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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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battle is brewing as 0 can pie protesters call for a major port shutdown. first, we start with developing news. an amber alert has been issued for a missing solano county
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teen. police in suisun city issued an amber alert on for chris tampa bay ya mendoza. she is described as 5'7", 130 pounds with black hair, and brown eyes. the last time anyone reports seeing her, she was driving a navy blue oldsmobile silhouette minivan with california license plate 4ebs 066. now, on to our other top story. protesters just finished talking about shutting down the port of oakland and all other ports on the west coast. we are here to tell had you occupy portland expects to pull this off. >> reporter: with the port of oakland, the actual port of oakland in the back drop. they are calling it a blockade
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of all west post courts on monday. that list includes two the busiest. >> while we are exploited by the 1%, our schools and lie brayrys are shutting counsel. we have little or no access to health care and scarce public resources are directed away from the 99% and handed to the 1%. >> members of occupy portland along with a loose coalition of union members and educators held a press conference. on monday, occupy oakland and their supporters plan to shut down every port on the west coast. the reason behind the action are multiple. they want to send a message to the 1% of the wealthiest, you can't make money without the 99%. and they also want to send a message of sollity to long view union workers in washington state. >> the only time that people in
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this country receive any kind of concession is when we do something that cost the bosses money. >> we don't see how a shutdown of the port of oakland is going to help in any way. in fact, that will hurt the very working people that these movements are trying to help. >> reporter: occupy oakland believe they can duplicate the show of force when they marched on the port of oakland and shut down operations. the occupy movement counters with rhetorical questions about where the civil rights movement would be without the montgomery alabama bus boycott or whether south africa would still be a nation ruled by apartheid without inconvenience and other protests. some in u.c. davis are raising questions about the company hired to investigate last month's pepper
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spraying of occupy protesters there. the unfortunate has agreed to pay a security cap called kroll $300 an hour to look into that incident. former los angeles police cleave bill bratton is leading the team from k areoll. some say there is a conflict of interest because bratton worked with the university before. >> the president of the california university says that they chose k areoll and bratton because bratton is a well-known expert in law enforcement issues joe carter left his perch above cesar chavez park just about 1:00 a.m. he had climbed the tree when sacramento police moved in to clear an occupy encampment there. carter was arrested as soon as he came down. he is now charged with violating the park's 11:00 p.m.
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curfew and for failure to comply with police orders. a new petition is now underway to recall mayor jean kwan. the backers of the first petition will have until may to collect just about 20,000 signatures needed to force a recall election. >> probably right now, very easy oakland is that angry. it is oakland's -- oakland is a dysfunctional city. >> take on the tough problems of oakland, they expect me to do that in a month, i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: the oakland city attorney will decide if there can be two drives at the same time the golden state warriors confirmed that they are exploring the possibility of moving the team from oakland to san francisco. the team's owners said they met with mayor ed lee took about
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that possibility. mopping the idea is to build a new arena right next to at&t park right next to where the giants play. they hope to have that ready between the 2012 conference right now, mayor jean kwan is holding a press conference regarding the oakland a's. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the press conference and will have a live report coming up in just 10 minutes. an oakland family is saying good-bye to 23 month old lawrence hyrum, jr. doctors told his parents that the boy is brain dead. and the parents have reluctantly decided to take him off life support at 1:00 p.m. that's less than an hour from now. he is just a few weeks from his second birthday authorities in oregon plan to perform an autopsy today on
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a football player from oakland who died there this week. 19-year-old fred thompson was a scholarship player for oregon state university. he played high school football for oakland tech. he collapsed during a pickup basketball game wednesday night. investigators suspect he died from anner regular heartbeat. funeral arrangements are still pending. san leandro police believe that they have identified a shooting. police consider 18-year-old qeron williams to be the dangerous man who did the shooting. two other suspects remain in custody in connection with that shooting. daquan watson surrendered to a s.w.a.t. team. tony phillips was captured just after that shooting. sheriff police are looking for thieves who got away with 120 ipads at the best buy on industrial road.
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investigators say that the thieves pried open the front doors and dragged a steel lack pull of ipads and got away so far, there is no description. the stolen eye pads are valued at more than $100. there is a question about whether a u.s. drone actually crashd in iran as that country is claiming. chris lawrence seems to disagree whether those claims about the spy plane are real or fake. >> new video on iranian tv shows what iran says is a u.s. drone that crashed within it borders. but by putting it out on state tv for all to see, iran has sparked a csi type investigation into its prized capture. within the pentagon, uncertainty. >> we have not recovered the drone that we believe is missing. >> one u.s. official says that they can't be 100% certain it's real but it would be hard to fake. a second official says flat out the drone was not designed to
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survive a crash like that intact from high altitude. >> you can see some dents here, along the leading edge and probably the under surface might pretty well be banged up. analysts disagree, too. bill sweetman thinks it's real. the drone was not shot down and could have glided to earth in what he calls a falling leaf descent. >> and, so, you know, in that case, you can see fairly limited damage. >> global analyst john pike calls what iran shows off nothing more than a parade float. he says that the wings here group down whereas in the pictures of the sentinel, the wings are positioned higher for better stability. the bigger question, what was the drone doing when it crashed? a u.s. official says it was a cia mission, strictly to search for insurgents in afghanistan near the border. but several sources point out the sentinel is a stealth drone
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designed to penetrate areas with air defenses. they say it's hard to believe that the drone was strictly operating over afghanistan which has none. >> so it could have been used in iran. it could have been deliberately used in iran and it's very likely, in fact, that it was a reconaissance platform of choice to do precisely that. >> reporter: a u.s. official says satellite footage shows the drone's wreckage to be a pile of rubble. so iran does have what's left of the drone, but in what condition is the issue. chris lawrence, cnn the pentagon the family of an fbi contractor who disappeared in iran more than four years ago released a video of the man pleading for help. they are hoping it will help secure the release of 63-year- old robert levinson. he disappeared in iraq back in march of 2007. last year, the family received this tape asking levinson asking for help. secretary of state hillary clinton says earlier this year,
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there is some indication levinson is alive and might be in southeast asia. hundreds of expected to turn out tonight at virginia tech university for another candle light vigil to honor the police officer killed on campus yesterday. virginia stitt police still don't know of any connection between officer derek crouse and the man who shot him before taking his own life. investigators are reviewing dash cam video of the shooting. authorities say they now know the identity of the gunman but they are not ready to release his name. >> we are confident we do know who this individual is. however, through protocol, the medical examiner must make that identification and then we'll notify the family and then we will release the name. however, we can tell you he was not a student at virginia tech.
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and a group is filing papers with the department board of elections. the proposal will lease and operate the elevator concession and gift shop. the coyt committee wants to limit commercial activity. they wants the money raised to go towards preserving the mural and protecting the tower structure. we are live in oakland where the mayor is making an announcement related to major league baseball. we'll tell you about new information we've received about a ballpark and where they want it to go, coming up. and some wet weather is on the way. rosemary will tell us when to break out those umbrellas. and a new initiative to bring bay area bird killers to justice. the big reward just announced by animal activists. state farm. this is jessica.
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as we told you about 10 minutes ago, oakland mayor gene quan is talking right now about future plans to keep the a's and warriors from leaving the city. at that ya more dwrarty is live now to explain how the mayor wants transform the area around the colyseum. >> reporter: we are not sure if the colyseum is the place that she is talking about because we
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just received a press release. she is talking about creating a baseball stadium around the waterfront. she arrived a little bit late to the press conference here. what she was expected to talk about basically was this idea of the expansion of the colyseum city. oakland had been working on the plan to revamp about 120 acres near the colyseum that resembles the staples center and l.a. live. but this talks about putting the stadium at jack london square and try to generate the kind of revenue that san francisco saw when its ballpark was built for the giants. if thinks the case and the it is built, we are not sure that the a's will be here. new owner is waiting to move the team to san jose. baseball commissioner bud selig has not ruled on it. they have their heart set on
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moving. but we are still not clear when major league about make a ruling. >> we'll have reaction this afternoon from oakland a's fans. >> thanks, tara. workers began removing an advertising sign which promoted a ham burger chain. it said raid a nation. the nfl and the raiders have a problem with that. raiders now want to take a wythe out of the nation's bottom line. this is what it looked like this morning around 6:15 this morning in the north bound lanes around the colyseum. not good. a project to reconfigure the northbound lanes near high street took a little longer.
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the lanes were fully reopened by 6:30 this morning. the santa clara valley transportation authority has approved $72 million to start the first phase of the project to finally bringing b.a.r.t. to san jose. the extension will link fremont b.a.r.t. station to san jose. that could be finished as early as 2016, 18 months ahead of the original schedule. the long term plan is to extend b.a.r.t. all the way to san jose where it will link with amtrak to create a ring of public trans pore station. a 4% increase in pedestrian fatalities last year and saw a 19% increase in the number of pedestrians injured by cars. the reason for that increase is unclear and more research needs to be done, but they speculate there are more people walking to their destinations and more people using cell phones and
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other devices while they are working. >> the s p.c. a homes that a big reward will help them find who is killing birds in concord. the east bay organization is offering a $5000 reward to help find those responsible for shooting and killing geese. seven bird were found shot to death. this comes two weeks after eight geese and ducks were found dead at willow state park. happy friday to you. good afternoon. we have a pleasant day shaping up. you can see that bit of haze out there with our blue sky once again. we to have air quality to talk about. let's talk about what's happening with the temperatures first, because after a very cold start, anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees are warming in only areas by now. calm witness, santa rosa, light, light northeasterly breeze at sfo. 53 santa rosa, 57 napa. this is a 20 to 25-degree
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difference. off to the east bay, we are looking at 5 a right now, 5 in areas right around livermore. i didn't say concord, did i? 55 in concord. 54 redwood city. high pressure persists and we have the air quality issue with us again. so spare the air day, meaning less burning in the fireplace. it is illegal to do so for the day. the inner east bay as well as the santa clara valley, even a little bit unhealthy for our sensitive groups, meaning if you suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema, you want to take it easy. high pressure still in control but thinks going to break down, going to shift to the east. by tomorrow, we begin to seat transition. a system that is going to drop south right along the coast line will bring some possibility of some rain by sunday afternoon. take a look here. we're going to pick it up right about 10:00 or so, right off the coast line, programs near
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santa cruz and alongside the peninsula, coastal range. by about noon time, 1:00. now shifting over to the east baby about 4:00 or 5:00, it's now into parts of the valley all the way into sacramento in some cases. the north bay, mostly cloudy but mainly dry but, as we progress through the evening hours, it will continue to bring us that wrap-around moisture that continues south. the scattered showers in the forecast. today is going to be dry, going to be fairly mild. upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast once again. 61 for san jose. if you have been waiting and procrastinating on the holiday lights, get out doors and do it tomorrow. slightly cooler but we will be dry. sunday is going to be a different story. by the average, the showers arrive. could linger monday morning, should not be too bad for the morning drive and notice the temperatures, 53 degrees will be the average high. >> feels like we are due for some rain. >> we are. thanksgiving weekend was the last time. >> thank you. >> sure. get a tahoe license plate
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rallying today. the dow jones up slightly at this hour. we go now to an update on some breaking news we have been following. we just heard from our crew inside with mayor jean quan. here is what she is saying about her plan to keep the oakland a's in oakland. >> she says she is getting the ball rolling on revamping the colyseum but keeping her options open. she is looking at a possible new stadium at the waterfront or somewhere downtown. we do have a crew asking her some tough questions about these plans and, of course, we'll have that tonight at 5:00. back to developing news now. the amber alert for the missing teen. the fbi and chp now have included the -- have been included in that investigation into the disappearance of 17- year-old christina almanza. she has been missing since wednesday afternoon. she left a message on a family
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member's cell phone saying she was held hostage by several men. she is described at 5'7", 130 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. the last time anyone reports seeing her, she was driving a navy blue silhouette minivan california plate 4ebs 066. secretary of state hillary clinton is making an appeal to help protect internet freedom in repressed nations. speaking in the netherlands, she talked about restrictions in china, russia and syria that have landed bloggers and internet activists in jail. she says that internet firms that do business with those governments are helping those governments suppress online freedom. and clinton is urging companies to reconsider how a repressive government would use their technology before doing
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business with that government. it's going to be a heavenly sight and it's happening early tomorrow morning. a total lunarey clippings. a red shadow will start to fall across the moon at 4:45 a.m. by 6:05, the moon will be engulfed in the moonlight. the moon will appear red, not black. that's because a dusty layer will redirect the light of the sun, fill in the darkness behind the earth with a red glow. should be interesting to check out. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time the news breaks. see you again at 5:00. if i can take classes year round
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