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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: why "occupy oakland" gave mayor jean quan this reaction overnight. another school threat in the east bay. how police are responding this morning. a major milestone this morning for the new bay bridge. we'll show you exclusive pictures of the pieces being put in place today and tell what you it all means. and bay area police preparing for another hells angels funeral. why the location is making police officers very nervous. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, october 28th. the tents are back and the number of protesters ignoring the overnight curfew at oakland city hall is growing. several dozen are camped out this morning after a tense late-
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my appearance by oakland's mayor. ktvu akraig debro joins us -- ktvu's kraig debro joins us live. what's happening this morning? >> reporter: good morning, tori. it seems the people are back and they are back possibly because they believe what is a shield for them for the curfew. police are nowhere to be scene. the oakland city council says it will convene a special meeting to discuss what happened. meanwhile, all comments on tuesday. mayor jean quan tried to offer an apology. it was rejected. the mayor had to flee into city hall. ive stead, she issued this statement -- "we're deeply saddened with the outcome on
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tuesday. it was not what anybody hoped for. it was my responsibility and i apologize for what happened." [ yelling ] >> reporter: scott olsen suffered a fractured skull after being hit in the head from a project -- with a projectile. he served two iraqi wars without ming injured. it's just one of the irony of the situations. >> scott olsen, it breaks my heart, my son, my wife and i have been basically sitting we crying behind this -- sitting crying behind all of this. >> reporter: some have decided to pitch tents. michael moore tweeted his intention to travel here today and speak to "occupy oakland." keith olbermann challenged the mayor and jon stewart compared
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what happened here tuesday night to other cities. peaceful so far. it's noticeable there are so many tents and it's also noticeable that the police are not clear to enforce the curfew. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, kraig and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the "occupy protests." you can get updates at any time at 7:03. well, oakland police are investigating a homicide overnight. police responded to reports of gunfire at miers and 109th avenue about 11:15 last night. when they got there, they found a man with at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. at this point, we don't know his age or name. the controversy sparked after a fight inside the richmond city office that pays young men to stay out of trouble appears to be calming.
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the fight happened two weeks ago inside the office of neighborhood safety between young men from rival parts of town. police officers saw the fight, officials saw the fight, but some reportedly 0 would not talk with the -- reportedly would not talk with the police. now the city manager is telling "contra costa times" any conflicts will be resolved. richmond police are apologizing to make it seem like the office was not cooperating in the investigate. 7:05. security will be tight at oak hill cemetery in san jose tomorrow at the funeral for a member of the hells angels who was killed at the same cemetery during the funeral two weeks ago. police are still looking for steve rue use, the man they say shot the member of the hells angels. police believe tausan's killing was the result of an internal
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dispute. charges have been dropped for a petaluma woman. according to the "press democrat" the woman found a cell phone at a store and she said she took the phone home thinking she could contact the owner. but before she could, police used the gps to track it to her home. charges against stafford have been dropped. but her son is being charged with drug possession and an old warrant. today marks a milestone in the construction of the milestone in the bay bridge. claudine wong is live in oakland to tell us about the critical peace that crews will put into place. and you have an exclusive look for us. >> that's right. so much work going on. the peats we're talking about is this little section where one of the cables pushes in and attaches -- or the cable i
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should say. there is only one cable. we got a look at the piece as the crews left the pier this morning. this piece is over 1,000 tons. right now it's underneath the bay bridge. it left here about 6:15 this morning. left the dock being pulled on a barge, escorted by barge pets headed to the movement to get it in -- to get it into place. this is a final piece. we talked to the bay area spokesperson about the sigs of getting it into place -- about the signature of getting this in -- significance of getting this into place. >> this is the only several anchored bridge in the world that only is one-cabled. so it anchors on this side of the bridge, it goes up to the tower and it loops around yerba bane na island -- buena island.
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>> reporter: so now that -- so now that this piece will be put in, the cable can begin to to be routed later -- to be routed later this year. i want to show you this video. you can see that piece now in place underneath the bridge. what's gonna happen today is we're actually gonna head out there in a few hours from now to watch them lift it, put it into play and then by this afternoon, it will be into place. if we come out here live to project headquarters and we talk about this cable, what makes it significant, one single cable coming through here. this is what it looks like on the inside of the cable. you did see it -- you can see this person an idea of how big of a piece it is. a very milestone for the project. a very significant day. this piece not easy to get in place. if everything goes well, it should be -- >> i was asking if they had any
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ballpark time frame because that might impact traffic. >> reporter: yes, certainly, i mean that -- that could be an issue. any time you have activity out there certainly people look over. but there's been so much activity, obviously, in recent months that, you know, people might not see this part going in as opposed to some of the other pieces when they lifted the tower. around 10:00 is when we'll start seeing it lift into place and we'll be out there on the fan at that point but any said by this afternoon -- on the span at that point but they said by this afternoon. >> thank you, claudine. >> she took us right there. >> yes, she did. we're going right to sal. what's happening out there now, sal? >> well, due to a snafu that might work ut for us in the control room -- work out for us in the control room, i -- guys, if we can go to newschopper2. this is just what claudine was talking about.
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oh, boy. this is what happens when i try to go complain doe on you -- commando on you. bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up. we'll get you the proper picture in just a moment here. this is san francisco 101 and 280 traffic looking pretty good. northbound 101 traffic looks okay coming up to the 80 split in san francisco. but look at southbound 101, it looks like it's a billion busy here. i dent see any stalled vehicle or anything. but -- i don't see any stalled vehicle or anything. but when i see brake lights on southbound 101, we get concerned. we'll check that out for you. there are no problems that are major. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. there are no 40s. a lot of 50s in san francisco. temperatures we're just rolling them over from yesterday. everything stays to the north. although by this time next week, some of that may be drifting over us. but not today, high pressure is our fair-weather friend.
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a little haze around the edges. friday, saturday,bly -- probably sunday. chiy morning. some -- chilly morning. patchy fog is starting to work its way back to the coast. the overnight lows, it was really a dry air mass yesterday morning. it's a little bit more moisture today. 30s, 40s will give way to a lot of 70s. some of that fog lurking offshore, 39 fair feel, santa rosa, 38. but 54 in the estimate san rafael. livermore is niching down to 34. still om 50s. there is a little hunt of a -- hint of a breeze. it's all easterly. now, concord said south at 5. but livermore, napa and oakland all have a northeast. that will help warm things up. a few high clouds coming up from the southwest. no big deal but they may start to visit us on saturday. sunny, mild to warm, cold morning. hazy skies. temperatures going in the -- going in the 60s for some.
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low to mid-70s. mainly mid- to upper 70s for everybody. it's pretty much across the board. pittsburg, 74. berkeley, 72. hayward, 74. there's really not much of a difference. morgan hill, gilroy, 78 and yes, that's a 78 in santa cruz. saratoga at 77. woodside will be close along with that, palo alto, mountain view, los altos, redwood shores, san mateo, millbrae, burlingame, 60s and 70s on the coast. it's nice. it will be a little warmer into saturday with your weekend in view. the fog should start to come back and then halloween will be dry. a little cooler. as we go to november, i think we start to see good changes. >> thank you, steve. a game of what if. a new poll shows how hillary clinton would do against the contenders if she were running for president. how the death of osama bin
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if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. good morning. told for -- cold for some. after that we'll start to warm up. there is a little bit of an easterly breeze. 7:15. right now, congress is weighing major cuts to the pentagon budget. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau where a new report says the state that would be hit the hardest by these cuts is california. alison? >> reporter: that's right, tori. the aerospace industry association is out with a new report. it says more than a million jobs would be lost nationwide and california would take the
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biggest hit because of its thousands of defense contractors. the study projects 125,000 jobs and $7.4 billion in earnings would be lost in california. the special bipartisan committee here in d.c. looking for ways to cut the deficit is deadlocked now. if there's no deal, automatic across-the-board cuts kick in along with defense cuts over the next ten years. but john boehner says he's not gonna let that happen. >> i would argue that they've taken more than their fair share of the hits. >> the democrats warn unless republicans are willing to agree to some tax increases, these big defense cuts will be inevitable. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alison. 7:16. a restaurant owner in monterey says he's ready to pay up on a bet he made with his old friend
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leon panetta last new year's eve when he was the head of the cia. this is video of panetta at the white house back in may being con lated by -- congratulated by president obama after the raid that killed osama bin laden. last new year's eve, ted balestreri made a bet that he would uncork a $10,000 bottle of wine if he caught bin laden. energy secretary steven chu says he will testify november 17th about $500 million loan that was awarded to bankrupt company solyndra. secretary chu will go before the house commerce and committee. his testimony will come two and a half months after the fremont based company laid off 1100 employees and filed for bankruptcy despite getting that government loan. republicans on the committee are expected to give secretary chu a hard time about that
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loan. secretary of state hillary clinton performs better than president obama in a new theoretical matchup against the current gop presidential contenders. the "time" magazine shows -- in comparison, president obama leads romney by 3 points and both cain and perry by 12 in the same poll. clinton has repeatedly said she has no intention of running for president. a new analysis by "the associated press" finds that tens of thousands of former financial supporters of president obama in his 2008 campaign are holding back this time. a few have even given to republican candidates. the analysis says the campaign is not hurting for cash but still has lost millions of dollars in support from former
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donors. and the fun raiding in the campaign for herman cain has more than doubled in the past month. his chief of staff says the campaign has raised more than $3 million since the beginning of october. the surge corresponds with cain's big deep in the polls. he's coming in as the front- runner competing head to head with mitt romney in most national surveys. next tuesday is the beginning of the winter spare the air season. that means on days when an alert is issued you should not burn wag logs or other solid fuels. this can cause unhealthy beating levels. first-time offenders, you will get a warning the second -- warning. the second, it could result in a ticket. and if you lelie on this as a -- if you rely on this as a heat source, could you possibly get a discount.
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and we'll get a live report from los angeles in the michael jackson trial. will it warm up for you this weekend? steve's forecast is coming up, including a look at what you can expect on halloween. good morning. right now, traffic is moving along slowly on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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it could be a big day in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the defense is expected to call its final witness. adam housley is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: yeah, tori, the final witness did get called on the stand yesterday afternoon, dr. paul white. he's considered to be the other great expert in the country on
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propofol. somebody who researched propofol six years before it was even legal in the country. he's contrasting dr. shafer who testified for the prosecution. early on, one of the defense attorneys has asked the witness let's get the elephant in the room out of the bag. is dr. murray responsible for the overdose of propofol for michael jackson and dr. white said he didn't believe so. now, they are very early on, they are getting through the clinical staff. they spent a lot of time going through his quality cakes, which are ex-- qualifications which are extensetive. -- extensive. the addiction specialist, he was on the stand for a while and really had sparring with the prosecution during cross- examination. but the defense, when they were questioning him, he said he felt dr. murray was not at
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fault. take -- take a listen. >> on my prior def sigs and what's known -- definition and what's known about his public behavior and this -- this course of treatment that he was probably addicted to opiates. >> is this -- can you -- you can give us some insight as to how you got involved in addiction specialty? >> reporter: again, that was about the addiction that this doctor felt that michael jackson had. that led to his death in 2009. again, the cross-examination of him was contentious at times. today we'll have dr. white back object stand. we'll told the prosecution will be given the weekend to prepare for their cross-examination of him which will be monday. most likely if everything goes as planned, which, tori, they keep saying this every morning, which doesn't happen, the jury could get the case after closing arguments, which could
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po lengthty be -- potentially be next week. adam housley, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, adam. let's see what's happening in our commute. sal, what are you seeing out there? >> a lot of slow traffic, dave. especially if you are coming to the bay bridge. one thing that should be a little bit of an inspiration of you, it's not quite as bad as it was in the last few days. if you remember that horrible commute we had on wednesday, certainly it's not that bad. you can at least look at it from that perspective. once you make it on onto the bridge, it looks good into san francisco and the carpool lanes are doing very nicely. this is a look at interstate 880 right in front of the coliseum. and traffic looks good here. 580 traffic getting a little busy coming up to the 980 interchange and this morning if you are driving on highway 4, a lot of stop-and-go traffic there. but the rest of contra costa county not looking all that bad. let's go to steve. ty, sir. we do have clear skies.
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it's cold. i have a tweet from san ramon and dan ville, they want to know why it is that the temperature keeps cooling off at sunrise? because the sun has not warred up the atmosphere yet. it's still radiating. but it will here. usually the coldest temperatures are right at sunrise. that's what we're seeing. some patchy fog is getting close. i think it will continue to play into the forecast over the weekend. that's about it. 30s and 40s. there's a little north- northeast oakland. a little north-northeast. a lot of high clouds taking aim at us. today will be fair, sunny, mild to warm. the morning is cold. the days are nice, some mid- to upper 70s, a lot of 60s and 70s. closer to the bay, a little cooler. halloween will be okay. it will be a little cooler. i think when we get to november, a few changes and
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that spells out rain. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. it's a tense friday morning at one bay area college. the campus attack that has students on alert. also -- another school threat in the east bay, how the police are responding this morning. and city leaders in san francisco debate their next move in handling the occupy sf protest. 30 --
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another threat this morning targeting a contra costa county school. somebody sent a threateningler to the school -- threatening letter to the school at valhalla. claudine wong has more. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. just in the last ten minutes, we saw a pleasant hill police patrol car pull up into this parking lot. we talked briefly to the sergeant there who confirmed that there will be -- that there will be an increase in police present because of the nature of the threat. we don't know the nature of the complaint. we do know pleasant hill police are talking with martinez police with regard to the threat made to this school. here's the reason why -- martinez police say three schools in their cities have
7:31 am
received threatening letters. two private, two one public. they received the -- two private, one public. last week someone sent a threatening fax to concord high school, warning people someone would be shot the next day. fortunately, that threat did not materialize. the week before that, somebody sent a threatening e-mail to -- e-mail to another school threatening violence. now, again we are waiting to learn more about the nature of the threat in that letter sent to valhalla developmentary school. we're also waiting to here -- elementary school. we're also waiting to learn more about what may have sent that mail. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the occupy protesters in san francisco, they are still camped out at justin herman
7:32 am
plaza. we're told that sometime tomorrow, mayor ed lee mr. announce -- will appliance plans be -- will announce plans. david chu, the president of the board of supervisors, talked about the meeting this way -- >> what we're engaging is a conversation to see how we can balance the public safety and public health issues that the city has to to be concerned about with the first amendment rights of the protesters. >> police sources are telling ktvu that two police raid were planned yesterday at -- raids were planned yesterday at the plaza but they were called off. 7:32. the okay pry protest in oakland -- occupy protest in oakland has become a national story.
7:33 am
and mayor jean quan is getting criticized. keith olbermann is among those outraged. >> mayor quan is left with two choices, she can dismiss howard jordan and authorize the protesters to protest without harassment or she must resign. >> she blasted quan on his show on "turn tv" thursday night. >> mayor quan, is this your city? is this how we treat free speech in speech -- in america? >> there's demand that mayor quan take full responsibility for what happened on the streets of oakland tuesday night. we're asking you on your facebook page about what you
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think. just message us on our be page you can find it at the ktvu morning news team. we'll read some of your responses coming up. 7:33. deanza college is on alert. a student said she was assaulted by a man in a parking garage. take a look at police sketch of the suspect the -- police suspected described as a white man with 5'4" with extremely blond hair. he was wearing a green sweater with white lettering and spoke with a german and -- russian accent. an unidentified woman said she was choked and she said a man asked her to help him find his car and when they were in the parking garage she asked him to give her a hug. when she said no, the man grabbed her and caused her to pass out. some of the students we spoke to said they were surprised to hear that but they try to stay on alert. >> that's why i have people walk me to my car at night because i get freaked out.
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>> the victim said she woke up with people standing over her but the suspect was gone. 7:34. vallejo police hope warning letters will help win the fight against prostitution. the officers will track the suspects down through their vehicle license plates. 7:35. well prescription drug and medicare fraud cases here in the bay area, they are keeping federal investigators busy. one man congressed is serving four years in prison for forging doctors' signatures to get $34,000 worth of drugs. he was able to buy them at low
7:36 am
rate by defrauding medicare and then sold them for a big profit. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg. we're 100% involved in investigating these kind of cases. it's a problem that we're seeing growing little by little. >> he went on to say -- say there are about a dozen cases open in the region. 903 healthcare fraud prosecutions in the first eight months of this year. tomorrow is the day to turn in your unwanted prescription drugs. there are several locations in the bay area where you can take expired, unused or unwanted pills. it's free of charge. no questions about be -- will be asked. you can drop them off between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. to find the location nearest you, go to the within link section at 7:36. many people take aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. now we're learning it may also
7:37 am
reduce cancer risk in one particular group of patients. that's the find -- that's the finding of the people who looked into lynch syndrome. lynch syndrome is an inherited condition that accounts up to 5% of colon cancer cases. researchers say those who take daily aspirin for two years developed cases of colin cancer -- colon cancer. bayier aspirin funded part of the study. caltrain will not offer service tomorrow and again on saturday between the san jose and santa clara station. this will allow a new signal system to be involved. caltrain says the new system will allow trains to move faster in and out of the station. when commuting, faster is better. >> better. hey, friday, did we give -- did we giver -- did we ever get
7:38 am
friday light? >> we didn't really get it. i would say it's -- friday, slightly better. it doesn't have the same ring, does it? hey, it's friday slightly better! nope. doesn't sound good -- sound good. 280, traffic is going to be slow. it's slightly better. things are slightly lighter than usual on fridays. westbound bay bridge. >> it may not look that way but -- within -- westbound bay bridge. it may into the look that way. if you are driving on 101 in san francisco, that traffic is looking pretty good. here's steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have clear skies and cold for some. 30s and 40s but a little bit warmer towards oakland and also in san francisco. a little bit of -- a little puff of an easterly breeze. temperatures continue to get in the 30s and 40s for many.
7:39 am
very quiet, stable pattern for us. then changes start. as we say goodbye to october and hello november. it looks like rain returns in time -- this time next week. the weekend looks good. probably an increase in fog you the -- but the afternoon highs will be there. fog's out there. it's patchy. just kind of hanging around but i think it -- you will -- it will start to work its way towards as you was we -- as we work our way through. santa rosa in there, napa, fairfield, a couple out towards danville. some low 50, mid-50s. san francisco, 54. so they are running about 5 degrees warmer than they were a couple of weeks ago. a little south wind in concord, east-northeast livermore, east- northeast oakland and the north at napa. so a little component of an offshore breeze. that will help even the coast up later on. we're caught in between. there are signs it will dip this way in about five or six days. some of these higher clouds
7:40 am
will move in over the weekend. high temperatures will continue to come up. but the nights are cold. hazy afternoon, skies, mild to warm. 70s are leer. 76 in sonoma, napa, 77. rohnert park, fairfield, 75. >> everyone is pretty close here. cuptertino 77 and 70s mid on the peninsula, palo alto menlo park, san carlos, redwood city, a little bit cooler but still nice, san bruno and then 60s on the coast for 70s. -- to 70s. twenty minutes before 8:00.
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a shark sighting in santa cruz company. the paper reports a helicopter flying over made the siting on wednesday near rio delmar near the beach. marine research officials say white shark sightings are normal for santa cruz county in the fall. coming up a check on stocks and why they are not falling as much as some analysts expected. @
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consumer spending increased 6%. the markets are mixed right now. you can see the dow actually has dropped back in negative territory. it was up a little bit earlier. right nowis down 9. nasdaq is down 5. s&p is down 1. walmart is looking to hire software engineers. they will work at walmart labs which is about to move its headquarters to san bruno from mountain view. the new site was built from the cosmic corporation which walmart bought in april for a
7:45 am
reported $3million. and levis strauss reported an increase in third quarter profits. the company said it earned $32 million, up from $28 million in 2010. part of the reason is due to the growing popularity of jeans in china. sales are up in that country. the same growth appears to be helping the gap, also based in san francisco. the company announced this week. it plans to open two stores in china and hong kong. this comes as the gap gets ready to close stores here in the u.s. time is 7:45. the family of moammar gadhafi says it is going to file a war crimes complaint against nato for the death of gadhafi. it was a nato air strike that hit the convoy gadhafi was traveling in last week. gadhafi survived the air strike but he died later from a gunshot wound. gadhafi's family says it is filing a complaint against nato with the international criminal court. nato says it did not know gadhafi was in the convoy when it was attacked.
7:46 am
look at this. rescue workers in turkey pulled another survivor from the rubble of sunday's massive earthquake. it's a 13-year-old boy. he was trapped inside of a shoe shop when the quake hit. relatives say he actually used a rock to dig a hole, dig his pay partially free from that clamsed building. he was not seriously -- collapsed building. he was not seriously hurt. it's 7:46. it appears more and more u.s. storeowners are getting fed up with the occupy movement. one woman in san diego is blaming the protesters for putting her out of business. coffee shop owner linda jensen said she originally supported the protesters but not anymore. she had these angry words shortly after closing her doors. >> you have made me close my business because of your threats and your violence and your anger! you never supported us! every morning, i was threatened
7:47 am
and i could not come to my place of work and my family and i are out of business! >> the coffee shop owner says the protesters have scared most of her customers away. she says their occupy camp is a philly hazard to public health. in other occupy -- in other occupy news, a union representing new york police officers is threatening to take action against occupy protesters who injure police officers. hundreds of protesters march from their encampment -- marched to show stoll darety with protesters in oakland and scuffles did break out. the president of the benevolent association says 20 people have been hurt and he threatened to file lawsuit against individual protesters in new york city. the statue of liberty, 125 years opened. special events will take place today on -- years old. special events will take place today, marking the special
7:48 am
occasion, including tours, and a naturalization ceremony from 125 new american citizens. the actual statue will close today. it will stay closed for one year. crews are getting ready for a renovation project, including adding cameras around the torch that will offer views of the skyline. anyone driving drunk, you may get pulled over. but some say those field sobriety tests are flawed and outdated. >> field sobriety tests carry with them that if people are older or overweight, their va litty goes out the -- validity goes out the window. >> this attorney is arguing that the tests that don't tell whether there's alcohol in the system -- >> 16,000, 17,,000, 18,000, 19,000 -- whoa. i couldn't even get to 20.
7:49 am
>> and you are sober? >> i'm sober. >> most people can pass the test if they are sober. we'll ask if they have any medical conditions. >> 7:48. in chicago, there are calls for a major change in how police handle marijuana cases. city officials are proposing that people caught with ten grams or less will get a $200 ticket and up to ten hours of community service. instead of facing up to six months in jail and a $1500 fine. supporters say it will raise revenue for the city and free up police to chase more serious doctors. but opponents say if marijuana possession is treated like a traffic ticket, drug use could go up. there will be a game 7 of the world series after an unbelievable finish in game 6.
7:50 am
>> freese hits is in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night! [ cheers ] colors. >> wow! that 11th-inning home run by david freese, they were down twice and they battled back from deficits in both the 9th and 10 innings -- 11 innings to beat the texas rangers, 10-9. the game started off with several errors, including the one by freese. >> when that that happens, you have to stay focused. there's so many ways to win a ballgame. >> this is it, freese dropped an easy, easy popup that led to the run for the rangers. you can watch tonight's final game at 7:00 right here. our coverage begins at 4:30 following a special ktvu
7:51 am
newscast and i read that freese had never, ever hit a walk-off home run. so he never had the experience of having his team meet him at the plate. pujols, it my be his last season with the cardinals -- might be his last season with the cardinals tonight. >> game 7 tonight. sex offenders living and working with children? we have new details about a disturbing trend in california.
7:52 am
7:53 am
well, good morning to you. welcome back. 7:53. a new state audit shows a disturbing number of sex offenders may actually be living or working with children. it found that more than 1,000 dresses -- addresses are matching licensed group homes and foster homes. the report looked at alameda,
7:54 am
sacramento and fresno. california law prohibits sex offenders from becoming foster pan ors running group homes but it doesn't necessarily prohibit them from giving -- living in the facilities. the federal government has given california permission to cut reimbursements to doctors and clinics by 10%. state healthcare officials say the cuts are necessary because of california's budget problems. these cuts are expected to save the state more than $600. the centers for medicare and medicaid services says it will start to monitor the system to determine whether the cuts affect people's ability get medical treatment. firefighters were mopping up hot spots from a damage fire that damaged least ten mobile homes, south of los angeles. the fire started yesterday afternoon at an apartment building that's currently under construction. it quickly spread to a nearby mobile home park, displacing at least 60 people. no one was hurt.
7:55 am
the cause remains under investigation. a microwave is being blamed for a fire at a mountain view apartment complex. it happened just after 8:00 last night at the aviana complex on california street. when firefighters arrived, they found smoke coming out of the apartment's window, but they managed to quickly put out the flames and fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> all right. that's good to hear. 7:54. hey, sal, have you fixed the commute yet? >> dave, i'm sorry to say, no. >> however -- >> however -- >> -- things are not as bad as other days. 237 is slow. but we don't have a lot of problems out there. we don't have a lot of crashes which is always a good thing. the bad thing is whether you have a crash or not. you will have slow traffic out there in many areas. this is a look at interstate 880. that traffic looks pretty good. it's moving along well as you drive up to the hyde street
7:56 am
area. this morning if you are driving at the toll plaza you will see traffic backed you up to a -- back up for a good, long delay. there is a crash that just came in on treat boulevard. two cars in the carpool lane. that's southbound 680 at treat boulevard, a brand-new crash if you are driving through concord and pleasant hill. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have clear skies, a little haze out there. it will be a mild to warm day. temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s for many here, although running a almost bit warmer closer to the coast than the past couple mornings -- couple of mornings. 39. there's your trifecta for friday. a lot of 40s and some 50s, though. san francisco, we'll start you off at 54 go to a high of 70 degrees. so it looks nice. a lot is going on just not over
7:57 am
us. today, sunny, mild to warm, cold morning. but hazy skies. temperatures, 60s and 70s. some of these are mid-70s to a few upper 70s but it's very close. what we had yesterday and today we'll take right into the weekend. it does look cooler. i think about ten minutes ago, i said monday was thanksgiving. [ laughter ] >> if you didn't get the memo, they pushed it up this year. >> really? >> yeah. it's halloween, it will be -- >> the holidays just stack on top of one another. 7:57. new controversy in the bryan stowe case. the dodgers' attorney makes a stunning statement.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark.
8:00 am
it's friday, october 28th. well, the tents are back outside of oakland city hall and the number of protesters ignoring the curfew is growing. in fact, several dozen are camped out this morning. kraig debro joins us live. he's at oakland city hall now. the fire chief was out there as well, kraig. >> reporter: that's right, dave. his office isn't too far from here. the number of tents and people are growing and so does the call for safety. at least 20 here. it goes all the way around the tree. this morning, the interim fire chief,' says he does every morning, stopped by to talk to campers. >> we had a few issues previously that were safety- related. if i can, i would like to manage those now, where -- if they are gonna be here in the plaza, they will be here in as safe a manner as possible. >> mayor jean quan tried to speak and it got loud.
8:01 am
>> go home! go home! >> reporter: quan retreated to the safety of her office. 1,000 people came to frank ogawa plaza to get news about scott olsen. the iraqi war vet is in an oakland hospital recovering from a fractured skull. while they criticized quan, city council members are criticizing her for letting protesters return. >> the mayor made a decision that if the tents went up she's collected -- directed our police department to not intervene in having them remove the tent the. >> is that the right decision -- remove the tents? >> is that the right decision? >> i don't think so. >> who is making that decision is. >> the city and the mayor. >> reporter: now, she says what the city did on tuesday, may have violated city policy.
8:02 am
back in 2003, several injured -- demonstrators were injured by police. she said even the u.n. spoke out against excessive force and the city paid more in $2 million in settlements to -- to those injured. the protesters, this story is getting bigger not smaller. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, "mornings on 2". >> our facebook viewers have been weighing in on mayor quan's handling of the occupy situation. this morning mario wrote -- we'd like to hear from you as well. just send us a message on facebook. the morning team has the own page, you can find us by searching the channel 2 morning news team. 8:02 an attorney for the los angeles dodgers is hinting injured giants' fan bryan stowe might be somewhat responsible
8:03 am
for his beating. the attorney made the suggestion to espn los angeles, saying "it takes to tango." the stow family attorney immediately responded to thible cue says and he tells "contra costa times" the family has witnesses who -- responded to this quickly and says -- and tells the "contra costa times." a fight happened two weeks ago inside the office of neighborhood safety between young men of rival parts of town. several saw the fight but some reportedly refused to talk with police. the city manager tells the times any conflict has been resolved a -- dash and richmond's chief of police has also apologized making it seem like the office was not cooperating with the investigation. 8:03. well, today caltrans crews will be out laying down a key piece
8:04 am
of the deck for the new bridge. claudine wong is live in oakland to explain why this is such a milestone. claudine? >> reporter: well, we're at project headquarters. we find of want to show you what's happening today from a couple of different angles. let's show you the diagram first. this is section 14-w, the last section going into place today. it is on the new bay bridge. we do have some exclusive video we want too show you. you are looking at -- we want to show you. you are looking at pictures we got about 6:00 this morning as the section left pier 7 just outside the project headquarters. it took about 45 minutes to get across the water. but chopper 2 was there when it got into place. we want to show you video from chopper 2. of the barge and the piece of the bay bridge that was sitting outside just below the section where it will be raised up into today. this is a very complicated move that's going to actually happen
8:05 am
today. the crane will lift it up and slide it into praise. because it's the last piece it has to be a really exact fit and this operation will take most of the day. >> today is -- today is a long operation for our crews. it will be in place by this afternoon of the challenge today, it's the final piece. so there's not a lot of room for play. it has to fit specifically, precisely down into the -- inside the two decks that are out there. >> reporter: okay. now you are taking a live look from one of our cameras from emeryville taking a look at the new bay bridge. what does this all mean? once this roadway is in place, then the single cable that is going to snake its way through and hold this roadway up will be able to start being threaded through later this year and so that is why this is such a major project and a major piece that's going in today. we come back out here live to broke -- to project headquarters. this is the section. that's the one last piece going in. the piece we're talking about
8:06 am
is right below. so we can't see it from there. but again, this piece in place, it will lift it in and slide it in. it's all going to attach. interestingly, we'll be able to go right about here a later -- a little later on this morning in just a couple of hours and we'll get a very unique view of this that we'll be able to bring you on the later newscast. big milestone. they are very excited about getting this into place. a very technical maneuver for this project which is still ontime to -- on time. a big day. back to you. >> thank you. 8:06. well, election day in san francisco, now less than two weeks away in the campaign -- and the campaign money is flowing in for ed lee. finance reports show ed lee has raised almost $1.25 for his campaign. that's almost double the amount of money raised for supervisor david chu.
8:07 am
san francisco voters go to the polls a week from tuesday. 8:06. san francisco police will be on alert this weekend even though the city will not hold an official halloween celebration. in the past, halloween has drawn tens of thousands of people to the castro district but the party was cancelled after a shooting in 2006 left nine people injured. this year, once again, there's no official event planned in the castro but the neighborhood is still preparing for the visitors. >> i think initially after the crime and what not started, people started to worry there wouldn't be a party but we've learned that people come anyway. >> san francisco police tell us they will have extra patrols out this weekend and there will be a zero-tolerance for alcohol consumption on the streets. 8:07. if you want to know the nation's best places to celebrate halloween. you have -- halloween, you have two options in the bay area. san francisco was named the best city for halloween.
8:08 am
san jose ranks number 6. this list was compied by the real estate website, they base it on home value index, population density and where trick or treating requires the -- the sleeping baby, tori -- >> i know -- that little boy looks just like tim lincecum. >> it does! >> i like the beard. >> yeah. 8:07. we want to check in with sal. hopefully the commute is not too frightening. >> not really. there's some spots. nearby 680 and pleasant hill, we had an earlier crash near highway 242 causing some slow traffic. bay bridge toll plaza is lightening up. it looks very nice here. so finally, we're getting some friday light here at the bay bridge toll plaza. san francisco northbound 101 looks okay but it's 7th and harrison, they are still
8:09 am
clearing up a very serious pedestrian crash. reports say a pedestrian was hit -- a pedestrian that was in the wheelchair was hit at the corner of 7th and harrison. that person was taken to general hospital with very serious injuries and the police are still out there. they actually -- they actually had to get a person's wheelchair and put it in one of the police vehicles there. let's go to steve. a lost sunshine, but very cold lows again. i was just looking, st. helena, kentwood around 35, i've seen a lot of 30s, west of santa rosa, napa valley, 37, 38. but we'll start to bounce off the morning lows and temperatures will start to warm up. we have a hint of an easterly breeze. that will help. but right now, high pressure deflects everything. but next week there are signs it's on its way to visit us. but not today, not tomorrow or sunday or monday either. dry pattern, chilly morning. a little warmer closer to the
8:10 am
coast. the moisture is coming up. mostly sunny, mild to warm. i say "mostly sunny" because there could be a few high clouds and patchy fog is inching closer. i think it will play into our weekend forecast. it won't stop us from having hazy sunshine and mild to warm temps. fairfield, 39. five 39s right near santa rosa. a little cooler out to sebastopol. napa airport in there. 54, though, san francisco. san jose, 50. livermore, 44. but there's some upper 50s and very low 40s on the peninsula. 54, 64, 70 today for san francisco. a few high clouds may come into play. now, only napa showing that and oakland had northeast. so there's astill a hint of an onshore breeze. it's not much of one. but it's there. in higher valations all of the wind wash -- even the wind barbs and everything stays to the north and this pattern looks -- looks like it will hold into next week.
8:11 am
mild, hazy, cold. temperatures, 60s, 70s to upper 70s. a lot of osen the pill -- 70sen the peninsula. palo alto, million view, 75. half moon bay, 65. but very warm towards santa cruz. capitola with mid- to upper 70s. a little bit of fog and a few high clouds come into the mix but overall about the same on the temps. monday, halloween. dry, then we start to see a bigger cooldown early next week. thank you, steve. 8:11. developing news from capitol hill. right now congress is considering big cuts to the defense budget. why this is especially bad news for the california economy.
8:12 am
wrap [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. reports this morning that the united states air force may
8:15 am
have a new base in ethiopia for drone airplanes. yesterday, the air force admitted that a newly-built facility exists at a southern ethiopian airfield. they made that admission to "the washington post" it's allegedly being used to launch attacks on somalia. however, ethiopia's ministry states there's nothing there. the drones are equipped, we're told, with hell fire missiles. there's also a new report that said california would be hit the hardest by major defense cutbacks now considered in washington. alison burns reports, thousands of the jobs are on the line here. alison? >> reporter: defense contractors in california and across the country are on pins and needles these days. now a new report from the aerospace industry association projects california would take
8:16 am
the biggest hit, with 125,000 and more than $7 billion in earning lost over the next few years, if defense cuts on the table here go through. now, democrats and republicans on that special congressional committee looking for ways to cut the deficit are still far apart and if there's no deal in the next few weeks, automatic, across the-the-board cuts kick in including more than $500 trillion. the "contra costa times" reports more than $4 billion is pumped into the bay area each year from defense contractors with more than 900 local companies selling their republic ducts to the military. the -- selling their products to the military. the aerospace industry predicts more than a million jobs bo be lost nation -- would be lost nationwide. in our economy watch, a new consumer spending report has just been released.
8:17 am
for more on that, we go to carter evans at the nasdaq in new york city. carter we were expecting find of a bit of some profit-taking going on this morning. but how are things going so far? >> reporter: well well, you know things are -- well, you know, things are coming back around. you can see the dow right off the opening bell, it down -- it went down a little bit. now we're moving back into positive territory. the dow is up 11 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 just barely in negative territory. we got this personal spending and personal income report today. in september, on average, our personal spending was up 6/10ths of 1%. you know, this is good because consumer spending represents about two-thirds of the economic activity in the country. so economically speaking, it's good we're spending more money and it's one reason we got the good report that we got yesterday. this report shows our economy is glowing again in this nation at a pace of 2.5% in the third quarter. now, 2.5% is still subpar for a
8:18 am
normal economy. but i gotta tell you it's so much better than the second- quarter reading we got at the 1.4% growth rate. so what it really tells us is that our economy is still moving forward. we're not headed toward a recession. in fact, each quarter we seem to be doing significantly better as far as our economic growth. back to the personal spending and income report. our personal income only went up 1/10 of 1%. what does that mean? people were spending out of their savings or credit. their spending outspaces -- outpaces income. that's a bit of a concern. but the investors seem to like it. that and this the deal in europe, it look a -- it took a lot of the outlook for that out of the way. from these numbers that we're getting in, it really doesn't independent that -- indicate
8:19 am
we're there. a 2.5% growth rate is far from a recession and analysts expect it to go even further in the 4th quarter. so it really looks like we're moving forward now and not moving backward. this is the best evidence we have. >> that's nice to hear on a friday. thank you. >> reporter: yep. the fish, you think you are buying it may not be the fish you are getting. 22% of the seafood tested in super markets, and restaurants in three states was either mislabeled, incompletely labeled or misidentified. the investigation took place in new york, new jersey or connecticut. the consumer report says mislabeling can cause serious health issues if someone is allergic to a certain type of fish. the fda says it's illegally to mislabel food and they are awaiver of the problem. two rule changes are coming to golf. the new rules will affect everyone from kids just
8:20 am
learning how to play to professionals competing in tournaments. yesterday, the golfers -- it was announced that golfers will no longer be penalized one stroke if the wind moves their ball while their club is near it. golfers will also be able to smooth the sand in a bunker as long as it doesn't help their shot. the rules will take effect on january 1st. so go out and you will hit par every time. 8:20. a terrifying turn, though, in a child pornography investigation. the unect. ed -- the unexpected discovery made by authorities. and steve paulson will have the weekend forecast along with the big changes expected next week.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
. interstate 5 in siskiyou county is open again following a shoot jut. this started when a van would not stop for mandatory stoppings. officers put down spike strips.
8:24 am
traffic was stopped and that slowed down traffic for hours. the sonoma county sheriff avenue department says detectives found bomb-making materials during a search of a home yesterday. agents from 21 law enforcement agencies arrested six men on child pornography charges. the sheriff's department said detectives started their investigation by proactively searching the internet for people distributing illicit material. let's check with sal, see how the toll plaza is doing. and every place else. it looks pretty good now. i think you might be surprised. as we've seen over the last few days. we've had a terrible commute here. today it does seem friday light. dave and i were just talking about friday light. it de -- it decided to join us. let's take a look at san francisco. northbound 101, this traffic is moving along pretty nicely. if you are driving down to the
8:25 am
airport. southbound 101 traffic is busy. in morning on 280 northbound, it's also a little lighter than usual. you did see slowing at highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steven. >> we have sunshine. temperatures cold for many. a lot of 30s. they will start to warm up here pretty fast. it looks like what we have today will end up into the weekend as well. but changes are brewing for the first week of november. it looks like rain and cooler temperatures are on the way. 30s and 40s to 50s. san francisco, 54. oakland, 52. there is a little bit of an easterly breeze coming off. so that will help warm things up here. a lot of high clouds to the southwest. those could play into our weather over the weekend. but today, sunny, mild, hazy, warm. after a cold morning. 60s and 70s. a few of these are inching toward the 70s. morgan hill, and it looks like a little warmer with night and morning fog will play into sunday with your weekend always in view.
8:26 am
monday will be all right. halloween will be a little cooler and i think the cooler really starts to kick in as we get to -- as we get to tuesday and wednesday. 8:25. a pretty tense friday morning at one bay area college. the campus attack that has students there very nervous.
8:27 am
8:28 am
time is now 8:28. once again, protesters are camped outside of oakland city hall this morning. the mayor tried to talk to them
8:29 am
late last night and in just the laugh hour, the fire chief was there. kraig debro joins us live. he's at city hall and knows all about it. so why is the fire chief here? >> reporter: well, he was here because his office is nearby. he says he likes to come by every morning at least when there's people here so he can check to see if things are safe. >> now we just got a tweet from miking moore. michael -- michael moore. michael moore tweeted last night he's coming. we just got another one from him. he's on his way to oakland. we expect him here at 2:00 p.m. this was all ahead of an emotional crowd. the mayor didn't get a chance to speak to the crowd but she was later issued a -- she later issued a statement taking responsibility for what happened tuesday night. so just waking up last night,
8:30 am
many frank ogawa plaza campers are outraged about what happened to scott olsen, the iraqi war vet. he suffered a fractured skull by something thrown by police behind the lines. he was in an induced coma until yesterday morning. >> when he came in, he was unconscious. now he's doing everything but speaking. he understands what he's doing. he recognizes his parents. >> reporter: olsen's circumstances of his injuries have garnered media attention not only from michael moore but keith olbermann and jon stewart. it also seems to have emboldened occupy campers to return to frank ogawa plaza. overnight camping violates the city ordinance. but people here don't seem to be worried about the ordinance, one telling me that they think the first amendment rights trumps any local city ordinances. reporting live from, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig.
8:31 am
8:30. occupy protesters in san francisco are still camps -- are still camped out. we're told that sometime tomorrow mayor ed lee will announce plans for the area. last night the mayor met behind closed doors with several citi sups and protesters. they talked about the future of the encampment which was almost raided by police yesterday. david chu, the president of the board of supervisors described the meeting this way. >> what we're engaged in right now is a conversation to see how we can balance the public safety and public health issues that the city has to be concerned about with the first amendment rights of the "occupy sf" protesters. >> in the meantime, police sources tell ktvu that two police raid were planned yesterday at justin herman plaza but they were called off at the last minute. however, police chief greg sur says what pay peered to be staging was nothing more than
8:32 am
training. >> about 30 occupy protesters were arrested overnight in tennessee, they've now been released. the sheriff said the night court judge would not sign the warrants. state troopers moved in just after 3:00 this morning using a new enacted policy that set a curfew near the ground for the state capitol. protesters had been camped out for about three weeks. 8:32. deanza college on alert after a student said she was assaulted by a man in a campus parking garage. this suspect is described as white, about 5'4" with extremely blond air. he was wear -- blond hair. he was wearing a green sweater with light -- with white lettering an spoke with an accent. now, a woman said she was choked unconscious around 8:30 yesterday morning. she said a man helped her to find his car and when they were
8:33 am
in parking garage, he asked her to give him a hug. when she said no, he grabbed her and caused her to pass out. some of the students we talked to were surprised to hear this but they say they try to stay alert. >> we want everybody to know there are people out there that will attempt to gain your trust and could possibly trust you, maybe rob you, steam things from you or possibly sexually assault you. >> now, the investigation into this case continues. 8. 8:33. a -- 8:33. a body was found overnight in rodeo. just before 3:00, contra costa county deputies were told of a man on the side of the road. he was a latino man. they pronounced him dead there at the scene. the cause of his death is still under investigation. oakland police are investigating a homicide overnight. police responded to reports of gunfire be at miers and 109th
8:34 am
avenue avenue. we don't know his name and age and police have not released any suspect description or possible motive in the case. a san francisco city attorney plans to appeal a ruling striking down most of san francisco's cell phone law. yesterday, a judge ordered the cell phone dealers to warn customers about possible radiation danger goes too far. he's ordered the city to stop requiring cell phone stores to post these warnings on their walls. the judge call -- the judge called the required earnings untrue and misleading. and b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is putting its cell phone blackout policy on board. it wants to able to cut off recenttion when unlawful activity has the potential for serious problems. b.a.r.t.
8:35 am
is looking to create an official policy after the backlash it received when it interrupted service before a planned protest in august. le 8:34. a sudden oak death is trying -- start to spread into parts of oakland and berkeley. that's according to a new survey. now, sudden oak death has killed millions of trees along the northern california coast. it's pretty well established in several east bay regional park issues in the oakland and berkeley hills. but until recently it didn't appear to be spreading. this new survey shows it soon to be a problem for homeowners in oakland and berkeley. well, the best pizza place in america is right here in the bay area. that's according to usa today. recent travel rates tony's pizza napalitano in north beach as america's best pizzeria. the author is singing the praises of the owner, tony, as well as its delicious and
8:36 am
extensive menus. >> that's right. because pizza is one of those foods where everyone has a certain style. >> let's check in with sal castanedo. i'm sure he will be having pizza while working the -- while watching the world series tonight. >> perhaps, perhaps. you've known me for a long time, haven't you? >> uh-huh. it's the commute on antioch that we're gonna start with. you can see traffic has become a lot better. and then 680 is slow after the walnut creek interchange. 80 is getting better. we had an accident west 80 and then if you move the maps down to hayward and union city, we definitely have a lighter than usual impact. there is a little bit of a backup but nothing too major. i would say you liken that to another day. in san jose, normally we see stop-and-go traffic here. it looks pretty good getting up to downtown. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. we have lots of sunshine and temperatures will start to warm up. a little cold.
8:37 am
temperatures in the 30s and 40s for many. but it looks like a lot of sunshine here and temperatures on the mild side. we are just holding this into about monday and then changes next week. the system that's moving into the north is staying there. it's staying to the north. a few high clouds might drift in here and some fog is getting closer. it's coming down the coast but it's not a factor. a lot of 30s here. a lot of mid-30s west of santa rosa, saw some mid-30s. crisp and clear and cold for many this morning. in fact, the visible satellite there's no fog or high clouds which is kind of rare. there's fog offshore in the north. but the moisture con ten tent -- but the moisture content is indicated by the 50s. yesterday it was really dry. san francisco starting off at 54 which is one of the warmer locations. a high today of 70 degrees. a almost easterly breeze showing up here. oakland, napa airport and also concord. we get a slight offshore component to the breeze. not that strong but with that in place, that takes care of any fog. it also means temperatures will warm up pretty fast.
8:38 am
some of the higher clouds to the south. it looks like by next week, the pattern will change and we'll start to talk about cooler conditions and clouds and rain. 70s for many today, mid- to upper, st. helena is in there, novato kentfield, stinson beach, south saw saw leito tiburon, crockett, vallejo, 75 in fairfield. 72 oakland, berkeley and orinda, la fayette, all in the 70s. livermore, a little warmer. 78, santa cruz, morgan hill. 60s on the coast, including pacifica daly city and 70sen the peninsula. everyone is close -- 70s on the peninsula. temperatures will continue to stay right here for the weekend. with your weekend always in view, it looks pretty good but i think an increase in the fog will be fine. and then we start to focus our attention on more cooling and
8:39 am
maybe some rain later in the week. it might not look like winter but one lake tahoe area ski resort is planning to kick off the -- kickoff the ski season. less than two hours ago this photo was tweeted with one of the slopes with the caption reading "riding on this today?" yes, please. if all goes well, it plans to open up and skiers will ski on man made snow. the record snowfall last season allowed some of the either sort -- resorts to stay open until july. and a snowboarding competition called the downtown throwdown is being held tomorrow. it's similar to the icer air competitions that have been held in the city. but it's organized by a different group. 25 prefessional snowboarders -- professional snowboarders will compete for $10,000 and admission is free. last month when most texas residents were dealing with the major wildfires, one texas
8:40 am
couple was out on a mission -- on a mission of their own to save hummingbird. >> it looked like maybe a dozen out here. >> yeah, the hummingbird staed -- started -- started flocking to the home of this family shortly after the bastrop fire broke out. they did not evacuate. while they did not evacuate, they made it their mission to help the hummingbird while filling the feeders with extra sugar water. when the hummingbird arrived three, four days into this, it put smiles on our faces and lifted our spirits. it will be a bright spot the rest of our lives. >> most of the flowers they depend on, either dried up in the summer drought or they were wiped out by wildfires. >> yeah, and they like very clear water and a little bit of sugar. >> yeah. >> they were enjoying it. 20 minutes before 9:00.
8:41 am
a surprise in the race for president. the strong showing for a person who is not even running.
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from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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there was good news that came out this morning, consumers spent more in september. pretty much in line with analysts' expectations of course there's good feelings after the deal that was made by the europeans to deal with the debt crisis. right now, the dow, basically flat at 12,208. nasdaq is down 5. s&p is down 2. 8:44. some major banks in the u.s. says they will not follow bank of america's lead in imposing new debit card fees "the wall street journal" is reporting that j.p. morgan chase, us bank, and --
8:45 am
will not follow bank of america's lead. 8:45. time to bring you up to date on the top stories -- police are south there looking for tauson's killer, whose funeral is today, who they have identified as steve ruiz. a new section of the bay bridge is due to be completed today. in fact, in a couple of hours, crews will start to lay down the final section of the new bridge, the new deck, the bridge is due to open to commuters. extra police are on patrol at campus today after someone made a threat. allie rasmus isive are joining
8:46 am
us live and -- is live at the campus. there's new reaction. >> reporter: well, school started here 30 minutes ago. it's just like any other school day except for there is police presence here. earlier there was a police officer on a motorcycle keeping an eye on kids as they crossed the street and headed into school. police are here because ofette the -- because the elementary received a threatening letter. the school district did inform parents about it yesterday afternoon and we talked to the mount diablo superintendent. he said the police told district officials that they don't consider this threat to be credible. but the superintendent wouldn't go into details about the exact nayure of the threat. >> it was just sort -- nature of the threat. >> it was just a general threat. there was into specific date or time on it. and the police are investigating it. so they've asked us not to talk about it during their investigation. >> i think some kids are
8:47 am
playing, teenagers. i hope -- i don't want to take it seriously. but we don't want to take a cans. >> yeah, of course, it's a concern. >> reporter: pleasant hill police confirmed they are working with martinez police to identify the person behind this letter and that's because three schools in martinez, two private, one public also received similar threatening letters earlier this week. concord police have also been notified by pleasant hill because a week ago someone sent a threatening fax to concord high school warning of violence. that threat didn't materialize. but earlier this month, alhambra police also received a threatening e-mail. all right. you have police in all three cities talking to each other trying to see if this is a trend and if there are any similarities among these threats. allie rasmus, ktvu news. >> thank you, allie. police in vallejo are hoping warning letters will then them win the fight against
8:48 am
prostitution. the police department plans to mail dear john letters to the homes of men suspected of soliciting prostitutes. the paper reports that -- reports that officers will track the suspects down through their vehicle license plates. prescription drug and medicare fraud cases in the bay area are deeping -- are keeping federal investigators busy. the law enforcement agent over- - overseeing the investigation says fraud are becoming more common. this man is serving four years in prison for forging doctors' signatures to get 34,000 worth of prescription drugs. they say he was able to buy them at low rates we defrauding medicare and selling them to organized crime rings for a large plot. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg. we are 100% involved in investigating these kind of cases.
8:49 am
it's a problem we're seeing growing little by little. ed department. justice reports -- the department of justice reports 903 cases so far this year. tomorrow, that's the way you can turn in your unwanted prescription drugs. and there are several places you can take ex-- expired, unused and unwanted pills. it's free of charge. no questions will be asked. you can drop them off between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to find a location close to you, go to the web links section of a lost people -- a lot of people take aspirin to try to prevent a heart attack or a spoke. now we're finding it out it may reduce cancer. that's according to a study that looked at lynch syndrome, which accounts for up to 5% of
8:50 am
the colon cancer cases. researchers say those who took daily aspirin astwo years, developed -- aspirin for developed colon cancer. bayer paid for part of this study. steven chu says he will now testify on november 17th about the $500 billion loan award -- awarded to solyndra. secretary chu will go before the house, energy and commerce committee. his system will come two and a half months after the fremont based company laid off 1100 employees despite getting that massive lien. republicans are expected to get secretary chu a hard time about the loan. 8:50. there is a new time magazine poll that says secretary of state hillary clinton performs better than president obama in a new theoretical matchup against the presidential candidates. now "the time" magazine poms
8:51 am
shows hillary clinton beating mitt romney by 17%. herman cain, by 22% and rick perry by 26. this is a hypothetical competition. in comparison, acodding to the poll, -- according to the poll, president obama leads romney and cain and perry in the same poll. secretary clinton has repeatedly said she has no intention of running. there's also new annal little siss by "the associated press" that backers of president obama are holding back. a few have even given to republican candidates. president obama's campaign, they say, is not hurting from cash. fund-raiser -- fund-raising for the campaign of republican presidential candidate herman cain has more than doubled in the last month. cain's chief of staff says the campaign has raised more than $3 million since the beginning
8:52 am
of october. now, this surge corresponds with cain's leap in the moles. he's now coming in as a front runner, deeting head to head with mitt romney. nine minutes before 9:00. lindsay lohan's father woke up in a hospital this morning following his second domestic violence-related arrest in a week. police say michael lohan was hurt after he yumup -- after he jumped from a third-story balcony yesterday. he was trying to escape from authorities who are investigating whether he violated a judge's order to stay away from his boyfriend. just two days ago, police arrested lohan for allegedly granning and pushing his girlfriend -- grabbing and pushing his give. a computer operator in india just -- just won a million dollars on the indian version of the game show "who wants to be a millionaire." the young man said he was so poor, he could not even afford his tv set.
8:53 am
the story is ironically similar to the 2008 oscar-winning movie "slum dog millionaire" in movie. the main character also won a price on a game show. making halloween safer for the kids. a local giveaway for trick or treaters that's really a bright idea. drifted in the air to center. we will see you tomorrow night! [ cheers ] >> it doesn't get much more dramatic. the game 6 won pie -- won by the cardinals to force a game 7 tonight.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
it is 8:55. a silicon valley group wants to make sure bay area children stay safe this halloween. working partnership usa will hand out 40,000 glow necklaces to children who plan to go trick or -- who plan to go trick or treating this year. it goes from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in san jose. kids who show up in costume will also receive other gifts. just for tori campbell, there will be a game 7 of the world series after a spectacular finish in game 6. >> freese hits it in the air to center! we will see you tomorrow night! [ cheers ] >> so cool. >> uh-huh. >> that 11th-inning home run by david freese capped the wild
8:57 am
game that had the st. louis cardinals down to their last strike twice. they rallied in both the 9th and the 10th. they beat the texas rangers, 10- 9. >> just kept battling. that defines our team, the game, the way we kept coming back. >> yeah. the rangers have built a -- had built a 7-4 lead in the 7th before the cardinals mounted their first of several comebacks. look at them on the field. you can watch game 7 right here on ktvu channel 2. thers were coverage begins at 4:30 -- the world series coverage begins at 4:30, right after a the news at 4:00 -- after the news at 4:00 all right. let's check in with sal. i'm so excited for game 7 tonight. i think it's great fun. i think that's the best baseball game i've seen. let's take a look at the commute, 280 looks good. maybe 86, that's -- that's red
8:58 am
sox, maybe, maybe. westbound bridge backed up for maybe a five-minute delay. that looks good approaching the split. hello, steve. joe carter -- >> joe carter, yep. we have a nice day, nice weekend. it will be sunny and mild. the nights are cold. patchy fog looks good into halloween on monday. enjoy it while you can. changes next week look -- it looks like it might start raining around here next week. >> well, that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we'll see you here at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. have a wonderful week. >> boy now. -- bye now.
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