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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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being taken into custody outside her home in danville. the the bureau says others are at large, accused of illegally possessing and selling marijuana. we have a crew there and will have a full report tonight. and police in san francisco shot a suspect in broad daylight after trying to pull over a car for a traffic violation. it happened at the busy intersection of bush and larkin streets, in what is known as the tender knob neighborhood. tom vacar has more on who the police are looking for, tom? >> reporter: well, it is clear now, but just a few hours ago this intersection, it was choked with police cars and it was cut off by crime scene tape. about 1:30 this afternoon, a routine traffic stop turned into chaos when the driver decided to make a sudden move. >> he giant got out of the
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vehicle, running southbound towards sutter street. next the officers chased him. the suspect turned respect, firing several rounds at the officers. >> reporter: that set off a short gun battle. >> they were able to fire back on the suspect who was firing upon them. resulting in the suspect getting struck, possibly in the head or neck. >> the suspect was face down at that time. and a lot of pled of blood came out of his face. >> reporter: but later, police say the woman in the car made a move. >> the passenger slid over to the driver's side and made off with the vehicle. >> reporter: now police closed off areas, stopping traffic in the upper tender loin for several hours. the identity of the woman is known to the police, but they don't know where she is, the police officers were not injured, we don't know the condition of the person shot. and the controversial
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tactics used by uc davis police were called into question today at the state capitol. ktvu's ken pritchett has more on the chancellor's reaction to tough questions. >> reporter: well gasia mikaelian it was several investigations that were currently happening. the uc davis chancellor didn't talk specifics about what happened during the pepper spray incident. but she said if given the chance to live to day over again, police would not have moved in on the protesters. it was 15 seconds of video that raised many questions, why was force used? was it excessive? the chancellor testified before lawmakers in sacramento that she was shocked by this image captured on november 18th, but denied it was her call. >> did i direct the police to use pepper spray? and the answer is no. did i direct the police to use force? and the answer is no. >> reporter: several investigations are now under way as to what happened and who, if anyone, ordered the use of pepper spray. >> you suggested that you give
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this power to a vice chancellor to oversee police, did she authorize the use of pepper spray or force? >> that is something i cannot speak to this. obviously, the investigation will bring this forward. >> reporter: an attorney with the aclu testified that uc davis pepper spray incident mirrors another case ruled excessive force by the ninth circuit, happening in humboldt county. >> if people are not trying to harm anything, you don't need to use pepper spray. >> reporter: and in the end, the hearing didn't offer any solutionings or judgments, except that the incident should not have happened. what would you do differently? >> i have to tell you if i knew that the police couldn't remove the tents peacefully, we wouldn't remove them. >> reporter: the results of the investigation into the pepper spray incident at least from one of those investigations should be revealed in january.
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the sacramento, ken pritchett ktvu. and coming up, we spoke to the oakland police officer taken off patrol after firing a bean bag during the occupy protests at the port last month. why he says the action was justified. and the occupy camp in berkeley is growing since the police crack downs in oakland and san francisco. but berkeley officials say there are no plans to evict the people who are currently camping in the civic center park's just across the street from berkeley high school and the police station. the city says that the protesters have largely cooperated with the requests to keep the camp clean and free of fire hazards. and two inspectors pleading not guilty to allegedly taking bribes from hundreds of restaurants, prosecutors say stewart and sanders offered passing grades to food handlers in as many as 500 restaurants, in exchange for bribes, both face eight to nine years in state prison if convicted.
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one victim told ktvu she had no clue about the alleged scheme. >> i thought we paid more because he was coming in on a saturday to do it. >> reporter: prosecutors have not charged restaurant workers involved. the city says that restaurants involved have since been recertified. and shut down over the president's day next february, there is a catch. caltrans crews need to work on the road and restripe lanes for the westbound detour. but the work requires dry pavement, so they could potentially cancel or delay that project, the exact time of the closure must still be scheduled. president's day falls on february 20th. next year. an update now on a story we first told you about over the weekend, when a group of pg&e customers removed smart meters in protests. ktvu has more from san jose, where she just talked to pg&e with the possible fix for
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everybody involved. maureen? >> reporter: since the last report, pg&e cut the power on about six santa cruz county residents who had their meters removed without permission. but i spoke with the utilities spokesperson who said there is an option to give the homeowners another option. the candles in peggy's home are not for holiday decorations, but for light, after her power was turned off. today, the batteries she uses to help with back pain are melting. >> i can't live here without this being done. and so -- i have to leave my own home. >> reporter: pg&e shut off the electricity after lindsay hired the experts to remove the smart meter, and replaced it with this analog. >> as soon as it was removed. i could sleep at night. >> reporter: the retiree says that pg&e gave her no option
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but to replace the smart meter or live without power. she says she will have to leave. >> i have to, i have no choice, i don't want to move. i mean i am ready to do christmas, and i have to leave my house. >> that is something that pg&e does not do lightly. and it is really unfortunate that it did come to this. but because of the actions were so unsafe that these customers were taking, unfortunately pg&e had to take this action to make this decision -- to suspend their power. >> reporter: and on its website, the group stop smart meters called the action, how pg&e stole christmas, but again in the last 15 minutes, a big change in the story. pg&e decided on a new policy for the homeowners, and will call them tonight, offering a digital meter with no wireless transmitter saying it is the right thing to do for the customers of . it still stresses that tampering with the smart meters is dangerous
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and unlawful. and google today made a big donation, in fact it could be the largest ever corporate grant dedicated to ending slavery. the tech giant is giving 11 and a half million to end modern day slavery, human trafficking and sex slavery. google says they chose to spotlight slavery because there is nothing for fundamental than freedom. also they are giving money to promote science, technology, engineering in math in california. for example the girl scouts of northern california getting 100,000, and half a million going to a foundation in berkeley, and the computer history museum in mountain view. and california businesses face a flurry of new regulations in the new year. the california chamber of commerce listed 20 laws affecting businesses in 2012. including laws to protect people who work as independent contractors and a law requiring
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employers regarding pregnancy disability leave. >> you have more regulations and paperwork and more costs for things like the pregnancy disability leave. you have more penalties and fines. >> chamber members say the number of new regulations affecting businesses is the highest they have seen in at least eight years, you can find more on ktvu under web links. and san francisco mayor ed lee wants others to look at legislation that could result in lost jobs, the mayor is proposing the amendment, creating the office of economic analysis, and the amendment would require the report and a review on measures proposed by the board of supervisors, if the supervisors back the idea it could appear on the june ballot. and san francisco mayor still seeing a slim opportunity to keep the 49erss in the city, despite the latest developments in the team's planned move to santa clara. >> san francisco is still in a
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strong planned b area, and i kept up communications on what it means, how we can continue to improve it. we'll be there should there be less than expected financial support for a very expensive stadium. >> the mayor also pointed out that the nfl still has to approve the financial deal between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. the santa clara city council unanimously approved the 850 million loan package last night. the 49ers must still get 150 million from the nfl towards the one billion cost of building a new stadium. santa clara would pay back the loans with revenue from the stadium, along with ticket sales and concessions. the 49ers hope to begin to play in the new 68,000 seat stadium in 2014. 3000 fewer spots, hundreds of classes cut, and don't forget to pay almost double what you did last year. and what bay area students are facing at community colleges
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all because of the trigger cuts. and the thursday morning commute, could see a few rainshowers, that will slow you down, i'll show you when they could occur . and wall street continuing the losing streak into the third day. the dow jones fell 131, the nasdaq down 39. pend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. . a scary attack on a san rafael bus driver this morning, a man boarded the bus early this morning and stabbed the driver, the driver was stabbed in the face, head and neck with a sharp object. the sheriff's office quickly arrested the man. the bus driver is expected to survive. so far for motive for the attack. and san francisco police meeting with the residents of the mission district within the hour to discuss the recent
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sexual assaults in the neighborhood. they will meet with the neighbors at guerra and 23 street, and will update the residents on the assaults last thursday, no arrests have been made. an oakland police officer and his supervisor both reassigned during an investigation into the firing of a bean bag bullet during the strikes last week. scott campbell was documents the scene near frank ogawa plaza, on the third, saying that the officer shot him in the leg with a bean bag round. >> i was upset that somebody would feel it was an appropriate course of action to shoot another individual. >> that decision to using the weapon was lawful and within the policy asset forth. >> campbell is now suing the
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city, along with the aclu and the national attorney's guild. and the closure of five elementary schools prompting a recall effort tonight against five oakland unified school board members. the meeting got under way less than an hour ago, the members marched from the college to the district headquarters. they say they plan to present the board with signatures for a recall of five members who voted to close the area schools. and bay area community colleges are coming to terms tonight with the fallout from the state budget trigger cuts that will take effect on new year's day. ktvu has more on the uphill battle students will see next year. rob? >> reporter: frank it is final exams week here at city college. so it is pretty quiet, but students are upset, tuition is going up and the number of classes is going down. >> it is awful. it is -- it is just awful for me. >> reporter: awful because this political science major can't
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get the classes he needs next semester. >> well i needed psychology classes, they're closed, i couldn't take that. speech classes, three closed. >> reporter: the state budget cuts are hammering the colleges, some 350 classes willing dropped, making existing classes harder to get into. >> it means more crowded classes when they can get in. fewer services available to counsel them on career opportunities, basically less of everything for them. >> reporter: city college says they will cut their enrollment by 3000 students this spring. and tuition is going up. next summer, a full class load will cost about 1400, last spring, it was 800. >> i am pretty upset with the tuition fees going up. we may not want to go to school. >> it will make it harder for everybody that doesn't have a job, their family doesn't support them. they have no income coming
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through. >> reporter: and that is you? >> basically. >> reporter: students were signing petitions today to get a measure on the state ballot to impose a tax on oil companies that would send money for public education. there is also talk on asking the san francisco voters to vote on a partial tax. rob roth, ktvu. and the budget cuts include ending state funding for school buses, we contacted several bay area school districts to find out what they planned to do now. mt. diablo, west contra costa, and others set aside money in anticipation of the trigger cuts. they say they will find the money somewhere in the budgets to make sure that the bus service they currently offer continues after the new year. san francisco schools tell us they're fine for now but will have to figure out who to do next fall when they address the budget this summer. and silicon valley looking like a great place to work,
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facebook in third, google, fifth on glass, listing the 50 best work places. as for bosses, tom george, the ceo got a perfect rating of 100%, apple's new ceo, tim cook scoring 96%, and facebook ceo mark zuckerburg scored 98%. and prosecutors in brazil seeking more than 10 billion in damages from chevron that they say was caused by an offshore oil well. they say it happened when they drilled a test well off the coast there. an estimated 110,000 gallons of oil has leaked. brazil has asked chevron and their contractor, transocean to immediately halt operations in the area. chevron has had no comment. and we have showers in the bay area forecast, for tomorrow morning, i wish it was real rain but it is not.
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just light showers at best. i am tracking it here, there is a reading just offshore here, you can see the winds are south- southeast, that lets you know the winds here are light. gusting to 20 20. not much. so the winds will be light. the system here lies up on the north coast, the main dynamic portion of the system is well up here, it supports the moisture, everything to the north. so what we get is the tail end of the thing, it is a nice looking system there up around portland, but not for us, cool right now, for the morning commute we're forecasting light showers, so it glazes the roads, overnight lows cold tonight. not as cold as last night. not in the mid-20s, but 30s. so fog a possibility. you could see a little glaze on the roads as well. the morning commute for thursday, not that this morning was any great shakes either, but tomorrow morning could be slow, especially in the north
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bay cities, southbound, patchy fog tonight, showers developing in the morning hours, the long range forecast, we get back to the fog-sun pattern, not that much sun. the low pressure here, sliding, clouds increase, the system is offshore. sprinkles start somewhere at 5:00 in the morning, cooling area coming through. i'll show that with the computer model. 4:00, the sprinkles. at 6:00. you get up. get ready to get outside, you have showers, wet on the roads, probably have fog in the inland bay valleys, here we are at 8:00. going away, watch what happens in the next frame, everything goes this way. the high pressure builds this way, usually this way. the system blows out of here, winds offshore. or southeast, in an easterly direction, so that deal is done pretty quick tomorrow. it is a morning commute deal, just think about the fog, think about wet roads, and think
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about what your commute was like this morning, add wet moisture to it. take away the frost. the five-day forecast looks like this. five-day forecast with the bay area weekend, dry, dry, dry, again, 40% of rainfall average at best in the bay area. it is in the mountains, they need snow. right now the long range models are running dry until we get towards christmas. wow, that is a ways away. all right thank you bill. coming up on the news at 7:00 on tv 36, we'll update the manhunt following a police shooting in san francisco that left a person hospitalized. and a south bay city launching a new event to honor the memory of former star pat tillman who played in the nfl and later died in afghanistan. ought what and what the warrior's new 7-footer is saying about joining the team
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. tonight, a northern california singer is hoping to make a huge impression on the x factor. >> he is just so excited. if you know chris he is such a positive and a great person, so to see him overcome adversity and do such great thing, it is
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amazing. >> the long time friends were rooting for chris renee, the former trash collector now in the final four. he and others will perform two songs tonight, with the competition starting at 8:00 here right on ktvu. the winner of the contest will receive a five million recording contract. >> all right, sports, a new guy in town, a really tall guy. >> frank, you know what i think of warrior fans, they're the best, and some day they will have the team they truly deserve. but meanwhile, they need to do what they do best, be patient, be satisfied with baby steps by the team. yesterday's acquisition, brown, ready to get to work for the warriors. he knows why he is here, defense, rebounds, and a huge presence. >> everybody, they filmed me every second of every game, just as much, i love playing against him. he is physical, love playing
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against shaquille, guys like that, andrew, that is what i like to do, get in there and mix it up. >> do you want dwight to get traded to los angeles? >> i wouldn't say that. >> all right, so many trade rumors regarding superstar guard chris paul in the last two weeks, just getting to the point, just trade him somewhere, come on. finally, eric gordon and chris kamonko, chris with griffin and paul, now should be quite a draw in los angeles, obviously, chris caymen a big name there, and the man with the rubber arm, making his way out of the giants' bullpen, ready and willing at every opportunity. moto will receive the money, lunch money, from barry s ito, and fox network and the nfc will continue to do business
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together, a nine year extension running through 2022, agreed upon. the translation means the 49erss stay here on channel 2, i think we're all happy about that. >> we are, thank you, stay with us on line, join the conversation on our first base page, viewers are talking about time magazine's person of the year. >> the magazine shows the protester in honor of social movements from the middle east to occupy protesters here in the bay area. so do you think that was the right choice? look for ktvu channel 2 action news and facebook, tell us what you think
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