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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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occupy san francisco protesters are on the move. ktvu's david stevenson is following the situation right now. >> reporter: you can see 20 occupy san francisco protesters behind me right now a larger number left about 10 minutes ago. this is a rally here. they are marching through the financial district. we have videotape of them leaving. we will look at that. this was a march in danger of being canceled because they were worried police would dissemble their encampment. that led to a confrontation between police and protesters last night and allegations of police brutality. but the march is on the way now, making its way through the financial district on the way to civic center. you can see the people who staid behind to protect the
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camp because there is a curfew in place in which this plaza is supposed to be shut down. within the last 3 minutes where y spoke to the police chief. he said they will work with the protesters to facilitate their right to free speech. right now they are facilitating the march. when i asked him whether they will shut down this encampment, he said we will have to wait and see. we will cover this and bring a report on ktvu channel 2 news at 10:00. reporting live, david stevenson it ktvu channel 2 news. -- david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> right now what you are looking at is the plaza in oakland. we are staying on top of it developments there -- top of developments there. these pictures were taking a
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couple minutes ago. protesters gathered there right now. the three university of california at berkeley graduates who were imprisoned in iran spoke out about their experience. this was their first west coast appearance. these are live pictures from news copper 2 in san francisco. well, we are having difficulty there with our signal. i am not clear what street that is. we have been told they will march up to civic center. >> there was confusion whether or not they would march because they were afraid police would move their tent city. first it was going to be canceled now they are marching down a street in san francisco. this comes during rush hour so traffic is impacted. it we could get our producer to confirm what street they are on we will pass it on.
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the protesters part of this "occupy wall street" movement which has gone global. the protesters are on the move, in downtown san francisco right now. they began that plaza and took to the streets, blocking traffic. police as you can see are going along with them. we will continue to monitor this march. >> we have ktvu's janine de la vega who is with the protesters. as soon as we can establish a signal with her we will hear from her. as you can see -- they are blocking blocking the street there this is in the vicinity of market street. it comes during rush hour. keep that in mind if you will be near downtown san francisco. we will get back to this story in a couple of minutes with ktvu's janine de la vega.
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the movement will expand to alameda tomorrow. a 5:00 p.m. rally has been set for outside city hall. occupy walnut creak plans to protest till november. this was the scene last wednesday when a crowd gathered near the shopping district. wells fargo bank posted a earnings increase of 21% in the 3rd quarter. they say its net income rose to $4 billion for the three months ending september 30. on wall street today, stocks took a beating as reports cast doubt on the debt crisis. the dow is down 180.51 points. the nasdaq dropped 52 points. both are in the red for the
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year. >> san jose police released the names of three officers involved in a deadly shooting yesterday. he fired the shot that killed a man while they used their tasers during the incident. it happened yesterday morning in the back of the park side terrace apartments. police were responding to reports of a man acting suspiciously and say the man ignored orders to get out of the car. police haven't identified the suspect or said whether he had a weapon. former sheriff's deputy says he paid his dues for the crash that killed two bike riders. ktvu's robert handa is live with the appeal that deputy is making and why. >> reporter: we are on stevens canyon road where the crash took place. the victim's families are upset
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the person responsible doesn't want to complete his sentence. >> reporter: he was on patrol in march 2008 when he fell asleep that wheel, crossed a double yellow line and crashed into two bikests -- bicyclists. now we learned counsel is asking a judge to shorten his sentanced. he pleaded guilty and he served four months of house aarrests, fulfilled 800 hours of community service and now wants his probation terminated eight months early. >> we have done shows so he can apply for law enforcement positions. >> reporter: the parents are objecting from phone from arizona. >> i don't think he should be giving preferential treatment. there isn't a day that goes by
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that i don't wish i could be around here. >> reporter: the mother agreed. >> huge consequences. and he should be able to take thecant sequences and live with them because that's what he was asked to do. i have to live with the consequences. >> reporter: his client never waged a court fight because of the victim's families. >> he was so concerned it would be more pain to them to relive that. the district attorney office said it is objecting tule termination. the hear is october 27. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to take you back for more on the developing situation in downtown san francisco where marchers are on the move. they left the plaza a short time ago. went along market, then main and now on spear. ktvu's janine de la vega is marching with the crowd.
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can you hear me? >> reporter: yes, i can hear you. right now i am at the very head of where the march. approaching market street again. and the protesters, hard to tell how many there are, about 500 at least. completely taken over the street. at one point they were going the wrong way through the cars. cars had to move because they were blocking traffic. now they are -- police are trying to lead them so they could be in an orderly fashion and now they are going again, back down market street. through traffic, on the sidewalk. police are trying to get a handle on this. doesn't seem like they have a plan on where they are going. they are sort of taking over the streets. we will keep you updated but the situation is changing minute after minute. sometimes they are stopping in the middle of the street and then they march.
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>> when you say the police are trying to lead the protesters, are they telling them a certain area where they can't go or just trying to keep them off the street? >> reporter: they are trying to get ahead of them in their motorcycles and they don't like -- doesn't seem like they like being led by the police. at one point, the marchers started going down the wrong way of traffic and then the police on their motorcycles went on the sidewalks trying to get ahead of them. right now as i am marching with them, they are on the sidewalks. right along market street. holding up signs, chanting. it's a huge crowd. >> have you seen any arrests at all or police just going long with them? >> reporter: not yet. but there is a lot of yelling, a lot of -- [ indiscernible ] i don't know if you could hear me because there is so much
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shouting and yelling. more protesters than there are police and they are watching and observes. >> all right. we want to let you know the protests is part of the "occupy wall street" movement which moved into cities around the bay area. this is in san francisco. janine de la vega is on the street with them. we have been watching this. they started out in the plaza. we will continue to follow this group and let you know as soon as we get more information on that. we will have more when we get new develops. the identity of a member of the hells angels who was dunned down at a funeral in san jose over the weekend. as we reported saturday, steve tausan was shot by a fellow hells angels use identity and where about are still unknown. the investigation has been hampered because the crime scene was altered before they
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arrived. mourning the loss of a two time indy 500 winner. this is the crash in las vegas that claimed the life of dan wheldon. it happened on lap 12 of this race. ktvu's noel walker is live where indycars race with the safety checks. >> reporter: the need for speed, there what packs fans in but so does the thrill of watching the danger. today they are mourning the loss of a fan favorite. >> reporter: there is excitement as they take a spin today, there is also sadness here. one of the worst indycar crashes. a fiery, 15 car pile up killed
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dan wheldon, one of the most well liked drivers. the impact is felt. >> a bright, energetic, engaging guy with a great sense of humor. just a real human tragedy to have lost him. >> dan wheldon was involved here. the blog features him on the front page. he is a fire safety officer. he took us out on a track check to help prevent accidents. he has done the same drill in las vegas. he watched the deadly crash on play back. >> had he done there we would have been the same thing. the chances of a similar crash here are slim that's because they are different tracks. the biggest difference, speed. 140 miles per hour on this
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course verses the 220-mile course in las vegas. dan wheldon was a test driver for a new safer indycar model. >> reporter: now we spoke to people that driver school and they were too emotion tool speak on camera but they said, dan wheldon was an inspiration to us all and his tragic death has left a hole that will never be filled. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. school children played next to a burned out jungle gym today, the steps officials are taking a stop repeat vandals. warm weather over the bay area this afternoon with a cooling trend on the way. what the models are predicting for your area coming up.
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. more on developing news in downtown san francisco where we have been following the occupy san francisco protesters who have been on the move for the last 20 minutes. they started that plaza and went to market and main and spear and looks like they are making their way back to the plaza. a large group. hundreds we are told. janine de la vega was with them and police was with them, causing traffic problems but looks like they returned. the group of them back to the plaza where they have been camping out. police told them they have to move out, they won't be allowed to camp out, that was causing tension with police. this is a live picture. they are told to move out of the plaza. the three university of california at berkeley graduates who were imprisoned in iran made their first west
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coast appearance at the occupy oakland. sarah shourd, joshua fattal were at the rally. >> coming up to this. we came back to this country couple weeks ago. this feels like coming home to oakland, coming home to this. this is amazing. >> shane bauer and joshua fattal returned to the united states last month after spending two years in prison. san francisco officials say a new program to fight truancy is having an impact. the program gives individual attention to 20, 9th grade students at risk to miss scules. those students are attending 23% more school days than last year. the program is funded with funny from the das office. vandals targeted two
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schools and burned playground equipment. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in antioch with the cost to fix things back up for students. >> reporter: between two schools vandals struck five times within the last month. >> reporter: vandals set fire to this equipment not once but twice. >> it takes up our time and money. >> made the principal fighting mad. >> very angry we are targeted. >> reporter: how long does it take to replace? >> couple months. >> they don't have anything to play with. >> i saw what they did and everything and i was telling my son and he goes, didn't they do something at another school. >> reporter: he was right.
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a few weeks ago, someone set fire to beens outside the kitchen. they boarded the windows only to have vandals strike again. >> it's hard to understand why a group of individuals would target a elementary school. >> reporter: officials estimate the damage at each school $50,000. >> that's half my budget in one year. >> the kids were upset. >> they need more security here. >> reporter: which the district hired over the weekend but it's expensive. this is some of the damage at this school. they are looking into cameras. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. afternoon highes running quite warm for october and as we watched the sunset in the next 10-15 minutes, nice and mild once again. most of us dealing with a
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breeze. northeasterly in fairfield and helped to wipe out the marine layer. 77 pacifica. 83 oakland. 84 san jose. 80s napa. 84 santa rosa. we are expecting the sea breeze to return and the cooler trend as early as tomorrow. you remember this? we have been watching this for the last week. it is going to push northeast, it will crank up our sea breeze and cool us down for tuesday and wednesday. 5-15 degrees warmer than sunday. tomorrow temperatures are expected to fall. a.m. fog and patchy drizzle expected to return to the coast line. partly cloudy expected by the afternoon. 50s and 60s as we start the morning. 60 mountain view. 59 oakland. 55 expected for expected for
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vallejo. 54 santa rosa. afternoon highs. 74 novato. 72 east bay, oakland. afternoon 67. -- san francisco 67. 62 pacifica. the valley, nice day, mild day, what we typically get. 77 san jose. 76 mountain view. extended forecast. that disturbance beginning to move closer to the coast and pass our area. tuesday, wednesday, cools down, patchy drizzle. nice weather all the way into the weekend. dry. temperatures back into the 80s and 70s for the coast. >> thank you. a pawnshop is hoping video will help catch a thief. he posed as a customer this morning at easy money pawn & jewelry in oakland. the owner says the man then
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grabbed, see it, a chain and ran out of the store. he escaped in a infinity. 5'6", and weighing at least 200 pounds. not here no more. >> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 a mother grieves for the death of her son at a day care facility, what we uncovered and you have been watching it live, here it is again, protesters blocking san francisco streets as the clock ticks down to a key deadline. we will have an update on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. and we will be right back with sports and mark ibanez.
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. mark is here with sports. a big weekend for both football teams. >> water cooler talk. the shame is people are talking about the post game handshake between the two head coaches and not so much how great the 49ers played.
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the shake did get rowdy but as coach of a first place team, 5- 1, jim harbaugh not looking to escalate the situation today. >> not here today to throw any -- not going to be anything out of the west coast. show your emotions. you know, that's okay to do. i was excited about the football game. excited about the way our players played. you know, got revved up. [ laughter ] >> bottom line is, 49ers are a lot more entertaining to watch this year and winning football. not a bad way to go for the raiders. their victory does come with a price as their quarterback jason campbell broke his caller bone. he will have surgery today. says he will only miss six weeks but the fact is, the only guy left on their team with any long-term experience as nfl
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quarterback and the coach may be on the phone longer than usual with the trade deadline coming up tomorrow. >> i am very comfortable with him because i know what he is capable of doing. so we have a good comfort level with each other. so i know that we can put an offense around him. and continue to win. >> i have on l the confidence in the world in them and they have confidence in me. those are my guys. i do everything i can to have those guys trust me. you need to trust your quarterback. >> that's him there. get uncaught cat and vote for your -- get on ktvu channel 2 news and vote for your high school football. >> thank you.
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