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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> 90 years old but he is very strong. >> reporter: she rents a room from the homeowner and was down stairs when an intruder forced his way in at 11:00 a.m. that might have been gunfire. the owner pulled the trigger first. >> the victim was able to arm himself with a fire arm and shoot the suspect three times. the suspect had his own fire arm, he shot the victim one time. >> reporter: police found the suspect less than a mile away shot in the stomach. >> he tried to drive away, due to his injuries he called the police, said he shot himself. >> reporter: both men are in stable condition. she is not surprised her landlord refused to go down without a fight. >> i am proud of him. definitely. >> reporter: i talked to the roommate again, she says she
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just visited the homeowner, she says he is doing well. the condition of the suspect isn't clear. live in greenbrae, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. judge today ordered a man to stand trial for a series offsults at -- series of assaults. he will be tried. prosecutors say dna evidence links him to attack ons three women in june, july and august of 2010. he set to be arraigned january 23. man accused of posing as a doctor. carlos guzmangarza. police say a second woman come forward saying she consulted him for a skin treatment. he also touched the woman
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inappropriately. carlos guzmangarza pleaded not guilty. cal fire is on alert because of the dry weather. ktvu's robert handa is live in morgan hill. >> reporter: throughout the state cal fire crews responded to more wile fires they normally see in january. all signs indicate fire conditions are going to get worse. >> watch out. >> reporter: they put together dry vegetation from around hir home. >> -- from around their home. >> turned off our irrigation too soon. >> reporter: today's alert didn't surprise them. they say the dry weather and strong winds convince them to take their fire safety measures
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about three months early. >> as you can see we have it away from the house. so we are just ahead of track. more like march. >> reporter: cal fire says it is responding to the above normal fire activity and yesterday's snow survey by increasing staffing statewide and having personal ready. they will also to continue to ban out door burning. >> we are watching things day to day. higher level than we would normally. >> cal fire is asking the public to be cautious. recommending fire tips on their website. the alert is a good reminder if someone needs it. >> if you live in california, fire is also in the back of your mind. >> reporter: officials emphasize the agency is
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prepared for any wildfire response. if it continues, they might consider starting fire season early but that is down the road. go to to see how we are doing. with december in san francisco being the third driest december since 1849, you know it is dry. these are the current situations. santa rosa 31% of average. 36% in san francisco. san jose below average at 30%. if we don't get rain, they don't get snow in the mountains and right now we are below average throughout the northern half of the state of california. when i come back we will look that five-day forecast and look for rain. but right now the models are keeping us in the dry weather pattern. so our issues will continue. i will see you back here.
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a man was sited for trying to bring a loaded weapon on to a plane. he says it was all just a big mistake. he was working in his garage with his gun nearby. he says he put the gun in his brief case and forgot it was in there when he boarded his flight in southern california. >> you think, what is this person thinking, who would carry a gun into a an airport. -- into an airport. it was a mistake. >> he says he received death threats over legislation to overturn the dream act. san francisco sheriff is saying good-bye by tearing down a black eye for the department. ktvu's david stevenson is live with the legacy he is leaving
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behind. >> reporter: it was a celebration, signaling the end of his career and the demolition of this jail. >> here we go, watch out. >> reporter: he used amsider to christen a wrecking ball outside the county jail number three. it was notorious for leaking pipes and collapsing ceilings. it caps his 32 year career as sheriff. >> this opened in 1934. alcatrazed was closed down in 1963. this building operated for another 40 years. >> reporter: in 1997 a judge found overcrowded conditions here constituted cruel and unusual punishment. >> there were escaped and it
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had to do with the makeup of the cells. easy to go through them. >> a court order help paveed the way for a new facility. the seal will shine on the newer jail which has more space. >> one of the few counties that has undercrowding. so i think we are in better shape. >> reporter: he is most proud of the charter high school and with this set to come down, she ready to relax. >> reporter: plans to have fun? >> sleep in. and enjoy not going to work every day. >> reporter: friday is his last day in office. the demolition of the jail is set to take several weeks. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a huge but secret whistle blower lawsuit has been settled in san francisco for $32 million.
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the lawsuit was filed four years ago claimed europe's shipping company overcharged for handling supplies for u.s. solders. they operate in the port of oakland and admits no guilt. >> these are cases where any person can file a lawsuit on behalf of the united states government, standing in their shoes to address fraud against the government. >> brown will receive 10% of the settlement. san jose voters may get a chance to decide whether to overturn restrictions on medical marijuana clubs. supporters collected enough signatures to put the measure before voters but the city counsel has to sign off first. it would overturn a new city ordinance cutting the number of medical marijuana clubs in san jose from 140 all the way down
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to 10. a measure on the november state ballot to change the 3 strikes law could save the state $100 million a year. the measure would reduce prison sentences for offenders whose crimes are considered nonviolent. turning now to the race for the republican nomination. mitt romney is trying to capitalize on his victory last night with a big endorsement today. >> arizona senator john mccain announced he is backing mitt romney. the new hampshire primary is next tuesday. mitt romney holds a lead in the polls there. ron paul was a close third and newt gingrich is promising to fight on after a fourth place
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finish. voters offered little support for michele bachmann who said she is bowing out of the race. she came in last with 5% of the vote. you recall she won the straw poll in august. rick perry finished ahead of her in fifth place. today he said he is not dropping out of the race. has complete election coverage. click on 2012 iowa caucuses for more results and headlines from the campaign trail today. california voters could get a chance to decide if they still support high-speed rail. they say they will introduce legislation to put the funding question on the ballot. they are set to consider whether to issue $9 billion in bonds for the first phase of the project. >> i believe once things get
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back on track, it will be a priority for the state again. >> this comes a day after a panel recommended postponing the measure saying it is not financial feasible. a judge says a school district owes a family $1 million after a dropped a child off at a wrong bus stop. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. . the reno air races will go on as scheduled this year despite the crash that killed 11 people last september. they put together a panel of experts to make sure this
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year's event is safe. officials say they still have to receive some permits but tickets are already going on sale. a fueleral service is set for a boy killed last friday. the service for baby gabriel will be held at 11:00 a.m. friday at st. elizabeth church at 1500 34th avenue in oakland. he was shot outside his father's taco truck friday night. no arrests have been made. san francisco police say a burglary suspect has been hiding in thick brush for 24 hours. police say the man burglarized an apartment last night. a few officers remain in the area this afternoon. residents say there have been a half dozen burglaries there. a school district is waging a legal battle over $1,000.
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ktvu's patty lee spoke to the parents. >> reporter: the school district says it will be easy to pay the money and be done with it but says that would be the wrong move. >> reporter: she rides the bus every day. her parents claim her demeanor suffers because of the school district's negligence. >> they said we don't know where she is. >> reporter: according to her mom, on october 5, 2010, she went missing after a bus driver dropped her off alone at an unfamiliar location. >> no one was there to help me. then a man and a woman helped me. i wanted to cry. i did cry. >> i thought she was gone.
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the school district says that version of events never happened. >> she was dropped off close to a residents. >> reporter: she sued the district last december. demanding $7,500. the court afforded her $1,000 but the district won't pay. >> it is a wrong thing to do to pay to make people go away. >> reporter: because the attorney is involved in the attorney he cannot serve as its lawyer so he hired a private firm to represent the district. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. despite the budget crisis, hundreds of staff members are getting a pay raise after three years without a pay hike. ranging from 3.6 to 5%. she received pay raises for 5
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staff members. only two other lawmakers asked for more raises. yoo-hoo named scott thompson as the new ceo. the company has been without a leader since september when it fired carol bartz. his new job starts monday. he served as president of paypal since january of 2008. netflix reported that customers watched more than 2 billion hours of streaming content over the last three months and it has 20 million users. because of that news, the company saw its stock jump by 11% today. it closed at $80. dow gained 21 points. naz dark lost less than a point. the reservoir is in good shape
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despite the weather. the public utilities commission said they are at 85% of its capacity thanks to the last year's rain. the system supplies water to 2.5 million people in four countys. a look at the state's other reservoirs. lake orville is at 72%. lake shatta 68% and st. louis is at 95% of capacity. no rain out there. a few clouds and big surf along the coast and that is the deal. not a lot going on other than fog tonight. high clouds overhead tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow cooler than they were today. today was 72 in santa rosa. most of us in the mid-60s.
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45 heyward. overnight lows above freezing. those are the highes today. highs tomorrow, cooler. san francisco down 6-7 degrees. the reason will be high clouds filtering the sunshine. not as much direct sunshine. it has been dry through december and january isn't looking much better. as we go through january, first two weeks will be dry. clouds overhead and that will definitely, you know, change the temperatures downward a little bit. overnight lows warmer. swells begin to bill. you saw it yesterday. 20-foot out there yesterday. jacks up tomorrow and friday large as well. big ocean swells. so big. i mean, tomorrow night will be the biggest day we have seen
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all year. off shore we got -- on shore temperatures like these, 63 antioch. 63 brentwood. these numbers are cooler than today. with no rain to talk about, we are talking about warm day time highs and mild overnight lows. and patchy valley fog and a five-day forecast that is dry, dry, dry as we go through time, right into the bay area weekend as well. enjoy it. it is beautiful. julie mentioned it, the reservoir issues, how well they are doing, it is because last year was a great rainfall year. 160% of average. so the upshot is last year wasn't a dry year. we will catch up. >> 70 degrees today. who would have thought? >> yeah. >> thank you. the first wolf seen to be crossing into california may have been caught on camera.
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this picture was taken by a trail camera east of oregon. show as wolf sniffing the ground in dense fors. at the same time a tracking caller showed it to be in that same area. a new strategy that may episave lives. the effort now underway to help victims of a leading killer and we are learning about a child pornography bust in the south bay. join us for that on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the cal men's basketball team is looking to get back into the top 25. what the coach says the team is facing this week.
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going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on boys and girls club may be close to making a bid to buy land to build a new club house. the sale price is $2.5 million. below the market value of $8.5 million. >> cal bears trying to get back into the top 25. >> yeah.
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squeezes between bowl games and the nfl excitement soon to come around here. cal specific right now. the bears continuing to build on the road, off a sweep of two schools. the road now leading to oregon this week. cal is 12-3 overall and all the losses have come away. the coach, like most coaches, never satisfied. >> we can be pretty good. we played good teams. played them tough. we are at home. we need to do some things on the road differently. but if you look at it, at this point, there are 5 teams that have double digit wins coming at -- the first week of january. the fact is, oregon state and oregon are two of the teams, both have 10 wins. they are good basketball teams. >> here is something you don't see, probably ever. let alone every day.
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soccer in london. tim howard, the goalie to the other end and his kick winds up bounces overthe opposing goalie's head. hits perfectly. a strong wind was blowing and into the net. a goalie scoring a goal. fourth time it has ever happened over there. in the premier league soccer. by the way, that was the only goal his team was able to score as they lose 2-1. the warriors are ahead in san antonio where they lost 26 straight games and they signed nate robinson, dunk champ. that is the sporting life. >> that goal was incredible. >> fourth time that ever happened in that particular league. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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we are always online on and mobile ktvu. >> stay with us, during the gop primaries and on election day. click on the politics tabanid news for the latest election headlines. @@1
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