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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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cooler up towards the north bay. 60s and 70s on the temperature today. steve, good morning. traffic is doing well around the bay now. we're going to show you a picture of i-80. you can see it moves well as you head out to the maize. no major problems on 580 coming up to the 24 interchange. also, this morning, we're looking at the bay bridge. this is a light commute into san francisco. if you're driving to the south bay, southbound 680 traffic looks good as you pass the mission boulevard exit. let's go back to the desk. this morning, the u.s. coast guard is still searching for a kayaker missing in the san francisco bay near pier 80. what's happening with the search now? >> reporter: well, this is
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still a rescue mission this morning. the coast guard has an 87-foot boat in the water looking for any sign of the missing kayaker. the crews have been searching the water since sunday afternoon at 3:30. friends say he was an experienced kayaker. when he was too close to a tug boat directing a barge, the wake was too much. >> as he was coming up, it wept like this and it pushed us this way. we went through it. when i turned around to watch him, his boat was already over. >> reporter: when he didn't resurface, the tug boat pilot called for help. his friends aren't giving up hope. the cancer survivor has beaten the ods before. well, an 18-year-old woman is expected to survive after
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being -- shot. the police received the report last night. the officers found the teen suffering from one gunshot wound. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. the police haven't released information on the suspect. the woman accused of killing a nursing student is due back in a courtroom at 9:00 a.m. this woman is expected to enter a plea following a 1 month delay. she's pregnant and the judge granted her a four week delay because of problems with her pregnancy. they were once friends and prosecutors think she killed her out of jealousy. we're looking at a deadly motorcycle crash over the weekend. this is the mug shot of the driver of the van that hit and killed a motorcyclist on
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saturday. that crash shutdown i-80 for several hours. the motorcycle died in the crash. >> the driver dragged the motorcycle driver all over the highway. gouge marks littered the highway for a half a mile. >> the police aren't confirming the reports that the motorcyclist was a member of the hell's angels group. a man is dead in sonoma county. it happened yesterday. an 83-year-old truck driver failed to yield to a van as he was turning on to the highway. the man driving was killed. a highway patrolman was driving behind the man and he tried to administer cpr. two people in the truck weren't hurt. we have an update on a story we first told you about yesterday. a man suspected of shooting and
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wounded a police officer in sacramento died while in police custody. the 32-year-old was unresponsive in the back of a car saturday night following a foot chase and a shooting. the police officer he shot is expected to make a full recovery. we're learning more information about a police shooting at a hotel. it happened at the extended stay hotel. this happened yesterday morning. several guests reported that a man passed out in a stairwell with a gun in his waistband. after arousing him, the police say he reached for the gun and four officers opened fire wounding him. the man's gun was a fake. we spoke with a gust who saw the man before the shooting. >> he had a green out fit on with a red cross on it. the thing that caught my eye was a gun. >> police say that the 25-year- old man was dressed in medical
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type scrubs. he returned to the hotel after attending a party and he was apparently drunk. he's being treated at a local hospital. police near los angeles admit they shot and killed the wrong man. coming up in 12 minutes, why the officers used the deadly force on a man who was an innocent father of four. the police continue to look for the man who killed a fellow hell's angels member at a funeral. police officers fired smoke into a man's house they believed he was hiding out. he was not actually there. he's suspected of shooting and killing a 52-year-old on october 5th. the police are looking for the person who stabbed a 22- year-old man yesterday. the officers found the victim
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unconscious and with one stab wound. he died an hour later and his death is the 39th homicide of the year in san jose. the death toll in turkey is 239. early this morning, rescue teams tried to reach dozens believed to be trapped. makeshift tents are set up to help thousands. the earthquake struck on the eastern side of the country. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. >> well, this is video of a man being pulled from a collapsed building. he was stuck in the fetal position and he was visible through a small hole. they say when they finally pulled him out, he was weak, but he'll recover. president obama and officials from israel and greece promised
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to help the search and rescue efforts. the occupy march is getting spiritual support. this morning, clergy will march with the activists at 10:30. the march will start at justin herman plaza. the facebook event is asking church members to wear clerical clothing. the occupy oakland camp remains in front of city hall. for two weeks, hundreds of protestors have been camped out in front of the plaza. friday, the group was not allowed to stay in the plaza. it appears that no one's leaving. the oakland woman told that she fears that the people is co-
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opted by people wanting violence. go to for more information. a tourist attraction is missing and police believe it was stolen. this is a photo of the two ton belch it sat on a concrete slab and no one knows how someone managed to steal something that heavy. it must have been taken overnight, the leaders say. >> the parking lot cur -- security officer saw it at 2:00 a.m. >> the first reports came at 11:00 yesterday morning church leaders believe it could be sold for crab metal. scrap metal. president obama returns to the bay area tomorrow for his proofest stop -- briefest stop here. air force one is touching down for two house. president obama will be at a democratic fundraiser downtown.
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the president's trip comes one month after his last visit to the bay area, september 25th that's when he held a town meeting in silicon valley. it's 4:38. if you're heading out the door, we're trying to keep the roads clear for you. well, good morning. we're doing well. we're looking good on some of the freeways getting out to the maize and to the bay bridge toll plaza. also, the traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving on the approach to the bay bridge. westbound traffic looks good coming into the city. if you're driving in san jose along northbound 280, that looks good. we're off to a good start. now, at 4:39, we'll go to steve. and a good monday morning. just a few things going on. we have highier clouds and fog.
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the clouds are stopping the fog from forming. cool to mild. it's mild up there unless you're at napa. mostly sunny and highier clouds and mild and warm. two sources of the highier clouds. one system spinning up south west of california and one clipping the northern part of the state. the clouds over us are coming up over the south west. they're out there. 40s, 50s, right at 60. there's the cooler to mild on the lowes. some of the fog is working up the coast. the system that's clipping us to the north, high pressure is building in and we'll see a little hint of a northerly breeze. it looks weaker. that doesn't look like a big event. the coast will be sunny into wednesday. today, mostly sunny and mild this morning. high clouds give way to mostly sunny conditions. upper 60s and 70s around the bay and near 80 for some
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inland. we'll start to see a cool down on tuesday and we'll rebound the temperatures. it looks sunny side up thursday. we'll look at the west direction of the wind after that. there's no rain in site until the first week of november. already, the time now is 4:40. the search continues for a missing missouri baby. the new video that could provide clues. also, allocation -- allegations of election fraud in san fan -- san francisco. we'll tell you more about the traffic, straight ahead. !
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good morning, well, we have fog moving up the coast. 60s and 70s under mostly sunny skies today and mild. san francisco's mayor's campaign is accused of election fraud. several letters were sent asking for investigations into ballot tam we aring -- tampering. a group of his supporters pressure -- prevented voters
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from marking anyone but lee. leaders are meeting in switzerland about nuclear talk. the u.s. wants new york korea to stick to the terms of a 2005 agreement that says they must freeze their nuclear program. overnight, the state september says that the u.s. ambassador in syria was removed because of his safety. he's enraged authorities because of his critique of the government crack downs. >> americans in kenya are on heightnded alert after the u.s. embassy warned of a terrorist attack. kenya has deployed several
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troops to somalia. secretary of state hillary clinton says it's a dangerous threat. >> it's a certainly dangerous situation. we want to make sure that the information we have, we present to americans who live, work or are visiting in kenya. >> reporter: the military plans on staying until the american backed government is able to function. libya's leaders say that plans are in place. libya's leaders call for tolerance and reconciliation as the country moves forward. he says that the extreme law is the source of legislation. libyan americans are celebrating as well. one man found out about the death of gaddafi in a phone call from his mother in libya.
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>> my mom called me at 4:00 a.m.. she told me that he's dead and she was crying. everyone was happy over there. it was unbelievable. >> many americans say they're now planning visits to the homeland eager to see a post gaddafi libya. in missouri, a possible new clue in the missing case of baby lisa. the fbi is unveiling this video. it shows an unidentified man walking along the road near the infant's home. her parents have denied anything to do with her disappearance. for the first time yesterday, they attended a vigil for their daughter. a 20-year-old marine is dead after he was mistaken as a bear.
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he was walking near a property and he was shot. the shooting is called accidental. discover, no charges are filed. this morning, the police are admitting to shooting and killing the wrong man. at first, the police said he was an armed robber. now, it was a case of mistaken identity. he was an unarmed, innocent father of four. he and his wife were pumping gas and detectives were searching nearby for a robbery suspect. he went to a tobacco shop and they tried to arrest him and he ran away. >> he's the father of my grandchildren. he was my baby. she was god's gift to me and taken away. >> the police say he was being aggressive and had not been patted down for weapons. the family will take legal
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action against the police force. there's more trouble for pg & e. the company was aware of two dozen leaks on the line, they claimed. that was less than a year before it exploded, killing eight and destroying 38 homes. if they reported a leak, an inspection would have been required. this morning, the red cross is helping hundreds find homes after an apartment fire that broke out yesterday morning at south king road and bowling green drive. fire crews rescued a dozen people. there were no serious injuries. however, a dozen families lost their homes. >> they're shocked. roused out of bed with fire. you leave with whatever you can grab. >> the fire started in a
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kitchen of one of the units. they're looking into if one of the smoke detectors were working. the long awaited biography on steve jobs is out this morning. he sat down with walter isaacson over 40 times over two years. he also interviewed a hundred of job's friends, family members and colleagues. io sanson -- is getting ready to release a video of steve job's memorial service. they said that the video will be available soon and to check back later. the employee's only service took place in cooper chino. there will be performances from
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flora joan -- nora jones and cold play. it's been more than nine months since gabrielle giffords was shot in the head, today, she begins a new step. and a special guest will be at a school in san francisco today.
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a man was questioned by the police after a loaded handgun fell from his luggage. the gun's owner was questioned and he was later allowed to board a flight. guns are allowed in checked bags and cannot be loaded. and the tsa doesn't search suggest large for firearms --
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search luggage for firearms. gabrielle giffords will be in north carolina for two weeks of therapy. it's the latest step in her recovery. she's expected to spend time with a therapist who worked with her in houston. all right, it's 4:53. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. it looks good approaching the 80 split. no major problems. no problems to king street. this is a look at the bridge and the traffic looks smooth. we can see the flashers out there. there's a shoulder there and we'll see what happens to that. >> the morning commute is looking good on highway 4. that's coming through antioch
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and pittsburgh and bay point. now, let's go to steve. fog cool, mild. sunny for all. we'll get a northerly breeze carrying us into wednesday. cooler as we get to the westerly direction. those highier clouds coming from the south west. and most of us filtering over southern and central california. 40s, 50s and right at 60s. san francisco and hayward and more say 60s. the napa airport say 48 degrees. a little hint of an offshore or west wind. there's a few things going on. we'll have a cooler day by the coast where it was really warm.
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mostly sunny and milder and cooler. 60s, upper 60s and 70s and upper 70s near 80 degrees. the extended out look has breed city conditions kicking in wednesday and thursday. friday, the west wind comes back in. we'll see an increase on the clouds. all right, it's 4:55 a new york performance artist is planning on delivering her baby inside of a brooklyn art gallery. 15 people are going to witness the birth and a hospital is less than half a mile away. well, students at san francisco high school are visited by a famous alumni today. santana will be there to celebrate the achievements of the students. 80% worked at the college.
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santana will perform and he'll donate the guitar to the school. he graduated from mission high in 1965. a search is underway for a missing kayaker and where the coast guard is searching. days after an eviction order, occupation protestors are still camped out near the city hall.
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