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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a densely populated apartment complex might help police into yet another officer involved shooting. president barack obama hits the roads, the big goal he hopes to accomplish on his three day bus tour, ktvu channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning welcome to a brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, let's join steve paulsen for your monday morning forecast. it looks like a little warmup especially inland and
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around the bay, the fog may make it tough, low-to-mid 80s inland and now an update on your traffic here is sal. traffic is getting busier and you can see it is getting more crowded than it was. also here you will see a bigger back up and still the cash lanes are the ones that are backed up and 6:00 let's go back to the desk. topping our news, pittsburgh police are looking for the gunman who shot a nine- year-old girl at a birthday party, joining us with what police are doing now, paul? >> reporter: we are still waiting for additional word from police about this but we do know it was 30 family and friends when somebody shot four people including that nine-year- old party. >> there was a party going, there were kids and i heard fire crackers and i came to check and i heard the screaming and i first went over and the kids were crying and all that
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stuff -- >> reporter: this happened after 8:30 last night. pittsburgh police say two people wearing dark clothing walked up to this house and starting firing into the garage. now the shooters wounded a nine- year-old child under the able of 19 -- under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be airlifted to the hospital and are in critical condition however all four are expected to survive. police did not say anything about a motive so they are asking for your help. if you know anything about this you are asked to call the pittsburgh police and once again we expect to get word about this later on today. live in pittsburgh ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, san francisco police arrested five occupied protesters. now police tried to clear out
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an end campment about 10:30 when they loaded up tents and tables on to a truck as a demonstrator slashed one of the police's tires. police armed with tear gas moved in but they didn't have to fire. police did have to pick up and drag a group of demonstrators who were blocking the road. >> i saw our living quarters being taken away and about 15 or 16 riot cops were here and it was just really, really scary. >> police accused the demonstrators of violating city and park codes. one was arrested on the charge of battering a police officer. four others were charged with blocking the road and resisting arrest. still a lot of questions about a deadly police shooting in san jose. kraig debro live in san jose
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with the details of what could help police in this investigation, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave, unlike other shootings san jose police say what happened yesterday may have been witnessed by several other people. they may have seen what happened and that could help in their investigation. several called 911 about 1145 testimony. residents told police there was a suspicious person and the structure could mean more people saw what happened. >> where this occurred was the parking lot to the rear of the quadrant that is behind us here where you see the crime scene tape. there are potential witnesses that were taken to the station as a result that may have seen what occurred. this is the 6th officer involved shooting and five of them within the past two weeks.
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typically officers involved are placed on paid administrative leave and i wanted to check and see if that was the is case. also i want to go into the complex and see if i saw what happened. this morning president barack obama heads out on a three day bus tour. coming up we will have arrive report -- a live report from our washington d.c. room and we will find out how soon congress is expected to act. they are promising to announce a rescue program at a summit on wednesday. finance chiefs put pressure on the group and there was talk about the monetary funds playing a big role in the debt crisis. private holders of greek bonds may have to accept bigger
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losses to help grease emerge from its debt. we are learning about the very private memorial service for steve jobs. this morning the new york times reports one man who attended the surveys said he saw former president bill clinton and joan baez and john lucas. >> they had a piano on this side and had all music devices and projection stuff... >> apple will hold another memorial service wednesday for employees and that service will take place on the cupertino headquarters campus. now we do have more coverage of the passing of steve jobs on our website, just go to our website and click on the tab.
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everybody behaving at the toll plaza, sal? >> yes, sir, it seems like it. if you are driving in the cash lanes there is a little bit of a delay and cash lanes go on about 6:15 but when the metering lights go on it gets slow. also we are looking attains 880 which is a nice looking drive passed the coliseum. also 280 is off to a nice start people like to get on the road early and for now it is a great time to do that. 6:07 let's go to steve. we have fog on the coast all signs push to a little bit of a warmup and i am having a hard time buying into a bigger warmup.
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some morning fog, sunny more fog drizzle as we head towards tuesday night and by that, the 7 to 10 day, it looks like there is no sign of change. there may be a little bit coming in on wednesday but not much for us. a high of 74 today and it is a tough call because of the fog but again it is going up the coast not so much inland and it is there that offshore breeze but so far it's not making it to the surface. a lot of low 50s, napa airport is going from 49 to 50, red wood city 55, san rafael 52, a little bit cool on some of these readings and it is nothing like we had yesterday, a little low sitting out there, that is the one that didn't
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make a push towards us tuesday into wednesday. it gives us a warm reading on the coast and it does not look like it is going anywhere any time soon, 60s and 70s coast and bay and then you find low- to-mid 80s but temperatures after a warmup temperatures will start to drop tuesday on into wednesday and thursday and with your weekend always in view it looks like it will be a little warmer saturday and sunday. his first prediction about the rap to your did no -- rap to your did not come true, we have another prediction and we will tell you what he is saying this friday. we really have to decide it after yesterday's big wind and some say he was too excited. @
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. it is what happened after yesterday's game which gave us so much attention, they had a customary handshake and you can see he ran up to jim schwartz aggressively shook his hand slapped him on the back and apparently shouted an obscenity and the lion coach was outraged and he began chasing him and it
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turned into an all out brawl. >> it felt like a chest bump but i don't think that person that was on me was a little too hard, my handshake. >> heck of a game, it was one great game. >> it was indeed a great game, winning touchdown came within ten minutes of play, quarterback alex smith hit delaney walker and the 9ers won 25-19. they paid tribute to al davis since the death of their legendary owner. a sellout crowd celebrated his life. hall of fame raiders coach lit a torch in tribute to him. oakland defeated the cleveland browns 24-17 and improved their
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record to several wins. he is trying again to sell his jobs plan. as allison burns reports, he has been striking out with members of congress, good morning allison. >> reporter: a week after they blocked his job's plan, president barack obama is not giving up and now he is demanding action on key parts of it. president barack obama will make stops in north carolina and virginia trying to rally support and urging congress to pass help for states to prevent layoffs for teachers and first responders. he said in his weekly address republicans will have some explaining to do if they say no. >> they will have to tell you why they don't deserve a paycheck and why your kids done deserve to have their teachers back. >> the problem is while president barack obama is on the road, it is unlikely congress will take up his plan.
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the senate is set to debate approach ranges bill and go on vacations at the end of the month so we are looking at november before there is any action on it. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. flames shot out of the roof in boston avenue night. one of them was arrested after he showed up with burns claiming he started the fire. a baby was rescued by being tossed out of a window. two firefighters among a dozen people who were sent to the hospital were injured. it started just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon in a room on the top floor of this three story building. the church is on the ground level and was damaged by the
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fire. church members are doing a lot of cleaning up yesterday and some of them were there when the fire started. >> we heard a boom! a real loud explosion and this whole back area took off. >> investigators say it appears this was an accident but they still have not determined the cause. most of the people had been returned to their home. no injuries were reported. it will take place this friday. you will recall he predicted the end of the world last may but he said the world will now end quietly on october 21st. he suffered a stroke in june and is now recovering. for the third time this year, the first case of human west nile virus is in contra
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caster valley. the latest victim who is a 65- year-old woman and two previous victims are recovering. a bird also tested positive for the virus. getting teachers ready to work in the schools, they just received a $2 million grant from the department of education which will cover the next five years and help train more teachers. the graduates of this teacher residency program are usually hired to work in the unidentified school district. george as well as the school superintendent carlos garcia will announce a program to reduce student truancy. several had ten or more absences in the last school year. the meeting will take place and
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is set for 11:30 this morning. it is 17 minutes after 6:00, what is going on sal? it goes from being a pretty good commute to being crowded when they switch on the metering lights and now that is exactly what happened. the metering lights were on and let me just turn my microphone and now people can hear me better. san francisco that traffic looks good with no major issues and no problems getting onto the lower deck of the bay bridge. if you are driving on 101 southbound 101 no major problems 880 the same, heading off to the south bay we are off to a decent start, nothing
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major reported in the south bay. 6:18 let's go to steve. we have some fog inland mainly up and down the coast and it will be hard pressed to go up there. now there is a northeasterly breeze, there is nothing at the surface and there is a little bit of a westerly direction, we lost a little bit of the higher clouds, we will come up a little bit, that is the most that will thin out. 50s to 60s, a couple of 40s and 50s in the area. that pressure system came by on sunday and that's the one that will come in starting wednesday. that will cool us down, could be rain to the north and it's a cooler pattern, northerly breeze as it makes it to the surface we will get rid of all that fog and it looks like a tall order here. some 60s and 70s and it will
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bump up for one day. we started a little bit of a cooling trends, it will level off and friday with your weekend always in view, it is a very quiet stable pattern. well they are the maker of light bulbs and in the hopes of reviving earnings, the quarterly profit fell, they are proving the job cuts will save more than billion dollars. people will be able to use the carrier of their choice and they can also plug in assist card and -- a sum card. time now 6:20 don't look now but another dead satellite is about to fall to earth. the big question, we still
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don't have an answer for you. and the people behind sesame street are apologizing this morning. we will tell you where one bridge is not looking that good, stay tuned.
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. it is a small delay about ten minutes and then you get on to the bridge. sesame street is apologizing after hackers unloaded pornography to its you tube page. popular characters like big bird and elmo were replaced with explicit video. you tube shut down the page saying community guidelines have been violated and they are looking to see who unloaded that pornography. they are aiming to keep kids in booster seats longer until they are either eight years old or grow to four feet
6:25 am
tall. booster seats can reduce injuries by up to 60% and governor arnold schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill twice. ford and united auto workers' union ratified a new contract. they have voted in favor of the contract so far. voting is scheduled to work so far and they will not get annual raises but instead they will get a $6,000 signing bonus. workers have already approved their contract and chrysler workers are expected to begin voting soon. the california medical association has taken a different stance, they are calling for the legalization of marijuana. that endorsement adds one more ally on their side. the cma represents $35,000 said marijuana should be legalized
6:26 am
so its benefits and risks can be studied. >> that is good news and i think this will give them pause that may be they are on the losing side. >> on the flip side, a spokesperson called the cma's position irresponsible. president barack obama is heading to ashville carolina this morning so we want to take you there live, he is not there yet but this is air force one. now when the president arrives he will ditch air force one which is first used during a similar road trip in august when he traveled through iowa and other areas. another siteel light -- satellite is expected to fall
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to earth. this time it is a german satellite launched back in 1990 and it is expected to reenter the earth sometime before halloween. they do not know where the debris will land until two hours before it happens. 6:26 the racing world mourns the death of a 2 time indycar racer, they are honoring dan weldon. and a crash on the streets of san francisco, why some people were arrested. we will take you live to new york this morning just before the opening bell rings, we will tell you what could affect the stock today.
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. welcome back to the morning news, they are visiting catholic charity, it looks like we have earnings reports, citigroup beating the street so that could help things and also there is the opening bell live also what is going on in europe there is hopes they will get something done within a week. european g-20 meeting talking about the european debt crisis. we will smile and say thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, it is october 17th i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30. they arrested five people in the occupied movement they reportedly vandalized a city truck and kraig debro has more in san francisco, you have dramatic pictures of the confrontation between police
6:31 am
and protesters, alex? >> reporter: good morning to you dave, good morning everyone. this was a showdown overnight between the occupied protesters and san francisco police and it all happened when city workers moved in to try to clean up this camp that city leaders believe is illegal and they worked to keep them out. many protesters were lying in the street trying to block department of public works trucks, san francisco police officers in riot gear pulled demonstrators from the roadway. those city workers came to clean up tents and bedding that police say was illegally set up in the plaza. police ended up arresting five people one for assaulting an officer. we spoke with one of the demonstrators who was taken into custody cited for blocking traffic. >> i was trying to get a few
6:32 am
friends on the side of the riot police and i was immediately restrained and thrown into cuffs and i was not even doing anything wrong. >> our officers did a great job showing restraint and the only physical contact i saw was picking up and moving people and our officers did a fantastic job maintaining the roadway and getting the appropriate gear out of there. >> reporter: and new this morning, cell phone video was taken by one of the protesters involved in the demonstration overnight. it shows tense moments as police pushed back this crowd. police had its tires trashed and occupied protesters plan on staying here, alex savage ktvu
6:33 am
channel 2 news. the search is on this morning for the gunman who opened fire during a birthday party. as paul chambers tells us, a nine-year-old is among the wounded. >> reporter: 30 people were at this birthday party when the nine-year-old was shot. it happened at 8:30 last night. pittsburgh police say two people wearing dark clothing and black bandanas walked up and started firing into the garage. now the shooters wounded a nine- year-old and three teenagers under the age of 19. two victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter and were in critical condition however all four victims are expected to survive. >> i live here nine years and nothing this big has happened before and it is bad.
6:34 am
but i guess it is -- there is not much you can do. >> now published reports state the gunman left on foot and may have jumped into a car. once again police have not released any information and we do not believe this is gang related but we are expected to hear more from police later this morning. ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:33 an autopsy planned for the day for dan weldon who was killed in a 15 car pileup during a race. it happened during lap 13 on motor speedway, one car swerved and hit it, dan weldon's car flew over and smashed into the fence on one of the turns. the 33-year-old driver was airlifted to the hospital but he died later. drivers were told about his death two hours after the crash. >> we put so much pressure on ourselves to win championships
6:35 am
and it is what we love to do and it's what we live for and on days like today it doesn't matter, i lost, we lost a good friend. >> late last night friends set up a memorial where dan weldon won the indycar race twice. five others were sent to the hospital, one was sent and released and the others were kept in the hospital overnight. he died in a plane crash outside bar stow yesterday. a message posted on the website said jeff died as well. the faa said they were on a small beach bond fans do plane trying to make an emergency landing and a third person who died also has not been identified. the ntsb is investigating that crash. in news tonight, they will take part in a debate in las
6:36 am
vegas but jon huntsman is not going to debate, he is protesting to move the caucuses to mid-january which is in relationship -- violation of the committee rules. they are considering moving the primary to december to preserve historic status for the campaign kickoff. it is possible the person who killed a member of the else angel -- hells age gel is part of a bicycle group.$♪ he was attending a memorial for a fellow biker and there is news on why a fellow biker may have turned against each other. he was shot and killed in a carjacking near 81st and olive streets and just a few hours
6:37 am
earlier two men were killed on mcarthur boulevard. they were identified and no arrests have been made in either of those shootings. it happened just hours after the mayor announced a plan to reduce violence. the city has seen 94 homicides so far this year. in sonoma county it is believed a body is connected to a shooting several miles away. somebody called 911 yesterday morning reporting a body found on mill creek road. there were reports of gunfire several hours earlier and several miles away. a controlled burn is expected to send smoke over the south bay and cal fire said the burn near the middle ridge trail should help habitats and guard against future fires.
6:38 am
a wildfire burned more than 47,000 acres. pg&e crews will vent a natural gas pipeline in the park. they are preparing the pipe for pressure testing in an area and in sand hill road. pg&e service will not be disrupted but if you are in the area you may smell natural gas. if you have any concerns call. >> just turn to sal for more traffic. >> people do notice when you are gone. good morning everybody, let's go outside and take a look, westbound traffic is getting busier coming up to the grade which is not unusual and you are probably used to it but the good thing is there are no crashes in the lanes. the good news no crashes in antioch pittsburgh and bay bridge toll plaza is backed up
6:39 am
for a 15 minute delay and once you get on the bridge it does look good. the peninsular traffic 101 doing well and highway 101 is just a little bit slow coming through pacifica and oakland down to hayward union city it is a nice drive but getting crowded in parts of hayward. 101 and 280 still looking good and 17 still looks good down to the valley. 6:39 let's go to steve. we have fog on the coast, a little bit inland not too much it looks like a day where temperatures will warmup, sunny and warmer really wrestling with the forecast, more fog drizzles as we head towards wednesday, and the seven to so day outlook, there is no rain unless something changes but the 7 to 10 day outlooks were
6:40 am
hoe hum. it is moving up the coast and there is a lot out there but high pressure says i'll take care of most of it but at the surface there is calm conditions. some of the higher elevations are showing a north, northeast wind especially on the berkeley side and northeast but a lot of 50s and 52 seems popular, santa rosa, livermore is close, a few upper 50s 59 for oakland and san francisco. the reason we are warming up, a system went by yesterday and high pressure is behind that and that low right there starts to eject towards it and that will pick up the fog again and give us some drizzle. if there is any rain it will stay to the north, wednesday it will bottom out and start a little bit of a warmup partly cloudy skies with a cooler pattern after today. there will be a lot of sun and it will be warmer but that fog
6:41 am
on the coast will be tough to bulging. 60s and 70s towards clear lake and ukiah. 75 in south sal alito -- sell alito. 820 san jose, 88 santa rosa, a lot of upper 70s and lower 80s including red wood city and palo alto, 60s on the coast there is not enough of an offshore push to warm them up. wednesday thursday and friday we start to turn things around even though it is rather quiet and with your weekend in view it will be mostly sunny with a little bit warmer temperatures. michael jackson's doctor will not be in court today. he didn't see a reason for
6:42 am
the officer to shoot in san jose. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise but it is noticeably crowded, we will give you where all the hot spots are.
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. well,good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of
6:45 am
the top stories, a nine-year- old is among four people shot during a birthday party. now the police are out there searching for the gunmen. all the shooting victims are expected to survive. overnight san francisco police arrested five demonstrators. now look at these pictures, they were angry the city tore down their tents at the plaza. one person is facing charges of battery on a police officer and right now president barack obama is on his way to ashville north carolina. you can see him boarding air force one. the president is starting a three day bus tour and he will be pushing for the job's bill and will try to pump up some enthusiasm for his reelection campaign. they are moving to the 6th officer involved shooting and in san jose, kraig debro just
6:46 am
spoke to a witness, craig? >> reporter: i just came back from behind this apartment complex where it happened at the parkside apartments and i spoke to a man who said he saw what happened. this is a series of car ports where this all happened and several residents called police around 11:45 for a report of a suspicious person and one of the officers is a reserved officer with the san jose police. the officer felt threatened and fired a weapon. the man was in his car and tried to drive away and he was not driving at the officer. >> we did look at our officer involved shootings and other other use of force incidents and we tried to see if there was anyway we can improve?
6:47 am
>> police would not say whether or they recovered. police identified the man involved in yesterday's shooting. they have been placed on administrative leave. reporting live from san jose, kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. funeral services are pending for another member of the hells angels. steve tulleson was shot after attending the funeral of the president of the san jose chapter. mercury news photo shows people looking down and moments after the shooting a pastor was standing just a few feet away. >> we heard the noise and i will be honest i was hoping it was a motorcycle backfiring but i knew it wasn't... condolences cards have been left at his business in san
6:48 am
jose. witnesses say the shooter may be a fellow hells angel that tulleson tripped a patch from his vest for not protecting somebody else in last month's shooting. michael jackson's -- the trial of mechanical jake son -- michael jackson's doctor is on hold because the father of one of the witnesses died over the weekend. that witness is an anesthesiologist expert. his testimony is crucial to prove dr. murray is negligent which led to michael jackson's death and they are not saying when the trial will resume. back over to sal, any problems, sal? >> yes, i am having trouble getting started, back to you. >> mondays are a little hard, we are easing back into it, right now we have some slow
6:49 am
traffic early birds are out there, we don't have stop and go but we have slow traffic and we are looking at a live picture of interstate 80 which is going to be okay driving passed the coliseum and getting to the toll plaza. it is michele bachmanned up for a 15 minute delay and once you make it on to the span, we don't have a lot going on, we have had a couple of fender benders here and we have a new crash on northbound 880 before dixon landing road, this is an accident where two trucks have been cleared from the lanes but traffic is slow because of that. let remove the map, i want to check out 101 and 280. you should be okay on 101 driving up or down there no major problems and we are watching for airport delays and
6:50 am
so far nothing major and steve and i will be all over that, speaking of steve here he is. i have not seen that. i have not seen anything yet. a few high clouds but it is okay, coming with 0 miles per hour, it is very localized but wind bobs are showing offshore. my confidence level is not as high as it could be because if that offshore windows not make it to the city it is a tough call with all that fog. a few high clouds mostly sunny and there is a component where most locations will warm up but an area of low pressure will start moving towards us and it has been sitting out there spinning its wheels for five days but it is going to make a move tuesday or wednesday and
6:51 am
cool us down. the system came by yesterday and has moved off and it is a lot of high pressure to build in. a lot of that low cloud deck even though it is shallow, it is rather solid on most of the coast. inland areas will get a warmup, not a lot of low 50s and also red wood city. it will start moving and tuesday and wednesday that fog will cool us down and fog sun and warmer 60s and 70s and 80s mainly low 80s as you work your way inland. santa clara valley 81, also red wood city, san bruno still hanging on to 60s on the coast
6:52 am
there is too much fog out there, more fog and cooler tuesday to wednesday and friday with your weekend always coming into view it will be mostly sunny and a little bit warmer. new this morning, san francisco bay reporting higher profits, they announced its third quarter profit jumped 21 percent and it matches wall street expectations fellow citigroup reporting earnings at 44%. dow jones industrial average almost 66 points and 67 now to 11577. concerns over europe still weighing heavily on our markets but there is good news, factory production is up and businesses are buying, they are buying trucks and plane equipment so that is good news. blackberry users will get good news, they will be able to get free apps they are offering premium apps and no charge to
6:53 am
make amends for the massive outage. it includes translator and texas poker, it will be made available over the next few weeks. last week's interrupted services were affected for millions all over the world. what will happen today to mark the anniversary of the earthquake. and fall classic when the st. louis cardinals and texas rangers begin their battle for the title.
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6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back the san francisco fire department will hold a memorial at the moment just as the third game between the san francisco giants and oakland a's was getting underway. that earthquake killed 63 people an injured 4,000 others. will we go for the texas rangers or the st. louis cardinals? >> st. louis cardinals are he had haded back to the world series... >> they sure are, they beat the
6:57 am
milwaukee brewers 12-6 and closed several games, he was named the mvp and the world series starts wednesday night in st. louis. you can catch that game and the whole world series right here on ktvu channel 2 news. let's check in with sal for traffic. good morning, we are following up on mornings on 2, all of these traffic shots i will show you but we are getting a big crowd on certain parts, 92 coming in from half- moon bay and union city we are already getting stop-and-go traffic. this morning's commute will be a little bit slow on oakland although it is not stop and go here and when you get to the toll plaza it is already a 15 minute wait. let's go to steve. the fog on the coast makes it tricky over there. 60s and 70s and a little breezy in some of the higher
6:58 am
elevations low-to-mid 80s. coming up on mornings on 2, a nine-year-old girl is among four victims with a shooting in the east day and we will have a live report on the story. also why police clashed with protesters overnight, stay right here with us. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember,
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