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tv   KTVU News  FOX  December 2, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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and define the space whether you are in or out. >> reporter: chief greg sur told us it was an attempt to create a surf situation for pedestrians. camp members called it a show of force ahead of a police raid. >> i see this as a refugee camp. a lot of these folks don't have another place to go. >> reporter: protestors megan says she is not interested in moving to an abandoned school site of everied by the -- offered by the city. >> we're not occupy justin herman plaza. we are occupy san francisco. therefore, our future is with expansion. and obviously the move is going to lock different. >> reporter: the change comes amid heightened tension between some camp members and vendors. craig marshall says thefts have risen since the camp came here. >> i have to now. they walk off there is a lot of work for nothing.
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>> reporter: in town for business city leaders from lakeland florida this afternoon sought insight on how to handle their own occupy protests. >> what we have been trying to capture in our own sense is what -- sense is what is the ultimate focus? >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee's office says he's waiting to hear back from occupy members that want to move to the school site. the city will be taking action at some point on the camp behind me. reporting live in san francisco david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. now let's go right back out to the live pictures of the occupy protest march through the streets of the san francisco. we have a camera following the protestators. they are on market. they are heading back toward their occupy camp. right now they started this march about 3:00 this afternoon. they are make their way toward that verizon store at pine and battery. they had just finished a brief
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rally where they fought for about 15 minutes. as you can see, they are in the street and it is friday afternoon. they are you know blocking traffic here. you can't tell by these pictures but we have heard from our reporters and camera people that police are there. they are watching them very closely. letting the marchers march through the seats. on the left hand side of the street you can see a police officer on the side. they are heading back toward the occupy encampment in san francisco. a large group in the street blocking traffic here in the financial district on this friday afternoon. we will continue to monitor the movements of the occupy protestors through the city. we will bring you another live look coming up in 15 minutes. we have more developing news. in the past half hour ktvu learned that oakland police have detained three persons of interest in that west oakland shootout that injured a one-
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year-old boy. noel, are these three people being called suspects? >> reporter: no. that is because there is no eyewitness that has come forward yet. all police have to work off right now is the surveillance video. the police chief told me that is not enough. that is why they are going door to door handing out these fliers. asking the public for their help. the lower bottom neighborhood of west oakland is a place on a lazy warm afternoon talking among friends comes easily. talking to police not so much. >> as long as their trust in the divide with the police department and the community, how can you get anything together? how can anybody come forward? >> reporter: right now oakland police chief, mayor, and community leaders are canvassing the neighborhood where a monday night shooting outside this liquor store left a one-year-old boy shot in the head. they are hoping to convince anyone that knows anything about the shooting to come forward. >> this is not about
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relationships with the police. this is about a young kid that has nothing to do with any of the relationship that is fighting to stay alive. >> reporter: the boy is still in critical condition at children's hospital. his father who has been talking to the media in recent days didn't want to talk today. he told me he's upset with reports that he's not cooperating with police. police tell us he is coopive. other witnesses are not. it's the code of the street. brandon grace told us he's been shot 18 times and showed us the scars to prove it. every day on the street he sees the people that shot him. >> there is nobody i can tell. >> reporter: what would happen if you did say something? >> snitches get stitches. >> reporter: brandon is 27 unsure if he will live to see 28. outlook on life is different when you grow up in a place where the only neighborhood hangout is the corner liquor store. police could have an uphill battle getting witnesses to
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talk. >> i'm hoping and praying they find whoever shot that baby. hoping and praying. you know. >> reporter: it's not going to be ease is city? >> it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: will is one woman who opened her door to these fliers and seemed a annoyed at police for not being there before the shooting. you get a sense of the uphill battle they face. police are asking for any information call this tip line. 510-7732(510)773-2805 and you can remain anonymous. the man accused of running over a bay area firefighter made his first court appearance today. allie rasmus was in the courtroom and joins us with the charges he's facing. >> reporter: this is a copy of the felony complaint filed against eduardo he faces three counts, attempted more, assault with a deadly weapon, and murder. we will explain the torture count in a minute.
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he pled not guilty to the charges against him. he's accused of deliberately running over 29-year-old albert bartell early thanksgiving morning. they got in a fight at a restaurant. after the fight they saw him walking and purposely ran him over with his suv. that's why they added the torture charge. they believe it was an act of revenge. he has been in a comatose state since then. seasonal firefighter and former marine that served in iraq. today three of bartell's friends were in court this afternoon for the arraignment. they did not want to comment. now as he was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs, he turned and looked back at his family and appeared to be fighting back tears. the judge kid not allow our camera in court because the case is still in the early
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stages. >> it's still an ongoing investigation. there is a lot of discovery that needs to be handed over. somewhere in the area of 500 pages and ten cds. there are video footage from the scene. we do have video and interviews we are taking place. >> we need time to prepare, to look at the defense, to see what we have. to see what the evidence is. >> reporter: as you heard the assistant da mention there is a significant amount of surveillance video including a cell phone video believed to be that of escavel. at the arraignment his bail was set at $5 million. he will be in court again. so will attorneys on both sides on january 12th. live in san francisco allie rasmus. the family of a san francisco attorney killed in a hit and run accident is hoping a new reward will lead to the capture of the driver
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responsible. donald was killed august 14th while driving on river road. the chp says a white ford f-150 pickup truck hit him from behind and sped off. his family is offering a $50,000 reward. many people that live in the santa cruz mountains are still without electricity because of the high winds that ripped through the bay area. ktvu robert honda got off the phone with pg&e and joins us live with new information. robert. >> reporter: i talked to pg&e and official there is told me about 19,000 santa cruz county homes are still without power right now. officials say they hope to have many restored by tonight. it depends on how many trees fell and where. a lot of old gigantic trees in the mountains were knocked over by the wind in the past two days. there were quite a few close calls. one topped on top of a house.
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the 150-foot douglas fur is being taken apart in sections by the travis tree professals -- professionals. >> we are so busy. we will get a call on this giant fur tree on the house. >> this lady was lucky. she was laying a foot and a half away from where it was hit. >> reporter: scotts valley was especially hit. causing numerous outages. one mountain resident was impressed but not surprised when he looked at the tree roots >> sure is a shallow root base for such a big tree. i'm very happy i wasn't under it. >> reporter: you figure that's why the wind was able to knock it down? >> yeah. it was just too much. the resistance of a big century with such little root base is cause for damage. >> reporter: here are pictures of another tree that fell on a
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home. crews we talked to said they plan to work throughout the weekend. there are a lot of big jobs ahead. live in the santa cruz mountains robert honda. more details on the outages. pg&e updated us ten minutes ago on the effort to get the electricity back on. santa cruz county has been hit the hardest. more than 18,000 customers are still without power there. there are 122 outages in the south bay. 18 in the east bay. 15 on the north bay. and four in san francisco. high winds left a path of destruction throughout the bay area. they toppled a lot of trees. this one fell on a home in ash cot drive. tree experts say the roots were damaged and cannot withstand the force of the wind. they warn more trees could be coming down. >> the whole tree falling like this one here. the roots system is no good.
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>> tree service companies say they have been swamped with calls for help. it could take a few days to clean up the wind damage. ktvu bill martin has been tracking conditions. coming up, he will tell us what is in store for the weekend ahead. republican presidential candidate herman cain said today he will make an announcement tomorrow about the next steps for his campaign. he has been at the center of a political fire storm of allegations of sexual harassment and a woman claims she had a long term affair with her. he returned to home to meet with his wife. he will make a major announcement on whether he will continue his run for the white house. san jose police and firefighters union presented a plan to reform their pension plan and save money for the city. they presented their proposal at city hall plaza. they say it will roll back pensions to 1996 levels. the unions are trying to head off a ballot measure proposed by mayor chuck reid to put the
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question of pension reform in the hands of voters. >> we have put forward costing of our proposal that demonstrates it saves money. it will put the city in the black. >> the city council meets next tuesday to decide whether to declare a fiscal emergency and whether to put mayor ed reid's proposal on the ballot either in march or june. the u.s. unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in 2.5 years last month. the jobless rate dropped from 9% to 8.6 in november. private employers added 140,000 jobs. president obama welcomed the news. >> we need to keep that growth going. right now that means congress needs to, tend the payroll tax cut for working americans for another year. congress needs to renew unemployment insurance for americans that are still out there pounding the pavement looking for work. >> the president spoke at a greens job event in washington
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with former president bill clinton. those unemployment number were not enough to push stocks higher today. both the dow and nasdaq finished the week unchanged. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow down half a point. the nasdaq inched up three quarters of a point. it won't cost you a penny to take home one of these tree. will is something you have to do to benefit from this tree give away. a pretty warm one out there. some temperatures in the mid 70s. on top of that a wind advisory has been extended for parts of the bay area.
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tonight camp victory the u.s. military headquarters is
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in iraqi hands. the american commanders transferred control of that sprawling compound to the iraqi government. soldiers finished packing up the camp today and shipped out for home. there are 12,000 u.s. troops left in iraq at five different bases. down from 170,000 troops four years ago. all remaining american forces are set to leave iraq by the end of the month. >> some of the troops are celebrating a joyous home coming here in the bay area today. >> welcome home. >> you too. >> more than 60 soldiers from the california national guard arrived home from iraq today. they flew into moffett field and reunited with family and friends at the national guard armory in san mateo. [ cheering ] the 297th medical company deployed to iraq last february. they are doctors, dentists, and
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other medical professals that -- professionals that provided care. >> we called it happy honds day. >> i'm a mental health specialist. it's stressful out there. people dealing with rockets, bombs, issues at home. >> the men and women of the 297th completed their mission to iraq without suffering a single casualty. this was the final unit of the california national guard to return from iraq. 15,000 california national guardsmen served during the war. 26 gave their lives for their country. developing news on occupy protests both here and in san jose. first pictures from san francisco live pictures outside the verizon store at pine and battery in san francisco. you can see a group there of at least 100 or so protestors. they have been marching for the past hour and a half.
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started at the federal building. they have been working their way down market street. they will end up at justin herman plaza which is the site of the occupy sf camp site. lots of questions about the future of the camp site and when or if police will finally move in and try to tear down that camp site. now let's head down san jose. we have an occupy protest going on there. a handful of folks by our count 12 or so. what they are doing it will be marching to different banks in that area. protesting against the banks they consider the banks part of the 1% if you will. we are following both of these stories. have more for you coming up on bay area news at 7:00 and also on the 10:00 news tonight. a unique christmas tree give away will take place in marin county tomorrow. there is a catch. ktvu health and science center is live to explain. john. >> reporter: right now the marin county park department is ready to invite the public
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tomorrow to this pristine protected preserve to cut down trees for christmas. the ring mountain open space nature preserve. people forbid ton re-- forbidden to remove anything. >> normally not allowed at all. these particular trees though are invading the natural communities here. >> about 50 pines selected for removal. >> when they start to move in the grassland. >> reporter: we found people looking for those red tagged trees like this 14-foot pine. now that is a christmas tree. >> i think i've got one i will show a picture to my wife and see if she approves of it. >> reporter: looks pretty nice. tomorrow is to be a guided volunteer habitat restoration. girl scouts are to offer refreshments it's not a christmas tree lot. >> i love this this park. i'm glad people are keeping it
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healthy. >> reporter: this is an effort to preserve the disappearing original ecosystem. >> it has to be an ongoing challenge. you try to strike a balance between today's habitat and what used to be. >> reporter: it begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's not exactly free. to get a tree you must take part in some kind of restoration program. plus they say they have extra cut trees from other open spaces so no one goes home empty handed. scientists are not sure why, but it looks like toads may be able to predict earthquakes. researchers say days before earthquakes, suddenly abandoned their breeding grounds. the toads may be able to detect preseismic cues such as the release of gases and charged particles given off by rocks about to break. time to check the weather now. after that wind died down. a beautiful day and warm
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outside for this time of year. bill. >> yeah really was warm. downtown san francisco today in the mid 70s. lots of upper 60s and low 70nd. let's check the winds outside. they are blowing at a light 7 miles an hour. some wind gusts or highs from today. look at that 76 in napa. santa rosa 75. concord 75. highs tomorrow won't be this high. temperatures tomorrow lots of 70s. 72 in oakland. very warm outside. as we go into the next 24 hours the wind advisory for the hills has been extended. higher elevations there will be wind gusts 35-40 miles an hour. we are dry through the extended period. the wind advisory stays in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. northeast bay hills. down around the santa cruz mountains. the wind gusts could gust to 50 miles an hour. the biggest winds will be in the oakland hills. up by the livermore lab.
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overnight lows they were warm last night. down in the napa area. napa overnight low was recorded in the low 60s. their overnight low. tomorrow's overnight low in the mild side. high pressure stays in charge. and gives nice offshore flow for the week with breezy morning and winds dying down in the afternoon. temperatures not in the 70s but in the 60s. we might see a low 70 but we will see 60s. greens represent 60s. forecast highs you can see mid 60s throughout the area. mid 60s down in san jose. 66 in morgan hill. nice looking five-day forecast. look at the ten day models they are not showing rain for seven, eight, nine, ten, days. >> looks like we have a little
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nasa said its curiosity over to mars to search for possible signs of life. now there are concerns that rover could unleash some earth life of its own on the red planet. report project developers decided not to use an extra sterilization bits. that was a deviation from nasa policies. nasa is calling the problem a miscommunication. fred is here now with tiger woods who is back in california and now a win-win for tiger. >> yeah. all the proceeds go to tiger woods foundation. he's on the way to winning his own tournament. before we take you all the way back. remember there is 1 golfers in -- 18 golfers in this southern california event. this is tigers second shot on
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the par five. from 208 yards. remember that is two football fields. he threads a very narrow alley. on the par five woods needs this putt for another eagle. he shoots a five under 67 today. they call phil mickelson the king of the shot. that nearly goes in for eagle. he has to settle for birdie. disturbing that's what raiders head coach hue jackson called the gun incident. mcclain is out on bail but still in alabama. so today he misses the final practice. but jackson says he hasn't ruled out mcclain from playing in sunday's game in miami. stanford women's soccer team in the white uniforms reached the finals of the college cup today.
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by beating florida state. christy scores stanford's second goal of the game. they beat florida 3-0. and now will play for the championship sunday. we'll have a lot more tonight at 10:00. we'll see you then. thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues at and also mobile ktvu. >> right now stay tuned for the pac 12 championship game between the oregon ducks and ucla bruins.
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