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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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violence, endangering a child. >> i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are fighting. we are going to fight this. >> reporter: also, mayor ed lee, lee with the approval of the board of supervisors can remove ross mirkarimi for misduct. he launched his own review. >> keep an open mind. i am getting advice and reviewing the facts. it is not my duty to take the charges. where have to have my own review. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi reaffirmed he will not step aside. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: at 6:00, what residents say he needs to do right now. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson,
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ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking at joseph naso as a possible suspect in a cold case. joseph naso is already on trial in marine county, accused of murdering four women. police are investigating a note found at joseph naso-home that mentions their town. they want to know if it ties into a homicide there in the 1980s. ktvu's noelle walker talked to police who are now conducting tests on the body. police are looking for a 14- year-old boy who nay believe committed two sexual assaults. law prevents us from releasing his picture because he is a juvenile. at 5:30, ktvu's rita williams will tell us what information he learned today and why police
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took the unusual step of releasing brionn glasper's name. the county is honoring martin luther king, jr. today. a day of service and remembrance marked by millions of people, including the first family. >> the president and his daughters participated in the community service project and they joined 100 volunteers. president obama said it is important to work together now when many americans are struggling financially. >> for us to be able to come together as community, people from all different walks of life and give back, that is what makes us the strongest country on earth. >> they also painted some of martin luther king, jr.'s quotes on the wall of the
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library, including the words i have a dream. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live tonight. . >> reporter: in san jose and road 54-miles to this station in san francisco. at fourth and townson. that is when they took off in a walk in this direction, and martin luther king, jr. would have liked what he saw. [ singing ]. >> thousand people from the north bay to the south, from the city to the suburbs -- [no audio] [ singing ] >> reporter: mope than a thousand people from the north bay to the south, from the city to the suburbs walked through the streets of san francisco today to honor the man who
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wanted us to walk together, martin luther king, jr. >> one of the most significant movements of the twentieth century i would say. he made american what it is today. >> reporter: many made the march a family event. like angela. >> i think it is important rather than sitting at home and not doing anything to reflect on martin luther king, jr. >> i stand. >> reporter: they stopped near at&t park, peace and equality. >> people still appreciate that. although it was a very long time ago. the dream is still going on and we respect that. >> he changed the world. [ singing ] >> reporter: if a few hours today there wasn't a lot of talk about politics or money or our differences. [ singing ] >> reporter: instead everyone
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stood and sang united. [ singing ] >> reporter: the walk back in 1965 took several days. they started where 3,000 people and when they got to montgomery they were 25,000 strong. ktvu channel 2 news. doctors and nurses at kaiser in san jose were among those who turned the martin luther king jr. day into a service. they volunteered at a high school. they also created a mural. a martin luther king jr. day service project was designed to help improve the health of people on the west side. >> people enthis area, hospitalized 7 times the national average. >> community workers worked with researchers from uc davis
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testing the soil. coming up, ktvu's allie rasmus tells us what they were looking for. the san francisco police chief played the role of a good samaritan today. helped a bicyclistest at a accident. he heard about the crash, ran over and helped him up off the street. he was sent to the hospital. $10,000 per ticket, that is what some people are trying to gret for the nfc championship game between the 49ers and the giants. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us 49er fever is already high and it is only monday. first to ktvu's fred inglis. >> reporter: 49 hours since the victory. today may be the final time for the team to relieve those
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moments but before then they have to prepare for the giants. this is an emotional team and they could have athletes turn into legends. jim harbaugh was still gushing over his team. >> they are my heroes. the way they all fight, you know? it is a wicked competitive fight that is -- that is in our guys. the defense got wicked early when he knocks out jason pierre-paul. >> i told myself that day, i was going going to be physical with everybody. get out of the way because i am going to hit everything. >> reporter: alex smith ran for a 4th quarter touchdown. >> defense failed to stop so many times this season. let's make it the offense that wins the game for us. >> reporter: then smith through
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a strike to davis for the game winning touchdown with 9 seconds left in their first playoff game. >> tears of joy. tears of joy and, you know, all builds up and comes out. >> we got a good team here. we can go out and play with the best and beat the best. do it again. >> our fans turned the stadium into a fortress. that was as good as it could get. 70,000 and a city behind us. felt good. advantage. i hope we get that this week as well. >> reporter: jim harbaugh and the staff preparing preparing for the giants. the giants are a team the 49ers beat, but jim harbaugh and company knows you are only as good as you are next game. and that is sunday. frank? >> thank you. live to jade hernandez in the
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city who tell us why waiting it out could be your best bet for tickets. >> reporter: that's right. if you are looking for a hat, management is not kidding when they say they are flying off the shelves. as for tickets, brace yourself. >> reporter: he and his family looked high and low for this. >> beautiful. >> reporter: with the win on saturday, he made it a priority to represent. >> reporter: have you been checking around? >> yes. >> reporter: how many stores? >> 5. 5, 6. nothing. >> not a lot of variety and that is the one he liked. the hot seller. >> division champ hat. >> reporter: for those looking back, you might have already jumped online. ticket master tickets are
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available wednesday at 10:00 a.m. the spokeswoman for stub hub, tells us just to get in the guilty on sunday costs at least $300. >> it will vary. we will see prices come down closer to game time. >> reporter: some fans are only willing to give up tickets at the right price. >> fans paid a dollar at the season opener. >> reporter: if you are curious, tickets are selling for $5,000 to get close to the field. fanwise spoke to can't -- fans we spoke with can't wait. some aren't -- jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news.
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fans could score four free tickets if they could come up with the right 140 characters or fewer. look at this tweet. it reads, let me know why i should give you four game tickets to the nfc championship. best answer by tuesday at 5:00 p.m. wins. and the 9ers host the giants on sunday. kickoff at 3:30, it will be carried right here on ktvu and we will have the highlights from the 49ers playoff run on jon huntsman became the lettest candidate to call it quits. he threw his support behind mitt romney. jon huntsman also said the political discourse has become toxic and he called on them to stop attacking each other. >> talk directly to the
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american people about how our conservative ideas will create jobs, reduce our debt, stabilize energy prices, and provide a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren. >> he believes mitt romney is the candidate best equipped to defeat president obama. mitt romney spoke in south carolina. he said he wants to restore america's values. >> the president says he wants to transform america. i don't want to change america. i believe the purpose of the next presidentitute be restore american to the principals. >> mitt romney leads in the polls in south carolina, which holds its primary january 21. rick santorum compared his run
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to a tv show. >> this campaign is like an episode of survivor. it is a matter of staying in there and doing well. >> rick santorum said that his campaign is being badly outspent but he said he has a strong base of supporters. coming up more. new images of this cruise ship wreck, what some survivors are saying was the biggest threat to their lives during the evacuation. the coldest night of the year tonight, a freeze warning tin had inland bay valleys and the rain chances that show up this week. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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firefighters teamed up today to fight a brush fire. the fire broke out after 11:00
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a.m. this morning. it blurbed 30 acres of grass land -- it burned 30 acres of grass land. firefighters all brought it under control within a couple of hours. no structures were burned and no injuries were reported. the cause is still under investigation. officials say grasses are dry right now and they are asking everyone to be careful if you are using barbecues or fire pits. investigators are pshing about the cause of a fire this morning that chased two people out of a home. we have pictures to show you from a firefighter's helmet camera. they were sleeping in the house when they heard glass break. they saw smoke and then jumped out of the window. >> the fire was on the front door. nothing was tends had house. it is fish -- nothing was in
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the house. it is suspicious. >> the fire did $100,000 in damage. firefighters would have been at the scene more quickly if budget cuts didn't force the closure of a fire house. a fire in redwood city today at 11:00 a.m. that le mar trailer park. firefighters brought it under control within 90 minutes. one person suffered smoke am huilation. damage is estimated at $135,000. investigators say the fire started accidentally but had no other details. the red cross is helping the victims find shelter. 16 people are missing in the cruise liner off the coast of italy and now some are saying the ship's crew was the biggest threat to their lives. >> it was the marx brothers
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watching them trying to figure everything out. i felt like the disaster itself, hitting the reef, capsizing of the boat was manageable but i felt the crew was going to kill us. >> it rolled on to its side leaving six dead. two still missing for from minnesota. conditions improved today allowing them to get back to work. >> feeling keep on working till we are sure everything is checked out. >> authorities declared a state of emergency after reports that something was leaking from the ship. they haven't determined if it was coming from the tanks. the owners are blaming the captain for steering too close to shore. he is now under arrest and facing charges. but his attorney claims his
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quick thinking after the crash saved thousands of lives. an update on the injured seagull. it is still alive and even managing to eat. it has a plastic fishing lure stuck in him. a team tracked the bird yesterday. they couldn't catch it but they saw it open its beak and eat bread. now to the bay area weather. it has been cold and we keep talking about rain and our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. >> everything changing around. you can feel it outside. noticed it this weekend. clouds, fog and wind. we have seen environmental clues that things are changing around. high clouds yesterday as a weak weather system passed by and dropped cold air. it has now settled. today's highs in the 50s.
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low 50s. not upper 60s or mid-60s but low 50s. tonight we will see maybe a little bit of patchy frost for sure. the real story is temperatures inland. below freezing by quite a bit. hard freeze in some areas. forecast overnight lows, 22 napa. hard freeze -- you will see a hard freeze in the north bay, inland valleys, it is below freezing temperatures for more than a few hours. hard freeze in the north bay valleys and parts of the inland bay valley and bay, livermore and clayton, that will cause you problems with your pipes. if you have pipes that are exposed, wrap them with a towel, you have been through this before. you don't want to crack your pipes. pvc will crack easily. regular house pipes can break too. i don't know without your house
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looks like, if you have exposed piping, leave it drip or something like that to keep the pressure out of it. north and east bay valleys. the big urban areas, not a hard freeze. it will only freeze for a little bit. tonight when you see me at 10:00, i will have 32 in santa rosa. freezing and below freezing for all night. other things in the pacific, big activity, rain in the forecast. looks juicy. series of storms headed our way. back in a few minutes with all the details. >> thank you. mars probe fallen back to earth. we told you about it in november after it was launched. it never made it out of the earth's orbit and gravity pulled it back to earth. fragmentsments of craft fell into the pacific ocean yesterday. he is 14 and considered
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armed and dangerous and police say he already struck twice. the step authorities took today to find him. and the production of the new steve jobs dolls came to a halt today. what prompted the owner of the company to stop walking them. the people behind the scenes of the new tv show and the history lessens we learned -- lessens we learned here. x1x@@÷
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a company halted the
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production of a stanley cup action figure today. the owner -- of a steve jobs action figure today. it was supposed to be a tribute to steve jobs but after threats of legal action by apple and the jobs family he is now abandoning the project. alcatraz will come to life in a new tv series. it is called alcatraz and ktvu's eric rasmussen found out they are getting a living history lesson from former guards and inmates. >> reporter: when the new thriller alcatraz filmed its pilot it was the first visit to the rock for some of the show's stars. >> never been to alcatraz before. and when i came here i was oddly -- i was a bit -- almost
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mesmerized. >> i hope we do it justice. it is creepy. >> reporter: tin had fantasy 302 perezners and guards disappear in 1963 and begin reappearing on the streets of present day san francisco. >> reporter: we found some men who have real life experience on both sides of these bars. >> 21 years old. it was a tough experience as you could imagine. >> reporter: in 1948 frank was the youngest guard at alcatraz. >> i met george machine gun kelly, the driver for bonnie and clyde. >> reporter: also under his watch, inmate 1118, robert luke. the former bank robber spent 5 years at alcatraz but kept that
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part of his life a secret for 51 years. >> i don't think i ever thought about being from here. i didn't think it was possible because of the water. >> reporter: while most of this account of alcatraz is filmed in vancouver, they hope to be back to san francisco if the show catches on. >> only one alcatraz. we got it in the title of the show. there are few places that pack this lure and mystery and so where better place to do it than alcatraz. >> reporter: at alcatraz eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. you can tune in tonight to see the first episode of alcatraz, right here on ktvu at 8:00 p.m. if police are right, how can a 14-year-old be so troubled to commit such serious crimes? late today, at the golden
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gate bridge, tears, anger and chisels over the bricks on this walk way. i will explain.
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complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. 19 years old but police say he is armed and dangerous and struck twice and as a result of that, police did something today they don't do very often. ktvu's rita williams is here with more. rita? >> reporter: frank, it is unusual for police to release the name of such a young juvenile but they want him off the streets and soon. they say they consider 14-year-
5:31 pm
old brionn glasper armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police say twice last week, six nights apart, near the middle school, brionn glasper robbed women of their purses and forced them into areas where he sexually assaulted them. both victims were 28 years old. twice the age of the suspect. >> i am 32. so, you know, what would make me not be a victim? or, you know, part of his mo? >> reporter: because you are twice his age. >> right. that is scary. >> reporter: people who know the suspect said he was suspended for behavioral problems last year. and was inrolled last year at oakland high school -- enrolled last year at oakland high school. >> i don't understand how
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someone so young could -- like just go out and -- you know? do such things to a woman. >> reporter: one person gave us a photo. but since we can't confirm it is brionn glasper we won't see it. >> he looks like a normal kid. >> reporter: they said they have seen him in the photo riding his bike. one person said as recently as the morning after the last assault. brionn glasper is described as african american, 5'5", black hair, brown eyes. police warn women not to be caught off guard by his age. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. police called off the search for a sniper who shot and injured a bicyclist this morning. he told police it happened near
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the rerolled tracks at 3:15 a.m. this morning. the scene caught the attention of a engineer. the victim is expected to be okay. rick perry took a swing at mitt romney today. >> if you want to live in a state with high taxes or a heavy regulatory burden, individual mandated insurance you got to buy, live in massachusetts. [ laughter ] >> rick perry spoke at an event for mothers in south carolina. he also attended a rally where he spoke out against abortion and same-sex marriage. >> he reminded us who we are and with that had the mandate
5:34 pm
to lead and governor. you want to solve the problems in washington? quit electing tweetal dumb and tweetal dee. >> rick santorum spoke in south carolina and said the party need stuff that reagan brought in 1980. we continue our coverage on our web page, and clickthen elections tabs. -- click on the elections tabs. more red lights coming to marin county. leaders are considering expanding their red light program. they placed two cameras two years ago and the city says itbris in $80,000 each year.
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anger, tears and frustration that golden gate bridge. ktvu's john fowler is live as people are demanding the bricks they paid for. there is extra added security here and officials promised there will be new fences added after today, many people tried to pry out bricks they say they own from this walkway. >> reporter: many visitors here in tears. this afternoon, joe with a hammer and chisel to retrieve the brick he had inscribed for his wife. okay? that was my 10th anniversary. >> we are going to kick them off the property. vandalism. tress passing. no bricks are weeing giving back. >> reporter: people bought these bricks. they found out from the news the bricks were to be
5:36 pm
destroyed. this brick honors mary's grandfather who helped build the bridge. >> getting this brick and having his name here. we paid for the brick. >> reporter: dan showed us the later promising his bricks at 75 bricks a piece would be here permanently. >> the bricks should be given to us. >> it is coming out to beat able to regrade this area for persons with disabilities. >> i understand why but i was hoping they could give them back. >> reporter: john and his wife spent half hour with help searching for bricks honoring the cup's deceased parents. >> look. brings back a lot of memories to the time when we bought this brick and put it here. >> reporter: the bricks are district property they say. they plan a wall with all the
5:37 pm
names to be erected later this year. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire badged a apartment building in san rafael last night. started at 7:30 p.m. even though it spread quickly, everyone who leved there got out safely. -- lived there got out safely. bringing william sonoma back to sonoma. and new information about babies. why they stop looking into your eyes at 6 months old and switch to your mouth. what scientists think they are doing and why.
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shoppers will be getting e- mails from zapoes about a security breach. officials said it had been hacked and 24 million customers could be effected. they said the hammers got ahold of names, e-mails, addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of credit card numbers. the company is urging everyone to change their passwords immediately. the city counsel is about to vote this week that could
5:41 pm
effect william sonoma which got its start there in sumoma. they are now based in san francisco but they want to reopen in sonoma. the vote is set for wednesday. study is shedding light on men, money and dating. according to the research, the fewer women there are the more men are willing willing to open their walt because money is a key marker when it comes to finding a mate. but there is real world data that shows cities with higher ratios of men have higher levels of debt. pregnant women are more likely to deliver babies with high blood pressure who take anti-depressants. researchers say the risk is low
5:42 pm
but they urge caution for pregnant women. researchers found when babies are in their babbling stage they switch from looking at eyes to mouths. once they begin mastering mouth movement they switch back to looking at eyes. when they don't switch back, it could indicate the baby could be prone to a disorder. volunteers, how a rock like this is supposed to help this neighborhood. tonight could be one of of and we got rain to talk about. see you back here in 10 minutes. dinner? candles?
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. anything i could say to kids to keep them and keep the dream that he had for all of us alive, that is my -- not only desire, my responsibility as the mayor of san francisco. >> san francisco mayor ed lee honored martin luther king, jr. at a special breakfast this morning. it was sponsored by the san francisco labor counsel. the labor counsel calls for economic justice. one martin luther king, jr. event was part community service and part research
5:46 pm
project. as ktvu's allie rasmus reports. >> reporter: in west oakland there is plenty of pavement but not many trees. these volunteers want to change that. they organized 100 volunteers to plant trees to celebrate the martin luther king, jr. holiday. >> we are surrounded by free ways. >> reporter: the air quality can be harmful here. >> people in this area are hospitalized 7 times the national average so planting trees will help beautify the community and help with air quality and water quality as well. >> reporter: trees can have a tough time in growing in urban environments like this. >> gets so compact there is no air space and that means the roots have nowhere to grow. >> reporter: so the trees today got a special type of soil.
5:47 pm
they act as a natural sponge. >> the hope is the trees will have better health, survival with this soil. >> reporter: it was engineered by scientists at uc davis. >> we are measuring the volume of the water that goes through here and the pollutants that are being filtered. >> reporter: to see what type of pollutants the soil picks up. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. volunteers dug in to help their community on a martin luther king, jr. day of service. the east bay lions clubs joined neighborhoods to renovate homes in richmond. volunteers also planted a edible forest to provide fresh fruit for the community. >> all you hear about richmond on the news, it is bad, scary, don't go there. that is why we wanted to be
5:48 pm
here to come to a block where they have come together. >> the volunteers also put in new smoke and carbon dioxide detecters and built a wheelchair ramp. in honor on it had martin luther king jr. day there is a new list. north carolina is the most tolerant city in the country. san francisco is number 3. other cities includish san jose, number -- includes, san jose at 14. they looked at hate crimes and population diversity. people in union city are enjoying the last hours of ice skating there. there is one more rink in the bay area in san jose. today colder and bill you were talking and saying juicy storm is on the way. >> more than one and they are
5:49 pm
lined up out in the pacific. that is go g news for california. we need the rain and it is coming. but tonight, we have a freeze warning that goes into effect after the 10:00 p.m. news. this low-pressure system showed up yesterday, saturday, remember how warm it was? sunday temperatures started to fall. today and tomorrow, because of the low pressure, we are looking at temperatures in the low 50 said. out in the -- low 50s. out in the pacific. there are a few of them. the storms are lower, they will have a good shot at getting into the -- getting into northern california, and they will be a series of them. first one gets in here wednesday. as we get into these days, right about here, can't see
5:50 pm
them, we will see showers, wednesday, thursday, friday. bay area -- the end of this week, head to end of this week, we will see showers, wednesday they start and we have multiple storms. and they are juicy. rain. significant amount of snow, windy conditions. for the 49ers playoff game there will be wind and rain. worst is on saturday. game is on sunday. that is something we will watch. next week we will stay in this rain pattern. thursday, 8:00 a.m. starting to show up, wednesday and thursday morning. friday, morning, more. saturday, and then here we go towards sunday. you get the picture. a series of them. that is a broad brush. that is a big picture of things. we get closer we will dial it down. the big game, cloudy, windy with showers and temperatures
5:51 pm
in the 50s. the field will be wet. the temperatures tomorrow, no 60s or 70s. just 50s. five-day forecast with your bay area in view, look at that. look. look. okay, then. [ talking at the same time ] >> first time i had rain to show you. >> party is over with. >> wet, snowy. starts wednesday. new study says the number of children treated for near drowning has gone down. it dropped 49% nationwide. the number of children who died was also down by 42%. drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death of children. a battle over plans to cut down thousands of trees in san francisco and pacifica. the golf course in pacifica, seen here, is one of the areas that is part of the
5:52 pm
controversy. other is mount davidson and glen park canyon. supporters want to remove more than 18,000 frees because -- trees because they are nonnative nonnative. american idol is back in two days. >> may be good tv but not what i am about. >> steven tyler talks withcatcat today. the one thing -- with ktvu today. the one thing we won't do this season when it comes to the contestants. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
preparations underway for the mavericks festival. organizers of the competition came up with the idea as a substitute for the more informal gathering. 8:00 p.m. to sunset. the day of the competition. it could be held bean now and march 31 depending on when waves roll in. if there is no contest the festival will still take place on march 31. two days away from their time in the american idol spotlight. >> amazing how after a couple of comments about you need to sing this way and that way and
5:56 pm
a couple of positive things they get so good and people at home fall in love with nemas i did and the show becomes the biggest show on tv. >> ktvu spoke with steven tyler this morning ahead of the premier this wednesday. steven tyler says it isn't threatened by the other talent shows and he says the camaraderie with jennifer lopez and randy jackson makes them a winning team without having to turn to harsh criticism. >> i found it to tell some kid it cuck -- sucks. it may be good tv but it is not what i am about. >> steven tyler says his band is writing a new album right now and looking for a whole new generation of fans. coming up, organizers come up with a way of providing a
5:57 pm
safe place for children in one of san francisco's toughest neighborhoods and more state parks on the chopping block. but it is really a political ploy?
5:58 pm
. san francisco's sheriff ross mirkarimi makes his first
5:59 pm
public appearance since his arrest on domestic violence charges. and an unusual way to create safe space. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi made his first public appearance since criminal charges were charged against him. ross mirkarimi attended the same event with the mayor as the mayor decides whether to remove him from office. ktvu's david stevenson has more. >> reporter: he made often appearance today -- an appearance today. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi received a round of applause at a martin luther


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