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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sunnyvale,. we will get a look at your weather and traffic. cool scene headed this way. >> we have a lot of 80s. along the coast. santa cruz was 71. also, higher clouds. little bit more of a westerly breeze. a lot of mid- to upper 70s. here is sal. >> traffic is moving along well on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. and also this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will go back to the desk. >> it is 5:00 and the coast guard is busy. still searching for a kayaker in the san francisco bay. he was paddling near 80 near the point when his kayak flipped over. we are in san francisco now
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with the latest. good morning, lorraine. >> good morning. >> they have a very large boat out there right now searching for any sign of tom gregoire. they have not given up. and neither had his friends. he was with two friends kayaking out toward candlestick point. he hit some turbulent water from a tankership. >> he flipped over and his friend never saw him again. >> freak accident. >> flat water calm. freaky accident. >> now, he was actually out on the water celebrating husband relief from throat cancer. it is still with the determination that they have hope. >> lorraine blanco, channel 2 news. a 18 year old woman is expected to survive after being
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shot in east palo alto. they received a report of a shooting victim just before 10:00 last night. they found the teenager suffering from one gunshot wound. and is expected to survive and they have not released any information on the suspect. the buy oregonography on steve jobs and sheds new light on apple's cofounder. >> it is available in e reader form and book stores have been advertising this for the past several weeks. >> he is a former time magazine editor and based on 401 on one interviews he -- base dollars on 40 one on one interviews.
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>> excerpts of his books were first leaked late last week and some of the revelations come out are some of the advice he offered former bill clinton about the monica lewinsky. his warning to president obama about becoming a one term president and his thoughts about his competitors. and droid phone and what they did wrong after he was forced out of the company and before he later returned to the company. and brought it back to his current success. we are hoping to get a copy of the authorized steve jobs biography and look at it. and give you more details about the excerpts inside of it. >> live in palo alto. >> you could get more information on steve jobs' life and legacy on the website. go to and click on the steve jobs tab which is on the
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front page. the san francisco movement getting spiritual support. >> look at the video from march. this is over the weekend. later this morning, religious leaders from bay area churches will be marching with the activists beginning here. and the facebook paining is asking the leaders to wear the clothing. and identifying themselves as a church leader. >> now the occupied oakland camp is still sitting right in front of city hall this morning despite an eviction order. >> hundreds of demonstrators are camped out. >> on friday. >> they were not allowed to stay in the plaza after 10:00 p.m. and appears so far. nobody is leaving. >> patricia can hand told the news. she is fearing the movement has been taken over by the people who have been siting silence. >> we have more on the protest and the channel 2 website at
5:05 am make sure you check for the latest updates. president obama is headed to las part of a -- to las vegas. coming up at 5:15. we will have a live report from the washington d.c. newsroom with the new program that he is going to talk about today and how it will help home earns with under water mortgages. >> they have supporters over the role of the top fundraisers. the l.a. times reports e-mail shows steven spinner an official on the loan for fremont based salindra. the fundraising campaign should be scaled back. they said spinner wasn't involved in loan discussions and it as made up controversy. >> it is 5:05. this is bicycle safety and education week in san
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francisco. its a rising number of cyclists on the city streets. they are available on bike safety and learn more about the road rules out there. and what cyclists can and cannot do. >> every class lasts about four hours. it is a variety of san francisco locations. >> it is 505. and the least sal castaneda can do is give them a good looking commute. >> it is looking good around the bay area so far. it is early. the traffic continues to move along pretty well. even this time of the morning. you will see slowdowns or lane closures. >> for the most part we are doing well on 80. and the morning commute is moving along pretty well. >> the morning drive on 280
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northbound. 5:06. we will go to steve. >> we have a little cool down when it was sunny for everybody and warm out there. patchy fog coming up the coast. mostly sunny and 60s and 70s by noon. there could be a few hold over 80s and compared to yesterday. and gill roy. 94 degrees. santa cruz, wow. >> 89. and watson was the one. santa cruz santa rosa. and oakland airport was at 85 degrees. both downtown. and half moon bay and sfo were 80 degrees. >> mid-80s. its 80 to 88. and cover the entire spread. and coming up from the southwest. and hang out more towards central california. we are getting some of those spinning in here and gives us a westerly breeze. and systems to the north. and once that goes by. we will get a north wind starting on tuesday. >> today, 50 seems popular.
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>> right there. the trifecta. and napa, and san rainfall. and then oakland. and san francisco low 60s. mid 60s. and little cooler out toward livermore. and it is turning more westerly at sfo, our observer has the temperature of 60. it is rather balmy for some. and collides to the north and the high pressure will build in. as it does. not until tuesday night into wednesday. mild morning or cool morning. still be mostly sunny. not as warm as yesterday. we get more of an on shore push. and 60s. 70s. to near 80 degrees. sunny and cooler on tuesday and wednesday. >> breezy. that's a north, northeast wind. and turns around. starting late thursday to friday. it is all right. a little cooler. >> time now is 5:08.
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the miracle of life as art. how one new york woman plans to introduce her baby to the world. deadly quake rocked turkey and the death toll and who is offering to help the devastated country. this looks good coming up to the grade. we will tell you more, coming up. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air. . right now, the death toll in turkey stands at 239
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following yesterday's earthquake. early this morning, they search the rubble trying to reach dozens of people trying to be be rescued. >> they have set up to help the thousands of people now homeless. they are stuck on the eastern side of the country. and president obama as well as officials from israel and greece have promised aid necessary. insurgent were killed or captured in eastern afghanistan. they said the operation was focused on disrupting militant groups including al-qaida and the taliban network in eastern afghanistan. that was led by security forces with the support of coalition troops. time now is 5:12. president obama is hitting the road for a campaign style tour. this time he is coming here to the west coast.
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ktvu's reporters report. he is stepping up on congress. alison. >> reporter: for the last few months we heard president obama demand that congress pass this bill. but since congress has ignored his jobs plan. he is launching a new mantra today. we can't wait. and he will be issuing executive actions to stimulate the economy. president obama will be announcing few executive actions today. in las vegas. and he will announce some new rules to make it easy for people who have federally guaranteed loans to refinance. he will announce actions to make it easier for college students to pay back their loans and using his events this week including jobs in san francisco to continue to challenge congress to pass his american jobs act. but the senate is out this week. and the house has no plans to bring it up. >> i will take a closer look at the plan he is unveiling today and to help the housing crisis.
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>> few now we are live in washington d.c., alison burns. >> our time now is 5:13. another credit agency will downgrade the u.s. credit rating. that is according to go to merrill lynch. if they can't, they will downgrade the credit to double a. and merrill lynch experts expert these are expecting them to do the same thing. new york performance artist is turning the birth of her child into a work of art. she has turned her studio into a home birth center and plans to deliver her baby there for a performance called the birth of baby x. giving birth is the highest form of art. an engineer that is stuck in a south pole for two months will pass through the bay area.
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>> nicole desour is on her way to the hospital. she suffered a stroke in august while working on the south pole research station. with proper treatment, she will almost completely recover. our time now is 5:14. san mateo sheriff's department is blaming two people for an armed robbery and assault. it happened near san can carlos. they stole another man's wallet and cut him with a knife. they are both wearing black ski masks and black sweatshirts. if you have any information contact the san mateo's sheriff's department. we have game five of the world series. it is tied up. two game as piece. >> ---2 games a piece. >> st. louis evened up the
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series over texas. cardinal mike napoli got the big hit. a 3-run homer in the 6th inning. tonight's game will be a rematch of the opener. chris carter will face c.j. wilson. you can see this evening's game right here. on ktvu. >> then there was the raiders. kind of a bad sunday for the silver and black. >> kansas city chiefs destroyed the raiders. sorry dave mora, spoiled the debut of carson. and after replacing kyle boller, who also through three interceptions, it is the biggest road win over the raiders since 1966. 49ers didn't play. they had a bye week this weekend. it is 5:16. we will head out to sal castaneda. >> yes, enough of that. >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at
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the commute now. traffic is moving along well. highway four. and passed the grade. no problems here. off to a nice start here. and 880 this morning. >> the traffic is moving well near the coliseum. >> if you are driving on interstate 80, that traffic looks pretty good. across the bay. marin county. off to a nice start and no problems on the richmond bridge. we will go to steve. >> couple of those were not carson's fault. >> yes, i know. >> in tomb. they will be fine. >> good morning, we have a little change today. >> warm coast, bay inland. and everybody in the 80s. and pushing into the 80s. watsonville. and 94 degrees. today will be cooler. >> we do have a little bit of fog coming up the coast. and more of a westerly breeze. and higher clouds. it won't be bad. but it won't be nice and warm
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and sunny. >> not tuesday night. >> wednesday into thursday. we get more of a normally breeze. >> we head into the weekends. >> that -- weekends. >> santa cruz was 89 degrees. >> 88, oakland and saab jose checked in at 85. and half moon bay was also at sfo. and both at 80 degrees. streaming up from the southwest. then a system moving through the northern part of the state. so the combination of the two gives us more of a westerly breeze. and few high clouds. getting very late in the season for fog. >> 50 to 60. and the coolest readings. fairfield. north bay. and warmest highwayward. and san francisco at 60. and it is at to. and there is a -- at 123. and it shall shall -- at sfo.
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and does not look like a howling event. no extreme fire danger. but it will clear out. all the clouds in the coast. will get a little warm up. today, mostly sunny. >> some fog though. >> some of that is thick. >> mild to warm. >> 60s. 70s. upper 70s. little cooler and also. into tuesday. >> wednesday, thursday. we start to warm things up. and friday. and then into the weekend as we head almost to halloween. which is monday. and does look nice but cooler. >> 5:19. european stock markets are starting the week with gains. and they say. they remain confident of a debt crisis. asian market shows the gain after strong economic reports. and the nikkei closed up nearly 2%. and they said experts grew for second month in a row.
5:20 am
and south korea gained nearly three and a half percent. >> everything was up. stocks rallying on optimism over the summit and over the ends of sunday's meeting. they said they were near agreement on 2 points. bank recapitalization. and how to rescue the fund. final decisions aren't expected until wednesday. they are cautious and futures this morning are mixed. >> the on line bargainside group upon is serious about the initial public offering. they are expected to start trading stock on november 4th. one week from the friday. >> price range is between 16 and $18. that would give group upon a value of over $11 billion. down from 20 billion-dollars earlier this year. >> well, from the tsunami in japan. it is moving a lot faster than expected and new predictions on when it will reach hi hi. >> asperse of history is stole enoutside the church.
5:21 am
the big question is how did these thieves even manage to move it. >> 101, san francisco looks good coming up to the 80 slit. we will tell you more, coming up. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. . good morning, little bit of fog. not as warm as yesterday. and more 60s and 70s.
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a tropical storm off the honduras coast could become a hurricane pay the end of the week. it is the 17th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. it is located north of honduras. right now packing winds of about 40 miles an hour. but the national u.s. hurricane center said it will gate strength over the next two days. >> debris from the tsunami in japan will hit. a russian ship spotted. and just snort of the hawaiian islands. its not expected to hit midway. and they have predicted it will take two years for the debris to hit hi hi and it will happen in less time. >> 5:24. a church was hoping whoever stole the historic bell will give it back. it as 4,000 pounds bell. a minor tourist attraction at
5:25 am
saint mary's cathedral. it sat on a pedestal but time between two and 11 yesterday morning. someone stole it some how. >> they reported it is missing the and say they already miss seeing it there. >> it is different. it looks different now. >> now, church leaders worry that somebody who stole it, they may be thinking of selling it for scrap metal. >> that could mean as much as $4,000 for the very historic bell. >> san francisco police are now using deck coys in an effort to catch laptop thieves. it as big spike across the city in recent months. they are hanging out on park benches and other public areas. displaying their laptops. they hope to immediately arrest any robber who hopes to grab the computers. >> they are also equipped with
5:26 am
a tracking device. >> they have lost its spot at the top of the tourist spot. >> san francisco lost its ranking as the favorite north american destination. instead that honor goes to charleston, south carolina. and the reason for the drop appears to be friendliness. many rated charleston as friendly compared to 66 pore san francisco. they blame the problem on aggressive panhandlers. time now is 5:26. allegations of election fraud in san francisco's mayor's race. what a group of supporters are accused of doing. we are live at the jail where a van driver accused of killing a motorcyclist is being held. we will tell you when he is due in court. also a day of fun on the bay turns into trouble and possibly tragedy. what is happening near candlestick park.
5:27 am
the traffic looks good coming around the corner to the bay area toll plaza. we will tell you more, straight ahead.
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jack welcome back. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong. >> we have steve watching the weather for us. >> a little cooler, claudine.
5:30 am
and it won't be bad. not as warm as yesterday. some fog worked its way up the coast. i saw some on the golden gate bridge. and some clouds, they will thin out and temperatures come down. few upper 70s flyer 80 degrees. >> here is sal. >> traffic looks good. >> bar. is starting off the system on team. it looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco. it is 5:30. we will go back to the desk. >> happening right now, the coast guard is searching for a kayaker missing in the waters in the san francisco bay. he was kayaking when he capsized. his kayak got too close to a tugboat. and the boat's created a big wave causing the kayak to flip over. we will have a live update on the search in the next half hour. >> the time is 5:30.
5:31 am
very serious car crash in san francisco. police say a white van ran a red light. crashed into a dodge charger. this happened at 2:00 a.m. on tent and howard. and -- 10th on howard. all seven people were hurt. two of the passengers were being told now are paralyzed. both drivers face dui charges and the driver of the van also faces drug charges. they found cocaine inside the van. time now is 5:31. investigation is continuing into the deadly motorcycle crash that shut down interstate 580 over the weekend. tara moriarty is here to tell us about the man accused of causing the crash. >> tara? >> reporter: he is being held here at the jail. and charged with murder. he is going to make an appearance at the hall of
5:32 am
justice. 30-year-old eddie hall of oak lands was behind the van that struck and killed a motorcyclist near the grand avenue on ramp. investigators will not confirm in the motorcycle rider was a member of the hell's angels and he was riding with up to eight other bikers. he was thrown from the bike and understand the bus and hall get on driving. >> the driver dragged the motorcycle all over all lanes of the freeway. you have gouge marks. debris. littering the roadway for about a mile before they actually stopped. >> san leandro police say the motorcycle burst into flames. he tried to run away after pulling over but was arrested. investigators tried to gather evidence. the victim will not be identified until later this afternoon. meanwhile, what could have led
5:33 am
up to the crash? and what kinds of driving record does hall have? we will have that coming up later. on. a woman accused of killing a nursing student will be back in court. >> giselle esteban is pregnant with her second child and the judge granted her a four week delay due to reported problems with the pregnancy. prosecutors believe esteban killed her out of jealousy. >> they are investigating the seventh police shooting this year. they shot and wounded a man at a hotel early yesterday morning and coming up at 5:45. what hotel guests spotted on the suspect. what they found was tense moments for the officers involved. they are searching for a man accused of killing a fellow hill's angel's member at a funeral.
5:34 am
they fired tear gas into this house. they believe 38-year-old steve ruizwas hiding out there. and they say he was not there. ruiz is expected of killing steve towson on october 15th. a person fatally stabbed a 22-year-old man. they rushed to almaden avenue at 1:40 after getting reports of a fight there. they found the victim on nearby virginia street. unconscious. and stabbed at least one time. he died at the hospital about an hour later. his death, by the way is a 30th knife homicide in a year. >> in election news. san francisco's mayor ed leeds campaign is accused of voter fraud. >> they are asking for an investigation into possible ballot tamper. media reports claim a group of
5:35 am
reporters. said it was anything but lee. they have nothing to do with the campaign. president obama comes back to the bay area tomorrow. it will be his briefest stop here since he took over the white house. air force one will touchdown at sfo 1:00 p.m. tuesday. it will leave just two hours later. president obama will spend that time finding a democratic fund raiser at a hotel in downtown san francisco. it comes one month after his last visit to the bay area. that was on september 25th. that's when he held a town hall meeting at linked in headquarters in silicon valley. the biography on steve jobs will be in stores today. we are live in palo alto with details about the book that is already cause ago book. >> when we are out in front of a p ale store in five in the morning, it is because they are unveiling some new product. what is coming out today is the
5:36 am
unauthorize the biography of the man who created all of this. it is called steve jobs, a biography book. he is a former times magazine editor. it is based on 40 one on one interviews he did the last one was days before he died. excerpts of the book have been leaked. they started coming out on thursday and friday. it is about the decision to delay surgery after being diagnosed with a type of pancreatic cancer and for acupuncture instead. it quotes jobs talking about other companies and founders he admired. and how he wanted the company apple to survive for generations. it as quote from the book. and jobs said. quote. that's what walt disney did. and hue let and pack card. the people that created intel. they created a company to last. not just to make money. that's what i want apple to be. >> we are trying to get a hold
5:37 am
of one of these books. it is already out in e-reader form. and we will get a copy of that and bring you more details about what is inside. live in palo alto. >> channel 2 news. >> you can find much more on steve jobs life and legacy. its on the channel 2 website. go to click on the steve job assist tab. it is right there on the front paining. it is 5:36. sal has good news for us. see if it will had continue. hi, sal. >> hi, claude clean and dave. >> trying -- hi, cloud deny and dave. >> we have more -- claudine and dave. >> we have no problems on the bridge or the toll plaza. throughout 880 on the east bay, we are looking around to flyers we can find anything. we have an injury accident on
5:38 am
one of the roadways off the freeway i will tell you about that in a moment. on port chicago highway in bay point at willow pass road there is an injury accident. this is just off the freeway. it is involving a pickup truck that hit a bicyclist. the pickup truck is on the shoulder. pch is on the scene. stay off of 40. and if you drive on worth chicago highway, there will be delays. 5:38 now. we will go to steve. >> we will have cooler conditions -- cooler conditions. there is a system that has to come by from the noters. it is by tuesday and start to get more sunshine and little rebound. and cooler. mostly sunny. it is mild to warm. not as warm as yesterday. and temperatures back in the 70s and gill roy was 94 degrees. santa crust and watsonville is
5:39 am
91 which is incredible. >> santa rose. and that is oakland airport. san jose. and checked in at # five. 81 degrees and half moon bay. >> sfo, and more like 85 degrees. mostly down in southern california and along the northern edge of that. they are clipping us. and increasing the fog which is underneath that. >> 50s to 40s. 48 degrees. and soak land, san francisco. low 60s. and low 50s. livermore and redwood city says 55 degrees. little west of sfo. and not much. more of a westerly breeze today instead of north, northwest. the system has to go by. and it is going to enhance the fog later on today. north win will kick in behind it. and give us more sunshine and warmer weather as we head into
5:40 am
wednesday and thursday. patchy fog out there. 67 degrees. and a drop along the coast. inland still made to upper 07s. sunny and cooler on tuesday as the win turns northwesterly. and then northerly on wednesday. and then with the weekend. we will be all right. just a little cooler with increase in fog. >> dave. >> 539. we have the latest on the hawk. the one shot in the head with a nail gun. what is happening to make sure it makes a full recovery. >> plus the warning that has americans in kenya on alert and reaction from secretary of state hillary clinton. . good morning, traffic object southbound 101 in marin county and you will be driving across the richmond brim. we are off to a good start -- the richmond bridge.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
. it is cooler today. and upper 70s and not as warm as sunday. >> welcome back. good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are covering for you at 5:42. coast guard is busy, searching for a missing kayaker in the san francisco bay. he was paddling near pier 80 off hunter's point when his kayak capsized. long-awaited biography on steve job assist goes on sale this morning. he sat down with the author 40 times preparing for the book. he interviewed more than 100 family members. friends and colleagues. this morning, president obama is headed to las vegas. he is starting his tour on the west coast that includes a
5:44 am
campaign stop in the bay area. now, he will announce a new program to help home earns that have under water mortgages. 5:43. in this morning. wikileaks will stop releasing secrets in order to make more money. western union. pay pal. and american express led to that decision. they will fund raise to fight against the block aid. they pulled their contributions after they started publishing state department documents last year. they are on heightened alert after they warned of an imminent terrorist attack. >> they have deployed troops to somalia. in response, they have warned of revenge. >> hillary clinton state the al-qaida linked group is a serious threat. >> so, it is a very dangerous situation and we want to be
5:45 am
sure. what ever information we have. we immediately present to americans who live, work. or may be visiting in kenya. >> kenya's military plans to stay until the back transitional government is able to function. >> mean tomb. at least a dozen people were hurt at a pub in kenya overnight. someone through a grenade where 20 were gathered. >> they are not suspected in the attack. >> new this morning. >> the transitional leader has ordered an investigation into the death of moammar gadhafi. >> bowing to pressure from other powers. >> they said at a news conference today. a committee is formed to investigate his killing. there are conflicting reports on how he died. people have lined up to view the body of gadhafi and one of his sons. our time now. 5:45. more trouble for pgand e. and caused the explosion.
5:46 am
the san francisco chronicle reports that they knew of go dozen leaks on the line. and declared it was free from leaks in tween. it killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the chronicle said pgand e reported a leak. and inspection for similar problems would have been required. we are getting new information about a police-involved shooting at the san jose hotel on east brokaw road. several of the guests reported a man passed out in the stair well with a gun in his waistband. the police arrived and saw the man with the gun after rousing him a wake. police say he reached for the gun. four police officers opened fire wounding the man. the man's gun turned out to and fake gun. we talked to one of the hotel guests there. who saw the man before the shooting. >> suddenly, he did have his
5:47 am
gun. as i said earlier. i thought it was a toy gun and they were dressed up for some sort of party. >> the man is identified as a 25 year old. he attended a party and he was apparently drunk. now, he is being treated at a local hospital. this, by the way, is san jose's seventh police-involved shooting. the red hawk shot in the head with a nail group is said to be doing well. they captured the hawk. and the rescue group took the hawk to the wildlife center in san jose for treatment. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information. time now. 5:47. sal has information on the commute. so far, so good. i know you are watching 880. >> yes, dave. and claudine. >> i am watching 880.
5:48 am
and costa conat that county. and -- costra contra county. it is technically in concord here. watch out for traffic. a pickup truck hit a bicyclist. good area to give yourself extra time. highway four is getting busy in antioch. >> 880, that traffic looks pretty good. driving passed the coliseum. >> this morning's drive. we are beginning to see some signs of people showing up there. and people showing up later on. >> well, it is warm yesterday. and still okay. and higher clouds coming up from the southwest. >> looking out out. it is the first week in november. and things start to change. and try again. no rain. and warmer until mid week.
5:49 am
mostly sunny. noon. and yesterday though. coast, bay and inland. is warm. >> 94 in gill roy. that's hot. >> santa cruz was the. and santa rosa 88. >> san francisco 81. and half man bay. it is 80 degrees. >> it is 73 degrees in lake tahoe. >> you see the clouds. painting more southern california and there is another system to the north. that one has to slide by. that is enhancing the fog a little bit. 50s and 60s. few upper 40s here. and 50s. 60s. little cooler at east bay: not so bad. oakland and san francisco. west at five. and that's about it. >> not that north, northeast we had yesterday. there is a little hint of a more westerly breeze. and that system right there will slide by. tail end of it. and build into it for tuesday and wednesday.
5:50 am
we will get back to sunshine and warmer weather. and patchy fog. that is kind of thick. >> 60s and 70s. and upper 70s. to another 80 degrees and bring it down. to 15 degrees for some if you get the fog. sunny, cooler on tuesday. >> turns breezy. and warmer into thursday. >> probably transition day and it will be mostly sunny and all right. it will be cooler with an increase in the west wind and some fog. >> time now is 550. today walmart is announcing a new price matching strategy that will encourage people to shop for the holidays. earlier than usual. >> they are guaranteeing shoppers. they will get the lowest prices though matter what they buy. they buy it on the website or the stores and find it at another store for a lower price. they are going to receive a gift card for the price difference. that offer is good for november 1st through christmas day. >> crude oil prices.
5:51 am
top 80-barrels a day. and that is the opening price today. >> they are moving in step with the equities market as they keep a close eye on the european debt talks. they will bump up the cost of gasoline in many parts of the country. that national average is up almost a nickel at $3.70. prices have been holding steady for the last week in the area. the average price is $3.84 a gallon. in san francisco, it is 8 cents a gallon more. time now is 5:51. shooting death of a march even. he wasn't in battle. what happened in the oregon woods and why it is being called the big mistake. >> he is the bad guy. >> they gathered to celebrate will ferrell. why the man who makes people laugh has a real reason to smile.
5:52 am
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. a case of mistaken identity
5:55 am
is being blamed for the death of a marine. he was hiking through a state park near portland. he was walking through a property owned by a local hunter when he was shot. they say he thought it was a bear and the shooting is called accidental. no charges have been filed. >> we do have an update in a story we told you about. >> sacramento police say a man shooting a police officer died while in custody. he was found unresponsive in the back of the patrol car saturday night. that was after a foot chase the and the shooting. >> now the cause of death is yet to be determined. but the police officer he allegedly shot is expected to make a full recovery. time now is 5:55. we have an update on the fishing boat that was caught in the sand. the independent journal reports that divers are working to remove the fishing boat. and heavy equipment is being brought in as well. because the boat is not
5:56 am
insured, marin will pay part of it to remove the boat. >> they will help pay for the rest. the town hall meeting on the salvage efforts takes place at 6:00 tonight. it will be at the community center. >> actor comedian will ferrell is the newest winner of the mark twain prize for american humor. it is the top humor prize. there he is right there. they give it to comedians who usual social media and sat tire. anchorman and old school, he is also famous for his impersonations of george bush. >> this is truly the only legitimate award that recognizes comedy. some of the others are afraid to. he is the 14th winner.
5:57 am
past recipients include steve martin. whoop any goldberg. >> -- whoopi goldberg. >> looking at things with the help of our live pictures. northbound 280 traffic continues to look good getting up to highway 17. we are looking at the commute to the south bay. 680 traffic looks good driving to mission boulevard. and in san jose. >> time now is 5:57. this turn noose real trouble. possibly a tragedy. this is happening at candlestick park. the situation is growing more grim every hour. we have warm temperatures on sunday. today is a little cooler. we will have the cooler highs coming up shortly.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. the search is on for the missing kayaker. why the next few hours are critical. >> what could cause someone to run over a motorcyclist. what is happening to this man. the death toll continues


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