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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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police targeted a south bay crew that specializes on high profile graffiti. members of hsuv put their work on the internet including a you tube video of someone committing the crime. >> it's not a good imagine, it makes the city look dirtier than it actually is. >> reporter: today police franked by numerous assistant agencies announced the arrest of four leaders. the crew is responsibility for more than 30% of the vandalism. >> they like the thrill of getting up in the middle of freeway, putting their signs up there. >> reporter: today's arrest culminates a four month investigation that resulted in 50 arrests from various crews and red to hysu. the group's high profile, their identifies moniker and information from the public got
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officers attention but these hysu members will also face prison time if convicted. >> this is a crew that fits the criteria for criminal street gang so we are going forward with that rout. we are no longer taking this message. >> reporter: local officials praise law something they say is necessary in the midst of budget cuts. but the case is not over. police say two other leaders as well as 30 taggers are still being sought so more arrests are expected. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a tow truck driver is recooperating tonight after he was bitten by a richmond police dog. it happened in the back parking lot of the richmond police station. john freeman here says he was lifting a pickup truck so officers and a dog could search for drugs drugs underneath the
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truck. >> someone took my arm and put it in a vice, expect this vice had teeth. investigators are looking into how a man became pinned under a bus. the man was working under the bus when it rolled off its concrete risers killing him. the work area is from the cali party bus and lucky tours. cal osha is leading the investigation. california police are trying to investigate a woman who died after being found ain -- found in oakland. the woman was still breathing when she was found. she died two hours later. there was no sign of trauma but she did have scrapes on her knees. there are more details tonight in the case of a man accused of killing a firefighters with a rented car. albert bartel was struck
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following an altercation at a jack-in-the-box early thanksgiving morning. prosecutors said tejada tried to cover up the crime. >> the car that caused the accident was a rental car. she called the rental company mazda in order to order parts to cover the dents. >> reporter: the judge ruled tejeda and her boyfriend esquizel will be tried together. as for the firefighters officials say he remains in the hospital fighting for her life. a man involved in an officer involved shooting in san francisco suffered life threatening injuries. police say they pulled over the man near bush and larkin streets yesterday. he reportedly then got out of the vehicle and ran firing shots at officers who then returned fire. today police say they know the identity of the female suspect that took off with the suspect's car but are not
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trying to find her. teachers an students of the jewish center are left in the street after the abrupt announcement of its closure. a board member told her what's behind it all, jade hernandez has the story. >> reporter: this center has been open for 35 years, tomorrow the center's director says will be closed for good. >> it's heartbreaking. all these people my kids grew up with and now i have grand kids. >> reporter: her granddaughter lily goes to school here but she says declining enrollment, 30 less students this year alone has halted any fundraiser efforts to keep the school afloat. the preschool and all other programs end tomorrow with the building and everything inside to be sold. charlie may only be 3-1/2 years old but he knows something is
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wrong. >> everybody in my school is sad and frustrated. >> reporter: charlie's mom wishes she had known about the center's struggle to stay afloat. >> we want all these kids to stay together. we want the staff to stay together. this is a community, the jcc is done but this early child center is not done. >> reporter: 13 teachers will lose their jobs including vanessa cassero. >> it is our job to do what is in the best interest of the children and that is not what is in the best interest of the children. >> it is a surprise to me that they made this abrupt decision. we had wanted to sit down and work with them and talk about possibly looking at some other programmatic opportunities. >> reporter: the board member unable to attend last week's meeting where the decision was made to shut down the facility says raising enough money could keep these doors open. >> absolutely. i guarantee that. i'm a board member, that's what we talked about in that room.
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we need the money, we need the money now to stay open. and then we'll take it from there. >> reporter: there is a parent meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:00 right here at this center. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. seniors and people with disabilities are among those protesting the latest round of state budget cuts. >> we are here to state that no more cuts, we need revenues. >> about 40 demonstrators gathered outside the state building. they say the billion dollar cuts will hurt people's needs. >> i will not be able to function out in the community or participate in working like i am now because i cannot push a manual chair anymore. >> reporter: the automatic cuts set for january include $100 million to inhome support of
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services for seniors and the disabilitied. some good news, the labor department says applications for unemployment fell last week. jobless claims dropped to 266,000 last week. but california had one of the biggest increases in applications for unemployment at nearly 28,000 due to lay offs in the service sector. lower unemployment and a big jump in manufacturing pushed stocks higher on wall street today. the dow closed up 45 points, the nasdaq added just under two points to close at 25-41. zinga has set its ipo price at $5 a share. the san francisco maker of online games is losing to raise $5 million. the company is behind mafia war games. the shares go on sale tomorrow. a key vote is expected at any time now in san francisco concerning the future of the america's cup. the planning commission is meeting right now and is
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expected to vote on whether to certify an environmental impact report on development plans for the yacht race. environmental groups are asking for a delay. they say they haven't had enough time to read one newly released document. one of those documents and that outlines exactly what agencies will be responsible for protecting the environmentment. >> some of the things we're concerned about is a shoreline impact like where sensitive species are, birds and plants. >> reporter: if the commission approves the report, environmental groups say they will appeal the decision to the board of supervisors. has more on the america's cup including how san francisco's waterfront will change for the regatta and video and pictures of the teams sailing. b.a.r.t. is taking steps tonight to ensure the safe passage of its riders who have just splurged on holiday shopping. tom vacar is live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station where police are trying to make sure b.a.r.t.
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riders don't become victims of thieves. >> reporter: it's rush hour right now but a little later it won't be. the dark and time of night has made people not want to ride b.a.r.t. here tonight b.a.r.t. is fighting back. tonight and tomorrow night, 5:00 until 9:00, b.a.r.t. and oakland police along with community volunteers are escorting anyone who asks to any parking spot or home within three blocks of the west oakland b.a.r.t. station and they'll do it next week on the 21st at san leandro's bay fair b.a.r.t. station. >> holiday time people tend to have more shopping bags and things like that with them and we definitely want them to feel it's okay to ride b.a.r.t. and walk around the community. >> that's fantastic, i'm going to the symphony and we're getting back between 7:00 and 8:00, we had parked across the street. makes me a little nervous but this is where i usually come to san francisco. >> it makes people feel safe especially if they're coming back from san francisco and
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they have a lot of packages to carry. i think it's a good idea to be walked to the car. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it will help any other community free for the asking all to keep passengers and their possessions safe for the holidays. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar. shoppers in oakland will be getting an early present, free parking. oakland is launching a program to give drivers a grace period at some parking meters before they get that ticket. the san francisco fill philanthropist is having part of golden gate park named after him. speedway meadow is now named warren meadow. the recreation and park commission approved the name change today after hearing from many in the community who have
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been touched by his generosity. will the future feature cars that drive themselves? wait till you hear what google has just patented. south bay officials are taking action to stop infant death. the simple thing you can do to keep your child safe. back near in 10 minutes we had showers this morning, now fog back in your forecast for your friday morning commute.
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a public memorial service will be held at gospel church in oakland tomorrow for little hyrum lawrence jr. the 23 -month-old was wounded during a mass shooting outside of a liquor store late last month. doctors removed him from life
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support and he died last week. detectives are searching tonight for a suspected rapest. 35-year-old steven paul clark of oakley is accused of raping a woman. clark was spotted yesterday in san diego county but he remains at large today. they say clark is a registered sex offender and should be considered armed and dangerous. a jury found bonds guilty in april of obstruction of justice. the charge stemmed from his december 2003 testimony to a grand jury that was investigating the balco steroids scandal. federal prosecutors want bonds sentenced to 16 months in prison. bonds defense team is asking for probation. republicans in congress branded high speed rail project a boondoggle. the obama administration has provided $3 billion toward the $98 billion project now under congressional review. two new proposals would freeze
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the federal money for the train or redirect it to road improvements. >> tear up my ranch basically where i live and my son lives and my brother lives. there's a lot of farm damage and environmental damage. >> reporter: california republicans said support is plummeting for the train. google took another step today toward automatic autos by getting a patent for driverless carless. new at 6:00 tonight, health and science editor john fowler is live with how the technology might work, john. >> reporter: we reviewed google's patent. it's based on what the company calls a landing strip. say a parking spot with a unique identifier such as this qr code that tells the car exactly where it is. and then in the car itself a computer and a wireless connection and other sensors that tell the car exactly where
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it should go hands free. the idea is to eliminate boring driving, reduce accidents, increase efficiency. >> conceptually i think it's a spectacular idea and this is really way out technology that i think is probable. >> reporter: jury heightston has been selling car for 40 years he points to ae points to adaptive cruise control, way out technology now on many new models. test cars have wracked up 200,000 miles. google's patent predicts sightseeing tours, cars driving themselves in for service even regular commutes with no one touching the wheel. >> it's scary out there enough but to have a computer, no, sorry. don't trust it. >> reporter: some think it's perfect. say for deliveries. >> more efficient. definitely more efficient. with family, no i don't think so. i think i would want to be with
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the family in the car. >> reporter: google declined our request for comment. technology directors say it'll be years before any driverless cars will be for sale. a big question is what happens if the internet goes down and driveless cars crash who's liable? reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. facebook launched it's new time line feature worldwide today. time line is meant to turn web pages into a big scrapbook of memorable posts and big events. once selected they will have a week to move embarrassing photos or looks before it becomes a default. the safe sleep awareness campaign was announced in response to 41 infant deaths in the past five years. all were because of unsafe
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sleeping. >> when you're compelled by evidence and data from experts about what to do, it is important that as a community we come together and take a stand for our children. >> the goal of the new campaign is to make sure parents know that infants should sleep alone on their backs in a crib or bassinet. if you like showers out there this morning, not a lot though. not enough to make a dent in the reservoirs or the rain gauges. there goes the showers through the bay area. a few light snow flurries up in the lake tahoe area. it's been a dry december, check this out. so here we go the next few weeks, we have no rain. then we get a little bit of rain here this morning. look at those yellows, as we go into next week, there's going to be some more yellows in here. so december has not been a productive month for snow or rain in the bay area. that could turn around easily. a couple of big storms and we're back where we need to be but i don't see big storm on that calendar any way. tomorrow's high is going to be
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up into the 60s in the warmest spot. valley fog back in the forecast. you don't have any rain, you don't have any wind or anything. things settle down. so the high pressure builds in. visibility could easily get down to .2 of a mile. the dewpoints will be met in many inland bay valleys and even parts in the bay down toward morgan hill and livermore. you could see dewpoints reach fog formation. three names all the same thing. as we head into tomorrow, sunny and mile. a little more fog as we head into the bay area weekend. the satellite loop shows the system coming into the area. the valley fog is going to clear into the central area that impacts you at 5:00, 5:05. just be prepared the next few mornings as you go through time for valley fog. the forecast highs tomorrow, 60 in vallejo, 60 in fairfield.
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probably the warmest day we're going to see. but i think most of our 60s and low 60s are going to occur on your friday. that's your five day forecast coming up. 61 in morganhill. 60 in livermore. then there's the five day forecast with your bay area weekend firmly in view. looks like tomorrow is the warmest day in the bay area weekend saturday looks like the warmest day on the weekend. but over all the weekend looks nice. >> that fog can be bad. >> scary this time of year. >> bill, thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. san francisco's ranked choice voting is under the microscope. one legislator proposes a new method he believes may even the playing field. more about today's death at a bus maintenance facility in san francisco. we'll update you on what invest investigators have learned. join us for these stories and
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more tonight at 6:00. and the u.s. marines are still out for their toys for tots campaign. what they still need to make it a merry christmas for many in the bayarea. y=mñs9w rh
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today u.s. marines hit the toy store to give underprivileged kids a merry christmas. racking up the sales, marines went on a shopping spree with money donated to the toys for tots program. alyce radio collected $22,000 to buy these toys. organizers say more is needed despite the generous donations. >> our critical shortfalls are ages 2 to 3, and girls 11 plus. that's our downfall right now. just from my area alone, 200 to 300 toys in my area alone. >> you can drop off toys at babies are us. you can go to ktvu to see all the charities that need help. >> all those little kids need a toy. mark joins us now with big football coming up this weekend. the raiders will they be seen
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locally on tv this year? >> it's not official julie but it's looking real good. we will be carrying itment and like i say pretty good chance you will see the raiders and lions. oakland could use a big break and they don't get it with regard to the detroit giants. wouldn't you know this is the first game back for their defensive lineman stud suh will return. you may remember he stomped on a player on thanksgiving there. >> he's accountable for his actions, it's something that you take responsibility. you did -- go ahead. >> isn't that part of accountability? >> i wouldn't say necessarily because it doesn't include you guys. you guys make your speculations and you report what you think is right and not right. i'm looking forward to getting back on the field and that's
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the main thing. playing against oakland and getting ourselves solidified in the play offs and go from there. >> do you feel bad i mean that you did what you did on thanksgiving? >> next question. >> next question, move along. it's all over in his mind. meantime the golden state warriors, they do lose to the warriors. reggie williams picked up to a two year deal. they picked him out of the d league a couple of years ago and he has earned himself a regular job in the nba not bad either. two years, $5 million for reggie williams. congratulations to him and of course the 49ers back to football, are off until monday night. huge game for them at the stick.
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the pittsburgh steelers roll into town. ben roethlisberger got a bad ankle but he is questionable for that game. that's the sports life for right now. >> that's going to be a good one. >> it's going to be loud and boisterous at the stick. >> as it should be. >> mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news our coverage continues on >> right now watch the story of sacrifice and hope for the troops returning from the iraq war thisholiday season. just click on the iraq war special section.
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