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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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parents and police have been searching the home of the gunman in san jose. he shot 10 people, three have died. 7 are injured and several of the injured are in critical condition. we have live team coverage. let's begin with robert handa who is in the neighborhood where the search is going on right now. >> reporter: you can hear behind me the search continues and we have not seen a drop off at all in the intensity, law enforcement have been out here all day. we got off the phone with the sheriff's department and they say there is no plan to cut down on the search efforts. there are s.w.a.t. teams teams and search dog teams going down each street. the search and the sheriff's department have been going through the area in the area because this is where the suspect dumped his first vehicle and tried to carjack a woman. a witness said he was relieved
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the victim survived. >> she was groggy. she had -- i think she got hit on the face, her nose, broken nose. and her mouth was bleeding. and she was weak. >> reporter: again, that woman is in fair condition and being treated at a hospital. they have no plans to cut down on any of the search efforts and they have not set a time limit on how long this will go on. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all of that violence began this morning at a rock quarry. ktvu's maureen naylor is live where she spoke to the sheriff's department about what they are looking for. >> reporter: i spoke with the sheriff's office who says they are still collecting evidence from the rock quarry. a massive undertaking in a big facility.
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the names of the three killed haven't been released. but co-workers and investigators agree he was disgruntled. one saying his demeanor changed from monday to tuesday. >> reporter: the sun wasn't up and emergency vehicles started responding to the lehigh southwest cement company plant. it was 4 again a.m. >> he came into the meeting h a gun and a rifle and started shooting people in the meeting. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says three men died and six other co-workers were wounded. >> happened fast. very fast. everybody was running. >> reporter: just hit the ground? >> i ran. >> reporter: family and co- workers waited to find out who survive. >> i got reports that one of my members is okay. >> he is coming out here. the father left covered
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with dirt. another employee left with loved ones who said they were blessed. he said the gunman had been a customer here. >> something has already been bugging him. chip on his shoulder. >> reporter: a neighbor said shareff allman complained about his job and various shift changes. while the search continues they are dealing with a new challenge because the sun is setting. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> after fleeing from the plant officials say the suspect tried to carjack a woman in a hewlett- packard parking plot. a witness tells ktvu that he punched a woman and shot her before taking off without her car. she was taken to the hospital and authorities say her injuries are not life threatening. a long day of worrying is coming to a end forparence who
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kids were kept locked in schools. police and administrators at peterson middle school finished releasing students one by one. this afternoon we talk with a student who knew what was going on while being kept inside. >> scary. worried because a guy with a gun and killing people. >> other schools in the area were also on lock down and officials tell us they are still deciding whether to reopen for classes tomorrow. after police identified shareff allman as the suspected we found a 10:00 news report from march 2000 about a town hall meeting on racial profile. he accounted his experience. >> what made me afraid, was it my color? i wasn't sure. the problem with the police,
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they don't know us and we don't know them. >> viewers also might recognize him as the coast of real to real on create tv. leaders in the south bay who know shareff allman said their heart broke by all the violence. >> i think something horribly went wrong for him to snatch like this. we are very concerned about the victims. >> the pastors say shareff allman attends their services and they consider him to be a good friend and they plead would shareff allman to surrender. coming up, the police presence at shareff allman's home in san jose where ktvu's rita williams watched. >> we looked into the safety record of lehigh southwest cement company. cal-osha investigated 5 investigates that cupertino facility. they looked into 11 other violations in plants in other
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parts of california. was one due to the death of a employee in january of last year. and has more information on today's shooting. you will find unedited video of updates from investigators and new developments as they come in to the news room. steve jobs died today. apple announced the passing and changed the front page of its website. this is what it looks like. he was 56. yesterday apple announced its new iphone 4s. the first major product announcement without steve jobs. and we got this reaction from bill gates, he writes the world rarely sees someone who has the impact steve had. it's been a great honor to work with him. i will miss steve immensely. tom vacar has been
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following steve jobs' career for a long time and he is in san francisco. >> he was an adopted child and a spiritual man and also a man who changed and revolutionized the world. literally from the beginning of personal computers to the ipod that change the way we listen to muse to itunes to the iphone to the ipad which is revolutionizing business. we asked folks what they had to say. >> i think we are going to remember him as someone who is completely powerful, great, he changed technology like unbelievably crazy. >> someone who understood what the consumer wanted, design,
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use ability, functionally and kept the laser focus. >> we will be remembered as someone who transformed the world, took a platform and turned it into something we can't live without. >> his death will be tragic for a lot of people. especially for the silicon valley, innovators and people who want to invent. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon we contacted steve jobs founding partner steve wozniak. steve wozniak said she not ready to talk about the death of his friend steve jobs. steve jobs will be remembered as one of the truly great innovators, great manager, great ceos. >> he had treatment for pancreatic cancer and in 2008 rumors serviced he was in poor health. in 2009 he announced a leave of
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absence and underwent a liver transminute and in august steve jobs resigned as ceo. anti-wall street protesters stagged a rally in san francisco today. -- staged a rally in san francisco today. more than 700 people marched, stopping in front of major banks. they say banks took advantage of the bail out. police told ktvu the rally was peaceful and no arrests were made. we are following a major story where a shooting rampage claimed three lives, what police are doing right now. >> scattered showers in the area. we will look at those and the potential for more showers tomorrow.
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. gunfire. lot of noise. i was -- during our safety meeting. happened fast. very fast. everybody was running. >> you were in the meeting? >> yes. >> reporter: you hit the ground? >> no. i ran. a witness describes what happened inside a meeting that ended in a shooting rampage. three people are dead and the gunman an employee of the lehigh southwest cement company is on the run. >> ktvu's rita williams spent the day at his apartment complex and she found out he was a community activist with a
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lot of friends. >> reporter: friends of shareff allman are pleading with him tonight to surrender. >> if you are looking, this is pastor tony, i am asking you, call the church. call the agency here, but we want you to come in safely. we want you to know we want to see an end to the violence. >> reporter: meanwhile here that apartment where he lived with his daughter a dozen years, deputies under heavy guard spent two hours searching for evidence. they carried out bags of evidence. just before serving the search warrant authorities drove away with his teenage daughter, including his ex-wife he has a son with. they have been sequested since 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> did the police say anything? >> she said that's my dad.
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she looked presentic and squared. squared. -- frantic and scared. scared. >> deputies kept the daughter inside. thinking he might try to call her. that was the sound of a tire going flat. officers put a spike strip under the wrong car. >> it says this is only to be used by law enforcement. >> reporter: neighbors and friends said shareff allman didn't fit the anti-violence man they know. >> never heard of him, no, no temper. nothing. i don't understand it. >> it hurts to see somebody you like, who is a good person, helps other people, stuff like this happens. you know? >> reporter: how did your daughter create? >> cried. >> reporter: he hosted a show
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on create tv. >> the name of my show is real to real. >> reporter: the only negative one friend told me shareff allman was upset his bosses changed his work hours from a day shift to a night shift. reporting live in san jose, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have continuing coverage on our website,, you will find the latest details as they come in, plus video of the updates from police. the bomb squad is getting new equipment. they have only one main response vehicle, even though it covers the entire county. they okayed spending $35,000 on a second week. they expect to be reimbursed through a grant. business district is getting more help to fight crime. ktvu's paul chambers is live in
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the fruitvale district with details on the changes. >> to keep customers safe they installed 40 additional cameras. but one says the cameras aren't enough to keep him safe. >> reporter: he used to feel safe in the fruitvale area but he says there have been more robberies. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: hehe doesn't have a camera or security system, instead he has knives and a bat to keep safe. if that doesn't work, he has a gun. >> take tunicae that gun could be used to take your own life. >> reporter: police believe there are better options like security cameras. >> when the robbers come and
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they see the cameras they are scared. >> reporter: guns are not the way. >> that's not what we are about. we are not about guns. we don't want to scare our customers. >> reporter: police say they made arrests for robberies in the area, including criminals who were stealing gold chains. they are asking for more police presence and that will happen, there will be more officers on the streets and on motorcycles and 80 more cameras installed. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. meeting the of city counsel ended without a decision on three plans to fight crime. they are considering a new anti- loitering ordinance a teen curfew and gang injunctions. in the end the counsel voted to send the proposal to the safety
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committee for further study. this is low it looked this morning. the snow and ice shut down interstate 80 for several hours when big rigs slipped. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here with what is coming next. >> a winter storm warning in the mountains. that will get dropped at 11:00 tonight. after seeing all that snow, told you a foot of snow at sugar bowl. the roads are wet. the commute hampered by lingering showers. as we move forward, we still have a few showers tomorrow morning. not a big deal. scattered showers. as the system moves through, there is instability behind it. those were the showers. more. they will fly through, that's
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tomorrow morning. we get to the bay area weekend. looks nice. temperatures back into the 70s. tomorrow will be nice. temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. upper 60s. tonight 11:00, few sprinkles. this is the computer model, tonight, 11:00. as we go into tomorrow morning, right, stuff there. this is hard to forecast. model is not spot on. there is instability in the area in the morning hours. lunchtime, fairfield, none of this is big stuff. drive-by stuff. thursday, nice day. don't change your plans. just be prepared. like today, but a lot less sprinkles. more sunshine than today. temperatures 60s.
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69 morgan hill. five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, fire danger take as break for a week. all that rain. nice weather forecast, weekend looks good. >> talking rain and snow today and 80 over the weekend. >> came down hard today. >> it did. and last night too. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, a gunman
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>> you have to get the reps in and i haven't got the reps in and i have to hit thousands of balls to do that. i have done that now. get to the point where i can play golf with my buddies. not really worry and go out there and play. >> reporter: today was the pro amand tomorrow they play for real. tiger woods and golf grabbing the headlines here in the
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middle of football season. joe fonzi. >> reporter: it is baseball season and the cardinals beat the phillies today. that series 2-2 headed for a game 5 like the yankee-detroit series and they play friday night in philadelphia. that's the sporting life for right now and arizona later on tonight. >> good playoff game. >> good stuff going on. no sweeps in the first round. >> we will keep it going. thank you. and we are continuing to monitor the police man hunt for the shooter at the quarry this morning. we will bring you updates as soon as we get new information. you can wallow us on and we posted a section dedicated to steve jobs. you will find more about his legacy and a time line of his
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remarkable career.
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