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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> curt: on this play right before half really epitomized the play for both squads. a hail mary. eli somehow gets it to hakeem nicks for the touchdown that put the giants up by ten at halftime. they go on to win it by 17, 37-20. the march to the nfc title game. curt menefee along with terry, howie, michael and jimmy.
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mr. johnson, it seems like all day long, green bay wasn't the same team that dominated in the regular season. >> jimmy: yeah, but first of all, the giants played great. special teams they were sharp, recovering two onside kicks. 420 yards total offense and four takeaways. but this is not the same green bay team that we saw during the regular season. they had so many missed opportunities, dropped the football, they didn't secure the football. three fumbles and an interception. and, michael, let me just say that about the giants, that crow tastes terrible. i've been eating it all year long. >> michael: i've been serving it and i've been watching every bite. it's funny, we sit here and watch the game and you guys were saying this feels like when you were there in 2007. they can't do it. >> howie: week after week. >> michael: and they continue to get it done and you have to give a lot of credit to tom coughlin. three weeks ago a lot of people were ready to say he's stayed too long in new york, it's time for him to go. but he had his team ready to play today, had them ready the last few weeks and perry fewell has done a good job with the
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defense. >> curt: he's been unbelievable, but the player of the day, the quarterback there, mr. elite, eli manning's first 300-yard passing day in the postseason in his career and added three touchdowns as well to be the farmers insurance player of the day. >> terry: eli has played great. take into account the last four games against the jets and the cowboys and then atlanta and now on the road against green bay. ten touchdown passes, only two interceptions. i mean at the beginning of the season when everybody said top five quarterback, and he said, yeah, i think i am. he's exactly right. he has proven it throughout the course of this season and there is nothing a coach wants more, jimmy, than to put that ball into a quarterback's hands that he trusts, and nothing bothers him. eli right now, nothing bothers him. >> jimmy: and he plays so well in the clutch. >> howie: to me the difference, michael touched on it, perry fewell. something was amiss in the middle of the season. they had some injuries in the secondary, tons of blown
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assignments. was -- there was talk of perry fewell moving along. there was the phone rippingingie you checking out today? they have got it together and played great today. they played coverage today, gave green bay nowhere to go with the football. time and time again, aaron rodgers, if it wasn't for aaron rodgers, it would have been much worse. >> his ability to extend plays. >> curt: i want to hear about next week's championship matchup but first i want to remind you that if you want to get exclusive football updates throughout the week about the championship games, just text the word "fox" to 387 on your wireless phone from at&t. the giants may want to paint that locker room in lambeau blue because it seems like they own it every time they go there in the playoffs. [ male announcer ] next time, try a subway turkey blt
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let's finish it, giants. let's have team, 1, 2, 3, team! >> curt: there have been eight playoff games this postseason. the giants the first road team to finish with a victory. as we welcome you back to the at&t postgame show, time for our subway fresh taste of the day. michael strahan, what is the fresh take. >> michael: the subway fresh take, curt, is next week's championship games. in the afc we'll watch the baltimore ravens travel to take on the new england patriots. in the nfc we'll take our show on the road and check out the new york giants as they take on the san francisco 49ers. >> curt: that will be next week. we will be there, as you say, on the road and the giants and san francisco, they played back in week ten, 27-20. it was a good game that the 49ers wound up winning. >> jimmy: when i look at the afc championship game, you've got baltimore. can they slow down tom brady, 39
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touchdowns during the regular season, six last night. he's got gronkowski, welker, branch, hernandez, he's got so many weapons, can they slow him down. >> michael: i'm looking at the giants matching up against the san francisco 49ers. how are they going to play against that 49ers defense which played an amazing game yesterday. chris canty was injured today, how will they come back with one less guy in that front four to put pressure on alex smith. >> howie: the giants i think we're all in agreement san francisco beat them 27-20. it's a rematch. the giants are a much better football team than the team that the 49ers saw earlier in the year. but conversely, alex smith, he's a different quarterback. from the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, particularly at the end of the year and then yesterday. the performance he had yesterday, i think, puts him -- it's amazing. it's amazing. >> terry: and the great thing about yesterday's game between the saints and the 49ers was no accident. the 49ers earned that just like the new york giants. the new york giants are coming downhill full steam ahead.
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it's kind of scary. and then also i'm very proud of joe flacco today. i thought he shut a lot of folks up, kind of like alex. a lot of folks said flacco, flak oh let me tell you something, when you're in this league four years and get your team to the playoffs four straight years, pretty good. >> curt: and it probably helped to be his first home playoff game. we'll be on the road next week. we'll see you with a pregame show for the nfc championship contest. it's the giants and the 49ers right here on fox. pregame coverage begins 6:00 eastern, 3:00 pacific. we'll be there. you too. here are today's chevrolet unsung heroes of the day. the divisional round of the playoffs wrapped up on fox today from green bay. the giants hakeem nicks continues his sensational postseason leading new york to the nfc championship game against san francisco. for more chevy unsung heroes, log on to and vote for your favorite of the day. the nfl is online at -- captions by vitac --
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. one more at candlestick park. for the first time since 1998 the 49ers will host the nfc championship game in san francisco. >> a traffic stop reeds to gunfire in santa clara and what police say the drunk suspect did moms before officers shot and killed him. and authorities are looking for a san francisco woman who fled this apartment building after it went up in flames. >> complete bay area news coverage. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> a sunday showdown at the stick, in just one, we're the san francisco 49ers will try to top the new york giants in a battle for the nfc championship. ktvu's ken pritchet with the 49er faithful awaiting the
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team's fate. >> we now know that the 49ers will play another game here at candlestick and while today's game may not have been as thrilling as the game we saw yesterday, we saw plenty of 49er fans glued to their sets to find out what was next. >> reporter: at o'neill's irish pub in san francisco we found 49er fans still living high offer yesterday's amazing win. >> we were there, 15 rows back. >> it was crazy last night. >> incredible. just freak yin incredible. >> reporter: that was yesterday, today they watched an all important game that would determine the 49er's fate. >> i would love to see the giant's win and that way we get another home-game and that stadium made a difference r a few blocks away at zeke's bar and grill, it was a completely different scene. >> i want to play the 49ers. >> reporter: why is in a? >> i can't wait to kick alex
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smith's you know what? >> reporter: zeke's is a bar where chaosheads drink 49ers glasses and were hope thank the 49ers would head to green bay. >> i'm afraid of the 49ers. >> f. >> reporter: what is that? >> i'm afraid of the 49ers. >> reporter: perhaps the only person in this bar on the 49ers side is omar, a brave giant's fan from new york. >> if not, i have a quick getaway to get out of here. >> reporter: another home-game at candlestick park will mean another day of much-needed work for clean-up crews cleaning up after that game. obviously it will have an economic impact for bars and businesses. the exact economic impact off an additional playoff game or nfc championship game is somewhat in dispute, but it's safe it say will mean millions of dollars for the local economy. ken pritchert, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is an icon at stanford
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university, where he was head football coach for four years and our crews caught up with people on the stanford campus and asked how they felt about the 49ers incredible win yesterday? >> they are doing well and in fact, he set the standard for stanford. that is one of the reasons we're doing well. >> we're sad to see him leave stanford, but i they he is doing a great job for the 49ers. alex smith is a good guy to have harbaugh as coach. >> harbaugh coached at stanford to last year when he signed a 5-year contract with the 49ers. be sure to visit our website and click on the san francisco 49ers tab. >> police arrested two people in an occupy oakland march. about 100 officers in riot gear stood guard near frank ogawa plaza. this is the second weekend in a row occupy protesters have gathered for a march in oakland. last night's demonstration was
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mostly peaceful except for the two arrests. last week there were six arrests and vandalism. occupy oakland organizers teamedded up with labor rights advocates and say many truck drivers doing business at port of oakland face daily struggles. >> we are forced to take the jobs and half i time they don't know what the pay is until afterwards and if they deny a load it's used against them and there is retribution. >> reporter: occupy providers have partnered with several labor groups in several months, showing up to support workers at picket lines and other labor dispute. >> investigators, are looking for a teenaged boy who allegedly sexually assaulted two women. six days later another women reported being sexually assaulted in the 600 block of 11th street. police say the suspect in both
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cases is 14-year-old brionn glasper. is he described as african- american, 5'5" tall, 110 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. anyone with information about the teenaged suspect is asked to call oakland police. police in santa clara shot and killed a man after a traffic stop. ktvu's jade hernandez spoke with officers with new details object shooting. >> reporter: we can tell you at this hour we did just speak to a lieutenant with the santa clara police department and explained the shooting happened in this residential neighborhood before 10:00 last night. we're live at the 2400 block of karen drive. police say one of their officers driving through here noticed what he believed to be an impaired driver. he pulled the driver over and the driver became uncooperative, according to police. the lieutenant says at this point in the investigation it's not entirely clear if words were exchanged and it escalate order even if the driver got out of his car. what we do know that the
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officer last night called for back-up. but before that back-up arrived the officer says the driver reached for i gun. the officer fired killing the driver before the driver had time to shoot. police did recover a loaded gun at the scene. the officer was not hurt and has been play places on paid administrative leave. >> something went wrong in between the officer and the driver where the officer felt he had sufficient units to help in this investigation. it's not uncommon an officer is investigating someone under the influence to call for a second or third unit to standby. >> reporter: the santa clara police department is investigating the shooting with the santa clara attorney general's office. the suspect is 42 -year-olds and from santa clara. we just got word a few moments ago that san leandro police arrested a man they say opened fire during a domestic
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disturbance today. officers say 31-year-old anthony barrett used a gun during family dispute and then fled. no one was injured and police say the violence erupted in the home in san leandroo just before noon today. investigators say barrett used the gunshot while his brother's girlfriend tried move out of their home. police say they found barrett within the last 20 minutes and took him into custody. nine people are without a permanent home of a fire broke out in a san mateo home. firefighters managed to get fire out quickly. everyone got out of house okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but right now investigators believe it was accident. in san francisco investigators are looking for the woman who lived in an parent that caught fire early this morning. neighbors say she took off running short life after the fire started and hasn't been seen since. allie rasmus with more. >> reporter:
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after the fire trucks got here, the winds started to break. >> reporter: this is what residents on 42nd avenue and balboa street saw when they rushed out of their homes. by the time firefighters arrived the flames had spread throughout the entire building. >> it was clear that the second story was on fire. and then it was going up to the third. >> reporter: investigators say so far the fire appears to be an accident, but the woman who lived here panicd when the fire started and took off running. >> she did try to stop the fire herself. first utilizing water from the sink and then a garden hose, but the fire was moving far too quickly and she had to abandon the building. >> reporter: the battalion chief says all of the stuff crammed into the woman's participant made the fire difficult to control. >> she was somewhat of a hoarder. >> reporter: two firefighters suffered minor burns, but are expected to be okay. the flames didn't spread to the homes on either side of the
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building, but firefighters did have to caught through the neighbor's walls to get access to the fire. the damage forced several neighbors out of their homes this morning and now five adults and a baby need a new place to live. this neighbor says she is looking at the big picture. >> all in all, only a building was burned and everyone is okay. so in that sense i'm very grateful. >> reporter: now she hopes that investigators can help find her neighbor to get her some help. san francisco, allie rasmus kaufeldt news. san franciscos a glide memorial church put on special services to celebrate martin luther king, jr. day. a packed church honored the late civil rights leader with a serpon from reverend cecil williams. >> martin luther king was one of the most important peace- makers we had ever had in my time. the world is a lot better off because he came at an
5:22 pm
historical moment and set things in motion. >> reverend williams was appointed by cerota scott king as the northern california chair of martin luther king, jr. birthday observances. it's a post he has held for more than 25 years. the legacy of a young man fatally shot lives on in oakland. what his family did today to help give the gift life. a big boost for good candidate jon huntsman, the endorsement he just pickeddum. what was stolen from here that has them asking for help and the support already coming in. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money
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. last month we told you about an oakland man ho was fatally gunned down and gave the gift of life. kutv's lorraine blanco is live in oakland, where an organ donor recipient just met with the man's family to say thank you. >> reporter: it was a tearful, but happy meeting today for charles butler's family. theirhoved one saved a life
5:25 pm
with organ donation. so today they passed out these sign-up sheets to get even more new donors. >> thank you. >> reporter: daniel murphy el braces a mother who lost her son charles butler right before christmas. today murphy is alive thanks to the greatest present of all, a donated liver. >> it means quite a bit to me. i'm really thankful to the family getting the liver for me and like i said, to watch my grandkids grow up. >> it's bittersweet,, but this is a great moment. >> reporter: 23-year-old charles was gunned down december 22nd on hi way to a store in oakland. police are still looking for the shooter, but today is all about celebrating life and making his violent death meaningful. >> i totally understand that those who pulled the trigger in some way are victims, although we want them held responsible for their actions of they are
5:26 pm
too are victims when they get to the point of shooting and killing someone for such a senseless reason c. >> reporter: they are raising money for the program to help majority men off the streets, a program that butler just finished before he was killed. >> now that i look at it, he spoke something in my life that makes me want to keep on going and continuing with this program. >> we're so thankful that you are here. >> reporter: and you can help with the charles butler scholarship fund by donating at any bank of america branch. in oakland, lorraine blanco, kutv news. say around 9:30 last night a 90-year-old woman was driving east on 2nd street near the intersection of g street when she struck and killed the victim.
5:27 pm
is he described only as a 49- year-old san rafael man. anyone with information about the accident is asked to call san rafael police. some san francisco muni riders had to find alternate transportation today while one of the line was upgraded. crews had the l taraval line torn up while workers installed a new track switch. muni set up a bus bridge for riders. they are expected to be finished by 8:00 tonight. more maintenance on the l taraval line is set for a week from today. that is sunday, january 22nd. now to election 120 and news tonight, with less than one week until the key south carolina primary, presidential hopeful rick santorum says the race will come down to front return mitt romney and himself. >> if you look at some of the polls that have been done in other states down the road, we match up very well and are head of governor romney in every one of those state poll.
5:28 pm
so we field like once the field narrows and it's down to a two- person race we have an excellent fortunate to win the rain reyes. >> right now santorum is trailing rhomey with 3% of the vote compared to santorum's 16%. rick perry criticized the baltimore for the reaction to the descation of bodies in afghanistan. he says she should be reprimand, but not held criminally liable. an investigation and internal marine review are currently underway as the geneva convention prohibits the descation of the dead. jon huntsman with the nod for the nominee. the state endorsed the former utah governor with tentative forum with his rivals in south carolina. the paper praised his economic recovery plan and called- "a
5:29 pm
true conservative." huntsman received an endorsement from the boston globe. he finished a distant third in the new hampshire primary. we're learning more tonight about the man authorities say is responsible for killing four homeless men in southern california. the father of 23-year-old itzcoatl ocampo says his son is actually homeless himself. ocampo is a former marine. ocampo told people he had been hearing voices for about a year ocampo was arrested friday after a fourth homeless man was found stabbed to death in anaheim. girls in a bay area softball league were thrown a curveball when a thief struck. maureen naylor talks to the young players who had thousands of dollars ever sporting equipment stolen. >> reporter: these young east bay softball players are used to fielding grounds
5:30 pm
groundersing and not questions about thieves. >> why would someone do that? it's time for softball and they don't want us to play, i guess. >> they basically broke the door handle here. >> reporter: into that area and got off with $14,000 worth of equipment including bats, balls and bases. they don't realize what they are doing to the city and these little girls, who are expecting to be able to play softball the next few weeks. >> reporter: girls, such as 8-year-old twins cierra and trinity, part of the union city girls softball association. >> it was most upsetting that they busted the door open, and took all of our equipment and now we can't play. we don't really have that much equipment this year. >> reporter: while players bring their own gloves the teams supply the equipment, with players aged 4- 14. all, but two of the 16 equipment bags inside the shed were taken. >> it may push back the start date of the season because we
5:31 pm
don't have the equipment to get them going. >> reporter: used bats are just some of the equipment already donated from softball teams along with several hundred dollars pledged as far as chicago and virginia. while the league has received some donations they still need help with catchers' gear and helmets and hope to have everything in tame for opening- day in march. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. there is a way that you can help them. the league has set up a website to field donations just visit and click on "web links." that is where you will find a link to their website. >> the russian government says one of its failed probes has crashed and coming up, where debris has reportedly been spotted. >> also coming up, the first time today we're learing from the captain of that crippled cruise ship in italy and what he had to say before his arrest. cooler weather has moved into the bay area. coming up, the areas that will start out mobbed morning in the upper 20s and then all of these storms are expected to move back in to our forecast. um, michael, you know, big game...
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that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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. government officials in russia say one of nirfailed space probes heading towards the moaning has crashed and that debris has reportedly been spotted in the south pacific. this is video of the launch of the spacecraft in early new york. the craft is one of the heavest pieces of space junk to return to earth and most of that
5:35 pm
weight is toxic fuel. they say remember of contamation is low because most of the structure burned up before hitting earth some divers entered the belly of the doomed costa concorde jay cruise ship off the coast of italy. five people are now confirmed dead and 15 still missing. meanwhile the captain the ship denies accusations that he abandoned his ship. >> you need to make a decision in the moment under pressure and cool headedness and understanding what the best alternative to take. >> under italian law a captain could face 12 years in prison for abandoning a ship. in other news of the world several policemen are dead after two tacks in central iraq. they then what happened morning in the city of ramadi, west of baghdad. officials say a group of insurgents set off a car bomb
5:36 pm
killing one policewoman. the same group stormed the compound leading to a three- hour standoff with security forces. six more officers were killed in that battle. this is the first serious clash between iraqi forces and insurgents since american troops left the country last month. and in romania, government officials met today to talk about this beak's violent protests that injured several people. police used tear-gas and flares yesterday against demonstrators who are rallying against the government's proposal for health care reform, public wage cuts and higher taxes. dozens were arrested. this is the fourth day of protests for the country. the fx cable network is placing a big bet on actor charlie sheen. the president hasn't yet seen a script for sheen's new sitcom "anger management." john landgraf believes that sheen is getting his life back together everyday meltdown that got him fired from the show "two and a half men ."
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>> major new developments in the syracuse sex scandal and what one of the accuser is now saying about the men's basketball coach. also, celebration tonight in san francisco little saigon as hundreds celebrate the beginning of the vietnamese l new year. ring, ring. hello, progresso. it fits! fantastic! ring, ring. progresso. they fit! awesome. thank you. [ man ] ring, ring. pro-gresso. they fit! okay-y... okay? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's... 40 flavors 100 calories or less and now my favorite old okay. is there a woman i can talk to? [ female announcer ] tell your story at
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. the huffington post is now the latest victim of computer hackers. the publication's twitter page looks normal now, but earlier today someone posted racist and homophobic tweets as well as comments, such as "the new york post rules." huffington post officials have not commented on the apparent
5:40 pm
hack. a man who accused a success basketball coach of sexual abuse now admitted he made up the claims. floyd vanhooser, who is currently in prison says he lied to get back at assistant coach bernie fine for not helping him hire a lawyer. syracuse's insurgent fired the coach in late november after 35 years. fine denies any wrongdoings. there is a celebration going on in san francisco's little saigon at this hour as hundreds of people mark the beginning of vietnamese lunar new year. this year's tet festival about to wrap up after a full day of events. people enjoyed food and drink, cultural exhibits and performances and vietnamese traditions. today's celebration comes a few days early to people can spend time with their family on the eve of the actual day on the 23rd. >> it's like our big thanksgiving where everybody comes together for a big meal.
5:41 pm
>> this is the 16th tet festival to be held in san francisco. at last it has arrived of the long journey for one tanker has it reach and alaska town utcut off by severe winter weather. >> meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with when we can expect some wet weather.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
. a russian tanker is in alaska after traveling through nearly 300 miles of ice. >> a u.s. coast guard icebreaker helped the russian tanker. the tasker is filled with 1.3 million gallons of fuel. this is the first attempt to supply fuel to an arctic alaska settlement through sea ice.
5:44 pm
>> it's getting cold around here, nothing like that, but chilly for us. >> well, there was a big dropoff in temperatures with most neighborhoods down in the 50s and you may have noticed an increase in the wind speeds. napa, fairfield around 21 miles per hour and oakland to 24 miles per hour. this is the time-lapse across the bay. there is san francisco and right now we have partly cloudy skis. the gusty winds will remain in the forecast and gradual little drop off into monday. subfreezing in napa and vallejo around 32, hayward 35 and san josi 34. so you definitely want to bundle up first thing monday morning. tuesday morning will be the coolest day, least fortune morning hours for the upcoming week. once again a cold start, but
5:45 pm
more sunshine in the afternoon hours. the dry pattern continues for monday and tuesday, but here we go. changes out here in the pacific. some storms developing a series of storms and the latest forecast models suggesting that we'll pick up moderate to heavy rainfall for the upcoming week. highest chance in the northern bay. rainfall likely into thursday, but the key headline will be into friday, the strongest system could move back into the region. so heavy rage or stronger storms, heavy rain and gusty winds and we'll have to keep an eye on the shower chances. we go bring in some rain chauncs wednesday especially up in the north bay and as gradually spreads to the south as we head into laid layt wednesday/thursday. tomorrow no raindrops expected, but definitely bundle up for the morning
5:46 pm
hours. temperatures in the lower 50s for afternoon highs. san francisco at 51 and brentwood at 50 degrees. san josi lower 50s and half moon bay, 51 degrees as well. so no more 70s, no more 60s. a look ahead at your extended forecast. a couple of dry days for monday and tuesday. there we go with that wet weather pattern we have been waiting for, it seems like forever. chances of rain on wednesday. rain likely thursday. the biggest deal would be friday with heavy rain and strong winds and with your weekend always in view, we still have to hold onto the possibility of showers, although that looks like we could be in between significant storm for saturday and sunday. so we'll have to iron out the details before the big game at candlestick park a week from now. >> we have a lot of making up to do in the weather department. >> we do have a pretty productive week coming up. thank you, mark. we're getting our hook at the new baby bison added to the heard in golden gate park.
5:47 pm
this comes just a week after a baby bison died after running into a fence after being chased by a dog. bison have been kept at the golden gate park since the 1890s. the bison are north america's largest native land animal. it's down to four teams in the nfl playoffs. >> and the san franciscos have the new york giants coming to town. sportswrap is next. car
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is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪
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kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ . good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap of
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the they have already beaten them once this season and if the 49ers could do it one more time, they will be in super bowl xlvi. one of yesterday's heroes was clear about whether he preferred to stay home or go to the frozen tundra. >> hey, i'm going for the giants, baby. [ laughter ] >> the giants took a 10-3 lead into the 2nd quarter, but the packers bounced back to tie the billion on this akron rodgers. here is the play that turned the game. it's called a hail mary and sometimes the prayer is answered. eli manning to the end zone where hackeke nicks able to negotiate the tangle of bodies and analysts for 37-yard score. the giants with the 20-10 lead into the hocker room. the packers were hurt by dropped passes and fumbles. in the 3rd quarter, umenyiora forces the ball out and it's
5:51 pm
recovered by deon grant. the only fumbles that rodgers gave up all year. rodgerss to ryan grant who coughs up the ball and it's taken to the green bay line. the packers in trouble as they were done 30-13. they scored again. but then so did the giants. after new york recovered an onside kick, brandon jacobs gets around the corner and then some. in addition, to the three fumbles, they had eight drops. the giants are headed to candlestick park for the nfc championship game next sunday. beat them again and the 49ers are in the super bowl. in the afc, it will be baltimore at new england in the championship game. the ravens are one step from the super bowl after outlasting houston in a game that matched
5:52 pm
teams with similar styles. ray lewis is the heart of baltimore's defense. but the texans helped out after jumping to the 3-0 lead, the texans were due to get the ball back until jacoby jones did this and the ravens are in business. they cashed in when flacco flipped the pass to wilson. ravens in the 7-34 lead. ladairus webb, and the raven's offense in business with a short field again. yates was intercepted three times and the ravens had a 17- point 1st quarter and 17-3 lead. but the texans had a 10-point 2nd quarter to pull within 4. arian foster rushed for 132 yards and was a threat all day. both team's defenses dominated
5:53 pm
the second half. inside the 2-minute mark, the texans trailing by 6. but yates is picked off again and this one by ed reed and ravens win this battle of defensive wills, 20-13 the final. raven's head coach john harbaugh was asked about the possibility of harbaugh bowl ii this time to decide the winner of super bowl xlvi. >> we talked about it harf the game. i was happy for him, but i couldn't get happy as he was. hes with a fired up and proud of his team. i proud of jim and the staff over there. >> you will see a totally different raven's team, because we're playing a totally different team with the patriots and that is just how the playoffs are. >> the a's acquire a player with major league experience and we'll tell you who. and the sharks try to continue their winning ways tonight in chicago. we'll be right back.
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. sharks trying to continue their winning ways tonight in chicago. brad winchester showing o'donnell he is not tired on the back-end two of games. sharks went down 2-0, but tied in the 2nd period. first joe pavelski is deflecting and the puck goes in for the goal. then just 26 seconds later, mcginn ties it. they are in the second intermission with the blackhawks back in front 3-6789 we'll have it all for you tonight at 10:00. >> the warriors also in the middle of a road-trip, the second of four. tonight in detroit, curry's ankle still forcing him to be a spectator. lee led the warriors with 24. wright gets it done on defense and breaks up a pass on one end and gets the points at the other. lee with the assist. wright with 11. and ellis got it going in the
5:57 pm
second half. he scored 17 points of 22. on a roster full of minor leaguers, the a's are ready to add a pitcher who knew what life was like before facebook. bartolo colon was the oakland nemis with the ang officials. he was a 5-1 career mark at coliseum and 2005 american league cy young winner. he was 8-12 in 29 appearance for the yankees. cal and first-year head coach linday head and it's eliesia pierre throwing long for brandon. the bears win 63-56 and they
5:58 pm
are four straight. they are 13-5 overall, 4-it 2 in the conference. >> nfc championship buzz will be heating up all week. we'll have more for you tonight at 10:00. see you then. >> all right. you certainly will. very exciting stuff. >> no kidding. >> thank you, joe. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, vernon davis' catch to wintgame yesterday sealed the trip to the nfc championship game. now we know who the team will be playing. we'll look ahead and preview the opponent, the new york giants and also give an idea of just how much it will cost you if you plan to go to that game at candlestick park next sunday. >> it won't be cheap. [ laughter ] >> nope. thank you for trusting us for complete bay area news coverage. we'll be you back here tonight at 10:00. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video.


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