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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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let's get a check of weather and traffic starting with steve. >> welcome back dave. we have a different pattern today. rain? maybe not. but really a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. so instead of the record heat we had yesterday. yes record heat yesterday. 50s and 60s today. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic on northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split san francisco no major problem there is. the morning commute looks good westbound bay bridge at the toll plaza. let's go back to the dave and maureen. in the news right now san francisco man in the hospital after being run down by a car overnight on interstate 80. police say the man wearing no shirt was hit near fourth street just before 11:00 last night. the driver of the car did stop and did cooperate with police. police say the man was knocked unconscious but appeared to be breathing when they got on the scene. so far no details yet on the condition this morning.
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less than two hours ago los angeles police announced they detained a man that could know about a series of suspicious car fires. police are noting if -- are not saying if the man in this picture is the one they want to talk to. at that time investigators did not call him a suspect. >> we have several attempts where because of the commonality and motive ignition we believe it's the same individual. >> overnight there were a dozen new fires bringing the total now to just about 55. officers say not all of them may have been started by the same person. so far there have not been any injuries. time is 5:01. a huge fire in san francisco is under investigation this morning. it started last night on me sonic avenue on hate street. kraig debro joins us live with
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what firefighters are saying about the cause. >> reporter: we are a couple blocks south on waller. i talked to one of the firefighter here's. she tells me arson investigators are due back here later this morning trying to figure out the cause of the fire. they will try to figure this out. fire crews have been here overnight on fire watch. several fire hoses leading up the staircase -- fire began shortly before 8:00 p.m. yesterday. the amount of fire between the two homes warranted a call for a third alarm. even though nearby homes were not threatened by the flames. nervous neighbors kept a close eye on the fire. homes in the city touching each other in most neighborhoods. flames could easily jump from home to home. >> the one just above it. but nobody really knows.
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>> all three buildings are attached. it makes it that much more deferral to put out the fires. >> reporter: several people displaced by the fire. one person injured. we're checking on the numbers on both of those. also like to find out how many people are displaced and check on the injuries. we had a report of another person injured. we want to get an update on that as well. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. your time now 5:03. the water is back on again this morning at two major east bay companies after a water main break in hercules disrupted all the service. a 24-inch water main broke yesterday afternoon right near willow avenue. it knocked out water service at conocophillips scene c & h sugar. utility spokesperson says a parallel water line is getting the water to those businesses and later this morning repair crews will return they will finish the repairs.
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5:03. a $25,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman that shot and killed a five-year-old boy in oakland. gabriele was outside his parents taco truck when he was shot. he is the third young child to die from gunfire in oakland since august. oakland police are investigating shootings that left people injured on new years day. police were called to 14th and franklin street early yesterday morning and found a woman with a gunshot wound to her hand. as they investigated, a car drove up with another woman that had been shot in the leg. the shootings are unrelated. there was also a shooting on lyndon street that sent one person to the hospital. on the third anniversary of oscar grant's death family members and friends got together to remember the young man shot by a bart police
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officer. >> we are going to do it for oscar's sake. i am oscar grant. >> now about 100 people gathered yesterday afternoon. they marched to the fruitvale part station. some of them carried oscar grant posters. oscar grant's mother told ktvu she appreciates the support. >> i want to keep oscar's name and memory alive as long as we can. i want to keep it in the publics view. >> oscar grant's family held a memorial service at the fruitvale bart station. they are facing police action similar to what oscar grant faced. a strict new law to protect people from secondhand smoke in the city of alameda goes in effect today. it bans smoking in public places. that includes outdoor dining areas around atms, bus stops, and commercial area sidewalks. smoking is also banned in new
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multiunit housing including on balconies and porches. 5:50 -- 5:05. cities are getting used to the law that ban plastic bags. that is leaving customers with two options bring their own bags or they have to pay ten cents for paper bags at the check out stand. >> you just have to be prepared. that's all it is. i have two cars. we have is a bunch of bags in the car. that's all it is. being prepared. >> this ban covers about 5,000 retailers. restaurants and nonprofits they are exempt from this. safeway stores in san jose and coast department stores have been giving out bags. coming up at 5:15 what the
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latest polls show head into the caucuses. time now 5:06. air quality officials are calling for another ban on burning wood because of lingering bad air in the bay area. today marks second spare at air day in a row and the 12th one this winter. it's against the law illegal to burn anything inside or out unless wood burning is your main source of staying warm. when the winds alone the smoke doesn't get cleared out of the atmosphere. that unhealthy air is especially bad if you suffer with asthma and other breathing problems. i want to welcome dave back and sal back. i'm sure pam will be back tomorrow. >> yeah. maureen you can stay as long as you like. we like you here too. there is room for everyone. let's take a look at what we have now with the morning commute. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay bay area. i that you know some people might have today
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off. westbound 80 looks pretty goo. we haven't noticed anything. we have no major collisions on the roads. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza it will be nice and light. there is no ace train service today out of the central valley. they should resume tomorrow. bart is running on normal schedule. northbound 280 that is running well. thank you, sir. a very good morning. we have a little change today. it could be cloudy and cooler. northern sonoma county and up to mendocino and lake county. there is not much to the system. these were some of the records just some. gilroy 72. mountain view 70 and oakland 67 degrees. south lake was 54. ucla was 85. l.a. was 81. san gabriel was 89 degrees.
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by the way, last time reno did not have any precipitation in the month of december was 1882. it has been a long stretch. south lake tahoe only a trace. numerous reports in the sierra and around here. it was a really ugly rain month as san francisco finished with .14. third driest ever in many decembers. little bit of returns here on live storm tracker two. i doubt much happens. 30s and 40s on your temps. some of that cloud cover coming in. our system will weaken considerably. it will be four to eight degrees cooler today. behind it looks like high pressure builds right back in and the seven-ten day outlook is bone dry. there is nothing going on. cloudy, cooler today. i will say a few showers mainly to the north. 50s and 60s. we also have coastal fog.
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standard forecast has a very quiet pattern. there will be a lot of fog. and back to warm weather as we head to the weekend. time 5:09. iran says it just test fired another long range missile. reason why they are showing the sign of force. and history made it in two states on new years day. why same sex couples are allowed to join together in union. 680 looks pretty good here. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay
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welcome back. the time is 5:12. a 15-year-old petaluma boy is in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver. 20-year-old wesley failed to stop at east washington street striking the teen in the crosswalk around 12:30 yesterday morning. the teenager is in stable condition with serious charges and being held on $35,000 bail. we want to warn you about the next story. some of the viewers may find the following images disturbing. someone fired an arrow into the right ear of a cat. happened just a few days before christmas. vets say the cats injuries could have been much worse. fortunately the arrow did not
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pierce its skull. the cat is on a way to a full recovery. with the iowa caucuses a day away the republican presidential can dates are making a final push to get votes. the latest poll shows mitt romney barely ahead of ron paul and rick santorum is in third place. newt gingrich is fighting back against a barrage of negative tv ads from political action committee that supports mitt romney. >> to spend that number of dollars in negative ads is pretty amazing. >> rick santorum has been the real surprise of the iowa caucuses. he serged into third place with a wave of last minute support from christian conservatives who make up half the caucus vote. each are hoping a good showing in iowa will give them a boost in their campaigns. but history does show the iowa caucuses are not necessarily a good predictor of who will
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eventually become the parties nominee. >> iowa has a history of being a surprising place. and giving some people a boost who nobody thought had a chance and putting people to rest who people at one point thought were inevitable winners. >> despite the hype surrounding the iowa caucuses the voters don't participate. only 17% of registered voters in iowa showed up for the terrorric and republican caucuses in 2008. your time is 5:15. iran's navy said it successfully test fired two long missiles today. iranian lawmaker says the maneuver serve as practice for closing the straight if the west tries to block iran's oil sales. south korea's president says the divided korean peninsula is at adorning point after the death of north korean
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leader of kim jong il. south korea's president said there is now an opportunity to improve relations between the two countries. but he also vowed to hit back hard against any provocations from north korea under its new leader kim jong un. north korea has said there will be no policy changes with the change in leadership. meantime the north korean military established a new leadership saying they would defend kim jong un until death. they aired the photographs of the young leader during what appears to be his first field inspection of north korean military units. fiji has lifted its state of emergency. emergency laws were imposed in 2009 that gave the police and military extended powers. the rule also banned public meetings and censored the media. in a new years day speech fiji's military ruler sent
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consultations to map out a new constitution will start next month. hawaii made state history when a new law went into effect allowing same sex civil unions. >> we now pronounce you are legally joined as partners in life. fords [ cheering and applause ] >> four same sex couples exchanged vows in the opening moment of 2012. hawaii's governor signed a law allowing same sex marriage in february of last year. yesterday's lawyers lisa goodman and drew were the first same sex couples to make it official. they helped draft delaware same sex civil union legislation. five states recognize same sex civil unions. six other states allow same sex marriage. >> 5:17. the first monday in january 2012. sal, let's get people off to a good start. >> now you have an ipad. >> you know how happy i am.
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>> you just said it's tenning on twitter. first monday of 2012. people are up and at them. we will help them with timely traffic information. let's take a look at 80 westbound i'm sorry 4 westbound coming up to the willow pass grade that traffic looks pretty good as you drive up to concord. no major problems. not even slow in antioch. let's go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that is light. no problem there is. ace train is not running today from the central valley to san jose. also the morning commute is looking pretty good on 101 and 280. dave, i just got your little top line asking if there are any problems. i will tell you there are no problems right now. northbound 87 looking good. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. after yesterday's record setting temperatures and ended the driest december ever for many to second or third driest around here. and just unbelievable record highs down in southern
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california yesterday. a little change today. that is a weak system coming in. it won't do much. some of the records from sunday gilroy 72. mountain view 70. our system coming in will give us cloud cover. some fog and haze. it will be cooler today by a good four to eight degrees. this system looks one and done. there are few returns here. maybe northern and sonoma county along the coast. you could get a few light showers. if you are you can always e- mail me or tweet me. 30s and 40s. i expect the lows to come up with a cloud cover. a little bit of a south breeze. some of the higher elevations could pick up a little wind here and there. once the system ejects to the north it will drag the clouds across us. cloudy cooler today. a few showers to the north. low clouds coast north and inland. 50s and 60s on the temps.
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cloudy hazy skies. maybe a little bit of rain to the north. no big deal. it's out of here. night and morning fog will be with us. friday looks sunny and warm weather returns. there is no rain in sight. time time is 5:19. french and german markets are stirring the year with gains. that is in sharp contrast to taiwan where the market closed down 1.7%. south korea was almost flat finishing up less than one tenth of a percent. all other asian markets along with britain and the u.s. are closed today for the new years holiday. we want to give you a look at final numbers for 2011. here are friday's closing numbers from wall street. dun across the board. dow is down 69. nasdaq down eight. s & p down five. venezuela has been -- an international arbitrator ruled that is what the u.s. oil companies owed after venezuela
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nationalized a oil project back in 2007. strength way's government is not commenting on the award but the international chamber of commerce's decision is binding. exxon mobile still has another arbitration case pending against venezuela. why the earthquakes are raising question about gas drilling. a walmart shopper arrested and it was how he tried to pay for something that got him in trouble. the commute looks like a million bucks. westbound 92 as you head out to the high-rise. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. we used to have a lot of cloud cover over us today. a few light showers. not a big deal though. mainly cooler today with 50s and 60s. 5:24. several earthquakes in ohio forced people to shut down. 4.0 quake saturday is linked to drilling of what is call -- o what is called fracking operation there is. it hit shortly after 3:00 p.m. in the youngstown area. it's the 11th earthquake to hit that area since march. >> we do have other disposal wells we have had for 20 years and never, ever had a problem with an earthquake or spill or
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any problems whatsoever. >> while the ohio department of natural resources said fracking is not causing the earthquakes but it's thought the injection of waste water near the fault line is causing enough pressure to cause seismic activity. fake money at a walmart in north korea but nobody was fooled. police in lexington north carolina say a 53-year-old man tried to use a phony million dollar bill last month. he wanted $476 worth of walmart merchandise and wanted the change that came with it. the store called police and arrested the man on felony charges. the $100 bill is the largest bill in our circulation. call it a tale of two bay area football teams. the 49ers are relaxing with a well deserved day off. they earned a first round playoff bye. most memorable play is when
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they dug into their bag of tricks while faking a field goal attempt and kicker david acre did his best by throwing a touchdown pass to wide open michael crabtree. 49ers don't know their opponent today but they will play on saturday january 14th at 1:30 in season ended on in a whimper for the oakland raiders. all they needed to make the playoffs were to beat the san diego chargers yesterday. but in front of a sold out coliseum, the raiders lost to one of their main rivals 38-26. the defeat includes giving up the 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. time now 5:26. niners coach jim harbaugh can spend tonight watching his pro toe jay. the fourth ranked cardinal will take on the third ranked oklahoma cowboys in the tostitos fiesta bowl.
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it begins at 5:30 this evening. andrew said this would be his last game before he turns pro. a tough start to the new year for a family in the south bay. they are homeless now after this fire swept through their home. we're live in berkeley where police are trying to figure out what caused a car to crash into a bank. plus the return of banana sam to the san francisco zoo. when he'll be allowed back in the cage. good morning, if you are driving this morning in san rafael. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm maureen naylor pam cook is off. >> and i'm dave clark. it's 5:30. let's check in with steve to see your forecast. >> thank you very much. at least a little different pattern today. we had a lot of record highs set in the state. we do have clouds and a few light showers. really not much. more cloudy skies than anything else. 50s and low 60s. here is sal. >> steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. it looks pretty good there. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. police are investigating an
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overnight crash in berkeley that sent one car crash into a bank. tara moriarty is live at the scene now. tara. >> reporter: police are trying to figure that out. if you take a look on the side of the building you can see where the car took a chunk out of the bank and left skid marks on the side. you can see where the glass is shattered. we are here off of university and san pablo avenue where around 1:00 this morning two cars smashed into each other and then one spun out and crashed into a pole. we spoke to berkeley police and they said one person was transported to highland hospital. there are officers at the hospital continuing their investigation. we do not know if alcohol played a role in the accident. now police had closed off the intersection while they conducted their investigation and cleared the scene. everything is back open now. and officers did come by a half hour ago to take measurements out here.
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we'll keep you posted if you hear anything. time is 5:31. san jose family needs a new home after a fire destroyed their home. elizabeth says she, her two teenage children, and a friend were sleeping if their victorian home when the smoke detector went off. the neighbors shot this cell phone video. look at the flames engulfing their home. it's the hensly historic district. everyone got out safely. firefighters say it's hard to put out flames because of the way historic homes like this one were built. >> the walls kind of run from the basement to the attic. there are spaces that run vertically from one spot to the other with no stops. if you get a fire in one part of the house it can quickly spread either up or down. >> officials estimate the damage to be a half million dollars. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. two u.s. fighter jets were
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scrambled after air traffic controllers lost radio damage. the four seat single engine plane was flying from santa monica to oakland. a pair of f-16 falcons were set to intercept it. radio contact was reestablished and the private plane landed safely. violent start to the new year in san jose. it kept emergency responders very busy. several stabs and shootings occurred on new years eve. one man was stabbed before midnight while walking along the guadalupe river. and then gunfire injured a man and a juvenile. and then on skull drive a fight broke out among teenagers. one was sent to the hospital with stab wounds. >> we heard the gunshot. i said somebody is shooting. >> three more incident os curred in the early morning hours. police say the violence is
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unfortunate but wasn't unusual for new years eve. later today san jose police are expected to tell us the name of a woman stabbed to death. they arrested sagal sadiq hours after finding her and the victim inside a home. the woman that was killed was the mother of suspects partner. motive is still under investigation. your time is 5:34. daybreak is bringing new efforts to find the gunman that killed a mount ranier national park ranger. coming up at 5:45 in a little over ten minutes from now the items that sheriffs deputies found in the suspects car that have them worried they could be be in for on when the san francisco zoo will show off the beloved squirrel monkey that was snatched late last week. 17-year-old named banana sam was stolen from his enclosure.
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maybe late hour night or early saturday morning. they found the monkey a mile away. zoo officials say bah san that sam right there was scared and hungry. a $5,000 reward was offered for the safe return of banana sam. it has not been paid as of yet. oakland raiders say a fan that fell from the bleachers will be fine. 17-year-old wanto was trying to get the attention of raiders players as they walked toward the locker room. the team says he slipped and fell less than 15 feet. a raiders spokeman said his fall was broken by a tarp covering the walkway and hit the ground where it's soft and dirt. bryan stow's family issued a statement marking the new year. there are now praying their
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emotional pain will ease in 2012. therapists of bryan stow are working with him on a daily basis at a rehab center in san jose. they are teaching him how to speak again and move again. family members admit he may never fully recover from last years beating at dodgers stadium. 5:35. san jose has become the latest city to change its policy on burglar alarms. police will automatically -- police won't automatically send police officers. more and more u.s. cities are adopting the verified response policy. it's designed to make sure police don't waste time and money chasing down false alarms. san francisco is the first city in the whole country to raise the minimum wage above $10 an hour. that is due to a ballot
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pressures -- it requires them to raise -- under the formula workers must now be paid $10.24 an hour. last year the min yum wage was -- minimum wage was $9.92 an hour. there is a lot of new laws in effect this new year. one of the most controversial laws taking effect in 2012 includes child safety in cars. children are required to be vanned into booster seats until the age of eight. now in the past booster seats were mandated for children until they reached age six or weighed 60 pounds which ever came first. almost every parent has an opinion on the new law. >> we want them to be as safe as possible and as long as possible. nathan do you want to sit in a booster seat again? no. >> other laws are targeting teenagers they cannot happen in a tanning booth or buy certain
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could have medicines. california schools must teach about gay and lesbians in the classroom and must have a plan to stop bullying. school districts are required to come one a detailed plan to address concussions that have suffered by student athletes. 5:37. a lot of people have today off. let's get to sal. you have seen it on the roads already. >> yeah. it's pretty light. i would say today just enough people have the day off. those of us that have to come into the office will be happy about the commute any way as we look at the san mateo bridge. certainly there are people out there. just seems a little better than normal. some people for this whole week you will see some people that are just taking the time off around the holidays. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. for example schools a lot of schools don't get back until next week. this is a look at traffic on the coliseum approach. and also on the golden gate bridge. we're looking good heading south. let's go to steve.
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sal, thank you, sir. clouds over us. that is it. there could be very, very light showers to the north. i'm trying to find some kind of pattern change. i can't find anything. i have looked out seven to ten days. the 15 day outlook looks like it. it does look good if you are looking for dry weather. we had those yesterday. we will not have those today. high pressure continues to be large and in charge. fog or haze. cloudy and cooler today. a few light showers to the north. anything that falls will be light and dry pattern continues. some of the record highs from yesterday at least here locally. gilroy 72. oakland downtown hit 67- degrees. if you are out and about and thought it was warm, it was. if you were in southern california it was just crazy warm. it was 85 down in ucla. 89 san gabriel.
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south lick tahoe all record highs. last time reno had zero precipitation in december was 1883. it has been a long stretch. some light rain to the north showing up. i doubt anything is reaching the ground. yeah you get the light green. that's not going to do it. the air mass is so, so dry. 30s and 40s. a little bit of a south breeze. some of the higher elevations are on the mild side. might pick up some of that. so cloudy cooler hazy. fog out there. also coast fine. concord and livermore reporting fog. be careful. very hazy skies today. 50s and 60s on the temps. coming down four to eight degrees. after today it will be night and morning fog. otherwise a very quiet pattern. thursday another system cools us down. time now 5:40.
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one of california's favorite ways to start a new year with pageantry of the rose parade. float builders hard at work. we will bring you a live report as the excitement builds along the parade route. also bay area homeowners know their property values have dropped but now we know how much they are down. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. good morning. well cloudy skies. but after that it will be just cooler today. and extended outlook looking ahead here looks really quiet. time now 5:43 welcome. the top stories we are following for you right now. crews still at the scene of
5:44 am
huge fire. this one here san francisco's hate ashbury district. it started shortly after 8:00 last night on mosanic avenue. the big flames started in one building and quickly spread to two others. at least one person was hurt. investigators still want to know happen caused the fire. los angeles police say they have a person of interest in connected to string of suspected arsons. and a two-car collision shortly after 1:00 this morning sent a car on to the sidewalk and hitting a wells fargo bank in berkeley. paramedics took one person to the hospital. police are investigating what caused this crash. 5:44. heavily armed search teams are scouring mount ranier national park. authorities in washington say 24-year-old benjamin barns opened fire after he pulled
5:45 am
over for not stopping at a snow chain check point. the ranger died at the scene. officers were able to evacuate about 100 people from the park overnight. 5:45. in egypt the ruling military council responding to protest has moved up the date of scheduled elections by almost three weeks. that is after weeks of street protests calling on the council to turn over the power to civilian government. the voting is scheduled to begin later this month. balloting will be held in two stages instead of three.
5:46 am
the goal is to have winter seeded by february 28th. you're looking at video here with elections for the lower office. our time is 5:467. a little more than two hours from right now the 123rd annual tournament of roses parade steps off. the volunteers are putting all the final floral touches on the floats and marching bands are starting to line up in pasadena. our reporter bob is right out there. bob is right along the parade route where i know the anticipation is building. i'm envying you, bob.
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more than 60 people were arrested after these scuffles broke out in new york. about 500 protestors gathered in the park saturday. let's turn it over to sal to see if there is anymore traffic. >> it looks pretty good out there. we are doing very well. we had a report of a grass fire that didn't turn out to be a major fire. if you are driving on 580, you may see it. highway 4 traffic also looks pretty good heading out to the willow pass grade. it looks like it might be a little better than usual today when it comes to driving to work. maybe a lot better than usual in certain commutes. the morning commute also looks
5:50 am
pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't have a big crowd yet. we'll see after 6:15 if it's still this way we can definitely say it is going to be a lighter than usual day. and if you are driving on the south bay commute highway 78, 85, 280 all looking good with no major obstructions. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. a little change today. a lot of clouds. but probably not much rain. yesterday record highs set numerous ones in the state. also the knewous honor of one of the driest decembers. we are looking for rain and radar show there is is a little bit there. i doubt any of it is reaching the ground. a little line from -- layers in the atmosphere is so dry. 36-50 cloudy. santa rosa says fog. by noon 44-54. cloudy very, very hazy skies. a little bit of wind in the
5:51 am
higher elevations. 58-64 so cooling down about 48 degrees. some of the record highs if you are in gilroy 57 and 72 are the record highs. ucla was 85 yesterday. all record highs there. and south lake was 54. also a record high. it will be cooler today. a weak system but hey had to dust off and wake up live storm tracker two. it has been sleeping for awhile. when you see light green it's evaporating before it touches the ground. 30s, 40s, to 50s in san francisco. they have gone up on that temp because of the cloud cover. below is heading way to the north. this will drag across us. all we get really are cloudy skies and fog and haze. tooler conditions. a little breeze to the north. cloudy cooler today. very hazy.
5:52 am
also on the coast we have fog. 50s and 60s so out of the low 70s at least for a day or two. the extended outlook shows a really quiet pattern. unfortunately for those of you looking for rain i don't see anything. a little cooler on thursday and warmer weather returns by the weekend. >> thank you. 5:51. new figures show how badly the recession has hurt the bay area housing market. data reports local homes have lost more than one-third of a trillion dollars since 2007. homes in oakland lost an average of $350,000 of their value from four years ago. in concord the average loss is $289,000. san jose lost $267,000. while san francisco houses are down about $205,000. gas prices are inching back up. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.28 a gallon. that is up a nickel from last week. here in the bay area south bay drivers are paying the lowest
5:53 am
average price. it's $3.60. in oakland it's two cents more while in san francisco the average price is $3.68. those are all more than 25 cents a gallon higher than this time last year. time now 5:52. on the football field the very unusual tackle. what a green bay packer line backer did and who he tackled. plus the shocking sight in arkansas that is like something out of a al fred hitchcock movie.
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it has happened again. hundreds of blackbirds were found in arkansas. someone intentionally went on a roof and set off fire works. that caused the birds to scatter and crash into each other. the same time last year fire works were blamed for causing thousands of bird deaths. residence say it's a pretty disturbing sight. >> it was pretty wild. we got up and backed out of the driveway and it was freaky. there were dead birds laying everywhere. >> blackbirds don't see well at night and don't fly when it's dark. 5:56. a 15-year-old green bay packer fan know what is it's like to be an nfl running back.
5:57 am
look at this. brad jones tackled the teenager when he ran on to the field toward the end of yesterday's game against the detroit lions. the green bay press is reporting the young man was cited for unlawful conduct. one of the members of the 49ers is showing off his artistic side today. talented tight end vernon davis will paint part of this 49ers mural and sign it this afternoon. mural is above a walgreens store in the mission district. it shows several players including vernon davis himself. local artist tim han created the mural. he knew vernon davis was an artist and invited vernon to come over and add his special touch to the art work. time 5:57. let's check in with sal and see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay. let's take a look at what we
5:58 am
have now. this is a look at 280 at the 880 traffic is moving along pretty well. if you reason another sunol grade that is a very nice drive. let's go back to dave and maureen. >> thank you. looking ahead restoring water in parts of the east bay. means update on the water main break that is effecting major businesses as well as several homes. plus it's a new law in alameda. if you're a smoker you will not like it. good morning, a lot of cloud cover over us. maybe some rain. what? we'll talk about it coming up.
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