jobs could be lost if the deal is approved, that issue came up after at&t said it could save $3 billion by combining the company. well, this morning students will be returning to horasman elementary in oakland. one day after police stand off led to school lock down. kids were kept inside their school from 9:00 until 4:00 after several nearby homeowners were robbed at gun point. police searched on melrose and arrested four of the five suspects. this fifth suspect called police saying it want today surrender but he was stuck in the at ticket of a hem. >> told us that he was unable to exit the home that he had been caught in some portion of the home. at that point we determined that he was indeed caught in a hiding place. >> firefighters manage today get him out of the house. they were allowed to go home
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with their parents. this was the second day in a row that oakland school was placed on -- that an oakland school was placed on lock down because of a police serge. series of fire behind a san jose college may have been the work of an arsonist. firefighters responded to five separate fires behind ever green college yesterday afternoon. investigators say the fire was not really close to each other which indicates they did not catch naturally. those structures were damaged but arson investigators are now interviewing witnesses. fire crews continue to make progress on that large wild fire burning, fire is now 80% contained, it could be completely under control by sunday. highway 140 is now back open and some fire crews are now being sent home. the fire has burned more than 8 square miles since it was parked last thursday by a motor home that caught fire. right now it's 4:49 and returning to store shelves but
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only for a while. the gadget hp is bringing back due to popular demand. in the end an unusual stand off southern california power over night. whoa. you gotta be kidding! you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah.
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hue lit packard is having second thoughts about the tablet computer. hp will run one last production of the tablets because of discontinuing them because of stunning demand after it reduce it had price. so many people who wanted one were not able to get one. it's making more to help those customers but it adds this is the last time it withdraws them to focus on business customers. yahoo listens to launch series of original programs for the west. the series will leave you on october 3rd. it will include documentary theory of conquering the fear
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of failure and weekly relationship show. yahoo says it is already a leader in online entertainment with its prime time in no time recap as one of the most watched online programs. los angeles man is finally in custody this morning after climbing up a tv tower and refusing to come down. i want to show you pictures of him on the tower last night. fire and police crews talked him down after more than an hour. they think this is the same man who a day earlier pitched a tin under the tower. not sure why he climbed the tower. two workers are recovering this morning after crane collapsed at sacramento amusement part. the two men were doing work when it came down yesterday afternoon. the workers were left dangling 70 feet in the area. fire crew with 100-foot ladder just happened to be driving by.
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one suffered a compound fracture to his leg. the other minor bumps and bruises. members of the police department will be hopping on their bikes today to raise money for needy families. the 27th annual turkey ride will begin in turkey this morning. participants will ride 200 miles for the cause. money will be provided to turkey dinners to families on thanksgiving and christmas. 4:53 is the time. let's take a look at traffic this morning. >> good morning, pam. you know, traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we want to make sure this if you're getting on to the road soon you watch out for some of the road work that's going to be there in some of these areas. track is going to be effected by some of these. just make sure you give them a little bit of a break. traffic continues to move along pretty well if you are driving on the golden gate bridge but the lay workers will be out there pretty soon. heading out to favorites there is a little bit of slowing here and there. the traffic is moving well into san francisco on the upper
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deck. this morning's drive is doing pretty well on interstate 880. some of the road work that was there has also been picked up. a lot of the road work is scheduled to be picked up on some rare occasion that is guy through 6:00 and we'll run those down for you coming up. 454 let's go to steve. >> mostly sopped in. although the coast looks clear but around here fog. mostly clear by this afternoon. get chewed up usually done. 60 to 70 around the bay. low clouds and mostly sunny to sunny i think afternoon. breezy kind of slices in and picks up the wind. mostly clear and some fog. it's a cool morning for many. sunny and breezy later on this afternoon. clouds will get wiped out i think by tonight and tomorrow as we get more of a northerly breeze. we start off to 52 to 59. as they clear 59.
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last check liver moore cleared 57689 an francisco balmy on most. oakland and hayward at 59 degrees. 56 fair field they do have a west southwest at 21 miles per hour. so we still have to deal with that breeze although ffo says they're calm. everything is calm. san jose southeast at 10 miles per hour. our system is digging in here. we'll move there. and ushers in cooler and wipes out the stabilizes that, so when you get temperatures that are a little cooler near average to slightly below. you get a lot of sunshine and breezy conditions and a little change earlier in the temp. a lot of 60s, 70s and low 80s. some of that clearing should go out well out to the extent. 50, 60, 70 low to mid-80s. temperature wills start to rebound on thursday and i think -- hold on i'm getting ahead of
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myself. 70s, 80s, 90. and as the weekend i do think a little cooler weekend kicks in on sunday, pam. >> all right. thank you steve. san francisco giant now has a yes roof named after him. the baby giraffe was born friday at six flags discovery kingdom. take a look he was named after the outfielder brandon who is nickname is brandon giraffe. the two brandons are expected to meet privately this week. the spokeswoman says the mother and baby are not on public display yet because they're still bonding. facebook is halting all hackers. the reason they are asking for cyber attacks. remains in police -- the reason why the cac is not turning on the signs for most of the bay area.
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good mornings. an amber alert is issued for a missing 13-year-old girl. the person believe, police believe she's with and where she may be headed this morning. why facebook is asking its subscribers to intentionally hack into a system. keeping kids safe in san jose, the new rules that could ct


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