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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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they say it's not the destination that counts, but the journey. >> you've been watching a segment from our news magazine show a second look. the show airs every sunday night at 1:00 right after the 10:00 news. we return now to our regularly scheduled programming. i'm julie haener. new at 10:00, police in san francisco say they air -- arrested this man for a string of attacks on women. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm jewel haener. police hold a news conference to announce the arrest in a string of attacks on women. amber lee is on the scene with what investigators said and didn't say. >> reporter: we're at fair okays and 24th street the
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location of the most recent attack. police have announced they arrested a man who's been terrorizing women here. police say they've arrested a man seen on this surveillance tape for violent attacks on three women. each was assaulted and robbed. the first attack was in june on 24th and south van nuys. followed by a second attack on 24th and potrero. then on fair oaks. >> it is shocking to know this is happening on the sidewalks. >> reporter: a citizen's tip led them to the 32-year-old suspect. police arrested him at 4:30 this afternoon at this public housing complex. dna evidence links the three cases. each attack occurred in the early morning hours. and was carried out in a similar manner. >> they were walking down the street by themselves, they were usually approached from behind
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and thrown to the ground. there was some physical violence. >> reporter: police did not release his identity. -- >> every time we would leave the house they would say, who's going with you. >> reporter: this woman was terrorized since the attacks. we told her about the news. >> i walk home every day. my friends walk home, it's very uncomfortable. >> reporter: police say the suspect will face sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery charges. they are still looking at whether he's responsible for other attacks. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and later tonight, a big reward in another san francisco case. one that's gone cold. the clues in the killing of a 20-year-old man, the message from his mother at 10:35 tonight. hundreds of people attended funeral services today for a 5-
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year-old boy who was shot and killed last week outside his father's taco truck in oakland. eric rasmussen talked to his father tonight he's now at the scene of the crime with family members gathered this evening. >> reporter: there's still a police presence here tonight. family members told me they wanted to send a message they are not afraid. there's a very large gathering here today. even though investigators don't yet have a suspect, the father of little gabriel martinez says he knows there are people out there who can help find his killer. >> reporter: a mariachi band played 5-year-old gabriel martinez jr.'s favorite song just feet from where he was shot. >> reporter: in spanish, his father told us he neverfelt pain like this. in english he also said why he was frustrated. >> do you know somebody knows who did this. >> probably, probably somebody knows. and i know a couple of people
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that i believe they know who is it. >> reporter: oakland police have released new details about the shooting outside the martinez family's taco truck last week. only that they are looking for a man and woman who drove off in a silver american sedan. family members believe the killer might have even bought food from the taco truck before shooting little gabriel in this taco truck. hundreds came out for the boy's funeral. including one of his teachers. >> gabriel was a wonderful child. he loved. >> reporter: tonight his father pleaded for help to find his son's killer. >> put more attention in the community. i don't want anything to happen to anyone what happened to me. >> reporter: he says that the 20 years he's been in business he may have been robbed hundreds of types, but he insists he does not think what
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happened to his son is retribution for any confrontations he's had with people in the past. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. the three young children killed in oakland over the past five months will be honored a week from tomorrow at two oakland churches. the tower of faith ministry are each holding a save our babies block party. the two events will honor carlos nava and 23-year-old harum lawrence jr. along with gabriel martinez jr. both of those events are scheduled from 11:00 to 5:00 january 15th. a judge sentenced an antioch woman to life in prison for the torture of his niece and nephew. the body of 15-year-old jasmine davis was found in her home. the girl had been beaten, burned and starved. her twin brother survived
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similar abuse and testified at the trial saying the abuse had gone on for years. davis could be eligible for parol in 28 years. police in richmond police said violent crime in their city fell for a 22nd year. violent crime dropped by 14% in 2011 compared to the previous year. armed robbery dropped 33%. carjacking fell by 35% and attempted robbery by 65%. the number of homicides did increase however from 21 to 26. a new jobs report released today is offering some fresh evidence of a strengthening u.s. economy. the labor department says the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 8.5% in december. that is the lowest number in almost three years. a year ago, it has stood at 9.4%. 50,000 people stopped looking for work. in this job market it's always a matter of perspective as our consumer editor tom vacar found
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out today in contra costa county. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, katie william was looking for work right here at the one stop center. today she was recruiting for her new employer california home pro. >> i think the industry is turning around. my company is hiring, you know 60 or 70 more telemarketers. >> things have been getting slower and slower for my kind of work. >> reporter: for layed off construction worker, melotini. the downturn goes on. >> not only me but i have other friends and other people that i do know that work is just slowing down and more people are losing jobs. >> reporter: the head of contra costa county's work force development force thinks we've mostly bottomed out. >> we're now seeing some signs of stabilization. we're seeing some good things or better things happening out there in the private-sector and by way of picking up and demand. >> reporter: unfortunately because the state can't get its
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financial house in order, the one the once solid rock bastian is not. >> keep status quo if not shut down some of its workers. >> reporter: meaning hundreds of thousands of californians will still have to reinvent themselves. >> anybody can make the world we want to make it. if you have a negative attitude things aren't going to go too well. that's what i find. so if i have a positive attitude you get up early in the morning and get to work and work hard good things are going to happen to you. >> reporter: the unemployment rate would have been worse but for the fact that those looking for work have retired or just gave up. meaning they're no longer counted. wall street for if most part ignored the encouraging numbers today. the dow sank 55 points, the nasdaq gained four. for the week, the first week of the year the markets closed up. in 15 minutes, president obama's take on today's economic news and how it's playing on the campaign trail
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with republicans critical of administration policies. san francisco's economy is getting a boost from high tech companies sales today it signed one of the largest office deals in the city in a decade. sales is leasing 400,000 square feet at 50 fremont street. it's an 18 year deal and gives work space for about 2,000 workers. sales force is already building a new campus in mission bay. the dry weather and lack of snow in the sierra are having an impact on bay area business that cater to winter activities. december was one of the driest on record for parts of lake tahoe and without snow there's no point to buy equipment to go skiing. some resorts are making snow to compensate for what mother nature will not supply. we stopped at a ski shop and the owner says the business is definitely down with some areas worse than others. >> our hardware sails on the big ticket items, our boots and skis aren't off very much. but those little things that
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you don't realize you need until you go skiing. >> reporter: we did find one business that's benefited from the unseasonably warm weather. workers at a bike shop told us they've seen an up tick in customers. beach lovers spotted big waves before a high surf advisory expired just about four hours ago. the national weather service reported swells as high as 16 feet along with rip tides and rogue waves. a similar advisory is set for the coast, that advisory is set to end tomorrow morning. coming up at 10:30, tonight's opening ceremony for the big wave surf competition. so why isn't the contest actually starting? accused of shoplifting, a bay area assemblywoman faces a judge. her plea and the medical condition offered as a defense.
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and your bay area weekend is here. i'm back here in 10 minutes, we go right to the bay area saturday and show you how warm it'll be on your afternoon and then your bay area forecast. keeping dangerous weapons from dangerous people. a community remembers the tucson massacre with sadness and activism.
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new at 10:00, in walnut creek tonight they are remembering those who were
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killed and wounded including congresswoman giffords one year ago in arizona. ktvu's debra villalon is live in city hall where they admit that kind of violence could happen everywhere. >> reporter: and it has happened. we've seen more wounded since. >> eight people killed, three people wounded. >> reporter: that was the toll in a hair salon shooting in seal beach in october. the same month as in a quarry. >> three people killed, seven people wounded. >> reporter: tonight a few dozen protesters lit candles and demanded stricter national gun laws in a city where shootings are rare. near by skaters jammed a holiday ice rink. the activists wished younger people would join them but --
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>> sadly people start to become dessenstized to that. they grew up in a world with something we did not grow up. >> reporter: unlike arizona, california gun buyers have more background checks and can't carry guns openly. next up a bill making it mandatory to tell police when guns go missing. >> that doesn't seem like overreaching to me. that just seems like good public policy. you want public safety people to know that something has been lost or stolen. >> reporter: desonye says his father committed suicide with a gun he shouldn't have had. sadly, too common a story. >> my mother used a gun to commit suicide when i was 13. they didn't do any background checks. she had already been hospitalized for attempting suicide and she was able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> reporter: the actual anniversary of the tucson shooting spree is the eighth, sunday and that night another
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vigil will be held in san francisco at yerba buena gardens. debra villalon. ktvu channel 2 news. at we posted information about local events commemorating the tucson shooting. just look for the web link section. it's on the right hand side of the home page. a u.s. navy destroyer came to the rescue of iranian fishermen captured by pirates. the u.s. navy released video. it shows the pirates with their arms raised ready to surrender to the u.s. navy. the iranians said their boat had been taken over by pirates in november. >> the u.s. navy took the iran iranians on board. they provided them with food and water. >> reporter: the men came home
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wearing navy baseball caps. and the boat's captain thanked the rescuers. police say gary gray and pettiwood fired their gun along nine street. s. - - ninth street. the men were finally arrested around 1:00 a.m. >> it appears that it probably was going to be an act of just, they were shooting out randomly. doesn't appear anyone was targeted. >> reporter: police aren't saying if drugs or alcohol played a role in the incident. no one was hurt. in oakland police tonight were responding to a call about an assault on a female. when the situation got a little complicated. police say they were called to a home on 64th avenue and bromley avenue shortly before 5:00 p.m. when they tried to subdue a suspect there was a tussle and they tasered him.
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then another family member jump into the fray and was tasered as well. a bay area assemblywoman is on probation after pleading not guilty to shoplifting. her defense says a medical condition is to blame for her lapse in judgment. >> reporter: state assemblywoman yayashi appeared in court to face a felony shoplifting charge. her foreign said a serious medical condition caused her bizarre behavior and affected her judgment. >> she's been diagnosed with a brain tumor. however, fortunately for her it's benign and it can be taken care of and addressed with medication. >> reporter: hayashi allegedly stole $2,500 from this neiman marcus store. the arrest shocked constituents. >> the fact that her medical
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condition may have impacted their decision to lower this case to a misdemeanor. >> reporter: a neiman marcus spokeswoman declined comment. >> she is a first time offender, she has no other criminal record. so what she did is unexcusable and she needs to be held accountable for her actions. i think we need to explore all the actions. >> reporter: hayashi declined comment but her spokesperson says she is currently being treated with medication. the movement has put out
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what it calls the occupied oakland tribune. since it uses a name of the oakland tribune and a picture of the tower, the paper says it's a trademark infringement. the new york times has come out with a list of 45 places to go this year and number five is oakland. the paper says tensions have cooled since the occupy oakland. they've restored fox theater and there's new sophisticated restaurants. and the city is a place to go in the dark. you see a few clouds out there, a beautiful day today friday. temperatures a little cooler. we saw a lot of upper 50s and low 60s. daytime highs tomorrow they're going to be warmer as we head
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into saturday. mid-60s. even some uner 60s. a little bit of patchy valley fog but not ground fog. not a lot of it. as we head into tomorrow, we can look forward to a little fog but also temperatures that are easily going to make it into the mid-60s. so a warm day for your saturday. sunday we'll talk about when we come back and we'll get right to the five day forecast when we get back. we'll look at the five day forecast and look at the rain out there. a central valley congressman nunez is proposing to increase the cost to renting to reservoir to $30,000 a year. that's more than they're currently paying which is $25,000 a year. how a hot air balloon crash killed four people today. >> this president doesn't know how this economy works. >> reporter: hundreds of
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a lexus plowed into the children's art studio. it happened at about 8:30 this morning on yee studio. police say a 56-year-old fremont woman was trying to park when she went over a curb and through the studio's front window. the art studio was closed at the time. the driver was injured but not seriously hurt. in new zealand a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed today killing at 11 people on board. the balloon came down just north of the town of cartegen. witnesses reported seeing flames shooting 30 feet from the balloons basket. the balloon then fell to the
10:24 pm
ground. it appears the balloon hit power lines before catching on fire. five couples were on board along with the pilot. the tractor trailer crashed into a frozen creek. the driver was on interstate 94 when he lost control and plowed into the water. he was able to escape and crawl across the ice to safety. he was then taken to a hospital where he was treated and released. it's an election year and conventional wisdom predicts that a boosting economy will help president campaign's election. will republicans need to change their strategy? ktvu's rob roth reports. >> reporter: the economy has been president barack obama's achilles heel but not today. >> all together more private- sector jobs were created in 2011 than any year since 2005.
10:25 pm
there are a lot of people that are still -- >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina republican hopeful mitt romney said the 8.5 national unemployment rate is no cause for celebration. >> this president doesn't understand how this economy works. it's time to get a president who does. >> reporter: but is good news about the economy back feud for republicans who have been hammering their president for what they say is an inability to create jobs. >> they may want to have a better message but simply hammering that the president won't show results. because the president right now is showing results. >> reporter: but the chairwoman of the san francisco republican party says the president is still vulnerable. >> jobs, the economy, the regulatory burden of the deficit are absolutely critical factors and sitting from where i'm sitting sit -- right now
10:26 pm
in january, those topics are still critical. >> reporter: that would give president obama a huge boost in his bid for reelection. in berkeley, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. it's been serving locals and tourists since the 30s. now a san francisco bar is being forced out of its prime location. car companies are upping the ante every year with new technologies features in their vehicles, we'll show you what's new. supporters of a petition drive to stop a stadium in santa clara say the 49ers are not playing fair. [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message.
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the 49ers are denying it but a local union says that the team asked them to hire workers to try and persuade people from
10:29 pm
signing a referendum against the new stadium in santa clara. lloyd lacuesta is here and says there's conflicting opinion on how the workers would do that. >> reporter: this is the site of the great american amusement mark where the raiders want to build a $1 billion stadium. but stadium opponents say the game is not over. >> if it was such a bad idea it wouldn't happen in the first place, right. >> reporter: a new group called santa clara plays fair need to collect 5,000 signatures in the next week. it's trying to qualify a referendum that seeks to have the city rescind a loan to build a stadium or that the public vote. now an electrical workers union has entered the fray. ibwe local 332 today posted on its website quote we've been asked by the 49ers to generate 10 to 20 individuals to act as
10:30 pm
interceptors. the union said it would pay interceptors $100 for a four hour shift. >> they are trying to get between us and the citizens who want to sign the petitions. >> reporter: when we went to ibew headquarters the word interceptors and the $100 offer has been deleted from their website. >> we're not going to get in the way for anybody who is trying to gather signatures, but we're going to give them some facts in a respectful manner. >> if the 49ers think it's such a good tale why are they trying to block our citizens from signing these petitions. >> reporter: city officials did not comment expect to say the city attorney is looking into
10:31 pm
the legality of the proposed referendum, loyal lacuesta. an historic bar in san francisco's union square could be soon closing its doors. the owner of the gold dust lounge says he's received an eviction and lease cancellation notice from his landlord last month. we spoke to the bar's owner who says the notice could affect other businesses as well. >> there's a big name clothing company that's looking to try to take over the lease on this whole corner of the block. so you know it could not only be us but it involves a couple of the other businesses on the corner as well. >> reporter: the manager said nothing is for sure. the owner does plan to appeal. the gold dust lounge opened its doors in 1933. the notice give it is bar three months to shut down. avid movie renters may have to wait a little longer to watch the newest dvd releases. sources close to warner brothers says the studios have reached a deal with netflix to delay dvd rentals until two months until they're sold in
10:32 pm
stores or online. that would double the 28 day delay. experts say other movie studios are likely to follow suit. just like phones are getting smarter, cars are getting a lot smarter as well. at the auto show in san jose some of the cars there can do incredible things. janine de la vega tells us that's why a major car maker is setting up shop now in the silican valley. >> you can order movie tickets, make dinner reservations. >> it's basically a mini computer that runs from your cell phone. >> so it's basically apps from for your car. >> that's right. >> reporter: ford is one of many car makers showing off new technology at the silican valley auto show. >> think of the universities
10:33 pm
that are here. the companies that are here. i think the pool of talent is amazing here. i think why wouldn't you want to be right here at the epicenter of such talent. >> reporter: at the show, ford has equipped vehicles with technology. with a swing of a foot, the trunk opens. that information transfers through the wheel so that you don't have to look away while you're driving. >> still trying to find out how far you can go with them. what the real cost is on the maintenance side. how long the thing really lasts. >> reporter: some wonder if all the tech gadgets are too much. >> if you have to take the mind off the road then it's dangerous. >> reporter: some auto companies have installed technology that will stop the car if the driver trys to type
10:34 pm
on the screen. has more videos about the silican valley auto show. a large swell made for some big waves just in time for mavericks today. we're still waiting for the competition to be called. the conditions today weren't quite right for the competition. there was even some doubt the opening ceremony would take place today. >> first i thought, they weren't going to have. that's when we got the call that they were going to do today. and yeah, i think it's great. >> reporter: surfers held a prayer circle to show respect for one another and pay tribute to surfers who have died. the window for the contest closes on march 31st. it's a trail that's gone cold. the new incentive now being offered to solve a san francisco murder case. plus a message from the victim's mother. back here in just 10 minutes, we go straight to the bay area weekend forecast and
10:35 pm
we go looking for rain. see you in a bit. plus, cracks are found in the wing of a new aircraft. the different opinions on whether that's a threat.
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a san francisco cold case is getting new attention. tomorrow marks five years since a man was shot and kill -ld
10:38 pm
while driving in a south of market neighborhood -- killed while driving in a south of market neighborhood. now there's a new reward to find his killer. officials say casillas was driving on 13th street near fulsome on january 2007 when he was shot. his mother had a message today for those responsible. >> we're not going away. we will not stop. we will bring this out in your face every time we feel like it needs to be done. >> crime bulletin posters were put out today. kevin gomez was found hanging in his cell, an apparent suicide but his death is under investigation. he was being housed by himself. gomez was arrested by vacaville police on january 3rd on
10:39 pm
multiple charges. including domestic violence and assaulting a peace officer. in news of the world tonight in peru touchman van der sloot was expected to plea guilty today to murder in exchange for a reduced sentence. but instead he says he needed more time. van der sloot is charged with killing a young peruvian woman in a casino in lima. he's also a suspect in a disappearance several years ago in american teenager natalie holloway. cracks have turned out in some of the airline's super jumbo jets flown by qantas. the cracks o in the wing ribs. those are metallic fixtures that help stabilize the aircrafts. some aircraft engineers are calling for an investigation. at the vatican, pope benedict xvinameed 22 new cardinals today. he has now chosen half the cardinals who will elect his
10:40 pm
successor. most are european with many italians but there are some americans. timothy dolan was named to one of the posts. along with edwin o'brien who was the former arch bishop of baltimore. -- barkerimi's wife responded by saying her husband has never been abusive. >> it's unfortunate there are serious allegations. i need to allow the process of investigation to move forward and determine whether or not there's adequate evidence there. >> merkerini has not commented on the allegations he has said to be sworn in as sheriff on monday. san francisco mayor ed lee told mike mibach that he will announce a replacement for
10:41 pm
merkerini on monday. lee said he had several people in mind but would not say who. the board of supervisors is set to hold the first meeting of the year on tuesday. the dangerous new threat tarting your account and what the virus does so you won't even notice. and chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his five day forecast. the weekend outlook and more coming up in six minutes.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
if you're one of the 63 million americans who banks online, you might want to pay attention to this next story. ktvu's allie rassmuss tells us about a new virus named trojan
10:44 pm
horse that's targeting bank accounts. >> reporter: it has a clever defense mechanism, it can change the numbers on your account balance to make it look like your money is still there. >> a trojan becomes part of your web browser. so everything used under your bank it's able to modify and everything that comes back from your bank is able to modify before you see it. so they're making your computer lie to you. >> it's very scary, i think about that stuff all the time because i'm a super paranoid person. i don't online bank very often. but when i do i would never go to a public computer. >> reporter: you can get the virus on your personal computer too. it's transmitted through tainted documents. >> people are being told that either this is an update they need to watch a video, often on social networks. >> right now i don't have too much money so i'm not too concerned about it. >> reporter: by joyce crous isn't laughing. she says that she's already
10:45 pm
been a victim. >> they told me that my grandson had been in a car accident. >> reporter: she wired $9,000 over seas. >> that was all my savings and i'm a person who's always saved. >> reporter: this is a good way to protect yourself. install updates on your software and operating system. don't click on anything suspicious attachments on links. and keep your anti virus software up to date. in berkeley, allie rasmus. on our facebook wall tonight we asked how people protect themselves when they bank online. kiln charles says don't bank online. hate to say it but how do you stop this and if it happens to you how do you prove who did it? though i hear writing personal checks is the worse thing to do. dan mark says, use credit cards and that time honored bank called paper. this is why technology and it's further take over of everything is scary. share your opinion at ktvu channel 2 on facebook.
10:46 pm
samantha says, hackers swipe the code to two anti virus programs it designed for businesses. here's the catch. the products, 11.0 and anti virus 10.2 are outdated four and five years old respectively. the security breach does not include the norton products. we're learning more about the impact governor brown's proposal would have on state programs if it's passed. starting in january of next year the state would no longer accept juvenile offenders leaving the task to counties instead. and that would effectively put an end to the state juvenile justice system. the proposal would also eliminate 2,000 jobs from the department of corrections and rehabilitation. >> it really makes sense because it's a good thing when young offenders are kept closer to their home. when you have only a small number of state facilities then that means for many of the young offenders they are moved
10:47 pm
along way from their home. >> the elimination of the juvenile centers will increase the juvenile's risk of reoffending and going back to jail. organizers were unable to gather enough signatures to put a measure on the november ballot asking voters to overturn that bill. it was passed last september and allows illegal immigrants who graduate from high school to apply for financial aid to attend college in california. dream act opponents were 57,000 signatures short of the half million they needed. >> and if you've been looking to the west the last few nights we've had beautiful sunsets. we've seen this one, this was this evening. a few high clouds over head. you start to see everything drift this way. this weather system to the north of us. beautiful sunset tonight. those reds in the atmosphere.
10:48 pm
you saw some spectacular views and you will again tomorrow night. not a -- no fog to worry about. pardon me, no fog to worry about and i think you will have nice sunsets. waves come from big storms. and these big storm, this one in particular is generating waves. so the storm goes through usually and the waves go longer. 100-mile an hour winds there easily. the swells the ones we're seeing at the coast they lag much longer. as we go through tomorrow we're looking at perhaps patchy valley fog. not a lot of it but just a little bit. mid-30s, upper 30s. weekend looks great. the thing on the weekend you will notice will be besides the declining waving. they'll be smaller at the coast but you notice the wind. the wind will get up to 35, 40 miles per hour. up at the higher elevations that's 2,000 feet.
10:49 pm
most of us at sea level. places like redwood city and fremont you're not going to notice the winds that much. these will be the northeast winds. the computer model shows us how it's going to clear out. high pressure dominating the landscape. with that said, fire danger actually exists. there is a fire danger with the atmosphere being so dry. there's no advisories or anything but just to note. tomorrow will be a lot like today. this low pressure moves in and it does create those winds. we'll warm up a little bit because of the wind. we'll see mid-60s tomorrow but we'll also notice some winds. especially around tahoe. they havewet they have -- weather watches in that area. you may find a 25-mile-per-hour gust. but i suspect most of the wind will be a thousand feet up in the near albany up in san rafael up by china camp. gusty winds in the forecast tomorrow. mid-60s in napa. these are warmer daytime highs
10:50 pm
than we had today. 65 in san jose. i'm like the weather guy in san diego. i did this last night didn't i. your bay area weekend in view. or like the weather guy in hawaii. 65, 64, 63. there's your bay area weekend in view. it's dry, dry, dry. hopefully we'll get you some rain in here by next week. >> it's april and january. >> ground hog day. yeah. >> that's what it feels like. >> yahoo revealed new details about the hiring of its new ceo. scott thompson was offered a package for $27 million to lure him away from pay-pal. thompson's agreement includes $22 million in stock incentives depending on how well the company does under his leadership. the internal revenue service estimates 27% of citizens and business didn't pay the proper amount of taxes. and they you the government $56 million. these numbers are for 2006, the
10:51 pm
most recent year available. and 450 billion is more than the federal budget deficit at that time. gone but not forgotten. the whale spotted in an unusual location and where they are now. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. from looking for your perfect home to finding it. chevy runs deep.
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from looking for your perfect home to finding it.
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two hump back whales spotted in the honolulu harbor have made their way back to sea. the mother whale and calf were first spotted in the harbor yesterday. the coast guard conducted an aerial search at sunrise and didn't see the whales. mark is off tonight, fred is here. i know the season is young but what a bummer. the warriors already in last place. >> already injured and beat up as well. they tried to beat the lakers in l.a. tonight for the first time in nearly four years. but no curry, no bedrich no way. bedrich is out with a leg injury. tonight the mighty might. give me a little tear drop as robinson scores nine points all in the first half. kobe bryant fractured right wrist and all scores. lakers had five players scoring in double figures including
10:55 pm
monta ellis. he is also supposed to be focusing on defense but someone get in front of paul gasol. lakers win 97-98. they host utah tomorrow night. former raider linebacker leaves and reggie will immediate the media tomorrow. and 49ers expect their opponents to be new orleans. 49ers surprised everyone with a 13-3 record but the players well they saw early in the season that they had a chance to be special. >> we had a couple of trips to the east coast on the road. and this team faced a little adversity. i finally looked at it and said this team can be a play off
10:56 pm
team and we can keep this going. i didn't think we could beat tampa, new york. we're a good offensive team. we made plays to win. at that point of this team could be a real good contender. >> alice roger was six interceptions. three defensive player, justin smith and patrick willis. bowlan didn't even make the play off team. and the football game you saw right here tonight on ktvu channel 2, the cotton bowl featured the first meeting between arkansas and kansas state since 1967. both teams facing their 11th victory of the year. adams finds a wall then the ends zone. arkansas's two loss this is year were against lsu and
10:57 pm
alabama. the same two schools will compete for the national title monday night. 32 bowl games down in just three more bowl games to go. that's sports as we see it this friday night. >> just three more. >> 32, that's a whole lot of bowl games. >> seems like the new gm for the raiders. getting a good reaction at least so far. >> everybody liked him. john madden recommended him. he was on the search committee, he was certainly involved in it. everybody says reggie mackenzie does not fool around. he can tell talent by looking at it. the raiders need him. the first general manager since bruce allen. with al davis gone, he is going to be a guy to come in and relieve a little bit, hugh jackson. and let hugh jackson be head coach once more. >> because he was being head coach and everything else. that's a lot. >> that's a lot.
10:58 pm
>> hopefully they'll be 12-4 next week. >> sure. maybe. >> we'll see. >> got to be optimistic. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts tomorrow at 7:00.
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