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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 31, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a local solar system touted by the president a year ago is
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closing down. that's one of the top stories ahead. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >> we begin with several workers injured after a serious construction accident? san francisco. it happened at 19th and illinois just before 8:00 this morning. david stevenson joins us from san francisco to explain what went wrong and the condition of the injured. >> reporter: i'm standing at illinois and 19th street here in san francisco. it is the site of a loft-style apartment building under construction. in the upand coming system. but work has essentially stopped for the day at cal/oshas and representatives from the county office look into haas -- into what caused a sudden collapse. that accident happened around 8:00 this morning. it sent four workers to the hospital. three with critical -- with critical condition. and we spoke to the main contractor on this project. he said three carpenters were
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standing below the 6th floor, inspecting a concrete below. a fourth carpenter was standing on the concrete above their head. we're told that a 115 by 15- foot frame supporting that concrete pour collapsed above the head and sent all four men tumbling 30 feet down a three- story shaft. >> it's the efficient of having a large wall fall on these guys and fours them town -- it's the equivalent of having a large wall fall on these guys and forcing them down. >> reporter: we talked to some plumbers who left at about 10:00 a.m. they told us they are usual -- their usual quitting time is about 2:00 p.m. now, cal/osha has now red- tagged the far side before the
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accident -- where the accident took place. that means no one is allowed into the massive project until the collapse of the -- cause of the collapse can be found and worker safety here can be assured. reporting live from san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu chan 28 news. a local solar system company confirmed it's closing down and filing for bankruptcy. tom vacar joins us live from the so linda complex in fremont to explain why and what this means for the workers. tom? >> reporter: well, so linda says it's -- solyndra says it's a reorganization. the employees, say it's the end. >> came here, the only doors that are open are hr doors. >> sad day today. >> reporter: for a while it was a federally support of green- tech darling that even the president of the united states visited. but so so the stress cracks started to show last year when
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they started to scale back production. >> tremendous -- solyndra has tremendous gross prospects. >> i think i just have to move on, you know, next chapter. >> something maybe in a different field. i really learned a lot. >> lass december, uc berkeley commits was -- >> this is part of a shakeout we've been anticipating for a while. that's been a huge amount of investment, and also in other parts of the world particularly in china. there's probably more capacity right now thanked market can really absorb. one good note a chip manufacturer from down the road told ktvu today it can put hundreds of solyndra workers right back to work right away,
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but not all. back to you. >> thank you, tom. the red cross is helping four families this morning. the fire was reported just after 7:00 a.m. at a complex on portofino court. this is video of the smoky fire. no one was hurt but some pilot say they woke up to pounding on the door about the fire. >> in the earliy morning, i heard a -- in the early morning, i heard a bang on the door and i hear my neighbor telling me there is a fire. >> fire officials are still determining the cause. people living there say the fire started on the first floor patio of one resident possibly because a barbecue had listen -- had been left on. a series of fires behind a college may have been the work of an arsonist. firefighters responded to five
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separate fires behind everett college. investigators say the fires were not rely close to each other and not -- really close to reach other and not really wind driven. arson investigators are interviewing witnesses. fire crews continue to make progress with a large fire burning near yosemite. it could be completely under croyle by sunday. highway 140 is back hope and -- back open and some fire crews are being sent home. the fire has burnt more than eight square miles. it tart -- it started last thursday when a motor home caught fire. b.a.r.t. has a new general manager today after a four-month selection process. tara moriarty has the details. >> reporter: well, the b.a.r.t. board of directors seem to be invigorated by the new manager. some people didn't see it that
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way. >> the next manager of b.a.r.t -- >> reporter: seattle's former transportation chief will take over for dorothy dug ar. >> dug -- dugar. >> reporter: out of the nine candidates interviewed nationwide, prosecutors say she was the perfect choice. >> before she left that interview, she stopped herself action said, look, i gotta tell you guys on this board, what you are doing wrong -- literally told us off. >> reporter: the transit agency has been plagued by recent problems in recent months fueled by the shooting death of a homeless death, and hacking. but the new director does not come out controversy. she was blasted for not being prepared for a snowstorm in december of 2009.
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>> there are some things we can do. >> reporter: when asked what b.a.r.t. could have done differently. >> i'm not gonna comment. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say this could give b.a.r.t. a boost for funds. her salary will be about 320,000 a year. and coming up at 5:00. >> rob roth will have more on why fang decided to vote against the gm. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a man is now in custody following his father's abduction. authorities tracked down 34- year-old marcellena ramirez shortly before 5:00 a.m. they say he kidnapped his daughter in hollister. the teenager was with her father at the time of his arrest. the child did not appear to be physically harmed. police in morgan hill are looking for two men who
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kidnapped and robbed the 73- year-old man, the abduction happened last thursday outside a dollar tree store on monterey road. police say the two men kidnapped the victim at gunpoint forced him to withdraw money of a bank and then robbed him of more money at the time. investigators say the victim was nat -- victim was not physically harmed. security nationwide is getting beefed up as we approach the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. but a new really released report is raising concern about concerns about how prepared we are. is there a heatup or a cooldown? mark tamayo is up next with the forecast. fema officials are probable missing federal aid hurt by massive flooding.
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president obama warned lawmakers about dire consequences if they don't extend funding for a highway bill and air travel. >> i'm calling on congress as soon as they come back to pass a clean extension of the surface transportation bill along with a clean extension of the faa bill to give workers and communities across america the confidence that vital construction projects won't come to a halt. the president says if the highway spending bill is not
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extended by september 30th, 4,000 people will be immediately furloughed and if there is a significant delay in funding approval, 1 million jobs could be lost. he's also pushing for quick approval for faa funding before that expires in mid-september. the agency was partially shut down because lawmakers could not agree on an extension. the federal government is stepping up security around the country ahead of the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. but as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. bureau, the u.s. may not be as prepared as it should be. >> reporter: former members of the 9/11 commission released a report today that says the u.s. is undoubtedly safer than it was ten years ago but the report says we'll likely see more terrorist attacks. here is a look of the commission. our cameras were there as they discussed the progress the u.s. has made to protect the country
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since september 11th. and the security gaps that remain. >> we've didn't much since the attacks ten years ago and are safer than we were on that day. but all of us agree that there is much, much more to do. >> the group has released a report card sounding alarms about some of those security gaps, it says procedures to detect explosives hidden on airline passengers lack reliability. it describes emergency communications used by first responders in urban areas as inadequate and it calms efforts from being -- calls efforts from being implemented a long way away. we're getting more details about president obama's plans for september 11th, a week from sunday. the president will visit the wild site in new york city as well as the -- 2008 site in new york city as well as washington, d.c. and he will
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also go to pennsylvania. and he will attend a ceremony at the cathedral. general david petraeus officially retires from the army today after 37 years of service. he is headed for a new civilian post as the director of the cia replacing leon panetta who is defense secretary. general petraeus has served as the top commander in iraq and afghanistan although he could have stayed in uniform at the cia, petraeus, who is 58, chose to leave the army. he starts his new job on tuesday. conflicting reports are come out university libya about whether -- are cull out of -- are coming out of libya about whether moammar gadhafi's sons is trying to find out if he
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will be safe if he were to give up? cnn said the son e-mailed a reporter and said he had no plans to surrender. meanwhile, colonel gadhafi, remains in hiding and most of his family has escaped to eight jeer -- to ail tear -- algeria. it was designed to put traceable guns into the hands of criminals but instead it simply supplied thousands of weapons to mexican cartels. u.s. attorney for arizona dennis burk resigned, a third person assistant u.s. attorney, emery hurley, was reassigned to a lesser job. fema officials are promising federal aid for hurricane victims hurt by massive flood you but they do admit resources are scarce. the storm affected 13 states in
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development alone, 11 towns are cut off from the outside because of damaged roads, bridges and railroad tracks. today fema's director said there's just 800 million left. but he's planning to make sure emergency costs are met by taking money from longer-term projects. >> our focus right out, on the individuals, all of the costs associated with the first responders, national guard, making sure we're able to support that throughout all of the states. this is video beach homes damaged by hurricane irene. officials say 25 homes are a total loss and another 20 will un-- are uninhabitable. early estimates put the cost of storm damage tat more than $10 billion. even though we're far away from irene's damage, there's still a way to help. bay area residents are being asked to donate blood to those affected by hurricane irene.
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2,000 blood centers have been cancelled. all eligible candidates are encouraged to contact their red cross. sunshine making a comeback already. leer is a live look in san jose -- sheer a live look in san jose -- here is a live look in san jose. if you are looking for the fog, it's kind of breaking up. we have clear reports out to the oaks beach and pacifica. there's the patch of fog along half moon bay and also some stubborn overcast. clearing skies, still some warm numbers inland, some patchy morning fog but not much. we'll be warming up as we head into your thursday. the weekend forecast we'll bring in minor cooling but still, temperatures on the -- on the nice side. santa rosa, 67. mountain view, 73. oakland, in the upper 60s,
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right around 67. this weather system has been cooling off the past few days. it's basically gonna go into cap our temperatures. here is the change as we take this into thursday and friday. high pressure returns. that will set up a weak offshore flow and with that temperatures respond by warming up even by the shoreline as we scale back. whenever we say offshore flow, this time of year, we're always concerned with fire danger. nothing too extreme but it's something we should be watching for thursday, friday and even into parents of your weekend that could langer -- that could linger into saturday. partly cloudy skies near parts of the shoreline we showed you some clearing out there. and by 3:00, the same deal. you notice as we take this into the evening hours, this is a good sign that tomorrow will be warming up up even for mart -- for parts of the bay area shoreline. some warm numbers inland. 60 to 83. by 7:00. coastal fog will be regrouping
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somewhat and still a knew patches by 10:00. by 10:00 temperatures back down to the mid-50s and 60s. today, santa rosa, 76. some 80s to report out near concord and wentwood. san jose, 79 fremont, right around 76 degrees. these temperature will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. a look ahead -- you will notice temperatures warm up for tomorrow, in fact, by thursday warmest locations will be flirting with the 90-degree mark. friday will be the hottest day of the week and that means 70s, 80s and 90s. as we head into the labor day weekend, temperatures cool off. today looking -- looking pretty nice. more noticeable as we do check into your thursday forecast. >> it does look like it will be a lot warmer. two 15-year-olds are facing charges of robbery and attempted murder. police say the boys robbed
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other teenagers on fairfield avenue early thursday morning. one fired a shot at the victims sit -- hitting and injuring a 19-year-old. police found a gun and a stolen cell phone in their car. a 39-year-old woman was also arrested for trying to provide an alibi for one. boys. >> sunnyvale police are investigating hit and you -- hit-and-run accident that killed a 70-year-old woman. the woman was talking around mckenzie this morning when a small motor home hit ther -- her. they say the driver kept going. but they found her a block away. she was taken to the hospital, she died. a city councilman wants to lower the speed limits all around the city schools. he points to sta tas ticks that show a dramatic decrease in death rates if a car hits a
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person when that vehicle is going at a slower speed. there are also reports that say one-third of all child traffic deaths occur when a child is walking or biking to school. parents we talk to on "mornings on 2" support the change to 15 miles an hour in school zones. they really speed down the street. >> they have these lights here. they turn on. a lot of times people ignore that light. >> the san jose city council's rules and open government committee will take up the issue at tonight's meeting. coming up -- stealing from the giants, the embezzlement scandal in the team's business office and why social network giant facebook is encouraging, actually paying people to hack into its system.
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stocks under pressure as they enter the final hour. in fact, there's only an hour remaining of trading. the dow is back up eight points at the moment. tech stocks are being dragged down by yahoo and apple. right now, the dow is up 3. nasdaq is down 15. s&p is down 2. facebook wants to reward hackers for breaking into else system. it launched it's kind a bug get some bucks program about four weeks ago. it's paid at least $40,000 in
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reward so far to people who found glitches in the com-- commuter -- computer network. facebook is looking for good guys. analysts say it could be opening the door for bad guy. >> s -- bad guys. >> it would be like putting up an ad an asking people to break into your house. some people may take your stuff and not give it backable you would not have a defense because you asked them to do it. >> the minimum payment is $500. the biggest payment so far, $700,000. a former payroll manager of the san francisco giants is accused of -- is under investigation for embezzling from the team. robin o'conner is suspected of taking money from nine unidentified giant' employees, including some payers over the year. the team released this statement. it read in part "we're working with federal authorities to ensure that this matter is
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thoroughly investigated and any wrongdoing is prosecuted to the full extent of the law." the demolition. bay bridge will be a slow -- the demolition of the bay bridge will an slow and steady process. the process could begin a week in -- a week after the new small opens in the fall of 2013. coming up on the news at 5:00, the federal helping hand on the way to the bayview and how it could transform the neighborhood. plus the solyndra shutdown is not just impacting the 1100 jobs who will lose their jobs. that and more coming up at 5:00. have a great day.
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