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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> reporter: we are in front of this house. up until -- we are at 10th street in front of this house. you can see people are inside this house, dozens of people, gathered in front. the house has been empty for months but a few hours ago at least three people from a community group called just cause has taken it over. now short time ago we spoke to one of the protesters who planned on staying in the house. >> it doesn't make sense for there to be empty property while these properties can be put to good use. today it's a stand and us saying we will put it to good use. >> reporter: they have declared today occupy our homes today. different groups staged a number of marches and demonstrations in oakland. one of the most vocal happened near the courthouse wherefore closed homes auctioned off by banks often to developers and
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looking for a deal. protesters shouted down the auction. >> action nears and those representing buyers got frustrated the protesters. >> it's like a personal attack. go get a job. >> reporter: one protesting was this couple who say they are threatened with foreclosure. they couldn't afford the subprime mortgage. >> the bank, will for close and with no consideration for us and sell our home. >> we are here to bring attention to the parasite role that the auctions play in the process of foreclosures. they don't have the nerve to come themselves, have the representative to sell their him. >> reporter: we are back live. those occupying the house say it's owned by fannie may. they want them to modify a loan. reporting live in oakland, rob
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rot had. >> protesters also took to the streets of soft in support of homeowners facing foreclosure there. they rallied in the bayview district. one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the crisis. then they marched to city hall, among them were several homeowners to say they are under the threat of being evicted. >> i get a new date on the house every few months and so it's just stressful to have to go through this and not know how much longer i will be able to stay. >> reporter: protesters say tomorrow 60 families facing foreclosure plan another rally. down in san jose a woman was the face of the occupy movement. she is 68-year-old darlene, a retiree with lung cancer. she lost her home of 41 year and was evicted. today occupy protesters returned to the home with her to make a stand.
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the demand these are making and other homeowners they hope to help coming up at 5:30. >> state attorney is teaming up with or counterpart in nevada to investigate the mortgage meltdown in both states. nevada has the highest foreclosure rate followed by california. harris subpoenaed mortgage lenders as part of the probe. the attorney general also decided to join a similar investigation by the nevada attorney general looking in to an alleged robo signing scream. >> it's the work of expanding and accelerating the investigation in a way to maximize the relief that must be brought to the states. >> she has said her office would not agree to a nationwide settlement over alleged foreclosure abuses. >> the latest copper theft in the bay area brings new meaning to the words risky business.
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patty lee where in one case robbers helping themselves to copper cables bart tracks even while the trains are still running. >> reporter: that's right. early this morning just before those trains started running a bart employee noticed two 20- foot sections of copper cable missing these tracks near jack london square. you can see this a high voltage area anding a dangerous racket putting people at risk. the threat of being electrocuted or hit by a train moving 80 miles an hour has not been enough to deter brazen bandits. shipment the thefts have happened while the trains run and when you are outside i know the trains noisy here, you can't hear them coming and it was luck the other day that one of the them didn't get hit. >> reporter: it's one of three thefts over the past five-days there. are leads, at 1:30 a.m. friday at a undisclosed bart station an officer stopped two
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people with a truck because they were acting suspicious. he let them go but took down their license plate number. at 10:00 a.m. sunday morning a train conductor got a good look at a man on the track who is believed to be linked to the theft. >> we are targeting one individual at the moment. then we have a couple other people of interest. i don't know we have established any link among them. >> it's an million example of the type of cable. >> reporter: the conducts up to a thousand volts. it'll cost $90,000 to replacet. a burden on taxpayers that could cause major train delays and worse. >> it affects the system being efficient and some of that is just -- going into the earth and that's creating problems in that it could create a fire. >> reporter: bart police are expecting to make arrests with in days but they are also still gathering evidence including
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looking at video taken in cameras like this one along the 1504 miles of track. coming up at six we will tell you more about the market for stolen copper what it's getting on the open market. reporting live. patty lee. >> copper theft in vallejo leading to traffic problems and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars there. robbers have been taking wiring traffic signals and street lights causing traffic lights to malfunction and street lights to go dark. according to city leaders since may they have taken wiring almost 80fixtures. the thefts have spiked in the past several months making hard for the city to keep one repairs. police making the public aware of a reported sexual assault. the victim said the attack happened at 8:20 sunday night in the 1300 block of 91st avenue. the 27-year-old said a stranger forced her against a vehicle and assaulted her. she then managed to run away. the victim said the suspect is an african american in his 30s,
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5'11'' 1, 200 pounds, . >> the niners said they have now reached a deal with the great america theme park. the 49ers president called it an important step toward building a new stadium at that site that's astound parking lot used by the theme parkw. that hurdle cleared and with financing for the stadium announced last week it appears there is almost nothing to stop the team from moving. ? fact the san francisco mayor said it appears the city's only hope for keeping its team is if the nfl doesn't approve the plan. david stevenson in san francisco tonight where the mayor is putting a lot of hope in a meeting. >> reporter: candlestick park has been home to the 49ers for 40 years but tonight it seems san francisco is closer than
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ever to losing the team. >> san francisco gave them away. >> reporter: for 24 years the they have counted on crowds headed to the park but now the 49ers seem ready to leave. the store owner blames san francisco city leaders. >> they want them down there. we don't want -- politicians don't want them here. >> i haven't accepted it yet. i think we still have opportunities. >> reporter: the mayor said he has known since taking office in january that san francisco was always considered plan b. he is meeting 49ers gm to try to change hid mind. >> i started to understand -- why that was rejected the interest started turning elsewhere. >> reporter: santa clara is offering a one billion dollar stadium and located at the site
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of the team's headquarters. >> san francisco planning commissioner said an unidentified firm is designing a privately funded stadium that will cost san francisco far less than the santa clara proposal. >> quiet because they want to be discrete. they want to work with the niners and they are trying to undermine with the niners. everybody wants them to have the new facility. >> reporter: he is anticipating life without the niners in his backyard and it's effect on sunday sales. >> sale for the first year, see what happens, play it by ear. >> reporter: their current lease keeps them here through 2014. ktvu. >> the president today warned the middle class is in danger. at a rally in kansas he said all americans should have a
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fair shot and a fair share. >> this is a make or break moment for the middle class. what is at state is if this will be enough to earn enough to raisey family, build a savings, own a home, secure their retirement. >> reporter: the president spoke out against inequality. he invoked the name of teddy roosevelt and spoke in the town where he spoke 100 years ago calling for a square deal. the president called on congress to extend the payroll tax cuts. democrats proposed adding a tax sur charge for millionaires. it's a plan republicans retract. >> this was not a compromise. this was nothing more than another bill designed to fail. >> are there any senators in. >> reporter: it's a 2% sur charge on the wealthiest taxpayers. the deadline when the payroll tax cuts set to expire.
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>> stocks rallied on more hopeful news on the european debt crisis. >> the market rose after the financial times reported a possible solution to the debt problem. the time said leaders considering more aggressive programs to bailout weaker countries. the dow up 52 points, the nasdaq was down a little more than six points closing at 1, 649. >> now to the race for the white house, mitt romey campaigned in arizona where he got the endorsement of dan quayle. he said he wouldn't participate in a gop debate. later on this month moderated by trump. so far gingrich and santorumo the reasonable two republican
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candidate who have said they plan to attend that debate. >> i spoke to trump earlier today and indicated we just can't make the debate. we are going to focus on the other two and campaigning. >> gingrich leads the others by at least 15 points in both iowa and south carolina. according to two separate poll that were just released today. >> gingrich spent the day in new york city raising money for his campaign. gingrich is far behind in fundraising, is he trying to take advantage of his surge in private meetings. his campaign announced it was $1 million in debt and raised just short of 3 million. in contrast romney raised $32 million during that time period. >> it was an occupy style protest at a high school. how students stood their ground and watched. >> back here in ten minutes, no freeze warning tonight for us. i will tell you what, it'll be calm and frost a real
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possibility. i will show you where.
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. some students staged an occupy style protest today on campus we hear about their sit in over christmas decorations of all things. >> reporter: the students modeled their protest after the occupy movement, the difference is that they got what they wan wanted. this sign marks where they made their stand. occupy christmas and on campus protest. . >> i was ready to be suspended. >> reporter: it started after thanksgiving when a student leadership group put up christmas decorations. >> everybody felt good and then some kids felt they weren't being represented. >> reporter: and those decorations now gone taken down by that same group so as not to offend some. >> their intent wasn't
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religious. they were just trying to make it a happy place. >> reporter: what made one group happy displeased another. >> i'm just as upset that somebody would take down the decorations, seeing it as more of a religious rather than a family kind of cultural celebration. >> reporter: she and another set up their protest and stood their ground. >> we were threatened pretty serious consequences for staying here. >> reporter: about 20 others who protested scattered when threatened possible suspension but in the end the protest worked. the student leaders met and decided to put the decorations back up with a nod to all religious faiths. >> healthy discussion, list tone both sides. i'm very proud of the kids here. >> reporter: the principal said before his students made their final change they actually reviewed law so the it was a learning experience but on the touchy subject of religion it
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remains unclear if this approach will please everybody. ken pritchett. >> >> some put of trees in their home, leaders sounding a warning about fire safety. safety. the burn center fire officials demonstrated for us how quickly a dry try can catch on fire. >> as we celebrate we see our fire and medical incidents increase. there are ways to keep yourself safe. >> tips include turning off holiday lights before going to bed. never leaving candles unattended watering trees daily. they say you shouldn't over load your extension cords and be sure to keep a charged fire extinguisher. >> we have new information on breaking news we have been following since the beginning of this newscast. more live pictures dublin where we told you about a cannon ball that penitent to a home. we have an update from the
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sheriff's department. we are told it was a miss fire from the alameda county bomb range. we are told the firing of the cannon ball was part of a television show called myth busters. the cannon ball took a few unfortunate bounces and went through the home. as we reported for you at 5:00 nobody was injured by what they are calling a miss fire but you can understand a lot of concern happening there in dublin. this home is located right near a road not to far north of interstate 580. it's still a active scene and unusual thing to happen but nobody injured in that cannon ball miss fire in dublin. >> police in east bay say they believe the same person could be responsible for killing more than two dozen geese and ducks at parks in concord. investigators say someone shooting the bird was a pellet gun late at night. police are analyzing the pellets to see if they came from the same weapon.
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so far at least 28 have been killed at two parks in concord since october 27 president. the most recent attack happened last saturday at new hall. six were shot to death. police at this point haven't made any arrests. >> it did warm up today after a very cold start to the day this morning. hold onto your coats and scarves. bill martin says may be in for another round of very cold weather. it could be in the low 30s in the bay area overnight. people are being told to take steps to protect sensitive plants. >> let's talk more about the cold. going to be another cold night. >> not as cold as last night that. freeze warns and frost advice not in effect for tomorrow night. they may fire one up at some point. if you look out in the central valley and i find him pressive when you look at from redding to bakersfield a freeze warning
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in effect tonight, for temperatures below freezing for more than a few hours. that central valley definitely cool. for us we will see that freeze warning kind of bleeds in to vallejo and fairfield into solano. i wouldn't be surprised now if national weather service, it's a little warmer tonight and that's because we have a bit of a westerly wind and that is be enough to change things a little bit and set us up with more of a warmer pattern. these are the forecasts overnight lows, you can see it's still cool. overnight last night in santa rosa, down 25 degrees in someplaces, still going to see freezing numbers, frost though it's not a frost advisory you will see frost again this morning or tomorrow morning. if the conditions right and frost will format 37 degrees t -- you don't have to freeze to get frost. the inland bay valleys and the possibility of a freeze warning or frost advisory going back coming up late tonight.
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maybe the weather service changes tonightf. they don't it'll be cold. it won't be as cold as last night. a few degrees warmer but not much more than that. last night's freeze warning was right on the edge. it wasn't -- to be that cold as we saw. going to be a little warmer tomorrow morning no. fog in the forecast. no real wind in the forecast, no real rain in the forecast. daytime highs tomorrow in the low 60s and the wind wills be slightly off shore. when i come back in a few minutes we will look at the five-day forecast with the weekend in view. i will show you there is no rain coming the next shot back in a little bit. >> are pensions paid to california workers to generous? that's answered in a new field poll. the results ahead. >> and looking live at the san francisco skyline what a beautiful shot, the new app that will show you the location
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larger share of the retirement plan or a lower cost plan with lower benefits. it would reform disability retirement. >> the new field poll shows there may be backlash statewide building against what many consider generous state pensions, it's taken center stage in the debt debate. the governor has proposed a number of reforms. poll finds many voters concerned as well. 41% say pension benefits received by state and local government workers to good, 35% say they are about right. 14% say they aren't good enough, 10% had no opinion. voter was asked if the retirement benefit was changed so should the changes apply to existing workers or just new ones in 22% said they should apply to only new, 6% said current, 64% said both new and
5:26 pm
current worker is be subject to the reform, 8% had no opinion on this one. the poll found that pension reform is a likely charged issue when divided along party lines. 40% of democrats say they believe pensions to good. >> lady gaga had an engagement at the white house. the singer met with presidential staffers to talk about her work when it comes to preventing bullies. the president and first lady held a anti bullying program. lady gaga didn't get to meet the president because he was out of town but they have met before. >> coming up at 5:55 the president takes steps to protect gays around the world. >> today's action in san jose -- focus on the home unoccupied. the former owner a cancer victim was forced out and her
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supporters protesting. >> it's almost been a week but there is still a lot to clean up in the mountains and now there are new challenges residents facing. new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back.
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including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew!
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. complete bay area news coverage continues this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> supporters of occupy san jose used the day of action to highlight a south bay woman's foreclosure crisis. they did it by setting up an occupy protest at her home. robert honda is there now and tells you the story that includes being evict from her house and her battle with a deadly disease. >> the san jose home here used to be the center of holiday activity for a family. now it's a so many symbol of
5:30 pm
the movement. darlene returned to the home she lost three weeks ago. >> i tell feel like it's my home. >> reporter: she said she was battling cancer when she took out a 10,000-dollar loan and then refinanced several times until the 68-year-old was evicted. >> it was very shocking. very devastating, and -- very, very ugly hurtful. >> reporter: on this day of action san jose occupy supporters led by the group act and city councilman backed her cause and called for banks to stop foreclosures on victims of so-called predatory loans especially when victims didn't or couldn't understand the complex terms. >> due to my illness and medical treatments i wasn't able to focus on the situation with my loans. >> reporter: university finance professor said banks have set
5:31 pm
terms because as in her case wells fargo took over the loan from a failed bank. he points out almost half of the borrower had multiple homes as investments. >> to try to -- people who were honestly in error, had bad luck verses people who just made decisions or were greedy, that's almost impossible. >> reporter: she doesn't they its. >> they just have to stop, they have to understand people. >> reporter: she is now suing wells fargo and will spend the holidays getting quaid for court on january 3rd. live in san jose. >> members of the movement placed a full page add in the chronicle. it lashes at congress and the super committee who couldn't free on how to solve the debt crisis. members of the movement say she have a plan to reduce the debt and create jobs, it was paid
5:32 pm
for by on online funding i.e. the movement headed to capitol hill demanding jobs. >> what do we want? >> jobs. >> when do we want them? >> now. >> people from around the united states marched on the national mall and inside the halls of congress as part of a take pack the people's house rally. one was arrested for unlawful entry in to the office of a missouri congresswoman. demonstrators called on congress to put people ahead of the interest of corporations. >> i just want to know why are there so many loophole that help the wealthy and the hard working like myself we suffer with low wages? >> tomorrow occupy protesters plan to take their demonstration to washington's k street where many of the nation's lobbyists have their offices. >> back to the developing situation in dublin. news chopper two overhead of the home that was hit by a
5:33 pm
cannon ball. it wasn't on purposet. happened during the taping of myth busters, which airs on the discovery channel. the quote we got from the sheriff sums up what happened. the sheriff said the cannon ball took a few unfortunate bounces and then went through the home. if there is any good news it's that nobody was hurt. >> people who live in the santa cruz mountains feeling the fall out of high winds. work crews booked through january, tackling huge trees toppled by high winds. happening in felton above santa cruz. we are live where that work is underway. >> reporter: the latest on the aftermath of the dozens of insurance claims have been filed and tree companies here have been swamped with calls for service. >> this is where the tree was standing. >> reporter: 79-year-old sally took her insurance to recover removing one downed tree.
5:34 pm
>> it came down about five in the morning and it made that sound. could have come through the bedroom. >> reporter: she said the only thing that kept it from her body room was the tree the house is built around. if was going like that. back and forth, back and forth. >> reporter: with one tree in the front yard leaning into lines and another in the backyard that needs to be removed. while most of the major problems have been cleared including 150-foot tall tree there is still a lot of clean up and one tree company said they are booked through the end of january. this resident with the tree on top of her house -- decided to call a friend instead. >> $2,400. just to get it off the roof and is he doing it for way less, cut up the wood and make fire wood. >> reporter: phone techs were still working to restore service. >> i just got my phone turned
5:35 pm
on, about three hours ago. it took three days to get power. i'm glad we have all of the utilities back now. i just need to get the house fixed. >> reporter: crews still working on minor repairs. the county is still tallying the cost. reporting live. maureen naylor. >> the white house said the health care reform law is saving medicare patients hundreds of dollars a year. 2.6million have saved about $569 in co payment this is year because of the law that forced drug companies to reduce costs. the obama administration said seniors are also getting more care which is also reducing medicare costs. >> when the court hears arguments against the health care reform law next year you will be able to read about it but not see it on tv. today a subcommittee heard arguments to when you cameras, some fear it would further make
5:36 pm
the court political. >> the court itself is at stake. the people to understand what the court does. > an order to open the court to tv cameras may be unconstitutional. a police warning tonight to muni riders, what happened to four passengers in one day that they need you to know about. also a clash of ideas, lawmakers in washington battle over california's high speed rail project. why some say it's not worth the price. where they want that cash to go instead. ♪
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. san francisco police are investigating a series of cell phone thefts on muni buses in the past 48 hoursn. one attempted theft on a bus last night a 50-year-old was stabbed in the chest by a woman who he grabbed back his phone. three apparently unrelated armed robberies and thefts of phones took place across the city during that same period, nobody was hurt in those other incidents. >> the plan to build high speed rail faced criticism on capitol hill today. during a hearing republican lawmakers questioned a project's growing price tag. a congressman said california will have trouble funding the
5:40 pm
project and the economy can't support it right now. >> i believe that if the project is not going to get moving quickly, then the money should divert to shovel ready project that would be committed quickly. >> the transportation secretary defended the program saying the project is expensive but said it was important. >> apple has lost a legal battle in china in a trademark dispute over the popular i-pad tablet. a court in southern china has rejected the lawsuit accusing a company of infringing on the i- pad trademark. siting court document documents they say it legally registered the trademark as long ago as the year 2000 in china and in other countries. apple developed years after that and released it's first version of the tablet last year. >> verizon denies that it is
5:41 pm
blocking google's new payments app from running on the latest smart phone. the galaxy. earlier a spokesperson said they asked not to include the function due out this month but a verizon spokesperson said they have still in talks. verizon and competition are part of a joint venture that is planning it's own mobile payment system. >> movie fan dear sir use their i-phones to find their favorite motion pictures in san francisco. looking live here at a picture in countless films the skyline the mayor showed off the new sf film spots app. you can get gps locations to locations where movie was filmed in the city by the bay. it costs $3, city leaders say they help it'll be a boost to tourists. >> what is in the air in it turns out a lot for than you
5:42 pm
think. particles, what they are and what is being done. how they impact your health. >> another cold one tonight there. is no freeze warning in effect. you will find frost in some inland valleys. will let you know which areas. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit!
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. bay area ware quality experts are among the very first in the country to study the effects of a new class of tiny air pollution particles. they are common and so small
5:45 pm
that some wonder if they can be regulated at all. we have tonight's special report. >> reporter: they are called ultra fine particles and guess where they come from? your kitchen and barbecue to begin with. countless particles in the smoke from your grill, they come from exhaust fumes and anything else that burns. >> basically its everywhere. >> reporter: eric stevenson is a native of oakland who looks at the air quality. >> i would say that -- at this point ultra final particles is just beginning to be under stood. part of what we want to do is got out in front of the information as much as possible, develop an understanding of what the issues may be and then try to develop the best, most cost effective ways to protect human health here in the bay area. >> reporter: the air board is
5:46 pm
starting a study of ultra fine particles though it'll likely be three to five-years before it considers new air pollution controls. in some of the pollution authorities say caution is adviced. >> the evidence about the particles in humans, is limited. >> reporter: a doctor said studies indicate the particles can enter the bloodstream and poison internal organs including the brain. >> we need more convincing health data, especially since controlling the particles would be tricky and very expensive. >> reporter: the bay area's air board man said nobody is rushing to regulate. humans have been exposed to the particles since the beginning of time. what we want to achieve is reducing those overtime from as
5:47 pm
many different sources that make sense. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2news. >> oakland's plaza the scene of a local food festival. they they supported a new proposal to allow the vendors to operate legally. currently oakland has no permitting process so the city councilmembers plan to introduce a new proposal to create a permit process as part of a program. >> it's to let the growth of this vital industry, in particular demand and allow for the job creation and opportunity that this can bring. >> reporter: vendors say they face challenges doing business in oakland. one owner said she was once forced by police to shut down her food truck. >> in san francisco, the fate of a city owned golf course remains unclear following a vote by the board of supervisors, the 18 hole public course is located in pacifica
5:48 pm
but it's owned by san francisco. under an ordinance passed this afternoon the city would start to negotiate a possible take over of the golf course by the national parks association that could mean that the golf course would class, however supervisors say it's also possible that part officials could decide to keep the course open. >> three lions we were there as three sea lions were released. they were saved about a month ago. two had a serious infection, the third was malnourished. after four weeks under the care of the experts doctors gave them a clean bill of health and you see here all three were returned to the wild. >> the animals have really wonderful names, cranberry sauce, leopico and tehoopo. very creative names but it's a
5:49 pm
wonderful way for us to send them off for their own holidays. >> staff and volunteers say they rescued at least 530 marine animals this year. >> russia's latest unmanned mission to mars is dead in space and parts already starts to fall back to earth tonight. the mission launched on november 8th. the problem is the second stage rock rocket failed to fire. the small parts of the craft have come back to the atmosphere but it's unclear when the bulk of the space probe will crash back. >> so many of us feel cold at night. let's go to bill more tin to find which areas will be the coldest. >> the inland bay valleys will be the coldest. no freeze or frost advisory. that doesn't mean it won't freeze and doesn't mean we won't see frost. freezing temperatures and frost will be a little warmer
5:50 pm
tonight. live -- how do you know it'll be warmer? west southwest at two. that's on shore wind. it'll tend to warm things up. why is it warmer? it's coming off theo ken it's about i guess -- 56 degrees i guess, the sea surface temperature in and about. that's relatively warmer. the air off the pacific will keep temperatures slightly warmer tonight. it's still going to be cold especially inland. high pressure will keep rain to the north for this week and probably good portion of next week. the weather forecast, a cold start, we will see areas of frost, areas of freeze and then mostly sunny and kind -- temperatures in the upper 60s, nice day. tuesday, wednesday a cold start. the dry pattern extended as we go through this week and into next week. the satellite and image shows just clear -- when you see a big dome like this the air is
5:51 pm
sinking it's hard for clouds to form. you look at that imagine and go high pressure. the cloud's have a hard time forming the air is sinking. the long range model, no rain in the long range all the way up until at least the 18th or 19 and the then it may change but prepare for dry and if it's dry that mean itself will be cold at times. tomorrow morning chilly, daytime highs in to the lower 60s. 60 in fairfield, 59 brentwood, you head into morgan hill. 61 and 62. no fog? know why? because its been so windy the winds have been north northeast. that's a dry direction. lot of the moisture that will hit the surface has dried up. fog -- radiation fog needs the moisture at the surface. patches will show up but the -- that's the weekend in value. >> it's pretty.
5:52 pm
>> yeah. >> the -- the college student convicted later cleared of killing her roommate in italy wants to put her story in writing. amanda knox says she has hired an attorney to help her land a book deal. he is represented such authors as former presidents clinton and bush. knox hasn't granted any interviews since her release, experts have suggested that her deal could be worth more than a million dollars. >> a new move by the president, what he is doing to protect gays around the world. not just here in the united states. ç.ç.á#
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. >> secretary of state marks international human rights day in switzerland today. she quote from the declaration of human rights. she met with human rights activists, she called on the president of other countries to free protester who were jailed during a violent crack down. >> the secretary of state spoke out for the rights of gays at her remarks comment the president is taking steps to try to project the global gay
5:56 pm
community using foreign aid to change hearts and minds. >> please know that you are not alone. people around the world are working hard to support you and to bring an end to the injustices and dangers you face. >> the white house issued a m oh, mo targeting human rights abuses against gay people in foreign countries. from now on all united states agencies must consider how a country treats it's gay citizens when awarding aid. in a statement the president said the struggle to end discrimination against gays is a global challenge and one that is central to the united states commitment to promoting human rights. >> in many countries it's still -- 80 countries it's still the fact that it's criminal for gay people just to be who they are. >> the president also ordered
5:57 pm
people to help gays seeking asylum. a state department official acknowledged the new policy could face resistance from nations in latin america and the middle east. >> coming up live in dublin where a television show test sends a cannon through someone's roof. update from the scene in just 90 seconds. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
5:58 pm
is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> good evening. >> we have been following a developing story for the past hour. a cannon has gone highway in dublin. sheriffs say it went into this home. you can see from news chopper 2 we are live now at the home where it's ended. what happened? >> reporter: the details on this are still murky but this flat bed tow truck has a van on it and it was from the driveway. it has a blown out window where -- it ended up after being part of the test. joining me now,


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