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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 22, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> she said it. good night from the x factor. the night sky shines through all that remains of a san francisco apartment building tonight after a devastating fire forces as many as 60 people from their homes. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight firefighters are still at the scene of that major fire in san francisco's western edition. fanned by strong winds the five alarm fire tore through three buildings this afternoon destroying homes and possessions. it took more than three hours
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for 150 firefighters to finally control the flames. four people including two firefighters were injured but remarkably no one seriously. the fire broke out just before noon at the corner of pierce street and golden gate avenue. that's where eric rasmussen is tonight. >> reporter: more than one person who lives here told us those flames moved quickly. firefighters are still here. they've been on the look out for hot spots. if you take a look, there's still a hose draped from the building there. both of these buildings have been declare uninhabilitatable and many people don't know if they'll be able to call this home again. >> reporter: tru crabbed suri,
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that's all she had time to get. >> someone knocked the door at our place and yelled fire. >> reporter: flames started moving through his building and two others. >> the fire alarm went off and i started banging on doors. i banged on 15 floors, got as many people as i could get up and left. >> reporter: 40 people came to this evacuation center looking for help. at least 60 have been put up until wednesday. firefighters led some, including tru pack into their home. >> i grabbed my electronics and my cell phone so i could call my mom and let her know i'm still alive. >> reporter: some officers donations. although she didn't want to talk about it. one woman simply handed cash to
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one woman. several pets did not survive this fire. it might be until tomorrow when they start sorting what started this fire. more details now on that fire and the biggest of the buildings burned in the blaze. the apartment complex on piece street was built back in 1915 it has a total of 27 rental units spread across four floors including two garages. the current owner purchased the complex in 1989. the tough task of quickly evacuating 100 elderly residents from an elderly home and how that decision was made. our coverage continues on we posted unedited video from the scene of today's fire as well as a slide show of pictures. and an extended interview with the fire chief joanne wise. pacific gas and electric
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now says that the first black out was in fact, their fault. chairman of the board sent a letter to the 49ers blaming the initial outage on a pg & e wire splice outside the park. the splices are described as a piece of equipment that connects to overhead wires. early said that splice and six others have been replaced now and that the utility plans regular inspections in that area. quote we are completely confident these measures will keep pg & e equipment operating safely and properly. as jennifer davis reports house republicans report the potential deal that will save american workers on their taxes every paycheck. >> reporter: in the face of mounting pressure from the democrats and their own party,
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house republicans announced a change of heart. house republicans say they will now agree to the senate's bipartisan's pressure. >> i think our party waged a good fight. we were able to come to an agreement. >> reporter: they will appoint negotiators. the president has said they'll have to approve this short term measure so they can move on to debate a long term one. >> we shall negotiate the agreement as quickly as possible. >> reporter: analysts say house republicans had to blink first on this debate because a growing gop chorus said they are hurting their own party. >> more and more republicans are coming out saying we need to get this deal off the table. >> reporter: this deal means millions of americans will not see their taxes go up on
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january 1st and they won't lose their unemployment benefits there either. >> reporter: tonight's compromise renewing the contract through january 29th. both sides plan to negotiate tomorrow. attorneys for former democratic presidential candidate john edwards asked to delay his trial on medical grounds. edwards says in court papers he has an undisclosed medical condition. edwards is accused of using campaign money. edwards has pleaded not guilty. barry bonds has started the process to appeal his felony obstruction conviction. his attorneys paid the fee yesterday before filing the paper work. bonds is asking the ninth
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circuit court of appeals to throw out his conviction. u.s. district judge susan ilston delayed starting that sentence until bonds finishes his appeal. a candlelight vigil marked the sixth anniversary of the death of bryan tuv era. officer tuv era was shot while searching for an escaped inmate. he died the next day. >> we want to remind bryan's family that we still remember him. that we will continue to remember him, and continue to serve the citizens of san francisco. >> after tonight's vigil those on hand walked to the police station to hear speakers and
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participate in a flag ceremony. >> ♪ happy golden days. >> reporter: new at 10:00, a tough loss but an amazing journey for a santa cruz singer who was eliminated tonight during the x factor finale. chris rene had a lot of folks pulling for hill and need less to say they were pretty disappointed with tonight's outcome. janine de la vega is in san jose and spoke with rene earlier today. >> i spoke to him this morning, he said he felt amazing. he was in good spirits, but he was also saying that he was very touched by the support he felt here in the bay area and especially here in santa cruz. the crowd here has thin out but they were obviously disappointed about his loss. >> the act finishing in third place is -- chris rene. >> reporter: and just like that a $5 million recording contract slipped away from chris rene.
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he came in third place with fellow contestant melanie amaro winning the contest. >> i'm bummed because it doesn't matter because he's going to make it no matter what. >> reporter: rene won the hearts of the judges and fans worldwide. before the show rene hauled trash for a living. he was also a drug addict, only three months sober when he auditioned. wilson says they hope rene comes back to the house to finish the recovery. >> i don't know how bad this loss is going to hit him. but i know he has safe family and friends right there in the house. he has a support group and i know that he's going to be okay. >> reporter: on the show rene stood out for composing his own music, a blend of wrap and rb. his lyrics usually about his own story. >> he put san jose on the map he's going to be chased down
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for years to come. >> reporter: rene's birthday is on christmas day. of course he says it would have been a great gift. but he will stand by his motto of believe in yourself and remain strong. he says he's going to return home. as for tonight's star studded finale we'll have that part of the story on a live report at 10:30. you may have felt a small earthquake less than an hour ago. the usgs tells us a small earthquake hit the berkeley area. falling temperatures tonight have prompted a freeze warning for parts of the area. mark tamayo is in the weather center now with where and when that will take effect, mark. >> reporter: just a few hours away from that freeze warning and temperatures already dropping off rapidly. take a look at these current
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numbers just updated. napa already 31 degrees. santa rosa 33, samora mid- to upper 30s to report up toward fairfield. stpaor -- as far as that freeze warning, lasting all the way up to 9:00 tomorrow morning. paceically to the inland valleys and the east bay. and down to the south bay as well. right including san jose. so overnight lows most areas in these areas will be back down to the 20s to right around the 30 degrees mark with very cold numbers in the forecast for tomorrow. coming up we'll have a temperature break down. and also we'll tell you if those strong winds will make a come back. have you done all your christmas shopping? what some stores are doing to help out procrastinators. plus new video from berkeley, what we found at the site of what had been the last
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remaining occupy encampments.
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just two more shopping days left until christmas and one business is going to extreme lengths to get people to come into its stores. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta tells us now what toys r' us is doing, lloyd. >> reporter: toys r' us stores are not just staying open late, they are not closing. the largest toy retailer is going 24 hours a day up until
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10:00 p.m. christmas eve. the rush is on for procrastinators. a stream of car lights at the west field valley fair shopping center in san jose. indication that finding a parking space is as difficult as finding the perfect gift. >> it took me about 20, 25 pháeups just to find a parking -- 25 minutes just to find a parking spot. so there's a lot of people. >> reporter: a lot of people translates to about 5,000. it's a wonderful time of the year but also the most stressful. >> it's the most difficult for you as a shopper on three days before christmas? >> i think just finding all the right gifts. when you start late, the selection is kind of picked over. it's hard to find the right things. >> reporter: consumer confidence appears to be up. retail sales nationwide last week rose almost 22% from the previous week. and was 1.3% higher than the same period last year.
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>> monday, tuesday, wednesday busier than it has been previous weekends. it seems like the holiday season isn't as affected by the economy. >> reporter: merchants are slashing prices to get people to spend despite the bad economy. >> part of our brains ignore that a little bit. and kind of like we'll worry about it later. that's what credit cards are for. >> reporter: here at toys r' us, there's expectations that the around the clock store hours will help. and the toy business the fourth quarter of the year accounts for 70% of the bottom line. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. on our facebook page tonight we asked if you're ready for the holidays. melanie writes, almost, i will brave all the shopping madness tomorrow morning. wish me luck. and mary brown says, done. wrapped, under the tree and now just waiting for santa. you can join the conversation on ktvu channel 2 on facebook. an apparent run away bus filled with passengers went on a wild ride today in the east
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bay. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. a witness waiting for another tri delta bus describes what she saw. >> she started hitting the curb, she knocked out the light. she had a full bus and she came this close to hitting our bus. our bus driver said get off the bus, get off the bus fast and that's what we did. >> reporter: the bus drove off the field until someone managed to take the ignition off. they took seven people to hospitals, the extend of their injuries is not known. oakland police are investigating a daytime shooting that left one man dead. >> neighbors near west and 46th street called police after hearing a series of gunshots and then what sounded like an explosion at about 10:30 this morning. officers say it appears the man was shot while he was driving his car which then crashed into
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several parked cars. one resident told us the victims car then burst into flames. >> you wouldn't even know there was a car there because there was so much smoke. all you hear was a grunting. >> paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. at this point no arrests have been made. tests have linked a gun that led to a police shooting to a woman's murder more than two weeks ago. a san jose police officer shot and killed valente galindo after he threatened an officer with the same gun. that same gun was used to kill a san jose woman. her body was found dumped in the south bay. police would not say if there is any other connection. we have new video tonight from berkeley of what had been the scene of an occupy berkeley
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encampment. city hill park was empty of tents and debris an hour ago. at one time there were more than 100 tents. the remaining occupiers left without a fuss. that was not the case this morning when police moved in to try to evict the campers. there was a report of one minor injuries. police told the occupiers their time was up. >> they told me to leave. they said if i had everything i should go. >> are you going to go? >> i'm going to. >> police and some occupiers agree the encampment became more dangerous in the last several weeks after a rougher element started coming in after other encampments were shut down. >> the hayward police department is getting $475,000. the southern alameda county narcotics team is receiving the
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same amount. the police department in livermore, vallejo and south san francisco are each getting $95,000. all of this money is coming from assets seized in a raid on a hayward club back in 2006 that included real estate, cars and cash. the weather pattern changes basically right now. remember yet at this time we had gusty winds pushing into parts of the bay area. yesterday at this time fair field had a wind gust of over 30 miles per hour. right now the most recent wind just right about 5 miles per hour. as a result the decrease in the wind speeds, temperatures really coming down. we have freeze warnings down into the low to mid-20s. that's for santa rosa, napa, vallejo, fairfield, antioch, livermore and morgan hill. so you definitely want to keep the plants warm, the animals warm and the possibilities of broken pipes look like a hard freeze. that will be a concern for tomorrow morning and also as we head into your saturday morning
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as well. so here we go with the plan for tomorrow. 7:00, clear and cold. freeze warning out there. plenty of sunshine into the afternoon hours. temperatures recover nicely to right about 60 degrees. coming up i will have a holiday weekend forecast, i will also let you know when rain showers will be headed back into the bay area. two mountain lion cubs are being nursed back to health tonight. the two cubs are being kept in capables at the california wildlife. they were found tuesday in burbank. the two were malnourished and each weigh about 2 pounds. it appears their mother hasn't fed them in weeks. high winds fuel flames. what firefighters say about the unusual timing of today's fire. hundreds of nurses walk off the job for a 24 hour strike. why they won't return to work until saturday. this holiday season
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a fire that started in a backyard chicken coop is keeping two san jose families from their homes tonight. the fire raced up a fire pole then cut electricity to 15 homes in the river view neighborhood. six chicks and two ducks were also killed. tonight a fire department captain told us the fire's exact cause is still under investigation but it may be electrical. a fast moving grass fire caused some anxious moments. it started between highways 37 and 29. high winds pushed the flames just feet from a number of homes and plumes of dense spoke could be seen from miles away as brush burned along the roadsides. some neighbors ended uptaking matters into their own hands. >> i started spraying the lining so it wouldn't get into the houses.
10:24 pm
i sprayed the corners, somebody spread those corners. before that we called the neighbors and asked them to get buckets of water. >> reporter: authorities say they will spend the night in that area patrolling for hot spots. what happened in vallejo today underscores what a strange month this has been. if fire season ended a month ago. but the teenage is still very real. >> reporter: to see a wildfire burning through marsh land and near homes in vallejo a few days before christmas may seem unusual. calfire says firefighters have been very busy in recent weeks due to the weather. >> we have not experienced significant rainfall. almost no rainfall in the entire month of december throughout california. >> reporter: calfire batallion chief says the lack of rain has left fields bone dry. the month began with a 200-acre wildfire that burned in the san
10:25 pm
ramon valley north of pleasanton. and many other december fires followed. before today more than 1,100 acres have burned in northern california this month. >> however, they are becoming significant fires because of the wind. we have very low relative humidity. >> we saw a fire in vallejo today. but crawford says his firefighters are putting out more like it every day. he says this is a month to be careful with fire one of the driest decembers on record. the extremely dry vegetation, the lack of rain and strong wind have led calfire to call for an outdoor burn ban for all of the bay area south of the golden gate, that's effective tomorrow. near morgan hill, ken pritchett, ktvu news. a report revealed today showcases the extend damage at
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the washington monument. inspectors used climbing equipment to assess the damage. she made history in california. look closely at her hand. just the fact that she can actually wrap christmas presents is an incredible accomplishment. >> plus the moment they had waited for, and the five million dollars recording contract. the live report from los angeles on tonight's x factor finale.
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you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit thousandsover nurses at hospitals a -- thousands of nurses at hospitals around the area went on strike today due
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to stalled condition tract negotiations -- stalled contract negotiations. nurses will not be let back to work tomorrow when the strike is over. >> they're trying to bust the union. >> i don't feel like we can do our job as effectively as we were able to. >> reporter: an estimated thousand nurses have held a one day strike over stalled contract me -- negotiations with sutter health. >> make some concrete counter proposals. >> reporter: dr. steve o'brien, vice president for medical affairs says nurses have received a 22% pay increase. >> average nurse this this country, $76,000 yearly income, our nurses $136,000. hospital officials here at
10:30 pm
alta base say a cancer patient died as a result of an replacement nurses error, a nurse that was filling in for a striking nurse. today as nurses strike again, alta base says the more than 100 replacement nurses it hired are qualified professionals. >> it's ironic that the union would be worried about health care, if they're worried about health care, why did they ask the nurses to leave the patients bed sides. >> mike mibach. a northern california woman did something today that most of us take for granted. she wrapped christmas presents. but that simple act is a real tri umph for melanie. she lost her right hand in a traffic accident and got the transplant back in march at ucla medical center. >> it's still a work in
10:31 pm
progress, i can't move the figgers figgers -- move the fingers yet. but i can tie my shoes, hold a cup with it. i'm able to make christmas ornaments and i can do little things now. >> doctors say fennell could get back 80% of his mobility. since 1989 there have only been 19 of these kind of operationals in the united states. we now have the first winner of the x factor. >> reporter: christmas came early for emily amaro. she says she is just exstatic but it still hasn't had time to sink in just yet. i also talked to some of the
10:32 pm
other top 12 contestants and the judges they are just thrilled for her as well. let's relive the moment shall we. >> melanie amaro. >> takes home the crown and a major record deal. the 19-year-old from florida wins the inaugural season of the x factor. it was jam packed with celebrities. this caps off months of auditions, rehearsals, choreography. >> in the end, the judges praised the winner. >> i'm very proud, very grateful. >> the grand prize is a whopping $500 million record deal with sony plus an appearance in a new tv commercial, not a bad way to kick off a new career in the music industry.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: and i had to ask simon if he waited until that very moment when her name was announced? because he is the executive producer after all. and he said, he did not look at the results and he actually had some fox executives that were messing with him and he swore on his mom's life that he did wait until that last minute. by the way simon in l.a. had a side bet going on that they would pay each over $10,000 if their protege won. so now l.a. owes simon the $10,000. >> has a slide show of images from tonight's finale you will find it right on the front page. the grammys are giving steve jobs a posthumous award.
10:34 pm
jobs will be honors with a trusteed award for the way he transformed the way music and movies were seen. the ceo of netflix is taking a big pay cut as his company bleeds subscribers. netflix will see a price hike. it stock prices have fallen 75%. the internet is getting a lot more crowded these days, the company verisign says the internet has added 4.9 million domains. new figures from the labor
10:35 pm
department say the labor market appears to be improving. the number of people applying for unemployment dropped to 364,000. that is the third straight weekly loss and the lowest since april of 2008. employers have added an average of 143,000 new jobs per month over the past three months. economists say they expect more hiring to continue in the coming months. on wall street today the positive employment news created a rally. this was the third straight winning dame for the blue chips. american troops just left iraq. the wave of powerful and deadly explosions to rock baghdad and who's likely behind them. temperatures are burning off rapidly this evening. the two coolest days of the week and when rain chances can be added. but up first, tough times call for a new policy.
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you might call it another sign of the times, police in san jose will no longer respond to many if not most burglar alarms. ktvu's robert handa tells us why police say they have no choice about making this change. >> reporter: there are a lot of different burglar alarm systems set up in homes and businesses. the san jose police department is now sending out thousands of mailers telling homeowners and business owners, starting january 1st officers will not respond to alarms where there's no verification of a crime, such as a witness or a camera spotting an intruder. one neighborhood association is
10:39 pm
worried about the message that's sending to burglars. >> it's saying knock knock, nobody is home. it's an invitation. >> reporter: the key issue san jose police responded to more than 16, 16,000 burglar alarms last year, 75% were the majority. >> pets are setting off the alarms, we've been to houses where helium balloons set off the motion detectors. >> reporter: sam's downtown feed a fixture acknowledges their burglary system sends out many false alarms. >> the vibration from the trains going by will sometimes set them off. sometimes kids would throw rocks up on the roof and that would set them off. >> starting tomorrow, thousands of homeowners and business will be getting this mailer informing them of the policy change. one neighborhood group told me it's already planning to complain to the city council. robert handa.
10:40 pm
santa cruz county sheriff's investigators released a video they say suspends a man of phoning in a bomb threat to a pg & e facility. happened about 8:10 this morning. deputies evacuated a building. deputies ended up tracing a phone call to a booth on east cliff drive then got this video from a near by liquor store. in news of the world tonight, in iraq 69 people died today in a series of bombings in baghdad. it appeared to be the work of sunni militants working for al- qaida. violence comes just days after the last u.s. combat troops left iraq. in syria today, today, delegates landed in -- citizens
10:41 pm
say thousands of prisoners have been moved to military bases. government forces today killed at least 19 people. u.s. military officials said today rather today blamed a nato air strike that blamed 24 pakistani soldiers last month on miscommunication. u.s. troops said they were fired upon but accidentally miss reported their exact location to pakistani authorities. the pakistani said they didn't have any troops in the area and the u.s. troops called in an air strike on what turned out to be a pakistani base. the pakistani army said today the report by the u.s. is quote short on facts. after the break. more on that spectacular fire in san francisco today. and the decision to evacuate 100 elderly from near a burning facility. and mark tamayo is on deck with the bay area's complete warning forecast.
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a rare winter wildfire in el dorado county is being blamed on a -- crews say about half an acre burned. the fire is unusual because by now the area is generally covered with snow. back now to that massive fire in san francisco, when the blames were really burning there was a lot of concern that that fire would continue to spread. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar tell us that led to a crucial decision at a near by assisted living facility. shortly after the ferocious fire broke out, the administrator of the assisted living facility on mcallister decided to get their 100 elderly clients out. >> there was smoke coming into the building so we closed all
10:45 pm
the windows. they are elderly and compromised. >> reporter: the concern quickly turned to the fire reaching the facility. >> the fire department didn't deem it necessary. but just in case it jumps we started to do a voluntary evacuation at about 12:0. >> reporter: moving the patients is a daunting task since some are immobile. others are too slow to leave at a fast pace. >> we received a call from their administrators saying they needed support and they were evacuating the residents, we literally jumped in our cars and here we are. i see other institutions that are here. the institution of aging, on lok i'm sure the community is gathering today as they should and as we want to do for each other. >> reporter: by early evening, many of the residents were
10:46 pm
already being returned to the facility. >> the crew of san francisco's engine nine shared a couple of photos with us. this gives you an idea of what firefighters saw. the picture shows the intensity of the fire. pilots filed a lawsuit. cargo carriers are exempt from rules announced yesterday by the federal aviation association. the pilot's association which represents ups pilots wants the faa to reconsider. some best buy customers say they are scrambling for last minute gifts after the electronic sign told them they wouldn't be able to fill some orders before christmas. the company though won't say which products are affected or exactly how many orders will go
10:47 pm
unfilled. but one customer told us he ordered three i tune gift cards at a discount that best buy now says it can't deliver. >> what a let down because i could have just gone to the store and got the product or gotten something else. >> in its website the store says it is very sorry for the inconvenience and that it has notified the impacted customers. well we have mostly clear skies over most of the bay area right now. take a look at the time lapse from earlier today you can see the sunset. with the decrease in the winds, temperatures have be dropping off rapidly. tonight clear skies, we'll continue to cool off. tomorrow morning that freeze warning in place for parts of the region and more sunshine out there. the weekend some cold mornings but that dry weather pattern in fact, will stick around right into early next week. so right into the holiday
10:48 pm
weekend. basically for the inland valley, overnight lows will be dropping into the lower 20s and lower 30s. so this runs all the way through 9:00. today we had the winds all because we had low pressure to the south and east. high pressure to the pacific. as air rushes from the high to low we have the high winds. the winds already beginning to back off. with that lighter winds for your friday. but once again that cold start out there. that dry pattern will continue maybe a few extra clouds as we head into sunday christmas day. but no real significant changes in store. we have a few high clouds drift into the region from the north and the west. tomorrow morning starting off the day in the 20s. that's the light contour here so it links up with the 20s, 30s, and the lightest locations will be right around the 40- degree mark. then we will put this into motion, at least it'll be a light recovery. warmest locations on track to
10:49 pm
reach the lower 60s. here's a look at those numbers for your friday afternoon. santa rosa right around 60. napa right around 50 and 59. san francisco checks in in the upper 50s. these temperatures right in the 60s. the extended forecast with your weekend in view. basically the same deal into your saturday. there's a chance we could see a freeze warning. for christmas day just partly sunny skies but we'll be dry for that day. pretty much the same story into monday. there's that little cloud with stuff coming out on tuesday. you can see a few showers, that reflects a slight chance with a few showers on tuesday night and into wednesday. the forecast not to generous with the rainfall by midweek next week. at least between now and then, very cold morning, you're going to feel that chill tomorrow morning. >> i could barely see those
10:50 pm
little showers. >> i wasn't very aggressive with the rain. we are getting word of a shooting at the wal-mart store off hisperian boulevard. we understand that one person was shot. it's not clear though if this was inside or outside the store. the victim found his own way to the hospital. you might are call this is the same wal-mart where one person was shot on black friday. three suspects have been charged in that november case. coming up next here, the oakland a's trade one of their best known players. plus a big gift for an organization that opens its doors to others.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
san francisco glad memorial church was on the receiving end of a gift today. wells fargo gave a $250,000 check to reverend cecil williams. glide is in its 45th year of serving the community. >> well this is not the time of year where he usually talk a lot about baseball -- year when we usually talk a lot about baseball. >> they still play in oakland, still wear the green and gold but they've been stripped to the bone.
10:54 pm
exactly who are these a's. one of the few name players left gio gonzalez now headed to washington. gonzalez an all star this past season. the coveted popular lefty had won 16 becames this past year, fetches a highly regarded right hander by the name of bob peacock. meantime he's no albert pujols but then who is. the cardinals happy to have carlos beltran step in their line up. beltran agrees to a two year deal worth $26 million. far more than the giants were willing to pay him. and his achy knees to return to the bay again this year. >> no longer the big shots on campus i guess. stanford women that title as the men go down to the last defeated maple since 2009. comes in to end their flawless start, andrew luck enjoying his
10:55 pm
winter break. taking in some ball this week. 17 points, nine rebounds but not enough, butler comes to town. ronald noves beats the shot clock a three there. that was a back breaker. gave him a seven point lead. stanford falls now to 7-2. what a collision, you have the eagles and the niners jim harbaugh. they have a little grudge that dates back to their college days sort to speed. number two seed for the niners, san francisco hasn't allowed a rushing touchdown all year but they need to stop. the seahawks relentless, lynch on the ground. former teammate now with the niners, donte whitner knows all about this prospect. >> we're going to try to get the ball off of him. we know these guys are going to
10:56 pm
come in and get the ball to the group. it's a pride thing right now. we have to from be prepared to stop the run. >> without peyton manning the colts trying to prove they're not a one trick pony. t.j. yates throws a pass deflected. jacobi jones of texas holds on to it. hit about everybody on thefield right there and that nice play helps texas with a field goal. gave them a 16 point lead. dan orlovsky to reggie wayne. touchdown. peyton is liking it. they keep winning the last game they might blow a chance to get that guy quarterback at stanford mr. luck. entertaining down in vegas tonight. boy see state roughs up arizona state. play of the game, dennis ericson was trying to get his
10:57 pm
quarterback to call time out. his quarterback eisweiler was picked off. taylor 100 yards. he will bring it back with the interception. and if final 56-24 boise state. what a way for ericson the former niner coach to go out there. i guess one of those decisions in life only time will tell if it's a good one. matt barkley has decided to stay in school and shrugged off the millions of the dollars that might come his way. decided to take the trojans to a bowl game next week. we wish him well. i'm sure cal and stanford are not too happy. his stock just jumped. >> did the same thing luck did. >> he would have been the second quarterback taken after luck. >> and we'll see you the next
10:58 pm
time news breaks. >> join ktvu morning news tomorrow at 4:30. they'll be following the shooting we just told you about at the wal-mart in san leandro. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. this is an rc robotic claw.
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